10 Best Time Management Tools For Marketing Agencies In 2020

Time Management Tools For Marketing Agencies
Whether you’re a freelancer or part of a larger marketing agency, time is your most valuable commodity. Time is money as they say. So could time management software be the best way to manage your team efficiently?

Our guest writer, Alex Lysak from ScanTeam, explains just how you can benefit from these tools. Plus, we look at the ten best project management software for marketing teams.

Why Use a Time Management Tool?

The online world has revolutionized marketing. Teams collaborate from different parts of the world while never setting foot in the same office. Some of your client base may not even be on the same continent.

So how can you ensure efficient service delivery to your clients? Keep accurate time logs for employees and the billing of clients? The headache and mountain of paperwork are enough to keep any business owner awake at night.

Time management software offers the answer to streamlining your business into the agency of your dreams. These tools provide faster collaboration for remote teams. Accurately track time spent on projects to better bill your clients and pay your team. You can even generate reports for better clarity on your business.

There’s every reason to implement time management software into your business, but where do you begin? With so many options available online, which is your best option? We dive in to find the top project management software in 2020.

Top 10 Time Management Tools

Below you’ll find the top 10 project management software for 2020. These tools stick out in terms of providing your business with efficiency as well as value for money.


Used by startups to enterprises, Trello provides a great marketing project management tool. Its use of visual cards for tasks makes team collaboration a breeze. Set your days tasks, giving priority to the most important. Keep track of your team's progress on specific projects and even set up separate groups and dashboards.

Trello’s simplicity rather than features list is its main selling point. The user-friendly interface makes for a shallow learning curve. The file-sharing and commenting features are perfect for remote teams spread across the globe.

It offers a free version for personal use and a paid version for businesses.


This time management software provides an all-in-one solution for a competent marketing agency. Manage your time spent on tasks and projects with timesheets. Keep an overview of projects in progress and set up custom reports to improve efficiency.

ProofHub allows for multiple timesheets. This feature provides you with accurate time management for effective payroll and client billing. Its comprehensive and customizable dashboard means you keep track of what you feel is necessary.

The software is offered in multiple price packages to fit your needs better. There’s also a free trial version if you’re more of a hands-on tester.

Focus Booster

A fantastic tool for freelancers, Focus Booster helps you put an end to procrastination. Keep track of your time spent on each task. Record your sessions every day on a handy timesheet. Know when it's time for a short break and view reports finding areas for improvement.

This tool allows you to see what you do with your time and feel productive. It also offers a great feature allowing you to create invoices for projects or tasks you tracked your time on. This efficient billing system means you can better charge clients for your time.

The software offers a price plan for an individual as well as a professional plan for multiple users.


Track and assign your time in multiple ways with TimeCamp. Create manual timesheets or set a timer to record the time spent on projects accurately. Use time tracking to improve the billing of your clients.

You can even add payment gateways for your clients to pick the most convenient method.

The reporting feature helps you find ways to improve not only your time management but also your profitability. TimeCamp is available on both desktop and mobile.

Pricing plans currently come in two packages, namely basic and pro.


This cloud-based project management solution offers agencies robust social collaboration. Clarizen allows you to set up an unlimited amount of projects. Keep track of your budget and expense management. Plus, set alerts on the completion of projects from team members.

The customizability and unlimited project cap make this one of the best project management software for marketing teams. Its features will have you finding ways to move your business forward while streamlining your team’s performance.

There’s only one pricing plan available and is per user based. This means you can scale the software to meet your needs.


Replicon is a multi-feature time management software. It helps individually track time spent on projects for large teams. It also provides accurate timesheets to bill your clients. It has the ability to set different billing rates for separate users.

This solution is perfect for larger agencies looking to monitor and manage specific employee time usage. Its comprehensive reporting feature provides detailed time usage at the end of every month. This helps identify critical areas for you to improve on.

The software is priced according to the number of users and scales to your business.


Bill4Time is a cloud-based time management tool. Its software allows you to simplify your billing as well as track and recover lost revenue. Record the time spent on projects for better time management and accurate billing.

Set up an automatic invoice generator allowing for multiple online payment options. Keep a list of billable and non-billable time as well as other metrics via an extensive reporting tool. You can set your reports to generate every day, week, or month.

There’s only one package available. You can then add users for an additional fee.


Nutcache is a great all in one time management tool mainly targeted towards small teams. Features include time tracking and an invoice generator. Better manage your expenses and accurately bill your clients for the time spent on projects.

The simple and intuitive dashboard makes Nutcache a simple tool to learn. You can link finished projects straight to your clients. Have reports generated monthly to find areas you can improve on.

Nutcache offers a free package allowing up to 20 users. Anything more than 20 and you will need to opt for the paid version. The paid version also provides more features compared to the free package.


Freckles’ visually pleasing time management tool makes time tracking fun. Record your team’s time spent on projects for accurate billing. Keep your eye on the overall status of tasks with a comprehensive dashboard.

This tool also integrates with your Mac timer app and even your iPhone app. Have an in-depth report generated and categorize teams or people for a daily overview report. The use of tags to track projects and tasks makes Freckle a unique tool. The tags allow you to navigate non-billable and billable tasks easily.

Pricing for Freckle is based on the number of users required.

Teamwork Projects

Teamwork Projects improve your time tracking for tasks and projects. Its time management tool allows you to set estimates and then compare to the actual time spent on a task. This unique feature helps you give accurate client estimates, eliminating poor performance delivery.

Generate invoices based on the time spent on each project. Use the tool on your mobile to track time while you’re on the go. Set custom reports for daily, weekly, and monthly performance reviews.

Teamwork Projects offers only one package. Although it doesn’t provide as many features as the other tools, the integration opportunities make this a robust tool for any marketing agency.


Time management tools help better streamline your business. Not only can you manage your team and projects more effectively, but your client billing also improves. So what are you waiting for? Sign up and find out just how effective your agency can be.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Alex Lysak is a CEO of ScanTeam. I am working in online marketing since 2011, my main areas of expertise are marketing research, social media marketing, and SEO. During 9 years of experience, I have helped many products and startups to develop marketing strategies and to implement them further.
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The Best Platform To Be Used For Paid Social Media Marketing

Paid Social Media Marketing
Social platforms, which were once regarded as another entertainment medium to spend leisure time, have now transformed into a commercial platform where brands and businesses are pumping in huge money to spot their customers. Traditional marketing is gradually losing its hold with the rise of social platforms. Social platforms itself one big world as billions of people have their presence in it. Hence, they were monetized and turned into the goldmine for brands to take their businesses to the next level.

The Inevitable Role Of Paid-Ads:

If we roll back to 2015, a brand will probably go with Facebook if it decides to promote its business on any social platform. But, things are not the same now. If you check into the smartphone of Generation Z or Millenial, you can find at least three social platforms installed in it. So, brands are prompted to dive deeper and find out the social platform that fits their business. The rise in the number of social platforms should be attributed to the number of people venturing into it. Moreover, all the major social platforms are witnessing a steady surge in their user base. Today Facebook has 2.6 billion monthly active users, whereas Instagram is the home to 1 billion monthly active users. In such crowded platforms, paid-ads are the only reliable gateway to spot your target audience at ease.

