3 Actionable Ideas To Increase Website User Engagement

Ideas To Increase Website User Engagement
Let’s face it, a website without a good user engagement is just useless and it won’t be anything more than just an online presence of your business. If you really want to use the internet and the web to help you grow your business then the number one thing you have to do is to grow your user engagement. The more the users engage with your business, the more successful you are and it’s a pretty simple rule especially for a business website.

Increasing user engagement of your website is not an easy task especially if you are new in the online market then yes, it’s going to be a daunting task for you because right now there is a lot of mess on the web as almost everyone is trying hard and running a rat race to increase their user engagement so yes, it’s going to be very difficult in the beginning. Now, here you have to understand that there is a difference between attracting the audience to your site and engaging them. Even if you succeed and attract thousands of visitors to your site, it won’t be enough until you are able to engage your visitors and make them perform the desired action.

If you are someone who just got his website made then you have to understand the importance of turning your website from zero to hero and when it comes to the process then it's all visually described in this infographic thoroughly defined 6 Key Website Principles To Turn Your Site From Zero To Hero:
Ideas To Increase Website User Engagement
Want to know more ways to increase your website’s engagement? Here’s what you need to do;

1. Reduce The Page Load Time

You know how irritating and annoying the slow loading pages on the internet are and this is not something that can everyone can tolerate. People just have the websites that take a lot of time to load and this is something that can increase the bounce rate of your site because honestly, people don’t have enough time to waste on your site to load. If you site is taking a lot of time, they will just shift to some other website and they might not ever visit your site again. So, before taking any other step, just reduce the page load time of your website and make sure it’s responsive.

2. Your Content Must Be Unique And Attractive

Content is known as the king of online marketing and you cannot just neglect its importance. So, whatever you are posting on your website and whatever content you are uploading, just make sure that all of it is original, attractive and interesting. Yes, you read it right, if you really want the users to engage with your site then you have to focus as much as you can on your content. In fact, the content of your site must speak for your business so don’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to creating some extraordinary content.

3. Know Your Audience

It is but very obvious that if you want someone to talk to you about your business or use your services, you first have to fulfill their requirements. Same is the case with your website and increasing your user engagement. If you really want to start a conversation with your followers and increase traffic on your site then you need to know your audience, their requirements, their desires and most importantly, you have to know what they expect out of a good company.

These are a few things that can actually help you with the user engagement of your site. So, without wasting any further time, use these tips and make sure to constant with your efforts because sooner or later, you are going to get some amazing results.

How To Make $100 Per Day With Your Blog

How To Make $100 Per Day With Your Blog
At first glance, $100 dollars a day may seem like a ridiculously high figure. But, if you think about it, that’s a bit over 36K per year. That’s a modest living. It’s certainly not some wild, unattainable figure if you look at it like that. The next question is this, ‘Can you make $100 daily with a blog?’

The answer is yes, and the proof is in the dozens of people who make a living doing nothing but blogging. It boils down to two things, building and maintaining a large enough audience and effectively monetizing your blog. Below are a few tips for doing this.
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Set Your Blog Up For Success

The decisions you make when setting up your blog can seriously impact whether or not you can successfully monetize it. These steps include:
  • Selecting The Topic for Your Blog
  • Choosing a URL
  • Selecting a Hosting Option

1. Selecting Your Topic

Yes, there are bloggers who manage to blog about anything and everything that interests them at any given moment. But, the truth is, most successful bloggers focus on a single topic, or a cluster of related topics. For example, Budget Bytes focuses on cooking on a budget. Next, consider ThePioneerWoman. In spite of the blog having grown into an empire, you’ll notice that the blog topics all revolve around a core subject area, family life on a ranch and all it entails. She covers a wide breadth of topics, but they all relate to that core area.

Choose a topic that is familiar enough to you that you can write as an expert. It’s also important to select a topic with enough general interest that you can build a large enough audience. The exception to this is if you have a topic that nobody else is covering. If that is the case, and you are certain there is enough demand for it, your unique choice of subject matter could help you in the end.

2. Choosing A URL

This is important. Plan to spend a bit of time on this. Your URL should be unique and memorable. It should indicate what your blog is all about. It shouldn’t be easily confused with another person’s blog. Finally, read the name out loud in as many ways as possible. The last thing you need is to publish a blog with an embarrassing name.

