Five Tips To Add A Bit More Security To Your Front Door

Add A Bit More Security To Your Front Door
Home security is something nobody should compromise on. You aren’t just securing your home, you’re also securing your family and yourself. And the first thing towards making sure your home is secure is having a home security system.

But what happens after you get that home security system? You went ahead and got a video doorbell and smart lock, you set up surveillance cameras, and you have motion sensors in and around your home to make the most of things. Well, there are still things that you can be doing to add a touch of security.

Below, we’ll discuss five things that you can do to add security to one of the most vulnerable points of your home – your front door. They’re all things you can do yourself, and you can teach your kids and remaining family members to do, but make sure that they’ll be a lot more efficient if you have a good home security system.

Without wasting any more of your time, let’s take a look at five ways to add security to your front door.

Don’t Open To Just About Anyone

When someone knocks on your door or rings your doorbell, you should always check who it is first. If it is someone you don’t feel comfortable with, you don’t have to open the door to them. The door is basically a security barrier between you and the other person.

There are three ways to see who it is. The first one is to just ask. If you don’t have a way to see outside your home, you can always ask who’s outside before you open the door. However, you could also have a peephole or peephole camera that’s going to let you see who’s outside. Last but not least, using a video doorbell will allow you to do so without ever getting up from the comfort of your couch.

Don’t Open At All

You don’t really have to feel obliged to answer to whoever is knocking at your door. Sure, this is much easier if you have a home security system that allows you to see who it is. You don’t want to ignore someone that’s important, do you?

Sure, you could let them know someone is at home – you could have a loud conversation with someone else that they could clearly overhear, and instruct whoever is outside to just leave their information at the door. And something that’s pretty important is to tell your young children that they shouldn’t open the door when someone aside from the family comes to visit – this should only be done by an adult.

This is one of the reasons why it’s advised to have a video doorbell or a peephole camera on your door. They allow you to check who’s outside the door and choose whether you want to answer or not, and you don’t even have to be at home. Such devices are connected to the internet, and as such, allow you to see what’s happening from wherever you are – all you need is your smartphone.

Always Ask For Identification

This does relate to the first tip we spoke about, but it’s still something that is extremely important, especially if your kid is about to open the door, for example. They should always ask who is outside the door, something that’s easy to do if you have a video doorbell with two-way audio, for example. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that there are a lot of door-to-door scams that will end up with some kind of problem.

You should also try to verify that the person outside is who they are claiming to be. If, for example, they claim to be a representative for a company, you could always call that company and check with them whether or not they sent someone. It’s actually okay to make them wait for a minute while you check. If they’re who they say they are, that won’t be a problem.

Always Make Your Home Look Occupied

This is something that’s possible with home automation or an interactive security system. With home automation and smart devices, you can control your appliances with your smartphone, so from the outside, it looks like there are people at home. You can leave lights on, you can leave your TV on, so whoever is outside thinks there are people at home.

Never Show That You’re Alone, or That Nobody Is At Home

If someone is casing your home for a break-in at some point in the future, you should never indicate when your home is empty, or when you’re alone at home. Try to make it look like there’s someone else at home as well, and never share a schedule that shows, for example, at what time you’re at work.

5 Mobile App Development Trends You Cannot Ignore In 2020

Mobile App Development Trends You Cannot Ignore
Technology and trends, the two terms that go side by side. If you are new in the field of mobile app development, that's great as you can start building your app from scratch, incorporating the top technologies. However, if you are among the larger part of the population and have been creating apps for years, you would need to redesign them, in a way that they stand abreast of the current trends.

Though it is very easy to say that you need to align your mobile apps with ongoing trends, the process is glaringly arduous. The first and most important thing is to identify what are the trends that would justify the functioning of your app.

The fact that the industry today is flooded with trends, knowing which one would benefit your business is important. Well, you don't need to worry about this process. We are here, ready to help. This article is specifically designed to help you identify the different trends in mobile app development.

Before getting into the details, we would give a heads-on on why go after mobile app development?

Mobile App Development - Emergence Of A Digital Era

The proliferation of the internet has modified the way people live, walk and talk. The concept of on-demand apps and the gig economy further accelerate the pace at which the modern-day users use smartphones.

Apparently, there are more than 2.7 million active smartphone users. Further, it is expected that the total revenue earned through mobile apps would cross the mark of $581.9 billion by the end of 2020.

Wow, that's a huge figure.

The above suggests that mobile app development opens up the door from newer avenues giving entrepreneurs the ease to expand and grow along with the app. As mobile apps turn out to be quintessential equipment for the users, it lays endless growth opportunities for the business leaders to promote their products and services and reach out to the desired network in a matter of clicks.

Mobile apps have the power and potential to make and break a brand. If designed in the right way and implemented using the right strategy, a mobile app can aid the growth of the business. So, if you are wondering what to do and how to reach out to a mobile app development company, share your requirements and leave the rest up to them.

