Should We Still Do Offline Marketing?

Should We Still Do Offline Marketing
The world of marketing is at a crossroads. Investments in online marketing have been growing for several years in a row. According to an analysis conducted by the Magna media agency, by 2020 about $290 billion will be spent on advertising in online media. In other words, online marketing investments will make up 50% of the entire marketing expenditure worldwide.

What’s interesting about these stats is the fact that the other half of the money spent on marketing globally will still be invested in offline marketing. This comes as a surprise, knowing how much hype its digital counterpart has generated in this decade.

The aim of this article is to explain what target audiences still prefer offline marketing. Also, we’ll talk about the most popular forms of this marketing channel at this moment.

The Targets Of Offline Marketing

When you read contemporary market reports, you’ll often come across data that older generations are still most inclined towards offline marketing.

While this is true to some extent, it’s important to note that television is still considered a part of the offline marketing realm. Knowing this, it’s legitimate to challenge the claim about elderly people and offline marketing.

For instance, preschool children and teenagers still spend a lot of time watching TV. A recent study published by the Common Sense Census has shown that children aged 0-8 spend 2 hours and 19 minutes on average in front of different screens. Most of this time is taken up by television.

So, it’s clear that youngsters are a significant portion of the offline target audience.

What’s more, people of all generations still prefer offline advertising in some aspects of their lives. Let’s take, for example, a 40-year old man who wants to have his beard trimmed. What do you think is more probable, that he will google a barbershop or simply go to the one his friends recommended him?

Likewise, when a 30-year old woman wants to get a flower arrangement for a birthday, it’s more likely that she’ll simply get down to the flower market and find what she needs.

In theory, people of all age groups could prefer offline marketing and tangible ads to digital advertising in certain contexts.

The Power Of Local Media

If you want your business to use the benefits of offline marketing, utilizing the power of local media is a good start.

Regardless of the medium, storytelling is always an enticing form of advertising. Every successful business story is different and people like to hear how lucrative enterprises have risen to prominence.

So, what you can do to score some promotional points on the local level is to contact radio stations and local newspapers. Offer to share your unique success story with their audience. They’ll get exclusive media material for free and you’ll advertise your business along the way.

However, bear in mind that some radio and TV-stations charge for such deals, so discuss the terms in advance.

As for local newspapers, simply call the editors and ask them if they’d publish an article about your business story. It’s wise to emphasize that your aim is to share the special ingredients of your business with their readers, and not to merely promote your venture.

If you opt for this form of offline marketing, you might want to apply some elements of narrative journalism in your feature, as explained in this article on the Forbes website.
Should We Still Do Offline Marketing

Free Promotion For Lead Generation

Freebies are always welcome in the world of advertising. Offline marketing is a perfect form for special promotions, because you can give away actual, tangible products to your potential leads. Here are three different types of free promo features that we find most effective.

1. Media-Distributed Freebies

When you’re already a guest on a local TV-show or a radio program, bring along some freebies that you’ll give away to listeners or viewers. You can even organize a small contest, in which people will be asked a simple question about your business or products. The first person who gives the correct answer will win a freebie. This is a cliché contest, but it’s still interesting in such programs.

2. Special Open-Air Events

Every clever business owners will use the opportunity to distribute promotional items at local open-air events. For instance, when your local council is organizing different open-air events, you can donate a certain amount of your products. You simply get a license and erect a stand at which you’ll be giving away special promotional items. Some of the people who are given your products today will come back to buy some tomorrow.

3. Organizing Free Lunches

This one can be done when you’re about to close a business deal.

In a nutshell, you invite the potential client for lunch. Depending on the complexity of the business deal, the venue can either be your home or a restaurant. By doing so, you’ll get a chance to explain the benefits of the potential business collaboration.

Also, this is a great opportunity to establish a more personal relationship with the lead and complete the lead generation process.

The Fair Trade Crew

One of the most popular and long-living forms of offline marketing are trade shows.

Attending such shows is always a great chance to tell the world about your business in a simple and original way.

In order to convey your message, you should mobilize enough promo materials from roll-up banners and flags to poster stands and trade show displays.

