Instagram Ads: 5 Steps To Money Making Ad Campaigns

Steps To Money Making Instagram Ad Campaigns
Instagram ads are an essential tool for every social media marketer with over 930 million potential people. Instagram ads are an excellent strategy that is simple to implement with parent company's (Facebook) targeting tools and options.

Here, you can get every point about Instagram advertising, including making your ad with just two steps.

Ads On Instagram

They are stories or posts that a brand pays to promote their products or services on Instagram user's feeds. Instagram ads look like a regular post, but it always acquires a "sponsored" label. They could have a CTA(Call To Action) option to get conversion or traffic.

Ads Cost On Instagram

Many factors control your Instagram ads cost, including:
  • Ad format
  • Targeting
  • Ad placement
  • Time, etc.

According to the study, the average CPC(Cost Per Click) for many ad placements is $1.30. A perfect way to bring this out is to fix how much you are willing to spend or how much you want to spend per result. You can try with even a tiny Instagram advertising with a small budget. You could control your budget limit by setting up a spending limit, bid strategy, and daily budget.

Instagram Ad Types

The platform provides multiple ad types:
  • Photo ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Video ads
  • Story ads
  • IGTV ads
  • Explore ads
  • Shopping ads
  • Collection ads

Every ad format works for various business objectives and is available with multiple CTA(Call To Action). Let's see a deep look.

Instagram Story Ads

It is a full-screen advertisement that occurs between Insta stories. You have a high potential to get a vast audience, with over 550 million users viewing stories each day. Brands or businesses could take full advantage of every story feature such as video effects, texts to make fun of, creative promotions, and face filters.

It brings you to create a story ad on Instagram that feels like a familiar story - bringing a wonderful experience to your audience. The CTA gives a swipe-up factor at the story base space.

Instagram Photo Ads

Photo ads make brands showcase services and products via magnificent images. You could make new content, particularly if you have top visual content and photo ads to share your splendid pictures with more people.

Pick up the proper CTA in every Instagram ads aspects to attain your objectives. Do you need to send viewers to your site? Your profile on Instagram? Or bring them to make a conversion? For example, "Install now" CTA directs viewers to the play store for downloading an app.

Instagram Video Ads

It can be a minute long, and it provides a quick look at your business, brand, or your services & products. Many experts say short-term video contents have a huge effect on social media, notably if you incorporate branding at the ad beginning.

Instagram Carousel Ads

It helps users swipe multiple images or video series with a perfect CTA option to land them on your site. You can use Carousel ads to share numerous segment stories, highlight product features, to explore a single service in various ways.

Instagram Collection Ads

It provides fascinating eCommerce features: Users acquire the choice to directly purchase the specific thing from the ad. People land on the storefront page when they tap the ad. Collection ads mix up the power of videos, photos in one dominant ad.

Instagram Explore Ads

It's an Instagram screen where the platform users get new accounts and content. Every month 50% of users use Explore. It does not show up in the topic channels or Explore grid. It appears when someone taps a video or image from Explore.

Instagram IGTV Ads

In a recent announcement, Instagram concluded that they are providing IGTV advertising. Details on how IGTV ads work are clear as this is a fresh brand development, but the video content creators acquire 60% revenue.

Instagram Shopping Ads

If you are steady up with shopping on Instagram, you could run Instagram ads of shoppable posts. It directs the users directly to the description page of a product within the platform. Then they could purchase products through your website.

How To Select Perfect Ad Type On Instagram

It is essential to select your Instagram ad type format for a successful campaign. To help this out, there is a huge question you want to answer to select the ad type:

What's My Objective?

Begin with reviewing your strategy on social media marketing. Then spend some time on creating smart objectives for your ads campaign on Instagram.

Know the business objectives that each ad format on Instagram supports. Analyze how you can use a specific ad format to achieve your objectives. Also, don't forget to know about the best content type in your Instagram feed.

Analyze your Instagram Insights to monitor your success once you run an Instagram ad. Then you can test and choose your ad types to develop your advertising strategy on Instagram.
Steps To Money Making Instagram Ad Campaigns

How To Do Instagram Advertisement

There are two effective ways to bring up your Instagram ads. The easiest way is to promote existing posts within the platform directly. The other method includes various customization processes to run Instagram ads using Ads Manager of Facebook.

Let's begin with the easiest option.

How To Do Instagram Advertisement Directly Within The Platform

Promoting your existing Instagram post is the easiest way to begin Instagram advertising. It is similar to Facebook's boost post feature.

If any of your Instagram posts perform well and gain more engagement than expected, promoting it directly within the platform is the quickest way to attain more new users.

To do this, you need to have an Instagram business account. So, create your Instagram business profile from your personal Instagram profile before starting an ads campaign.

Now, move to your well-performing post, and tap the "promote" option below the post. You want to connect your business page on Facebook to your Instagram profile. If not so, do it now.

At last, simply tick the several options to select where you need your ad, who wants to see them, how much you will spend, and how long you need your Instagram ad to run.

Lastly, click on the "Create Promotion."

Finished! You could analyze the results from your Instagram's profile Promotions tab.

How To Do Instagram Advertisement Using Ads Manager On Facebook

You could use the Ads Manager on Facebook to make Instagram ads since Facebook acquires Instagram. You could customize your audiences and many features and track how your Instagram ads are performing.

You want a Facebook page to do it, and it's time to create your first Instagram ad with Facebook Ads Manager.

Select Your Objective

Open Ads Manager on Facebook to begin and tap the "+Create" option. There are two ways to create an Instagram ad. Guided creation is the default one that takes you through every step to make an ad campaign. It is extremely useful for bud marketers. The quickest mode to create Instagram ads is Quick Creation. You could use this if you are experienced and have done Facebook ads previously.

Ads Manager on Facebook provides various objectives, and you want to select the right objective for your Instagram ad campaign.

Identify Your People

The second step is to fix the audience you need to target through your ad. You need to work with demographic information such as gender, location, and age. It makes you fix the specific audience you want to reach to get your ad.

