Cybercriminals Use Social Media For Fraud

Cybercriminals Use Social Media For Fraud
With billions of trusting users and lax security, social media has become a hotbed for cybercrime activity.

Cybercriminals use social media for fraud isn't breaking news anymore. Scammers, fraudsters, phisherfolk, would-be-Nigerian princes, and fake ex-military veterans looking for love have been plying their trade on every social media platform for years. Terms such as social engineering, vishing, smishing, spear phishing, and whaling have been floated around as potential threat vectors. Cybercriminals even use the native encryption capabilities of messaging apps like Telegram, Instagram, and WhatsApp to communicate with each other.

The numbers are quite alarming:
  • Social media attacks increased by 43% in 2019 as cybercriminals continue to find new ways to exploit platforms and users.
  • People who use Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram are 30% more likely to be victims of fraud.
  • There were 3.5 billion social media users in 2019, almost half the world's population (45%).
  • Facebook leads all platforms with 2.32 billion active users daily.
  • More than half of all social media logins (54%) are fraudulent, and 25% of new account signups are fake.

However, the most alarming statistic isn't the number of people who use social media platforms. It's already a given that people are going to flock to services that can connect them with other people for free, whether it's for dating, family, school, friendship, work, or a variety of different reasons. The most alarming stat is that social media incidents took up 56% or more than half of the 4.5 billion records compromised in data breaches in 2018 alone.

Social Media Use Is Free, But There's A Price To Pay

Anyone can create a social media account on any platform - it's free, but not really "free." Users give up a substantial amount of information about themselves in exchange for using the service. Social media platforms need your personal information and use it to locate your network and tailor how you experience what they're offering. Adding to the wealth of collected data is the fact that users upload photos, videos, and other details about themselves for the sole purpose of sharing them with other people.

All this information adds to a user's online profile, which can also include login details for other websites, a feature that lets you use your email or Facebook credentials to sign up for a new account. So much personal user data is stored in social media accounts, which is why cybercriminals love to target them. It only takes one data breach to steal all this sensitive information, which could then be used to perpetrate all sorts of scams and fraud, either targeting the user or using the details to hit other people.

Since social media platforms are designed for people to share everything, criminals can use all the bits and pieces of information for social engineering, phishing attacks, identity theft, and other forms of fraud. There's also the issue of rogue apps on mobile phones that impersonate legitimate brands and trick users into divulging their details or granting access to their devices.

How to Protect Yourself From Social Media Fraud

All social media platforms are at risk of a cyberattack. Users that don't secure their accounts for a possible data breach or takeover are the most vulnerable. Use these tips to safeguard your social media accounts.

Monitor Your Identity

Monitor your personal information to watch out for data breaches that may involve your online accounts. These services will alert you when a data breach or other cyberattack occurs, and if your email and personal details have been compromised.

Learn How To Spot Phishing Attempts

To stop attempts to steal your details or credit card information, you need to know what a phishing attack looks like. Phishing is a type of fraud that uses email, SMS, or social media to try and trick users into giving up their login credentials, personal information, or financial details.

Watch out for telltale signs of a phishing attempt:
  • The message has grammar and spelling errors.
  • The email or message is generic and doesn't address you by name. Banks, online stores, and other services like Google or Facebook will always use your first or full name when they contact you.
  • The title usually starts with "re: Attention" or something similar. Any email that uses "urgent" or "attention" without addressing you by name and urges you to act immediately is most likely a scam.
  • The email or message is unsolicited or unexpected, like a service you never signed up for or a bank you don't have an account with.
  • The sender is asking you to send your personal or financial details via email to update your account, or else it will be frozen is a scam.
  • The sender is asking you to update your details via email, by filling out a form, by downloading a file or app, or by clicking on a link is a phishing attempt. Banks and other financial institutions will never ask for your information via email.
  • The brand logos and fonts used are weird, or the domain name is similar but not quite the real thing.

Practice Good Online Hygiene

The best defense against social media fraud is knowledge and a dash of common sense. Always ask yourself questions, such as "do I know this person?" or "am I expecting correspondence from this brand?"

Rules to go by:
  • Never open unsolicited emails or messages.
  • If you accidentally open one or are curious and want to know more, do not click on any links within the message or download any files.
  • Never send personal details via messenger, SMS, or email.
  • Use different usernames and strong passwords for all your accounts. If you have duplicate login credentials, change them now.
  • Enable multi-factor authentication if the platform or service offers it.
  • Protect your devices with security software (firewall, antivirus) and always use a VPN, especially when using public WiFi.