You’ll probably have some of these items on your business premises. Still, some of them will have to be ordered in advance, so that they’re ready for the show.

When you’re preparing for the most renowned trade shows in your niche, think about preparing some special promo banners and giveaway items, like T-shirts, or anti-stress balls. That way, you’ll stand out from the crowd and your potential buyers will remember you.

Once the hype about the show is over, those materials can decorate your company premises.


Offline marketing might not be as popular as it used to be, but it’s still a durable and useful form of advertising. For all the reasons we’ve analyzed in this piece, the final answer to the question from the title is definitely: yes, we should still do offline marketing. In some situations, it can be used on its own, while in other cases it can join forces with online marketing tactics. Either way, we hope that our analyses and tips will help you make the best of offline advertising

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Michael Deane is a marketing executive at Printroom, and a huge Lakers fan outside working hours. He is always ready to jump into any discussion regarding advertising and online media.

4 Ways To Use Diversity And Inclusion As A Business Strategy

Ways To Use Diversity And Inclusion As A Business Strategy
Developing a business that will become a lucrative and successful enterprise in the future is one of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face these days. Nevertheless, many businesses do in fact succeed. Some develop a unique approach that elevates them on the market, while others find the right people who will help them overcome obstacles and reach success.

Nowadays, we live in the society where opinions are forced upon others, and forced inclusion is presented as a more liberal way of thinking. That doesn't mean you should use diversity and inclusion as your business strategy just because someone expects you to. In fact, you should use diversity and inclusion as the means to find the best people for your team and create a unique culture that will drive your company forward, as well as help your employees thrive in their careers. That being said, here are a few ways to use diversity and inclusion as a business strategy.

Diversity Brings New Talent

Focusing on a single group of people with a specific racial background, heritage, political view or ethnicity narrows your perspective and limits your opportunities. With a more diverse hiring process, you have the chance of attracting unique talents to your company. Many people have unique ideas and exceptional ways of thinking, which can prove to be one of the greatest assets your company can acquire.

Different people can brainstorm ideas and find unique ways to overcome business challenges, as well as reach business goals. Therefore, when hiring employees, don't hold back on diversity and inclusion, because the more diverse your talent pool is, the more efficient your company will be. Not only that, but diversity can present a unique opportunity to combine the different skills your employees have into an advantage you'll gain on the market.

Eliminate Discrimination

Just because someone has a different skin color, ethnic background, or if someone is physically impaired, it doesn't mean they're worth any less. People are all unique in their own way and you need good people to help you succeed. Eliminating discrimination in your company is the best way to utilize diversity to its fullest potential. Employees should never be shunned because they're different in one way or another.

A prime example of workplace discrimination is people with disabilities having difficulties finding a job. You may believe that hiring a physically impaired person would be a bad decision, as they won't be as productive as the rest of your employees. However, a disabled person's ideas and ways of thinking may be just what you need to grow and develop your business. Therefore, when hiring efficient employees, contact disability employment services that are trying to help disabled people find work, and check what talents are available there.
Ways To Use Diversity And Inclusion As A Business Strategy

Leverage Diverse Creativity

Diversity and inclusion help you attract employees from different backgrounds and with different experiences. This diversity creates unique creativity and innovation within your company's culture. There are plenty of ways to develop a business further and help it grow. However, none of these ways are one-size-fits-all. What works for one company may not work for yours.

Still, with creative minds from different backgrounds working in your company, you may develop a whole new approach to reach a specific market or niches, as well as gain a competitive advantage that will make your company stand out from the rest on the market. When great minds and various ideas come together, you'd be surprised at how many new possibilities are presented to you. By leveraging this diverse creativity, your company can expand in a way that you never would have thought of, without different experiences to contribute to the development of the best approach possible.

Open New Doors With Diversity

Nowadays, more and more companies are starting to operate on the global market or trying to reach foreign customers. The internet has pretty much brought everyone in the world closer together in a single place. Penetrating a foreign market can be especially difficult for companies that don't have a diverse talent pool. Cultural differences and language barriers can prove to be quite challenging when trying to appeal to foreign customers or clients.

