How To Structure Your Logo Presentation

How To Structure Your Logo Presentation
A logo serves as the face of a brand. It’s the first thing that new customers will see so it should leave a lasting impression. A logo is so much more than just a simple image. It’s a foundation for effective brand building. First impressions are usually the most lasting. Logos are designed so that they are professional and memorable to create lasting impressions.

When you’re planning a logo presentation for a client, always remember that businesses care about two things above all else:

Brand Awareness:

As people become familiar with a brand, they are going to start associating it with a logo. Businesses use this as a way to create a memorable experience.

Company Identity:

A logo must properly promote the identity of a business so that customers can associate it with the company’s identity.

Professional firms like the Back Office Pro company has discovered that most clients share one common trait. They are more responsive when they can see their logo in practical applications. Your presentations must take this into account.

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the essential steps that you must take when presenting your logo design for client approval.

1. Make Sure You Have A Clear Briefing On Expectations

Every logo presentation hinges on the briefing that needs to happen at the beginning of the project. Do not skip this briefing because you need a documented plan for the logo design. That way, the client cannot come back and say, “This is not what we wanted.”

A lot of businesses will not deliver a briefing, so you need to take the initiative here. It is recommended that you get them to fill out a short questionnaire so that you have proof of their expectations in the beginning.

2. Discuss The Features Of The Logo

Never approach a client and ask, “what do you think about this design?” That is a passive, timid approach. You want to be confident and explain why you came up with the design and how it fits their business. Companies are the ones who should ask questions. You need to discuss your design actively. Clients want to understand why the logo will be useful for their brand. So describing the features is the best place to start a presentation.

3. Reference The Goals

Once you have defined the design features, the next part of the logo presentation is going to require you to ask the client one specific question.

“Does this logo design meet your expected goals that were discussed in the beginning?”

That provides them with a chance to answer a clear question. Then you need to listen to their response and take notes. In most cases, you can expect to receive some feedback here – both good and bad. As long as it’s constructive, then that’s okay. You might need to make a few minor adjustments.

How To Structure Your Logo Presentation

4. Provide A Logo Presentation In Practical Scenarios

Clients are always going to have doubts when they first see their logo. They wonder if it will work for their business. The truth is that companies always have some fantasized idea of how their logo will look and this fantasy is seldom a realistic concept. So, a logo designer’s job is to show them their new logo in use. Come up with a few examples of the logo on specific products and promotional materials that are associated with the business. Show them the design in real-time use so that you can ease their fears.

5. Use The Correct Mockups

Mockups provide clients with a look at their logo as a final design. Sometimes just showing them a layout is not going to be enough. You will need to show them how useful their logo will be as a finished product. The problem is that it’s easy to get this wrong. Make sure that you use presentation mockups.

Presentation mockups show the logo used in real situations. For example, if you want to use a mockup of their logo on a business card, then make sure the card is being held. Don’t have the card sitting on a table because no one is reading a business card as it sits on a table. They are holding it. Whatever mockup you use should reflect a real situation.

6. Consider A Slide Presentation

Create a few slides of the logo to show to the client. Try using a few different color combinations and write a brief description with each slide as to how it will work for their business. The goal is to provide clients with a way to visualize their logo being used.

7. Logo Presentations Should Be Done With Confidence

You’re a designer, so you will most certainly understand the ins and outs of design more than most businesses. Clients will always have a romanticized view of logos, but they don’t understand how they work. It’s your job to describe precisely why design is done in a specific way and why certain colors are used. With that said, be confident when presenting your design. If you used a color, then explain why you used it. Most clients don’t even know the link between colors and emotion, so you will have to tell them.

The problem that a lot of beginners make is that they do not sound confident when doing a presentation. Even though the client does have the final say, if their idea is not too good, then you need to tell them why it’s a bad idea. This brings us to the next part.

8. Be Patient

Some clients are going to be much more complicated than others, so it’s important to exercise patience with them. Stay calm and listen to their feedback. Try to see their point of view and then explain yours. When they ask questions, tell how your design matches their business goals – those same goals that you should have documented. Never let your personal opinions (or theirs) affect the outcome.

9 Ways To Bring Your Email Marketing Campaign Back To Life

Bring Your Email Marketing Campaign Back To Life
Email marketing is a highly efficient sales-generating strategy and has the potential of having a very high Return on Investment (RoI). It also has a high conversion rate, which helps generate more revenue for the business.

You may be feeling that your email marketing campaign has grown cold, probably because the content you produce doesn’t reach the audience like it used to before. Also, if the targeted audience in the email list you’re using isn’t engaging anymore, that could be discouraging.