Cybercriminals love social media, but not because they can connect with their friends or long lost family members. The platforms attract billions of users who inherently trust the service because other people they know and trust are using it. This false sense of security is what the cybercriminals are banking on - users who think nothing can harm them online make easy targets. Don't be a victim. Always question the messages, friend requests, and emails that come your way. Don't blindly click on a link or download anything just because a person from your contacts sent it. That could very well be a phishing attempt designed to trick you. Always remain vigilant and never fully trust the online world.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Daniel William is Content Director and a Cyber Security Director at IDStrong. His great passion is to maintain the safety of the organization's online systems and networks. He knows that both individuals and businesses face the constant challenge of cyber threats. Identifying and preventing these attacks is a priority for Daniel.

How To Clean Your Mac Keyboards

How To Clean Your Mac Keyboards
You need to keep your mac keyboards clean. To keep your ergonomic keyboards clean is a hassle-free. It doesn't matter whether you inherit another person's keyboard, or it's yours; you should do a deep clean.

There are different ways you can clean the mac keyboards. Some MacBook comes with an unresponsive key or the types of keys that are different from others. The difference is noted when you press the keys.

Here are the essential steps to follow when cleaning a mac keyboard:

How To Clean Your Mac Keyboards

If you want to clean the mac keyboards, there are essential steps to follow. In these steps, you should use the straw to help control airflow. The end of the straw should be some distance away from the mac keyboard while spraying. Also, don't invert the air can as you spray.

There are two methods suitable to use, and they come with their steps to follow:

Method A: Cleaning With Air Compressor

Step 1: Remove Dirt And Debris

The first step is to disconnect the external keyboard from your laptop. In case the keyboard is installed, shut down your laptop. This is essential as it helps in preventing any damage that might occur during your cleaning process.

Shake the excess dirt and crumbs from the laptop into a sink or trashcan. The keyboard or laptop should be upside down. You have to shake it as you move side to side gently. When done, run the hand gently on top of the keys to help loosen the stuck dirt or debris.

Step 2: Spray With Compressed Air

The next step for cleaning the mac keyboard is to spray with compressed air. You have to turn the keyboard or laptop at 75 degrees. Spray the compressed air moving from left to right on the surface of the mac keyboard.

As you spray, keep the air compression straw about 0.5 inches from your keys. After you have sprayed, rotate at 90 degrees and spray all the keys again. You should repeat until you completely spray all the angles.

This process is only for MacBook keyboards and laptops. However, Apple doesn't recommend this process as it pushes particles further into the keyboard.

Step 3: Use A Soft And Damp Cloth

Run a soft, lint-free, and damp cloth on the surface of the keyboard. The damp cloth should be removed excess moisture before you touch your keyboard. Run that cloth gently over the keyboard surface to remove dirt and dust. You have to ensure no moisture will enter between your keys.

To avoid the moisture problem, wet the cloth using alcohol. The alcohol should be 91%, and you can use a microfiber cloth or paper towels. Alcohol is essential as it doesn't damage the electrical components.

When removing the stains, scrub with little pressure. This will help remove the sticky stains on the keyboard or its keys. You should rub using a circular motion and gently until you have eliminated the stains.

If the keyboard is white, it will take time to remove the sticky stains. These develop as it places where the fingers will rest.

Step 4: Dry The Keyboard

When done removing dirt and stains, it's time to dry your keyboard. You should use a dry, soft, clean, and lint-free cloth. Microfiber will be the best to use in this step. It helps to remove the remaining moisture or dust that the keyboard has collected.

Step 5: Elapse Time

The last step is to wait for the keyboard to dry before you can use it. This lapse time should be between 5 - 10 minutes. You have to ensure it has dried thoroughly. If you find that it has dried, turn the keyboard back or put the laptop on the socket. Enjoy the cleanliness of your mac keyboards!

Method B: Disinfecting The Keyboard

Step 1: Detaching From Power Source

When using this method to clean the mac keyboard, the laptop should be off, and the keyboard unplugged. If your keyboard is separate from your computer, ensure you have disconnected from the power source.

Step 2: Use Disinfecting Wipes

The next step is to get a pack with disinfecting wipes. The wipes to use include Lysol or Clorox. Avoid using any bleach.

Step 3: Wipe The Keyboard

With the disinfecting wipes, squeeze them to ensure you remove excess moisture. It should be slightly damp before you can use it on your keyboard.

When cleaning the keyboard, scrub gently using the disinfectant wipe. Massage each key and the area between your keys. Avoid pushing hard as it might damage your keys.

