7 Essential Steps Of The Growth-Oriented Business Plan

Steps Of The Growth-Oriented Business Plan
If you are about to start up a business, you need a business plan to get you started in the right direction. That is why most organizations cannot afford to do anything without a clear and concise business plan for their businesses. If you are now thinking of creating a guide for your business, follow these steps borrowed from ENL writers at a professional business plan writing service, which will help you in many ways.

1. Research About Your Product

Any product you want to sell may already exist in the market or have a similar product out there. It is advisable you research your product to find out how well the market is doing.

Spend as much time as possible researching, analyzing, and thinking through your business plan. You will be in a better advantage when you know all about the product and the available markets.

Failure to carry out a detailed report on the product or services you wish to offer will ultimately lead to the failure of your business. This may not happen at the business plan drafting stage, but you will figure out that your business will not go forward because you have failed to study your product and the already existing market for it.

A growth-oriented business plan takes into consideration existing rivals that may hamper its growth and contain strategic plans on how to enter the market and break even.

2. Have A Purposeful Plan

Create your business plan to define the type of business, sources of funds or capital, available markets, sales plan, marketing strategies, and the understanding of possible loss and profits.

The good thing about having a business plan is that it guides your financial decisions and reduces the effects of the confusion that may arise in the future. This is because your business plan is a summary of the entire processes in the business journey.

3. Create Your Company Profile

The decision of writing a business plan suggests you are starting up a company. To do that effectively, you have to create a company profile and include your business idea, your target markets, funding, and the products or services you offer.

Most businesses prefer to have a website where they describe everything concerning the company in the “About the Company” section. This page comes first on any company website, and it is usually what potential customers want to read before patronizing a product or service. So, do not forget to make it one of the major parts of your written business plan.

When you create your business profile, you must have in mind that you would expand in the future. Do not limit your business plan to your current predictions and observation. Always have in mind that you would grow and expand the business in the near future.

4. Document Every Aspect Of The Proposed Business

You must have noticed that people, especially investors, are becoming stingy with their money. It is not their fault since no one wants to invest in the wrong business and lose money due to poor judgment.

To make it easier for investors to trust you, document how you spend money and where your company headed in the short and long run. A hint about location strategy and licensing will also go a long way to convince potential investors.

It’s very important that you present a detailed report for every step you take in your business. In the long run, investors would love to see your growth and progress before they decide to buy your ideas and invest in your business.

Also, without detailed documentation of your progress and commercial activities, it will be almost impossible to track your growth.

5. Have An Effective Marketing Strategy

With every market becoming more competitive by the day, you will need to have a strategy that will place your product or service right in front of potential and willing customers. That means you need an aggressive and relentless marketing plan which should be disclosed in your business plan.

Create a section that discusses how much will go to advertising and promoting your business at various intervals in the life of the business.

6. Adapt Your Plan To Your Audience

Depending on who is going to read your business plan, make the structure and terms to suit the specific audience. If they are bankers or capitalists, you should take into account their areas of interest and make sure that your plan projects such things.

While cash flow and balance sheets may appeal to a banker, the capitalist will be looking at the business idea and the team behind it.

7. Show How Passionate You Are

The interest and passion for your business should reflect in your business plan. When you meet with team members, investors, and customers, they should be able to sense your passion and dedication.

To show them your enthusiasm, you may have to discuss your values, list problems, and explain how you are going to solve those problems with your products or services.

All in all, if you do not have prior experience on how to write a business plan, you may find it difficult to a growth-oriented business plan on your first try. However, you can opt to use the services of a custom business plan writer to put you through the critical stages of drafting the plan.

With a professional freelance writer on your side to develop your ideas, your business plan will be growth-oriented and free from shallow omissions that would cost you your ideas.

How Much Does It Cost To Make An App For Your Business

Cost To Make An App For Your Business
The question ‘How much do you need to spend in designing an app?’ is asked frequently in the industry these days. Since everything comes with a price tag, so does an app. The enhanced use of mobiles, tablets and other devices by the people has given rise to new apps coming up almost every day. So, if you want your business to reach new heights, the designing of a personal app is a great idea. When you think about getting your new app ready, it is true that you get the outcome equal to the amount that you invest in it.

The newbies who look for creating their own apps often focus on finding out the factors that determine the price of app development. They often use calculators available online to figure out the costing of app creation. However, these online calculators are not as accurate as the real estimate that you get has a huge difference from the one calculated online. The discussion here is going to give you a clear idea about the key drivers that affect the price of an app.

Cost Of App Creation Worldwide:

Now, if you want to get a rough idea about the costing involved, then it can be said that an application that is basic might cost about $25000. Apps with medium complexities can be developed within $40000 to $70000 and those that are more complex can even go beyond $70000. There are several companies all over the world that aim at offering the best solutions when it comes to developing apps. However, the selection of a developer becomes quite challenging both for experienced and new companies in the market as the options are huge.

So, the key is, never judge the quality of the app with the price that you are asked to pay. You might end up doing unnecessary expenses in such cases. Whenever you think about choosing an app developer on the basis of cost, consider the hourly fees that he or she charges. This hourly rate might vary on the basis of the geographical location.

Local Development Or Outsourcing: Which One To Choose For App Creation?

Both the above options have their own pros and cons. It is true that for app development you require a reliable team that can make the entire process smoothly without any hassles. If you choose local development, the benefits that accrue comprise of physical proximity, deep involvement and simplified communication with the team. While in case of outsourcing to foreign countries, you can get the work done by higher-level experts at a reasonable cost. However, in the case of outsourcing, your control over the entire matter is quite minimum. Now, you need to choose what you actually require.

Consider Your Business Model:

Before you start estimating the total cost of developing your business app, here are certain questions to consider:
  • What kind of app would be suitable for your business plan?
  • How is the app going to add value to the existing model of business that you have?
  • Are you developing it to generate new revenue?
  • Is your app going to offer only utility to the customers?
  • Is your app the most vital and primary product for your business?

The answer to these questions can help you determine the scope of the app and the latest technologies that you require to develop it. These factors ultimately help you in estimating the overall cost of the project.

The App Type:

The technology that you opt for developing your business app is also a contributing factor to its price.
  • Web App: This is similar to a website that is mobile-friendly and has a responsive design for enhanced user experience. It is perfectly a cheap option for small businesses.
  • Native App: This type of app is developed in the native language related to its operating system. However, if you want to use this app across other platforms later on, then the cost of further developing it might be huge.
  • Cross-Platform App: This app is perfect to perform at multiple platforms if you are handling several types of projects.
  • Hybrid App: This type of app gets developed within a short period of time using the basic technologies of web like CSS, HTML and JavaScript.

Functionality Of The App:

Functionality and the number of complexities involved in your business app are definitely the most important factors that contribute towards its price. The buttons, screens, and the fields involved matter a lot in the cost of an app. The implementation of certain features on the app might be crucial while some of the other features might get implemented quite easily. On the basis of these complexities, the developers use third-party code or API from scratch.

Further, if you want to add features like storing passwords, password recovery, or sophisticated visual designs in the app, then your cost increases even more. The integration of options like Google Wallet, PayPal, and other types of payment modes with your business app also hike the cost. These are a number of emerging technologies and almost every business plans to incorporate in modern apps for achieving best results.

App Administration And Backend Infrastructure:

In the development of mobile apps, the backend infrastructure is the OS that helps developers with the exchange of data between the database and the app. There is analytics in the app that helps to track its performance and the activities of the users on the app. The number of parameters and the details you want to track make the costs vary.

