5 Retro Arcade Games You Can Play On Your Computer

5 Retro Arcade Games
There’s something about playing retro-style games that takes us back to the good ol’ days when we could get sucked into a game for hours and stay up all night long - or until our parents yelled at us to go to bed! It takes us back to a time when we had little responsibility and few worries. These days, life is filled with stress, ups and downs, and everything that comes with being an adult. Retro arcade games that you can play on your computer are easy to find and they help relieve anxiety. Some even say they are great exercise for your brain, and help to improve your cognitive function! Here are a few you can play right now with no downloads or wait time.

Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter is super easy to learn how to play and can be very addictive. You can play it on your computer, but you can also download the app to your mobile device to play on the go when you don’t have an internet connection. It comes down to being as simple as a matching game. The game gives you a colored bubble that you shoot at a board filled with other colored bubbles. Your goal is to blast your bubble into two or more of the same color. This will send the bubbles popping away, and the fewer moves you use to blast the board away, the higher your score will be.

As you play, the game adds more rows of bubbles. If the bubbles reach the bottom of the board, the game is over and you can restart it. You’ll find out you can do bounce shots off the side of the game board to sneak your bubble into tricky spaces. The game lets you know what your next bubble color will be so you can plan out strategic moves. With such simple gameplay at your fingertips, Bubble Shooter is fun and easy to play.

You can find Bubble Shooter on Ilyon’s website and on Facebook.com. Both have quick links that immediately bring up the game for you to play. Share it with all your friends today! It’s completely free and requires no downloads.

Oregon Trail

Oregon Trail is a classic 90s computer came that you probably remember from your elementary school days. The graphics were blocky and pixelated, but historic scenarios were pretty solid for the early settlers. The archived version of this game is exactly the way you remember it, with plenty of rivers to ford, checking of your rations, trading to reach the Great Northwest, and of course, dying from dysentery. If you use your best reasoning skills, you just might make it to Oregon!

You can also see what the actual trail map to Oregon was like back in its hay day. While the Oregon Trail game may not be the most exciting and fast-moving retro game you can play, history buffs love it, and parents like it for the educational values it can teach their kids about the Old West. Just when you think you’re getting close to beating the game, virtual life can hit you like a ton of bricks with deadly illnesses and unexpected weather!

Power Pop Bubbles

Power Pop Bubbles is a matching game similar to Bubble Shooter, but the gameplay is pumped up with flashy graphics and cool booster items, like fireballs and bombs, that blow holes in the bubble game board. In this souped-up version, you can swap out your ammo bubble for another color to give yourself a competitive advantage. Use your strategic skills to do bounce trick shots and clear the bubbles. The game will keep giving you more challenging levels and puzzles to test your ability to keep up.

This game is available on mobile-only at this time but is very similar to the web-based Bubble Shooter game.

Brick Breaker Unicorn

Brick Breaker Unicorn is like a more colorful version of Pong. The colors and explosive action may cause your brain to double-take and become confused. But, if you love playing loud, colorful, random animal-themed penny games in Las Vegas, this is definitely a game for you. While the gameplay can get very busy, it’s a simple game to learn how to play. It’s free, there are no downloads, and you can get started playing right away without having to read instructions.

Instead of the Pong ‘paddles’, you have two unicorn heads with a bouncy carpet stretched between them at the bottom of your screen. When you click the screen once, a ball begins to shoot around and you can bounce it with your unicorn duo. Try to bounce it into the bricks until they are all broken. As the ball cracks the bricks, booster items are released that can equip your unicorns with blaster guns, added time, bonus hearts, and other fun items. Just don’t let your ball fall off the bottom of the screen, or you won’t get it back again. Each level presents new brick layouts and more challenges.

Stupid Zombies

This zombie game isn’t like others you’ve played that make your pulse race and your anxiety go up. It’s a lot like Angry Birds, in which you solve puzzles and challenges to eliminate all of the zombies. Luckily, the zombies don’t attack your character. Everything stands in one spot while your zombie apocalypse hero, who looks a lot like Rick from The Walking Dead, can take aim and shoot a bouncy bullet to take down the zombies.

As the levels progress, the game throws in some wooden crates, exploding barrels, and other items that can hinder or help your attempts to send the zombies back to their grave. With no downloads, you can easily get started playing it right now.

For those of us who don’t want to spend a few hundred dollars on expensive gaming systems, there is plenty of fun, retro arcade-style games for your computer that can satisfy your gaming itch. You can play them on PC equipment you already have at no extra cost.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Aaron Smith is an LA-based content strategist and consultant in support of STEM firms and medical practices. He covers new industry developments and helps companies connect with clients. In his free time, Aaron enjoys swimming, swing dancing, and sci-fi novels.