Level Up Your Social Sales With The Fastest Growing Platform:

Every marketer is aware that TikTok is the platform that has been witnessing a consistent rise in its user base. The growth of this platform is unstoppable, which has garnered a strong user base across all the countries. Though it is behind Facebook and Instagram in terms of the user base, it is expected to surpass both the social media giants sooner or later. In 2018, TikTok had 680 million active users within three years since its launch. It took six years for Instagram and nearly four years for Facebook to attain this mark. Today, TikTok holds 800 million monthly users globally, which is only going to surge further.

Moreover, TikTok is gradually emerging into a diverse platform as people of all ages are making their entry into it. There are influencers on TikTok who are in their 40s and 50s. All these factors have made TikTok, the marketer's first choice today.

How TikTok Eases The Process Grabbing Customers With Paid Ads?

One of the most lauded features of TikTok is that it has facilitated brands to identify and get in touch with their target audience through paid-ads. If you are about to launch an ad campaign, it helps you to exactly hit the people who could turn into your customers. It helps you to identify the prospects quickly based on various features such as purchasing patterns and behavioral characteristics of people on the platform.

Tailor-Made Features:

Brands can have different objectives behind launching a paid-ad. For instance, start-ups mainly focus on making people aware of their presence rather than increasing the conversion rate. For that very purpose, TikTok has a feature named 'Traffic.' Once you enable this feature, it will take your ads to a more significant number of relevant people helping you to generate quality leads.

If you are aiming to grab customers for your brand, you can go with the 'conversion' feature. The feature spots the people who are more likely to buy your product. Thus, it has eased the process of finding your customers, which is one of the tedious tasks in marketing. If you avail of this feature, TikTok itself comes forward and carries out the measures to find your customers. It analyses various factors, processes the large chunk of data, and finds the people who align with your brand tone. Subsequently, it runs your ads on their feed. Thus, the tailor-made features of TikTok help you achieve your sales goals without putting much strain. Grab services like Trollishly to find your target audience at a fast pace.

Track Your Prospects:

If a person opens your ad, lands at your website, and leaves without taking any action, TikTok gives the details about him and delivers new insights about the prospect. This way, you can refine your strategy and launch personalized ads for him. Thus, the short-video social platform helps you to re-target your prospects and maximize your conversion rates. With an increase in its user base, TikTok is rolling out many features capitalizing on which brands can identify their target audience. As the ad features of TikTok are getting equipped with time, marketers feel that the lip-synching application is the perfect spot to generate leads.

Boost Your Reach With In-Feed Ad:

In-Feed ad is an ad feature that does the job of elevating your social sales and increasing the traffic to your website. The In-Feed ad appears in the size of the usual TikTok video, thus completely blending with the feed. The ad will run in the feed of your target audience, who could find it to be relevant. The notable feature of this ad is that you can embed your website link to these ads, which will drive traffic to your website where the prospect will be exposed to your wide range of products. 65% of marketers have opined that In-Feed ad has helped them to achieve a larger proportion of their sales goals.

These ad-features have simplified the task of spotting the target audience for brands. Marketers opine that despite the growing user base of TikTok, achieving a higher conversion rate on this platform is easier for them than that of other platforms. There are also reliable third-party tools that help you to assess the conversion rate you can achieve through TikTok with the given budget. So, you can also launch ads on the platform based on the result it delivers you.

Bottom Line

The lip-synching social application TikTok has a wide range of features that have simplified the process of finding your prospect and leveling up your business. As the platform is becoming increasingly diverse, it may turn into the platform that marketers have to seek to find their target audience of any age group. Therefore, TikTok is the platform that helps you to achieve impressive results with its paid-ad features that avail a multitude of benefits.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Hi, I’m Sarah Smith. I’m a professional content creator and writes in-depth articles about Social Media and tech reviews. My particular areas of interest are marketing, technology, and anything related to social media. I have published several articles on leading websites and is an avid blogger and Trollishly Social Media Blogger.

Tips For Making Your Online Business A Hit

Making Your Online Business A Hit
Retail sales in the United States climb nearly every year, and online sales especially are growing at a staggering rate thanks to the extreme popularity of eCommerce. Just last year, online sales increased 14.9% from the previous year, and they made up 16% of total retail sales. It's true that overall retail sales have taken a hit this year thanks to the pandemic, but online sales are projected to be up 18% due to customers being forced online. With this kind of reliable growth, it's no wonder so many aspiring entrepreneurs look at online stores as their best chance at success.

Of course, the popularity of online stores doesn't mean it's easy to build a successful one. Roughly half of startups fail within their first four years, and you'll need to avoid the most common mistakes when setting up your store to avoid becoming an unfortunate case. Here are some of the most important things to focus on.

Focus On The User Experience

Some of the easiest ways to turn users away from your site are by having an unresponsive or aesthetically unpleasing website. These days, there are plenty of site maker templates out there you can use if you lack the capital to hire a professional website designer. To ensure great user experience, you absolutely have to optimize your site for mobile devices as well as desktop. The majority of people are on smartphones every day, and mobile devices are expected to make up 54% of total online sales by next year.

Some best practices for mobile optimization include making all text and images easy to see on mobile devices, having menu buttons designed for the "fat finger," increasing your page speed, and ensuring the user stays in a single browser window. You can even purchase themes for your products online to make things easier.

Rember That Content Is King

Every business needs advertising to draw in its target audience, and you have plenty of options for your online business. You could always go with paid ads and social media advertising, but these may not be your best options in the long run. Content marketing, that's posting original content online that shows off your products and business, provides valuable information to your customers and gives you a permanent source of advertising.

Take a look at outletsale.com, for example. They specialize in selling Berlinger Haus and Blaumann brand kitchenware in the United States. Their website has detailed product descriptions for everything they sell, and they've even created videos for each product showing off its features. Video is widely considered the best kind of content for marketing purposes, especially since Cisco is predicting 82% of online traffic will be video by 2022. If you're selling specialty products, you might consider making blog posts on sites your target audience frequents, or you can offer newsletters to existing customers as well.

Keep Scaling In Mind

An online business that wants to stay successful in the long run needs to be scalable to adapt to increasing needs as its customer base grows. If you're having a hard time turning a profit when selling just a few products, the problem will get worse when you're selling more. Perhaps the best solution to keep on top of things is OKRs software.

Objectives and key results (OKR) is a management framework made for organized goal setting that encourages employee engagement, transparency, and accountability. The framework is divided into two basic ideas.

Objectives: These are the company goals that you're trying to achieve, and they should be communicated to the entire organization. Examples of strategic examples could be to boost sales this quarter or to improve customer service.

Key Results: These are the metrics by which you track progress toward your objectives. Key results are specific and measurable. If your objective was to receive 20% more positive customer reviews this quarter, and reviews are up by 7% in the first month, you would be on track to your objective.

OKRs make it easy to set ambitious goals for your company and keep track of all team members' progress toward your goals. AN organized business is much more likely to succeed long term.

The Future Of Work: Why It’s Important To Keep Your Skillset Updated

The Future Of Work
The future of work concerns everybody, especially those who believe they’re going to become outdated and possibly lose their jobs. That’s why it's important to adapt.