For managing your users, app content and statistics, you require an administrative team. This admin panel makes sure that the app continues to serve the customers well and reports any issue that gets detected. So, the cost of your business app definitely includes the price of hiring an adequate admin panel of experts.

So, mainly, the cost of your business app depends on various stages like planning, design, development, testing, and deployment. The developer you hire gives you an estimate for app designing considering all the above stages involved in it. An effectively created app can prove to be the best investment made by any company.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Shubham Sharma is currently working with Adreno Technologies. I have a great passion for Software Management Systems. Moreover, understanding of analyzing MySQL queries for performance and writing queries that will scale well. Apart from offshore development center, I have focused on investing in my efforts. Like – Web Services, Specification, and Verification of Software Systems, Business Process Management, Case Management, Intelligent User Interfaces.

Importance Of Web Designers In Today's World

Importance Of Web Designers
In today's world, having a website is essential for each business. Several corporations are selling their goods online and depend on a website for that. It helps their business incredibly and plays a crucial role in the e-commerce business. Moreover, a website represents the business among customers.

Companies can not travel everyplace and set out their goods, and everyone desires everything on their fingertips nowadays. It has been made easy by explaining them clearly regarding the products and services in a website. Websites can promote business without costing much. Therefore, a website is a necessity in today's world for both the promotion and sales of a product.

However, you can’t expect to see magical impacts just after making a website and putting your goods on it. In order to have a good amount of visitors on your website, excellent and enchanting website design is crucial. It will also increase the chance of obtaining positive responses from the clients. A useful site coming up with your products and offers will give your website an attractive look. Moreover, executing the correct solutions and using the effective website designing techniques with innovative ideas will improve your rank on the program results page too. As a result, it will boost your sales significantly. Therefore, your web developer should be creative, artistic in addition to having technical information and experience. However, you can also choose a web design template like designmodo website templates to design your website yourself.

Whether you select a custom web design, or you opt for a web design template, you need to make your website easy to navigate. It will help the visitor to get information quickly.

1. Attractive Design

A professional web site designer helps you in making an attractive website design. He clearly understands the needs of his clients and pays special attention to the content of the website its logo, and graphics. Hence, the site itself can attract the eye of clients and increase their time on the website. Web designers also put decent content in your website that clearly explains the clients regarding your products. He ensures that your content is brief and specific because no one likes to read massive content.

2. Classy Graphics

Furthermore, the graphics of the website can help in attracting people in the website. Besides, the website developer tries to create your website as SEO friendly by using relevant keywords to your business. This will increase your website ranking on google and drive traffic to your site. A good website is capable of changing the guests to customers. A company that contains a productive website is said to be fantastic in online business.

3. A Good First Impression

It is said that the first impression is the last. That's why skilled website designers are vital to create the first exceptional impression. An expert website designer is capable of giving your business that impressive first look online by creating a superb website. Several website development companies are providing numerous types of web designing services. So, there are many options if you are looking to improve the first impression of your company with the help of a website.

It is suggested to make a listing of three to four such web designing companies. Then you should select one after analyzing various aspects and services they present. It is also an excellent idea to take the opinion of their past clients. Today, web designing companies are providing every data from brochure to products. They try to hire the most effective designers to serve the most achievable results.

4. Creating A Mobile-Friendly Website

There is another purpose that you must keep in mind. Your website should be mobile-friendly and should be supported by each platform since most of the people depend on smartphones and tablets for browsing the internet.

As it is going to produce a lot of in return once the website is ready, you should not hesitate in burning your cash in website designing. Your website can attract a lot of customers and increase your sales by a large margin. Overall, a website is a necessity for any business. It can help particularly tiny, and new companies grow quickly. Therefore, there is no denial of the importance of web designers.

How Promo Models Can Optimize Your Social Media

Promo Models Can Optimize Your Social Media
In the modern age of social media marketing, businesses and brands face greater competition to get noticed than ever before. Social platforms offer an effective and inexpensive way to connect with consumers on their turf.

With more and more social media companies catering to businesses with analytics and special features, every sensible business should maintain an excellent social media presence. One of the best ways to ensure this is by utilizing the power of promo models.

What Are Promo Models?

Promotional models, or promo models for short, are individuals for hire to promote a product, event, or brand. They are ideally charismatic, attractive, and add flair and dynamism to any project.

Essentially, using promo models works because of a twist on the celebrity endorsement effect. You may be aware of this phenomenon already: if a famous celebrity or athlete tells you that something is good or that they use a certain product, you’re more likely to believe them and want that product.

When it comes to promo models, you don’t necessarily need the celebrity aspect of this strategy, but it works in a similar way. By having dynamic, attractive individuals touting your brand, you are showing consumers that high-quality people use your product or support your business. Trade show models function the same way, drawing people in because people like being around them, and also associating themselves with the brand.

Uses in Social Media

Social networks are an optimal medium to use promotional models. Why? Two main factors come into play here.

First, social media is a highly visual medium. Of course, this varies from platform to platform, but many of the dominant players (Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat) all revolve mainly around photo sharing. Even Facebook, used much more for events and longer pieces of text, has focused on pictures and videos in recent years.

Since humans are primarily visual creatures, it makes sense that having good photo and video content is important for every brand. Since promo models (as the name implies) excel at modeling products and at promoting them visually, they become ideal players in the social media scene.

The other factor is inherent in the name “social” media itself. These parts of the internet are meant to be social; human-to-human connection is key. Users would much rather interact with and observe a person using a product or service than to have a faceless corporation advertise that service directly to them. This human-centric approach makes promo models especially effective.

Get Creative

Now that we’ve covered why promo models can optimize your social media presence, here are some creative ways to use them in your next social campaign.

The most direct and simple way to utilize promo models is via photoshoots. This is especially easy for companies selling a physical product, but isn’t limited to that area. Photoshoots of smiling promo models promoting an energy drink, a shoe brand, a stapler… anything can be enhanced by charismatic people.

Try taking this concept further by taking a Boomerang or a short video, which will make your promo personnel come to life even more. The closer to real life you can get, the better.

Another great way to use promo models is by having them do a social media account takeover. This can be especially effective If the promo model in question has a decently large following already, because you may get direct exposure to their fan base as well. Let your most capable promo model with the best personality post stories to your Instagram or Snapchat for a week, giving users the most organic and personal experience.

Where to Find Them

So where does a company go to find these incredibly helpful individuals?

Many brands post casting calls and job listings locally to find talent. This can be effective as long as you trust that there are qualified people in the area, and your listing is as dynamic and interesting as you want your promo staff to be. Have potential applicants email demos and info to your hiring team, and go from there.

Another, perhaps easier way to go about hiring is by going through an event staffing agency. These agencies specialize both in specific event staffing for trade shows and corporate functions as well as promo talent for campaigns and social media. Most large agencies have a registry of thousands of promotional models nationally, and can find you the right people regardless of location.

In Summary

Overall, promo models are a great bet for optimizing your brand’s social media presence. Their mere presence can bring to life an otherwise dull or impersonal page or ad campaign.

Since social media is both highly visual and human-centered, promo models fit an ideal niche when it comes to spicing up your advertising. Focus on including their talents in photo and video content.

To find promotional models, post job listings or search for national staffing agencies. Once you find the right people, you’ll be well on your way to optimizing your social media marketing. Get creative with page takeovers and people-centered content, and your brand will be thriving in no time!

