Top 7 Tips To Improve As An Android Developer

Tips To Improve As An Android Developer
Starting your career from scratch can be difficult. Especially when the task involves a lot of creative and innovative input. As an Android developer, one must have a command on Java Language. It is said that doing is the best way to learn something similarly, applying the knowledge and building upon the skills gives a better hand on the language.

After the learning phase comes the application and execution part. There is no shortcut in the process of becoming a successful developer. All it takes is persistence and an originative bend of mind with a flavor of these tips to stand out in the market.

1. Aesthetics Are Noticed First:

A developer's primary focus is usually to learn and write better codes each day. But writing great programs don't attract customers as long it doesn't have a great design. Skills like UI/UX is one of the highest in-demand skill set among recruiters.

Investing some time in learning about good design and user experience can be rewarding. Even the smallest things like a logo can be under consideration since people mostly judge the books by their cover. The look is subjective to the trends among a particular consumer profile. People turn their heads towards a well-executed design and a well-thought idea.

2. Staying Passionate Towards The Work:

Initial phases of any new career can be full of incentives and drive. But in every task, there comes an intermediate phase when quitting seem like the best possible option. Maybe the idea isn't rewarding enough, or innovation doesn't seem enough, or maybe a great idea is too great to be realistic. These low phases need some rational outlook and passion to kick-start and bring back the incentive.

The first task might be risky without any commercial experience. Learning and overcoming this bottleneck can help a developer stay on his track.

3. Getting To Know Languages:

Languages like Java, SQL, and XML, are a few programming languages which help build upon the innovative ideas. These are the most prominent languages in the industry. But new programming languages keep on making their mark.

These languages are the reflection of the newest trends, and sometimes, unexpectedly new ones end up becoming the trend. It is always advisable to keep oneself well-versed with these.
Learn Programming: 3 Websites To Learn Free Programming

4. Knowing Different Markets:

Primarily focussing on Android doesn't mean one would never look towards iOS. Most of the times, iOS gets the premium version of apps much sooner than Android. Newer developers consider this and get inclined towards iOS since it pays off well. But it's noticeable that a great ratio of consumers is Android users.

So rather than developing a single paid version of the app, it's better to understand the consumer, market. Making at least two versions of the app for each end of the market can be a wise idea. Beyond the operating system, a developer should consider a different range of devices too.

5. Quality Over Quantity:

When it comes to quality, never settle for less. It is difficult not being attached to your first project, but people should have a reason to use it. The market might be overflowing with similar interests and ideas, and to convince people to use one particular application, one needs to be their critique.

This is one step beyond 'believe in your idea'. This is the 'build up' part where criticism can be the antidote for survival. To constantly grow, it's important to be a perfectionist and doing it little better than the other. One five-star rated app is more preferred over several two-star apps.

6. A Small Step For A Big Leap:

As a developer, it would seem impractical to aim big right in the inception. Work of smaller components initially and then spread your arms for the bigger one. This is the best time to expand the team. Teaming up not only makes a task easier and quicker but also builds up an environment and a healthy workplace.

7. Getting Better:

Coming far from scratch, it's time to invest in newer things. A low-end work machine can be harmful to development. One the learning graph, there are many things new to a developer. It's good to track this learning phase every week and learn something new.

This could be as simple as learning keyboard shortcuts; they make our lives much simpler. Shortcut keys improve the workflow by significantly reducing the development time in the progress. Another tip for making things quicker is to automate boring or repetitive tasks. Productive utilization of time can be a boost.

An Android developer is known for its ideation and execution. Executing these tips above are a few initial steps of becoming a great developer. The last tip would be to give everything it takes and never let the effort lack from your side. If you are looking Hire Android App Developer connect with us. Happy Developing!

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Denny Kelly is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow. I would love to share thoughts on ruby on rails web developer and Game Design Development etc.
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Best Gadgets For A Business Trip To Princeton NJ

Best Gadgets For A Business Trip To Princeton NJ
While Princeton, NJ is famous for the prestigious ivy league college that shares its name, the town is more than its renowned college. It is a place with a thriving downtown area, restaurants you’ll want to return to, historical sites, and upscale shops. Set between New York and Philadelphia, there’s plenty to see and do in the area. If you’re traveling to Princeton for business, consider investing in a few gadgets to make going there easier and more comfortable.

