Myths About Making Money Online You Shouldn’t Believe

Myths About Making Money Online
Make money online? Is it even possible?

Those are some of the questions you keep asking yourself every day.

But honestly, it’s a dream come true. You can stay in your house, wear your pajamas, work when you want without anybody bossing you around, and still make hundreds, or even thousands of bucks every month. Sounds interesting, huh?

However, if you are still skeptical about making money from your mobile phone and you believe there is no way that anyone can make money without waking up in the morning, hurriedly taking a shower, and getting to an office or business premises by 7 or 8 am, you are in for a rude shock.

The truth is that the internet is full of opportunities, which have only been taken up by a few individuals thanks to the misconceptions and misinformation surrounding it. As a person who has built a lucrative online career for the past three years, I would like to clear the air about some myths that are keeping people away from digging up the online gold mine:
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It's A Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

You have just realized that a friend of yours who you went to school together has bought a mansion and is driving a high-end vehicle, and you decide to enquire where he got all the money in a short time. You do your investigations and discover that he works online. You choose to give it a short. But a few months into it, you realize that it's a job like any other. You are not making millions in a day! You realize that you have to take baby steps before you reach where you want to be.

People believe that when working online, you just perform a few simple tasks and voila! You receive your money. But the truth of the matter is, regardless of what you want to do, whether its writing, transcription or running an e-commerce store, you need to work hard, sometimes harder than people working online.

The take-home point is that working online is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It is a profession that should be treated with the seriousness it deserves. If you cannot deliver pure gold to your clients, rest assured that you will not last long in the ever-competitive digital market.

Anyone Can Earn Money Online

Sometimes, I tell people that I work online, and some will dismiss me saying, “you are lucky, making money there is easy.”

To avoid an argument, I will nod in agreement and say, “That’s true!”
Myths About Making Money Online
But deep down, I know that this is a myth that should escape people’s minds. Look – everyone has the potential to make money online, but not everybody has the will to exploit it. In fact, some studies have revealed that a lot of people who try making a fortune online end up making nothing.

As mentioned earlier, you don’t just wake up, click a few buttons in your mobile phone or laptop and make some bucks. You need effort and hard work, and that’s what most people luck.

To earn money with money making apps such as Swagbucks, CashPirate, Fronta, iPoll, Field Agent, ShopKick, Streetbees, Curious Cat, Citizen me, Feature Points, Roamler and Foap, you will need to do thorough research, learn how they work, and of course, prepare to work extra hard!

It’s All A Scam!

If you work online, then you can relate to this rather obvious statement – I can’t work online, it’s a scam!

While we cannot dispute the fact that there are some online opportunities which are geared towards conning people of their hard-earned money, we also need to appreciate the fact that there are some legit jobs out there which can give you clean money.

Therefore, it’s time we stopped treating online jobs as a scam and do thorough research before getting into the digital sphere looking for jobs.

Working Online Is All Fun And Games!

When you tell people that you work from home, some of them will perceive you as a ’couch potato’ or a ‘lazy lad’ whose work is to sit down, play games, eat junk foods, and watch movies all day!
They tend to believe that all you do is relax whenever you want, and get paid at the end of the day.

Even though people who work online have a high degree of flexibility, that doesn’t mean that all they do is have fun.

I can assure you that there are days I work more hours than a regular employee. In fact, as I write this piece, I have already worked for 8 hours, and I will not stop until I have achieved my daily target!

People need to learn that online work is work. People you see living a high life as a result of working online do a lot behind the curtains, and they need to be recognized as professionals who contribute greatly to the economy.

Try them out, and best of luck in your work!

What Will Android Look Like In The Next Five Years?

What Will Android Look Like In The Next Five Years?
Well! We all are familiar with android almost every person who owns a smartphone today has Android running on his device. Google launched android way back in 2008 with a hope of creating a user-friendly and stable operating system for touch screen based smartphones. However, today android has gone past that initial thought that germinated it. Android TV for televisions, Android Auto for cars, and Wear OS for wrist watches are some of the extensions of Android that Google might have not thought for when it launched the Android.

From the day it was launched android has only seen growth. The upward trajectory hasn't stopped and many versions of Android have been launched such as KitKat, lollipop, cupcake etc. What was supposed to be an alternate mobile experience is now running on around 88 percent of all smartphones.

Talking on the business front almost all the popular e-commerce entities and businesses have an Android mobile app as the chief source of customer interaction. More and more firms are looking to hire an Android developer to get the app developed for their businesses. Android’s popularity in the business domain can be substantiated by the very fact that firms look to hire android developer when the idea of having an app for their business surfaces.

As an Android lover, if you have thought that you have seen it all in the path of its growth then you are totally wrong. Google is not sitting idle, cashing on the success of Android. Yes, Google is working for the advancement of this amazing mobile Operating System (OS).

