Why Content Matters The Most In SEO Strategy

Why Content Matters The Most In SEO Strategy
The importance placed on content in the world of online marketing is actually a good thing. Why? Because the internet demands quality content, which means everyone gets - quality content.

The thing that people often forget, however, is that content is not just on your website. A good SEO strategy requires you to publish content elsewhere on the web, while also having great stuff on your own site. Try and attempt a link building strategy with lousy content, you likely won't get very far.

Why is content so important? There are a few reasons which we will look at in this piece of quality content, but we'll give you the hot tip straight up; people choose businesses they trust. If it comes down to you and your competitor, but you have lots of quality information available, and they don't, who do you think is best situated to get the sale?

Search Engines Love Good Content

Search engine ranking algorithms give higher preference to links that are shared and liked than those which aren't. Whether that be a video or blog post, search engines want to offer the best possible results.

They determine that links which are shared a lot in social media must be worthwhile and providing people with benefit.

SEO And Content Are Intertwined

You may hear about SEO and content marketing as separate things, but are they all that separate? SEO and content marketing go together, and it's bad news if they are not integrated.

In reality, they overlap where people often make the mistake that content marketing eliminates a need for SEO. In actual fact, successful content marketing needs SEO, but many people experience a disconnect between the two in their digital marketing strategies.

The Difference Between SEO And Content Marketing

There are two main elements that distinguish SEO and content marketing which are:
  1. SEO is more technical
  2. Content marketing is broader

They assist each other because the goal is to make your SEO broad by channeling it into content marketing. This, in turn, helps you content marketing thanks to SEO techniques. SEO sets the rules, and content marketing fulfills them.

What SEO Requires

SEO essentially demands the content that content marketing provides, in fact, SEO doesn't really exist without it.

Content is very much king; this is a undeniable fact of the SEO industry. SEO needs keywords which is one of the staple uses of content marketing. Keywords are a fundamental component of SEO, and they are used strategically throughout your content.


Another crucial element of SEO is linkbacks which content provides. The best way to build linkbacks is with great content which other sites choose to link back to. If you want continual success in your SEO strategy, this is vital and impossible without the content.

Technical Optimization And UX

Another SEO demand is onsite technical optimization, and good content also requires yeser experience (UX), something many people often forget. SEO is more than just content, it needs technical aspects like enhanced metadata, and a strategic sitemap.

Technical optimization exists for the good of the user; it affects the user experience with SEO components in place to promote your content. It would be best if you had an excellent sitemap so potential customers can easily access your content, and optimization allows search engines to find your site, and share your content with readers.

Consistent Output

Google gives significant preference to consistently updated, fresh content, which it favours with indexing, and registers higher in SERPs. This is especially effective when it comes from a site with historic authority.

To achieve this consistent output of content, your content marketing strategy needs to be ongoing. It's never set and forget when it comes to digital marketing; you need to adapt as quickly as everything else online.

The Case For Content Over Keywords

Google algorithms are now refined enough to pick up on unnatural language and lousy formatting, two things that significantly diminish your ranking ability.

This is one of the reasons why content quality is taking over keyword importance. The top search result may now not even feature an exact match keyword in the text body. A study showed that 18 percent of the top 20 domains didn’t feature the keyword in the text. What they did include however was:
  1. High website visits
  2. User behavior signals
  3. Large number of links to the content

The result? A high ranking website. Why? Google determined that users like the content.

Google doesn't quite stop there, however, it will also sift through content itself to find further signals of quality.

What Defines Poor Quality Content?

What makes content good or bad? Google offers some pointers as to what to avoid in your content to prevent a bad ranking:
  • Keyword stuffing or irrelevant keywords, especially if they’re irrelevant
  • Copies of other material
  • Spelling and grammatical errors
  • Long sentences or paragraphs
  • Zero formatting
  • Irrelevant links
  • Keyword lists
  • Short content

Content Marketing And SEO

So why does content matter so much in an SEO Strategy? They are made up of one another. Content marketers needs to be well across SEO and vice versa.

An SEO campaign will likely fail unless there is a significant content marketing element worked into it. Just like your content will be much harder for potential customers to find without SEO.