What should you do when this happens? Here are 9 ways to supplement the SEO strategy 2020 by implementing an effective email marketing campaign for an overall great RoI for your digital campaign.

Personalization Is Key

Professionals that focus on developing digital marketing strategies know how important personalization is. It is the key to almost all digital marketing strategies because it helps the business reach the hearts of the targeted audience.

To reach the hearts of your audience, it is very important to use the data disposed to you with the intention of personalizing the content and offers you send.

For example, demographic information can come in very handy when choosing the offers you will send to each particular group of people. In the demographic scope that you’re targeting, there can be wealthy people and middle-class individuals. The offers you will make to them won’t be the same; the key is to ensure it is relevant.

Carefully Develop Subject Lines

The subject line is one of the most important parts of an email because it dictates whether or not they open it. A subject line that wasn’t well thought of will lead to a lower open rate and the content you created will be a waste of time. When gathering data for personalizing the content, you also get each person’s first name, which can be added in email subject lines.

Including the person’s first name on the subject line will improve the chances of getting the message across. The length of the subject line will also determine whether or not the email gets opened. It is important to note that you should aim for 3-5 words when coming up with the subject.

Segmented Automation

You can also segment customers according to where they are in the customer journey, their behavior, and interests, etc. You can segment customers into groups and that can be used to send the relevant content to the right inbox at the correct time.

For example, customers that have birthdays on a certain month can be segmented and sent the relevant offers for their birthday.

You can also segment them using past purchases and historical interaction with your site and historical purchases. That will also help you design the content needed for each stage of the customer journey and will decrease the cart abandonment rate.

You can accomplish that by also designing personalized content of customers that have abandoned their carts, reminding them of the cart and asking them why they left.

Creating Great Content

The content you create should also be up to standard and beat the expectations of customers. Don’t send bland content that simply outlines the offer you are making rather add some color and images to it. Make sure that the background color and that of the font don’t clash and make it unreadable.

Wendy Hendricks works as a freelance content creator for Essay Writers and resumes services, her latest work being EduBirdie reviews. She has worked for some of the best startups to create email funnels and marketing collateral. She focuses on ways that can ensure a high conversion from the emails.

She suggests that you should use email creation tools to make stunning email content that will appease the client or use professional writers. Visuals are equally important and you also need to know your way around words and use them effectively.

Ensure that it is doesn’t sound like too much of a sales pitch. Rather, help the clients see how the product or service will benefit them and its value.

Monitor The Behavior Of The Audience With Analytical Tools

You need to know if the email marketing strategy you have is working and is generating more revenue for you. There are various ways to do so, but one of the best methods is to determine whether the emails you sent work. Don’t try to measure that by the number of responses you got, rather use Google Analytics to determine where the majority of the traffic came from.

If emails underperformed and didn’t reach your goal, you should plan it again. You can also use more specific KPIs for email marketing that will help you see where you went wrong.

For example, there are some metrics used by email marketing analytical tools that help you find out the conversion, click-through, and open rate. That can help you see where you went wrong - if clients didn’t even open the email, the problem might be the subject you are using.

Use A/B Testing

What happens when both the ideas you have are brilliant and think they could possibly work? You can compare them to see which ones do best than the other and then you can use the more effective one. In that case, you can use A/B testing, which can help you experiment with the ideas you have and then determine which emails reach the hearts of the audience best.

In that way, you can come up with the best type of subject lines that will be more effective towards the audience you are trying to reach. From then, you can start developing similar subject lines and reach more customers.

Set The Perfect Time To Send Emails

Sometimes the efficacy of email marketing is dependent on the timing you choose to use. If you randomly send out emails at any time, it may be hard for you to reach potential clients. Instead, plan the time you will send the emails carefully to ensure that they reach the most people as possible.

Remember that if you send the email when the audience is busy, other emails could overtake them in the inbox and appear at the top. The same can happen while they are asleep, which makes it important to send emails when they are awake. The best time is usually when they wake up in the morning until they start their daily work.

Be Consistent

When you don’t immediately get the response you wanted, do not give up! Stay on it until it pays off. When the strategy you’re using needs to be revised, don’t be afraid to do so but the most important thing to do is to be consistent.

Don’t quickly rule out a potential client after 1 or 2 emails only, rather send follow-ups also to ensure that they aren’t interested. You can even ask the audience how frequently they would like to hear from you and then draft your schedule of sending out emails.

Ensure That The Writing Is Up To Par

When writing the email, ensure that it is professional but shows your personality. You can even include some storytelling to invoke the emotions of the audience. The more emotions you invoke, customers will easily connect with the brand you’re running.