How To Test A Computer Motherboard And CPU For Failures At Home

Test A Computer Motherboard And CPU For Failures At Home
The motherboard and CPU are the heart and soul of your computer system.

They enable your computer components to connect and enable all the processes that make your computer work efficiently.

The motherboard is the hub for all the circuit boards that connect the system parts together. Your computer’s main drive sits inside the motherboard.

The CPU connects to the motherboard. It sends signals to the computer’s memory, hard drives and other critical parts that make your computer work.

When the CPU fails, it may mean the system could be overheating or some inner connections may be loose.

A bad motherboard may cause the system to keep rebooting at odd times, or the system may crash altogether.

Other Causes Of Motherboard And CPU Failures

When the motherboard breaks down or fails to boot up, there may also be a number of reasons.

Some other signs of computer failure may include:
  • Faulty or bulging connectors
  • Burning on the motherboard or smells of burning when the computer is running
  • Not enough power supply or voltage
  • Imbalances in the computer’s internal cooling system
  • Peripheral connectors may sometimes flash on and off
  • Your computer is not reading your flash drives properly

While these issues can be daunting, there are some simple steps you troubleshoot at home using a multimeter.

A multimeter helps you get the correct measurement of your system’s resistance, voltage, and electrical current.

Here are some areas to check to see exactly what’s happening inside our computer system.

1. Check The Voltages

First, check to ensure the connections to the ATX pin and the AC power are in place.

Adjust the setting on a multimeter to read at least 20V of direct current.

Next, examine the exterior of the connector using the black multimeter probe.

Connect the black probe to the GDB Pins 15, to 17.

2. Test The Purple And Green Measurements

Test pins 9 and 14 with the red multimeter probe. Check for the measurements as follows:
  • Purple, VSB Pin 9 – should read at least 5 volts.
  • Green, PS on – Pin 14 voltage measurements should fall between 3 and 5 volts.

Turn on the PC’s power switch and let the PS_On value fall. If the value drops to any measurement besides O, it may mean there is a problem with the switch.

3. Troubleshoot Pin 8

Examine the gray, Power_Ok or Pin 8 switch with the red multimeter probe.

The measurements must read above 2 ½ volts and will indicate your system can start without any issues.

Next, reset the Pin by pressing the Power_Ok switch. The volts will fall to zero, and then gradually rise to the normal levels.

How To Test The Motherboard And PSU For Any Circuit Issues

1. Disconnect the computer from the AC current. Leave it for a few minutes to let the charge run out.

Adjust the multimeter to about 200 Ohm and connect the probe leads to set the meter to zero reading.

Connect both lead probes to the metal on the system’s chassis and ensure the reading also stays at zero.

2. The “On” and “Off” switches on your computer may also be faulty at times. Faulty switches may cause the system to break down.

Most computer systems operate by an ATX power source. The ATX current helps keep your motherboard running, even when the computer is switched off.

Take out the ATX connector from the motherboard. Hold the multimeter black probe onto the chassis metal plate.

In some cases, the power switch may have 2 or 4 wires.

To check the system with 2 wires, unplug the computer and use the multimeter’s probes to both wires.

Press the switch until the resistance starts to drop. Any resistance reading close to zero means the switch is working well.

Using the red lead multimeter probe, measure the volts on the direct current connector with the black wire pins.

Ensure each voltage has a zero reading.

If the switch has 4 wires, they will be distributed in clusters of two’s. They may also fall to the right and left of the motherboard, or they may sometimes be crossed.

First, unplug the computer. Test each wire cluster separately. Insert the button until the resistance readings fall to zero.

3. Check the colored wire readings

Hold the black lead probe on the metal chassis.

Examine the readings of the colored pins of the direct current (D/C) connector using the red multimeter probe lead.

4. Detach the CPU from the motherboard slot. Measure the pin numbers on the motherboard’s connector using the ATX 20-Pin chart guide.

Rest the black multimeter probe onto the chassis metal plate. Test the GND pins with the red multimeter lead.

Ensure Pins 3, 5, 7, 13, and 15 to 17 on the motherboard’s connector have a zero measurement.

If the reading is showing a number more than zero, it may mean there is a problem with the connector.

Check The Connectors

Your motherboard also has connections on the edges of the system that ensure power reaches your hard drives and CD-ROM drives.

Each connector has four pairs of wires (8 wires) located to the left and right sides of the motherboard.

They are in colors of red, yellow and black.

To troubleshoot for any faulty connectors, connect the black multimeter probes to the black wire, and the red probe to the red wire.

Each wire should have at least +5 volts of direct current.

Next, run a similar test by connecting the red multimeter probe to the yellow wire and the black probe to the black wire.