3. Choosing a Web Hosting Option

There are many options for hosting a website. If you choose WordPress or another CMS there are several host providers. There are also internet based tools that you can use to both design and publish your website.

As you choose, be wary of completely free hosting options. Many of these do not support the traffic and features you will need to make a profit later. Finally, do not select a hosting or publishing option that includes your hosting providers name within your URL. For example, WWW.ABCWebsite.ABCPublisher.com instead of WWW.ABCWebsite.com. The first option looks extraordinarily spammy and unprofessional.
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Produce Great Content

Whatever options you choose to make money off of your blog, none will be very profitable if your readers cannot count on you for great content. This has to come first. Unfortunately, many bloggers feel that if they cover casual topics they can take a casual approach to blogging.

This isn’t true. Your content should be highly visual, researched and well-written, and relevant to your target audience. It should also be published on a regular basis. Remember the goal is to build traffic and subscriptions to your blog. This is the base you will need to create a reliable income. Here are some tools and resources you can use:
  • Readable.IO: This will tell you the readability and grade level of your writing. Did you know that the most successful online content is written at a middle school grade level?
  • Grammarly: Use this to clean up your writing and make it as professional as possible.
  • The Hemingway App: Hemingway himself was known for concise writing that got right to the point. Audiences still appreciate this approach today. The tool named after him will help you accomplish that.
  • Pocket: Relevant and inspirational content is everywhere. The problem is that you don’t always have time to read it.
How To Make $100 Per Day With Your Blog

Using Affiliate Links

If you follow many blogs, you’ve probably seen the standard disclaimer that the posts may contain affiliate links. Basically, companies will pay bloggers to plug their products. Here’s how it works.
  • You receive an affiliate link from a company or an affiliate network.
  • You post the link on your blog with a positive note about the product.
  • When your readers click the link, you receive payment.

There are two ways to display your affiliate links. The first is to write content around the products you are helping to promote. For example, if you blog about going to the beach, you might mention a particular brand of bronzing lotion. Other bloggers treat affiliate marketing like advertising. They simply display the links on their blog with an invitation to check out the products they love. To benefit from this, you will need both trust and traffic.

Sell VIP Memberships

Imagine that you launch a blog for people interested in working from home. You post lots of great content on finding work, determining what opportunities are scams, handling the financial side of thing, and marketing. Once you get an audience established, you realize that you’ve got some readers who are in the market for something a bit more in depth. And, they’re willing to pay for it.

The above is just one scenario where selling memberships is the way to go. Here’s how it would work:

All of your subscribers would get access to your general content. Those who were willing to pay a bit each month would have access to some premium content. In the case mentioned above, this might be job listings, live Q & A sessions with influencers, even white papers that you’ve created. You can even publish content to your VIP members before making it available to your other subscribers.

Sell Advertising Directly or Through A Network

If you have enough traffic and engagement, you can earn money by selling advertising on your blog. You can do this by working with an advertising network such as Google Adsense that will display ads on your blog. These will often be displayed as banner ads. You can also sell advertising directly to companies as if you were selling newspaper ad space.

Use Your Blog To Sell Your Own Real or Digital Products

Another path to monetization is to sell real or digital products through your blog. This might include ebooks, webinars, online courses, and other long form content. If you have a hobby or talent that you cover in your blog, you might consider making and selling related products.

If you do this, then you will have to add shopping features to your blog. Another option available to you is to offer your products through an online marketplace such as Etsy and then advertise that on your blog.


If your blog has a solid foundation of great content and healthy engagement, there are several options available for you to monetize it. Before you make a choice, consider your audience and their needs. Choosing what works best for them is almost certainly the fastest path to making a living with your blog.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
At a relatively young age, Donald Fomby has already amassed impressive experience as a freelance writer. Currently, he is a valued member of the writing team at PickWriters. Donald studied Computer Science at Texas A&M and is a loyal Aggies football fan to this day.

In his spare time, Donald writes Sci-Fi short stories. He’s active on the convention scene as well. He also enjoys local music, and has a soft spot for authentic Texas BBQ. He has a passion for technology, social media, and travel that make him a great fit for PickWriters.