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Mobirise Web Builder - Design A Picture-Perfect Website

Mobirise Web Builder
Looking for the perfect website? Well there are a number of toolkits available around the web for developing your perfect website a they offer many features for some prices and you don’t even have to worry for the designs and developing it in the most professional way. Templates are easily available, and you just need to search out for some extensive varieties.

Bootstrap is an open source toolkit to develop using HTML, CSS and JS. You can easily prototype your idea or you can build up aa whole app using it’s Sass variables, responsive grid system, a very extensive library of pre built components and some powerful plugins built with jQuery. It’s the world’s most popular front end component library.

Mobirise Website Builder

Mobirise website builder a free app for windows and Mac for creating small to medium websites, resumes, portfolios and landing pages easily and swiftly. It has around 1800+ website blocks and template for you to choose from and help you out in starting up a new website in the easiest ways possible.

Even if you are a non techy that don’t know about programing and basics of web development and of course only go for the designs and looks than Mobirise is the best app for you with countless possibilities. And if you are a professional than this will help you in developing a faster prototype and small projects.

It’s very uniquely different from traditional online web development platforms. Key differences include a very easy to use interface, Latest web blocks out of the box techniques, Mobile Friendly and totally free for personal or commercial use.

Bootstrap templates

Having a perfect bootstrapped website is a dream come true for any one. But having the right template is all that is important in this fast pace world no one has the time to develop new templates.

Mobbirise Template offers free bootstrap templates for businesses, blogs and portfolio websites. It’s best for any type of product marketing of any category and the webpage is totally mobile friendly and works fine on any smart phone or smart device. The themes of these templates include a lot of features that are rich in everything and addons, which you can use for you up coming bootstrap based projects. The best thing is that all of this is free and backlinks are not required but appreciated by the website if you do so.

These free templates here are suitable for businesses small or big, presentation of the product or for portfolios (personal). The templates have a very sticky navigation with smooth jumping to sections, have key features with colorful icons, company back story, feedback section and a blog section.

Quick tutorial


  • Some of great benefits include:
  • It’s 100% smartphone friendly and very responsive and can do great on almost all smart devices
  • Swipe and touch supporting
  • Just click and drag – no need to code anything
  • Smooth HTML5 and CSS3
  • Powered by Bootstrap 3 and jQuery
  • SEO optimized – Search engines know it well
  • Different orientation modes – Landscape and portrait
  • Layout is a boxed look with a 100% width
  • You can have multiple pages design
  • Supports Google Fonts
  • Parallax scrolling for you to change elements
  • Many cover styles
  • Fonts, button and background colours are unlimited
  • Alignments for headers (left, right, center)


It can be concluded that Mobirise will be best for very professional bootstrapped website with a range of available templates. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to be a coder or a programmer to design your very own website with Mobirise. This platform is so easy to use that it’s just a drag and drop manner designing an anyone can easily have an idea of using it. Also, the templates available are free of any cost or royalty but backlinks are very much appreciated by the website.

It is highly suggested to use Mobirise to design your small business websites or designing your very blog. Have a taste of how easy it is to design a bootstrapped website just by a little drag and drop manner while nothing to pay for these awesome templates.

Effect On SEO Of Word Count In Blogging 2020

Effect On SEO Of Word Count In Blogging
They say, "Write a blog." "It's going to be simple!”

How many of you sat on a white page with ideas for communication, but you don't know how?

Don't worry!

"They" are right–if you have a few guidelines, it can be easy and enjoyable to write a blog. One of the factors to take into account before you start is how long the blog should be? The length of the blog can play an important role in ensuring your audience is engaged long enough to make a difference. You can find out the total number of words of your blog by using a Word Counter tool. Think of your time at secondary school in English (it could be a bit farther back for some of us than we would like) and try to remember the first question you asked when you wrote. Have some of you just thought, "How many words?"

I always know that was my first question and I normally expected fewer words than I had been assigned. But now I realize that longer tasks were not given to punish uncommitted pupils, but in fact, different styles of writing and different subjects are actually used to use more or fewer words. A certain' word count' should be targeted in your schedule before you ever sit down to write down.

You probably are asking now–what's the magic word number for a blog? Sadly, the answer is that no magic number exists. But stop reading yet! Don't stop reading!

The length of the blog depends really on the blog's overall objective. And the science behind blog length or word count is important to be understood so you can plan accordingly. Here are some of the factors helping to determine your blog's ideal length.

Content, Purpose, And Audience

The main question here is what do you really have to say?

If you don't get enough content, you don't want to add any extra words to fill a page. If in 200 words you can reach your point, write 200.

You must also decide your blog's purpose and style of writing. You're attempting to sell? In this case, with minimal distraction, you want to get to your call to action as soon as possible so that it is shorter. Try changing the opinion of somebody? You will probably need more content to provide a detailed explanation, facts, and research that will convincingly support your case.

If you want to get your readers, for instance, to comment on your post or to debate it, the shorter it is. However, you will have to keep it a little more if you try to get more social media shares-between 600-1250 words appear to work best.

Finally, never forget what your audience wants or what it needs. Do you need many words to satisfy your needs and to solve your problem? What is their knowledge of your subject already? Do they have a talk-like attitude or do they need a study of a technical case? If you first have a clear picture of for whom you write and how you can meet your needs, the words flow.

Why Does Lengthy Content Work Well?

A comprehensive and well-investigated article discusses a subject in detail. This is ensured by a well-written article that the audience is well understood.

It gives a sense of improved quality — which is often missing in short-form blog posts. These blog posts also allow bots from the search engine to understand all about your content.

Secondly, the long content receives more social shares in the study of Noah Kagan. People are more likely to share an article with detailed insights and disclosures.

This helps your blog posts gain more authentic backlinks that even make them viral. Search engines perceive this as a sign that your search rankings are better and more important on the subject.

Finally, an articulate subheading well-structured long-form post facilitates scans. Your readers ' attention is constantly declining. So you can't read word for word through your blogs.

Rather, the subheadings, pointers, and lists are probably breezes. Long-form content offers them the chance to do this.

Up to now, we have realized that long-form content is usually more successful. We still have to identify an exact figure and the average blog post length.
Effect On SEO Of Word Count In Blogging

SERP (Search Engine Ranking)

How does word count impact rankings and the' findability' of your blog?

The fact is, the longer the blog, the better the chance of a search engine such as Google ranking high.

Why does this happen? The more words to be selected, the more clues Google must determine what the blog is about. A thorough investigation of SerpIQ shows that Google's top 10 results are all in at least 2000 words. Google SEO appears to favor more info.

While Google enjoys 2000 words before you reach your final conclusion your reader may lose interest. When looking at which blog posts on their website perform best, Medium found that people spend the most time reading blog posts that take seven minutes. Those blogs have the highest average number of visitors. A reading time of seven minutes is approximately 1600 words. So, how do you understand if users leave the entire blog before you read it? Your content structure plays a major role.


Readability studies have shown that most people read only 20%-28% of the post. In fact, the attention span of people is often said to be a goldfish! The longer the post, the more difficult it can be read and understood. There was a long post known from time to time to scare a reader.

If you're going with a lengthy blog post, you can do some things for the reader. Your blog's structure can make reading easier. With the help of subheadings, your content can be scanned. And it will make it easy for the reader to find contents of the greatest value by beginning with an index of these subheadings. Write short and clear paragraphs with shorter phrases, your friend's white space. Do not attempt to convince people of your broad vocabulary. And wisely choose your words, action verbs are more exciting and can be of interest to people.