Choose Ad Placement

Here, you can select your ad placement where you want to appear your ad on Instagram and Facebook. It consists of two options:

  • Manual Placement: You can manually select the area(story, or feeds, etc.) where you need to run your ad.
  • Automatic Placement: Your ad appears automatically where it receives high engagement.

Fix Your Schedule And Budget

Here, you can select your budget and scheduling option effectively. You can either select a daily budget or lifetime budget, and also, you can fix whether your ad needs to run continuously or only specific times a day.

Make Your Ad

Now it is the right time to make your ad. Select the ad format(single video content or an image, carousel image, collection type) you need to utilize for your Instagram ad.

Things are mostly narrowed after this:
  • Select your videos or images
  • Craft an ad copy
  • Choose a payment
  • Check your ad
  • Select Confirm

You could also select a CTA(Call To Action) and the landing URL that the audience will reach while clicking on it.

Instagram Ad Best Practices And Tips

Now you have acquired every technical skill to make an Instagram ad. But a perfect ad is an art, not a science. Here are the basic things to remember every time while creating ads that delights and engages users.

Get Your Audience

When you get your audience ideally, you can create messages that accurately connect them. Before starting to create Instagram ads, it is vital to get your audience well.

Keep your potential customer's values and objectives in your thought while crafting ads. It is not about you; it's about them.

Use Texts

You can't add so many words in your ads. You can utilize the space of 2200 characters in every ad. But also remember that only the two rows of texts display without cutting off. This clearly means it counts every character. Utilize your text section more wisely and decorate them to get your audience to click the Call To Action(CTA) button.


You want to acknowledge likes and comments on your Instagram ads just as you do in your regular posts.

And also need to keenly notice your ads engagements carefully, where you may get multiple questions and various comments relevant to the advertised product.

Your perfect response brings you more conversion. Not only from a person you replied to. But also from every person who has seen your response turns into customers.

Test, Track, And Optimize

You could get your Instagram ads performance in Ads Manager of Facebook. You need to track and confirm which of your ads are good performing. Monitoring your results is the best way to refine your marketing strategy. Analyze every stage you worked in your ad to bring your next ad more super.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.

5 Use Cases Of A Java Web Scraper

5 Use Cases Of A Java Web Scraper
Most websites these days run on Java. If Java is not installed and running on your computer, the website won’t work. What is Java? How Is It Used? What is a web scraper, and how are they used? Before we talk about use cases, let’s dig into the “what” and “why.”

Java is used in so many ways. It can add benefits, value, and data forecasting to your business, clients, and service delivery. It may be a whole new world to you, but it is one that you can only benefit from learning.

What Is Java?

Java is a programming language or a set of directions and commands used to create a programming language. This arrangement of words, phrases, or syntax is the “rules” by which Java can be interrupted.

Java was first released in 1995 by Sun Microsystems. Today, Java is used in website development. It is used in small things like game systems and laptops to more oversized items like data centers or supercomputing. Java is one of many programming languages, but it is the focus of this study.

How Is Java Used?

According to Code Institute, “Java is used to create complete applications that may run on a single computer or be distributed among servers and clients in a network, it is also used to build a small application module or applet (a simply designed small application) for use as part of a webpage.”

Java is often used to write software once and have it used across any Java-installed devices. This way of writing code allows for some time efficiency. Wikipedia states that “In 2019, Java is one of the most popular programming languages.” Most often used in client-server web applications.

What Is A Web Scraper?

Web Scraping is the act of extracting data from a webpage. A web scraper helps gather and format data to collect information, build lists, or be used in another program. Most often, this information is formatted into a spreadsheet or an API (Application Programming Interface). An API is the portion of a remote server that receives requests and responses.

Web scrapers are becoming preferred to manual web scraping because they are faster, less costly, and when set up correctly, are more accurate than human data collectors. Web scraping has the potential to grow, maximize the collection of data, and the value of data. That is assuming you know how to start with a plan for what to do with that data.

How Do Web Scrapers Work?

Dependent upon the level of complexity of a web scraper, the scraper will be fed multiple URLs (Uniform Resource Locator) or links to web pages. It will then load and read the code in full; depending on its abilities, it can read either CSS, HTML, or Javascript. Some scrapers are more skilled and can load an entire website.

Once the code is loaded, the scraper will load, extract, and format all of the information specified at the start of running the project. The last step is turning all of the data into a spreadsheet or JSON to be used on API. There are four kinds of web scrapers. These include Pre-built or Self-built, Browser Extension versus software, User Interface, and Cloud versus Local. Let’s move on to use cases now that we have covered the basics of Java.

1. Price Comparison

Web scrapers are excellent for price comparisons—market research, finding the best price on supplies, or making price comparisons on a large purchase. Web scrapers can help you get the best deals and save you money. Unless you have advanced coding knowledge, a pre-built web scraper can be the easiest and most time-efficient solution.

Unless you have data to help you understand your market’s niche, you can be pricing items and services far too high or low. Using a web scraper lets you quickly gather data and analyze it to help you make informed decisions for your items.

2. Competitor Research

If you are doing competitor research starting a new store on E-commerce, you can use web scraping to quickly and easily do market research. Scraping anything from sellers, product details to prices can quickly create lists of leads, suppliers, and prices.

Recording competitor content allows you to analyze and stay updated on as much data about your competitors as possible. Helping you craft content, learn about new products, and much more. Using a web scraper, let’s run this task while accomplishing other work.

Using this scraped data, you can watch high and low-performing content. You can learn more about your target audience and target audience preferences this way also.

3. List Making

Web scrapers regularly make lists of all kinds. Some pull recipes from websites to store in organizational apps. There are many that help with list-making for prospecting and sales.

This data scientist on Towards Data Science made a scraper for house shopping. Manuel list building, and even reading through a website's own search curated lists, are time-consuming. By using a web scraper, you can maximize your time spent looking through lists curated on other websites.

Using a web scraper can help cut down on personal time spent list building and put more effort into lead conversion. This example is another use case that getting a prebuilt scraper or building one with more complexity and data gathering ability is valid.

4. Financial And Investment Scrapers

According to International Banker’s website, using web scrapers can identify demand for a company’s products and forecast underperformance and quarterly earnings. Using web scraping can help identify a company’s growth, direction, and insights on investing wisely and when to change investments.