Top 5 Tricks To Improve Your iPhone X Performance

Top 5 Tricks To Improve Your iPhone X Performance
iPhone is one of the top biggest brands in the world of smartphones seller. And has recently launched the new $999 iPhone X as its revolutionized version in comparison to their previous counterparts.

A super amoled screen that is just as colorful as sexy as you would love in Samsung’s phones and the face ID scanner just takes your attention at first sight. But given with all the new features, it might take a while for you to get used to your new iPhone X ( on which you can play slots online as smooth as using your laptop ). And you may be in search how to hack in to its full performance or in other words improve the way you use the device.

Superb Charging

Apple’s wireless charging is the main hit in this phone. First, it’s the first apple’s phone to have wireless charging. Second, it can charge up to 50% I just 30 mins. Now that’s some fast charging but is expensive too as you must buy a wireless charger with it.

But there is a way to have fast charging. All you need is a USB-C to lightning cable which is available starting at $25 on online shopping stores. And you need an adapter that supports USB-C. Just plug up all the accessories and voila you have a fast charging phone.

Spend Some For The Future

If you have a $999 phone with glass on every side in your hand, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Yes, to buy a case.

Apple has recently revealed that damaging can be expensive if out of warranty. Only shattering the back glass can cost you up to $549 for its repairs and the screen will be fixed at a cost of $279.

Gestures Will Make It Easy

Let’s get one thing straight there is no home button on the new iPhone X. Therefore, Apple has increased a little bit on the gestures for better handling. Some are described here under:
  • Return to Home Screen: When in app, just swipe up from the bottom of the screen upwards and you will be on the home screen in a glimpse.
  • Activating SIRI: hold down the power button on the right side of the iPhone X and the assistant will come online to assist you.
  • Control and Notification Center: Swiping down from the left side of the screen to the notch will open Notification Center and swiping down from the right side of the screen to the notch will open Control center.

Get Fimiliar With The Face ID:

Since it now has new features, therefore, some thigs should be put into consideration on the new facial-scanner that apple has offered:
  • Select Apps for FACE ID: If you don’t want all apps to go along with the FACE ID. Go to Settings > Face ID and passcode and you’ll have an option for choosing which apps should work with dace ID and which shouldn’t.
  • Shut off Attention Aware: This phone is some intelligent piece of tech, it keeps the watch if you are paying attention to the screen or not, if you’re not then it puts the feature into action. Annoyed by that? Well don’t worry there is always a kill switch for everything. Go to settings > Face ID and Passcode. Turn off the option for “Require attention for FACE ID” and bingo you’ll have no hassle.
  • Distance Problem: Yes, if you’re using face ID then distance matters, put your phone away from your face about 26 to 49 cm and make sure to have your eyes, nose and mouth in front of the camera.

Battery Life Booster:

Well the company has many tips for battery life on its website some of them are:
  • Update your phone to the latest iOS version.
  • Turn on Auto-brightness to dim the screen according to the surrounding lights.
  • Enable Low-Power mode so that the phone’s performance remains optimized.

Considered Factors To Buy Notebook

Considered Factors To Buy Notebook
We will need many points to consider the right notebook. We have to make a decision what we need actually before we will buy a notebook. If we can find out our need, we will be able to decide to buy a notebook with no doubt at all. Before starting basic factors, i would like to recommend you to must check out our recent article that basically covers a guide to buy used laptops.

There are 5 basic factors for us to be considered to buy notebook:


The options of notebook’s price which we can pay often depends on our budget. When we intended to buy notebook a few years ago, we would need more than USD 2.000. But now, we can pay less than USD 1.000 to buy a notebook.

Anyway, for many users, deciding to buy notebook computer is still considered as a big purchase. Before we decide to buy a notebook, we must compare different prices among them.


We need to know what for exactly we use the notebook. It is really necessary to determine the right RAM for our notebook. Size of RAM (Random Access Memory) is really important for speed and effectiveness to process the data. A 2 GB RAM is recommended by LaptopJudge, if we just meet the simple data like email, spreadsheets, word processing, etc. It’s not really necessary to spend a lot of money for bigger RAM. We can find easily many of notebooks which have such configuration. But, please buy a notebook with RAM as big as it can hold, if you just involve with mobile digital photography.