However, with diversity and inclusion, this challenge can be easily overcome. You'll undoubtedly have employees who are familiar with a specific culture, language and market. They can help you reach new places and establish a presence on the global market as the market leader in driving innovation and success. Not only that, but you'll pioneer diversity as a business strategy that produces results. That way, you'll encourage other companies to leverage diversity for its true potential and value, and not because of political correctness.

Diversity and inclusion should be two of the primary goals of companies looking to hire the best people. Skin color, nationality or disability should never be considered as a negative factor in your hiring process. Instead, they should be viewed as a unique opportunity to acquire top talent for your organization. Diversity can drive change, innovation and creativity in companies, which is actually an advantage and not the other way around.

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How To Deal With IP Theft

How To Deal With IP Theft
Almost every business in the world is based around intellectual property (IP) of some form. With the expansion and evolution of the internet, cybercrime evolved as well. Nowadays, your intellectual property has quite a value to various people. Whether you have a lot of patents, trade information, employee details or customer database, all of this data can get hacked and used against you, and your employees or clients.

As businesses evolve and become more and more competitive by the day, there are some serious risks to your own business’ success. That’s why you need to do everything in your power to protect yourself from IP theft. We did a bit of researching and we’ve come up with this short guide through some of the basics that you’ll need if you’re going to protect your intellectual property. Hopefully, this guide will help you understand what’s necessary to protect your business, so, without further ado, let’s dive straight into it.

What Is Intellectual Property (IP) Theft?

Intellectual property is any material, idea or a product, protected by copyright, trademark, or trade secret laws. There could be two types of intellectual property: Industrial property (patents, inventions, designs, geographical indicators, and so on), and Copyrighted property (anything from poems, novels, paintings, recordings, photos, architectural design, and so on).

When someone starts using your intellectual property without your permission, and for whatever reason, that’s considered an IP theft. That’s why there are 4 categories of intellectual property protection: copyright, trademark, patent, and trade secret laws. All of these categories have their own types of IP protection mechanisms, so you should most definitely inventory all of your IP, in order to fully understand how to protect your business in the best possible way.

Why Does IP Theft Happen?

To be perfectly honest, probably the main reason for IP theft is that’s easy and it can be quite lucrative. As IP thieves see it - they are not doing anything serious. They can rationalize it as a “victimless crime” as they are just stealing the idea, or making something widely available. However, these acts can jeopardize the future of someone’s livelihood and business success. Such acts can even seriously affect even the biggest of companies.

Intellectual theft can seriously affect the competition, and it can even have a huge effect on the economy. That’s why every responsible business owner has to make sure their IP is protected and ensured. Now, the problem is that there is no international intellectual property law which would help with getting some of these IP thieves, especially when they work from abroad. The good news is that offline violations are still under strict legal surveillance.
How To Deal With IP Theft

How To Protect Yourself From IP Theft?

It’s quite common to flush your toilet and notice that the water simply doesn’t stop, even when it should. There are a few reasons why this happens. The first thing that comes to mind is that flapper valve, which lets water pass through the toilet tank, is in the wrong position.

Limit Access

You have to think about all the potential risks your employees might be putting you in. When people use their personal equipment, like laptops, phones or tablets, in their working environments, they jeopardize your overall online security. Make sure that you monitor what access your employees have, and limit it so that only specific people, and groups of people, can access specific segments of your business. This way you significantly reduce the chances of intellectual theft.

Find A Lawyer

When you’re trying to fully protect yourself and your company for any potential risk, you have to think about “worst case scenarios”. When it comes to IP theft, there’s a lot it can go wrong. From using your client information, all the way to having to shut down your business because of the information that leaked. Make sure you always know all of your options and look for the best intellectual property lawyer and advisor you can possibly find.

Focus on Tech, but Don’t Forget the Human Factor - Technology is there to help you and ease your troubles. However, if you don’t pay close attention to your tech solutions, you’re putting your business at serious risk. That’s why you need to make sure you have all the necessary technology solutions installed. However, you can’t just focus on technology and hope for the best. Cloud access security broker (CASB) or data loss prevention (DLP) tools are amazing, but you need people to make sure everything is running smoothly. All of the security tools in the world can’t help you when your VP leaves his or her laptop open in a public spot. Focus on training and education, and technology will be a powerful tool to help keep you safe.