Step 4: Dry The Keyboard

This is an essential step that most people overlook. To dry the keyboard, you need a clean, soft, and lint-free cloth. Also, don't hold the keyboard for long. After drying each key, dry the keyboard gently and discard the wipes.


  • Q) How to clean mac keyboard without removing keys?
  • A) Just use a powerful mini air compressor tools, it should be help u.
  • Q) Can I clean my keyboards using water?
  • A) No, It’s can damage your keyboards, but you can use a wet cloth to clean your keyboards.
  • Q) Is this method is working for mac and windows both?
  • A) Yes, this method works all kinds of keyboards, including mechanical, mac, ergonomic, wireless, etc.
  • Q) How often to clean a computer keyboard?
  • A) It depends on your keyboards, if your working environment is dust-free then you can clean it after 6 months, but if it's a dirty place then you should clean your keyboards every moth.


The keyboards we are using are an excellent harbor for germs similar to other places such as toilets. This is the reason why you need to be cleaning and disinfecting your mac keyboard regularly. You need to use the best solution so that you can avoid cleaning the damages to the keys or keyboard. If you turn your device off, use disinfecting wipes and microfiber cloths. Wipe gently, and don't spill liquids at the openings. These are the things you need to consider to keep the mac keyboard clean and germs free!

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Adam currently Head of content marketing at TopTechyTips, after having previously spent over five years on Digital Marketing and Content Editor. Prior to his work as a reporter, Adam worked in I.T. across a number of industries, including Digital Marketing, Article Writing, Tech Reviews and more.

How To Start An SEO Business In 2020

How To Start An SEO Business
SEO or search engine optimization is a flawless and vital tool for increasing business website traffic. Any marketing entrepreneur or business owner has heard about SEO. With an over $79 billion worth industry, this type of service is a very lucrative gamble. This is because providing on-site optimization for a website is pivotal to staying above in this competitive market. On average, 80% of local mobile searches transform into sales. However, most people do not go to the next page to find products or services. This is why staying at the top rank is a number one priority for business sales.

Finding a business line of credit and starting an SEO agency to set out on this journey of boosting client’s sales and optimizing websites can be tricky. This is why the following steps can become handy on starting and running a client-based SEO business in 2020.

1. Have Realistic Expectations

A typical for consultants or business owners is having a high expectation level. This leads to frustration or unpreparedness when having usual initial problems like low project amounts, delayed payments, and clients-related issues. This might lead to failure adapting to these changes.

Starting an SEO agency will require all the time and patience you can give.

2. Know Your Business Area

Starting a new business without knowing much about the industry and strategies can be catastrophic. Prepare yourself and make some research ahead. Books like ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’ by Stephen Covey and ‘The Lean Startup’ by Eric Ries allow you to acquire the business acumen this entrepreneurship needs. While you can be an SEO master, it is important to learn basic digital marketing strategies to impulse your own business. Take advantage of tools like Google’s Webmasters Help Community for keeping up to date.

3. Legal Basis

Any business requires putting legal affairs in line. There are specific regulations and legal implications within any SEO project. Determining the legal structure is important when filing taxes to IRS. A sole proprietorship will work fine if the agency starts as a freelance business. This type of entrepreneurship gives more freedom in choices and just needs a simple setup for starting up. However, it can be risky, since the agency can be legally responsible under complications with clients. It is also risky given that business and personal tax mix.

On the contrary, an LLC or a Limited Liability Company can have more than one owner, and it has fewer legal risks and separated taxes filling. An extra feature is that an LLC has better appeal when applying for loans and searching for suppliers. It is wise to talk to a CPA for better counseling on this matter.

4. Make Your Clients Sign

Defining a contract can save you from risky situations. Moreover, a contract is a written agreement on both parties’ expectations for the project. All processes and roles, the length of the project and rights owners should be on paper before starting. This will make things clearer, and tie both client and business.

5. Develop Your Brand

It is crucial to building your own agency’s brand. Take advantage of that decisive strength you have, which makes you different from other SEO companies. Identify your buyer personas. Your entire marketing strategy relies on this guide for producing content that engages clients. Keep in mind to improve your online presence and website.

Defining your niche early on makes a difference on the agency scales. Have different approaches when offering SEO services to small businesses or realtors. Picking a familiar industry allows you to connect with prospects and actively engage in networking activities. For the early stages, it is better to focus on a single lane. Later on, expanding for Web design or Social Media could be a technique to innovate.