Ever thought what would be the future of Android or how it would look in the coming 5 to 10 years. Well, if you have thought about that (or even if you haven’t) then to give your imagination and curiosity a taste of actuality we would discuss the future of Android right here.

So, carry on reading as you are about to get into the future of what your popular OS would be like. Let’s get on the way.


The interface is something what we usually interact with while using android on any smartphone (or say on any of the devices). The user interface or the interface is the platform through which we give commands, to the smartphone's display. As you have already noticed that every time there is an update for Android it comes with an enhanced mechanism for an interface which provides a better experience and a more user-friendly interface.

So, in the coming time, you can expect a more refined and enhanced user interface that can go beyond that face detection mechanism. Maybe something that can understand your gestures and operates accordingly.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is something we have been hearing more often than not. AI refers to the ability of a machine through which it can learn itself and make decisions just like humans do. AI is in the initial stages of its public use and what we see and use is just the beginning. When I say we are using AI then I want to highlight apps like Google assistant
What Will Android Look Like In The Next Five Years?
In about the next 5 years the Google Assistant is going to be so good that people won’t even need a living being as their assistance as they will have Google assistant up for the task. Android’s Google has the potential to become the backbone of everything on Android. Even today Google assistant is good enough to make phone calls, to set a dinner reservation or to stitch together multiple exposures to make the best photo possible, so just imagine what it would be capable of doing in 5 years from now.

It’s not just Google assistant , you might have heard of IOT (internet of things ) which is basically setting up a connection between everything you have around you such as your refrigerator, air conditioner, mobile phone, your television set, car and every other thing that can optimize and has unknown amount of benefits. Well, here Amazon is the one who has taken lead by its project called Alexa which is opened to third parties.

Augmented Reality (AR) And Virtual Reality (VR)

When the words Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) come to our mind the first thing that comes to our mind is high-end games. However, Google has a vast application for this technology, but don’t confuse yourself with AR, VR and vice-versa.

Augmented reality and virtual reality are like 2 faces of the same coin. Augmented reality layers a virtual world in the real world and virtual reality is like a total simulation that creates a virtual environment for the user and has nothing to do with reality.

Google has already designed its own software framework for this technology. That’s in addition to making it more compatible with its recent juggernaut Google pixel, just what it would be like after its been completed and available for commercial purposes. It’s not just limited to a smartphone this technology is also used in the medical field where it is used to diagnose human cells and find out the ones that are infected. If this technology becomes commercial it’s going to change the way people live.

Potential Replacement

“There is always someone or something better”. Well google for a long time is working on an operating system that is potentially said to replace the android system in the future, however, there is no announcement for it. This operating system is called fuchsia and is based on a new microkernel called "Zircon" rather than Linux Kernal which is used by Android and Chrome OS. Zircon is a small operating system which is intended to be used on embedded systems. This upcoming operation systems application is written with flutter which enables cross-platform development options.

Well, we hope that by know your curiosity might have settled and you have got the answer to the question with which we started our discussion. To conclude the discussion we can say that android is in the process of evolving itself. The plans are ready with Google and the work on its future outlook is already underway. For the time being, we can assume that the future Android would look far better than it uses to look 5 years ago and we can also say be sure that it is going to be more user-friendly after 5 years. “Android for sure will change the way we see and look at the world around us “.

For more such exciting content stay connected with us and feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Denny Kelly is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow. I would love to share thoughts on enterprise android app development and Game Design Development etc.
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A Definitive Guide On Optimizing Content To Boost Website Ranking

Optimizing Content To Boost Website Ranking
Having an online presence is of primary importance nowadays. For this, the website should have content that directly addresses the need of the audience. This is the only way that makes the audience trust your website which ultimately increases the popularity of your brand.

However, there are so many websites available on the internet that deal with the same set of services and yet everybody claims that they provide the best one.

In such cases, the reader chooses to visit only that website which has a better ranking on the SERP. In short, a website which has mastered the art of Content marketing.

Now the question arises, how content marketing should be focused that would attract a reader to your website and boost its rank?

There are so many content writing and marketing agencies that work in content optimization. Many experts have claimed to formulate procedures for better content marketing skills. Let us analyze the most suggested tips that make a website rank better.

Find The Low Performer

If you know the basics of Search Engine Optimization, then you are familiar with the techniques of website optimization. Before you indulge in creating fresh content for the website, analyze if the previously posted blogs and articles are doing well or not. You can get a simple idea from the page rank while searching the specific keyword.

Attaining the first rank is definitely the goal of all the website holders, but the first 3 ranks are considered optimal to catch the viewer’s attention. Although some content marketing experts say that the first 5 ranks are the best. So, if your article lingers on positions below these ranks, then you have found the low performer of your website.