In the past, people didn’t abandon their jobs enmasse during the industrial revolution. Rather, they adapted by learning new skills and migrating to different roles or industries where their new abilities were necessary.

History will now repeat itself as tech continues to reshape industries. It would be a mistake not to adapt and learn the new skills necessary for our evolving economy. Tech Jobs continue to rise and will probably represent most of the workforce in the future, so you need to start refining your skills. Do you have what it takes? Let’s find out.

The Future Of Work

Machine learning and artificial intelligence will cover a lot of ground in the future because of the importance of automation. This is already happening; consider how many things are now done by algorithms and machines, from automated recommendations online to self-serving cashiers at grocery stores. Self-driving cars also continue to evolve.

Nonetheless, there will never be a future of work without humans. You just need to be on the right side of the revolution. Technology will occupy a significant position in the future of work, so gaining skills in Cybersecurity, Software Development and Data Science is a good way to stay up to date.

It’s worth noting that there is currently a big tech talent shortage, even though they will be the foundation of the workforce in the future. This gap is hard to believe, but the tech firm Korn Ferry predicted that by 2030 there would be a deficit of 85.2 million tech workers worldwide.

This should be seen as an opportunity to join the tech ranks. Here are some of the most in-demand tech skills you should consider learning to ensure a bright future in the changing economic landscape.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning branch off the same root, but differ in certain aspects despite people sometimes using the terms interchangeably.

Machine Learning is teaching a machine about how to learn by itself. This way, it’ll be able to identify patterns. Machine Learning is like teaching someone a new language; with time, it’ll be able to learn new words and phrases by itself.

On the other hand, Artificial Intelligence means the machine uses deep learning to solve complex problems once only left to humans. Deep learning imitates the nature of the human brain.

These two aspects of automation are the future of work and will continue to drastically alter the economic landscape. Products driven by these processes continue to overtake the consumer market and jobs are being created to keep the momentum going.

Accenture recently launched a report titled “Reworking the Revolution.” In it, you’ll notice Artificial Intelligence was tapped to generate 10 percent more jobs by 2020.

Data Science

Data Science is another profession that will be in demand in the future. Today, almost everything relies on data and this trend will continue.

A data scientist studies data to create meaningful insights to solve problems. This skill is already used in essential areas such as drug development and climate change organizations. Data Science is having a significant impact on almost every industry and will continue to do so in the future.

Data science has a low supply of graduates, making it a good choice if you’re looking to upgrade your skills and shift your career path in line with changing workforce needs.

If you’d like to start learning the fundamentals of data science, you can do it by earning a bachelor’s degree, or better yet, by attending a data science Bootcamp such as the one from Galvanize, which is a quicker way to master all the tools needed to become a data scientist.

Cloud Engineering

In the data-driven future, the need to safely store data will continue rising and cloud systems will be the primary outlet for companies to save and share data. This trend has already taken hold and the demand for cloud engineers has increased.

Cloud engineers create, maintain, and update cloud systems. Cloud systems allow companies to access data no matter where their employees are. These systems will also affect the way we work as it won’t be necessary to physically be in an office and the remote workforce will grow.

The Importance Of Keeping Your Skills Updated

Keeping your skills updated will ensure you have a spot in the future workforce. However, this isn’t the only benefit of learning new skills as it will also make you more confident and valuable for your current company.

Once you dive into a tech field, you’ll become a lifelong learner, meaning you must stay ahead of current trends and evaluate how you can improve your skills to stay afloat.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Artur Meyster is the CTO of Career Karma (YC W19), an online marketplace that matches career switchers with coding bootcamps. He is also the host of the Breaking Into Startups podcast, which features people with non-traditional backgrounds who broke into tech.
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How To Find A Marketing Strategy That Works For Your Business?

 Marketing Strategy That Works For Your Business
Having a successful business means having a marketing strategy that works for your brand’s growth. With the growing competition in the business world each day, it is essential to have a plan that will give your business a competitive edge.

Your chosen marketing strategy will have a direct effect on your business’ operation, so finding the right one to use needs to be properly planned out. Not only will it provide an immediate impact on how you run your business but it will also determine the numbers that will add up in your business’ bottom line. A well-developed marketing strategy will be the basis of how much your business will grow.

So, how do you find the best marketing strategy for your business? Here are some of the ways that will help you navigate as you look for the prime marketing strategy that will help your business reach its peak.

Finding The Right Marketing Strategy For Your Business

Developing a marketing strategy is not as easy as it looks like, but it is not rocket science. To have an optimum result, here are some things you need to remember as you try to look for the best and right marketing strategy for your brand.

1. Be Clear With Your Goals And Objectives

It is essential to define your business goals. Your business goals will be the basis for your marketing objectives. These goals and objectives will guide you as you try to stir and look for the marketing strategy that would work well for your business.

Some of your goals and objectives may include improving brand awareness, increasing sales, or finding lead prospects. To make it more efficient, use the SMART methodology as you work on your business and marketing objectives.
  • Specific: Your goals should be definite and specific in whatever you want to accomplish with your marketing strategy. Having a vague goal will not help you find the most effective marketing tactic for your business’ growth.
  • Measurable: Whatever your marketing strategy is, it should be measurable so you’ll know its effectivity. Using your KPIs, you should be able to determine whether the tactic that you have been working on helps improve your business’ numbers, or it only adds up to your expense.
  • Achievable: When creating your goals, make sure that it is achievable given your time, budget, and resources. Doing this will help you find an attainable marketing strategy.
  • Relevant: Make sure that your chosen marketing strategy will provide a relevant result to your business goals and marketing objectives.
  • Timely: Add a time frame to your marketing strategy, so you will know if it is beneficial for your business or not.

2. Know Your Market

To find the right marketing strategy that will work for you, you need to have adequate knowledge of the market you try to target. Gather as much as information you can have. Find the key players in your niche market, figure out their market share, look for the current social trends, and understand your market size.

As you move forward with your marketing strategy, always remember to keep tabs on your niche market to keep your marketing efforts remain relevant. Knowing your possible place in the market will help you find the unique selling proposition that will help you stand out among the competition and help you find the best marketing strategy for your business.

3. Find Your Target Audience And Learn To Speak Their Language

Small businesses can be on par with large and established enterprises when it comes to promotional activities by finding and targeting a niche customer. Targeting a specific audience can help you create a more precise marketing strategy.

Figure out the right demographic to target. One way of effectively finding who your target audience is by creating a buyer’s persona. A buyer’s persona should have a clear distinction of age, gender, educational level, marital status, location, income level, and even occupation. You can also include interest, hobbies, and product preferences. This method will help you focus on your offering and allow you to know your target audience better.

Once you can determine your specific audience is, be sure to check if there will be enough clients who will fit in this persona. Defining your audience can be more comfortable on your part to figure out the best strategy to use when reaching to them and what marketing language will they respond the most.

4. Decide On Your Marketing Budget

No matter what stage you are in your business is, it is crucial to set your marketing budget. One of the most common challenges a small business face does not have enough resources to promote the brand, product, or services. Unlike large and established companies that can allocate a significant amount of budget for advertising and promotional activities, small businesses do not have this luxury. Small businesses usually face financial constraints when it comes to budget allocation for any marketing activity.