6. Settle A Core SEO Strategy

Working on your SEO methodology is a continuous process. It can be as complicated or simple as you want. Every business has its own specific optimization needs but most have 3 main goals. Firstly, define ranking keywords with your clients. Secondly, design content that builds loyalty and engagement using the keywords. Lastly, build their way to the rank. An SEO agency is not like any other business. It is constantly changing, requires fine judgment and strategic thinking.

Optimizing your client’s website will also require investments. However, free SEO tools like Search Console and MozBar can be very useful. Some project management tools like Zoho are necessary to keep track of the project. Especially if handled by a team. In this matter, creating a reference manual for your team with SEO tools and tips is beneficial.

7. Grow Your Business

Deploy a complete marketing SEO strategy for your agency. A few essentials strategies are the following:
  • Optimize and build quality links for your website.
  • Claim your listings on relevant websites like Google My Business and Yelp.
  • Join social media, optimize your profiles, and take advantage of paid ads campaigns.
  • Start making a solid networking net through conferences and meetings.
  • Improve your email listings strategy or deploy it if not currently in use.
  • Refining your sales process allows making a difference between a successful brand and a business that hardly makes it into the cut.

8. Charge The Right Amount

There are mainly three types of pricing structures related to SEO costs. Firstly, hourly costs for minor SEO tasks. There is also a fixed cost method for projects with both SEO chores and consulting services. Finally, a retainer-pricing model according to budget and marketing needs. Make some research and define your model. However, pricing is linked to agency delivery capacities.

On the other hand, a business should receive different payments methods to make clients feel safer while making any financial transactions. Some common methods include automated clearinghouse transfers (ACH), credit cards like Visa and Mastercard, and digital wallets like PayPal. Prepare your invoice templates ahead. This will help you to organize finances and projects. Describe clearly the services due to the date and payment methods used.

9. Maintain Your Operations

Startup agencies scale when they sharpen client retention skills. The groundwork for your business is keeping clients interested in your consulting and services.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Mike Abelson is the head of Digital Marketing Department at Lendza for almost 3 years. Before starting his work at Lendza, he helped a lot of entrepreneurs and startups to succeed through various marketing strategies and tactics. Previously, he partnered with CEOs and executives to grow their businesses, also build an audience and get more clients.

Getting An SSL Certificate Benefits Your SEO Strategy

SSL Certificate Benefits Your SEO Strategy
Whenever you launch a new website into the internet space, one key strategy that tops your agenda is Search Engine Optimization; abbreviated as SEO. This refers to the techniques employed by webmasters to make it to the number one page of organic search engine results. Many SEO tricks have been pointed out as the way to go over the years but one consistent trend that every modern website owner must employ is installing an SSL certificate.

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It’s a package of data that encrypts the information being exchanged between a web server and a user browser. It makes use of cryptographic keys such that only the sender and intended recipient can be able to access the information being exchanged. When a website has an SSL certificate installed, it changes from HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) to HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure). A padlock will also be showcased at the left corner of the URL and the whole bar might in some cases turn to green depending on the level of SSL certificate acquired.

To highlight the importance of having SSL certificates installed in websites and its unwavering commitment to internet security; Google in 2014 launched an HTTPS Everywhere Initiative that promised to give an upper hand in search engine ranking to SSL-secured websites. It added more wood to the fire 3 years later in 2017 when it rolled out a plan to label all HTTP sites as non-secure. This now means that if you are yet to acquire an SSL certificate for your website, all major browsers will flag you as Not Secure and trust me all your prospective website visitors will scatter like a plague upon seeing this warning.

Key Benefits of SSL Certificates on SEO

1. Earns You Credibility Online

We are living in heated times filled with rampant cybersecurity threats that strike even the most advanced of websites; ranging from financial and medical institutions to Fortune 500 companies and sensitive government sites. This increase in cyber fraud has led many internet users to be very wary of any website they visit and provide sensitive personally identifiable information like credit card details to. When you acquire a high-quality SSL certificate like an Extended Validation one, you go through rigorous authentication processes from the issuing certificate authority to ascertain that you are indeed who you say you are.

Once an EV SSL certificate is installed on your website, it will have a green URL bar and even indicate your company name and address. This way the prospective client can prove that it is indeed you. This sort of credibility will make you a favorite for many online users soaring you to the top of search engines as well as getting you in the good books of Google and other search engines.

2. Improved Search Engine Rankings

Google is no liar. Coming straight from the leading search engine on the planet, installing an SSL certificate on your website is a sure-fire way to improve your search engine rankings. If for instance, you have two websites with matching keyword optimization, matching content quality, matching user experience and site structure and all that stuff that is vital for SEO, but then one was on HTTP and the other on HTTPS, Google would favor the one with the SSL certificate installed. As simple as that. Having your site marked as secure can also give you an upper hand in search engines because most users prefer security-compliant websites.