In case, you want to be the guiding one and draft the technologies that you plan to embed within your mobile app, stick to the article.

Top 5 Mobile App Development Trends

Development trends keep changing and so does the user expectations. To make sure that your app is not the one that sits silently in the app tray instead of falls among the apps that users frequently use, you need to keep your app equipped with recent technological trends.

No, you need to stuff your app with every other technology. What you need to do or should do is analyze the different trends and come up with the one that, according to you, will benefit your business actions. If you aren't sure which technologies to look for, don't worry. This article covers the top five mobile app trends you cannot ignore in 2020.

Artificial Intelligence As A Service

Ok, we are accustomed to the idea of artificial intelligence but what is AI as a service?

Without a doubt, artificial intelligence has hit the digital world hard. From embedding automation to connecting devices with IoT and other devices, artificial intelligence has come a long way. Definitely, artificial intelligence lays the enormous potential for organizations to grow and expand their business. However, employing the same isn't feasible for all.

Small scale organizations find embedding AI solutions a lot more hefty and money-draining. This is where AI as a service pops in. Instead of building AI solutions from scratch, SMEs can purchase AI models and then integrate them into their mobile apps.

AI as service in mobile apps help app developers with the following:
  • As chatbots
  • As a support assistance
  • As prediction tools

Depending upon what your mobile app is, you can embed the above and enhance the functionality of your mobile app.

Android Instant Apps

There aren't many apps that a user engages with on a daily purpose. In fact, only a handful of apps are the ones that are used on a frequent basis. Under such a situation, if your mobile app is huge in size and consumes a lot of space, odds are none would download the same.

Of course, you wouldn't want to develop an app that none uses. So, what needs to be done?

Well, there is this excellent trend started by Google and is called as Android instant apps. These apps are so designed that users would not need to download the app. As an initial user of the app, they can simply click on it and use it on the go.

Later, when required they can download the app. Such a trend gives users the ease to try your app before downloading. This further instills a sense of trust among the users, making it easier to promote products and branding the app.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated mobile pages are like the web version of the mobile app with the only difference being the fact that they are lighter in size and faster to load. AMP is the simple HTML version and gives developers the ease to create mobile-friendly pages on the go.

Creating accelerated mobile pages is beneficial considering the point that your page takes lesser time to load and will respond to users' requests in the shortest possible time. This in a way enhances the user experience, improvises the page visibility, keeps your users engaged with the site and further accelerates the ROI.

Internet Of Things

Another fascinating trend is the adoption of IoT within mobile apps. The ease to connect devices and control them through apps is what IoT does for all. Imagine you moved out of the house and forgot to switch off the lights. So, what now? Traveling back to the house just to switch off the lights isn't feasible, right? Well, you cannot leave them on and waste electricity.

Definitely, this is a crucial issue and that's where the concept of IoT pops in. IoT systems are designed that they can control all devices connected via them. Irrespective of the industry you target, IoT apps are the talk of the town.

In case, you have been wondering where to start your mobile app development, investing in IoT based apps is a good place.


Another highly successful trends in the are of mobile app development is that of wearables. Though the healthcare industry is one benefit from the same, the application isn't restricted to the same.

From smartwatches to fitness bands, smart rings, and health trackers, wearables are everywhere. The total production of wearable devices in 2019 summed up to $33 billion. With the onset of yet another year, this number is only going to rise. As many as the devices, the same number of apps would be needed.

So, if you have been waiting to kick start your app development industry, starting with the wearables would serve your purpose best.

Final Word

While there are more to be added in the list, the above were the top five that are expected to rule the mobile app development industry in 2020. In case, you have been struggling to find the top trend before developing an app, it's time you made the call and gave headway to your career.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Nikhil Bansal is the CEO and Founder of Apptunix, a leading Mobile Game Development Company helping businesses in streamlining their processes with powerful and intuitive mobile apps. With extensive experience in iOS app development, he has established himself as a highly-focused Solution Architect and UX expert, the one who is always ready to make efforts in the direction where technology blends with lives.

Top 10 Useful Tips For WooCommerce Users

10 Useful Tips For WooCommerce Users
WooCommerce is the most prevalent plugin development for any WordPress improvement just as the greatest name in the E-commerce industry. WooCommerce is a huge network that gives different additional items to make your site incredible, yet there are numerous e-commerce website development that gives you an intense challenge by giving different offers and limits to clients. Presently the inquiry is the means by which you can make your online business store more dominant that enhances your conversations, sale, and generally imperative to attract clients.

In case you're looking to dispatch your own online store, WooCommerce is an extraordinary decision to create your business with. Combined with WordPress, WooCommerce is a hearty and adaptable system that puts a scope of integral tools available to you to sell your services and products the manner in which you need. Also, it unquestionably doesn't hurt that this full-highlighted, extendable and generally bolstered plugin is allowed to begin with and that there are huge amounts of incredible themes for it on ThemeForest, plugins on CodeCanyon, and more.