Also, make sure that there are no grammatical errors that could taint the reputation of the business. Proofread it a couple of times and use a grammatical error checking tools like Grammarly or Hemingway.

The Bottom Line

Email marketing is a great method of creating more revenue, but it is important that it should be used wisely. Personalize the content you write to attract the customers with what they like the most and then set a schedule of sending the emails. Whatever happens, do not give up but be consistent until all your efforts pay off.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Isabell Gaylord is a professional content writer, essay writer, and journalist who’s currently for essay writing service and paper writing services. She's interested in spirituality, psychology, social sciences, and health writing.

How To Consult With A Real Estate SEO Expert

How To Consult With A Real Estate SEO Expert
Trading of residences, workplaces, as well as lands are one of the earliest markets. Obviously, this industry may still require a great deal of offline meetings as well as conversation. The offline procedure is needed in order to sign the agreement. However, still, the omnipresence of the internet has boosted a lot of potential customers for the Seo For Real Estate Websites.

Today, every tech-savvy individual very first searches the rates, availability, types as well as a great deal of other facets on the internet prior to continuing for getting the residential property. Besides, the on the internet system additionally gives a method to obtain information concerning the properties in other cities, states or perhaps nations and ahead in touch with the real estate suppliers in those locations.

Ways To Consult With A Real Estate SEO Expert

Create Internet Web Content That Causes Sales

Articles and also blog sites on houses are the major resources for enlightened clients to discover the buildings, which are readily available on the marketplace. These realities can be of any type of kinds, such as residences, work environments, and lands. It is to be kept in mind that Search Engine Optimization and content advertising and marketing are the procedures that go hand-in-hand. A property SEO expert will direct you concerning what and where of posting material.

Perform SEO Audit - Know Where You Stand

On-site optimization is definitely a major procedure that you require to adhere to in the Search Engine Optimization process. Yet, prior to beginning this treatment, do proper Search Engine Optimization audits that will certainly assist you to comprehend the Search Engine Optimization requirements of your site.

Start Blogging For Your Business

Blog writing is quickly turning into a device whose objective is to develop an on the internet existence, enhance presence, develop a feeling of the area, preserve an open discussion for clients and leads, and also offer valuable details-- every one of which is achieved in an unfiltered direct method. Just for those factors alone, blogging has a significant potential for real estate representatives and is one of the essential actions when we speak about Realty SEO.

Web Hosting

What strikes me weird is the truth that a lot of real estate agents or property websites I've seen don't have a blog and also are losing on such a powerful typical. A blog needs to certainly be contributed to its real estate marketing mix. This void offers a one-of-a-kind company opportunity for someone or a firm to assist create as well as make the most of real estate agent's ability to basically produce even more leads and also close extra organization.

On-Site Optimization-- Enhance Your Website

The following step is, certainly, on-site optimization. After pinpointing all the areas, you are required to spend an adequate quantity of time to take care of these problems. The target markets that have actually seen your off-site material will certainly involve your internet site for more info. The basics you require to address for a perfectly optimized site are keyword research and also evaluation, SEO-friendly URLs, tags and meta descriptions, picture optimization, correct positioning of outbound and interior web link, taking care of the busted links, reroutes, website rate optimization, material optimization, and CTR as well as bounce price optimization.

Connect Structure For Realtors

This becomes part of the off-page SEO procedure where you desire other authority sites in your niche to connect to your own internet site, this would certainly grow your websites on-line credibility and likewise expand your positions online. Among the effective methods to develop backlinks is with guest posting. Visitor uploading for realtors is an approach where you would certainly call other real estate agents who have a blog site on their website as well as supply them a great article around a fascinating subject as well as in return, you would obtain the consent to add your internet sites LINK right into the post, which will certainly be uploaded on their web site.

This technique is really valuable as an internet search engine would certainly see your internet site as an authority website with a good quantity of quality websites connecting to it and offer relevant authority to increase its on-line rankings.

Be Social As well As Additionally Gotten In Touch With Your Target Market

The social network site is an outstanding resource of promotion today. On the other hand, it is additionally a great way to establish excellent customer relations. The social media pages additionally give internet site traffic to your website. Additionally, you likewise add your links from time to time, which are useful for developing backlinks. Your real estate Search Engine Optimization professional needs to have the ability to take care of the social media sites advertising part of your general technique.

The pictures, videos, as well as other kinds of things on social networks websites, can allure the visitors in the direction of your site. You can offer info regarding various aspects of building and also your solutions on the social networks website in an attractive manner. It boosts the internet site traffic on your website and also convinces the target markets to handle you.