Scraping can be used to help identify items in lengthy financial statements and select only certain information. They are allowing you to highlight specific investments or differentiate between deposits and withdrawals.

5. Online Services, eCommerce, Automation, and AI

SAAS, PAAS, and other online software are giving smaller businesses and businesses at a geographical disadvantage global access to powerful tools. On the other hand, eCommerce continues to grow, especially in light of the global viral COVID pandemic. Most of these online goods and service stores are built, to some extent, with Java.

Furthermore, all of them are dependent on web scraping and data to function day-to-day. This is true universally. Whether it is a time tracking software to streamline a workforce, an online art gallery, a cloud hosting platform, or a digital agency of professional pitch deck designers. Online services, ecommerce, data, and web scraping exist symbiotically.

To take a step beyond online software, we are seeing automated software come into play more-and-more in our tech-driven lives. These softwares complete tasks utilizing AI or machine learning and web scraping is used to help machines learn. It helps them learn a natural language rhythm, learn to identify data sets, and read and analyze data. By leveraging this well, you can create more efficiencies to service times, performance for clients, and business successes.

As our world’s technology shifts and changes, machine learning and web scraping are becoming more prevalent in our everyday lives. Companies are using machines to triage during customer service, triage medical needs, and gain efficiencies in factories and data collection services.
5 Use Cases Of A Java Web Scraper

Data A Not So New Commodity

Leveraging data, learning to use it to make decisions based on reality and not just shots in the dark is the best way to grow a company. Web scraping is an efficient and valuable tool. However, if you do not have processes and knowledgeable people to analyze, understand, and present data well, then your web scraping will not be made profitable.

Data by itself is just data. As you consider implementing and using web scraping to leverage data well, remember that you only have one piece of the puzzle. Once you scrap and collect the data, have a plan in place to help you make the data profitable, and maximize its potential.

How To Scrape Data?

We have learned the what and why of data scraping. Let’s talk about how.

As mentioned above, we have talked about pre-built vs. self-built web scrapers. Prebuilt is excellent if you want one that is ready to go. However, if you find value in the DIY building area, this tutorial on java web scraping will help you discover how to start building your web scraper.

The niche of web scraping and data collecting is a growing one. Knowing the inner workings of web scraping and its uses will only add value to your clients. Furthermore, it adds efficiencies to your company.

Are There Regulations Around Web Scraping?

The answer to this is “Yes” and “No.” There have been multiple lawsuits between eBay and Bidders Edged. Facebook won the first copyright case that involved web scraping.

Websites like Octoparse talk about some of the ways web scraping/crawling are used for good, and bad. If you are web scraping and using data without the owner's permission, you can get into some serious trouble. So, avoid things like scraping data that is protected by usernames and passwords. Web crawling and using data that is copyrighted is also illegal.

Be careful and sure to know the laws and regulations before web crawling or scraping. If you are using a prebuilt scraper, read reviews, and make sure it is a legitimate company with the intention to follow the rules.

Zenscrape Plans

At Zenscrape, we understand that web scraping is not difficult in and of itself. The difficulty comes in understanding what to do with the data you scrape. We want to help you take your scraping and learn how to scale it.

Do you have a captcha that is keeping you from moving forward on a project? We want to help. Check out our Javascript scraping tutorial, and if you still want or need help, our blog is also here to give you the needed resources.

Our Zenscrape plans start from $25 monthly and we help with any of your web scraping projects. We work on anything from E-commerce, general scraping, sales leads, job hiring data, to real estate data.

We understand that this can be a daunting project to implement. Zenscape API is here to help you collect data, by returning the HTML from websites. Contact us today, and let us help you collect, and grow your data, and business.

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5 Best Cloud Gaming Services To Stream Your Game Online

5 Best Cloud Gaming Services
Humans often make mistakes, and one of the most common ones is manhandling our phones, computers, or laptops. They slip out of our hands out of clumsiness and hit the floor with a noise that sends a shiver down our spine; the cloud of fear and despair takes over.

After realizing the damage caused to the device’s hardware, the next thing that follows is all our photos, documents, music, videos, games have left us along with the destruction of the device. The memories made in the device are now only a part of our brain and not the local disk or hardware that had all the storage. This is when Cloud comes to the rescue. But, when cloud storage is full this guide from TechiePlus, helps you get more space on it for free.

In technical terms, the Cloud stores data, sources, services, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence in data centers that are over the internet. Everything stored in this cloud can be accessed through multiple devices. Instead of using a hard drive or local disk of the computer, the cloud allows you to store all the data in it. So even if your hard drive crashes, you still have a cloud backup! Aware of the fact that your data is over the internet, it will not be accessed by anybody but you. A secured cloud service that asks for the user to keep a password only allows access to the particular user. To add a cherry on top of the cake, the users are not supposed to back up storage manually, but the cloud does so without the direct management of the user.

If we take Instagram as an example for cloud, the social networking site allows you to log in through many devices. All your messages, photos you have posted, the stories you have uploaded are stored in the data center through your account. Therefore, you are not losing out on any memories. Similarly, WhatsApp chat backup, google drive, and Facebook.

Cloud gaming is also referred to as game streaming but is nowhere related to game streamers or YouTubers playing PubG or Among Us live. Cloud gaming is a technology that allows users to use any machine or device to play the most demanded games at higher settings. So instead of downloading the game and saving it on your hard drive, you play online on a cloud gaming service. All you need is a device or simply a display to play the game through a cloud gaming or game streaming service. Now you can use any device, a laptop, computer, tablet to play this game with the highest quality settings. Relieving you from the stress of transferring your files from one device to another because you now have everything in one cloud!

I say Scout (one of the most famous game streamers and not to mention controversial) has promised his subscribers that he’ll play PubG tonight. Unfortunately, the computer that he regularly uses has now hit the floor because of his clumsiness. He instead uses his laptop or mobile phone to stream online in the cloud gaming or game streaming services. Scout, at the end of the day, has kept his promise and also satisfied his subscribers.