Computer notebooks can be affected by two element sizes: portability and display size. The ultra-light notebooks will prevent you from some shoulder pains if you desire to use your computer for only at a short time. At the other condition, when using the computer for a long time, the computer notebook with the large display will play the important role.

Being compared to the size of the display of desktop computers, some computer notebooks' displays exceed 17 inches now. The minus point is that these computer notebooks are possible heavier three times than the ultralight ones.


Before we’ll buy a notebook with the size of harddisk that matches our need, please ask ourselves about the following questions: Will we make the notebook be a primary or an alternative system? You must buy a 60 GB or more harddisk if we’ll make it be a primary system. On the reverse, we will need only a 20 GB harddisk if we make it be an alternative system. We have to know how many data we will save or how many data we keep now. The conclusion is we have to buy a notebook with the size of harddisk which is exactly matching to our need.

The Ability For Network Connections

The modern computing will apply systems for being connected heavily in the 21st century and beyond. The Internet is the most important part of it. The notebook computer must be able for making a connection to corporate networks, online services, internet and home networks as well as wireless networks. We must buy notebook computer which has huge abilities to face that situation.

3 Reasons To Buy A Laptop

Many reasons make us would rather buy laptop pc than a new desktop computer. The most important reasons that make people would rather buy a new laptop than new PC are weight and the mobility. Since many years ago, people had looked for a new notebook, why? because they need it. But, a desktop computer is still needed by people who are not involved in mobile working or who do not always need to monitor their business from a long distance.

1. Mobility

At the beginning of 20th century, people have enough free time with their families. It’s a different situation now. We get busier every day. Many people even do not have enough time to go home except on Saturday and Sunday. In this condition, the laptop is much more needed than PC. Can you bring your PC with you when you travel to outside of your town? Nope. But with a laptop, you can bring it anywhere.

2. The Weight

Now it’s not hard to find a laptop that is lighter than 4 pounds. Toshiba, Sony, Apple, and other laptop manufacturers try to introduce their new and light laptops to us. You can easily find more information about these laptops on the internet. Of course, you won’t be able to bring your PC with you if you are outside of your home but the laptop is your best friend and best partner.

3. The Price And The Battery Life

The most negative things about laptop are its price and its battery life. However, these days’ laptop has a much cheaper price and longer battery life. Can you imagine how effective laptop would be in the next 2-3 years? I think the price margin between laptop and PC will be almost zero in the upcoming years. If you find a PC and a laptop, both with the same specification, what would you pick? Laptop, definitely. Especially if you often go outside of your home and need a computer to help your job. If you find this post helpful, check out "Cheap office desk - Guide To Get The Perfect"

What factors you consider to buy a laptop? Let me know through comments.

List Of SEO Tools To Boost Your Market Ranking

List Of SEO Tools To Boost Your Market Ranking
Whenever a content writer posts something on his website, he or she always wants to increase the traffic on his website. He always wants more and more people to visit his website and read his content. One technique of doing this is SEO that is search optimization.

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine which is available through the internet helps in searching documents and files. There are several different search engines available on the internet like google, Bing, yahoo etc. All these search engines are different and unique in their own way. A search engine is usually used through a browser. Search engines shows the results of a particular search depending upon its importance.

Search engine optimization is a process which helps in sending signals to the search engines which shows that whether the pages are good enough to be shown on Google’s index or not. It helps in increasing the traffic of visitors by placing your website at the highest rank on the search engines. SEO helps in giving higher positions to the content in search results. SEO is all about making the best use of search engines. It helps in improving the traffic in your website.

Incorporation of SEO- friendly content is very important. Writing something don’t only mean to deliver what you want to say but the same has to be understood by the end user also. Sometimes the writer has the most amazing content to deliver but if the target audience is not able to search or find it then all your efforts will merely go into vain and it will not prove to be beneficial for you. There are so many different tools which help in writing SEO optimized content. These tools help the audience to find you on search engines and keeps your work at the higher positions. Some of the tools are:

Hemingway App:

The amount of concentrated time that each person spends on a particular task is different. Some people have short amount of concentrated time because of which they prefer the content which is short, clear and accurate. Hemingway app helps in finding out the sentences that are very complicated and are grammatically wrong by color coding those sentences. In this way the content will remain clear and simple and will also retain user’s attention till the end. It will help in restricting them in losing their interest in the content.