Aid You Define The Keyword Expressions To Rate For

It is quite noticeable that realty is regularly city information. There are property agents who sell their own cities, whereas there are lots of others who give their services in lots of locations. As well as afterward you can deal with the keywords the city where you provide much less focus as compared to others. Besides, you also need to service some elements of neighborhood Seo such as interactive mapping. A realty Search Engine Optimization professional will collaborate with you to deal with geotargeting.

Make Certain You Are Active On Social Networks

There is a big market of prospective clients on social media sites, therefore, you need to be below, nevertheless, make certain you do it right. You just can not upload buy now pictures of your MLS listings rather mix it up, the very first thing you require to do is to provide something to the community and also develop a partnership. When you crack this, there will certainly be no quitting you. The most effective way to do so is to give support to the social media area and also show them the advantages and disadvantages of obtaining things done. Example: you can upload regarding just how to smartly do real estate financial investment or discuss things to do prior to you acquire a property.

By publishing points like these, you will certainly develop a trustworthy property profile for your business and also be being a property representative you would certainly know that depend on is every little thing. If your capitalist begins trusting you that's when they will certainly acquire anything. The 2nd part of being active on social media is to guarantee you publish at the ideal place and also use the right format when posting your content.

Your Internet Site Requires To Be Perfect

It would certainly be the one that delivers the ideal information the internet site visitor is searching for as well as does it in a faster means regardless of which tool they utilize. In order to do so, you need to ensure your internet site works with every gadget such as mobile, tablet computers also guarantee it works with every internet browser.

Consequently, when making an internet site guarantee your web developer produces a responsive website. The second action would be to accelerate your web site if a web site does not tons faster your internet site visitor would just strike the back button as well as go to the following web site. This is something that certainly requires to be avoided as a result ensure your internet site lots as rapidly as possible.

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Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by Car Dealer Seo Services. I would love to share thoughts on Social Media Marketing Services and Game Design Development etc.
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7 Myths About A Website For Your Small Business

7 Myths About A Website For Your Small Business
Websites are considered the visual and digital representation of a business’s product, services, and core values. In today’s digital age, almost all businesses of all sizes and nature have a website that is accessed by many people. However, many business owners, especially those who run a small business, have misconceptions about owning a website.

One of the misconceptions that many small business owners have about website ownership is that it is only fit for eCommerce business owners. Often, people who hold this notion are business owners themselves but of the brick-and-mortar kind. They don’t see the value of having a website and are happy to entice customers through word of mouth like they always have.

It is because of this myth that many small businesses in a small town, such as plumbing companies, retail stores, or medical clinics, have no web presence at all. What they don’t understand is that they are losing a significant share of their customers to the competition for not having a website. According to the latest statistics, 46% of search on Google is composed of people looking for a local business, and 80% of these local searches result in conversions.

It is not unusual for some business owners to get the wrong idea about having a website. There many common myths surrounding website ownership, but it does not have to be that way. To give you more insights, here are the key takeaways of the myth-busting infographic below from Landau Consulting, which shows some of the most common misconceptions about having a business website and will empower you with real wisdom so you can understand how to make your website work for your company.
  1. My business doesn’t need a website.
  2. Getting a website is expensive
  3. Once I have a website, I can cross it off my list.
  4. I am not technical enough to have a website.
  5. Having a website will make my business a target for hackers.
  6. Having a website will increase the spam in my email inbox.
  7. It will take months to get my website online.

Knowing these myths, you should do your own research about the type of website your business needs. If your business is in the Garden State, make sure to hire a reputable web development company in New Jersey in order to guarantee that your website will function exactly as you wish.

Want to learn more about these myths? Check out the full infographic below!
7 Myths About A Website For Your Small Business

Blockchain In Mobile Application Market

Blockchain In Mobile Application Market
Whenever a new technology evolves, the whole world talks about it. If the technology holds enough potential to meet the expectations then it will become unstoppable.

One such technology that shook the whole world is Blockchain Technology. Many statistics prove that this technology is applauded and loved all over the world. Many popular companies and industries eagerly watch the growth and studying the benefits of his technology thoroughly.

The unending benefits of this technology attracted many industries and one of them is ‘Mobile Application Market’. Many companies started investing in projects related to combining Blockchain in mobile applications.

This technology attracted people all over the world by showcasing its stunning features and security measures it takes to protect the user’s information. It was a part of almost all cryptocurrencies and played a major role in the success of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

There are several reasons behind making Blockchain universal, let’s talk about what they are and what made industries run after this innovative technology?

Cross-border Transactions

Cross-border transactions are one of the hottest topics in the financial sector and this payment came into existence after the arrival of the banking system.