An Airbolt

If you don’t travel enough to remember your luggage lock combination or just hate carrying extra keys, then invest in an Airbolt. You operate it with your smartphone. With an Airbolt, you can secure your luggage while still being able to open it when needed. The gadget also lets you set an alarm that will alert you if your luggage moves too far away. This provides an added layer of protection. If you lose your bag, then you can track it with GPS. Don’t worry if you lose your smartphone. In this case, you can use another device to open the lock.

Finding Your Hotel

There are a variety of hotels in Princeton New Jersey. To select one, use a handy hotel booking app like Hotel Tonight. With an app, you may be able to unlock deals and compare prices more easily. It can even make checking in quicker. A great hotel recommendation is the Hyatt Regency Princeton. Located near Route 1, the Hyatt makes exploring the area easy.

Staying Organized

One of the best gadgets for your business trip to Princeton is the Grid-It organizer. Offering places for your smartphone, keys, passport, sunglasses, credit cards and more, the Grid-It will help you keep cords untangled and prevent home and car keys from sinking down to the bottom of your bag. Everything you need for a business trip will have a storage area, decreasing the stress of traveling.

Extra Security

If you’re worried about safety while traveling, then consider getting a portable travel lock kit. It will prevent unwanted key entries into your hotel room. With two security elements designed to work with different entry doors and a “security biscuit” for even more protection that secures doors with large gaps, you’ll feel more comfortable traveling with the kit. You won’t need tools for installation. All you have to do is insert the bracket into the door’s latch pocket while turning the knob.

Tiny Steam Iron

Equipped with a 420-watt motor and offering three different heating options, the tiny travel steam iron will keep you looking freshly pressed for those important meetings. The iron is compact. In fact, it’s as small as a computer mouse, so you won’t have to worry about it taking up too much space.

Picking Places To Eat

Be sure to download a dining review app like Yelp or Zagat to find the best places to eat when you’re traveling to Princeton for business. Either app will direct you to a local favorite like the Small World Coffee shop. Serving amazing coffee that is sure to perk you up before you head to the office, this coffee shop is located on Witherspoon Street. For lunch, consider eating at the Marhaba Middle Eastern Restaurant. It serves Egyptian dishes that feature Tunisian and Moroccan touches. When it’s time for dinner, your app will likely recommend the Agricola Eatery. With menu items like braised short ribs, scallops, and pumpkin pot de crème, the Eatery will fill you up with tasty cuisine.

Iron Man Phone Charger

These days, it can be a major headache when your smartphone’s battery runs out of power. Avoid this by getting the Iron Man Phone Charger. Since you may use your phone to check onto airplanes and find your destination, the last thing you need is for your phone to die. This charger works with most smartphones as well as with other USB-compatible equipment. It also comes with two USB ports for added convenience.

Musement App

Use the Musement App to find local points of interest. While in Princeton, the app is likely to recommend that you visit Palmer Square. Located in the middle of the downtown center, the square features charming shops, offices and the historic Nassau Inn. The app will also direct you to the Princeton Battlefield Park. This was the place where George Washington and his army defeated the British in 1777. You may also be interested in The Bainbridge House. It is where the Historical Society of Princeton is located. It offers information about local history and is a place where you can learn about the area’s first settlers.


If you tend to feel a little queasy when you’re flying, then purchase the Reliefband. The device uses technology that stimulates a nerve in your body that sends a relief signal to your stomach and your brain. It works to relieve nausea by managing your body’s natural gastric rhythms. You wear the device like a wristwatch.

Wrapping Up: Gadgets Make Life Easier

Modern day gadgets and apps are designed to make life easier whether it’s a handy way to download your airline ticket or a travel steamer that takes the wrinkles out of your clothes. If you travel a lot, these gadgets are worth the investment.