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James Silverwood runs a digital marketing agency in Australia. In an effort to expand the agency even further he recently relocated to Bahrain and merged with another agency to provide Best SEO services to clients in the middle east. .

3 Solid Tips For Outstanding Graphics Design Marketing

Tips For Outstanding Graphics Design Marketing
One of the biggest challenges for professional graphic designers is to find profitable projects. This is even more difficult for the new beginners.

But the good news is that there are numerous promotional techniques and tools available these days, which graphic designers can employ to promote their unique graphic design services. From social networking, email marketing, newsletters, to conferences, and more, the options are endless.

Beginners in this field are always searching out for affordable and inexpensive promotional options to get hold of more clients. Even the most established ones need to follow a strong marketing strategy to keep sustain their business.

Here we share the 3 solid tips that can help graphic designers to market themselves and stand out in the graphic design industry.
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1. Create A Strong Portfolio For Better Conversions

The first step to showcase your talent is through an impactful portfolio. With an influential portfolio, you can prove your skills and talent to the people on the other side of the table.

Usually, clients and customers are impressed with a portfolio having a mix of distinct styles and elements. You need to include your best work as well as sufficient varieties that can impress the potential clients.

If in need, you can check with professional graphic design services online. They can help you display your work on online networks and galleries. Otherwise, you can also get created a personal site to exhibit your work on your own terms.

If you are creating your portfolio by yourself then make sure you include only original photos. An original picture can add great credibility to your portfolio and leave it with a good impression. Furthermore, the content in your portfolio must be easy to understand. Avoid using unnecessary or unwanted technical terms as this can actually make things confusing.

Provide updated contact information and create a call to action button on your website. Your CTA must encourage visitors to sign up your mailing list.

2. Create A Personalized Business Card And Attend Graphic Designers Conferences

Now, these two points are interrelated. First, you need to understand the importance of business cards. They are great to develop first-time connections. You can establish a good rapport easily with a professional looking business card.

Whether you have a graphic design firm or you work as a freelancer, create a unique business card that you can use every time you meet a prospective client. With customized business cards, you can express your creativity. You can even create different types of business cards for different kinds of customers.
Tips For Outstanding Graphics Design Marketing
Secondly, try to attend as many graphic designers meet and conferences as possible. You must include your social media links, contact information, and website URL in your business card and exchange the same to new potential clients you meet at the conference.

In addition to this, conferences and seminars can help you stay updated with the latest design trends. Such events are great to reinvent yourself and prepare award-winning designs. When you make new connections and meet new people, then it can help you with your creativity as well as is great to boost your self – confidence.

3. Use Direct Mail Service To Contact New Clients

To be a successful graphic designer, you not only have to be creative but at the same time be a good marketer. Retweets, clicks, and likes are all signs that you are a good marketer. But you cannot rely solely on these online methods. It is important to employ conventional marketing techniques to plan an effective marketing strategy for your graphic design services.

One such great idea is designing print creative mailer postcards. These emails are an excellent way to contact potential clients directly. They even offer you space to exhibit your talent and creativity to the world and connect to other potential experts in the field.

You can always share your emails with expert entrepreneurs and freelancers. Don’t hesitate in sending your work samples along with professional business letters to advertise your services. If you have lots of materials to send to distinct types of audiences, you can customize each envelope accordingly.

It is a wise idea to pick custom-tailored envelope designs for each niche market. These envelopes are available in a range of sizes and shapes. Also, display your personal logo on each envelope so that the potential customers and entrepreneurs can develop a better recognition of your business, your identity, and your services.

Final Words

Not only the new graphic designers, but even the established ones have to continuously promote their services and talent to keep a strong hold on big projects and a good rapport in the industry. You can plan a self-promotional campaign using these tips, but make sure it is a perfect blend of print and digital solutions. It is because you can accomplish your much-desired goals only with a unique and strong marketing strategy.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprak Design. He would love to share thoughts on Best Creative Graphic Design, Lifestyle Design, Branding Firm, Exhibition design etc.