Paper Rater:

Paper rater helps in checking plagiarism and ascertaining by putting the content into a cloud based software. The content is simply to be put into it as there is no need of signing up. It makes the content free of any errors and mistakes and develops a confidence in the user’s mind that the content is written by an expert.

Write Words:

Peer reviews are very important for finding out your strengths and weaknesses and the quality of your work. Write words is a tool which helps in concluding the quality of your work as this helps in getting feedback from other members because on write words you can chat with the members and get their reviews on the work done by you. It helps in retaining customer’s confidence and support. As all the members are experts and are of the same field, it helps in getting assistance from them for writing attractive content which will further help in gaining more and more readers.

Keyword Wordstream:

The audience locate the content by entering the keywords in the search engines so it is very important for the content writer to include accurate keywords in his content so that it becomes easier to the reader to search the required content. This will improve the SEO results.

Read Only:

Having some errors and flaws in you writing leads to losing the readers and low return traffic. To check the readability of the content, the content writer can put his content into read only.

Language Tool:

To find out any errors or faults, the content writer need to put his article into the text box and then select a language. The language tool will instantly detect the errors. With the help of language tool, you will be able to provide the content which is error free in 20 languages.

Keyword Density Checker:

In each article, the content writer needs to put only 1% of the keywords. In other words, the article should not be overloaded with the keywords so that the reader can easily find out your article by entering the keywords. Keyword density checker helps in checking the overloading of keywords in the article.


Ginger is an app which helps in finding out the errors and grammatical mistakes and also helps in re- phrasing the sentences so that the readers get the desired content of their choice.

Pro Writing Aid:

This app helps in finding out the overused words and length of the sentences which improves the quality of the article which leads to the generation of great content.

Spellcheck Plus:

It is an online spell checker which instantly check out the spelling mistakes and errors. Corrections are to be done by the user later.

Outsource Your Content Creation:

If the writer does not have much time to write a good quality content that too without any errors or mistakes, outsourcing of the content can be done.

The content should always be original and of great quality that attracts the readers. The above mentioned tools can be helpful in creating such articles and attaining more and more readers. All these tools will increase the flow of readers and will improve the traffic. Thanks to the SEO optimized content tools for giving a very wonderful experience to both the writers and the readers.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
I’m Jessica Gross. I read and write every day on various topics related to society, culture, academics, business and lifestyle. Also, I have been working as an academic consultant for Australian assignment help for more than a decade. You can catch me on twitter jessica.

Inventing The Future Of Shopping Through Extended Reality (XR) Commerce

The Future Of Shopping Through Extended Reality
It’s no secret that virtual reality is starting to become a genuine tool for a wide range of different industries. The technology has been in production for decades, with various different outfits claiming they are just a few short months away from releasing a new technology that will blow you away. However, the tech was consistently disappointing, up until fairly recently. That’s all changed. Today, both augmented reality and virtual reality are finding applications in a wide range of different industries. They’re starting to go far beyond mere entertainment devices, finding use with serious professionals who are discovering the massive benefits that a well calibrated VR system has. Now, thanks to extended reality, even more doors are opening in the world of retail and marketing.

Extended Reality Follows In The Footsteps Of VR

Extended reality functions along much the same lines as augmented reality or virtual reality. The user makes use of a VR headset strapped to their head which depicts a world other than that in which they are currently sitting. This opens up a huge range of different applications when it comes to shopping and marketing. The possibilities for giving a potential customer the chance to get a real feel for a product have never been bigger. A good option would be to consider something like a new car. With augmented reality, the user would have the chance to actually step inside their car, look around, and decide how they wanted to personalise the interior. It’s a similar situation with something like real estate. You could give a potential customer in Hong Kong the ability to walk around a house in Paris, with a completely accurate depiction of what they could expect from the finished products.