To try to resolve this struggle, work out, and decide on your marketing budget right at the start. Having a fixed marketing budget can help you narrow down on what marketing approach you set for your business and eliminate strategies that are too expensive yet does not guarantee a positive result. It will be beneficial also to create a spreadsheet or template that you can use to record your anticipated spending on your marketing strategy.

5. Recognize The Need Of Your Target Market

When you launch your business, one of your key objectives is to provide a solution to the problem; your target market is currently struggling. As you get to know your target audience, also check their specific need and what you can offer to eliminate their struggles. Make this as a basis as you work your way around in building your marketing strategy.

Finding your potential customer’s need can help you present your brand as the solution which will make your marketing strategy more productive and more comfortable to implement. You will not also appear as trying hard and pushy as you try to sell off to them your product or service.

6. Choose Your Specific Marketing Techniques

These days there are a lot of marketing techniques available. However, to effectively promote your business, it is a must that you focus on a specific marketing technique, especially when you are just starting. Choosing the best marketing strategy that you can afford but can promise a good return for your efforts and other resources is one of the keys to your success.

However, remember always that not all marketing methods and strategies apply to your business. These strategies are not created equally, and they vary based on your business approach, target audience, and the products you offers. Do not get too excited and get overwhelmed to launch any marketing strategy as it will only exhaust your resources and efforts. Carefully evaluate if the marketing strategy you have chosen will work out to best of your advantage.

Final Thoughts

While you can choose not to stick on just one marketing strategy and try on every possible approach that you can think of, remember that this will not be the best decision you can for your business. Whether all of it works or not, you will have a hard time pinpointing which of those strategies is working for your business. So, choosing one or two marketing strategies can be the best decision you can do.

There is no definite rule that says that you cannot do this; nevertheless, it is wise to find the best marketing strategy for your business that will ensure your success. As you become more confident in building your brand, you can then incorporate more strategies to help you achieve all your objectives.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Maricar worked as a marketing professional for almost a decade. She became part of the biggest real estate company/mall operator in the Philippines and handled concerts, events and community service-related activities. Leaving her corporate job for good to pursue her dreams, she has now ventured in the path of content writing and currently writes for Softvire Australia - the leading software e-Commerce company in Australia and Softvire New Zealand. A Harry Potter fan, she loves to watch animated series and movies during her spare time.

2020's Best Budget Graphics Cards

Best Budget Graphics Cards
Disclosure: This post contains Amazon Affiliate links. It means that if you click the link and purchase anything, so i may receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). This would be a token of appreciation of hardwork that i've put in this article if you purchase through my affiliate links.
Is your graphics card not running latest games? Are you Facing lag? Are you not able to play games at medium or high settings? Are you not getting playable FPS?

If you have such problems then the only solution is “You need to upgrade your graphics card".

In this article, I’m going to cover a list of Best Budget Graphics Cards/GPUs for 2020’s gaming. So, if you’re looking for a budget graphics card, then you are on the very right place.

This article will be covering a list of budget graphics cards for 2020. You can pick any GPU according to your budget and enjoy gaming even for more coming years.

Before starting the list, I want to do an important discussion with newbies. If you’re not a newbie or not interested in clearing misunderstandings or misconceptions about a graphics card, so you can skip the discussion and directly check below the recommended list of budget graphics cards.

Some Important Things Of A Graphics Card For Gaming

When I bought my first graphics card, I didn’t know what components of a GPU are important for gaming. I had a misconception that only video memory does matter. Higher memory means better performance. But that’s not true at all.

Video memory of a graphics card is not important only. A graphics card also contains other things like memory speed, memory bus, memory type, memory bandwidth, L2 cache, core speed, boost clock, texture rate, ROPs, pixel rate, pixel shader, etc. These all are important (not for gaming only) for video editing, animation, designing as well.

Okay, let’s take a look at an example!

Normally, people think that a 1GB graphics card is better than a 512MB model of GPU. That’s actually not true. You can’t measure the performance of GPU just by knowing video memory. You have to overlook at other stuff too.

let’s compare a 512 MB model of Radeon HD 5670 with a 1GB model of Radeon HD 5450. Radeon HD 5670 has 512 MB video memory and Radeon HD 5450 has 1GB. But still, HD 5670 works better than HD 5450, not even twice. It works x4 faster than HD 5450.

The reason is simple. Radeon HD 5670 has better memory speed, memory bus, memory type, memory bandwidth, L2 cache, core speed, boost clock and texture rate than HD 5450.

You can also check a detailed comparison of HD 5670 and HD 5450 at Game Debate.

Here’s a detailed discussion about these components. Must read, if you’re interested to know about them.

Before starting it, i would like to request you to check out Best Static Pressure Fans for gaming PCs.

1. Core Clock Speed:

This is an actual speed at GPU operates. It is measured in MHz. Now in 2020, a normal game is requiring at least 800 MHz to operate. You can also increase Core Clock speed by using overclocking tools but to a specific limit. For 2020 gaming, if you’re looking a GPU, so please find at least 800-1000 MHz core clock speed’s graphic card. I assure you that you won’t face any lag in 2020.

2. Memory Bus:

The memory transport speed is the pathway that your designs card uses to get to the memory it has and is commonly estimated in bits (8 bits = 1 byte) this cooperates with the memory check speed to turn out precisely the amount of the memory can be gotten to every second. 64 bits to 128 bits designs card are best for those games which were discharged till 2012. In excess of 128 bits are best for as of late discharged games, yet 192 bits, 256 bits or 384 bits GPUs are great for presentation and up and coming new age games.

3. Memory Type:

Memory type is utilized for things, for example, putting away data to show a picture to the screen, cradle data and Z co-ordinate data. So while it won't straightforwardly influence execution it will to a point. Clock speed is what's significant, this is the thing that takes care of the issues and sends them to the pipelines where 3D designs conditions are sent to be broke down and changed to a 2D pixel arrangement for show to the screen.

4. Memory Bandwidth:

Memory Bandwidth discloses to us the speed at which the GPU can get to the memory. Recall with GPU handling power how this was a blend of the quantity of centers and the center speed? Well! Something comparative is the situation with the memory. How much memory can be gotten to every second is a mix of the transport and the memory information rate. This is the reason clock speed without anyone else doesn't disclose to you anything about the genuine memory speed accessible to the GPU.

5. Texture Rate:

To render a 3D scene, surfaces are mapped over the highest point of polygon networks. This is designated "Surface Mapping" and is cultivated by Texture Mapping Units (TMUs) on the video card. Surface fill rate is the proportion of the speed with which a specific card can perform surface mapping. Despite the fact that pixel shader preparing is getting increasingly significant, this number still holds some weight.

Cost Effective Tricks For Saving On Ink Cartridges

2020's Best Budget Graphics Cards

Here's the list of budget graphics card that i could have found. The cards are currently available on Amazon. Do check out them and select the best one for you.
Note: I'll keep updating the list of the budget graphics cards on monthly basis or whenever if I find any new card.

1. Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Super 4GB

Best Budget Graphics Cards

Quick Overview:

The GTX 1650 Super edition is the best value for money graphics card right now that provides 60FPS easily on ultra settings with the resolution of 1080p and around 40FPS at 1440p.