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Transforming Mobile Technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Transforming Mobile Technology

AI: Past, Present And Future

The addition of increasingly complex Artificial Intelligence (AI) in smartphones will bring a paradigm shift to the technology. Today, AI is no longer relegated to discussions about futuristic innovation; it has become a current topic of research and exploration. AI is not limited to obvious applications like Apple’s Siri and Google assistance. The technology has taken a major leap and is set to bring about a revolution in the mobile tech world. China has laid out major plans to invest $400 billion in AI, investing in startups (see chart, below) and become the market leader of AI technology. AI is in the early stages but is growing exponentially, and the mobile tech world needs to strike while the iron is hot.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Transforming Mobile Technology
Source: The Wall Street Journal

In the coming years, immersive technology is likely to transform the mobile tech world. Here are some ways that AI will usher in a technological revolution.

AI And The Internet Of Things (IoT) – The Rising Stars Of Technology

AI and Internet of Things (IoT) are futuristic concepts, but in the coming years, they will dominate the mobile app development sector. AI is empowering IoT enabled devices to gather real-time data and make decisions based on the information processed. That means that artificial intelligence is helping mobile apps to learn with every new piece of information, and is improving the decision-making ability of IoT devices. AI allows for hassle-free interaction and makes life easier for technology-laden customers.

AI And Chatbots – Is There A Future?

One of the most practical evolutions of AI is the new chatbot. This customer service asset is bridging the decade-old gap between customers and businesses by improving customer experience. The growing penetration of chatbots is likely to bring about a change in the mobile tech world. These AI-powered chatbots are resulting in a high level of customer satisfaction, as businesses can provide 24-hour support to their customers. The technology is creating an unprecedented change in how companies, customers and developers think about intelligent interaction with a mobile app.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Transforming Mobile Technology
Source: Digitalgo

AI And languages – The Future Of Translation

With growing global diversification, more translation apps are being launched worldwide. However, a majority of these apps make use of the internet to analyze the text or image, in order to translate from one language to another. With the integration of AI and machine learning (ML), a smartphone can translate in real-time, even without an internet connection.

AI And High App Authentication – What Will It Mean?

With an increase in “connected” devices, AI holds more responsibility regarding security. With various data protection acts and stringent laws regarding the safety of critical customer data, businesses today need an advanced level of data security. Thanks to AI, business owners can reduce their cyber security issues by alerting customers of threats and DDoS attacks, just by analyzing customer behaviour. When used in conjunction with predictive analytics AI can be used to find and address the possible loopholes in the code or the development process.

AI And Personalization – The Key To Reaching Customers

AI is empowering developers to create apps that adapt and adjust as per the behaviour of the customer. A business owner can leverage the information collected through data points such as point-of-sale, online spending and shopping using mobile devices. The algorithms created will scan through the data, find trends and adjust the app to create a personalised customer experience. With personalisation a key in marketing, AI is able to help businesses directly target their desired customer base.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Transforming Mobile Technology
Source: Contently

For a business, there is no shortage of crucial data from apps, which is both positive and negative from a marketing perspective. It’s essential to properly utilise the data to make an informed decision about when to sell, whom to sell to and how to sell – this is where AI can help. The technology is empowering business owners to analyze customer behaviour on the app.

There is tremendous potential to reach a new level of sophistication with AI and mobile technology. From futuristic possibilities to current applications, and from individuals at home to major corporations – the use of AI in mobile technology is changing the way we interact with our phones and how that impacts the world around us. AI has a long way to go, but for now, the technology is already beginning to show how valuable it can be in every level of society.

5 Tips To Use Trending Topics To Earn Links And Relevant Traffic

Trending Topics To Earn Links And Relevant Traffic
You run a marketing campaign because you want to draw people to your platform. You want to engage their interest and build trust. Most people use content to establish a connection with their target audience.

Unfortunately, it is easy for content to become boring and repetitive. Many businesses don’t have the luxury of a deep well of interesting topics. They struggle to find a way to create interesting content without it becoming irrelevant.