There are several features in the core plugin which prove to be very powerful and useful options to empower with regards to profitability and functionality tips to make it effective. The potential for Wordpress Ecommerce Development provides you a good platform as the excellence of WooCommerce either as a developer or store owner to create great things. So, the more to empower the function of the platform, the more you can be benefited from it!
Web Hosting

Top Useful Tips For WooCommerce Users

Consider The Navigation Of Your WooCommerce Store

A flat site architecture abbreviated the number of clicks a client should perform to arrive at their ideal goal, and it's an entirely well-known model. Simply see popular online stores, for example, ASOS or West Elm to regard what we suggest-- they undoubtedly reveal links to their most widespread web pages in addition to any type of brand-new or incredibly essential content. With the assistance of this leveled, consolidated menu structure the number of clicks between the homepage and one of the most profound layers is enormously decreased. So the site visitor of your eCommerce shop will certainly locate the required web page effectively. Furthermore, this navigation model is an amazing technique to improve your SEO since it makes your site simpler for internet search engine robots to wriggle too.

Utilize Great Photos

Getting extraordinary photos of your products are a significant advance towards getting your clients to peruse through and in the end purchase from your store. Source great shots, or orchestrate to have engaging photos of your products taken with the goal that clients can see the details and finish of your products, and if conceivable, see them in real life as well. If a client visits an item page, they unquestionably need to see the thing, so demonstrate it to them. Utilize big pictures on product pages, and incorporate shots from numerous points.

Actualize a lightbox plugin that enables clients to focus on singular pictures and cycle through numerous pictures so they're in complete control. In case you're organizing to have your products shot, guarantee that they are captured with a consistent style, setting and lighting conditions. This will enable clients to look at items on your site effectively and precisely choose what they like best.

Make Useful Content

As an online business catering to your particular market, you and your organization have an extraordinary experience to share. From the procedures you've set up to guarantee the best quality products to connect with clients to find out about their needs, all that you experience in getting ready for action your store can shape the establishment of your brand blog. From that point, you can expand upon your blog content by discussing what your brand depends on, what your clients are into and how they can get generally out of your items.

Make Products Visible With Groups As Well As Subcategories

When it comes to WooCommerce pointers, this is such a fundamental however feasible one. You will certainly be surprised! Among the most popular errors individuals make when creating a WooCommerce store that they overlook to include classes as well as subcategories. At the point when a client visits your store, it is likely they'll need to sort things during their search and classifications give a quick method to them to do that. Furthermore, you can utilize the subcategories to additionally limit results.

Extraordinary Copy Goes A Long Way

An online store isn't only an assortment of products and a checkout page: it's likewise a grandstand for your one of a kind brand, and that is the thing that clients will have the option to interface with. Use copy with a reliable manner of speaking to tell your brand’s story and hotshot your personality your About page, in your product descriptions and in integral content like your blog and help pages.

Try To Include Live Search

With it, opportunities will certainly have the choice to seek out the most widespread and also considerable search engine result of your eCommerce page continuously quickening the on the internet purchasing procedure. You can furthermore include this attribute to any website using the WooCommerce Item Search growth, or by selecting a subject that as of now integrates this component like the ShoppyStore theme.

Connect Regularly With A Newsletter

Email newsletters have been around for a very long time, they're as yet a favorite method of communication among marketers who need to arrive at clients with news about products, offers, and occasions. Email marketing is an incredible method to secretly impart valuable data to clients who are keen on your brand, with the additional advantage of having the option to follow the reaction from your audience—when they decide to unsubscribe, which joins they click on, and how frequently your emails are sent.

Increment Visibility With SEO

As an online business, it's basic to guarantee that your website and products can be found effectively by clients on search engines. Making a couple of steps towards optimizing your site content for search engines to appropriately list your store will help improve your positioning on list products and acquire more visitors. Perhaps the best thing you can do is utilize an exhaustive SEO plugin like WordPress SEO by Yoast, which enables you to effortlessly include keywords, meta descriptions, enhanced permalinks.

Make Sure To Improve Content Internal Linking

Interior linking has consistently been an absolute necessity for any triumphant online business. The thought is that visitors to your website read one blog site post as well as click the web links to other related blog posts. Regardless, today we are reviewing WooCommerce areas clearly, as well as this is another routine error of eCommerce website owners.

Offer A Helping Hand

Client support is an essential piece of running an online store. It's not just about dealing with issues with delivery and refund, yet additionally about helping clients discover products they need and making them feel great shopping on your site. The least demanding approach to begin is to respond to the most well-known inquiries customers normally have, for example, those concerning shipping pricing and policies, returns, and assurances.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by Magento Ecommerce Development Services. I would love to share thoughts on Social Media Marketing Services and Game Design Development etc.
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5 Strategies To Take Your Podcast Recording To The Next Level

Take Your Podcast Recording To The Next Level
Recording your podcast is a skill that falls under the broader scope of audio recording.