How To Design A Perfect Landing Page - 11 Key Factors [Infographic]

Design A Perfect Landing Page
As a standalone web page created for a specific marketing campaign, a landing page is a tried & tested method that helps capture leads and drive conversion. The two popular types of landing pages are click-through landing pages and lead capture landing pages. While the former provides detailed information about a product or a service before leading the visitors to your website, the latter is built specially to gather personal information about a visitor such as; name, phone number, and email.

However, no matter what the purpose of a landing page is, if it is not well-optimized it won’t drive any conversion. Depending on the campaign, the design or the purpose of your landing page may not be similar, but there are a few key elements that are the core of a high-converting landing page. Thus, if you are in the process of building a landing page for SEO or social media marketing campaign, then here is an infographic that has listed the key factors that must be a part of your landing page.

But, before we take a look at the infographic, here are a few landing page key components that you can’t ignore.

Uncluttered Design:

A landing page needs to be well-structured and clutter-free so as to facilitate easy navigation. Use contrasting colors, but don’t go overboard with the design and keep it as simple as possible to make an impact.

Engaging Headline & Precise Content:

The landing page headline and content are the other two factors you need to get right. An interesting headline would capture the users’ attention at first glance. Similarly, writing quality content is important. For a landing page, the content needs to be straightforward and precise. This will keep your visitors engage and will effectively reduce the bounce rate.

Add Images:

Visual content also helps improve user engagement. Here, the simple trick is to use relevant, personalized images rather than stock images to boosts brand credibility.

Display Social Proof:

The best way to build trust among users is to display social proof/social engagement numbers on your landing page. This will show the visitors how many people have already purchased your product or made use of your service and found it useful. This, in turn, will help boosts conversion.

Short Lead Capture Form:

Your landing page lead capture form needs to be short and simple to avoid a higher bounce rate. Do away with unnecessary form fields and just keep those that are relevant.

These were some of the key factors of a landing page. Like them, there are a few more which you can check out below. Plus, for more information, you can check out the complete how to build a perfect landing page guide here.

The Anatomy Of A (Perfect) Landing Page [Infographic] by the team at LeadForest.
Design A Perfect Landing Page

Research-Proven Design Tips For Corporate Web Design

Tips For Corporate Web Design
Web design and development is a fast-changing technical specialty, which makes it mandatory for the site planners and designers to keep themselves updated about the changing trends in this industry. Here, in this article, we are trying to explore as many tips as possible which may help web designers to build feature-rich corporate websites.

Unlike the unsolicited advice and tips available on various blogs, these tips are supported by research-proven facts. Most of these tips are supported by research. These may help beginners as well as advanced UI and UX developers to bring forth top performing websites for small businesses to big corporate enterprises. These tips include ideas, advice, and inspirations for the designers. A modern-day website should not only look beautiful, but it also should add to the overall user experience and also covert the visitors to the profitable business.

Any typical website is primarily a container and content. The container again has two components as structure and style. When it comes to web designing, this specialty is more about the structure and layout of the web pages, which we will discuss in detail further.

1. Leveraging The Visual Hierarchy

Each page on a website has a unique visual hierarchy. If you are new to the concept of visual hierarchy, a brief explanation is as flows.

‘Visual hierarchy is primarily the arrangement of a website in terms of its size, color, contrast, and proportion among other visual elements.’ Visual hierarchy determines the relative prominence of a web page and the order in which the elements are presented to the human eyes.

Modern day designers tend to use visual hierarchy to draw in the user attention to the major elements on the web page first. A typical website layout is all about its:
  • Position (low or high on the page).
  • Size (small or big)
  • Visual elements (image, icon, graphics, or video)
  • Contrast (color, gradients, and white space).

Combination of these aspects can create various effects. Say, for example, people may see a video high on the page, and there may be very few who will go through low-contrast texts in between images. Visual hierarchy is the path your eyes follow on each page of a particular website. When used effectively, it will help the designer control the user behavior on your web page and tempt them to perform the desired action.

2. Using Descriptive Headlines

The headlines to be put on top of the home page or any other page could be made descriptive or not. But, if it is just something in random, then the visitor may not be able to identify whether they are at the right place or not. A descriptive headline is also a great opportunity to use the target keyword and indicate the relevance of the page to the users as well as search engine crawlers. Many marketers are trying to put something very clever or vague as the headline. However, the ideal approach is to be ‘clear than being clever.'