Think Like A Thief

If you would aim to steal some confidential information from your company, how would you do it? This kind of thinking can be quite helpful when it comes to protecting your IP. Assuming the role of someone who targets your company will help you get the fresh perspective, and it should help you understand where are some of your weak spots. Think about all the potential risks you might use to your own advantage, and try to fix them as soon as you can.

Wrapping It Up!

In this age of the internet, protecting your own intellectual property has become extremely important, but it’s also quite a task. Focus on learning, talking with your partners and employees, and try to always be ready. Don’t hesitate to contact professionals, even if you’re not sure you need them. You can never be too careful when it comes to your own intellectual property protection.

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David Koller is a passionate blogger and copywriter for Media Gurus, mainly interested in SEO and Digital Marketing.

Benefits of Outsourcing SEO Services

Benefits of Outsourcing SEO Services
Outsourcing SEO might not be the first thought in the minds of most when considering Search Engine Optimization. The first thought is to insource the task. The first attempt is to try and learn as much as one can and implementing all the tools related to SEO.

But most of the times, it's not feasible for everyone to implement everything and get the desired results.

The biggest challenge while working on the SEO is to maintain the organic audience and valid traffic and to cope against those whose use unethical practices to gain organic audience and traffic.

The lack of expertise and experience leading to incomplete or inefficient structures results in audience and traffic being distracted.

So, to overcome all these obstacles, most businesses decide to Outsource SEO.

The greatest advantage one can get while outsourcing SEO is the constant growth of organic audience and constant website traffic too.

So what can be the advantages of Outsourcing SEO business to the Digital Marketing Companies?

1. Utilizing Advanced Tools

Digital Marketing firms are formed with the sole purpose of taking the business online and assisting you in connecting with the prospective clients. So, those people you hired to do your SEO work are experienced and they know their stuff.

Content creation is what they do on such a great level, it will surely give your work a boost.

So it would make absolute sense that these professionals have access to an arsenal of advanced SEO tools they can use.

The tools these experts use are geared to make SEO a quite easier and they are available at every price point, so getting an extra option to save up some bucks.

Moreover, some tools are even free, giving you an extra access to more tools. Since you are Outsourcing, you don't have to worry about your credit card information being mishandled on an unfamiliar site.

2. Create A Link Building Strategy

In order to optimize your website’s SEO, a strong backlinks providing strategy is necessary, this takes expertise, experience, and updated trends. A digital marketing firm has this as its central trait and having worked with similar businesses and targeted common demographic audiences have a better understanding of keywords and other optimization tools.

It can be very time to consume, especially if you've never done it before so outsourcing is usually the preferred option.

By outsourcing, the expert/s you hire will be able to come up with a backlinking strategy that will boost your SEO rankings, thus increasing the traffic of your website.
Benefits of Outsourcing SEO Services

3. Handling Social Media

Managing a thriving social media presence can be an incredibly time-consuming process, but it is a necessary part of connecting with the customers and the target audience.

The SEO experts or digital marketing agency may be able to handle your accounts for you so that your audience remains engaged with your brand. The teams usually consist of content writers who have a knack for engaging and keyword insertion, and social media campaign strategists who ensure your presence and post reach the desired audience.

4. Evolving SEO

Anyone in the expert Search Engine domain will tell you that SEO is an evolving strategy and there is only one consistent feature that has changed. Google on record has made it clear that it updates the algorithms networks almost 600 times in a year.

Thus, sometimes it's very challenging to cope up with these changes. But when we outsource it to other company, they have tools that are developed keeping in mind the changes that take place on yearly basis. New updates by Google will also keep a vigil for unethical practices, such as unnecessary keyword insertion, having a genuine and interesting content has become as crucial as SEO itself. Outsourcing to a firm which assists you in all these crucial factors has become the need of the hour, especially for growing companies.

5. Cutting Edge Knowledge

SEO is evolving at a rapid pace, but it is not always clear what is going on at the time. Industry professionals keep a keen eye on the best blogs and speak with their industry contacts.

An SEO agency will ensure that they are working with the most cutting-edge knowledge and techniques, making it easier for their clients to benefit.