3. Increased Conversions

If you are running an eCommerce store, for instance, you need to be aware of the factors that bring about shopping cart abandonment. Most customers do so at the last checkout phase when they are about to enter the payment details and an obvious explanation for this would be security concerns. When you properly install a quality SSL certificate from a reputable certificate authority, all major browsers will mark you as secure and therefore customers can walk freely into your site and shop with peace of mind.

4. Effective Data Tracking

Every website owner knows that having access to your site performance information is very essential to learning what is working for you and the areas that need improvements. One crucial piece of information is being able to discern whether the traffic you are receiving is direct or referral. Information being transported over an HTTP network is easily forgotten and even the referral traffic will appear as direct traffic. However, when you have HTTPS in place, all bits of information will be stored and you can tell the exact kind of traffic you are receiving.


Having an SSL certificate installed on your website is no longer a luxury. It’s simply mandatory. All major browsers are pushing hard for universal encryption and should you fail to comply with this necessary security element, you can kiss your dream of making it to page one of search results goodbye. There are many reputable certificate authorities like Thawte, VeriSign, GoDaddy, RapidSSL, Comodo… among others that will sell you quality and affordable SSL certificates. Movements like Let’s Encrypt can also grant you free certificates. You can then watch as your SEO game leaps upwards.

Purchase Crypto With Credit Card Without Paying Over The Odds

Purchase Crypto With Credit Card
Buying crypto is coming in the greater demand every day, – faster money transfers for business operations and payments, a more stable price in the currency market, and much more makes cryptocurrency the secure method to conduct financial operations without obstacles.

So, today, for those who are willing to buy or exchange fiber currency for crypto, we have created an overview of excellent online service to do it in a fast, easy, and secure way. This place is the acclaimed – through this online money converter, you can buy crypto with a credit card or exchange euro and dollar for Bitcoins. Benefits – Why To Choose Them?

If you plan to buy crypto with a debit card or get BTC for your business or personal aims, we have got good news for you – it’s becoming easier to purchase (and sell) cryptocurrency without unnecessary verification and personality identification. On, this process will not take more than 10-15 minutes. Here is what pluses you can enjoy with Switchere.

1. No Long Registration & Verification

This currency exchange service is a converter with which you can instantly get access to Bitcoins with the help of any credit card. On average, the checking in the process will take not more than 8 minutes to verify your identity through your ID and show that you’re not a robot but an adequate citizen. After this, you just have to choose the amount of crypto to buy and the system will accurately count the price for crypto in USD or euro.

2. Legit Buying Of Bitcoins

The service is legit so you can leave your worries aside and boldly approach the website with a clean reputation and good history. So, the money you get as a result of the exchange is granted to be in fair use before as well. The prepaid sum of the money stays safe so you could first get crypto to your web wallet.

3. Here You Can Purchase BTC Anonymously

When privacy is valued the most, customers are happy, and that’s right that services don’t have clients’ personal information in the open. It’s surprisingly convenient for both business and personal exchange goals.

4. Paying With MasterCard or A Web Wallet

To make the exchange process go smoothly, you just need Visa, MasterCard, or Maestro credit card. Using one of them, the bank operations will be done in a quick mouse click, and you will send, buy, and sell money via in the easiest way.

5. The High Level Of Accuracy In Accounting

The specialized tool on the site (for giving customers as much as what they pay for) – WYSIWYG Algorithm – lets you avoid losing a single dollar in the procedure and convert money without losses.

So, choose any bank debit card convenient to you, go to the converting website, and get BTC, LTC, or ETH in an instant, with the cheapest fees and the easiest use. The licensed service charges the lowest fee for inquiry and has the best speed of delivery so far. Any other place but can show the best results so customers can buy cryptocurrency with a credit card and have no doubts that it’s wrong to purchase cryptocurrency here.

Best Locksmith New Haven CT

Best Locksmith New Haven CT
Did the door lock break? Need to change locks after tenants? Lost your car key? Can't open the safe? No need to start panicking! Hire locksmith New Haven CT - professionals and get 24hrs assistance. Locksmith specialists will arrive promptly and help you to deal with any issue you’ve faced. Professionalism, decency, confidentiality, efficiency, affordable prices - this is the credo of Surelockey 24 hour locksmith services in New Haven.