Quality Writing

The creation of content is a painstaking and complex process. It's not just the task to link words into meaningful phrases.

Anyone who knows about the content marketing concept agrees that your contents should give the reader value. It should be unique, intuitive, attractive, clear and error-free.

But it cannot be the end of your content strategy to writing well in English. Your audience must be thoroughly understood.

All people visiting your website should be aware of your blog posts and articles. It is therefore important that your contents include the relevant keywords. It helps to drive a specific crowd interested in what your website has to offer.

You must also make sure that you properly format your articles with eye-catching subheadings, images and videos.

In addition, a correct distribution plan for successful content marketing is also needed. If no one actually finds them, writing engaging blog posts is futile. To reach a wider audience, you can use social media and influencer marketing.

It is important here to note that only when they learn something new or worthwhile from it, will they share your content. This emphasizes the importance of quality as a priority.

The more shares you receive, the stronger your inbound connection profile. In turn, this will set up your website (and brand) as your industry authority.

It is very obvious that quality supersedes quantity when creating written content. The entire hullabaloo is only important if your content is higher than a certain standard.


Note that when it comes to blog lengths, there is no exact science. If it had been there, we would see again the same boring posts. Both short and long posts have advantages and disadvantages. You should find out which factors your audience needs, learn what it takes to write quality materials which will be of benefit to both you and the reader. Do not include it if you do not love it.

How Creativity Can Help You With Your Success/Career

Creativity Can Help You With Your Success/Career
Creativity doesn’t require degrees or formal labels. It’s not exclusive to an elitist group rather it exists in people from every walk of life. Whether you are appreciating a landscape of a garden, or an architecture of an eye capturing building. Be it a new design of a famous car brand, or that of accessories. These are all by-products of human creativity. In this modern age of technology and consumer culture. Creativity is what may lead a person to climb a ladder of success quickly. Before navigating the topic of how creativity can help. We first need to figure out what factors contribute to the rising of the creative class in society.

Social Reforms Lead Towards The Economic Boom

Diversity is the most foundational feature of boosting creativity for the economic rise of any society. As long as social mobility is not encouraged through all the spectrums of society. And corporate culture doesn’t become fully inclusive of every race, ethnicity, religion or gender. Creativity cannot be envisaged to exist on mass scales. Like with the advent of the industrial revolution, the man was positioned into one source of extensive labor to enhance productivity. And human imagination was pushed into oblivion. Therefore the working class was supposed to confine itself into its assigned role and not move forward. As in words of Willam Blake these industries were ‘’dark satanic mills’’.

And it was true to the core. Human creativity was bottled up under the pressures of bringing and sustaining the economic revolution. It wasn’t only Blake. Marx and many other thinkers kept moaning the state of working man or proletariat. The man was suffering from trapped potential. Things began to improve with liberalist ideals and more people found an avenue to experiment with their creativity. Albeit its real potential not fully realized but at least playing a lead role in the boom of any economy. As creativity is the need of time.

Is Professional Success Somehow Tied With Creativity?

In modern competitive markets, only those things sell best that were either unique or didn’t even exist. Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, or Twitter made their mark because nothing like that existed before. Any startup’s success relies on how innovative the idea is. For that continuous flow of creativity is necessary. For tech startups, it's like the crux. But it bears the same value for any consumer brand, media outlet or even political campaigns. No brand can keep selling its cars, dresses, bags, shoes or any luxury product if new creative designs are not marketed. Even governments can’t survive without coming up with new ideas for urban planning or constructing infrastructure. Resultantly there is an ever-increasing demand for creative minds to be hired in every arena of life. Coming up with innovative ideas make such minds an asset for the economy and society.
Creativity Can Help You With Your Success/Career

Creativity Means Experimenting

Creativity is the key to moving forward. Likewise, the willingness to venture into new dimensions and the ability to take risks is key for being creative. Be it an entrepreneur or just an employee if they keep weighing the pros and cons of a certain idea they cant succeed in their goals. Creativity demands adventure-seeking and that can only be attained through persistent motivation. A cautious individual can’t tread this path. Only if you are ready to break the barriers that you can move forward. Never fear the failure, as failing frequently paves the way for large scale success. Thomas Edison an inventor of the bulb failed 1000 times in his bulb experiment and then succeeded. When he was asked about his failures he replied that ‘’ I didn’t fail 1000 of times but the light bulb was invention with 1000 of steps’’. So take your failure with a complimentary view.

Push Off Limitations

If you are an employer then creating certain boundaries to carry out work is never fruitful. Encourage the experimental approach. Continuously seek innovation. If your employees understand that they can’t work outside of the limited scope assigned to them. It might hinder their creativity. You can’t compete in the market with boring and redundant ideas.

If you are an employee then it's your job to put forward your unique ideas to your employer or supervisor. If a company wasn’t experimental before then you can pave the way. If it is, then bring forward the tradition. Either way, don’t let your talent be wasted and always be ready to move ahead. Nobody will realize your hidden potential unless you open up.


Contemporary consumer trends have made the need for creative culture way more than ever before. Your chances of being unemployed are minuscule in comparison with other corporate jobs if you belong to the creative class. Every individual is bestowed with some of the creativity so discover your potential and lead in your career with success.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Jason Cohen is precisely described as a tech junkie working in content development and marketing for a thriving start-up: time tracking software. Literature lover by default. My interests range from politics to social issues, books to tech trends, gadgets, marketing techniques and so on.

How To Avoid Getting Bankrupt With The Help Of Debt Settlement Experts

How To Avoid Getting Bankrupt
Out of the total businesses established, 50% fail each year because of less or no funding options, according to www.forbes.com. Bankruptcy is a nightmare that each and every business is scared of. There is no doubt that in order to raise capital for allowing your business to flourish, you need to take business loans from traditional institutions or personal creditors. However, clearing the loans within a short time is not an easy task. This is what is going to push your company towards debt. If there is no effective and efficient debt management strategy or a proper plan for the business, you are extremely vulnerable to various threats associated with insolvency. It is important that you take steps that are crucial as well as think of measures that will help in avoiding bankruptcy and also ensure that the business is not going on that unwanted path.

The organizations that are large and reputed have trained staff, responsible for dealing only with managing the business debts. However, the businesses that have just started, find it difficult to hire skilled and experience manpower that will help in managing the cash flow. It has also been observed that the owner of a business firm is not a financial expert himself and often makes decisions that are extremely hasty. This can lead to the deteriorating financial health of a particular business venture.

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How Can The Experts As Well As Debt Settlement Organizations Help A Business?

There is no denying the fact that a debt settlement expert is known to have the proper experience as well as the skills that are required for negotiating with the creditors as well as reducing all the payments that a business owes. If you are hiring them for your organization, you will be amazed to see that they are capable of reducing almost 50% of the debts that exist. Most of the businesses are in the situation of cost overrun and they worry constantly about bankruptcy. It is crucial that you examine the various other options that are there before you are declaring bankruptcy. You need to know about the two efficient and feasible solutions that are there, in order to stay as far from bankruptcy as possible.

Settling Your Debts And Reconstructing Your Business

By seeking the guidance of the professionals of debt settlement, you will have the opportunity of examining the total volume of the debts that you owe to the creditors. Calling for experts gives the opportunity to build up your business once again and also gives a chance to the business for survival. This also helps in protecting the different personal assets, which you own. The creditors, to whom you owe money, can consider various factors and might be interested in entering into a proper agreement where the monthly payments that you have are going to be reduced.