Everyone at some point in time faced issues with sluggish transactions and people literally hated wasting their time. This was the situation when blockchain entered and made everything faster, easy and secure. It eliminated the need for middlemen and saved transaction charges of people.

Bringing Smart Contracts Into Transactions

If we talk about the achievements and potential of apps designed using this technology smart contracts come first in the list.

We all are aware of the fact that the whole world is running on tokenized securities, but everyone should know that smart contracts are the predecessor to security tokens.

In the future, we will see many applications developed using smart contracts and mainly in industries like business, healthcare, and sports.

Advantages Of Combining Blockchain Technology And Mobile Applications

With the implementation of blockchain in mobile applications, the following advantages can be achieved:
  • Blockchain plays a major role in resolving the issues of users.
  • It takes the advertising model to a whole new level.
  • With the execution of blockchain app transactions become more transparent.
  • Enhance reward programs to loyal users. has developed an infographic to give a detailed description and explain the advantages of Blockchain In the Mobile Application Market.
Blockchain In Mobile Application Market

Top 8 Pros & Cons Of Mobile UX Design

Pros & Cons Of Mobile UX Design
Trends in the Mobile UX/UI Style constantly maintain altering. Users promptly make a decision to switch to much better, faster and also simple tools to improve their UI experiences and to make like much easier. That is why designers are prioritizing the individual experience while making mobile applications to create a uniquely intuitive and comfortable UI, which no person has ever before observed before.

As well as, if the individual ever before obtains lost or obtains confused with the web site’s appearance and navigation, it simply indicates that the UI style has failed miserably to accomplish its primary purpose then you need to hire mobile UI designer. However, we constantly ask yourself why design fads of mobile app adjustment and what are the elements, which cause this modification. The reason behind this is that electronic development is having a significant influence on the sectors and also there is a significant development in the mobile devices market. Several mobile applications transform popular functions into our routine requirements. Furthermore, in the modern globe, people provide the choice to using their phones to resolve everyday jobs.

Top Pros And Cons Of Mobile UX Design

Receptive, or mobile websites work flawlessly for implementing outreach methods and also sustaining advertising and marketing or Public Relations projects. As a mobile website exceeds to a mobile application in matters of compatibility, access to, and also furthermore maintenance, it is a fantastic primary step to improve and also sustain your mobile marketing campaign. To examine your selection in between a mobile internet site along with a mobile application particularly, nonetheless, make it possible for's a review of the benefits of a mobile site in addition to its constraints.

Pros Of Mobile UX Design

1. Saves Time

As we know client testing is the thing just like to save your time. In many cases, it holds true, but you will see all the advantages in the long term perspective. The individual screening will show you what errors you have now. As well as if you do not discover blunders currently, you will locate them later on. However, later on, it will be much more challenging to repair them. Due to the fact that the more your item establishes, the more difficult and also longer it reaches uncover as well as fix troubles.

2. Conserves You Money And Complement As Well As Illuminate Various Other Data Points

Researching your individuals' actions will assist you to make research-backed, user-centered design decisions. Individual responses will stop you from making pricey growth mistakes as well as assist you to solve user's troubles more effectively. Usability screening can show you points that you did not even presume. You can find out that users do not pay attention to important parts of the touchdown web page. Without testing, you could have no concept that it can be a concern, but observing customers in action can expose why they're ignoring it.

3. Age Responsive Style

We have actually listened to and discussed responsiveness to a great level, and most of us know that when we say that a site is responsive, we mean that it provides the same great watching and also browsing experience regardless of the gadget it is watched on. Well, there is a new pattern in the offing-- age responsiveness. Quickly, we will see sites adapting their material, format, and also structure to a variety of customer ages. Equally, as a child, a young adult, and also an elderly person doesn’t view the very same programs on TV, they will certainly respond differently to the same material online-- be totally disinterested in some, and delighted regarding others.

4. Microinteractions Will Certainly Be More Crucial Than Ever

These are the bits of the task that a lot of us don't think much around-- unlike functions, which have a much bigger extent, and also consist of many customer stories. Microinteractions are easy, hardly take any kind of effort, and also, of course, short. Efficient micro-interactions go follow this routine:
  • Trigger - the visual signal that triggers the action
  • Policies - specify what takes place when a user takes action, and also in what details order
  • Feedback - the customer gets to confirm what takes place when they take a particular activity
  • Loop and Modes - the length of time the micro-interaction remains in play (does it stop promptly or repeat itself?).

Cons Of Mobile UX Design

1. You Will Most Likely Need Unique Devices

You may require special software or physical devices for conducting the screening, however, it depends upon an interface that you're examining. Usually, it occurs with a software program that's still under advancement. Making customers install and establish tools for introducing complex software programs can be a pain. And if you wish to perform on-line user testing, your individuals will require to have particular tools, and it can make recruiting needlessly difficult.