The card itself comes with 4GB of video memory with GDDR6 (128 Bit) that easily competes AMD’s RX570 and RX580. This card also replaces GTX 1060.

The GTX 1650 Is available in the price range of $150-$200.

Detailed Review:

The GeForce GTX 1650 Super is a high performing budget graphics card which can handle almost all popular games of 2020. The card is featured with 4GB of video memory which is enough to handle every game at this moment.

The card is capable of running suitable FPS at 1080p, 1440p and 4K easily. The FPS you would get on this card is 60+ fps at 1080p, 40-45fps at 1440p and 30-35 fps at 4K in lots of games.

The best part of GTX1650 is Power Consumption. It requires 350W power supply which can be connected with a 6-pins power connector.

Here are some quick specs of this card:
  • Video memory: 4GB
  • Memory bus: 128 Bit
  • Memory type: GDDR6
  • Core speed: 1530 MHz (boost up to 1725 MHz)
  • DirectX: 12.1 supported
  • Maximum resolution: 8K supported
  • Power Supply: 350 Watt required with 6-pins connector

Now let’s talk about the price of the card. The GTX 1650 is available in the price range of $150-$200. Because of the manufacturer’s competition, you would find the prices near in the range I mentioned.

There are other models also available in this price range that nearly compete to GTX 1650. If we talk about RX590. This card gives tough competition to GTX 1650. Although, it comes with 8GB RAM of video memory, but still not recommendable. The RX590 has a huge VRAM, but this card doesn’t beat GTX 1650 in memory type, Core speed, DirectX etc and all these components matter more than VRAM.

The GTX 1650 is more efficient in power consumption, but RX590 is not. That’s all stuff help GTX 1650 to beat RX590.

So, the GTX 1650 is the most affordable, cheaper and recommended graphics card under the price range of $200. I’ll highly recommend you to go for it, if you want decent FPS in such a cheap price.
Buy Now
Check out the video review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1zgAJK4TO0

Check out the discounted prices here:

2. Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Super 6GB

Best Budget Graphics Cards

Quick Review:

The GTX 1660 Super is empowered with 6GB GDDR6 that provides 60+ fps at 1080p, 1440p and 45+ fps at 4K in most of the games. The card is newly released and based on new turning GPU architecture that’s 50% better in performance than Pascal architecture.

The GTX 1660 Super 100% beats its competitors RX580 and RX590 and replaces GTX 1060 6GB as well. The card is required at least 450W power supply to run which can be connected with 8-pin power connector.

The card is available in the price range of $180-$250.

Detailed Review:

The GTX 1660 Super is a new architecture based Nvidia’s one of the best budget graphics card that should be available around $200.

The card comes with 6GB GDDR6 video memory which is enough to handle all the latest games right now and it is expected to perform finely for the upcoming 2 years though.

The GTX 1660 Super is a well-performed card that easily gives you 60+ fps (that every gamer wants) at 1080p and 1440p. If we talk about 4K, so the card is also able to give around 45 fps at this resolution.

Here are some quick specs of this graphics card:
  • Video memory: 6GB
  • Memory bus: 192 Bit
  • Memory type: GDDR6
  • Core speed: 1530 MHz (boost up to 1785 MHz)
  • DirectX: 12.1 supported
  • Maximum resolution: 8K supported
  • Power Supply: 450 Watt required with 8-pins connector

The GTX 1660 Super is available around $200. Although, its Ti (Titan) version also available, but you have to spend an extra $50 to get GTX 1660 Ti. But the preference is still for GTX 1660 Super only, because the Ti version performs only 5%-10% better than non-Ti. So, it doesn’t sound good to spend $50 more for 5% performance.

Well! If you’re looking a graphics card in the price range of $200 then there are other GPUs also available. RX590 and GTX 1060 are good competitors, but GTX 1660 Super beats them by all means.

The GTX 1660 Super is the most affordable budget GPU which can handle your games at 60 fps, has beaten RX590, GTX1060, and GTX 1650, can handle games easily for the upcoming 2 years, so what are you waiting for?

Grab your GTX 1660 Super now!
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Check out the video review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zzcfNecsRY

Check some discounted prices:

3. AMD Radeon RX570 4GB

Best Budget Graphics Cards

Quick Review:

The Radeon RX570 is a strong performer for 1080p gaming. The card basically competes GTX 1650 and also cheaper than it. So, why don’t you go for it?

The RX570 is featured with 4GB GDDR5 video memory and having a core speed of around 1168 MHz (boost up to 1244 MHz). Although, the card doesn’t completely fulfill the requirements as GTX 1650 does. But if we compare the prices of the cards, then RX570 is the winner.

The RX570 is available in the price range of $140-$180.

Detailed Review:

The Radeon RX570 4GB is one of the best budget graphics card by AMD. The card is best for a mid-range gaming rig. Usually, AMD fanboys with a low budget would pick this card. If you’re in one of them so what are you waiting for? Just go through our mentioned links and pick the best one.

The RX570 stands between Nvidia’s GTX 1050 Ti and GTX 1060 or GTX 1650. This card is not a well-performer for 2K or 4K resolution, but this is the best choice for 1080p according to its price. The RX570 is easily available in the price range of $140-$180. You might get it at even less than this range.

Before moving to its performance, let’s highlight its quick specs:
  • Video memory: 4GB
  • Memory bus: 256 Bit
  • Memory type: GDDR5
  • Core speed: 1168 MHz (boost up to 1244 MHz)
  • DirectX: 12.0 supported
  • Maximum resolution: 4K supported
  • Power Supply: 450 Watt required with 6-pins connector

The RX570 gives 50-60 fps at 1080p in many games. But it performs poorly in some of the games though. I’ve tested Assassins Creed: Valhalla on RX570. I’ve got 30fps at low and almost 15fps at ultra settings. I was totally unable to play. It may be the optimization fault of the game, but not sure about it.

So, the RX570 is recommendable for gamers who play first-person shooting games like CS:GO, Call of Duty, Battlefield, etc. Because you can fulfill your dream to play such games at such a low cost. But I won’t recommend this card to play open-world games especially Assassins Creed.

Well! The RX570 is a good competitor in the budget range. The card performs well at 1080p gaming. It is efficient and recommendable because of its low price. Don’t wait for anything and grab your RX570 NOW!
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Check out the video review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xH37gHQEyVY

Check out discounted price:

4. AMD Radeon RX580 8GB

Best Budget Graphics Cards

Quick Summary:

The RX580 is a very good budget card after the RX570. Although, it is old now, still can play almost all the games with 60fps at 1080p.

The card comes with 8GB GDDR5 video memory that is a plus point for those who want to play open-world games at the high texture.

The RX580 doesn’t compete GTX 1650. But if we compare their prices, so the winner is RX580.

Detailed Review:

The RX580 was the game changer when it was released. It was the first graphics card by AMD which was empowered with 8GB and with a very good price tag.

Well! The card is 3 years old and it is still capable to run many games of 2020 at good fps. The card can easily give 60 fps at 1080p in many games and around 50 fps at 1440p. This card is not recommendable for more than 1080p resolutions.

If we talk about the price tag, so you can easily get this card within the price range of $140-$180. Yes! This card is so cheap and give performance more than the price. Check out below links to know more discounted prices.