You can also make use of various online tools that determine the rank of the page. Moreover, they can also tell if the article has slipped in position or has gained popularity.

Content Optimization

The most important part begins now. You may have ample knowledge about the subject, but it would not reach the users until you optimize it according to the search engine. The content marketing companies suggest that after you have found the low performing article, you can work according to the following discussed method.

1. Re-analyze Your Weak Article

Dig out obsolete information from the post and replace it with the most updated one. Technology is updating with every moment. For effective content marketing, highlight the recent updates and omit the old information from your post as a reader is inclined towards reading about the current happenings.

You should also take care of the helping images that you have added on the page. Always add compelling images that motivates the reader to roll over the information with much enthusiasm. Also, update the “alt tag” according to the keyword, if necessary, as alt tags play important role in content writing and its optimization.

However, if you do not want to omit your previously researched and written article, you can highlight the recent updates in your post and still keep the older versions of the technology. This is a great way to keep the readers engrossed in an article where step-by-step updates are compared.
Optimizing Content To Boost Website Ranking

2. Write A Thoroughly Researched Article And Complete The Missing Links

You might not have put all the related information in your article. Thus, not many people would be finding your article self-sufficient. Whenever you are attempting any informative article regarding any issue, first of all, update yourself with the concerns of people related to that matter.

You can follow forums and many questions and answer sites that let a person directly raise his concerns. While using those questions as a starting point, write the articles so that those questions are answered automatically.

When you are re-addressing your article, then complete the missing links and talk about the latest happenings about the things. You can also check what your competitor is writing about that has made their ranking sore in the crowd.

3. Check Whether Your Article Is Easy To Read And Is Stuffed With Keywords

A person, who is an expert in content marketing, knows how to mold the sentences so that the keyword insertion looks natural. Also, adding too many industrial jargons may become too confusing for the reader and people would not really want to keep a dictionary on while reading your article.

The article for content marketing should be structured in such a way which makes it easy for the reader to understand it and have a lasting impact on his mind. Eye-catching headlines can help you in attracting many heads; however, keeping them motivated towards reading the full article is a herculean task.

So, try and be as natural and informative as possible while writing your piece. You can also use Google keyword planner and other such services to find the high-performing keywords for your product and incorporate them in your article. This is a sure shot method to gain popularity in the virtual world.

4. Add Live Examples And Case Studies

Another powerful tool that content companies use to amp-up their article is by using live examples in their articles. This is because people love taking notes about the experiences of others. Moreover, a recently conducted case study can help you imply your motive of writing the article to a greater extent. If you have already written one in your old article, then replace it with a new one, if any. Or, you can just modify your sentences to include more impactful words and highlight the conclusion more.

Quick Tip: Add a time-stamp to your articles so that the viewer knows that it has been updated with current information and they will read it and share it. Your website’s rank will improve if your words are circulated and read widely on the internet.

If all these steps are diligently followed, then your low ranking article can become the talk of the town. As you proceed systematically, the flow of your article will keep the viewer’s attention intact and this will decrease the bounce rate of your website. This is what most of the content companies are up to. In the end, providing a clear cut picture to the audience helps in winning their confidence and boosts your page rank.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Preaa Sharma is working as a content marketing head at Content Elites. She has 5 years of experience in content writing and had her articles published at high authority websites. You can follow her company on Facebook and Twitter.

Top 5 Wordpress Plugins To Boost Your Website Traffic

Wordpress Plugins To Boost Your Website Traffic
Building a website today is easier than actually knowing how it is done. The basic layout of any website is quite predictable but what makes it stand apart from any other web presence, are web plugins. Web plugins are an integral and essential part of any website and installing them on your website has immense value for the owner.

Web plugins are basic mini-programs that can be easily installed on your website. Doing this will add some effect of the same, on the functioning of your website. Depending on the functionality of a plugin, it might be available free of cost or at some value, for a premium version.

Most of us do not know and understand the need for web plugins. As we all know, however, the internet is designed to work on the groundwork of some codes. Since all of us are no web developers and do not understand the system of coding at its deepest levels either, it is impossible for us to increase the functionality of our website on our own. This is where the role of plugins falls in. Their job is to improve the functioning of a website and offer a reliable user experience, without the need to delve into the coding aspect of such functionality.

The use of plugins is pivotal in driving more traffic towards your website, since they improve the ranking of your website on a search engine, impact your earnings from your website and drive more subscriptions from users. Depending on the function of each plugin, your website could improve manifold and boost the resulting traffic on your website.

Let us take a look at the top Word Press plugins today, which can help you reach your targets.