This article has some tips that will help you earn links and relevant traffic:

1. Keep An Eye On Trends In Platforms

You can find the latest trends on many platforms in different ways. If you regularly keep track of platforms with visible trends, it will be easier to create fresh content for your target audience. Here's a look at the different platforms:
  • Facebook – Facebook is one of the most popular social media networks with more than 2 billion active monthly users. Facebook trends have a big influence on audiences, which is why it is a good idea to keep track of trends on this platform.
  • Instagram – Instagram is also very popular, with more than 1 billion active monthly users. This platform is particularly popular with industries that rely heavily on visual content like fashion, beauty, travel, automobile, etc. Creating content on topics trending here can have a big influence on traffic and backlinks.
  • Twitter – Twitter is very influential when it comes to trends, which is why it is a good idea to keep an eye out for important topics on this platform. Just browse through the trending page and find out which topics are relevant to your industry.
  • Google – Google is the most influential platform available today. You should keep a track of search trends in your industry and create content accordingly. It is easy to find what’s trending on Google through Google Trends. If you keep an eye on the different trends on these platforms, you won’t lack topics to create interesting content on.

2. Find Trending Topics Relevant To Your Industry

Once you find all of the latest trends, it is time to narrow the list of topics down. Choose subjects that are most relevant to your industry and will enhance user experience. It is important to find topics your target audience will enjoy. The tips mentioned below will help:
  • Scan all the trending topics for keywords more relevant to your industry. You can also use your most successful keywords to find trending topics in the field. All platforms mentioned in this article allow users to search keywords and filter the topics.
  • Look at questions and comments on these trending articles to see if there are any questions related to your industry. That should give help you find relevant articles easily.
  • Avoid topics that are only vaguely connected to your industry. They can have a negative impact on user experience and harm your reputation.
  • Choose topics you can speak authoritatively on. The goal of content is to increase trust and authority. If your content sounds like you don’t know what you’re talking about, you’ll experience problems with your reputation.

These tips should help you find the most relevant content in the industry among the trending topics.
Trending Topics To Earn Links And Relevant Traffic

3. Are Your Audience And Competitors Interested In It?

Trends are based on the reactions of the general populace. People in your industry might not find it that interesting. Before you spend our precious time creating content in a particular field, check if customers or competitors are actually interested in it. There are many ways to find out if people are interested in the content and that includes:
  • Analyzing Competitor Content – Check if your competitors have created content or commented on the trending topic on social media. If your successful competitors find the topic interesting, it is likely that your audience will too.
  • Audience Response To Competitor Content – Look at the comments section of the popular topics on the competitor's website. If you see a lot of engagement from the audience, you might want to create a topic for your own purpose. If you see no engagement from the audience, the topic might not be worth the effort.
  • Influencer Response – Influencers are trendsetters. They have a large following and can have a big impact on your industry. That’s why it is a good idea to check their response to trending topics.

If the content is popular with your target audience and competitors, it is wise to invest some effort into it.

4. Create A Unique Piece Of Content On Trending Topics

It can be challenging to create unique content for your audience on trending topics. Many content creators just put a different spin on these topics and call it a day. Unfortunately, that won't provide you the results you hope. These tips will help you create the most unique content:
  • Find a Vacuum – Do you feel that the other articles or topics aren’t looking into a specific angle or perspective? You can fill the gap and create unique content by taking advantage of this vacuum.
  • Offer a Rebuttal – If someone has offered a personal opinion on a trending topic, offer a different view on the opinion. Opinion posts, especially if they’re slightly controversial, have a lot of impact on traffic. Make sure you strike the right balance between controversial and offensive.
  • Don’t Reward an Existing Article – Don’t reword or recreate content that already exists. You can draw inspiration from the information provided or explore certain topics mentioned in the other viral articles in-depth. This might even create an opportunity for backlinking.

Unique content will draw more traffic, links, and revenue. They are also more durable and will keep generating results for several months.

5. Experiment With Different Formats

Different formats can help you keep people engaged and make the content link worthy. Formats like infographics, podcasts, diagrams, videos, etc., can engage people’s interests for a long time.

Formats like infographics and diagrams are also very shareable. You’ll find they’re very popular on social media platforms.

These tips will help you keep up with trending topics and create content based on that. Following this strategy will bring in more traffic while improving your reputation in the long run.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Aella Johns is an SEO executive working with Ranking By SEO. She has been writing articles on many topics related to SEO, link building, social media marketing, and many more.