Hence, the latest knowledge about the business will also grow you as an outsourced and you can seek more options in future on how and where to implement the business and in which category so that it gives you desired results and returns.

A small business that runs its own SEO campaigns is far more likely to be using outdated information, eventually leading to declining results. So, outsourcing your SEO needs to expert and experienced digital marketing firms save you time and effort allowing you to focus on the daily needs of your business.

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AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Eneet Kaur is a professional content marketer and formally working at SEO Outsourcing India Company. Writing is her strong passion and she has written quality blogs for many high – auditorial blog sites. She is a spontaneous learner in her field of internet marketing. Apart from that, she has a great knowledge of Online Reputation Management, Quality Link Building Tech Consultancy, etc.

How IoT Is Turning Mobility Into An Interesting Technology

IoT Is Turning Mobility Into An Interesting Technology
IoT exists for so long. But it was always in the concept phase unless smart mobility introduced. IoT received the desired portability and connectivity with smartphones. Of course, smartphones too are receiving a lot from IoT. The blend of both is making the mobility more interesting.

Smartphones have doubtlessly completely changed the computing. Now, we do not need to glue ourselves to a computer to do our personal and professional things. Smartphones have got huge powers to replicate everything that a full-fledged PC does. Smartphones are the lightest form of our personal computers and, we can use them for lots of things. Also, smartphones have provided the easiest way to access the internet and put everything right at our fingertips.

But smartphones aren’t such popular on their own. Without the technology of mobile app development, our smartphones are noting but just flashy hardware. So, smartphones run on apps.

There are two leading mobile operating systems, Android and iOS, which together have more than 5 million apps in their apps stores, Google Play and the App Store respectively. With this amount of apps, think of something that your smartphone is capable of doing, and no surprise that you will have more than one app option available. A smartphone, together with apps, can do everything a PC does and, we will be able to do this at our convenient, such as while traveling in subways or relaxing on our couch.

Developers and businesses are still discovering new things that these smartphones can do for them. But right here, we have another revolution on the way. It’s Internet of Things which is also known as IoT.

Internet of Things is all about how things (devices, machines, gadgets, home appliances and even vehicles) can be connected with the internet so that we can control them remotely with using our PCs and as per the current trend of the computing – with using our smartphones and apps.

The concept of IoT isn’t as new as smartphones. It exists for more than three and half decades. The term IoT came into existence in 1999 and was likely coined by Kevin Ashton of Procter and Gamble. But things were limited and applied to experimental phases only due to the slow internet connectivity and immobility of PCs.

But when mobility became popular, the concept of the IoT turned more practical as devices were portable with outstanding processing power and high speed internet connectivity.

Mobile app developers know that IoT would become one of the key technologies in the near future and, thus they have already started to blend it with apps. Of course, they would need IoT mobile application development for this purpose.

Smartphones come with the power to communicate with integrated sensors used in connecting things through the internet. Apps will exchange the information received from these devices.

IoT Connected Homes

Home automation has really got the attention of several companies which are entering the market with their range of IoT devices for various home applications.

Do you wish to switch on your AC before your reach home? Do you want to control your TV’s power so that kids can focus more on their study? Do you want your curtains automatically adjusting themselves to cut extra light coming inside through windows? Do you want your mobile devices to act as a key to lock the main door of your home? Do you want your plants getting the required amount of water or shade at the right time? And above all do you want to do all these things with your own mobile device?
IoT Is Turning Mobility Into An Interesting Technology
IoT is the technology that can make these things happened. There are technologies, sensors, and appliances as well as mobile app development approaches available to do these things.

With IoT, one can load his or her home with a wide range of appliances and gadgets that can be communicated via apps installed in a smartphone.

IoT Connected Cars

The automotive industry has accepted IoT warmheartedly. Companies in the automotive industry are using IoT in creative ways. Car manufacturers are now aware of the power of mobility and, how IoT and apps can make driving more comfortable and safe.

Almost all car manufacturers are working on applying IoT technologies to their cars in order to add more value to their end-products. This is why we will have nearly 250 million connected cars on the road in next five years. Unquestionably, automotive is going to be one of the major industries taking advantages of the technology of IoT and smart mobility.