2. Privacy Issues

You're less in control of the physical atmosphere, and also you will not be able to stop users from taking screenshots or otherwise sharing what they are seeing. If the idea you're testing is brand-new, how can you prevent your rivals from taking it?

3. Examining Dubious Persons

Some individuals go on such occasions just for the money. They take a number of examinations, although among the criteria for traditional user screening is that you have not taken part in individual testing before (as it cheapens or changes your input).

4. The Significance Of Body Language

On-line testing is not appropriate for some kinds of looks. UX research has actually just recently started making use of eye-tracking researches. For such testing, your participants need to utilize the eye-tracking gadget. For various other studies, it is important to discover your individuals' physical movements, as well as it is not always simple to get this information with a fixed webcam. Psychology history plays a significant role in testing, as well as it helps to find out a great deal from translating a participant's body movement. This is shed entirely with on the internet screening.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Sunny Chawla is a Hiring Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency – best hire mobile UI designer. He specializes in helping with international recruiting, staffing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.

9 Tips To Save Printer Ink

9 Tips To Save Printer Ink
Printers are inexpensive, but printer ink is costly. Therefore, every business or home printer user wants to save a penny from these expensive consumables. Even they opt to change printer settings from time to time. This is really a fruitful job to save ink, but there are many other ways to reduce printer ink consumption. Using them will help you to release the burden of increasing printing costs. Let’s know the amazing 7 tips to save printer ink:

1. Buy Low Printing Cost Printer

While Buying a printer, you will see a number of models with the least cost stickers. But considering their after buying cost or recurring cost is the most important determinant. So, whether you are buying inkjet printers or laser printers cost always works in inverse proportion. Means higher the initial cost, lower will be maintaining cost. Therefore, if you need to spend some extra bucks to buy a printer, do not hesitate. It will save you from the hassle of replacing ink or toner cartridges frequently.

Make your printer research better by searching for all brands and models. Find out the most economical printer that consumes less ink compared to other models then buy. This will be your first and essential step toward saving printer ink cost.

2. Use Draft Mode While Printing

Changing the printer by default settings and setting draft mode helps to reduce printer ink consumption. This mode automatically changes printer resolution to 300dpi from 1200 or more! Now, whatever you will print will come in an economy mode which is perfect for day to day printing needs. If you need something important to print, change the printer settings and then go with higher resolution.

The draft mode can be under the “Toner Save” or “Economy” in printer properties. Implementing this tip will help you to bring noticeable printer ink and printing cost savings. Using draft mode means, you can also take printouts at a much higher speed than usual.

3. Ignore Low Ink Warnings

Modern printers are designed from the latest techniques. They keep on warning the user with low ink pop up notifications when ink reaches a minimum level. This is a warning signal that it's time to replace the ink cartridge. Indeed, these are alarming signals and alerts for the replacement but not an actual call to change cartridges now. As there is still some ink lies in the printer cartridge. Replacing means you are going to dump that leftover ink. Therefore, it is best to advise you to use the printer until it starts printing faded results. This is an actual call for replacement.

Keep in mind, even after first alert some printers print 20 to 200 printouts depending on the cartridge size and print requirements. So, do not miss a chance to print from the last drop of printer ink.

4. Change Font Type And Size

Font type and size are two important elements of increasing or decreasing ink usage. Therefore, it is essential to give importance to both these terms. For this, try to use EcoFont for printing text documents. This text contains small dots that are hard to see but saves ink. If you increase the size to 24 or more, you can easily see these microdots. This is a paid font style. But if you are looking for a budget-friendly font, choose Times New Roman or Arial. Both these are the best fonts to save ink and paper.

Font size has its significance. Therefore, set your text font size between 10 to 12, which is easily readable. Larger the font size means you need more space on paper and ink to print. Therefore, check your printing purpose and then choose the most readable font.

5. Inspect Document Twice Before You Print

If you want to cut printing costs, print only what is important. This will save ink, paper and time. Therefore it is essential to double-check your document before sending for printouts. Remove all bold fonts or replace them with regular ones. Check out, whether you need images or graphs mentioned in the documents or not. Previewing the documents before printing helps you to save printer ink.

If you are taking printout directly from the web, there will be a number of ads that come along with your command. All these printed pages are nothing more than a waste of time, money, paper and of course ink.

6. Check Software And Driver’s Settings

Most modern printers come with a user-friendly interface that allows you to access the printer from the system. This is called a printer driver. You either want to set specific commands or want to change printer settings, use these drives. Even you can set a specific format to recognize. Hence, we can also say this is a direct way of changing settings.