Although you may not need some of the more advanced skill sets required in pro audio recording, you must have some decent knowledge of basic stuff at least.

Either you’re just recording the podcast or you are also doing a video alongside, your audio quality goes a long way in shaping your audience’s experience.

When you put out a podcast, there are two things you want. You want people to find and listen to your good podcasts.

You also want people who have listened to always come back for more. No matter how good your content is, if your audio quality is subpar, you will have a hard time keeping a loyal listening audience.

Here are 5 strategies you can apply to take your podcast recording to the next level:

1. Consistency Is The key

There are a number of things you can do to get better results. But none of those will work unless you are committed to applying them over and over.

Consistency is of great importance. You may be wondering what exactly you need to be consistent with. The answer is simple: Every element of your learning process.

There was a time you probably didn’t know the first thing about podcasting, but here you are, trying to take your recording skills to the next level.

What changed?

You learned something. There are various avenues that you can explore to learn everything you need to know, and some are even free.

Take YouTube as an example. You have different podcasters that do reviews, product comparisons, and unboxing videos of different podcasting gear.

Simply watching these guys can have a tremendous impact on the quality of your work. However, you have to be consistent with it. It may be a little hard at the beginning, but once you master it, it’ll be so easy afterward.

The best thing about being consistent is that you may not even notice how you’ve improved, but after some time, you suddenly realize how far you’ve come. Therefore, be consistent with learning, and see the amount of progress you will make.

2. Organize Your Workflow

This saves you a lot of time and energy. Have a defined work pattern.

There’s a huge mistake that some podcasters make while recording, especially when they have some knowledge of audio editing.

They just do the recording without any prior planning or thoughts, since it will be edited after recording. This is not a very good approach, and the reason is simple; your podcast will not sound natural.

For every single podcast I listen to, I feel like I have an idea of who the podcaster is. That’s how personal podcasts can be.

If you can manage to connect with your audience this way, there’s no telling how big your career can get. You cannot get this level of connection when your podcast does not sound natural.

It’s best to have a very good recording and make it better by editing, than having a recording that sucks and try to fix it while editing.

Organize your process such that nothing gets in the way while you’re recording. Set everything up so that your mind can be focused while you have good takes.

3. Keep Things Simple

Learn to take things one step at a time. I know you’re eager to sound like a pro podcaster who has been doing this for over a decade, but sometimes you just need to chill!

This is important in every aspect of podcasting; Buying new gear, setting up your space, and the actual recording process.

You really don’t need to buy radio station grade gear when you’re just starting out. Chances are you don’t even know what to do with them yet. Expensive gear will be useless if you don’t have the skill level required to use them well.

Also, you need to be efficient with everything you have at your disposal; equipment, space, time and any other thing available to you.

Always remember that your goal is for your listeners to hear and understand everything you are trying to communicate. Anything outside of this is extra and should be treated as such.

4. Use A Good Mic

Like I mentioned earlier, you must treat your recording equipment like they’re the most important gear, because they are really are.

The first non-human element in your recording chain is the microphone. If there’s any hitch at this point, there’s little or nothing you can do to salvage such a situation. This is why it’s important to use a good mic for podcast recording.

What makes a good podcasting mic?

First, the inbuilt mic in your laptop is not good enough to use for recording your podcast. It just won’t cut it.

You will need to get a good external podcasting mic for the job. Fortunately, you do not have to break the bank to get a decent mic. Of course, you can upgrade as you get more following.

The truth is that there’s a reason why expensive mics are expensive, and when you choose to go for an upgrade, you will hear the difference in sound quality.

For many devices, the higher the price, the easier it gets to use them. For microphones, it’s the opposite. high-end mics usually need professional handling to serve you better.

In fact, if you’re using a very expensive mic, chances are you’ll have to fix your room acoustics too. So, the more sophisticated the mic, the more skill is needed to use it effectively.

5. Room Acoustics

This is also an important part of your recording because the quality of your room acoustics can directly affect your podcast recording quality.

Here’s how: The room where you record your podcasts has walls, right?

When you talk, the sound travels through the air and hits the walls. The sound then bounces off the wall and comes back into the mic or any other structure on its path.

To have a quality podcast recording, all you need to do is control the amount of reflection in your immediate recording space.

You can do this by placing acoustic panels on any immediate hard surface around. The amount of acoustic treatment that you’ll need depends on the type of podcast you run.

If it’s just you talking, you may not need so much; just an acoustic screen will do. However, if you are recording the conversation of two or more people, you need a more expansive plan, because there is a greater tendency or room reflections.


If you are a podcaster already and you seem to be having cold feet, you must know that this is the time to really buck your ideas up.

The relevance of audio has soared in recent times, and audio content has never been more sought after, as stand-alone content.