With the assistance of the professionals who are trained and experienced in debt settlement, you have the option of bidding goodbye to the unwanted collection calls, which are plaguing you for a really long time. Moreover, there is no need to become anxious in case if you are falling behind all your payments. The strategy or agreement given by the experts should be remembered by you and it is also going to lower the chances of inconveniences caused.

Guidance And Consultation

The first and most important step of getting rid of the unwanted debt amounts, as well as the fear of being bankrupt, is choosing professional experts, who have great knowledge about debt settlement. Take your time and ensure that you are choosing a company, which is not only reliable but also esteemed. Ensure that the organization has positive debt settlement reviews as well as numerous customer testimonials. Experts are going to provide free consultation as well as guidance to your company.

By taking their advice, you will be able to analyze the scenario of the business as well as take all the necessary measurements that are required for clearing all your debts. Most of the business owners have a common fear, which is that the debt settlement organizations are extremely expensive. However, they need to understand that this is something that is not true. These organizations assure that you are going to receive the best, where advice and services are concerned and they will not be charging a lot of money. They are going to be in conversation with the creditors and try to arrange better terms of credit so that you are capable of focusing on the other aspects of your business. They will also help in easing the huge burden that is associated with debts.

Importance Of Having Strategies And Plans For Paying Business Debts

If you are interested in getting rid of the business debts, it is crucial that you are having a plan that is not only long-term but also effective. Turning to the professionals for managing all the debts is a good idea as opposed to doing it on your own because you have various other business aspects to take care of as well. This is the primary step that can be taken for averting the various issues that are related to bankruptcy.

All the plans are going to have a target for settling the debts, and therefore, as time passes, you are going to find a huge volume of debt amounts, that you owe to different creditors, will start getting minimized. When you choose an ideal debt settlement organization, you are also going to have experienced lawyers, who are going to help with the entire process. They will also be responsible for explaining the various legal implications as well as have a discussion with the creditors, which means that you are going to be protected and safeguarded from numerous angles.


Selecting a debt settlement organization is crucial because they are going to maintain privacy as well as confidentiality. If you have huge amounts of business debts, it is important that you decide to invest in debt settlement organizations that are really capable of helping you. The professionals are not only going to take charge, but they will also guide your business to survive once again.

5 Reason Why You Should Make Your Marketing Strategy Emotions Driven

Why You Should Make Your Marketing Strategy
Emotional marketing helps marketers win in high competition, and get a user's affection on an emotional level. When a consumer decides on buying with heart, not with the mind, it means that you have created a meaningful, strong relationship with your clients, and you can keep them for a long time. In this article, we will list five main reasons why you should use the full force of emotions when developing a marketing strategy.

We Make Decisions Based On Emotions

Although most people now would begin to argue and assure that all their decisions, including decisions to buy something, are strictly rational and based on common sense, but studies stubbornly insist on the opposite.

Initially, the effectiveness of emotional marketing was described by Al Reyes, Jack Trout and Paul Temporal in their book “22 Immutable Laws of Marketing”. Yes, it is believed that we live in a rational world, but this is far from the truth. We live in an emotional world. Emotions drive our behavior, and they drive the whole world. People are not interested in the characteristics of the product. They are interested to know if the product fits their personality.

The value of the product for the buyer determines all further steps. Therefore, emotional marketing is much more effective than rational, which concentrates on the characteristics of the product. To control the mind is good, but it is much better to win the heart. Use marketing strategies that will force a potential buyer to make decisions on an emotional level, and eliminate rational considerations that can lead a person away.

When developing a marketing strategy, it is necessary to decide which key emotion can form its core. The simplest example is the Apple brand, which allows its customers to feel their superiority, maintain their status and be in the circle of the elect. The main emotion is pride.

It is also effective to capitalize on the feeling of fear. For example, such essay writing services as Grabmyessay, Studicus, and BestEssayEducation use the common fears of students. These companies know that students are afraid of the possibility of not coping with their academic papers writing, and this may lead to being flunked out of college. And use this fear to make students order their essays, and consequently, be calm and confident.

People Share Advertising If It Touches Their Feelings

This is viral marketing. So even without a special budget, you can promote your product - provided that you make advertising quality and do not repel potential target audiences. For example, an emotion such as compassion and stubbornness has great potential for turning content into viral and increasing customer loyalty.

“Traditional advertising is detached from their real needs, so it cannot evoke the emotional response that creates the intention to buy,” explains Marie Fincher, Head of Content at TrustMyPaper and Studicus.

Resonant stories about events affecting the heart and soul become viral in a few hours. For example, do you remember the story of how a veterinarian saved a newborn baby in the same way that premature puppies are saved? From the side, it looked very cruel, but the child had every chance to die if he waited for the doctors “for humans”. Studies show that the production of content that causes anger, anxiety, condemnation, or, conversely, pride, leads to its rapid distribution, and therefore attracts the attention of the audience.

Emotional Marketing Creates A Strong First Impression

The wise of this world convince not to give in to the first impression since it is imperfect and does not reflect the essence of things. However, when it comes to shopping, very often, as we have said, a rational approach goes into the background. The effect of the first impression is the influence of the opinion that was formed in a person in the first minutes, on the further evaluation of the object. It is interesting that the first impression can be formed intentionally or involuntarily and depends to a large extent on the personal characteristics of the person himself.
Why You Should Make Your Marketing Strategy
The first impression is made based on assessment: a person decides that it is “good or bad”, “useful or harmful”, “beautiful or ugly”, “good or evil”, etc. And here the most important role is played by stereotypes: based on experience a person already has certain ideas (for example, about what a hotel should be, how employees should communicate with guests). If the guest’s positive expectations are met, satisfaction begins to take shape. But if at the same time the guest gets a little more - what was unexpected, a pleasant surprise, the satisfaction does not just increase, but also lays the foundation for further loyalty.

This Is An Opportunity To Stand Out From The Competition

A marketing strategy that focuses on consumers' emotions can turn a nameless and faceless business into a brand that users will love. This can work even for those enterprises that do not offer something unique and generally have little difference from many competitors.

The most effective way is to demonstrate that your brand makes someone's life better. For example, Pandora (jewelry) positions itself as a company for important events in life, and the new Lysol advertising campaign “Protect Like a Mother” compares the maternal instinct of wild animals, which instinctively protect their children from something with the action of their product.

And One More Way to Reach Different Target Audiences with the Help of Emotions
Using emotional marketing based on understanding how people from different cultures interpret their emotions can allow companies to successfully conquer new markets. For example, Americans are very sentimental, so emotional marketing techniques used in advertisements, touchingly depicting people hugging and kissing, have a good effect on this audience.

When some American companies started to show these same advertisements in Asia without adapting to the local culture, they simply puzzled more pragmatic Asian buyers: “What are they hugging? What do they want to say? Better if they said what product or service they sell and what is the price."


Our emotions are extremely individual. Therefore, it is important to receive feedback from potential customers. Carefully read how people react to your experiment, and draw conclusions. Too provocative advertising may work in the opposite direction. At the same time, track the level of sales: people can scold advertising with obscene words, and in the meantime, sales are skyrocketing. Balance is important here to get a profit and not to frighten the customer with excessive emotionality.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Kristin Savage nourishes, sparks and empowers using the magic of a word. Along with pursuing her degree in Creative Writing, Kristin was gaining experience in the publishing industry, with expertise in marketing strategy for publishers and authors. Now she does some editing work at Bid For Writing. Kristin also works with professional writing companies such as WoWGrade and Studicus as a writer.