Ensure there’s a reading of at least +12 volts of direct current.

If any of the readings do not match up, there may be a faulty power supply or an overloaded periphery connection.

To test for normal voltage readings, detach all the connections and run the test again.

If the voltage falls within the normal ranges, use fewer peripheral connections or increase your watts of power.

If there are lower than normal voltage readings, you may need to disconnect and replace the power supply.

If you feel interested to test a computer motherboard and CPU for failures at home first you should buy a multimeter and check out for best budget multimeter on the browser and gain ideas on buying it.

Understanding The Challenges Of AI Chatbots

Understanding The Challenges Of AI Chatbots
If you have ever used live chat to communicate with a business, there is a 25% chance that you were talking to an AI chatbot. And, chances are you were okay with that.

However, while we take these new technologies for granted, a lot actually goes into making your experience with a chatbot smooth and trouble-free. Understanding the top challenges of AI chatbots will help you choose the best platform for your business.

Making It More Human

One of the biggest challenges of machine learning and artificial intelligence is to emulate the way humans think as much as possible, but faster and more efficiently.

In fact, the design of the Turing test is to find out if an AI can fool a human into thinking it is interacting with another human.
Understanding The Challenges Of AI Chatbots

While people do not expect chatbots to be foolproof, one that can interact with a like a real person is more likely to give the right responses.

A little humor, and understanding of the vernacular, are components of Natural Language Processing. It is a complex process that designers are trying to incorporate into their algorithms with some success.

Making It Secure

Aside from being able to interact naturally with humans, chatbots should also be as secure as possible.

Since a chatbot is basically a program, it is hackable. A good way to prevent security issues is to choose the right platform with end-to-end encryption. Keeping data gathering to what is strictly necessary also helps.

Of course, one could argue that data is the lifeblood of any machine learning system such as an AI chatbot. However, that data does not have to be of the sensitive kind.


AI chatbots have come a long way in a short time, but resolving the top challenges remains elusive. That said, high demand from enterprises keeps development going, so expect chatbots to get better.

To learn more about AI chatbots and understanding the challenges, check out this infographic by team Shane Barker.
Understanding The Challenges Of AI Chatbots

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Shane Barker is a digital marketing consultant who specializes in influencer marketing, content marketing, and SEO. He is the co-founder of Attrock, a digital marketing agency. He has consulted with Fortune 500 companies, influencers with digital products, and a number of A-List celebrities.
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Are Phone Unlocking Websites Safe?

Are Phone Unlocking Websites Safe
The phone is the innovation that brings you closer and it is an incredible progression in the innovation world. It associates the individuals and expedites numerous new applications and frameworks that work as indicated by your necessities. As the innovation refreshes there emerge numerous issues, the phone opening, blocking, hacking, reinforcements and significantly more. Numerous issues accompany time as there is a progression in innovation. To lessen and annihilate these issues, numerous individuals begin making sites. The site is a starting point and a subject view that gives you complete information, the same number of sites are influencing the web identified with phone opening. In this way, it is hard to locate the right one that gives protected and right data about the phone opening.

Try this: How Samsung Galaxy S8 Unlocked at cellunlocker.com

1. Phone Unlocking Websites

There are various kinds of cellphones in the market and are rising step by step. As there is a high increase in cellphone locking, there is additionally a site that gives extremely helpful data. It relies upon the versatile you are utilizing and how you need to go with it. There are various organizations and brands in the market and they are bringing new things. For the best cellphone opening site, you should look down changed sites, read them cautiously and check the audit of that site. Numerous individuals utilize the site, the survey shows whether the site is financially sound or not. You must check which things suit best as indicated by your cellphone and look at the site appropriately.

2. Website Reliability And Creditworthy

The site gets various things done to get an opening code, it causes your cellphone to run effectively and in a wrong way. To know whether the site is protected or not you should look at certain things:

Past Data

Look at the past record of the site, perceive what number of individuals get advantage from this site. On the off chance that there are countless individuals or a number is in millions then the site is protected and well-disposed to utilize. The quantity of individuals shares their experience of utilizing this site and it shows how the site takes a shot at various kinds of cellphones and whether it is dependable or not. On the off chance that there is a small number and the site keeps negative or rave audits, it is encouraged to not give any data with respect to your cellphone or else it will be hazardous to you.

Money-Back Guarantee

Cash is the primary target individuals need to accomplish, so they devise counterfeit sites to procure cash from individuals. To avoid such a circumstance, you should enlist yourself in a site that gives a total unconditional promise on the off chance that they are not ready to give you wanted assistance. The site gives you an opening code, on the off chance that it won't turn out on your cellphone then it is obligatory to give you the whole installment back. Make a protected installment to maintain a strategic distance from any obstruction later on.