1. Social Warfare

The plugin which has been originally built by several social media marketing experts helps in driving more traffic to your website through increased social shares. As opposed to common conception, Social Warfare does not slow down your website or impact the appearance of your website negatively. This is one of the most common problems with most other social sharing plugins. For the best sharing experience in a beautiful manner, use Facebook, Google+, Twitter and other sharing options, use Social Warfare, which has added great functionality to most users. The plugin allows you to choose the top social networking options which you would like to include on your website and also choose where they show up. You can also showcase your most popular posts, based on the number of shares they have received.

2. Revive Old Post

Do you feel that your old posts are of no use after some time? Then this is the plugin that you need to add to your website. This plugin literally keeps your old posts alive by sharing them automatically and driving traffic to your website through them. Once this plugin is set up on your website, you will never again have to worry about your old posts. With this plugin, you can maintain a custom sharing schedule, picking out the hours, days and blog posts that you want to be shared. This can also be attuned to different social media channels, depending on your sharing schedule. The plugin also allows you to customize your social shares and share your old blog posts to multiple accounts.

3. PopUp Domination

Want to convert mere leads into actual customers and increase your sales? This popup software is the answer to your question. With dedicated email themes, countdown themes, exit popups, popup triggers, on click popups and much more, this little plugin can make all the difference and bring that much-needed change in your business journey. With this popup generator software, you can create perfect, sharp, visible and responsive popups, which will find a friendly place with your customers and make it more comfortable for them to engage.

4. W3 Cache

The task of the W3 cache is to improve the overall user experience of your website. This is done by increasing the performance of the website, reducing the time that it takes to load a typical page and more. The plugin makes use of a dedicated content delivery network through integration and employing best practices for this purpose. Some of the marked benefits of using this plugin include improvement in the search engine result page rankings, most importantly for mobile websites. There is a tenfold improvement in the performance of a website, as measured by Google page speed after it has been completely configured. As the performance of the site improves, so does the rates of conversion, which affect the overall ranking of a web page on the search engine’s web results. Through browser caching, there are repeat views of the web page, which goes a long way in enhancing the ranking of the web page. Even the corresponding web pages begin to respond faster, which allows quick interaction between them, by the users. The page loading time reduces significantly, increasing the flow of visitors to the web page and enhancing the views of a web page by users. The overall web performance of the website improves and can stand the test of time during high traffic visit as well. With the help of HTTP compression, there is a considerable saving of bandwidth. Robin Smith, a programming expert at TopAssignmentExperts, says “W3 cache is a complete framework in itself, doing an excellent cache plugin job.”

5. Google Keyword Planner

Aided by the Google Ads tool, this is an enhanced experience for people who need to advertise for building a new search network campaign. This plugin allows you to search for new keywords and also observe how each of them is expected to perform. At the same time, the plugin also allows you to choose from among various competitive bids and different budgets that you can work with, for your campaign. It has the relative benefit of accomplishing the task of searching for research keywords and obtaining historical statistics and traffic forecasts. It can be used by signing in to a Google account and using the plugin option.


Understanding Word Press plugins might not be easy in one go but it is definitely possible to use them gradually and integrate them with the web design of your blog or your web pages. They can revamp the user experience that a person, visiting your page may derive and in turn, lead to a better web presence for you and your business. There are thousands of plugins available on the internet that you can use and experiment with. As long as you are sure that the plugin you are using is legit and comes from a trusted source, do not shy away from using it on your website. Chances are that it might be the only change that your web presence might be asking from you, from a very long time. As you include more plugins on your website, watch how it enhances the web speed of your page and delivers the best results. However, make sure that you do not overboard the bus since it might have some negative impacts on your web page too.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Amy Bella is a freelance writer and an SEO expert. She can be reached at TopOnlineAssignmentServices. She loves sharing knowledge on various websites and online magazines. She is a part time e-learning consultant as well. In the past few years, she has helped many organizations on various projects.

Skyroam Solis - For The Traveler And The Cybernaut In You

Skyroam Solis - For The Traveler And The Cybernaut In You
Ever planned for travel abroad and finally dropped the plan because you couldn’t stop from being connected to the internet? Restricted yourself from bungee jumping the High Steel Bridge because the social-media-addict inside you, couldn’t manage a day without WIFI?