9 Business Enhancing Benefits Of Using Market Research

Business Enhancing Benefits
Market research is a systematic process of gathering, analyzing and inferring information about your target market and competitors. It helps in assessing the competitive environment and collect data about a potential customer base before launching a product.

Here are some reasons why you must use market research software for business benefits:

Strengthens Your Reputation

Market research helps you make better decisions as you have reliable data at your fingertips. When you use objective analysis, you can develop business strategies and enhance your professional reputation in your field. It will also help others have more confidence in your business decisions.

Helps In Minimizing Losses In your Business

You can use market research analysis software to collect data and identify different risks you might experience in the market.

Market research allows you to eliminate the risk factor before you can put your plans into action.

Enables You To Test For Success

Have you come up with a new service or product but need help understanding how it will fare with the customers? Market research will come to your rescue. It is the most effective way to test out new ideas or strategies before implementing them.

You can use various metrics to figure out which campaigns and concepts are connecting with your target audience. It’s better to test the waters first rather than finding out the hard way and lose money. Market research for business will help you save money and guarantee success. This will, in turn, translate into higher sales.

Enables You To Develop Products That Customers Want

With the help of market research, you can determine if your product idea will appeal to your customer base or not. You can collect competitive intelligence to understand how you can differentiate yourself from your competitors and their products. When you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your competition, you can come up with better and unique offerings. You can also provide great customer experience and create a stronger value proposition.

Enables You To Stay Relevant In The Market

If you don’t change with the market trends, you will find yourself on the losing side. In order to be successful and relevant, you need to anticipate and react to the changes in the marketing world.

Market research helps you study the evolving needs of the consumers and analyze their reactions. Doing this will secure your longevity and relevancy in the market. You can use market research to innovate and change with times.

Helps In Identifying New Market Opportunities

An important objective of any business is to identify new market opportunities for existing and new products. Since there is a lot of competition in the market, it gets difficult to predict the consumer needs just based on product functions.

When you have market research at your disposal, you can carry out production planning effectively. You can also make the distribution process seamless. Based on the information you get through market research, you can determine correct product pricing. When you have the right pricing and promote it well, you can successfully increase sales.

Helps In Growing The Business

You can use market research as an effective tool for product development, the launch of a product or expanding the business.

Market research helps in keeping track of different market trends and future markets. You can even identify the different areas for expansion. Some metrics of market research can help in setting realistic targets for the business, beating the competition and drafting strategies for expansion.

When you can anticipate the changing nature of the market, effective research can promote business growth and expansion.

Identify Problem Areas

Market research for business helps in identifying the problem areas. You can gather important data like customer reactions, choices and their preferences through market research. Use this data to make the necessary changes to the product.

You can even take the decision during the designing and manufacturing phase of the product. Once you know the problem areas, you can take the necessary measures to fix them.

Enables You To Market The Business Effectively

In order to reach out to the right kind of customers, you need to tailor the marketing message for the intended consumers. The imagery, wording, and tone you choose can make a huge difference between success and failure. You can use market research to know who your customers are and what are the products they care about.

At the same time, it can also help you understand which advertising vehicles will catch the audience’s attention. Take time to understand the market to optimize your marketing efforts. It is very important that you strategize brand messaging accordingly.

Promote Better Communication With Customers

The data collected through market research allows you to know the audience’s nature, their likes, dislikes, and personalities. This will give you a better idea of how to communicate and connect with the customers. When you connect with your customers, you give them a push to buy your products, thus increasing your sales.

The main objective of gathering market research using market research survey software is to learn valuable information. You can further use this information to make critical business decisions that can help you innovate and grow.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Bhavika Sharma is a survey designer at SurveySparrow, where she designs surveys that work by making them more conversational and engaging, fetching 40% more responses. When she isn’t designing killer surveys, she loves to travel in search of adventure and to meet new people. Her travel experiences have taught her the importance of conversation and that is what she brings to the table while creating surveys or content for her readers.

4 Great Online Business Ideas

4 Great Online Business Ideas
There are over 4 billion Internet users in the world. For most people, going online is something they do to connect with friends and family or research a business before using them. However, there are tons of legitimate ways you can make money on the Internet.

Working online allows you to make a good living and get the freedom that regular 9 to 5 jobs simply can’t offer. If you want to learn more about great online business ideas, read the helpful information below.

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1. Creating An Online Store Is A Great Idea

Did you realize that online sales grew over 15 percent last year? More and more consumers are starting to embrace the convenience that comes with shopping online. If you have a particular product you can sell online, now is the time to create a website.

The key to having success with an online store is creating a website that is both appealing and optimized for search engine success. When creating the listings for the products on your online store, you need to use popular keywords in them. By doing this, you can help your website rank higher on search engine results pages.

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If you are looking for a way to build an IT infrastructure for your business that is secure and easy to use, then working with the professionals at the WGroup is a great idea. The last thing you want is to have an online store that is unsecured due to the problems this can cause. This is why investing in professional IT and online security services is so important.

2. Use Your Writing Skills To Generate Income

One of the main tools a business owner uses to drive traffic to their website is well-written and informative content. Most business owners don’t have the time or the experience needed to craft this content on their own. This is why they generally hire professional copywriters to help them out.

People who have a knack for developing engaging content can make a great living as a freelance content writer. There are tons of sites that can help a new writer find work. Being motivated and meticulous is essential when attempting to become a successful writer. Working from home can be quite difficult, which is why you need to carve out a space to escape to and write.
4 Great Online Business Ideas

3. Learn The Ropes Of Online Marketing

The majority of business owners spend around 8 percent of their annual gross revenue on marketing campaigns. Helping a business in their pursuit of search engine dominance can help a person earn a great living. However, being a successful marketer will require lots of hard work and persistence.

The landscape of digital marketing is ever-changing, which is why you need to learn about these changes and adapt to them immediately. If a potential customer thinks you are using outdated methods, they will probably seek out the help of your competition. Getting familiar with marketing tools like pay-per-click, the use of content and social media can help you attract more business.

4. Building Websites Is Fun And Lucrative

Having an appealing and engaging website is something most businesses view as a priority. Using platforms like WordPress can help a business make its website more versatile and easy to use. Helping an entrepreneur build a website is a great way to make money.

Having success as a website developer will require you to build an impressive portfolio. The more previous examples of your work you have to show a new client, the easier it will be to land jobs.

Hard Work Pays Off

Each of the industries mentioned in this article are packed with competition. However, working hard and providing quality services to clients will help you rise above the competition.

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How To Create An Awesome 3D Animation Video?

Create An Awesome 3D Animation Video
Creating awesome 3D animation videos requires more work than it seems. It can consume a lot of efforts from conceptualization to rendering the final video. This is the reason why most of the people prefer going with 3D animation video production company to get their 3D animated video created. It can take a week or even several months to create a visually stunning video that can appeal to the audience you think to target. Let us learn what it actually requires creating an awesome 3D animation video.

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You can create a 3D animation video about anything. But you need to create out-of-the-box concepts in the video to get an appreciation of people. Creativity has no limits. It is really important to keep your focus on exact messaging and uniqueness of video during the concept ideation process. You need to have a strong concept in order to make people stop by and look through the video.