Before now, audio mostly played a supporting role to other content. This is why it’s important to have good quality podcast recordings. It would be really cool if, in the future, people checked out your old stuff and they sound good.

10 Reasons Your SEO Is Not What It Could Be

10 Reasons Your SEO Is Not What It Could Be
Here’s the thing, SEO works wonders for a business if applied carefully, carried out with effort, and made effective with the use of right SEO tools. Your SEO strategy is not failing because Google keeps updating new algorithms. This also means that something is missing in your SEO strategy and to fix the same either you can look for the mistakes or read the possible reasons behind SEO failure as mentioned below.

You Are Using Outdated Strategies

SEO is not constant. It will change every day and marketers will look for new strategies to rank their business on the top. First, because Google is updating new things every day and the algorithms ensure that only the deserving candidate grabs the first position. So, if you think that your SEO strategies are failing constantly, take a good look at the tactics you are using and make sure they are not outdated.

Here are some outdated SEO strategies that you might be still using:

1. Writing For Search Engines

Content marketing is an integral part of the SEO world and without it, no campaign can survive. So, revise all your content writing strategies. See if your website has high-quality content with added value. Google ranks value-driven content. Leave promotional content for the advertisements. Update blogs and add the latest information to it. In addition to this, ensure that you are addressing the requirements of your customer’s through the content on your website. Leave the search engine algorithms aside and write for your customers.

2. Keyword Stuffing

Yes, keyword stuffing worked ages ago but now the algorithms are smart. They know what you are trying to achieve with the help of keyword stuffing. In fact, in my personal opinion keyword-stuffed content is bad content because it lacks value. So, stop stuffing your content with keywords right away.

3. Article Spinning

Anything generated by a machine, especially content is far less valuable than the one created originally. So, make sure you stop using spinning machines for generating content on your website. It is also vital to note that AI is gradually growing and Google is smart enough to identify spun content from original content.

4. Buying Links

A few years ago it was okay to pay and get maximum high-quality links pointing at your website. However now we know that low-quality domain links pointing to several websites including yours is not a good SEO practice. Google is smart enough to identify websites that are sending or receiving poor quality links. In recent times websites with earned links are valued more than the ones who pay someone to build links for them.

Your Target Keywords Have Less Volume

If most of your target keywords do not receive maximum search volume, it is quite possible that most of your SEO strategies may fall flat. You are better off using target keywords with maximum search volume. To do the same revisit all the pages and see which keyword needs improvisation. Then revamp all your content and optimize your content using those keywords. Also, you have to remember that there is no point in creating 5,000 words content when nobody is searching for it. So, make sure you optimize your content with keywords with a good amount of search volume.

Your Anchor Text Is Excessively Optimized

This is another common mistake that most marketers tend to make. Although over-optimizing is a very vague term in SEO. However, it is always a good idea to use a considerable amount of keywords in the anchor. Enough to make your website rank and suitable to not let Google believe that you are using your SEO strategies for manipulation. A good example of this would be using different text for the anchor text and different for the URL.

You Are Not Using Social Media

It is 2020 and not using social media to build your SEO campaign is a mistake. Google is giving importance to businesses with social media presence and relatively high user authority. This means that you are missing out on all the social shares and an opportunity to build a great campaign with the help of social media. Not only this but as of April 2019, about 24% of the searches are controlled by Bing and social media is the top reason for direct ranking. So, if you are thinking about why your SEO is not working. Perhaps it is high time that you start using social media giants like Instagram and Facebook to build a good SEO campaign.

You Have A Competitive Niche

It is okay to get on the top and be ahead of your competitors. But SEO is tricky. Even if you are ranking on the top and it has taken years for you to reach a well-established ranking, it might not be enough. Here’s why. First and foremost, you might think that SEO is not a strategy to grow in a particular market. This, in turn, is falsy because you will still need SEO to build a quality-driven website and offer excellent user experience. So, for such businesses, you need to think that SEO is the platform to build success. However, ensure that you are not using SEO as the only key to success. This way you will be able to create a list of loyal followers which is sometimes more viral than creating leads.

You Are Not Using Analytics To Track Your Performance

You will never know where you stand until you start using Google Analytics to track your performance. So, before you do anything else set up website analytics. You can set up Google Search Console and Google Analytics and use it to get all the information you need. This way you have an idea about what is not working and what is actually working for your website. Once you set up Google Analytics make sure you are tracking all the elements of your website. For Example, the source of traffic, Interaction on each section of the web page, visitor’s conversion, page views, bounce rate and visitors time. All this will help you optimize your website for the best. But if you feel that only professional help can save your business, try Abbotsford SEO and let the SEO experts work for you.

5 Key Factors When Launching Your First SEO Campaign

Key Factors When Launching Your First SEO Campaign
Running your business entails a lot of processes. It's not only about the inventory, finance, and customer service. But also how to market your enterprise. Some business owners may have a team of marketing experts, but at the end of the day, they still decide on what should be marketed.