In the printer driver, you will see several options like page setting features, printing preference, ink saver mode, black and white printing and many more!! All will help you to achieve a low printer ink consumption target.

7. Use Relevant Paper As Per Print Quality

There are many paper types available in the market. One can choose from 60gsm to 160gsm. But all these papers are not to fulfill common printing needs. All have the specific purpose of printing. So, first of all, know about your printing purpose. Like if you need paper for regular printing to go with standard A4 size sheets. And if you want to print images, choose a glossy sheet to print attractive results.

Remember, the right use of paper helps you to save up to 47% of the paper compared to choosing the wrong paper according to weight. Therefore, ask your employees to check the printer manual to find the best paper.

8. Perform Weekly or Monthly Cleaning Functions

The cleaning printing machine is an important step to save printer ink. As per experts’ opinion, it will be good to clean weekly or bi-weekly your machine based on usage. This will improve ink circulation and clear all the clogged ink from nozzles. Cleaning also provides you with smooth colors on the print head.

In some latest printer models, there is an automatic cleaning function available. One just needs to give command and ink will be automatically removed. Of course, this will consume a little high ink ratio compared to manual but saves ink from clogging.

9. Print More In Black and White

If you need regular black and white text to print to meet day to day printing needs, it will be good to choose either monochrome printers or change printer settings. When you print in black, it will surely save ink. For example, if you give the command to colored ink cartridges to taking black and white printouts. Colored cartridges will surely consume more ink compared to single cartridges. So, always set your printer setting to draft or black ink mode. It will consume less ink and print more.

The above information helps you to save ink and toner cartridge. If you found this article useful, do not hesitate to share it with others. These tips will help them to reduce their printing cost.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Jack William is a marketing specialist from Wellington, New Zealand. He works as a Digital Marketer for Printzone, which is the biggest warehouse of Cheap Printer Cartridges, Hp Toner & Printer Inks. He also writes articles on technology and business for several online magazines and websites.

10 Business Blog Topics Your Audience Wants You To Write About

10 Business Blog Topics Your Audience Wants
In this article, we are going to share with you a few business blog post ideas to help you give your business blog a fresh life.

Undeniably, some people find blogging for their business a daunting task. It’s understandable; coming up with great compelling content for readers is no easy task.

You want to create content that your readers can connect to and establish yourself as an authority in your industry.

But where should you start? What kinds of topics should you write about?

Have you been blogging for a while but you aren’t seeing the needle moving? Or are you thinking of starting a blog for your business and want to make sure you get it right from the beginning?

Whatever the situation you are now, in this article, we are going to give you a list of business blog topics to help you get started in the right direction.

But before that…

Why Should You Have A Business Blog?

Blogging is fun. You can connect with your target audience, express yourself and share your views with your target audience easily with blogging than with other avenues.

First, having a business blog increases your chances of ranking better in search, by 434%. Besides, 60% of customers say that they are convinced to buy a product after reading a blog post about it.

But that’s not all; a HubSpot report suggests that businesses with blogs attract 55% more visitors than those without.

As you can see, there are tons of benefits for businesses with blogs.

We will show you that at the end of this article.

Let’s take a look at the 10 business blog topics your target customers want you to create content on as shared by, one of the best paper writing services out there.

1. Talk about Your Products or Services

According to AssignmentGeek, 79% of people on the internet spend 50% of their time researching products before making a purchase decision.

Educate your target audience about your products or services in your business blog. This way, customers can read and know whether they are a good fit or not. Make sure you describe what problems your products or services can solve and why they should buy from you instead of your competitors.

If you take a look at most companies that offer essay help, you will realize that they focus on showing students how seeking their services could boost their academic performance and speed up their turnaround time.

2. Post Video Presentations

Unlike in the past, these days creating great videos is just a click away. You can create video presentations about your products and services explaining every aspect of them.

Take advantage of the available tools and create interesting videos to publish in your business blog.

3. Create Content Based On A Survey You Conducted

Surveys are helpful to establish various aspects of different businesses. For instance, you could conduct a survey to establish why customers prefer researching products before buying and then use the information to come up with good blog topic ideas.

4. Write About Current Trends And Events

These days, things are changing faster than we can imagine. Trends come and go within a blink of an eye.

People are looking to stay ahead of what’s happening in the industry before the trend becomes obsolete. Research some current trends and write content about that.

5. Frequently Asked Questions

If you are operating your business on this earth, you must have plenty of questions asked by your followers, customers or people wanting to do business with you.

Generally, you want to answer your customers’ questions so that they can trust you and do business with you.