So, instead of a fancy and vague headline, a good digital marketing agency will always try to make it descriptive, meaningful, and fully relevant to the content of the page. Ensure that you explain things clear about what you need to convey, right above the fold. The fold is the viewable area on a visit to the screen. To see anything below the fold, you have to scroll.

3. Don’t Put Your Call To Action On Top For Attention

Even though it is suggested to put thing which needs instant attention above the fold, it doesn't mean that you have to pull on all your calls to action on top of the page. The visitors may spend more time to go through it, but it doesn't mean that they may instantly take action in your favor. It requires more persuasion farther down your page to get them to do it.

Research has done over 25 million visits to web pages found that most of the engagements happened below the fold with enough content on top, which is well visible, clear, and rightly persuasive. You may have to put the call to action down the page at the right place where you may think the interest of the visitor may have touched the peak.

4. Make Tall Pages To Answer Typical Visitor Queries

If you accommodate more pixels in web design, then you are actually creating more space to answer the queries of the visitor and address their objections by adding supportive evidence. If the visitors fail to find a convincing answer for their questions out there, they may simply move down to the page. Once if they are satisfied, then move to the call to action.

A successful salesperson will never try to cut someone off in between a sales meeting or stop answering to them, right? This is what exactly a short sales page is going; it doesn't answer to customer queries. So, the ideal approach to sales page design is to survey the audience, understand their queries and concerns, and then construct a tall page which answers everything. Research had shown that when such a page was twenty times longer, the conversions were increased by 30%.

5. Present One Thing At A Time

The website users not like modern, but clean designs. You may look at what Apple’s website shows for example. People don’t like to see a clutter of text. They like to see what is more relevant among enough white space. In simpler terms, users hate visual complexity.

Google conducted research to identify which websites are deemed to be beautiful by visitors. This is undoubtedly proven that the more complex website designs, irrespective of the elements it has, are less likely to be perceived as aesthetic. This further paved the way to the design concept of single-column designs and tall run-on pages.

Designs featuring multiple columns like navigation on the left-hand side, content area in the middle, and the right rail are considered to be much complex now by holding more elements in the visual field of the visitors. So, new-gen designers should try and cut the clutter off and try to make one of two elements the user focus on each scroll depth.

Above mentioned web designs tips are some general inputs for the corporate web designers to plan for more aesthetically pleasing and functionally rich websites, which are more acceptable to the modern-day consumers. As discussed, it is not just the beauty of the pages you design, but its ability to convert the viewers into business counts.

What Is The Role Of Cloud In Successful Mobile App Development?

The Role Of Cloud In Successful Mobile App Development
Cloud computing technology has revolutionized the way developers develop successful applications. The enterprises around the world are using cloud technology to generate high-value mobile App Development services. In the world of app development, the emerging mobile computing trends will create a high investment of brands and their services.

Cloud is fulfilling the need for Enterprises with more efficient, and faster ways of developing apps. Cloud app development technology comes in with suitable approaches for the requirements and choices of the customer.
In today’s tech world there is a need for the availability of limitless processing power and storage. Hence, to provide on-demand services, the cloud allows developers to reach high functionality levels of mobile app development.

Effects of Cloud Computing on Mobile App Development:
  • Opens up endless possibilities for app development
  • Provide an invaluable service to the user
  • High-speed mobile connectivity
  • Manage things easier to fix
  • Providing a more accurate record count
  • Easily tackling Apps traffic problems
  • Offers solutions to most of the Real-time updates
  • Completely change the way mobile devices interact
  • Increases your brand’s reputation.
  • Improves data restore process and storage consolidation with higher performance.

Technology expands after the introduction of cloud computing. App developers are being presented with an opportunity to continue to find success in the changing landscape of mobile app development.

Easy To Use

Cloud technology enabled developers to use various cloud platforms to build exclusive applications. It is understood by the developers that this technology is much easier than conventional platforms. After having experience enterprise or any developer working on web-based apps find the cloud infrastructure more convenient. It offers the opportunities not only to the developers but also to the users to fix or to upload data easily.