The Internet is one of the most important requirements for cloud gaming service. However, it depends on the cloud gaming service that you are using, as some need high-speed internet while some work at moderate speed. Access to a cloud gaming service needs a monthly subscription. Any device can be used for cloud gaming service.

There are benefits of cloud gaming service like the efficiency of costs as we don’t need to invest money in hardware appliances. The most enjoyed benefit of cloud gaming is that it provides mobility. Multiple games can be played on any device by just a login. Maintenance is not required in cloud gaming simply because you don’t need to maintain anything. Instead of downloading a 20GB or a 48GB game on your PC, you can play it online.

Cloud gaming comes with benefits along with limitations too. Gamers need a stable and high internet speed connectivity to stream online. While some areas may not have good network connections, enjoying the high qualities of cloud gaming will be limited.

Not to mention the high requirement of bandwidth as streaming for an hour needs more than 25GB.

With the increasing popularity of cloud gaming services, here are the best 5 cloud gaming services to stream online:


Mentioned first in the list because of its growing preference over its competitors. Formerly known as NVIDIA GRID, Nvidia revealed its official name on September 30, 2015.

GeForce is a brand used by Nvidia for its cloud gaming service.

Nvidia promises to transfer your PC, smartphone, or tablet instantly into a gaming device.

As of the limited time offer now, GeForce Now offers roughly around a $5 monthly subscription. The connection speed to stream games on GeForce Now is 25 Mbps for 1080p gaming and 15 Mbps for 720p. Its most distinctive feature is that it does not offer payment to sign up for its base plan.

PlayStation Now

Developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment, this service allows its members to stream PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4 games on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

It offers over 800 games for its members to stream online from the PlayStation library.

If you sign up for a monthly plan, it offers $10 per month, but the yearly plan is more affordable. You pay $60 per year, so every month, you’re paying $5. PlayStation requires a minimum connection speed of 5 Mbps, and the gameplay is limited to 720p. However, a separate PlayStation controller is required to use the gaming service.


Parsec promises to connect millions to their games, work, and people no matter where the place, across ultra-high definition and crystal clear quality. Parsec has partnered with AWS and Paperspace. As Parsec only pays for the hours you play on the cloud gaming service instead of a monthly subscription fee, the rent cost to be paid for a server per hour is 50 cent-80 cent. Parsec in this factor is more affordable when compared to its competitors as well as unique in its own rights. Parsec provides 60FPS gaming, which is more economical if you have longer or shorter sessions in general.

Its most outstanding feature is that if you pause gaming, it does not charge a single penny for it, often misunderstood because of the reason that you’re paying on an hourly basis. This feature comes out as an advantage for the users when compared to gaming services charging monthly subscriptions.


Vortex promises low latency game streaming because it adjusts your video-quality to your network condition. Vortex offers 164 games in its library, along with simple steps for running and getting up. Vortex has a very severe setback when compared to Parsec or GeForce Now.

The most economical plan offered by vortex costs around $30 as you get only 50 hours of gameplay in a month. Gradually increasing to 80 hours followed by 140 hours on the plans. This costs $20 resulting in costing $30 on a monthly basis, respectively.


Shadow is one of the most loved cloud gaming services but also one of the most expensive. The services provided by this cloud gaming service are exceptional, often leading to not giving importance to the latter drawback.

Shadow has a vast library of games available for its customers and a high refresh-rate. It allows 4K gaming at 60Hz depending on the plan you have bought. It requires a minimum 15 Mbps connection speed for an optimal performance. In the mobile segment, Shadow is available on iOS and Android, while on the PC space, it is allowed on Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu.

Coming to Shadow’s one drawback, the subscription fees as it is the most expensive cloud gaming service than the former four. Shadow’s standard plan costs $12 increasing upto $40. This cloud gaming service offers a 6-crore CPU(4Hz), 32 GB RAM, and also an RTX Titan for its highest plan.

Although expensive and the least affordable on the list, while considering this drawback, we should ignore the fact that to buy a computer with this configuration will lead to spending ten years worth of the subscription price at once. Not to mention the number of repairs you will have to undergo for the maintenance of hardware. The setback into an advantage as cloud gaming service does not require maintenance.

Improving Communication With Colleagues Working Remotely

Improving Communication With Colleagues Working Remotely
People have to work remotely because of the pandemic. The inability to meet your coworkers in person leads to miscommunication. And when a small mistake can snowball out of control and put certain work processes at risk, it is necessary to eliminate communication errors.

Thankfully, there are multiple ways to improve the situation. If you have been unhappy with how things were going in your workplace communication-wise, use the tips below.

Send Screenshots

Since you cannot show instructions by pointing the finger at them while your colleague is sitting or standing next to you, you will need to find a different way to get your message across.

Instead of explaining everything via texting or phone call, you should consider screenshotting certain parts and use visuals to make things easier. You can send images that have both visuals and texts, or grab text from image and send that instead of typing or reading it yourself.

Ask Follow-up Questions

Improving Communication With Colleagues Working Remotely
Follow-up questions should be something you ask even if you are not working remotely. However, since the odds of miscommunication are higher when you are not in the same room, it is more crucial to make things clear by asking extra questions.

If you are on a video call, keep in mind that reaching a supervisor who gave instructions remotely might not be that easy since they are not at your usual office. You cannot just go and talk to them in person. Sure, there is the option to make a phone call, but what if they turn it off or cannot answer because they are busy with something else?

The bottom line is that follow-up questions are necessary. Asking them when you need clarification is a good piece of advice. In fact, it is a good habit to have that can come in handy after you can return to the office because it will add extra to your communication repertoire.

Improve Your Writing Skills

If you send emails or text messages, make sure to avoid typos and other errors. In fact, you should work on improving your writing skills so that your words are easy to understand, even to those who might not be native English speakers.

Besides practicing on your own and reading more, double-check the messages you send for any typos like you would when creating a business email to a potential client. And even if you send a message with an error or two, most communication tools have built-in editing features that let you fix errors in the text that was already sent.

Consider Different Time Zones

Improving Communication With Colleagues Working Remotely
Like already mentioned, some of your coworkers might not be native English speakers, meaning that they likely live in a different time zone. If so, keep that in mind the next time you send a message and fail to receive a timely response.