Storyboard & Animatic

Once you have finalized the concept, every scene should be broken into tentative images that can help you close the camera angles and screenplay. The 3d animation video makers need to close the exact motion of models. To serve the purpose, a rough mock-up called animatic can be tailored to showcase the motion of the animation in the storyboard.


3D modeling is the most time-consuming task to create the protagonist of the story. The higher the realism in the video, the more time it will require to develop. Most of the 3D animation ads are about the products and require the 3d models of the products. On most of the occasions, these 3D models are available with the advertisers themselves.

For example: A smartphone 3D animation ad, smartphone company will have the 3D design of smartphone that is already available. Animators will help in building more internal parts of the products which can be shown via animation.


It is the concept of adding skin to draft the 3D model. With a precise texturing of each material, a 3D model can be made to look realistic. Texturing the glass or metallic products is easy as compared to texturing the natural products like fur, skin or human hair. It requires high rendering skills to texture the natural products.

At this stage, the animator should get the approval and closure from the client regarding the look and feel of the model. Once rigging is completed, reworking on the model is extremely difficult or beyond the scope.


Rigging is the process of adding structure or bones to the model. The animator defines the way a product can move by adding the structure. Each one has a limited range of motion that is defined using a controller. The skin and muscles of the model react in a unique fashion corresponding to the product. The time its takes during rigging totally depends on the complexity of models and range of motion.


The animation is the stage where the final rigged model is set into motion. The animators define the object’s camera angle and the style it moves. For every motion, multiple keyframes are added and the model moves according to the set frames. With realism in modeling and texturing, along with some creativity in animation, the animator is able to create interesting concepts that come to life.


To make model realistic and visible, lighting is done. A lighting expert can make the simplest animation look awesome. Texturing needs to be realistic. A glass textured with a perfectly lit spotlight can make the smartphone look elegant. The best example of nicely done lighting can be seen in retail outlets where each product in display is lit with the best lighting, making an impact on the viewers/customers.

Rendering & VFX

Once the animator has completed all the animation and lighting, the entire animation is rendered. Rendering is the term used to create the animation based on pre-defined preset keyframes and lighting effects. Once the rendering is completed, the output animation file is given visual effects such as text overlays or special effects like light leaks.

Music & Sound Effects

The final step of completing a 3D animation video is adding sound to it. It is really important to sync the music with the animation to make a real impact. A skilled animator will always ensure that high tone music is nicely synced with important keyframes in animation. Once the music or sound has been added to the animation, the video is ready for the final output.

Final Output

After completing all of the above-mentioned steps, the final output is rendered. The animator shares it with the client for feedback. At this stage, the changes involving music, sound, special effect or animation can be done. The changes required in modeling and texturing would again consume a lot of time. It is suggested to close the modeling and texture part first before an animator proceed with next steps.

This is how most of the 3D animation video agencies produce a 3D video. These 3D animation videos are very beneficial in B2B Marketing for product introduction and increase sales for any organization. Motion graphics elements, 3D Animations are fun projects to start with while not getting tired.

Limits And Scope Of State Monitoring Of Citizens Through Technology

State Monitoring Of Citizens Through Technology
"It could be done only on principles of private justice, moral fitness, and public convenience, which, when applied to a new subject, make common law without a precedent; much more when received and approved by usage." ~ Willes, J., in Millar v. Taylor, 4 Burr. 2303, 2312
Right to privacy is one of the primary human rights law. Human beings are entitled to keep their personal boundaries intact. And nobody should be given the right to cross that. But in a contemporary age when numerous unprecedented forms of challenges have emerged. These include terrorism, cybercrime, the threat of national security, drugs, human trafficking, and the list is endless. Therefore states consider themselves entitled to some form of meddling into the personal business of their citizens. But boundaries and red lines have to be demarcated. Excess of anything creates imbalances. More than needed state monitoring can create a sense of unrest in a common man.

What Is At Stake?

The right to free speech sits at the core of the democratic fabric of any society. Tools like social media monitoring software are at times notoriously spying over the citizens’ social media profiles. They skim through their posts, activities, kind of friends or networks they have, to do the profiling of them. This software can be misused or misinterpreted easily. Misused in a way, that since it’s being used by police and security agencies. There is a high chance that a racially or ethnically biased police officer targets an innocent civilian based on their identity.

Free Speech Is The Backbone Of Democracy

Social media speech or conversation can’t be a perfect indicator of a person’s tendencies or personality. People often vent out things in virtual media that they would fear to utter in their real lives. Therefore some heated political or social debates can’t signify who might be a threat to society’s stability.

Secondly, it’s really detrimental to free discourse. Exchange of ideas through social media can also be fruitful to flourish diverse ideas. Silencing them with fear of state monitoring is an unhealthy practice. It can be manipulated by certain governments or autocratic regimes to silence dissent by force. They might target their political opponents specifically to instill fear. So who will guarantee transparency of such practices?

How Does The Public React?

As per Pew survey majority of Americans feel wary of excessive government surveillance. Nobody would feel comfortable knowing their private chats or messages are being read. Besides what purpose this excessive surveillance has served so far? Boston bombing, Orlando shootings, and multiple shootings or bombings incidents happened anyways. These monitoring tools didn’t help to prevent. So it’s evident that excessive state interference is creating public dismay.

There are ways to monitor terror activities. Powerful security organizations like NSA has access to gather access information through VPNs too. So they can easily detect frequent visitors on suspicious pages or curtail seditious activity while it’s still in pipeline. They can intercept malicious activities by monitoring internet traffic relevant to their cause. Probing any further will enhance mistrust among people for state institutions. They fear that their collected data might be used as a weapon against them if needed.

Many tech giants are rigorously demanding limitations on state surveillance. As many would feel discouraged from using social media platforms knowing even their private conversations are monitored.

How Far The Scope And Radar Of State Monitoring Goes?

It's not that states tend to monitor their own people alone. America’s NSA didn’t spare foreign heads of state. Even those of allies like German chancellor Merkel by phone tapping her. Listening to telephone conversations have already made many disillusioned with this privacy breaching practice. Whereas it was being done at the political level. It shows that security agencies are sometimes immature and start treating their scope of power as a means of entertainment. That is where eyebrows are raised against state monitoring.

The Distinction Of Citizen/Non-Citizen Be Abolished When It Comes To Privacy

So far countries have been making discrimination against foreign citizens. It’s done by excluding them from a list of ones whose privacy is protected by law. Even if not in practice but at least a legal cover can help many file a lawsuit. Foreigners aren’t even given this shield. President Obama made suggestions to include non-US citizens among those whose privacy is guaranteed by law.

A notoriously well-known display of violating individuals’ privacy can be seen at US airports. Travelers are stripped naked for body searches. Even foreign ministers and state officials are searched like criminals violating official protocol. Students are barred from entry after checking their social media profiles. A slight excuse can be enough to smash someone’s career aspirations. All these acts are a sheer breach of human rights and privacy law. And social media searches have become one biggest stimulator of these violations. Any random officer of border security shall probe into your social media, what you like, what you comment and can cancel your visa. As if screening before the visa wasn’t sufficient.

Bonus Point

Other than state monitoring, there are forms of harmless in fact productive tracking that are introduced with revolutionizing AI technology. One of those is employee monitoring. It doesn’t interfere in the private sphere of life and used in the workplace alone to enhance productivity. Especially in the presence of GDPR complying Time tracking software, it’s made more easy and protective of personal space or privacy.