IoT Connected Travel

The travel industry around the world is also taking IoT quite seriously. Businesses here know that IoT can be useful for them in a lot of operations. They are also blending mobile apps, QR code, and FNC tags together to create the creative solutions and tools that provide their guests with the newer means of communication and to get information related to travel destinations.

Everything Else

The whole world is showing interest in the technology of IoT. We have already seen IoT connected-mobility-based wearable devices, fitness gears, and several other things. Businesses are already using IoT-mobility in sales, marketing, product development, operating handling, manufacturing, transportation, services, support, customer care, etc.


The most interesting thing about the current phase of IoT is that it is being optimized to be compatible with smartphones. Manufacturers of electronic gadgets, home appliances and applications, several machines, automobiles and a variety of accessories are now looking for possibilities of applying the IoT technologies on their products via mobility and applications.

Types Of Online Games

Types Of Online Games
Online games are the best, playing at your convenience whenever you need to. Online games are famous among people of all age groups. It has taken the whole world and have set a trend of usage of their free times in playing these online games. A person child or adult should know the types of games they play online and must have a knowledge enough to get to know their own likings.

Here we are with another great article for you that will certainly make you learn a lot about these online games. Types are described as under:

Board Games

These are the most famous games among all. They are the same as we play in life, just a little exaggerated with animations and illustrations. Traditional board games such as Chess, monopoly, LUDO etc. are some examples of the famous games available online to play. These games are just usual indoor games that we love playing while comfy in out houses with no age restrictions at all.

Massively Multiplayer Online Games

Ever got that nasty FB sponsored ads of War craft wizards or The Clash of Titans well they are multiplayer games online and are the most popular games among all especially common among android users. They make high profits to the owners of the games, that’s for sure but also keeps the consistency of providing you the unlimited levels of there journeys and whatever the story is about. They certainly do provide the users and in many cases subscribers (since some maybe paid) with loads of adventurous scenarios and thrill that will satisfy your nasty mood.

First Person Shooter Games

Ever been to a CS server room play? Well, if you haven’t let me tell you real quick. These games give you the real time scenarios of you live holding a gun or weapon of some kind and you actually fight for your survival or what so ever is the object. In the case of Counter Strike (The most popular ever) you actually use a server to make teams based on real people and have a shoot out on a scene set somewhere in a terrorist situation field. Some other examples include Halo and WARFACE. Most probably you will be a soldier and shooting your opponents with loads of Ammo (talk about taking all day frustration off your chest while shooting some bad guys).

Arcade Games

Well that sounds familiar, right? Since childhood you must have been going to arcade to play games of all sorts with characters that looked mostly like LEGO created people. These arcade games actually don’t have very serious adventure bases. They mostly base on objectives and just unlocking more and more unlimited levels to complete. These games include the famous Mario Run and Bounce. In Mario the man just literally goes around different levels avoiding obstacles on its way, same as for bounce in which you gave to keep the ball from busting up.
Types Of Online Games

Casino Games

Got some extra cash? Casino too expensive for you? Well here is the right solution for you. There are countless games online based on Casino settings and games to gamble even with a single penny or cent so you can enjoy a fun gaming online. You’ll be surprised to hear that people actually win here too. And it saves you the hectic of going to a Casino to gamble. It involves real money transactions and real prizes and bonuses. But beware, try to check out for the best games out and popular ones most of them could be just scams too. WE won’t give you any suggestions on this, since its hard to see through these ones.

Sports Games

So, don’t want to go play outside some Football in the sunshine? or too tired to play basketball? Well, don’t worry you can go through some awesome sports games that are available online same as the first person shooting games. You can actually play leagues online by building up online teams and playing virtual sports. NBA league is available online as a game with even popular player characters. You can even depict their favorite moves and cover up many levels of excitement, except that these games aren’t healthy as we play in real lives. FIFA releases its latest league playing games now and then.

Shooting Games

Caught up a lot of frustration? Well get it out here. These games are mostly ‘aim the target and fire’ games and usually gives load of weapon choices. This could be target practices or can be a scenario target shooting on a field, depending on the nature of the game. This type of thrill and action actually tests gamers ability to target using your computer mouse keyboard or a smart phone. These types of games are popular too and mostly have levels to approach your desired shooting weapons.