As technology goes on and advances every day, business owners have to go along with it to keep their businesses alive. Now that we are in an era where everything is seen online, it is important for business owners to build an online presence. Being online is the new way to market a business.

There are different ways to deal with digital marketing, from hiring an influencer to using social media. But one particular marketing strategy that is difficult to manage is known as SEO marketing.

If a business wants to launch a successful SEO campaign, it only requires more practice and careful step by step instructions to follow.


Before knowing how to launch a successful SEO campaign, let us define what is SEO. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process that increases a website's traffic and ranking on a search engine. The higher your ranking is, the more organic traffic is entering your website.

Gaining a lot of organic traffic to your website is helpful for the success of your business.

Now you have an idea of what is SEO. It’s time to know how to launch your first SEO campaign.


Jumping right into making a website and then launching a campaign sound easy, but it’s not. Before knowing what content you need, how you are to market your content and gain traffic to your website, you have to know more about your market.

Do some research as to who you want to cater to your content. You can gather a lot of information online to help you build your campaign.

Always take into consideration your target audience because they are the ones who’ll be able to increase the exposure of your business.

In order not to be overwhelmed by this, you can start by answering these questions.
  • Who is my target audience?
  • How can I provide what they need or what do they need?


Now you have an idea who you want to target your content to, it’s time to jump into Google’s most important SEO factor, keywords.

What Are keywords?

Keywords are words or phrases you use in your campaign or content to make your website visible to the users. Google patterns these keywords to a user’s language, which means how they use words when they search online.

Optimizing the right keyword for your niche’s website can help your website grow by gaining organic traffic and rising on Google’s ranking.

Now how are you supposed to know what keyword/s are best for your product or website? Conduct research, as always.

There are many ways or apps you can use to search for the right keyword. You can search it using Google’s Keyword Planner, Moz’s Keyword Explorer, or more. These tools help you decide what keyword can help you in your campaign.

For long-tail keywords, you can use KWFinder.


Whatever business you are planning to start, you’ll always have a competition for your audience’s attention. That’s why thorough research to know who your competitors are and what they are doing will get you one step further ahead.

Finding out about your competitors help you make decisions for your campaign.

Here’s why you should do some research:
  • It lets you know what your competitors are doing. If your competition is bigger names in the industry, it’s difficult to compete with them, especially on the keywords they use. Instead, you can try to find ways on what that they are not doing.
  • It gives you an idea of what to offer your audience. If you know what your competitors are up to you can also figure out what they are not delivering. Providing something that your competitors are not, can get you more traffic.
  • You’ll know how they manage their SEO.
  • You can use tools like SEMRush to do some competitive research.


Now, this is where all your research goes to. After knowing your market, the keywords you need, and what your competitors are up to, it’s time to put them all together to build your campaign.

SEO Audit

Auditing the technical SEO aspect of your website helps your website rank higher on Google. SEO auditing is checking how well your website is performing and what aspects you have to fix to help grow your website.

In SEO audit, you get to check your page’s URL, meta titles and descriptions, accessibility of your website, what the search engine can crawl into, and if it’s mobile-friendly, and a lot more.

There are tools you can use to help you manage these SEO technicalities on your website. Some helpful tools are Robots.txt, XML sitemaps, Google Console, and more. There are specific tools to use to manage each concern of your site.


As much as the technical aspect of SEO is important, you also need great content. Great content drives traffic to your site.

Here are things to take into consideration when producing good quality content.
  • Long Content: Before, the amount of content doesn’t matter, but now Google rank’s website's higher when the content is more than 1800 words.
  • Add Images or Videos: The digital world is becoming more and more visual. People prefer to look at a blog post with images or videos included than a 2000-word article with nothing to see. No matter how informative your content is, when it only contains words, people will not be interested and leave your page.
  • Visual contents are easier and entertaining, and hence, blogs with added images or videos have 94% more views.
  • Produce Authoritative Content: It’s easy to do what others are doing, but it’s not an effective way to have a successful SEO campaign. You must produce content that has a unique voice, and one that is written by an expert.
  • Google prioritizes E.A.T., which stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. Google wants to provide a safe space for users when searching the internet. That’s why when making your SEO campaign be sure that your content contains helpful and real information for your readers.


Just like good content, high-quality backlinks help rank a website. A backlink is when one website links another website to help them increase their Google ranking. Therefore, take into consideration how you are to find ways to look for good websites for link building.

Here are ways you can get backlinks:
  • Email Outreach: Done by sending out personalized emails to websites you think that has authority.
  • Guest Posting: This is done by writing posts related to a website's niche, and they link back to your website.

On-Page Optimization

After producing helpful and high-quality content, it’s time to check on your on-page optimization. For your on-site optimization, there are many things you need to handle, such as the URL, outbound and internal links, and the use of keywords on the title and the first part of your content.