Huge Marketing Opportunities Are Available

As with virtual reality itself, many detractors could possibly be quick to point out that this system doesn’t actually offer much in the way of things that aren’t already available. For instance, you can get a good enough idea of a building by simply watching a walkthrough video. However, that wouldn’t allow for the same kind of level of control that extended reality offers. On top of that, extended reality would allow the programmers responsible for the program to alter the setup according to the wishes of the customer. That means that you would be able to enjoy a completely customised version of the car or structure, that would be updated according to your preferences so that you could get a taste for it before committing to any specifics.

The Technology Is Still Exciting

A major reason why this technology is taking off in such a big way in the world of marketing and advertising is the novelty value that it still retains. While ownership of virtual reality technology is certainly on the up, it is still out of the reach of many people. However, as prices drop further and further, it’s practically guaranteed that a very large number of people will end up possessing this technology. That means that there’s a huge need for new experiences and programs for the hardware, and people are likely to be fairly unselective in the early days. Virtual reality experiences allow you to offer a completely immersive experience, with a certain amount of advertising slipped in on the sly. A good example is a recent program that gives the user the experience of walking around at a fashion catwalk. Naturally, as a catwalk, the experience also features a large amount of promotion of various fashion labels. However, the user is mainly preoccupied with the experience of getting up close at a catwalk. It’s a great model for marketing and one which should be made use of while the technology is still fairly new. It’s only matter of time before, due to increasing ownership, people will start to regard this technology as familiar, rather than something exciting.

The Future Promises Great Things

In many ways, virtual reality and extended reality are in their infancy. It’s clear that there’s going to be a certain amount of trial and error before people work out how to best make use of this technology. It’s also certainly not cheap to create your own virtual reality programs. This will, for now, probably limit the number of companies that can happily take advantage of what is on offer. However, in much the same way as the virtual reality sets themselves are predicted to drop in price, so is the cost of creating your own extended reality marketing promotion. Smart business owners could certainly reap great returns by investing in this technology early on. At last, it seems like the promises that have been made for years regarding virtual reality are actually coming true. It’s already been implemented in a number of high end video games, and has also found plenty of followers across a wide range of other industries. We’re confident that we are yet to fully realise the real potential of this technology. However, there is an exponential growth underway in the amount of interest, investment and ownership. Assuming things continue in this direction, we expect to see some really fascinating innovations in the near future.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Psychologist, writer-freelancer, traveler and just creative person, lover of world cultures, languages, food, wild spaces and urban places by nature. Check out this website to find majority of my works.
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The Importance Of Process Automation For Small Business

The Importance Of Process Automation For Small Business
The fact of the matter is: your small business has to grow to succeed. Once it starts, it can’t continue doing business like it is at the moment. It would unsustainable, not to mention impossible.

That’s where technology can step in. Technology enables small business to achieve more while operating inside limited budgets. With minimal investment, process automation can become your go-to solution to improve and scale your business. To better understand how it can help your company, here are just a few examples it can upgrade the way you do business.

Simplifies Tasks To Increase Efficiency

A significant part of the process is automated project management. This type of project management helps small businesses streamline workflow to increase efficiency.

An automate project management system moves all business projects to a single online location. This gives each team member access to the project and individual tasks they will need to perform to complete it. Dividing the entire business process into smaller tasks like this means each employee directs focus on completing work according to their role at the company.

The process is also completely transparent and sends notifications to the entire staff (or assigned teams) about delegated tasks, deadline alerts, and completed projects. This allows you to track progress at each stage of the project, and if needed re-distribute resources to meet deadlines and efficiently finish jobs.

More Efficient Communication

Without having to be physically present in an office, phones, emails, and chats enabled better communication inside the office. However, this has led to new problems, staff members can’t focus or continue working until they receive new instruction and the person at the other end sends a reply.

Automation process software eliminates unnecessary communication by allowing everyone to have access to multiple tasks. This means when they come to a problem, they can switch and focus on something else until they receive more detailed input.

Additionally, systems like this allow both clients and suppliers to be included in the same line of communication. Clients can easily share their concerns or request changes directly to the company. Invoices that took days to send and receive can be dropped onto a cloud-based storage system.

This way, less time is spent on trying to communicate what to do. Time better spent actually doing the task.