Outstanding Benefits Of Social Media Marketing To Amplify Your Business

Benefits Of Social Media Marketing To Amplify Your Business
These days, social media marketing has started to acquire an extremely important role in the digital world. When it comes to exploring an efficient marketing channel, social media provides you the best possibility to reach many users. There are around more than 2 billion people who are using social media, this is why many companies are trying to create loyal followers on social media.

Before you dive into creating a social media marketing plan to stretch your business, you should understand how social media marketing is beneficial for your business.

Let’s take a look at some social media benefits which you can use to enhance your online business presence:

Intensify Brand Awareness

Social media marketing helps to increase brand awareness. With the help of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many social media networks, you can reach to many users. There are many users available on social media so, they can easily know about your brand if it is on social media. Thus, use social media as a way to fill in the gaps and get more users on your website.

Part Of Social Media In Research & Development

The influencing role of social media in facilitating improved R&D interfaces in web designing and development industry to improve their business. Prior to social networking platforms, companies depend on the focus group and surveys to get information about customers and what they exactly want. But, with social media platform, it is easy to know the customer’s requirements as companies can interact with a large audience and ask about their preferences and choices. Online vendors can also get new suggestion to improve their existing products and to make the new one.


One of the conspicuous benefits of social media marketing is its cost-effective nature. You can promote your business on any social media platform including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc by creating a profile on it. If you want more benefits then you can also go for paid promotion. They are also affordable as compared to other marketing strategies. It is the only marketing strategy that retains not only customers but also business budget and expenses.

Magnify Your Conversion Rates

When you exemplify your business brand through social media than by default you will see that your conversion rate is increasing. To get more users, you need to build trust in your brand through quality content and regular interaction with your followers. To gain more trust of potential users, you need to answer negative comments also including all the reviews. This process will help increase more sales and brand visibility. Customers really explore your website whenever they need any product or service from you.

Promote Your Content

Promoting the content means you are indirectly promoting your product. But, before promoting content on social media, you will have to do the things that make a difference such as having an image, time of the post, and headlines. These things are really important when writing any message on social media. Your message should be creative and original that will surely attract many users to visit your website and to make a purchase from there.

Being innovative and discuss real stories is an efficacious way to promote content without having to pretend like add. It will allow the audience to build their own perception of the product.
Benefits Of Social Media Marketing To Amplify Your Business

Efficacious For Getting More Leads And Sales

For online business vendors, social media can be a predominant way to gain new leads and turn visitors into customers. This improves sales by engaging more people into the content you share. This platform connects to people in different locations, thus they have more potential to generate more leads as compared to other channels.

Redirecting To Your Site

To gain the trust of the users, you should insert your website link with every blog and post on social media. It will help you recognize your brand for new users and create more interest among them.

Helpful For Connecting With Existing User

Nowadays, people are busy in their work. They generally install the app and use it only once or twice in a month or even less. In this case, you may remind them about your app by sending some interesting message in the form of videos and images. You may send these message through your social media account as people are definitely active on their social media account. This is the best way to improve conversion and to get more leads on your website.

Refine Search Engine Ranking

Social media is really helpful for enhancing search engine ranking. The main objective is to reach many people. It will allow you to add some links to your website on your blog and post. Whenever your followers click on the link then they will directly move to your website. By including targeted keywords and phrases on your social media account, you can improve the search engine ranking.

Network With Influencers

With social networking, you will get the benefits of interacting with influencers who can potentially link to your website. You can build a relationship with people who have their own websites. It will take time to build trust among influencers so, keep patience. First, you need to focus the way that you can provide then build the relationship.


As you can see, there are many advantages of social media to make it worthwhile. If still, you are not using social media then you should consider investing in social media marketing as fast as possible. Social media has become the best medium to get recognize your brand. This is one of the outstanding investments you can make, as it helps deliver an amazing experience.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
David Meyer is a senior web developer at CSSChopper.com who holds many years of expertise in web designing and development. He possesses profound knowledge of social media marketing strategies and its related topics. He is also passionate about writing informational blogs on his field of expertise. All his write-ups are ingenious and analyzed.