Late noon or early evening for you might be the middle of the night or early morning for another person. Therefore, you should send your messages ahead of time or text a colleague when you know that they will be online.

Use Reliable Communication Tools

You need to have reliable and effective communication tools to have everyone on the same page. Sending emails is a thing of the past in a work environment. No, instead, businesses should use communication platforms that let employees send and receive messages instantly, make phone calls, video calls, and integrate various work tools.

In the early days, Skype was an example of such a communication platform, though it was not oriented for businesses but rather for personal needs. Besides, if you compare Skype to other options, it is lackluster, and the software has some issues.

So what are some decent work communication platforms? Well, for video calls, Zoom and TeamViewer are great, but they do not come with a full package.

Overall, Slack is probably the best communication tool for your work needs. It has an excellent tool integration, simple and intuitive UI, file sharing, voice and video calls, and other neat features.

As an alternative, you could also try Discord, which is free, though similar to Skype, it is not business-oriented like Slack is.

Find Out Communication Preferences

Improving Communication With Colleagues Working Remotely
There are different styles of communication, but there are also different communication preferences. When you are interacting with coworkers, remember that not everyone likes receiving phone calls. Instead, they would rather respond to an email or a text.

On the other hand, someone might not be the biggest fan of typing messages on their keyboard and would rather use their voice.

Adjusting to different communication styles creates an environment in which another person is more comfortable communicating because they can do so in the form they prefer. Having such comfort means fewer instances of miscommunication.

7 Ways To Convert E-Commerce Browsers Into Buyers

Convert E-Commerce Browsers Into Buyers
Fortunately for budding digital retailers, it has never been easier to put together all the necessary ingredients for a functional and attractive free e-commerce website. However, even when you bring together social media promotion, targeted SEO and great products, you might find that your operation is inexplicably less than the sum of its parts. If this is the case, it’s time to take a long, hard look at your approach to e-commerce. Chances are that there are some changes you can make to improve the flow of your brand journey and remove the obstacles that are holding back your sales figures. Are you struggling to bring your conversion rate in line with page views? Try some of these e-commerce tips to revitalize your storefront and turn your audience’s interest into action. Even subtle changes can nudge potential customers back on track and create a loyal audience that will help you become a successful entrepreneur.

1. Put The Spotlight On Your E-commerce Products

Any successful retailer understands that a great store is not just an array of products on sale; it’s an experience that engages and inspires customers. However, sometimes by trying to bring this dynamic to life online, we don’t quite know how to arrange our e-commerce store to make our inventory sing. Attractive, high-quality media like videos and photos are an obvious way to attract audiences. So is great written copy powered by e-commerce SEO. But don’t make the mistake of just relegating these elements to your product pages. By implementing images into your category pages and menus, you can get a head start on your audience’s attention and build up their expectations earlier in the e-commerce brand journey. After all, these are the parts of your site that the majority of audiences will navigate before they get an opportunity to make a purchase. Imagine you’re selling women's wear and you have large, bright shots of beautiful dresses on your category page: a woman looking for a dress is automatically going to start picturing herself owning the dress much sooner. This is how you nurture the emotional connections that can be the difference between a purchase and a bounce, and help amplify your products throughout your e-commerce sitemap.

2. Keep Your E-Commerce Discounts In Plain Sight

Many of us have been there: you’ve registered a new e-commerce account or signed up to a mailing list with the promise of an exclusive introductory discount. However, you find out it’s buried at the very last pages of the checkout process, leaving you confused and inconvenienced. This tarnishes the value of the discount, and also makes your e-commerce platform look as if it lacks transparency. The discount could well have been one of the primary factors behind an e-commerce customer positively responding to your call to action. Snatching it away from them diminishes their feelings of empowerment, which we know to be crucial in making customers comfortable enough to make a purchase. So, make sure your discount takes effect towards the beginning of the e-commerce process, such as on the “Your Basket” page or even on the product page itself.

3. Put The Choice In Your Customers’ Hands

Adding a mini-cart function should be a no-brainer if you’re trying to make the best e-commerce platform you possibly can. Research has shown that e-commerce customers don’t put everything in their cart with the intention of buying it. Rather, they use it as a space to compare different products and assess their respective merits before settling on the items they ultimately intend to purchase. Unfortunately, many online retailers don’t allow easy access to this kind of service, and customers can only belatedly edit their carts at the final stages of checkout. This e-commerce software muddles what should be a process dedicated to finalizing a purchase, not rejecting items from the cart. Offering a dedicated e-commerce checkout page gives customers room to come to an unhurried decision about making a purchase. This way, you’ll allow them to proceed directly to completing checkout without the need to second guess their choices.

4. Make Adding and Removing Items Simple

As we’ve discussed, customers frequently use their carts to organize the products they are interested in before coming to a decision. Now, obviously, we as e-commerce retailers obviously don’t relish the idea of shoppers putting our products back on the shelf. However, trying to frustrate customer choice is the last thing we should be doing to grow our business. That’s why you need to make it as easy as possible for customers to be in control of their e-commerce experience. Letting them easily edit their baskets and alter the quantity of purchase with zero hassle can help your e-commerce store in the long run. Although it might feel like you’re letting an e-commerce conversion get away from you, you’re really helping them stay focused on pursuing the products they really desire and are ultimately more likely to buy.

5. Allow Customers To Maintain Their Anonymity

Marketing is a powerful tool in the crowded arena of eCommerce, which is why customer data is so valuable. Naturally, we want to know more about our potential audiences, hence why mailing lists and registration promotions are such popular e-commerce tools. That said, some customers value their privacy more than others, and may be cagey about sharing their data with an e-commerce company in perpetuity. Someone may simply want to pay for their product and go, rather than agreeing to a lifetime of special offers in their inbox. And that’s perfectly fine. Using your e-commerce website builder to offer guests quick checkout and the use of intermediary payment services like PayPal can make a purchase more attractive to casual customers. Especially those who are on the fence about buying and see registration as that extra piece of effort that they’re unwilling to go through. A guest checkout still allows you to retain useful e-commerce marketing details such as email addresses. But it also offers customers a relaxed and undemanding shopping experience.