Cutting-Edge Features

The cloud technology bought the massive transformation of mobile app development. This technology enhances the working of new age apps with features such as geo-location and social media networking. These features changed the overall performance of the app. Apart from that this increases the efficiency of app developers while working on App development. Thus, mobile apps can seamlessly work better easier than ever with the features integrated by cloud technology.

Incorporated Securit

Mobile app cloud services include integrating an organization’s security solution across multiple cloud environments. This helps every size of the business and IT enterprises to drive trade expected results. Cloud technology increases the reliability between IT and business services with cloud solutions. The services and benefits move to the next level with improved intelligent security incorporated to the cloud-enabled the application.

Improve Scalability

The best part of the cloud computing technology is increasing the bandwidth to the app hassle less. It helps app developers to increase the allocation of resources. As a result, this improves the scalability of app development. Nowadays the working of the app is unstoppable as the cloud allows for appropriate allocation of resources to apps in various verticals. App developers don’t need to look for external hardware as all the cloud environment servers are available online.

Real-Time Support

Cloud-based applications have perhaps the most impact on the users as well as the businesses with the support of real-time access. It offers solutions related to real-time updates. The cloud technology is enabled with constant updates and details about the particular application. The mobile app associated with the business increases the brand’s reputation when cloud technology is integrated with it. This completely changes the way mobile devices interact with the cloud, opening up endless possibilities for users.

Bottom Line

Cloud computing advances are also being developed for the mobile for both business and personal use. The usability of this technology is expanding rapidly in a wide range. Technology is getting updated with broadband internet connectivity in such case cloud is a new way to store and interact with data.

More Helpful Articles:

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Harry William is a business marketing specialist at Quytech, a leading Mobile App Development Company. You can hire dedicated mobile app developers to develop an app for your business.

15 Bigcommerce Design Points For Better Ecommerce Websites

Bigcommerce Design Points For Better Ecommerce Websites
Much has been said about driving customers or traffic to your eCommerce website, however, design tops all the tactics in a marketing strategy, which is why it is prudent to think about and evaluate what should and should not go into your Ecommerce Website Design. If you’re looking for inspiration, the best source to reach for is BigCommerce as their key element is their attention to detail and accessibility that is designed to turn leads into conversions. Therefore, this is the right time to work on eCommerce solutions for small business.

A clean And Organized Design:

Imagine shopping online, and you see products arranged randomly in an aimless manner. Would you consider buying from that site again in the future? No isn’t it? Similarly, you’d have to think and plan your customer’s overall experience and organize products into specific categories so that customers can easily find what they are looking for. This is more important during festive seasons or on a big sale, you might have to organize and arrange the products based on the offer, discount etc.

Easy To Navigate:

A large part of good design and great content lies in the navigation. When your customers are able to navigate from one page to the next and find what they are looking for creates a great shopping or information searching experience for them. If your websites are one of those with a mishmash design, this might be a good place to start organizing the main menu and other pages. One clever option is to go for a drop-down menu instead of a mega menu as you can minimize the number of links or pages your customers open. Explore different kinds of menus from the drop-down to fly-out and find the approach that suits you best.

Be Easily Accessible:

When your website says “We are just a click or call away”, and there’s a huge waiting time to reach your customer support, it creates conflict in your customer’s mind. To avoid this, make it easy for them to get in touch with you so that you don’t end up losing your consumer base.

Add Clear Customer Reviews And Ratings:

Did you know that 61% of customers read online reviews and consider them as recommendations made by friends or family? Online authentic reviews and ratings also go a long way in boosting your sales and SEO rank. Therefore, if you’ve been adding reviews just because everyone is doing so think again, it may just be the right time to cleverly use online reviews as your top marketing strategy and performance metric.

A Strong Search Bar Is A Must-Have:

Most customers are in a hurry to buy a product they already have in mind or to just look if it’s available or not. A strong search bar is must to invest in and also ensure that it is easily visible.