Skyroam has come up with a perfect solution for all the internet-addicted travelers and students. Skyroam Solis is the ultimate connectivity companion for those who only dreamt of perfect travel experience. It is 4G LTE Global WIFI Hotspot and Power-Bank.
Don't Forget To Check out! "Mobile Signal Booster - Voice150 sq.m. [Review]"

Advantages Of Skyroam Solis

Skyroam Solis has an edge over its rivals due to its several advantages as given below:
  • Powerful Charging - The device has an embedded 6000 MaH power-bank and the latest USB C-connection.
  • Smart And Simple -The biggest highlight of the device is the WIFI reception over 130+ countries without the use of any SIM Cards.
  • Shareable - More than 5 gadgets can be connected to the device at a time.
  • Blazing Fast Speed - Fastest 4G LTE WIFI Speed can be enjoyed with the help of this device
  • Portable Global Smart Hub - A variety of devices including phones, laptop and, IOT Devices can be connected online at any rate.
  • Long Lasting - 16+Hours of battery life is a dream come true for anyone whose passion is traveling.
Moreover, the device offers the highest quality experience and the sleek model is easy to carry. You have to pay only for the WIFI that you use. The travelers can save a lot on their roaming charges across different countries.

How To Use Skyroam Solis?

To connect to the device, first, connect to the hotspot and then you’ll be directed to the capture page that helps you to manage the device settings. The battery life of the device is appreciable and is most favorable for usage in a travel group. The users of the device have testified that the device works even in the isolated areas and also in the city centers.

Is Skyroam Solis A Necessity?

With the reduced cost of the device, its high speed of connectivity, and user-friendliness the device is a must-have for travel-lovers. However, there are several network policies offered by the governments of different countries which provide free international-roaming. As travel policies across regions are becoming more tourist-friendly, it’s a question on how long will the device remain in the market. With future enhancements, I hope the product will stand unique in the market.

Who Needs Skyroam Solis At Most?

Adventure travelers, tour-guides and solo travelers would need the product mostly. Be it cruising on North America’s southernmost navigable fjord or immersing yourself in the French-speaking Quebecois culture, or camping with a herd of caribou, Solis would be a perfect partner, helping you in connecting with your team, capturing and transferring the moments for a lifetime or communicating in case of an emergency.

Though for travelers, adventure is a not-so-frequent journey, for adventure tour guides it’s a routine. For those who are born with a love for adventure, adventure courses are offered at various colleges across the United States including the Virginia Technology University, State University of New York, Cortland, Appalachian State University, Boise State University and many more. Thecollegemonk is a one-stop source for all your adventure-course queries in the United States. Usage of devices including the Skyroam Solis has today become part of the curriculum for most of the adventure courses.

Travel Routers Which Are Currently In The Market

Few of the other travel routers mostly recommended by travelers across the globe are as given below.
  • TPLink N300 Nano Travel Router supports 300Mbps speed. This simple router has a simple plug and a play solution that currently works. The device can be powered by a USB and can be powered by an Ethernet port.
  • TPLink N150 Wireless Portable Router offers lesser features as compared to N300, the speed of connectivity is slower than 150Mbps.
  • RavPower FileHub PLUS offers a 300Mbps network, offers a 6000 mah battery, an SD card reader, a USB Port, and DLNA Compatible media serving capabilities.
  • RavPower Filehub is smaller, cheaper and has lesser features than RavPower Filehub PLUS.
  • GL.iNet GL AR300M Mini Travel Router is one of the best value routers supporting VPN Credentials

Never Stop Travelling!!

This report was for the traveler and the internet-addict in you. With technology advancing day by day and the world converging itself into a global village traveling isn’t a burden. Travel for your soul. Browse for your brain. Think of your heart!!

Best Pro Tips To Become A Better Android Developer

Tips To Become A Better Android Developer
Building Android applications require profound information on programming and design. It is essential to break the learning process into pieces when you are approaching for any new programming language. If you're a web developer officially, vast numbers of the ideas and advancements engaged with Android development will be analogous to things you know – even though building apps for mobile devices regularly requires the authority of various more nuanced ideas. Because Mobile devices have smaller screens, small processors, and – on account of Android – a wide range of manufacturers, Hire Android App Developer who knows to keep code adaptable and represent an assortment of client situations.

So what does it take to wind up an Android developer? Check out the list below.
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Java is one of the essential parts of Android development. For the individuals who have increased a large portion of their coding experience in languages like JavaScript and Ruby, there can be an expectation to learn and adapt when getting Java out of the blue. Java, like JavaScript and Ruby, is object-arranged, but it is additionally stricter about the manner in which it handles information types. Developers must be significantly more astute with their code, characterizing the sorts of information their applications intend to work with, and all the more cautiously distributing rare memory resources. "You can't bear to have ambiguity in a mobile domain, and Java ensures that there's no disarray about what every segment of your application is attempting to do.

2. Comprehension Of XML

XML was made as a standard method to encode information for Internet-based applications. It is an organized markup language, imparting numerous features in like manner to HTML – you may perceive the calculated sections, the and label types, and the profound settling of components. If I say in a simple way then it means it allows the flow of data between a device which is easy to reliably In the Android world, developers use XML to make formats that fill in as the fundamental UI definition for Android applications. Developers can likewise compose Java code that modifies format components once the application is as of now running, similarly that web developers use JavaScript to alter the components in their website at runtime, but acing the nuts and bolts of XML is an essential skill for Android developers.