6. Clarify Shipping Costs

No one wants to feel they’ve landed an e-commerce bargain only to find out that they’re about to pay through the nose to cover shipping costs. Studies have found it to be a major cause of customers bouncing from a checkout page and abandoning a purchase altogether. Even if you need to finalize shipping costs according to particular weight and location, it will still buy you a lot of goodwill if you can offer an estimate at an early stage of the e-commerce purchasing process. Another added bonus is that if you happen to offer free shipping, customers will be able to see that straight away, which should further improve the value proposition of your e-commerce business ideas on offer.

7. Keep Your Shoppers’ Concentration

A smooth, unobtrusive e-commerce process that flows from one stage to the next can do wonders for the overall health of your business. But you can only achieve this by keeping your customers’ attention focused on the things they’re realistically going to buy to give your e-commerce meaning. Don’t weigh down your e-commerce pages with a surplus of offers that bear no relation to the items they’ve got in their cart. This will throw up more questions than answers, and could end up derailing what should have been a quick and simple e-commerce purchase to begin with. Also, never, ever ask for the same piece of information from a customer more than once, especially if they happen to be registered. Pre-existing shipping details and other information you’re storing should fill out forms automatically to help create a smooth, well-lubricated purchasing process. This is the essence of good e-commerce website design, and ought to inform as many aspects of your site’s functionality as possible.

Conclusion: Effective E-Commerce Keeps Customers In The Driving Seat

Whether you’re wondering how to start an e-commerce business, or want to improve your existing service, these tips come with zero downsides and can benefit any business. You can’t offer your customers a great online retail experience if you’re not putting yourself in their shoes. Think about what keeps you coming back to your favourite storefront, and how you could implement this in your own e-commerce business. It could be a great user interface. Or maybe it’s a sitemap that efficiently connects you with the products you want. Whatever it is, chances are it’s something that makes your life easier as a customer. You’re not going to win a conversion from every visitor that lands on your pages, but offering an attractive and intuitive e-commerce experience gives your products their best chance to sell. These e-commerce tips are universal, no matter the product or market. Give your customers the benefit of the doubt and help empower them whatever their choices, and you may well be surprised at how willing they’ll be to repay your trust. Are there any tricks or strategies that you’ve used to complete difficult e-commerce jobs above and beyond customers’ expectations? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section below.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Emily Moore is an English and programming teacher with a passion for space and blogging. She believes that current exploration should be focused on preserving our planet’s resources. With satellites circling the orbit, it is easier to get relevant data on any environmental changes. This, in turn, should help people quickly address any challenges.

7 Things You Need To Know Before Doing An SEO

Things You Need To Know Before Doing An SEO
Before you get into the world of SEO, there are a couple of things that you should know about. Many people don’t realize them until they have been doing optimization for many years.

By knowing these things beforehand, you can save yourself a lot of trouble and pain. This knowledge will also help you devise a better SEO strategy.

Here they are:

SEO Is All About Long-Term and Sustainable Results

Unlike other forms of marketing such as Google Ads and PPC, SEO is all about generating long-term and sustainable results which include increased traffic, better online visibility, and higher rankings in the SERPs.

Although it can take some time for the sites to rank in the SEO, if you do everything right and strategically, you may easily crack the top ten positions in the search results within the first 2-6 months.

Here’s a surprising observation about top ranking sites on Google - those sites have continued to secure that position for years. It proves that most competitors have no idea how to do proper optimization work to outdo their competitors.

That means, there’s still room for companies to put effort into their SEO work. But, you must get to it as quickly as possible to get going.

SEO Requires a TON of Work

SEO is indeed relatively easy to understand. It should take less than a month to get the rudimentary knowledge of how it works. With that said, doing the actual SEO requires a LOT of work.

You also have to juggle between a variety of tasks such as:
  • Research - You have to research on finding the right topics (key phrases and keywords). You also have to analyze them for their competitiveness in the industry. Other than that, you will have to figure out trending and most promising topics to write about. Look into how competitors are doing it.
  • A Ton Of Writing - SEO is about showing your knowledge on a particular subject with the help of original, authoritative, and helpful content.
  • Site Management - SEO requires a bit of knowledge on how to make a few changes under the hood of your site in its HTML to make it search-engine friendly.
  • Many Small Tasks - You will have to keep track of blogs, posting schedules, tagging, managing a spreadsheet of links, etc. It’s better to use marketing management software like FP.
  • Relationship Building - This is true for link-building work. You will reach out to bloggers to publish and promote your content.

SEO Is Mainly About Rankings

The goal of any SEO campaign is to get your content or the site to rank high in SERPs against a keyword(s) or search phrase.

Ever noticed how you rarely move past the first page on the search engines while looking for a product or a simple query? Exactly! That's why you must appear as close to the first page as possible. Page 1 is a highly coveted position for any business.

Better rankings mean better traffic. Better traffic translates to better business in the end. You should also know that rankings may keep changing due to reasons such as - changes in your own practices, better efforts by your competitors, and updates in search engine algorithms.

If you decide to work with B2B SEO agencies like Nine Peaks you will get access to the keyword rankings dashboard and tools and will have a good metric system in place.

Noone Knows For Sure How Google’s Search Engine ACTUALLY Works

Do we know FOR SURE how exactly Google’s algorithms work and how it disburses rankings? No, we don’t! Do SEO practices promise good rankings? For the most part, yes! The secret behind search algorithms is always under speculations and is part of many discussions and debates.

SEO so far has been based on a few hints and cryptic messages/clues left by Google’s top-level executives. The rest of it has been a result of a lot of educated guesses, trial and error, and tons of experimentation.

With that said, experimenting with a few SEO strategies CAN promise top spots in search rankings. All you can do is give things your best shot.

Google’s Search Algorithms Are A LOT Sophisticated Now

Google is getting better and better at understanding the intent behind a particular query. Its main goal is to figure out what the users want and serve them exactly that by showing the most relevant and accurate results.

Over the years, that has been made possible due to Google’s refined and better algorithms; particularly the Rankbrain one which is powered by AI.

In simple words, this algorithm takes into account years of search data from the past to discern the search intent.