Fast Delivery Effective Processing

The site that gives the quick handling framework and gives effective information identified with your cellphone is the best. All the exchanges and exercises occurring should process quickly and the reaction ought to be given on schedule. On the off chance that there is a postponement in administration and you are not finding the solutions identified with your inquiry then you are remaining on an inappropriate site. The best site is the one that gives you fulfillment and gives you a convenient reaction and conveys you the opening code inside the time and helps you in each issue.

Backup Customer Support

The best site is one that gives you definitive help and takes into account your interest every minute of every day. The suppliers must render their administrations in giving you the best opening code that matches your cellphone and gives the ideal reaction as indicated by your inclination. There must be an exceptionally prepared staff and faculty that help with opening and performing techniques and guidance for your consideration. On the off chance that there are delays accordingly and you are misunderstanding the data, at that point it is prompted you don't share your cellphone subtleties with that site. Concentrate on client care sites that give inviting help in a decent way.

Set Of Instructions

Every site shows a lot of guidelines and strategies, they are anything but difficult to follow and lead you to the target of objective, resultantly it opens the cellphone. The basic technique is that you get the open code in which you need to enter your cellphone and recover the information and everything. It is anything but difficult to dial code in your cellphone, you enter the code in the discourse box. On the off chance that you are not accepting the code and there is as yet the mistake appearing on, it appears as though somebody is playing with you. Promptly power outage from that site and look for the dependable one.

Emergence Of Newcomers

Numerous brands and organizations in the market are propelling their cellphones. The development of these organizations makes it increasingly muddled. The new up and coming Samsung Galaxy S10 opened at the cell unlocked site gives a full execution survey. Samsung, iPhone, Huawei, Nokia, Sony, and a lot more organizations are in the race to offer the best opening types of assistance. These destinations contend in giving the most financially sound assistance and accomplish the best scores from the client. Client care and benefit boost is the most significant thing an organization must look for first. Along these lines, you should visit the site and see which one is giving the best help among others.

Pricing Strategic

There is constantly a challenge and fierceness going on the web about the costs, the contenders are powering each other on the costs. Numerous sites give off an impression of being generally excellent and give you their administrations at an immaterial expense, yet after utilizing it is by all accounts false. While numerous sites are subject-arranged and convey the best in VIP valuing. In the event that you need the best cellphone opening code, you should look forward to that site which has high surveys and gives you cellphone open code at a sensible and moderate cost. Pick the best site and later on arrange the cost and get the best opening code for your phone.

10 Best Responsive Tips To Customize WordPress Theme

Responsive Tips To Customize WordPress Theme
For the majority of us, the internet is essentially our 2nd home. From companies to social activities to function and also for amusement, the net is where we depend on. Absolutely nothing seems total not also your organization nowadays if the net is not consisted of. That is where your extremely own web site can be found. While there are various other website systems to launch your website, WordPress is the selection of over half the CMS individuals. Furthermore, with a range of motifs as well as plugins, WordPress makes up for the excellent platform to develop a stunning website for your use!

Raising the bars of performances, as well as taking on various other leading blogging systems, WordPress has developed the option to create an internet site a lot more quickly! Custom WordPress theme design is created as well as developed especially with consumer contentment in mind by the programmers that offer a straightforward as well as an easy facet to WordPress. Furthermore, these motifs enable the customer to edit, change, add or get rid of any type of elements to their site which they believe serve or unneeded and craft a special page that matches their vision! Furthermore, WordPress business and designers contending to get the most effective item eligible you have taken care of to develop a range of extremely adjustable themes that you can select from.

Best Responsive Tips And Customize WordPress Themes:

1. Doko

Doko is a free product layout WordPress motif that can be utilized to build an amazing organization site. This motif features several advanced as well as prominent functions as well as functions and also is compatible with WooCommerce plugins where you can conveniently begin your online company. It is built on customizer devices that aid you to build a web site as you prefer along with has a classy as well as a fashionable material style that looks gorgeous on all the devices. Likewise, it consists of the in-depth documents that have all the step by step treatment to install as well as make use of the motif.

2. Hestia

Hestia is a stunning cost-free WordPress material layout theme with a tidy as well as a responsive layout. It is a simple yet feature-rich motif that looks wonderful on any kind of sort of display resolution. It comes with a powerful custom WordPress theme design panel, personalized backgrounds, a huge menu as well as supplies numerous personalization possibilities. The theme is neatly coded with verified and also Search Engine Optimization friendly codes. Besides, it is optimized for rapid packing speed and also great performance.