The good thing about creating a blog post about frequently asked questions is that you will never have to answer these questions in the future unless they are new ones. Take a look at how this blogger answers a list of blogging questions.

Just make sure you give good answers to the questions in one single and comprehensive post.

6. Review Articles

Also known as “Best of” articles, review articles are those talk about products sold by a particular business.

You must have stumbled upon articles with “ The Best Business Blogs”, “The Best Internet Service Providers”, “The Best Kitchen Knives”, etc.

When writing “review” or “best of” articles, you need to be as objective as possible. Don’t be salesy but focus on talking about the good and bad sides of every product you sell and how beneficial it is to customers.

7. Comparison Posts

In these types of blog posts, you compare one product(s) or service(s) or idea(s) against another. Just make sure you don’t focus more on selling but create great content that will make you stand out from the competition.

8. Interview Industry Experts

Industry experts have been through what you are going on at the moment. Whether you are running a drop shipping business or it’s a brick and mortar startup, these are the right people who can help with insider tips and strategies that are valuable to your target audience.

9. Write How-to/Tutorial Articles

People are searching online on how to do something. You could create YouTube how-to videos showing people how to do something they don’t know or come up with comprehensive blog posts that provide answers to customers searching for related information on the internet.

Take a look at how Elegant takes advantage of this technique to come up with a blog post on how to do advanced photo editing in the WordPress admin. In this blog post, Elegant describes in a step-by-step how users can edit photos in WordPress.

You could also come up with a comprehensive blog post on how to do anything possible.

10. Talk About Common Problems Customers Are Facing

Your business must be solving some types of problems customers have. You can talk about those problems and ask your followers to leave a word in the comment section. This way, you will get a grip of what content your target readers want you to write about in your future blog posts.

Note that, determining what business blog topics to write about can be challenging. Without careful considerations, you can end up writing on something that people have been reading over and over.

Look, according to essaybot, there are approximately 70 million new blog posts published on WordPress every month. What does this mean?

You MUST write content that people want to read, and not what you want them to read. So how do you come up with good topics for your business blogging?

Use the tips below.

Business Blog Topics: How To Come Up With Good Blog Topics

One of the burning questions we get when we advise businesses to start a blog is: What blog topics are good for our audience?

Many people have quit blogging for their businesses because of ignoring certain factors that help in the creation of great content.

To write high-quality blog posts that connect with your prospects, you must choose good business blog topics. Coming up with blog topics isn’t as challenging as many people think.

Follow the simple process we use to generate blog topic ideas.

Understand Your Target Audience

Unless it’s a personal blog, when you are blogging for your business, you must start by learning about your target customers. Start by finding out what is giving them sleepless nights. Make a list of the questions they ask and try to find answers to them.

Knowing what information your prospects are looking for could help you as you work toward giving them what they want.

Do Keyword Research

No content strategy is successful without keyword research. Keywords are those terms people type in search engines when searching for information on the internet.

Ideally, blogging helps in building brand awareness. It enables people to find content about the products you sell. So you want to target these searchers with certain phrases they are using. You can use Google Autofill and Auto Suggestion or take advantage of the available keyword research tools to know what keywords to target your audience with.

Study The Competition

Google’s goal is to serve its users with the best content that answers their search queries. And given that there are tons of blog posts published every day, you need to outrank your competitors.

Spy on your competition and find out what they are doing that you can do ten times better than them. Take advantage of the available tools to research your competitors as well here.

Create Compelling Headlines

Come up with headlines that people won’t hesitate to click. Your headline can convince readers to click or drive then away. Remember, the headline is what people see first before deciding to read the content inside or navigate away. Your headlines should be compelling and straightforward. Read what BuzzSumo learned after analyzing 100 million headlines here so you can get a grasp of what compelling headlines are.

If you have already been blogging:

Revive Your Old Posts

Skip this step if you are just getting started with blogging for business.

If you have been blogging for your business for a while, you can look into your old posts to see if there are certain aspects you haven’t covered yet in your industry. Changes do happen rapidly in all business sectors. You could either review your old posts or change a few aspects to reflect the latest trends in your industry.

Once you are done with your research, you can start creating your post by creating an outline making sure you cover all the important points and address your customers’ problems.

Over To You

So there you have it, 10 business blog topics to start writing about that actually attract more readers, convert leads and drive sales.

This is the exact information your audience is looking for before buying your products. Give them right that.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Michael Gorman is a professional blogger and resume writer from the UK. He currently works with pro essay writing service where he offers the best essay services. Gorman is also the author of edubirdie review. You can connect with him on Facebook or follow him on Twitter.