SDK represents Software Development Kit, which, however, it might evoke pictures of a satchel brimming with secret agent tools, is in reality only an extravagant name for a lot of pre-bundled code. The Android SDKs are modules of Java code that give developers access to gadget capacities like the camera and accelerometer. One key part of the Android SDK is a library called Gradle. Suppose that you need to integrate Facebook with your application. You would download a code library (or SDK) from Facebook, and after that reveal to Gradle that you're utilizing it, so when your application gathers, your code remains efficient. New Android developers will invest quite a bit of their energy finding how the different SDKs for Android can be sorted out in different approaches to assembling an application.


The integrated development condition (IDE) of decision for Android developers is called Android Studio. Android Studio is based over the all-around regarded IntelliJ IDE, and it accompanies extraordinary out-of-the-container bolster for a significant number of the most widely recognized Android SDKs. Android Studio likewise features vast amounts of the abilities developers expect of a full-highlighted IDE. Code consummation helps make auto-complete proposals as you type. Code debuggers let you venture through your code to identify the wellspring of mistakes. There are considerably further developed tools like memory and CPU monitors, helping developers ensure their code will keep up elite on a mobile gadget. Android Studio is an absolute necessity have for the Android developer.


As an Android developer, you'll likely need to interact with numerous different services. For instance, you might need to enable your users to get to a logbook from outsider services or check the share trading system. Numerous organizations offer APIs and will let you know precisely how to question them for information in a reliable, secure manner. While you're allowed to interact with any current API, Google additionally makes it simple to associate with their very own APIs from your Android application. For instance, you can without much of a stretch use Google APIs to screen the location of your users, let them look for local places, and reference a map from inside your application. You'll need to get happy with investigating the subtleties of different APIs and perceive that no two APIs are similar.


If your application handles a lot of information, its majority presumably won't live on your gadget at some random time. Instead, your application will probably interact with a database living outside of your telephone. Cloud administrations like Firebase or Parse give straightforward APIs to store information in the cloud and make it accessible crosswise over devices. These stages additionally regularly give Java libraries that you can plug into your application, making it simple to reserve a portion of the information on the client's gadget. This synchronizing of data between local storage and remote database is essential if you need to give users a chance to utilize the application when they're disconnected. Another approach to store information locally is through Android's worked in help for using SQL to interact with an SQLite database. However you handle information in your application, you'll have to investigate and see how databases function, and the approaches to the inquiry that information and use it in your application.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Alex Jone is in a HR and Recruitment at Alliance Recruitment Agency- an IT Recruitment Agency. He specializes in helping with international recruiting, Hire Android App Developer, staffing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.
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Top 6 Reasons to Use an Explainer Video in Your Business

Reasons to Use an Explainer Video in Your Business
In case it escaped you, an explainer video is a short animation video businesses use to relay their brand stories in a manner designed to hook the viewer’s attention…

And here is why it matters.

Usually, it’s not easy for a business to express what it does to customers in a language that most customers can understand, let alone relate to.

But by combining audio and video, an animated video is able to grab the customer’s attention while delivering a brand’s value proposition in a clear and concise manner.

Everyone loves a good story. And if you can package your company’s message in an exciting audiovisual story that resonates with the viewer, it not only gets easier to communicate your brand message but also does so in a way that prompts the viewer to take action.

An explainer video can, therefore, help you avoid the common snares that entrap many websites.

In particular, it increases retention rates, and all the positive effects of this are likely to spill over on your website. For instance, the bounce rate is significantly reduced and conversion rates spike.

And isn’t that what we all want?

This is why the importance of video marketing cannot be emphasized enough. The video is where the wind is currently blowing and your business would be well served to hop on the bandwagon.

We know, going with the wave is not a favorite sport of ours too, but in this particular instance, it’s either you are in or out.

So Why Video Marketing Is Important?

The reason the video is the hot ticket in town at the moment is that the world is getting “busier” by the day. Or rather, feeling busier.

Everyone and their neighbor seem to be moaning about the lack of enough hours in the day what with packed schedules and all.

What this has led to is a shrinkage in attention spans. We no longer have time for things that require our undivided attention for minutes on end, instead preferring to juggle between tasks and jump from one message to another.

Multitasking wise kids of the modern world, everyone has become.

Thus, when it comes to content marketing, what better way to override this shortening attention span than video? An animated video company will help you crack that conversion conundrum that has been eluding you.

According to Wyzowl, 81% of businesses are using video content marketing, up from 63% in 2017. Of those, 85% of them consider it a vital part of their marketing strategy.