3. Mismo Pro

Mismo Pro is an eye-catching WordPress theme still for the publication, information, fashion, and blogging website. It comes with pre-made demonstration material that you can utilize to establish your site within a minute. This receptive style instantly changes format and also style based upon the size as well as the resolution of the display. It includes translation prepared, google font styles, widgets, dynamic shade and so on.

4. Sydney

If you get on a quest for an organization style, Sydney is the right choice for you. It is the light-weight and feature-rich theme, which enables you to create an ideal web site in the fastest period. The theme is adaptable sufficient to tailor it. In my point of view, Sydney is a perfect pick for your next service task. Right here is how the motif is described in theme directory at wordpress.org for a far better understanding of the style:
Sydney is an effective service motif that supplies a rapid means for companies or freelancers to develop a remarkable online existence. Additionally, Sydney supplies all the construction obstructs you need to swiftly develop an engaging front web page.

5. Sparkling

Sparkling is a solitary motif but can be made use of for different functions completely. It fits well with travel, health, business, financing, portfolio, style, art, digital photography, individual as well as any other innovative internet sites, and also blogs. The motif is multipurpose as well as straightforward. The style can be best for anybody yet is much more beneficial to those who are attempting to establish a variety of internet sites. Here is exactly how the theme is defined in motif directory at wordpress.org for a far better understanding of the theme:
Responsive Tips To Customize WordPress Theme
Sparkling is a clean very little and responsive WordPress motif well matched for travel, health and wellness, business, finance, portfolio, layout, art, photography, individual and any other creative web sites and blogs. Created utilizing Bootstrap 3 that makes it mobile and also tablet friendly. The style comes with a full-screen slider, social symbol combination, author bio, prominent messages widget, and also improved classification widget. Sparkling includes the latest internet standards such as HTML5 as well as CSS3 as well as is Search Engine Optimization pleasant thanks to its clean framework and also codebase. It has lots of Motif Options to change motif format, colors, typefaces, slider setups as well as a lot more. The style is also translation and also multilingual all set, compatible with WPML.

6. Authority Pro

Its homepage features a contemporary design with popular call-to-action to aid you to enhance conversions. It is eCommerce prepared, which enables you to sell on the internet programs or develop a subscription area. Other noteworthy features include an upright social food selection, versatile header layout, personalized widgets, and multiple-page templates.

7. Kalium

the valium-landing-page-WordPress-website-template album is an outstanding WordPress style that can foster creativity. This product is modern, functional as well as it has more than 1600 pleased customers. Upon purchase, users can anticipate Kalium to get material updates, guaranteeing that your site will certainly constantly stay on par with the latest technological patterns. SoundCloud and VK Icons, Web Content Dividers, New Default Fonts, Widgets for Blog Posts and also Pricing tables, are all new features that were just recently implemented.

Of course, your internet site will be completely mobile receptive. Every attribute and also page element will certainly look incredible on the screens of tablets and cellphones. This can potentially raise your sight matter and your profits. Additionally, every attribute on your page will have its very own shortcode. For additional information concerning this item, you can read the comprehensive style paperwork resource.

8. Uncode

Uncode is a continually upgraded, technologically deft as well as express, extremely social network friendly, completely effective, surprisingly vibrant and appealing, interactive and superbly versatile, creative as well as streamlined, smooth and refined, mobile-friendly and exceptionally responsive WordPress multi-concept, multipurpose internet site style. It's a very contemporary style that has been constructed for rate and also lightweight, with innovative HTML5 as well as CSS3 powering a collection of customized, in-house developed Bootstrap based shortcodes.

Uncode is an optimal style for mobile-friendly sites and applications. Webmasters looking for a fast and powerful remedy to their mobile-friendly site structure requirements will certainly locate a friend in Uncode, as well as find themselves set up with extremely responsive websites with fantastic functions like off-canvas mobile food selections as well as touch and swipe pleasant components instantly. Developing a brilliant as well as the streamlined contemporary mobile-friendly internet site has never been as easy as it is with Uncode.

9. Virtue

Virtue seems to be one more finest choice this year since an impressive variety of WP lovers have downloaded it. Follow the pattern and get the advantages with virtue. Here is how the motif is explained in the theme directory at wordpress.org for a far better understanding of the style:

The Virtue style is exceptionally functional with tons of choices, simple to tailor as well as filled with wonderful attributes. The tidy modern-day style is constructed with html5 as well as css3 and uses the effective responsive structure from Bootstrap to be fully responsive as well as mobile-friendly.