High-Quality Images Can Never Let You Down:

With the inception of Instagram, we see how powerful clear and crisp images can be in the online digital world. And, if you’re running an eCommerce website, this is all the more important. High-quality images have a way of easily capturing people’s attention and holding it unlike any other form of content. In today’s world of limited attention, using high-quality images can get you the right attention contributing to a sale or a subscription and inherently boosting the SEO.

Easy To Check-Out Process:

A long check out process saps our interest to go any further just like a long queue in a supermarket does. In fact, the whole point of eCommerce is to have an easy and fast shopping experience and the checkout process is the crux of this whole experience. If done right, it can do wonders for your website’s conversion rates.
Bigcommerce Design Points For Better Ecommerce Websites

Highly Responsive Theme:

Creating a highly responsive theme is easier than it was once before. However, keep in mind that your website should be created according to eCommerce websites. And, the good news is that BigCommerce offers premium themes from a range of selection.

Have Clear And Quick Product Previews:

A product preview that takes too long to load or one that goes through many clicks often leaves shoppers annoyed. In the long run, it can be dangerous for your website as shoppers choose to avoid it altogether. Therefore, no matter the amount of investment in the ads on the search engine, your website performance is a must to keep you at the top of the game. You can look at Caroline Panthers’ website, which does a great job with their quick view feature showing all the product, size and additional information clearly.

A clear Outline Of Your Online Store Policies:

Many eCommerce websites miss this point. Provide a clear FAQ page or policy information on shipping, returns, delivery and refunds. Keep the information easy to access along with the contact us option, so your website visitors can contact you easily.

Shipping Costs Need To Be Displayed Earlier:

A study shows that displaying shipping costs later or at the very end of the order is a huge factor in cart abandonment. To avoid this, you can use a shipping cost calculator below the product so that customers can know what to expect and avoid unpleasant surprises at the end of the order confirmation.

Ensure ‘Add to Cart’ Option Is Visible:

In many eCommerce websites, the ‘Add to Cart’ option or ‘Buy now’ option is hard to distinguish with all the other elements on the page. Therefore, you can use a contrasting colour or large display for this option to convert more visits into sales.

Set Up Strong Filters:

This is a common element done wrong on most eCommerce websites, that is, the filter products option isn’t strong or specific enough which can be a major factor in helping customers sort and find products quickly. If you haven’t invested in it already, this may be the right time to do so.

Incorporate Branding Into Your Marketing:

Consistently building your branding experience can help your customers differentiate you from the many eCommerce websites online. Envato Market's lineup of eCommerce marketplaces is a good example that maintains a consistent branding experience throughout multiple online stores.

Mobile Friendly:

It goes without saying any site you build, be it eCommerce or any other informational website ensure that it is fully optimized to work on different mobile devices such as ensuring that your web site's images and form fields scale nicely on smaller screens. BigCommerce’s built-in features can help you with readymade payment solutions options that you can add to your sites such as PayPal One Touch or Apple Pay.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Code Wilson is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by Ecommerce Solutions For Small Business Services. I would love to share thoughts on Social Media Marketing Services and Game Design Development etc.

4 Tips For Successfully Upgrading DNN Websites

Tips For Successfully Upgrading DNN Websites
On a general note, DNN Development is quite similar to ASP.NET development. But there are possibilities that you may experience errors frequently while upgrading DNN sites. For this reason, most of the users find this process quite intricate.

But I can make things easier for you. Here, in this post, I list some amazing tips for upgrading DNN websites without experiencing any issues or errors. Hope these tips help you and you are able to get an awesome experience with DNN.

1. Scan The Entire Website And System

Around 30% of website backups are either hacked or infected with a virus. However, you can prevent it easily.

Before you instigate the upgrade process, you first have to scan the file system with antivirus software. Make sure you rectify all the issues as per the advice of antivirus software.

Further, you need to scan the site for .PHP and .ASP files. Using a file locator can be of great help in this context. Finally, it is best to compare the core .ASCX,ASPX, and .JS files to the similar files in a clean platform of the same version of DNN. Make sure that these files are not altered. For this, using a tool can be of great help.