The privacy of citizens and noncitizens should be respected, and at an equal level. In the modern age, it has become a tool of exploitation more than it serves the national security of any state.

Surefire Tips To Writing An Interactive Short Story

Tips To Writing An Interactive Short Story
Composing a short story is one of the trickiest things. In novels, usually, you get ample ways to make your point clear. If you miss out a single place to highlight a certain point, you know you can get other areas where you can make the right impact.

Well, that’s not the case in a short story. You have to work hard to make sure that your story is well versed. You have a very little area to construct your plot at the same time create the sketch of your character. You have to build a connection with the target audience along with writing down the story precise enough to clear every area.

You have to follow a definite format that can make it easier for you to compose a killing script. In stories the genre may vary, many of your customers may even want you to sketch a complete thrilling scene in just a few words. As tricky as it may sound so it is to attempt. Well in such drastic circumstances, all you should do is to follow certain tips mentioned below:

Get Inspiration

To compose a great story you should remember two things that there is no great plot. Almost every story has been covered in a thousand different manner. It depends upon you who you write it. Secondly, it takes hardly an hour or two to write down your story if you know what the plot is. So, focus mostly on making your plot than writing your thoughts down.

So, go on a walk, observe people, brainstorm some creative incidents, and add a touch of brilliance in it to more it sounds more interesting for your readers. There are people who spent time close to nature to get refreshed and free from any fears for thinking about a plot. After all, if you keep yourself in a constant stressful state you cannot think straight.


The second important thing is to make short drafts. It may possible that you get more than one idea for your plot. What you can do is to write them all down on separate areas and observe critically which one can have more readership. You have to analyze if the plot is too common to attempt or too vague to describe. Do not put yourself in an uncomfortable area to do the best thing. Because if you cannot elaborate on your idea your readers will fail to connect with the emotions and that’s a loss for you. It’s the habit that every writer adopts even those who have to create a Wikipedia page as that requires perfection.


The next thing you should focus on is the characterization. You have to make sure that your audience connects with your character. They should feel the pain, happiness and every drop of emotions. You have to sketch it in a way your words should make every aspect of his personality clear. They should be able to identify his tone, voice, and aura. If you can do that, you know you have done a brilliant job as people will not only read it but would feel happier to share it with others ultimately increasing the online reach.


Every writing genre has some sort of format to follow. You cannot attempt everything like the way they are. You should take the time out to analyze what your customer wants and how that project should be attempted. In a story-writing task, you have either to divide that into mini-chapters or compose it in a way that every break and pause becomes visible. You cannot simply start writing it down like an article with taglines. You have to maintain a flow and a tone. From the beginning of the story, you have to make sure that its genre becomes clear. It should sound horrifying and equally interesting right from the start.


The last thing, which is the fundamental step to ensuring the credibility of your story, is it is flawless. It should be so well composed that it should not have any error in it otherwise you will end up ruining its flow.

How Startups Can Manage Debt Consolidation To Stay On Top

Startups Can Manage Debt Consolidation
When it comes to startups, they most often begin on a small scale. Also, a couple of smart and brilliant individuals take care of all business activities. Even with the intellect, operating a small business calls for a lot of planning and foresight. It is not easy and not a cakewalk. The outcome doesn’t turn out as you might expect it. From nowhere, insoluble debts and arrears burden your business. When this happens, it means additional draining of your business capital. Moreover, many startup owners need to pay off several creditors in a month with varying rates of interest and premiums. Soon, your debts overburden you more than your business. Now, hold on! We are not here to scare you off. There is a solution. Here are some smart tips to manage your debts to run your business with ease:

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Be Composed And Set Realistic Expectations

Staying calm and expecting what to come in advance is a wise way to ease your problems. In fact, when you set pragmatic expectations about being in liability to your creditors, it takes off much of the pressure. As far as new business owners are concerned, they have much to worry about setting up the business, looking for investors, finding new clients, and operating the business. Therefore, worrying about debts and liabilities unnecessarily will only add to your problems, taking your focus away from your goals. According to entrepreneur.com, and based on the findings of research experts at CB Insights, it was found that the two main reasons for a startup business failure were a dearth of market demand (42 percent) and a shortage of funds (29 percent). These two aspects show:
  • Lack of planning.
  • The importance of strategic plans when it comes to spending your funds.
Therefore, focus on your business and not fretting about creditors are the mantras of success when you are in debt.

Prioritize Your Bills And Disbursements

Know what bills and payments you need to make first. Most creditors or lending companies charge an abnormal rate of interest. Therefore, refrain from availing the services of a financial institution that charges a very high-interest rate. Take a loan from a reliable company and clear your dues without any delay. Simultaneously, glance through your business’s utility bills. If it is possible to use one PC or one lightless in your office, then do so. You can also introduce ‘Earth Hour’ in your organization. During this time, ensure that no staff uses electrical devices that utilize electrical power directly. Taxes and payrolls should be your top priority. There are no ways to stop paying your dues or bills. Therefore, stay organized and prioritize expenses to save a considerable amount at the end of the year.

Focus On Consolidation

Several startup businesses begin with funding from different sources. Studies show that the fastest-growing organizations in the US procured funds via a bank loan, and their primary sources included angel investors and credit cards. With every debt, there are ongoing requirements, payments to creditors, and the risks associated with penalties for defaulting payments. If you want more ideas and information about debt consolidation, you can visit platforms such as nationaldebtreliefprograms.com to avoid the problems related to your business debts.

Did you know that managing a single source of funding is difficult? Therefore, you can see what it takes to deal with several lending sources. Avoid overburdening your startup with undue stress and complex and time-consuming accounting. Therefore, focus on increasing your revenues to avoid adding to your debt-related problems.

Try consolidating all your debts into a single loan to manage your business better. Now, that means pulling multiple payments at different times of a particular month into one payment. It will help you monitor your financial standing and set your business budget accordingly. Based on the kind of loan you choose, secured or unsecured, the rate of interest may be less. However, the risks associated with taking a secured loan against assets like your home or car is higher. Therefore, you should consult with a reliable debt-consolidation service provider near you to weigh your choices.

Control The Accounting And Management Aspects

Consolidate your loans before they get the better of your business. Therefore, take stock of the accounting, management, and administrative aspects of your business. If you are looking for a debt consolidation company, you must consider a few things. These include:
  • Your credit score must be 500 or above.
  • Your startup should be at least six months old.
  • You should show an actual yearly turnaround.

The criteria mentioned above might vary from one organization to the other. When it comes to credit unions and banks, they have rigid rules and regulations. Both of them will ask you for a credit score of more than 650 and a year of business experience. There is nothing to worry about. That is because you will find credible debt consolidation providers that have less stringent requirements to help you manage your startup without any hassles. Since most startup businesses are plagued with dues, loans, and outstanding bills, you should have a credit score that is not that high, but reasonable and acceptable by the debt consolidation companies. With debt consolidation, you can buy more time and pay off within 5 to 10 years and that too with a lower rate of interest. The repayment time depends on the amount of loan and related terms and conditions of the debt consolidation agency.


When you let several debts overburden your business, it may get out of control. However, when consolidating all of them into a single loan, it will help you manage your total outstanding and dues in a better way and stick to your budget. It is also important to note that you should avoid taking needless loans when you are starting your business for the first, and it is in a fledgling stage. When you are confident that you can pay your creditors on time, take some time out to consider which expenses are essential for your startup and which are not.