10. Point

Point is another profoundly downloaded topic from the wordpress.org. The subject is additionally multipurpose and adaptable. It permits you access to a propelled alternatives board from which you can without much of a stretch set up a different component of the topic. It has all the highlights that a quality WP subject ought to have. In this way, I prescribe Point for making a rich site. Here is how the topic is portrayed in the topic index at wordpress.org for a superior comprehension of the topic:

Point is a liquid responsive and multipurpose custom WordPress theme design Through the propelled choices board, you can look over various site formats, foundations, and shading plans, just as control explicit highlights of the topic.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by Full Stack Mobile Developer Services. I would love to share thoughts on Best Custom WordPress theme design Services and Game Design Development etc.

7 Free (or Cheap) SEO Courses You Can Take Online Today

SEO Courses You Can Take Online Today
Becoming a digital marketing professional is quite simple. You can get started on your own and explore different areas to work on. Though making your way into the field of digital marketing can be a seamless one however if you are trained in the same, the difference is quite visible. Training not only takes you one step ahead but you proceed level by level thus helping you to reach the advanced level. The right SEO course will not only provide you the desired exposure but you will come in touch with similar people and build a network with them.

There is no denial of the fact that online SEO courses are highly beneficial in giving you a strong basic foundation that is necessary for a growing career. If you want to excel in this field you need to ensure that you grab the best course so that you are able to make the most out of this opportunity. The ultimate motive is to get knowledge and these courses are definitely very useful and can make a big difference to the way you do SEO.

What are you waiting for, just take out some time from your busy schedule and get enrolled in one of the online SEO courses that are meant to guide and assist you? There is a long list of the sites which offer such courses but it is necessary that the source is a reputed one with certified training. Only then things will work for you or else it is merely a waste of time. That is why give enough time in searching about the different online sources and move ahead only when you are satisfied with everything.

The courses listed below are not only certified but specialize in all kinds of SEO activities thus adding to your knowledge. So let us see in which SEO courses can you enroll and which one is worth applying too.

1. Google’s Online Marketing Challenge

The first course on my list is Google’s Online Marketing Challenge which is a free one and is a complete guide for the SEO professionals who wish to move ahead in SEO. No other source can be a better one than Google so why not enroll in this course and utilize your time. The course not only focuses on search engine optimization but search engine marketing, Adwords, how to choose keywords, social media and lots more. There are tutorials based on mobile SEO as well which is one of the trendiest topics going around. Almost all the aspects are covered in detail in the form of videos that make it easy to grab things. Detailed information is provided so that you do not get stuck up but can learn SEO in a much-refined way.

Google’s Online Marketing Challenge is surely that one course that will improve your skills to market your business and take it to the next level. So get yourself enrolled today.

2. Internet Marketing For Smart People Email Course

This is the course from CopyBlogger which not only helps you with email marketing but assists you in enhancing your knowledge about content marketing, keyword research, copywriting and other concepts of SEO. The best part is that the entire tutorial comes in 20 different installments and is emailed to you so that you can learn everything in a planned manner and there is no burden on you.

So if you are looking for a smart way to learn SEO then this is surely the right online course for you that gives you the desired knowledge, skills, experience, and the tactics to do SEO in a better and improved way.

3. Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing Training Program and Certification

This is yet another excellent course which consists of 12 different classes organized by Hubspot. You will be provided with a lot of reading material that will help you to master all the skills of SEO and also learn about the selection of the keywords, how to use a call to action, blogging and lots more. It is definitely an ideal inbound marketing course that you had been looking for as it has everything that can provide you complete knowledge.

Once you complete the course, you need to give an exam to successfully complete the course and get a certification in return. So your certification can definitely be an added advantage for you.

4. Advanced SEO: Tactics & Strategy

If you are done with the basic courses and are looking for advanced level SEO then you can go for the free and paid courses from Udemy. The Advance Level SEO source is one of them that takes you one level ahead with the advanced concepts of search engine optimization. It is made for people who have already done with the beginner’s guide and wish to learn about the advanced SEO to boost their SEO skills and talent.

This course is taken up by both the SEO professionals and the beginners. It is one of the popular courses and rated 5 stars. It is a free SEO training program.

5. Zero Cost Marketing Strategies: Official Primer Course

This is also a course from Udemy and is completely free. There are more than 25, 000 people enrolled in this course and the number is enough to say how popular this course is. It is one of the top courses in the current list as it talks about all the aspects of SEO thus making you familiar with everything that is related to the subject. This course is definitely worth availing as it contains a lot of solid information and is free too.

So why go for the paid ones when you have such useful and worth online SEO courses from Udemy.

6. Internet Marketing Classroom

If you wish to go for the paid courses then this is the best one with the cost of $127. There are around 229 lectures in all with the total time of more than 45 hours. Though it is a bit costly affair it covers all the aspects from creating the site to talking about Wordpress, SEO, sem, keyword analysis and much more. It is definitely a complete guide for the SEO professionals offering detailed knowledge of everything you are looking for.