Entrust the emergency opening of the door lock of an apartment, car or safe of any complexity to this experienced team. They have helped hundreds of people in Connecticut to deal with emergency situations successfully. Hiring specialists who have been working in the locksmith industry for over 30 years, you can be sure that they’ll do their work on the top level.

Why Surelockey Locksmith Services?

Surelockey is the number one locksmith service that works according to the regulations of the CT offering smart and effective solutions at affordable prices. Check what makes this company different from many others on the market.


Surelockey company has decent, highly-qualified specialists who have been tested by time and situations. You can be 100% sure that if you called the locksmith master to repair or replace your lock, then the result will not disappoint you.


Due to the specifics of the work, often corporate clients want, for example, information about the loss of keys of safes or bank cells not to be known to a wide circle of people. Stay confidential with the trusted company. Your information is 100% protected. You can be sure: no information will leak from Surelockey’s team. The professional locksmith team will take into account all your wishes and keep all confidential information secret.


The attendants of the lock-opening service are scattered throughout the city so that the client does not have to wait until the master travels at rush hour through all CT. Request help “I need locksmith near me” and get it ASAP. It works 24 hours a day 7 days a week without weekends and holidays.

Cheap Prices:

Thanks to the experience of the locksmith operators and craftsmen, as well as the availability of the best professional tools, they carry out orders more quickly than their less experienced colleagues from other companies. This allows the best Surelockey experts to offer good quality help to their customers at a cheaper cost. On average, the price is lower than other local companies have for most locksmith services.

Surelockey company has been engaged in the opening, repairing and installing locks for many years. Their experts can deal with any kind of door and vehicle locks. Today, they can guarantee you the opening of any type of lock without damage, high-quality installation and fitting of the lock. Want to keep your garage doors, lock or car safe? No need to waste time searching for “locksmith near me in New Haven”. Get professional help here. Surelockey guarantees that the locks installed or repaired by their specialists will serve you for many, many years. Call a professional locksmith master and their expert will deal with any type of problem quickly and effectively.

How To Start A Drone Photography Business

How To Start A Drone Photography Business
Nowadays, a huge number of peoples especially the young ones are going for a photography business. The drone has taken this business to the next level. Instead of a big and noisy helicopter or airplane that costs a lot of time and money, a drone of a comparatively little amount of money can create aerial photos and videos. Bird's-eye view is now very easy to get. However, drone photography is taking photos by self-governing UAV or one controlled by someone who manages it with a remote. It is used in various sectors such as landscape, sporting events, real estate, weddings, wildlife, film etc. Starting drone photography is not that easy but enough knowledge about drones, photography and the business altogether can make someone successful in it.

Steps On How To Start A Drone Photography Business

There are some basic things one should know before starting a drone photography business. One has to have the idea about the drone, photography as well as business. Here are some steps to start the business:

1. Knowing The Basics:

The first thing one should know about is the drone. For example, camera gimbals which help to keep the camera steady from the flight vibration. GPS is mandatory to know the drone’s location. FPV which stands for First Person View helps to broadcast live video to the user. Flight Controller is must control the drone and camera. Collision Avoidance is used to avoid crashing into something which can come on the way. These things are the basic ones.

2. Buying Right Equipment:

Buying the right drone and camera is very important. No one wants to buy something expensive at first and regret it. For example, a beginner drone photographer should not buy a heavy drone camera with too many features. At first, one should buy something light, cheap and easier to fly. As it takes practice to master photography, it is wiser to practice with something cheap. There are affordable drones like Ryze Tello, Potensic D85, Syma X8 Pro, Hasakee K5 Mini Nano Drone, etc. When one gets enough practice and experience he can buy than a high-tech drone to have amazing pictures. The best drones which are available on the market are DJI Mavic 2 Pro, Parrot Anafi, DJI Inspire 2, etc.

3. Learning To Fly:

If one wants to learn how to fly a drone he has to follow some rules. Reading the manual is the first thing to do. Then there is configuring the speed and operating settings, testing the camera settings. In addition, one should know how to use the common features like smartphone feed to see the capture, smart mode to stabilize the shots, tracking to capture things in every shot, geofence to restrict the height and distance of the drone.

4. Pre-flight Checklist:

One should be well prepared before flying the drone and to do that a pre-flight checklist is mandatory. The things one should include in the checklist are flying area, surroundings, weather conditions, battery life, drone settings, propellers, drone camera, controls.

5. License:

To fly a drone professional license is the first thing one needs to get. Most of the agencies who sell drones tend to deal with getting a license. They provide training and give license after testing the flyers.