Why You Need A VPN Chrome Extension

Why You Need A VPN Chrome Extension
Since the leak of Big Brother’s oversight from the NSA some years ago by whistleblower Edward Snowden, it’s no long news that every time we connect to the internet, we are tracked by intelligence agencies and ISPs. Maybe George Orwell’s 1984 is edging towards reality after all. The good news though, today we have privacy and security tools like virtual private networks (VPN), which masks your traffic as well as your identity, and secures your connections. At just a mouse click away, you can download a Chrome VPN extension and reclaim control over your online activities and shield yourself from even the most sophisticated agencies in the world, if the VPN encryption is strong enough.

What Is A VPN?

A VPN sends all your internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel from the moment you are connected. Be it the DNS request sent from your IP address, or the content streamed from your destination. Third parties will not be able to see or intercept your traffic, which means ISPs, hackers, government intelligence will be warded off your online activities. You also gain complete anonymity in the process, if your VPN provider is responsible and trustworthy (that is, if they do not keep logs). Protection is of utmost importance, but speed is a priority, too, and one is usually compromised for in the expense of the other, especially when your traffic is routed through different VPN servers and heavily encrypted. A good VPN is one that strikes a balance between the two.

Don’t Be Fooled By Incognito Mode

For the past few years, an incognito mode has gained popularity among internet users for being the latest tool in private browsing from Google Chrome. The online feature allows user to open a new tab or window with no record of cookies, bookmarks, saved searches or pre-filled forms. Any data that is entered ‘disappears’ once the tab or window is closed – or so you think.

A lot of users mistakenly believe that they are safe from external threats and behavior tracking. The truth is, incognito mode provides mode provides ‘local privacy’ but not ‘online privacy,’ meaning that while other users of your personal computer cannot see your browsing history or use your account logins, your identity is revealed to third-parties you interact with online. When service providers, software developers and even the government have everything to gain from your user data, it makes sense that the free tools readily available online, such as Chrome itself, is not 100% reliable. So, don’t busy yourself with clearing your browsing history with the incognito mode to hide your footprints from your family, when the real sharks in the sea are actually out there.
Why You Need A VPN Chrome Extension
Here are the three significant weaknesses of Incognito mode that leave users vulnerable:

DNS Records

DNS (Domain Name System) refers to the database, or ‘phone book’, that refers an individual to specific IP addresses that correspond to each domain. The individual’s requests, as well as their IP address, could be tracked and recorded at the DNS Server. Sometimes, your ISP routes you to their own DNS servers so that they could collect data on your footprint.

System Administrators And ISPs

Internet activity is bounded by its functioning operator, be it the network administrator of a WiFi network or the ISP responsible for a phone’s hotspot. As such, do not be surprised to find that both record and track online activities, and are capable of using or selling personal data to third parties.

Faults In Encryption

Browsers primarily access websites via HTTP requests; however, such online protocols are considered outdated due to its lack of data encryption. When users send information online, such as banking details or passwords, third-party individuals can easily obtain and exploit such data. An example would be a ‘Man-in-the-middle’ attack where a malicious hacker using the same public Wi-Fi as yourself can easily obtain your passwords.

Which VPN Chrome Extension Should You Get?

While there are different VPN extension options, only one can best address all the issues mentioned prior. In the case of DNS, ExpressVPN makes it impossible for DNS to identify you due to its ability to re-route traffic through its own server. You need not worry about any personal data entered, because data encryption will keep it hidden from admins and ISPs, preventing any form of malicious activities.

But how do you know if you can trust ExpressVPN? ExpressVPN keeps no activity or connection logs – they do it not by erasing records, but by using a private, zero-knowledge proof. Too technical? In laymen terms, a zero-knowledge proof is system used to proof that you know something without really gaining knowledge of what the content is. This ensures added anonymity and privacy.

Lastly, ExpressVPN stands out from among its competitors, incorporating a HTTPS Everywhere extension which resolves the egregious issue of an unsecure network in any browser and promises secure online activity for all users.