It is a complete package and covers a lot of things thus making you the expert in this field. By investing a small amount of money you can easily get the best from this online course.

7. Viral Marketing And How To Craft Contagious Content

This is an online paid course from Jonah Berger with a cost of $97. It helps you to get familiar with the different aspects of viral marketing and how you can make your content more appealing so that it grabs the attention of more people. Marketing is not just about strategy but content as well. That is why this course teaches you about how to write effective content that helps in marketing and gives you knowledge about how to engage with customers and pursue them to connect with your business.

Once you have finished the course, you will get the certification that will help you in your career growth. Another choice is to go for the course without the certification wherein you just audit the program and access the tutorials whenever required. There are numerous interesting topics covered in this program like how word of mouth can prove to be a powerful medium of marketing, how to come up with creative ideas of search engine optimization and much more.

These are 7 online courses that you can get started with to take your digital marketing career to the next step. Some of them are free while a few are paid so as per your choice you can decide which one is most suitable and matches with your requirements. You can easily go online and do more research about the course before you enroll in it. This is necessary so that you are familiar with the topics that are covered in it and whether it is worth taking the program or not. You receive the certification as well which is definitely a benefit for you.

So just have a look at these courses and opt for one of them as all are popular and have great stuff to keep you guided. I hope you find the courses to be useful and worth trying them.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Akash Srivastava is an SEO Consultant. He helps people create or revise their SEO plan, implement it and monitors results. He regularly writes about SEO. He has been in this since 2011. He reads books in his spare time. You can hire him for the consultation only or to do everything.

5 Common SEO Mistakes You Need To Avoid

5 Common SEO Mistakes You Need To Avoid
In this day and age, you can’t get away without optimizing your website for SEO. Whether you’re running a large company or a small business, you simply need customers to be able to find you online. While most business owners are aware of how important SEO is right now, not all of them know how to get their rankings up. If you’re looking to step up your SEO game and get your site closer to users, it’s a good idea to learn more about some of the most common mistakes and how to avoid them. With that said, let’s take a look at five common mistakes to be aware of.

Choosing The Wrong Keywords

Although most business owners know what keywords are and how they work, they don’t know how to choose the right ones. If you make the same mistakes in your SEO campaign, chances are some of the money you put into it will go to waste. You might be able to come up with words that define your products or services, but that doesn’t mean those are the keywords you should focus on. Instead, you need to look for the words your customers would use to refer to your business. Sometimes, these words may be different from what professionals in your industry use or they might be too generic, but those are the keywords you should optimize for.

Using Keyword Stuffing

Not so long ago, you might have got away with stuffing your keywords to give your ranking a boost. However, search engines evolved in recent years and they’re now smarter than ever. One of the things they can do is identify spammy posts and punish businesses that create that type of content. Do this and your content will actually hurt your SEO performance. Even if you’re not doing it on purpose, overusing your keywords is guaranteed to hurt your SEO efforts in many ways. To make sure this doesn’t happen, always read your content before posting it and check if any parts of it seem unnatural or useless. If the answer is yes, look for parts with repetitions of your target keywords and adjust them.

Forgetting About Data

Another thing many business owners do is completely forget about data. They invest in SEO and hope everything will pan out. In marketing, leaving things to chance is never a good idea and keeping a close eye on your SEO efforts is a must. The more data you’re able to collect and analyze, the better your campaign will go. Luckily, you don’t have to do all the work and create reports yourself. You can just focus on your core operations and rely on SEM reporting tools to get the job done for you. These things are able to create reports in a matter of minutes and help you share them with your clients.

Not Providing High-Quality Content

Even if you’re in a sector with very little competition, posting low-quality content won’t get you to the top of SERPs. Small businesses often believe that they don’t have to provide valuable content as long as they use their keywords and post regularly. In reality, publishing valuable content that can help your visitors address a problem they might have is the best way to get the most out of your SEO campaign. Just remember that SEO demands fresh content. Creating high-quality isn’t easy and it’s a good idea to have useful posts published quickly. Your safest bet is to create a content calendar and stick to it.

Failing To Optimize For Mobile

It’s no secret that mobile devices are starting to replace PCs. In fact, the mobile market share worldwide now stands at 52.1, meaning that businesses simply have to be available for mobile users. This is something search engines are aware of, which is why, when ranking, they give advantage to websites that are optimized for mobile devices. Fortunately, you don’t have to build a completely new website for mobile users like some large corporations do. Instead, all you have to do is use responsive design and dynamic page elements. If you’re not sure how your site stands in terms of mobile-friendliness, you can do a quick check on Google.