If you identify any altered files then this is a proof of changes in the core files or that it has been hacked. Make sure you only have the correct files before you proceed with the upgrade process. Most importantly, don’t make any sort of core changes to the code.

2. Uninstall The Unused Extensions

Most of the times, every site have third-party extensions installed with numerous extensions that are not being used anywhere. Might be they have been once installed when they were used. But if there is no potential use of these extensions then it is best to remove them.

The number of extensions you have, the higher is the risk of failure of an upgrade, performance issues, and issues of usability, vulnerabilities in potential security, and more. Hence, it is essential that your site is lean and this is possible by uninstalling all the extensions.

Just use a single theme package and remove all the other things. If you keep them installed then your upgrade process will become more complex over time.

3. Upgrade The Extensions

If you have followed the above two tips correctly, then you will now have a website that is fairly clean. It is now time to move up to the next level.

The first step to do is by upgrading the third-party extensions. Make sure, you have the latest version installed in your site. In addition to checking the release notes from vendors, you will also find that a third-party extension will not be upgraded for a DNN version.

There can also be some third-party extensions, which are commercial extensions that need to be upgraded. You may have to incur an upgrade fee for it. If possible then consider commercial extensions supported with license fees. This will ensure that your extensions are updated over time, which will be of great help for future years.

4. Upgrade Each Version And Test

In most of the cases, it would seem that you could upgrade easily from one version to the latest version of DNN. For instance, you try to upgrade to version 09.01.01 from 06.02.04. Even, this may work on an initial basis. In general, I recommend upgrading to the highest version of DNN for each major version. For instance, the highest version of 6.0 is 06.02.09, for 7.0 is 07.04.02, and more.

It is important to upgrade to the latest version and then support your system with backup. After this, test incrementally. This may seem time-intensive on the initial basis, but it is a critical step towards achieving long-term convenience and stability.

Bonus Tip!

Mostly, the reasons for issues in DNN development are related to third-party extensions. It is therefore important to use extensions, which are developed by a reputed vendor who is known for offering compatible extensions without hindering the latest version of DNN. Moreover, if there are custom extensions then you need to rebuild it on a regular basis against novel versions of DNN. This is important to ensure that they are in line with recent changes in API.

To Sum Up

You must upgrade your DNN site as fast as possible. It is best to never fall behind. The more time you will wait for the more work you will be creating for yourself. This way, there are higher chances of more issues to occur.

Just follow these tips, and definitely, you will find upgrading DNN websites pretty easy. If still, you experience any issues, then it is best to contact the experts and let them do the work for you. Hiring experts will ensure that your work is done efficiently and in the shortest time frame.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Merry Waran is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by Dotnetnuke Web Development Services. I would love to share thoughts on Social Media Marketing Services and Game Design Development etc.
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How To Choose the Best Thumbtack Clone PHP Script For Exceptional Services?

Best Thumbtack Clone PHP Script For Exceptional Services
Thumbtack Clone Script makes your work easy and efficient. It matches customer needs with customer-appraised professional services. It consists of pre-screen services, tools, and assets that can help with little assignments. Regardless of whether it is a professional paint occupation or arranging a grand wedding, Thumbtack will discover the general population for the activity. Area and nation limit this site and its services. We see such vast numbers of solicitations consistently on forums for locales like Thumbtack that can serve potential customers from different districts as well. You can make a site and application like Thumbtack by utilizing scripts that copy the functionalities and features of the prominent lifestyle site services.

Thumbtack Clone Script Programming For Practical Sites

The ideal Thumbtack Clone Script content gives vital features that empower new business people to dispatch their own particular prime service marketplace platform rapidly.

There are a couple of capacities that must be a piece of these clone scripts to ensure they serve every one of the motivations behind a Thumbtack clone. All the sites composed from the clone scripts incorporate a profoundly oversaw admin panel. It can give continuous insights and diagrams for every single prominent service and features of the site. The admin can turn on warnings and CMS services exclusively reserved for the admin. There are landing page slider management, and user management that empowers the admin to repurpose and redo the site will go next to zero trouble.