You can hire an SEO expert to take care of your on-page SEO if you cannot manage or have no idea about it.


If you think the moment you launch your campaign is the end of a successful SEO marketing strategy, think again. SEO marketing is a never-ending cycle. You always have to stay updated on what new things would be coming out. You have to check if your campaign is working or not, and if there are changes you have to do to grow your business.

Staying on track or following what’s happening on your website is part of a successful marketing strategy. You can use tools such as Google Analytics to find out if your campaign or website's performance is doing well.


Now you know what are the key factors you need to consider when launching the perfect SEO campaign. Get into it carefully and build a successful website or business with these steps.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
John Ocampos is an Opera Singer by profession and a member of the Philippine Tenors. Ever since, Digital Marketing has always been his forte. He is the Founder of SEO-Guru, and the Managing Director of Tech Hacker. John is also the Strategic SEO and Influencer Marketing Manager of Softvire Australia - the leading software eCommerce company in Australia and Softvire New Zealand.

Difference Between A Blogger And A Writer

Difference Between A Blogger And A Writer

A blogger creates blogs and a writer writes. All writers can be bloggers, but not all bloggers are writers. Ultimately, they are both storytellers that excel in putting thoughts into words. The writer has been around since the beginning of civilization, whereas the blogger was born somewhere in the 2000s.

Web Hosting

Literary Differences

Writers are literary experts and bloggers are proficient with digital media tactics. The majority of famous bloggers in the world were writers, to begin with, so there is a fair chance that you are both. Traditionally, writers were associated with fine paper print in the form of books and newspapers. At present, online platforms are the preferred medium for everything, and prose often falls into the hands of bloggers.

Writing demonstrates decorum, following certain laws and regulations. These include basic language rubrics of grammar, sentence structure, and spelling. Writers are generally required to write in 3rd person and shun expression of any personal opinions. Bloggers, on the other hand, are encouraged to write in 1st person and share personal experiences. Blogging is meant to be conversational and is, therefore, more freestyle as compared to conventional writing.

The Fundamentals

Good writing is all about being creative and employing a lot of variation in vocabulary to prevent repetition and monotony. The purpose is to keep the reader interested until the very end and make the narrative memorable. The utilization of hefty words and correctly composed run-on sentences is great. Details are important because the reader should be able to build an image around your words.

Good blogging mainly concerns using the best keywords and optimized placement of those keywords. The goal is to achieve a high SEO score so that search engines favor you. The written content is supposed to be brief and simple. Replace the run-ons with short sentences and forget the details because nobody has time for that. The blogger’s audience likes to skim rather than read. In addition, your blog needs to be as interactive as possible, so it is best to include all the relevant visuals you can. Nobody is going to enjoy your blog if it is just plain text, no matter how well written it may be.

Freedom Of Speech

The most successful bloggers are good at photography, video shooting, podcasting, Photoshop, and video editing. They also possess knowledge of publishing through WordPress and other platforms on the World Wide Web. As a respectable writer, several blogs you come across will defy the norms of literature. The way they are drafted could make you cry and urge you to hire an attorney to get them executed. The blogger might use a lot of slang, superficial terms sprouting from the urban dictionary, and occasionally curse words. They indeed have the liberty to show true colors in their writing.

Bloggers that are part of a group or organization may be subject to some restrictions and instructed to follow a specific format. Nonetheless, whatever they produce rarely goes through thorough editing. Most blogs are acceptable if they are free of plagiarism, and contain all the necessary keywords. The quality of content is seldom a priority and on average 500 words is good to go. Individuals running personal blogs are more compassionate towards content because they are trying to develop a fan base.

Both writers and bloggers may write for the sake of money, or simply for satisfying the soul. Introverts are normally better at writing because that is how they choose to unwind themselves, as opposed to speaking out loud like your regular extrovert.

Writer To Blogger

Writers who evolve into bloggers may undergo stress at the beginning because they have to change habits. One of the common problems is forsaking passive voice and maintaining an active voice throughout the journal. Any stiffness has to go for bringing a casual tone to the blog. They have to write as if they are talking to a friend, and sometimes that is too far off their comfort zone.

Traditional writers appreciate privacy and like to tell a story without revealing anything about themselves. They may incorporate personal attributes or beliefs in a number of their fictional characters, but no one knows that. The majority uses a pseudo name in publications and keeps their personal lives a secret.

Modern bloggers are different and want their readers to know them personally. As sharing personal experiences is the standard, they do not hesitate to provide genuine illustrations of the story. It is common practice to include pictures with friends and families. Most blogging sites provide links to author bios, which is a separate web page dedicated to personal information about the blogger. This does not mean that everything the blogger says about themselves is true. They can pose as somebody that will resonate with a bigger audience or gain more publicity.