Guest Blogging - Your Ticket To A Wider And Relevant Audience

Guest Blogging - Your Ticket To A Wider And Relevant Audience
Guest blogging is a serious affair – a very important part of any long-term and serious digital marketing strategy. Smaller brands or individual experts trying to gain a foothold in their industry are utilizing the opportunities of guest blogging to increase their presence.

Nowadays, it is not difficult to guest blog. All you need is a good theme and quality original content and you can connect with your industry peers.

You can also avail of guest posting services like this one from SEOJet to start your blog campaign. Here are some of the major benefits of guest blogging.

Gain Visibility For Your Brand

One of the main benefits of having a guest blogging strategy is that it brings your brand closer to a significantly established target audience. By contributing on other websites, you create awareness of your brand and in the long run, this is very precious.

Expose Yourself To Quality Traffic

When you invest your time and research on a guest blog, it shows up on platforms where readers can connect with your industry and language. Apart from the visibility benefit mentioned above, this high-quality traffic can be directed into your domain. High-quality traffic leads to higher conversion probabilities and increases the ranking of your page on search engine.

Building Authority

Quality traffic and increased site visits will give your site some positive attention from the search engine crawlers and algorithms. Higher page views and clicks have a cumulative effect and your guest blog can be a top page result helping establish your brand as an authority in its segment.

Increase Your Credibility And Improve Writing Skills

The more you feature on trusted platforms and industry websites, the more credibility you will receive as an expert. Whether you are writing as an individual or on behalf of your company, such brand building comes with its long-term benefits.

Guest blogging also allows you to experiment with your writing styles. You can be more interactive and add real-life examples. Quality blogs offer solutions and well-researched information and are not written as sales pitches. They help you improve your own knowledge and find a style that is appealing to the reader, something that will help you gain more followers as you develop it.

A Great Way To Get Feedback

Guest blogging on a popular website with a feedback session allows you to see yourself (or your brand) through the eyes of the consumer. There may be some valuable insights in those comment sections that you can use in your future marketing and content strategy – even ideas for new blogs! All this happens because you are exposing yourself to an informed and wider audience, something your own domain is not able to command yet.

Increase Your Social Media Reach

Guest blogging allows you to link not only back to your own site but also to your relevant social media pages and handles. It is a very good way to get an increased following and helps your future social media campaigns gain more traction and eyeballs. Always make sure you are creating engaging and shareable content to take advantage of this aspect.

Basic Pointers For Guest Blogging

When you get started on your blog, here are a few tips that will help you. Creating immersive, interesting content that can be shared is fundamental for any guest blog nowadays. Research into the trending keywords and themes is very important.

If you are in a competitive industry, merely presenting old information and facts with twists will not do. The best blogs are those which refer to a specific issue or emotion. That initial hook is what gets a reader to go through an entire blog.

The layout is very crucial when it comes to catching the attention of the reader. Use highlights and large fonts to stress on important points and concepts. Images are also amazing cues for informational reading and they keep readers engaged. Listicles are a very popular form of content that caters to the online reader. Information is presented in a crisp manner and can be retained longer.

Other basic tips include good grammar, easy language (online readers have very short attention spans), and a proper structure – catchy introduction, a description in the middle and a conclusion with a prompt for feedback. If your budget allows, an original infographic is a precious addition to your guest blog. It is an attractive way to dispense information and it also establishes you or your company as an authoritative representative of the industry.

Guest blogging should become a consistent part of your digital marketing because of the reasons stated above. You may not get overnight results but as your blogs increase and time passes, you will start seeing the positives.

How To Build High Quality Backlinks

How To Build High Quality Backlinks
Building high-quality backlinks take a lot of time and effort because you must invest in the links that you will use, how they are built, and where they will go. You have to be sure that you have figured out a plan for backlinks that makes the most sense, and you should employ as many of these strategies as you can. You can become much better at backlinking when you have done it a few times, and you will start to track the backlinks that you have made for their effectiveness. Each step makes a huge difference in how well your backlinks will perform.