Let’s highlight its specifications:
  • Video memory: 8GB
  • Memory bus: 256 Bit
  • Memory type: GDDR5
  • Core speed: 1257 MHz (boost up to 1340 MHz)
  • DirectX: 12.0 supported
  • Maximum resolution: 4K supported
  • Power Supply: 500 Watt required with 8-pins connector

The RX580 has a huge video memory (that’s the strong point), so there’s no chance that the game will bottleneck. But it has been beaten in many of the other components i.e. this card doesn’t support 8K, GDDR6 is not featured, etc. These are some weak points of this card. Otherwise, it is still best especially its price tag.

One more best thing about this card is the Double Dissipation Cooling System. With 8GB of huge video memory, we can expect that the card would overheat. But the design and its cooling system protect this card to get overheated. As I’ve asked many RX580 users, and nobody complained about the overheating issue.

So, the conclusion is that the card has a huge video memory which is best for 1080p resolution and open-world games. It has a very good cooling system that you won’t get in other cards with the same price tag. So don’t wait for anything. Grab now!
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Check out the video review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWqF5fDAZqA

Check out more discounted prices:

5. AMD Radeon RX 5500 XT 8GB

Best Budget Graphics Cards

Quick Overview:

The RX5500 is the entry-level budget graphics card released in December 2019. The AMD's RX5000 series has been suprising and this model has done the same. The card is the best competitor to Nvidia's GTX1060 6GB.

The RX5500 is featured with 8GB GDDR6 (128 Bit) and replaces GTX1060 3GB easily.

The card is available in the price range of $150-$200.

Detailed Review:

AMD Radeon RX5500 XT 8GB is the best option in budget cards. The card comes with 8GB GDDR6 of video memory which is perfect for 1080p 60+ fps gaming.

The RX5500 XT is powered by the 7nm Navi GPU (new architecture) which is expected to perform perfectly for the upcoming 2-3 years. The card is capable to handle almost all the games at 60+ fps at 1080p, 45+ fps at 1440p, and 30 fps at 4K. Although, Red Dead Redemption 2, Metro: Exodus etc will give 40+ fps on this card.

Let's take an overview of the specs of this card:
  • Video memory: 8GB
  • Memory bus: 128 Bit
  • Memory type: GDDR6
  • Core speed: 1717 MHz (boost up to 1845 MHz)
  • DirectX: 12.0 supported
  • Maximum resolution: 4K supported
  • Power Supply: 450 Watt required with 8-pins connector

As i've said the RX 5500 XT is a good competitor to GTX 1060. But, this doesn't beat completely. There are few components of GTX 1060 i.e. memory bus, DirectX, 8K support etc are better than RX 5500 XT.

The conclusion is, this card is a very good choice for 1080p users. If you're switching from an Nvidia card which has the same price as RX 5500 XT, so i would suggest you to not to spend more money. Just grab RX 5500 XT. I'm sure, with the same price you would get better performance and results.
Buy Now
Check out the video review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04SwpnoCbnI

Check out more discounted prices:

Also, check out the video guide to buy a best graphics card for you. The video will help you to decide whether which model best suites or not as the PC build you have. You'll also be able to figure out the prices of graphics cards. So, don't miss this video. Linus is my favorite creator too. Hope, you won't disappoint.

Some Important Tips You Should Consider Before Purchasing A Graphics Card

Now let’s discuss a few things that are important before purchasing a graphics card.

I’ve seen many people who don’t consider these things (that I’m gonna discuss). After that they face different issues.

Purchasing a GPU is not as straight that you think. You have to consider many things that I’m going to discuss below. I request you to please read out below discussion to avoid any problem.

1. Power Supply Is Important

A power supply is the most important component for a graphics card. Not for graphics cards only. It is important for other components of PC too.

All the graphics cards have different specifications. They require specific power to run. So, before finalizing your deal with graphics card dealer, make sure that your power supply has enough wattage capacity to run the cards.

A budget graphics card requires 450W-600W PSU which can be connected with a 6-pins power connector. There’s no need to upgrade your PSU if you already have up to 600W unless you have no plans to upgrade your PC. Because if you’ll go for Core i9, RTX series graphics card etc then you’ll definitely have to upgrade your whole system.

One more thing you should consider while purchasing the graphics card that it’s better to go for the GPU which requires no external power.

You can find many budget graphics cards like RX560, GTX950 etc which can be run without external power or 6-pins connector.

2. Size Of Graphics Card

This is the second tip for you. Make sure that your graphics card size is compatible with casing. I have had experience of it. Two years back, I bought GTX 970 having triple fans. The GPU was literally really cool in design but the thing was I could not insert it in my PC.

It was a big GPU. When I tried to insert it in the casing, the extra third fan created problem.

So, make sure to have a single or dual fan GPU. No need to go for a triple fan graphics card. It will require more power and will take up more space.

3. Cooling System

Usually, budget graphics cards do not come with the best cooling system. These are not efficient to maintain a normal temperature. Although, if you try to overclock them, this becomes risky for a budget GPU.

So, what to do in this case?

There are few things, you have to be careful about.

Make sure the first thing that the environment of the room where you’re gonna use your PC is normal. The location where you’ll set up your computer has enough air ventilation.

Secondly, make sure that your casing’s cooling fans are working properly.

Extra tip: While gaming or rendering, it’s better to remove side panel of the casing, if your PC doesn't have a good cooling system.

4. Avoid Mined Graphics Card

While searching about budget graphics cards, you might have seen cheap GPUs which are so less in price as compared to the market. Why?

It is 80% possible that those GPUs have used for mining purpose.

If you don’t know that what is mining, check out this article.

Once the GPU is used of mining, the life of it get deteriorate. It means that the graphics card has fully depreciated and should not be trusted to work long.

So, the question should come to your mind that how would you analyze and check whether the GPU is mined or not?

I always recommend two steps to check:

The first one is, analyse the board and check PCB closely. If you find any discoloration on it, so this would be a sign that the card has been used for mining purpose..

What if you don’t find discoloration, you can follow the second step.

The second step is that take a stress test of the card. You can use ‘FurMark’ for this.

This software basically push the card to perform at 100%, While testing, analyse the graphics card temperature, performance and fan, if all these things are stable while testing, so it’s clear that the card is fine and has never used for mining purpose.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

There are some commonly asked questions related to graphics cards that I receive in my inbox, emails etc. So, I thought that I should discuss these questions through this article too.

i. Which One Is Better? Nvidia or AMD?

This is the most asked question. If you’re familiar with graphics cards’ industry, then you’ve heard these both name.

Nvidia and AMD both manufacture GPUs. Both are the best and reliable companies. But if we talk about few years back, then Nvidia had best performing graphics cards and almost everyone’s favorite too.

But right now, AMD is also good and giving tough competition to Nvidia.

Nvidia and AMD both are good in hardware technology. But Nvidia stays their users up to date by releasing drivers and other softwares.

Although, Nvidia has an RTX technology (so called Ray Tracing Technology), on which AMD is still working.

But if we talk about their prices, AMD is the winner

ii. Does AMD Heat?

No, AMD doesn’t get heated now. There was a time when their users used to complain about heating or burning issues. But AMD has improved a lot. Even, their GPUs do perfectly work in warm regions now.

iii. Is Intel HD Graphics Good For Gaming?