Simplified Website Management

As a small business, your website is a central location where customers engage with your company. To maintain a professional appearance, it has to be managed every day. And those repetitive tasks take a lot of valuable resources to complete.
The Importance Of Process Automation For Small Business
Implementing process automation software to your website can remove some of that pressure. User-friendly cPanel hosting ensures simple navigation of your database when handling day-to-day changes. Then, you can add a quality content management system (CMS) like WordPress, to your website and simplify modifications to your site’s appearance and content uploads.

Automated Website Optimization

To make it agreeable to visitors and search engines like Google and Bing, your website needs to be optimized. This is an important step in growing your business, since it can improve anything from user experience and visibility, to how you market your products or services. Furthermore, choosing the right web hosting provider is important as you want your website to be secured and running smoothly.

Consider investing SaaS companies to do these things for you. Tools by Optimizely use automated A/B testing to increase conversion rates on landing pages, while Customer.io makes messaging with site visitors about subscriptions and payment receipts automatic. Until you scale your business (and hire experts), this software can streamline these repetitive and time-consuming tasks for you.

Frees Time To Focus On Customers

Customers return to small business for the personalized service and care they receive. When you start scaling your business, providing this level of quality can be hard to maintain without hiring more people.

That’s where process automation can help. As your business grows, you can automate recurring tasks customers expect, like sending welcome messages, payment and shipping reports. This frees a lot more time for your customer service team to actually support your customers and provide them with the care they are used to. The additional human touch during interactions will be a bonus to customers and remain a major selling point of your business.


Automation is unavoidable in today’s market. It’s all about using technology to improve the speed and efficiency of your company, so you can run it how you want to. Without having to concern yourself with every little detail, you will have more time to focus on developing strategies that will help your company grow. So, once you do include it in your business, you will never look back.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Lauren Wiseman is marketing specialist, contributor to bizzmarkblog.com and entrepreneur. She helps clients grow their personal and professional brands in fast-changing and demanding market, strongly believing in a holistic approach to business.

21 Common Signs Of A Sub-standard Web Host [Infographic]

21 Common Signs Of A Sub-standard Web Host
With the advent of Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, creating a blog/website for personal use or business has become an easier task. Out of these, WordPress is the best choice for beginners as well as professionals. The reason being that it is user-friendly and offers you tonnes of benefits in terms of responsive WordPress themes, powerful plugins and a large and supportive community that helps you along the way to overcome common glitches and other WordPress errors.

However, no matter how good a CMS you pick, you wouldn’t be able to yield the maximum out of it without the support of a good web hosting. Thus, if you want to pick the best web hosting for your WordPress website then you need to steer clear of these common signs which indicate that a particular web hosting provider is not up to the mark.

Web hosting is one of the crucial factors that ensure your business growth in the online world and as such, you need to get this step right and pick the very best from the available options. A good web hosting will make your website accessible to all, day and night. It will provide you with the much needed secure framework that is essential to protect your website form all hacks and malicious threats. It would also provide you with a reliable 24/7 support that is required, especially, if you are a beginner just starting your online journey.

Now, coming to the common signs of a sub-standard web host, there are many that you need to be aware of. However, here are a few warning signs of a poor web host that will help you make the right decision.
  • No Backup feature.
  • Sluggish website speed and download time.
  • Insufficient Storage and Bandwidth.
  • Unavailability of a Control Panel (cPanel).
  • Lack of essential security features like SSL, Spam filters, SiteLock and others.
  • Lack of Auto Script Installer.
  • Frequent downtime with no prior notice.
  • Exorbitant renewal charges.
  • Lack of experience Technical Support.

These are some of the warning signs of an undependable web hosting service provider. As such, if you already have a hosting or if you are on a trial period with a web hosting provider and if you notice these signs then it is a clear indication of a bad web host.

An untrustworthy hosting provider can cause a lot of issues in the long run and can affect your site’s traffic as well as ranking. If your site is consistently down or slow then this can get you penalized by Google. Worse yet, a poor quality web host affects your brand’s reputation and makes you look unprofessional.

Thus, picking the right web host is extremely important and therefore, here is an infographic that highlighted the 21 common signs of a low-quality hosting provider. So take a look at this now and make an informed choice that will help boost your business growth.
21 Common Signs Of A Sub-standard Web Host