The admin can deal with the categories of business. He can reclaim the credit bundles and demands. He can deal with the structures. The vast majority of the shape settings are dynamic. This permits the Service Marketplace Script to be very multi-faceted. The admin can oversee the majority of the installment, dialect settings and service demands from the simple too-

Utilize API

The supplier side functionalities incorporate Facebook login and Google Plus login. It includes a user-friendly dashboard and a reviews panel for the customers also. The user side functionalities integrate additionally portfolios, citation alternatives, credit bundles, service coordinating notices, wallets and installments accounts. Customers can ask for service structures and check reviews also from the site or application UI. Each customer with approved login ought to have the capacity to get to all service categories and sub-categories. They ought to likewise have the choice to acknowledge or dismiss the statement of the PROs.

What Services Should The Site Offer?

The Service Marketplace Software should profit both the customers and the Professional. It ought to be anything but trying to utilize, redo and get to. Professionals ought to have the capacity to enroll in their fields of ability and customers ought to have the capacity to appreciate Professional services. The service marketplace programming is the medium that interfaces the customers to their stars. This essential component characterizes all the working Thumbtack clones in the market. In a perfect world, it ought to be another service programming or content that ought to perform precisely like Thumbtack.

The most widely recognized services that customers can appreciate incorporate –
  • Animal keeping
  • Tutors
  • Health and wellbeing educators
  • Home cleaning
  • Event arranging and management
  • Beauty
  • Pizza conveyance and wine conveyance
  • Wedding photography
  • Party arranging
  • Housekeeping and cooking

Another Service Booking Software should offer to associate a rich vault of gifts and accessible services to a pool of ingenious customers. You are most likely a startup or a private venture that is looking forward towards growing its frame of reference by going on the web. A decent Thumbtack clone service programming is the best alternative for your business since it will spare you cash by offering something that as of now works. Additionally, it will likewise provide you plenty of features that can pull in more services and income. A significant portion of these confirmed service programming software engineers is dynamic. They help in building multi-faceted sites. You can advance it for your particular business prerequisites.
Best Thumbtack Clone PHP Script For Exceptional Services

Niche Service With Niche Scripts

The new models as of now accompany a commission-based plan of action perfect. You can change the level of the commissions according to your prerequisite. You can keep it settled or variable relying upon the services advertised. Since you will assist a massive number of customers with shifted necessities, from vets to mold fashioners, the commissions will fluctuate as per the categories and subcategories. All the distributed service marketplace programming programs currently offer adaptability that permits admins to alter these sorts of services. The hours and pay scales as per Pro and customer inclinations.

Covering The Extra Mile

You can run the extra mile with them as good as ever clone programming. The content incorporates scraps of PHP, HTML 5 and CSS 3. This makes your conceivable site responsive, adaptable and genial to customization. You can appreciate a MySQL database reinforcement. You can back up the entirety of your expert, customer and essential site information on the refreshed rendition of the MySQL database. The site will include JavaScript-rich bits and Bootstrap. Also, did we say? You would now be able to appreciate the incorporation of Apache database programming with your site for a smooth running of your site. A blend of the most recent website database alternatives with the HTML5 and CSS3 configuration will decrease site page stacking time radically.

There are numerous clones of PHP Thumbtack Clone now accessible broadly. A large number of them assert a broad scope of services and features. You ought to dependably check their reviews and evaluations before purchasing programming or content. Working with these require no less than essential learning of PHP and MySQL. When you know PHP, HTML 5 turns into a stroll in the recreation center. You can manage without knowing the little subtle elements of CSS3 for the new Thumbtack clone scripts. They as of now accompany outlines perfect for shared promoting sites.


The majority of these web architectures are additionally optimized for search engines. Google and Bing are the two search engines you have to stress over. While including new extensions isn’t a simple choice for these clones. You can alter the scripts for a more user-friendly and search engine friendly understanding. You should recollect, both the professionals and their customers will utilize your site. Hence, you have to enhance your site remembering both these gatherings. Look at the assistance tools, instructional exercises and the user forums of your preferred thumbtack clone script for getting a thought on the most proficient method to introduce and utilize it for greatest ROI.

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