For example, Google understands that:

“How to make coffee”

“Coffee making tips”

“Best recipe for coffee”

mean the same thing and are, therefore, likely to show similar results against all 3 queries above.

SEO Is A Lot Different Now In 2021

Google is becoming more and more sophisticated algorithm-wise. That is why all the practices that worked beautifully a decade or so ago, are no longer effective.

Earlier, all it took to rank high in SERPs was keyword stuffing, link pyramids, link farming, and posting low-quality content across article directories. All of these techniques were enough to outsmart Google’s algorithm.

But, with years of experience on its back, the search engine is not able to see through all of these shady practices and more. Today, Google takes more than 200 factors into account to figure out what makes an article or page worth the ranking.

It’s hard to tell how much weightage Google gives to each factor in terms of deciding rankings. So, at best you can only make educated guesses. Also, the rules, algorithms, and updates are always changing. Therefore, you should stay aware of all the latest happenings in the world of SEO.

Content Continues To Remain The King

No matter which niche you pick, you will easily pick dozens of articles. Therefore, to beat competitors, you must craft high-quality content with a fresh take to really stand out.

To create awesome content that sets you apart, make sure to:
  • Write Original and Helpful Content - Try to offer a different take on whatever topic you decide to write about.
  • Stick With The Chosen Topic - Instead of trying to write about everything, pick one topic and try to produce content around that only.
  • Make It Well Researched - Add a couple of links to sources and statistics from high-authority sites.
  • Break It Up - Use headings, sub-headings, and bullet points to make the text easy to read. Try to break it up into small sections so it’s easy to scan in one quick look.
  • Use Graphics - Use charts, photos, graphs, videos, and other media whenever relevant to add a visual touch for better engagement.
  • Avoid Using Filler Content - Instead of beating around the bush, try to get to the point. Get right to the meaty parts. It’s better to start by stating the obvious, addressing the issue by providing a solution, and adding a closure. Try to go into depth. Add a beginning, a body, and a conclusion.

Bottom Line

So, those were 7 super-important things that you must know before getting into the world of search engine optimization.

Read This To Recover Your Forgotten Screen Time Passcode

Recover Your Forgotten Screen Time Passcode
Researchers and activists all around the world are worried about people spending extra time on computers and smartphones. Even though the media constantly guides people to limit their screen time, people still find themselves hopeless to tackle their screen habits. Apple, the leading mobile and PC manufacturer, has rolled out an amazing feature called "Screen Time" to limit the time spent on the screens. It's a password-protected service that blocks the user from accessing apps after surpassing a limited time. Keep reading this article if you've forgotten your Screen Time password and want to reset it.

On Your iPhone

As mentioned earlier, Screen Time is no less than a blessing as it limits the overuse of your iPhone. It can help you achieve your daily goals and work towards developing a healthy lifestyle. However, even using this service can become a nightmare if you are not attentive. You can easily forget the password of this service and can lose access to the apps you keep dear to your heart. If you have been locked out from using certain apps because of forgetting your Screen Time password, here's how to reset screen time passcode:
  • Enter the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Scroll down to the "Screen Time" menu.
  • Click on the "Change Screen Time Passcode."
  • Press the "Change Screen Time Passcode" on the popup menu.
  • Select the "Forgot Passcode?" tab.
  • Put the credentials of your Apple ID in the given boxes.
  • Write a new Screen Time passcode.
  • In the next field, re-type your new Screen Time passcode.

All set, now you can use this new password to access the Screen Time settings on your iPhone.

If Screen Time Menu Isn't Visible

Apple introduced the feature of Screen Time on iPhones and iPads in iOS 12 back in 2018. Some users complain that they cannot see the Screen Time passcode change menu in their Settings app. If you face the same issue, you can update your device to iOS 13.4 to access this feature.

On Your Mac

Both professionals and casual users utilize the power of their Macs to meet their goals. But the Mac users can also spend extra time on the screen. Apple has also ensured that Mac users don't overspend time on their Macs with the Screen Time app. If you are a forgetful person who loves to use tech but hates to abide by the rules, you can easily forget the Screen Time password on your Mac. Follow these guidelines if you want to reset the password of Screen Time on your Mac

Before You Start

As mentioned earlier, updated iOS versions are necessary to access the Screen Time password change menu on an iPhone. If your Mac runs an older version of Mac, you should update it to macOS Catalina 10.15.4 before following the steps given here.

Here's how you can change the Screen Time password on your Mac:
  1. Navigate to the top left of Mac's menu bar and press the Apple logo.
  2. Click on the "System Preferences" menu.
  3. Find the "Screen Time" button and click it.
  4. On the lower left of the Screen Time app, press the "Options" button.
  5. Press the "Change Passcode" button.
  6. Choose the option of "Forgot Passcode."
  7. Provide the credentials of your Apple ID.
  8. Go on to put a new Screen Time passcode.
  9. Verify the passcode after entering it.

Disable Screen Time On Mac

If you have mastered your screen habits and want to disable the Screen Time feature, follow the Step 1,2 and 3 given above. After doing that, you can easily disable Screen Time by following the steps given here:
  • Navigate to the sidebar and choose the popup menu.
  • Click on the family member's name.
  • Navigate to the "options" button.
  • Find the "Use Screen Time Passcode" and Deselect it.
  • Provide the Screen Time password to disable it.

Who Isn't Bothered By The Password?

Users who are conscious about spending extra time on their screens hardly cross their screen usage limit. For this very reason, they never have to worry about remembering the password in case the Screen Time app locks them out. If you are wondering how a person can stay productive in this day and age, the answer is that most people use a specific app to achieve their productivity goals. Sessions, an app available through Setapp, allow users to set goals and achieve them while using their computers and smartphones, increasing their productivity without hoops.

Never Forget Any Passwords

Forgetting passwords is never a pleasing experience. If you forget your important passwords, let alone the password of the Screen Time service, you have to spend your valuable time figuring out how to reset the old password. What if you never have to worry about remembering your important passwords in the first place?

Secrets, an app available through Setapp, is a Mac app that is your trusted vault for storing important info like passwords and bank credentials. Using the browser extensions of this app ensures its users that all their web passwords are secure. Secrets come with an incredible built-in password generator that you can use to create strong passwords on a whim.