Short, punchy explainer videos are the way to go right now. And not because everyone is doing it. No, they present a realistic chance of giving your marketing efforts a well-needed boost.

Here are our top 6 reasons you should be thinking of enlisting the services of an explainer video company like Promo Video Lab.

1. Generate Interest Among Customers

Naturally, a video is more likely to spark a person’s interest than text because cognitively, humans tend to avoid tasks that are mentally tasking.

So, given the option between watching an explainer video and reading through a chunk of text about your brand or products, most people will opt for video over text. And yes, the chance of that doubles in this age of short attention spans.

For this reason, the ability of a video to spark a customer’s curiosity is likely to reduce chances of bounce rate as customers are likely to linger longer on a page.

As well, video appeals more to mobile users, a platform that has already overtaken desktop in terms of e-commerce purchases.

According to Google, mobile users are also likely to feel a deeper sense of connection with brands that show video ads or content compared to desktop and TV viewers.

Think about that for a minute…

2. Increase Sales And Conversion

The benefits of video would not mean much if they do not reflect on the bottom line. But explainer videos are sure to keep your accounts division happy as these videos have the potential to make you serious money.

Studies have shown that having an explainer video on your landing page can boost your conversion by a whopping 80%.

The reasons for this are because, as we just alluded to:
  • People are lazy and prefer to watch than read
  • Videos increase the number of time people are likely to linger on the page, giving your message more time to sink in

There is also the element of trust, as illustrated in the next point.

3. Build Trust And Convey Brand Personality

Another reason you should seek the services of an explainer video production company is trust.

You see, before e-commerce took hold, one of the biggest hurdles it faced was the issue of trust. People were reluctant to send their money to a business they had no face contact with.

In fact, this still remains the case for any company that doesn’t do a good job of convincing its customers that it can be trusted with their financial information.

But an explainer video makes it possible for customers to put a face to your business, therefore creating that much needed virtual connection.

Not only that, there are instances when video allows you to convey the message better.

For example, when selling a car, potential buyers can only learn so much through a brochure, even one that includes images. With a video, though, you can illustrate important details like the car’s agility and pick-up speed more effectively.

What’s more, as you go about establishing trust with customers using videos, this doubles up as a chance for you to showcase your brand personality through humor, professionalism, your industry expertise or whatever other personality is synonymous with your brand.

4. Boost Your SEO Rankings

Another reason explainer videos need to be part of your business promotion toolkit is their ability to boost search rankings on Google.

The number of time users spends on a page is one of the ranking factors in Google’s algorithm. And as we highlighted earlier, videos have the ability to increase user engagement significantly.

They increase the time a user spends on a page which in turn increases that page’s ranking on search.

Everyone could do with a boost in SEO rankings!

5. Go Viral

Explainer videos are not for exclusive use on websites only. At a time when social media is responsible for a good chunk of website traffic, it makes sense to have a video that can be easily shared on the various platforms.

Whether it’s through YouTube, Vimeo or the slew of social networks we have at our disposal, don’t underestimate the power of video to drive business to your website.

Catchy videos that are easily shareable have the potential to go viral. And when they do, they can boost your brand visibility even among potential customers who could not otherwise have happened across your business.

6. Videos Have The Biggest ROI

One of the primary concerns for every business irrespective of the industry is the ability of an investment to bear returns.

While explainer video production services may seem like an expensive investment at first, video content, especially developed professionally, can easily pay for itself within no time.

Matter of fact, more than 50% of businesses who have ventured into video content marketing acknowledge it’s the content with the greatest ROI.

A consumer trends report by Hubspot also shows 54% of consumers want to see video content from brands, as opposed to emails/newsletters (46%), social images (41%) and even social videos (34%).

This goes to show the increasing importance of this medium.


The Internet long but leveled up the playing field allowing small enterprises to compete with big business.

Explainer videos are just another avenue SMEs can exploit to boost their online brand presence, so if you haven’t explored it, it’s time to stop ignoring the importance of video marketing and take advantage of it.

This is especially so if you have been pouring enormous amounts of time and money into content marketing but issues like website bounce rate, low conversion and poor search rankings remain a headache. An animated video production team can help you unleash the power of video, so now might be a good time to enlist the services of one.

6 Reasons To Choose Digital Marketing For Your Business

6 Reasons To Choose Digital Marketing For Your Business
Time was when a small business or start-up would be compelled to put aside a substantial outlay for marketing purposes. It would have to put in advertisements about its product or service in the print media at least, if not buy expensive airtime in electronic media. But now with the arrival of the World Wide Web into the palm of our hands, all the rules of marketing have changed. It is essential now to use the digital platform to get word about your business – be it through social media, blogs, emails or online news, lifestyle and shopping portals. If you are still not convinced, here are 6 crystal clear reasons for choosing digital marketing for your business.