Intel HD is fine for playing low-end games. But I won’t recommend you to test heavy games. It’s better to avoid gaming on Intel HD. Because CPU handles central and graphical processing work at a time while gaming which is harmful for it.

iv. Is AMD good For Rendering Purpose?

Yeah! Most users recommend AMD if you want to use your PC for both gaming and video editing purposes. I don’t know, why? Because I’m not an AMD fan or user. But experts recommend and they clearly say that if you don’t want to do heavy work on your PC except gaming, then Intel is good. Otherwise, AMD is the best option for both gaming and rendering.

v. In How Much Price Would A Budget GPU Cost?

A budget graphics card would maximum cost you around $500. If you spend more than $500, I don’t think so you’re looking for a budget graphics card.

There are many options available under 500 dollars as you can check in our article.

One more thing, I want to say that don’t go below $150. Because the graphics cards available right now under 150 dollars are not good for gaming. So, it’s better to avoid them. Simply find graphics cards that cost you $150 to $500.

vi. 2GB Vs. 4GB

While choosing or purchasing a graphics card, we should consider more memory. But the memory of the video card is not enough to judge whether the GPU is better or not. There are other components that we should compare and buy graphics card.

Kindly check this comparison between GTX960 2GB and RX560 4GB by GameDebate. You will be cleared that why sometimes a 2GB graphics card is better than a 4GB graphics card.

vii. Single Fan Vs. Dual Fans

GPUs which are OC (overclocked) editions have dual or triple fans for better cooling and maintain temperature efficiently. Because all OC editions have an ability to overclocked while gaming or you can simply say that they basically boost up and give maximum performance. That’s why, all such cards come with dual or triple fans, so that the card stays cool even in summer.

But, what about a single fan GPUs?

You would find single fan GPUs too in the budget range. Let’s consider GTX 950. This card came with a single fan. It didn’t release with 2 fans. The reason is, the card is not designed for boosting purpose. You can’t overclock this graphics card. That’s why there’s no need for dual fans in this card.

The advantage of a single fan graphics card is that they are power efficient. Because of a single fan, they require less power to run and perform well with low wattage power supply.

One more advantage of having single fan GPU is that the card can be fitted in every casing. Due to a single fan, these cards always take less space.

Wrapping Up!

So, this was the article i could have covered. The article contains the GPU list as well as a complete guide and tips to purchase the card so that you can avoid any kind of problem while and after purchasing it.

Feel free comment below if i'm missing any budget graphics card. Your suggestion would be highlighted with a huge shout out.

Also, share your review regarding this article. Your support will encourage me to create more content like this.

Thanks for reading my article.

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Top 5 PDF Converters In 2020

Top 5 PDF Converters
Although, it's not very difficult to save and convert word documents to PDF files, converting PDF into Word documents has always been a difficult task.

There are hundreds of options available online, each with a series of different functions and features. So, how can we decide which specific converter fits our needs the best? If you're struggling with finding the most effective online PDF converter, you've come to the right place.

In this article, we've put together a list of 5 best PDF converters that we have tried personally, and sum up their strengths and weaknesses before you make your decision.

We have made our decision taking into account the elements of processing speed, format options, conversion quality, etc.

Top 5 PDF Converters In 2020

1. Ease PDF

Top 5 PDF Converters
With Ease PDF, the file conversion will become so easy and comfortable that even a kid with no prior technical knowledge can handle that without any difficulty.

This product comes with a wide range of converting, editing, and merging tools with a clean and user-friendly interface. With Ease PDF, you get up to 30 useful tools designed for PDF-related issues.

Since this is an online converter, you can use any internet-connectable device (mobile phones, tablets, or computers) and access the converter through a browser. However, you must download and share the converted file within 24 hours as the server will automatically delete that file after that time.

Apart from these basic tools, Ease PDF also offers a FREE batch conversion facility to the users.

Exclusive Features

  • Free Batch conversion
  • No registration required
  • Unlimited tasks or files conversion
  • 100% free
  • User-friendly interface

High-Quality Conversion

The accuracy and conversion quality from PDF to a Word file is pretty impressive. There will be no alterations in the type settings, and you'll get the same result as the PDF.

Cloud Integration

Today, almost everyone has their own cloud storage. Ease PDF integrates Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive to let users directly upload and download files. Also, you can upload the file by simply copying/pasting the URL address.

Powerful Encryption

The general misconception about online PDF converters is that they are unsafe to use. But you would be surprised to know that some online converters are even more secure as they pay more attention to the security/encryption features.

Ease PDF features a 256-bit SSL encryption to protect the user's privacy. Also, the server will automatically delete your files after 24 hours so that your privacy can remain intact.

2. PDFelement

Top 5 PDF Converters
PDFelement is another powerful and easy to use PDF converter that allows users to create and organize files with maximum security.

Because of its affordable pricing, feature-rich modules, and seamless performance, this tool is preferred by many big brands and companies.

PDFelement gives you full control over your documents, and offer a wide range of transformation possibilities.

This product is as good as it gets when it comes to smart technology. With PDFelement, you can perform all required changes without affecting the type settings and formatting of your content.

This product features a user-friendly interface and also enables users to customize settings according to their requirements.

As far as security is concerned, the pro version of PDFelement offers 256-bit AES encryption to secure your data. The pro version is ideal for small and mid-scale businesses that need an all-inclusive solution at a good price.

Exclusive Features

  • Robust editing
  • Batch conversion
  • PDF conversion
  • OCR
  • Password encryption
  • Product updates
  • Customized form extraction


With PDFelement, you can adjust almost anything, be it a font style or table size, without disturbing the actual format of the content.

Also, it allows you to edit scanned documents using the OCR option. The spellcheck feature is also available that enables you to check grammar and typing mistakes.

PDF to Word File Conversion

PDFelement is designed to resolve all types of document management issues. With this tool, you can convert more than 300 file formats into accurate PDFs.

Apart from file conversion, you can also merge and reorganize files regardless of the original settings.

Create Fillable PDF Forms

PDFelement enables you to create professional-looking fillable PDF forms. It not only enhances productivity but also helps you save time and energy. To make things even better, the PDFelement 6 enables you to integrate all required fields and buttons to an existing form or create a new one using available templates.

Strong Encryption

PDFelement comes with a 256-bit AES encryption, which allows you to create and store files without worrying about data infringement.

Outstanding Collaboration Features

As mentioned above, PDFelement is designed to cater to the needs of businesses rather than individuals. This is why it offers a suite of useful collaboration tools that will make commenting, reviewing, or highlighting documents a no-brainer.


Top 5 PDF Converters
iLOVEPDF is another popular tool that offers a clean and user-friendly interface to the users.

This product offers a range of online tools for conversion. iLOVEPDF features 20 online tools along with 3 accounts for the paid users. You can also get access to a number of useful tools if you're not a registered user and have their free version in use.

However, you have to purchase their premium plan priced at $48 yearly to get access to advanced features.

Exclusive Features

  • Quick conversion
  • Offers mobile and desktop versions
  • User-friendly interface
  • Dropbox and Google Drive integration

Maintains the Layout and Quality

iLOVEPDF offers the best Excel table preservation. It not only maintains the type settings and original format but also performs smoothly on PDF to Word conversion.