The best part is that protecting yourself from online threats is extremely easy. By just downloading the VPN extension on your Chrome browser, you can begin surfing the internet with an ironclad network, utmost privacy and of course, simple ease of mind.

To get the free VPN extension, you will need an ExpressVPN subscription, which can be a little pricey as compared to other options on the market. But for a limited time, you can get it for almost half the price with a limited time discount. Claim the ExpressVPN coupon here.


The Ultimate Racing Games For Android

The Ultimate Racing Games For Android
Car racing games are one of the biggest racing genres that is admired by huge following around the world. There is a long list available of these mighty games on Google Play Store. Here, we have discussed some of these ultimate racing games for Android.

Clash For Speed

The Ultimate Racing Games For Android
Try this extreme combat car racing game to test your racing & shooting skills. This powerful game come equipped with abundant features to make your gaming experience seamless. This game offers you 15 pre-defined tracks with more than 8 upgradable battle car options to dive deep into racing adventure. Here, you can upgrade your cars & weapons as you level-up each time in game. It also allows you to upgrade your tires, decals and car stickers with each win. While racing through the powerful tracks, you will experience 5 unique 3D game environments on different planets. It offers in-garage option to help you customize your cars with features like customized wheels & armors, turbocharger and updated engines.

This amazing game is governed by a mighty intergalactic character named Speed Ho, who owns all the planets in the game. He likes power battles and he guides you through your wins. You start this game from Green Valley and go through different planets ending game in Sci-Fi Gravity. In addition to pre-defined tracks, Clash for Speed also allows you to design your own 3D tracks for racing. You can do this by simple gesture of your finger on the screen. You can draw simplest to most tough tracks to make it hard for other players to win the race. Here, tough tracks will help you win more trophies that you can use to unlock other features of the game. Further, you can also collect all the bounty to explore & unlock new levels. As you level-up in the game, it will become more difficult. You can play this fast car racing 3D game to experience extreme racing adventure.

Xtreme Turbo Drift Car Racing

The Ultimate Racing Games For Android
Xtreme Turbo Drift Car Racing is racing gamers delight as it allows players to race fast on deadliest asphalt tracks. It offers multiple car options to select from where you need to race against the opponents. It sets different goals for you to achieve when you finish the lap. It offers unique car racing physics with breathtaking 3D graphical environments. While racing through the dangerous paths it makes your driving seamless with smooth controls. To complete the challenging missions, you can use nitrous boost and other useful options. It offers an immersive car race game with realistic sound effects.

Turbo Racing 3D

The Ultimate Racing Games For Android
Next in the list of ultimate car racing games is Turbo Racing 3D. This powerful endless arcade racing game lets you through some of the busiest highways in the world. It allows you to earn cash to upgrade your cars. You can even buy new cars with this cash. It offers easy one finger control model to help you play game seamlessly. Here, you can tilt your phone to control direction of your car and touch the screen of the phone to accelerate the speed. In other features, it offers amazing tracks, realistic car handling, stunning 3D graphics, smooth controls, rich type of NPC racers and more.

Buggy Of Battle

The Ultimate Racing Games For Android
Try this amazing arena war beach game if you like racing buggy games. It is powered with the V12 engine where it helps you boost your racing speed for ultimate experience. It offers dual links to help you dodge your enemies. You can play this monster truck racing game where you need to fight really hard in canyon racing circuit. While driving the cars, if you crash into other cars it will attract your penalty. Here, you get options to select from police & army vehicles to win the race. By dodging your enemies, you get a chance to win new cars. Once you win all the races, you will be Arena War Champion in the game.
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Nitro Nation

The Ultimate Racing Games For Android
If you love drag car racing then Nitro Nation is the perfect game for you. It offers powerful cars from big car manufacturers around the world. To set level playing experience, you needn’t to wait for fuel and you will also get “delivery time” for cars or upgrades. You can play this multiplayer game in real-time with players around the world. Further, you will get chance to appear for weekly regional tournaments to test your skills and compete with powerful players. It offers 3 tiers of aftermarket blueprints and 33 unique car components to help you customize your car.

If you like car racing form in any form, then this list is meant for you. Here, we have covered best car racing games of different forms. If you know more such games, feel free to comment below.

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