Improve Your Productivity

In most cases, people use Screen Time to ensure that memory-hungry apps are not wasting all the resources on their Mac. Several apps are notorious for wasting time and making the fans go crazy on a Mac computer. But what if you could use an app to see the culprits behind the slow speed of your Mac? Look no further!

iStat Menus is an app that is available via Setapp. You can use iStat Menus to easily monitor what's going on your Mac. This nifty app does its job without blocking your view on your Mac as it hides away in the Menu bar of your Mac. Working in there, it has intel about all the apps that are active on your Mac. This app takes record of all things Mac, providing stats about your CPU, GPU, and important components. Checking the performance with this app is super easy as you can see all the real-time data with minimal graphs.

Remove Useless Apps

People rely on the Screen Time feature to ensure that they don't slack off during productive time. However, a better option is getting rid of the useless apps altogether that waste your time. CleanMyMac X, an app available through the Setapp platform, can remove all the unnecessary apps within seconds!

As the name implies, CleanMyMac X can more than remove junk apps that make you unproductive. It can also remove unnecessary files, reset system settings, manage your Mac's startup process, and monitor any Malware presence in your Mac. You should use CleanMyMac X if you want to ensure that your Mac is always ready for working at its maximum speed!

Screen Time: An Overview

Screen Time allows us to monitor our time spent on mobiles and computers. The best thing is that you don't have to use a 3rd-party app for this purpose, plus the built-in compatibility is more integrated into the system. A quick look at the Screen Time app shows how much time you have spent on your Desktop or Phone today and what apps caught your attention the most.

This app keeps in mind the screen habits of people. Users "waste" their precious time of the day scrolling the social media apps limitlessly when they could've done something productive. Here are some of the important features of Screen Time:
  • Set a limit on the usage of apps.
  • Schedule when an app will be closed.
  • Disable all unnecessary apps during a time limit.
  • Whitelist the apps that you don't want to disable.

1. Uses For Individuals

Most of the time, people who are not monitored by someone, like young people, end up spending their days and nights on smartphones. The use of Screen Time can easily limit the activity of such people, making them more productive and conscious of their precious time.

2. For Parents

Parents are always worried about their kids spending their days and nights playing games or watching YouTube. Before this feature, there was no feasible solution for parents to monitor their kids' screen habits. But this new feature makes it easier to track the watching habits of children.

3. Organizational Purposes

Organizations want to ensure that their employees are healthy and fit while following their strict routines in a company. They might want to look for the screen usage of an employee, and now they can easily do so with the Screen Time feature.

How Does It Work?

After you're done more time on an app than set earlier, the Screen Time feature will get triggered immediately. You will be required to provide the password of the Screen Time feature to get access to the specific app. For example, if you send texts to a pal online and have crossed your app usage limit, you will be required to provide the password before you can send a very important message.

Things That Affect The Credibility Of Your Business Website

Things That Affect The Credibility Of Your Business Website
Earning the trust of your customers is, perhaps, the most difficult thing you have to do as a company. Customer loyalty and trust are tricky. It's almost like you will keep working on them for the rest of your company's existence. And it is true. Even well-loved brands with a cult following like Apple still work double-time to make every experience memorable to their customers. And this is Apple we're talking about. So, unless you have sold about a billion of your products, there's no reason for you not to work as hard as any organization to impress your customers to no end.

The design of your website has a subconscious impact on the customers. Do you know that web visitors will usually stay a maximum of 20 seconds before leaving to see another site? Every company struggles with customer loyalty and website credibility. Don't worry. You are not alone in finding ways to not only impress your customers but make them want to go back to your website.

How Do I Know the Right Web Design?

This isn't something you can do on your own. It takes a whole team to decide on the design and layout of the website. You will need a web design and development agency to guide you through choosing the right design for your website. A graphic designer will create the logo and slogan for your organization. Of course, you will be at the core of this process. You will have the last say. You will have the loudest voice in the room since no one knows your company and its products better than you.

But let the web designers propose the kind of website they think will generate more views. Give the graphic designer the freedom to create a logo that will become as iconic as Nike's. Assemble a team that you trust, so you never have to worry about the direction they are taking your company to.

Aesthetic and Usability

The belief is that beautiful things look more functional in the eyes of the users. Good-looking websites and mobile apps will impact the first impression of customers. They are more tolerant of minor issues as long as they like what they see. And because they have a positive feeling about your website, their experience is off to a good start.

But the aesthetics cannot cover up for the lack of usability of the website. No matter how good your website looks, it will still disappoint web visitors if it doesn't function the way it should. So, make sure that it's easy to navigate that even your technologically challenged friends can find what they are looking for.


It's not about the design per se, but what they can find on your website. Customers value honesty more than anything else. It's important for them to feel that they can trust you. They want to know what you do, who you are, who the people are behind the company, and how you interact with your customers. Most of all, they hate websites that make it hard for them to see the prices of the products and services.

The harder it is to find such information on your website, the less likely it is that customers will want to interact with it again. Make this information the focal point of your website. Customers are there not to get impressed with your colors, layout, and graphics (although those are important, too). They are there to find the information they need about your company.


When customers visit a website, they already have an idea of what they should see. They want the same colors, logo, and brand they see in your physical store or any marketing material they've come across. When there is no consistency in design, they will be apprehensive of browsing through the website. How sure are they that this is the same site where you said you've uploaded the products? There are so many fake sites out there that try to hoodwink netizens out of their hard-earned money, so it's quite natural that customers are wary of sites that are not consistent with the brand's overall design.


Audiences are more aware than ever of the security threats on the internet. On your website, make sure to tell your customers what security measures you have that will protect the data they share with you. If they leave personal and financial information with you when they transact, they should know that these are being protected. Encrypt the data being shared. Don't leave any room for mistakes. The quickest way to lose your customers' trust is to suffer a major data breach that puts their information in the wrong hands.

Before customers think about transacting with a brand, they want that brand to show that they can be trusted. More than 79% of customers think this way. Your website is your first line of defense. Through its design and functionality, it can help build trust and credibility.