6. Insurance:

As drones have more possibilities to face an accident, insurance is very important to avoid being in trouble. Moreover, drone with insurance gets more priority than the ones without it. It is wise to get insurance before starting the business than replacing an expensive drone after some accidents.

7. Law:

Different countries have different laws about the drone photography business. One should know the laws regarding where and how he can fly the drone and what type of pictures is allowed in that place. It is better to be aware of the laws than to give fines because of mistakes.

8. Genres:

Before entering the business one should select the genre wisely. There are different sectors like landscape, sporting events, real estate, weddings, wildlife, film, etc. Everyone is not proficient in all the sectors. So, choosing the right genre is very important for the business. You can get all types of drone photo editing services on www.rightclipping .com according to your genre. So check it out.

9. Portfolio:

Drone photography business requires a website with a profile and features photographs which will attract customer. Nowadays people look for everything online first. A good profile will help them to decide on buying pictures or hiring the photographer. The profile should be well informed and attractive.

10. Promoting On Social Media:

Now social media is the number one marketing platform for everything. So, a profile on social media will help the business growing really fast.

11. Competition:

The drone photography business is growing every day so the competition in this business is not that easy. Before starting the business one should study the competitors, pricing, packaging, editing and so on. One can study the current gap in the existing services so that he can fill the gap and get more customers. After studying everything one should start working on with the specialty he has rather than working on everything.

Some Tips

Finding a business monitor is very helpful in any kind of business. Before starting the business one should find a free business monitor and have a support network that is helpful in a tough time. Besides, buying the best equipment one can afford is mandatory to compete with the other competitors. One should have the technology and skills to provide high-quality products. Choosing a single niche is very important than jumping into all the sectors at a time. Also, post-production image editing is very vital for a drone photography business. The last advice is the better and faster delivery is always appreciated.


Money is the main focus of every business. So, besides the knowledge about photography and drone, one should have proper knowledge about business as well.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Kathy Patricia is a professional Photographer & Graphics Designer. She is being a part of Right Clipping from the beginning. Currently, She is taking her Graphics Design & Photography Course in New York Institute of Technology (NYIT), USA. She takes Photography and image editing as a passion.

Adaptive Loading: Improving Web Performance On Slow Devices

Improving Web Performance On Slow Devices
Different networks and devices have different capabilities. There are many websites created with high-end devices in mind, which don’t perform well on simpler devices. Fast networks can load websites smoothly, while slow networks might make the same websites halt. All the users have experienced problems with loading some websites, and everyone can agree that a slow experience is a bad experience.

We live in a world full of devices with different capabilities so developers are always looking for “one-size fits all” solutions. However, such solutions might not always work. Facebook’s Nate Schloss and Google’s Addy Osmani addressed this issue in their Chrome Dev Summit talk and discussed adaptive loading — a pattern that allows for delivering pages in a way that helps deal with different kinds of user constraints. Adaptive loading delivers a fast core experience to all devices, including the low-end ones, and then gradually adds high-end features, depending on the capabilities of a particular user’s device and network.

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What Is Adaptive Loading?

Adaptive loading involves using low-quality videos and images when a network is slow. It takes into account Data Saver preferences, uses less bandwidth, and adjusts Data Transfer. It also helps reduce memory use, optimizing the loading of resources that consume a lot of memory and switches memory-intensive animations. Adaptive loading limits JavaScript on slow devices and adds non-critical JavaScript elements on fast CPUs. It also reduces CPU-intensive code execution.

If a website contains a lot of media content, adaptive loading shows gallery applications with low-resolution previews so that a user can click on them and see high-resolution images if needed. Search applications may display fewer results, reduce the number of dependencies, or limit the number of results that rely heavily on media. Adaptive loading can also work on news-oriented websites, avoiding less popular stories or categories, and delivering smaller previews. Adaptive loading also allows not to load a resource at all, as sometimes it may be even a better choice than showing resources based on device capabilities.

How Adaptive Loading Works

A demo from React Movie illustrates adaptive loading that delivers media based on the status of a network. This application shows movie posters, cast lists, and plot summaries. Depending on a user’s connection, it might show either high-quality posters or low-quality posters, if the connection is too slow. Currently, adaptive loading is used by several popular websites, including eBay, Facebook, and Tinder.