Content Backing

Writing is either based on facts or is an entire work of fiction. Blogging covers practical topics, but the content is independent of any sources/evidence. Whether the blogger is reviewing a product or providing guidelines to do something, what he/she says shall merely express a subjective point of view or experience. I am not saying that bloggers spread false information, but it is hard to identify the notorious ones. Many bloggers do take the time to research anything they want to write about and create extremely useful online content. These people make our lives easier by providing genuine data, effective solutions, and remarkable ideas.

Wrapping Up

Writing is a good way to make a living, but the struggles are real. Whether you choose to be a conventional writer or blogger, money and fame will not come to you overnight. You can expect to be working free of cost for a very long time or receive countless rejections. As paper and ink publishing is getting out of date and the attention span of people continues to diminish, blogs are becoming more popular.

Books do get published in digital form and paperback, and still, have power over a massive audience. Nonetheless, the bulk of the population only praises the stories after they have been adapted into a major motion picture. Writers are in high demand in the entertainment industry, because films and dramas require extensive scripts. Bloggers are fundamental to several industries, mainly marketing, entertainment, and technology.

4 Ways To Get The Best Results In PPC For 2020

4 Ways To Get The Best Results In PPC
Pay Per Click advertising which is more popularly known as PPC is undeniably one of the most effective ways of online marketing. From the past decade, marketers are using different ways to get the best results in PPC every year.

For many people, December is alias busy month of the year. most of the people go on vacation and pay less attention to their business. This is the time when PPC marketers need to prepare something new and effective for the coming year.

According to the marketers, there are four effective ways that can be used to get the best results in PPC this year. If you are interested in knowing those days, read the blog until the end.

1. Data Studio

You must know that there is a way through which you can connect your data sources directly to your reporting. It's Google’s Data Studio which came into existence in 2016. It has improved with time. Therefore, every marketer must use Data Studio.

If you are among those people who still report to your customers and executive by the way of Excel sheet, Data Studio is a must to have things for you!

Not only the reports made in Data Studio gives a great look, but they are also a good time saver. You can easily customize all your reports according to the choice and preferences of your customers and executives. And whenever you want to update the data, it can be done in seconds by simply changing the range of date.

Moreover, reports are automated so the chances of errors in data entry are also reduced.

2. Google Ads Scripts

Google ads scripts are newer gab Data Studio. With the help of Google ads scripts, you can automate usual procedures or make interaction with external data through the use of JavaScript in a browser-based IDE. The role of IDE is essential as it helps in highlighting, previewing, autocompletion and syntax address.

If the above paragraph sounds a bit complicated to you, don't be anguish. If the above paragraph made your eyes glaze over, don’t despair. Many people who understand JavaScript have written some Google ads script which can be easily used by a normal user. This way you would not be required to write them on your own.

However, not all the scripts will be useful for you. You will find only some of the scripts useful for your purpose. You can consider the script that looks for broken URLs, trace quality scores and easily find out negative keywords that block ads from already converting search inquiry.

If you are not that savvy with scripts and trying it for the first time, you must start with something simple. You can go for a pause or delete keywords as they have zero impression script.

This is the best way to cut off the unnecessary fat from your account every month. In this way, you will feel more comfortable using scripts in general.

Remember, not all of the script will help you out, but it's always a good idea to try something new. Maybe you find an easy solution for a long-established challenge.

3. Revisit Audience Opportunities

Google has recently brought to new options for targeting audience including Affinity audience and In-market seasonal event segments.

Affinity audiences are not a new term as it has been available in video campaigns for several years. However, now Google is bringing them to YouTube as well as search campaigns. this will recall you that how intelligently affinity audiences permit you to reach a number of customers based on a complete picture of their interest, habits, and lifestyle.

Nevertheless, in-market audiences were brought in search by Google in 2017. in the market, audiences are the type of customers who are heavily researching and taking into account the purchase of goods and services that are similar to yours. For a change, Google is adding some seasonal segments including Black Friday and Christmas to YouTube as well as Search.

If you have not stepped up into reason you and effective targeting option, starting of the year can be the best time to adopt the ways slowly. Initially, you can add them to your accounts for observation just to see whether they work for you or not.

4. New Lead Form Extensions

You will be surprised to know that Google Ads is on a test for a new type of search extension. New lead form extensions permit you to cast a lead form to the ads you make. You can make a delivery of your call to action in a web link form or also through direct download. Moreover, you can use your own brand image to customize your ads.

At present, you can collect a limited amount of data through the form. Also currently you are available with only a few options including name, phone number, mail address and zip code. When anyone opens a lead form, it is counted as a click. When someone fills the form and submits it, that's counted in the conversion.

All the leads you generate from your lead form can be downloaded as a CSV file. Also, you can bring those files into your CRM system with the help of Webhook.


Though you can slow down your PPC strategies at the end of the year just because of the business slowdowns, it's always a good idea to head start for the coming year.

In this way, you put the right efforts at the right time because of which you get all the benefits throughout the coming year. Brisbane Adwords Management can help in implementing new ways to get successful results in PPC this year.