SEO is an indispensable part of promoting your business in today’s world. Learn from other business owners’ mistakes and don’t let anything take your SEO campaign downhill. Think your every move through and there should be nothing stopping you from getting your site to the top of SERPs.

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Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in technology, gadgets and games. In her free time she enjoys reading latest IT news.

How To Structure Your Logo Presentation

How To Structure Your Logo Presentation
A logo serves as the face of a brand. It’s the first thing that new customers will see so it should leave a lasting impression. A logo is so much more than just a simple image. It’s a foundation for effective brand building. First impressions are usually the most lasting. Logos are designed so that they are professional and memorable to create lasting impressions.

When you’re planning a logo presentation for a client, always remember that businesses care about two things above all else:

Brand Awareness:

As people become familiar with a brand, they are going to start associating it with a logo. Businesses use this as a way to create a memorable experience.

Company Identity:

A logo must properly promote the identity of a business so that customers can associate it with the company’s identity.

Professional firms like the Back Office Pro company has discovered that most clients share one common trait. They are more responsive when they can see their logo in practical applications. Your presentations must take this into account.

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the essential steps that you must take when presenting your logo design for client approval.

1. Make Sure You Have A Clear Briefing On Expectations

Every logo presentation hinges on the briefing that needs to happen at the beginning of the project. Do not skip this briefing because you need a documented plan for the logo design. That way, the client cannot come back and say, “This is not what we wanted.”

A lot of businesses will not deliver a briefing, so you need to take the initiative here. It is recommended that you get them to fill out a short questionnaire so that you have proof of their expectations in the beginning.

2. Discuss The Features Of The Logo

Never approach a client and ask, “what do you think about this design?” That is a passive, timid approach. You want to be confident and explain why you came up with the design and how it fits their business. Companies are the ones who should ask questions. You need to discuss your design actively. Clients want to understand why the logo will be useful for their brand. So describing the features is the best place to start a presentation.

3. Reference The Goals

Once you have defined the design features, the next part of the logo presentation is going to require you to ask the client one specific question.

“Does this logo design meet your expected goals that were discussed in the beginning?”

That provides them with a chance to answer a clear question. Then you need to listen to their response and take notes. In most cases, you can expect to receive some feedback here – both good and bad. As long as it’s constructive, then that’s okay. You might need to make a few minor adjustments.

How To Structure Your Logo Presentation

4. Provide A Logo Presentation In Practical Scenarios

Clients are always going to have doubts when they first see their logo. They wonder if it will work for their business. The truth is that companies always have some fantasized idea of how their logo will look and this fantasy is seldom a realistic concept. So, a logo designer’s job is to show them their new logo in use. Come up with a few examples of the logo on specific products and promotional materials that are associated with the business. Show them the design in real-time use so that you can ease their fears.

5. Use The Correct Mockups

Mockups provide clients with a look at their logo as a final design. Sometimes just showing them a layout is not going to be enough. You will need to show them how useful their logo will be as a finished product. The problem is that it’s easy to get this wrong. Make sure that you use presentation mockups.

Presentation mockups show the logo used in real situations. For example, if you want to use a mockup of their logo on a business card, then make sure the card is being held. Don’t have the card sitting on a table because no one is reading a business card as it sits on a table. They are holding it. Whatever mockup you use should reflect a real situation.

6. Consider A Slide Presentation

Create a few slides of the logo to show to the client. Try using a few different color combinations and write a brief description with each slide as to how it will work for their business. The goal is to provide clients with a way to visualize their logo being used.

7. Logo Presentations Should Be Done With Confidence

You’re a designer, so you will most certainly understand the ins and outs of design more than most businesses. Clients will always have a romanticized view of logos, but they don’t understand how they work. It’s your job to describe precisely why design is done in a specific way and why certain colors are used. With that said, be confident when presenting your design. If you used a color, then explain why you used it. Most clients don’t even know the link between colors and emotion, so you will have to tell them.

The problem that a lot of beginners make is that they do not sound confident when doing a presentation. Even though the client does have the final say, if their idea is not too good, then you need to tell them why it’s a bad idea. This brings us to the next part.

8. Be Patient

Some clients are going to be much more complicated than others, so it’s important to exercise patience with them. Stay calm and listen to their feedback. Try to see their point of view and then explain yours. When they ask questions, tell how your design matches their business goals – those same goals that you should have documented. Never let your personal opinions (or theirs) affect the outcome.

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Juliana has been an avid blogger for 5 years, with particular interests in E-commerce Data management, Web Designing etc. Today she is an expert on the subject and over the years she has consistently contributed articles to top Web Development, web designing, Logo Design, e-commerce and Data management publications. Presently, she is associated with Back Office Pro - a e-commerce data management service providers. For more visit: www.backofficepro.com