In 2018, Twitter introduced its Data Saver mode that helps reduce the amount of data. When the Data Saver mode is active, users see low-resolution previews of images. If they want to load large images, they can tap on the necessary preview. This mode enables Android and iOS users to save as much as 50% of data, while desktop users can save up to 80% of data. You can check out a React demo that replicates the Twitter timeline using the Save data hook. It’s easy to see the difference in the amount of transferred data if you open the DevTools Network panel and scroll the feed with the enabled and disabled Save Data feature.

eBay also saves data, turning off zooming and other features if a user’s network or hardware is unable to support them properly. In this case, the goal is achieved by using code loading and code-splitting. Highly interactive components are conditionally loaded on high-end devices, while users with slow devices don’t receive them. The same goes for operations that require heavy computations. You can check out a 16-minute video where this pattern is used on a demo eBay page using Suspense and React.lazy().

Tinder also uses adaptive loading to ensure the fastest user experience possible, no matter what devices or networks users have. Adaptive loading is implemented in Tinder’s Lite app and web app. If a user enables Data Saver or uses a slow network, these apps disable the autoplay feature for videos and only load one image at a time when swiping. These apps also limit route prefetching. Adaptive loading has proven to be very effective, as Tinder got a significantly increased swipe count in a number of countries, including Indonesia.

Facebook uses the user-agent string to get the device name and then groups devices into low-end and high-end categories. It makes implementing adaptive loading on mobile devices a simple task. However, it becomes more difficult when people visit Facebook from a desktop. In this case, the only information available is the type of operating system.

To categorize desktop devices, Facebook includes the data on RAM (navigator.deviceMemory) and CPU (navigator.hardwareCurrency) in its performance monitoring. Analyzing performance and the relationships between different types of hardware, Facebook can divide desktop devices into five categories. As hardware classes get integrated into monitoring, developers can better understand how different people use Facebook products on their devices, therefore identifying regressions much easier.

How To Implement Adaptive Loading

To implement adaptive loading, developers can use a number of signals. Here are a few of them.
  • Memory. We can use navigator.deviceMemory to reduce memory consumption on low-end devices.
  • Network. navigator.connection.effectiveType allows developers to fine-tune data transfer in order to decrease bandwidth. In addition, developers can use navigator.connection.saveData to make use of the user’s Data Saver preferences.
  • CPU core count. Developers can use navigator.hardwareConcurrency to limit the execution of resource-consuming JavaScript and to limit CPU intensive logic if the user’s device is unable to handle it properly. This becomes possible due to the fact that JavaScript execution is CPU bound.

You can decide what content to serve to users working with the server or the client. If you want to work with the client, you can use JavaScript APIs listed above.

Determine whether a user has Data Saver turned on:
if ("connection" in navigator) {
if (navigator.connection.saveData === true) {
// Implement data saving operations here.

Here’s how you can determine whether Data Saver is enabled on the server side:
// false by default.
$saveData = false;
// Check if the `Save-Data` header exists and is set to a value of "on".
if (isset($_SERVER["HTTP_SAVE_DATA"]) &&
strtolower($_SERVER["HTTP_SAVE_DATA"]) === "on") {
// `Save-Data` detected!
$saveData = true;

Use the following code to serve low-resolution pictures on high-resolution displays:
if ($saveData === true) {
// Send a low-resolution version of the image for clients specifying `Save-Data`.
?><*img alt="A butterfly perched on a flower." src="butterfly-1x.jpg" /><*img alt="A butterfly perched on a flower." src="butterfly-1x.jpg" srcset="butterfly-2x.jpg 2x, butterfly-1x.jpg 1x" />

You can also apply adaptive loading to background images:
<*html class="<?php if ($saveData === true): ?>save-data<?php endif; ?>">

To omit non-essential images and fonts, use the following approach:
This paragraph is essential content. The image below may be humorous, but it's not critical to the content.
<*img src="meme.jpg" alt="One does not simply consume data.">; rel=preload; as=style";

if($saveData === true) {
// ...but don't push anything if `Save-Data` is detected!
$preload .= "; nopush";

header("Link: " . $preload);

Final Thoughts

Delivering the best user experience possible is a top priority for any website or app that aims to become mainstream. This is a reason why site owners search for the fastest hosting services and invest in localization, using services like The Word Point. People use different devices, and not all devices are able to handle heavy interfaces and multimedia. On the one hand, people who use high-end devices always appreciate beautiful features, such as autoplay videos, galleries with large images, etc. On the other hand, such features consume a lot of traffic and resources so users with low-end devices might be unable to use the website or app comfortably.

Adaptive loading is a concept based on the principle of inclusivity. You can provide a core experience for everyone, analyzing a particular device and network, and adding high-end features based on a particular user’s network, CPU, and memory. Such an approach allows companies to provide a better user experience for everyone so we can expect it to become more and more common in the near future.

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