Wider Playing Field

Imagine the entire world open up as the marketplace for your business. That’s right – whether you are selling luxury footwear, home-made bath products or tutoring online, any viewer sitting in any corner of the world can become your customer. It is this phenomenal expansion of the market place that is the top reason for choosing digital marketing. By advertising your business online, you can reach out to any individual in any part of the globe. On the other hand, for traditional marketing, this worldwide reach is logistically very, very difficult. you would need to get in touch with foreign media, whether print or electronic, abide by local publication laws, tax rules and then negotiate language barriers on the ground. On the internet, all such difficulties become non-existent or far easier to manage. With more than half of the world’s population at 55.1% of the world’s population having access to the internet, as of June 2018, digital marketing thus is the only way to reach out to a global market in the shortest possible time.

Cut Down On Costs

It is not that before the arrival of the internet, you did not have multinational companies. You still had people buying and selling products from and in different countries. But can you imagine how much that would cost? Renting billboards in numerous other cities, buying advertising space in foreign magazines and Yellow Pages and perhaps renting offices to get the logistics going would shoot up your marketing and overhead costs. On the other hand, digital marketing makes use of various online platforms to spread the word about your product or service while online order from your business website or shopping portal does away with the need to maintain a brick and mortar store – thus massively cutting down on costs.

However, this is not to imply that digital marketing is entirely free and that mere tinkering on your laptop over the space of a Sunday afternoon will be enough to let people around the world know what you have to offer. Not at all – digital marketing is a multi-pronged approach that requires both technical know-how and creative skills. Also, it cannot be completed overnight but depending on marketing objectives may take several weeks of sustained online campaigns. But when compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing can definitely get your business wider exposure at the same cost, which is often a crucial consideration for freelancers, individual entrepreneurs, and start-ups.

Get Higher Returns

This point naturally follows from the above – when you can bring down costs big-time, your profits are naturally higher. But even if you consider just the revenues, digital marketing can give you better returns as compared to conventional marketing. studies show that online promotion have higher conversion rates as much as by 2.8 percent over business can continue to fall back on traditional practices. This is because people are spending is far more time on the internet, social media and on their apps rather than reading newspapers or even watching TV exclusively. Thus conversion rates tend to be higher for online promotions.
At the same time though, you need to ensure that your even your digital marketing campaign is meeting its objectives. For this, you can use Campaign Tracker tools – free or premium in which case professionals can customize your online marketing approach to suit your specific business needs.
6 Reasons To Choose Digital Marketing For Your Business

Reach Target Audience

One of the strongest arguments for using digital marketing to promote your business is that it helps you reach your target audience much better as compared to TV commercials and magazine advertisements just like ThanksForTheHelp targeted the students who stuck in their assignment and need the help of professional writers. With Facebook, Amazon, Google and other big names of the virtual world using progressively advanced algorithms to predict consumer behavior of millions of Internet users across the globe, it is easy for them to take your business to your target customers. Even if you are not willing to pay these companies, you can use social media groups, online article directories and major forums specifically related to your product or service to spread the word about your business. An even better-directed method of digital marketing is email marketing where you mail news about your product or service to those you know are more interested in what you have to offer. Needless to say, streamlined and more directed marketing leads to higher sales conversion for your business.

Build Your Brand

No business with a vision can afford to neglect to build a brand. And all this gets much easier with digital marketing. Rather than pay enormous amounts to celebrities for endorsements, using social media, ezines and blogs make it cheaper and easier to create a unique image for your business. Adding the right images, embedding crisply edited videos and getting high ratings from existing customers could all go a long way in ramping up your business image. eventually though, once you have funds at your disposal, you could expand the marketing efforts into real-life encounters like product launches and premieres at exclusive destinations and perhaps endorsed by well-known personalities in the field.

Enter The Internet Of Things

Internet of things is the latest buzzword in contemporary lifestyle. Simply put, this is a concept where all gadgets of daily use are interconnected by the internet, making them capable of exchanging data and thus identify themselves to other devices. for example, if your refrigerator is running low on eggs, an embedded sensor can detect that, transmit the message to your supermarket where with your credit card, a fresh batch will be ordered and delivered to your home. Digital marketing can both benefit from and further contribute to this emerging concept in hi-tech living. For one Internet of things is giving rise to new consumer habits and practices which digital technology is best placed to identify and adapt to – something that is beyond the pale of traditional marketing practices. At the same time, digital marketing will be befitted by IoT through higher input in customer location awareness, purchase funnel and most importantly, customized marketing.

Now that you know all about the advantages of digital marketing, ensure that your business goes places at the tap of your finger.

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