All in all, iLOVEPDF converter is one of the most flexible and minimalist tools that offers a plethora of file conversion, editing, and organizing options to the users.


Top 5 PDF Converters
SODA PDF is an effective PDF file converter that offers a variety of tools for merging, compressing, and conversion of PDF to Word file.

It's an all-inclusive PDF solution available in both web-based app and desktop versions. You can access this tool from any device having a web browser. This product includes innovative smart features, including PDF conversion, editing, reviewing, and commenting. Also, it includes cloud integration and impeccable security features to facilitate users.

SODA PDF comes with a price sticker of $84 per year, per user. However, it also comes with a free trial option so that you can gauge its viability.

Exclusive Features

  • Supports bulk conversion
  • Supports editing
  • Available in desktop and web-based app versions

5. FREE PDF Converter

Top 5 PDF Converters
FREE PDF Converter is one of the most effective and easy to use converters available online. Free from annoying Ads, FREE PDF Converter is sophisticated and user-friendly.

There are more than ten million active users who trust FREE PDF converter for their file conversion and editing tasks.

Unlike its name suggests, this product isn't free. Upon attempting to use this tool, you'll see a pop up asking to pay a subscription fee of $5 a month.

But considering the benefits you get with the product, this amount seems not to be a big deal.

Exclusive Features

  • User-friendly interface
  • Supports PDF editing

We hope this list will serve as a guideline when you purchase your next PDF converter.

Feel free to share your opinions and comments in the comments section below as we would love to hear back.

Check out more articles:

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Uzair Ahmed is a digital marketing and SEO Expert working for multiple organizations to boost their business and online presence. He is currently associated with pdf2word. Email him for contact: uzairahmedwork@gmail.com
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How To Start An Online Side Business To Make Money More

StartOnline Side Business
Do you find yourself in need of some extra income? Then you’ve come to the right place. Regardless if you need the inflow to establish your savings, payback debt, or just cover the extra bills brought about by a recent lifestyle change, then you will certainly find our post helpful.

In this article, we are going to teach you the different ways on how to start a business. More so, we will be sharing with you the ways on how to make money online, in the comforts of your own home. We know how important time and convenience is, and since you’re about to build yourself a side hustle, we also understand that it must be something that you can squeeze into whatever extra time you have each day or week. Excited? Then let’s get started!

It All Starts With An Idea

Here’s the deal. The internet has certainly brought about a big change especially for aspiring business owners. It has granted a lot of us accessibility. In fact, most of the time, all you really need is a stable internet connection and a computer and you can already start making money online.

This freedom comes with its own disadvantages, though. This means that the business owners of today have more competition compared to those in the past. The only way that you’ll be able to overcome this hurdle starts with at the roots of your business. You need to understand that a thriving business starts with an idea, and not just any idea, it has to be your idea.

If you don’t find a niche or sub-niche that fits it, then go ahead and carve one. That’s even better because you’re almost sure that you have zero competition at all. And if you’re successful to prove the demand for it, then you can even go as far as monopolizing that niche for a time.

Determine A Goal

Now that you have a solid business idea, the next step is to determine a goal. Why are you doing this? How will you measure growth, and more importantly, success? A lot of people say that the secret of a successful business is a solid business plan, and while there’s merit in that, we believe that the secret is the goal, instead. After all, this is your fuel. Your goal is what’s going to keep you motivated, even when times are rough (and believe us, they will be), and even during those moments that your business plan seems to be falling apart.

Do Your Research

Your idea, your goals, that’s the bare bones of your business plan. What we need now is more substance. You’ll be able to uncover this through research. Look around. Who are your potential competitors? Is there an online community out there that caters to people with interests related to your business?

These communities are good for several reasons:
  • They can help you determine your target audience.
  • They can uncover the holes in your chosen industry or niche that you can eventually fill in.
  • You will be able to find your future suppliers and other resources.
  • You might gain foresight into the possible road bumps and pitfalls later on, and fortunately, plan for them ahead of time.
  • They can simply give you people to talk to who can understand your struggles. You see, working from home can make you feel isolated.

Online communities are not your only treasure trove of information. You can also brain pick people from your existing network of friends and family, and of course, perform research offline.

Set An Online Foundation

Now that your winning business idea has data to support it thanks to your research, then the next step that you need to do is to set up the online foundations of your business. You will need the following things:
  • Website: This is the equivalent of a brick-and-mortar store or office offline. It should display your brand and colors. It must also be accessible as much as possible, so focus on mobile and search optimization. Lastly, don’t forget its user interface. It should be clean, easy to explore, with the menu visible at all times. You don’t need to have a visually cluttered website to make it look stunning and impressive. Keep in mind, that most of the time, less is more. Do invest in high-quality images and videos, though.
  • Blog: Your blog should be an extension of your website. The secret to SEO is quality content. However, you can’t pack all of that into a single landing page. Instead, your website should have a blog that you can frequently update so that your visitors would always have something new to look forward to and visit.
  • Newsletter: Speaking of visits, don’t wait for your online visitors to come to you. Instead, go to them. Establish a newsletter that you can send to your visitors through email. What’s more, is that this will serve as your gateway to email marketing and give your digital marketing campaigns a head start.
  • Social Media Accounts: Finally, since we are already talking about digital marketing, you should know that social media is a crucial part of it. The best thing about it is that it’s free. We do understand that juggling multiple accounts can be time-consuming. Hence, here’s a pro tip: choose a social media website that your target market frequents and start by focusing your efforts there. You can simply expand to other social media hubs later on.

But What If You Don’t Have An Idea?

Here’s the challenge, though. What if you’re stumped at step number one and you have no idea to grow and nurture (for now)? If so, then here are a few ideas to help you get started on a tried-and-tested business model right away:
  • Be A Freelancer: Do you have a skill that you can offer digitally such as content writing or website development? There are various job marketplaces online like UpWork and Fiverr with existing clients looking for people like you.
  • Be A Reseller: If you’re not the type of person who enjoys offering services to other people then you’ll probably do better in the retail industry. What’s great about reselling is that you don’t even need to have a vast inventory or storage space. You can simply resell what’s already out there to your existing network and beyond.
  • Be An Influencer: But what if you don’t want to provide a service but you also don’t enjoy selling items as well? What now? Then you can just be yourself. Share your interesting life, thoughts, and talents to the world by becoming a social media influencer. You can be a lifestyle blogger, YouTuber, or even a digital nomad. The possibilities are endless!

Starting A Business Online

Setting up an online business shouldn’t be too complicated. There are ways to turn it into a reality with a whole gamut of digital tools. Most of them are even free! Just make sure to do your research, set your goals, and invest your resources on what really matters: establishing a strong and trustworthy online presence.

What’s great about the internet is that you don’t even need to have a unique idea to start a business (although that is ideal). It is wide enough to accommodate everyone, even if that niche is already out there. And yes, that includes you.

Good luck!

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Jim Hughes is a content marketer who has significant experience covering technology, finance, economics, and business topics for about 3 years. At the moment he works as content manager in OpenCashAdvance.com. Email: j.hughes@appfin.org