1. Study Backlinking

You can do anything that you want after you have done the research into backlinks that will be used for your website. You should start with websites that clearly explain the process, and you will discover that backlinks have more than one breed. You are not just dropping a backlink in the text that you have written because it seemed like a good idea. You are building a backlink that will actually fit in with your strategy.

2. Backlinks Must Not Include Spam

Your backlink cannot go to some landing page for a product that would appear to be spam. You have to create a backlink that has information attached. People who are writing up educational backlinks tend to get better results, and you will find that you can create something that looks enticing while adding real information. Do not put too much sales information around the backlinks that you have built, and remember that the purpose of the backlinks is to make it easier for people to want to click on the link to your site.

3. Use Guest Posts

Guest posts are a great way for you to build backlinks, and you need to be sure that you have found partner sites that will help you pitch your products to customers. Someone who is trying to make the best possible decisions about their guest posts should make friends with partner sites, and then you can write on their site as much as you want. You could use these guest posts as a way to talk about a different angle on your business, and you also need to remember that someone who is accepting your guest posts might want to guest post on your site. This trading relationship is one of the best ways for you to build a better backlinking strategy.

4. Make The Backlinks Less Complicated

You cannot be linking to a complex URL that looks like spam. There are search engines all over the world that are checking to see how you will do this, and they will black flag your site if you are making the wrong choices when adding URLs to your backlinks. This means that you will make the best possible choices because you have chosen to write up backlinks that go to the homepage. That alone can make your strategy much better.
How To Build High Quality Backlinks

5. The Differing Language

You need to use different language around each of the backlinks that you create if they are all going to the same place. The best chance for you to do this is to be sure that you have chosen to use wording, sentences, and phrases that do not match. You will want to alter how you say things every time you say something different, and you will be in a much better place to write in the future because it forces you to be more creative. The footprint that you create cannot be too serious.

6. Tracking What People Do

You need to know what people do when they come to your site. You can check how many people click on the backlinks at another time, but you first have to know what they are doing when they come to your site. You will find that most people who are coming to your site might not go very far, and that is why you need to change how they will land on your site. You might need to give them more information around the backlinks, and you also need to be sure that you have changed your approach until you get to the point where people actually stay longer on your site after clicking on the backlinks.

7. How Many People Clicked

The people that clicked on your links are going to add up over time, and you can judge general performance. You can use the raw number to see if things are working, and you will find that you can decide to drop anything that does not do what you think it should do. It is easy to decide to drop a link that does not work in favour of something else. This also helps you choose the right partner sites so that you can use the right ones. You need to get to know people who you think will give you the results that you want. You want to be partners with the people that will help you, and you need to know that they will pitch the things that you are trying to post. You can then do the same for them so that they can see that the results are getting better on both sides for this.

Someone who is trying to make better backlinks so that you can have more people come to your site. You have to be sure that this is going to be a program that you know will work. You can make these choices fairly easily when you are trying to figure out what you can do. You have to track based on how many people have come to your site, but you also have to figure out if they are even going to help you make any money. Someone who is trusting to make better backlinks can easily do that when they have the best possible plan to use every day.

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AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
ArunMukkatt is a digital marketer who specializes in increasing organic traffic for small business through SEO and social media promotions. He is an avid reader and follower of digital marketing blogs like Search Engine Journal, Moz, SEO Jet and so on.

10 Things You Didn't Know A Mobile App Can Do For You

10 Things You Didn't Know A Mobile App Can Do
There is a reason why the count of mobile apps is increasing continuously. And there is a reason too why mobile app development companies are thriving even if the number is rising. The foremost reason is users have got a wide variety of applications that can do everything for them. Right from updating them about a latest happening related to marketing to offering them new insights on technology grounds, the mobile apps are the need of the hour.

For service-based companies, mobile apps are no less than a boon. For example, the revolution in the e-commerce and logistics business has helped a number of firms to not only thrive successfully but also become a globally renowned name in the related sector.

This write-up is going to talk specifically about the revolution that a number of service-based industries have received all because of mobile applications.

Efficiency In Service

Mobile applications have given the luxury of connecting instantly with the clients, which helps service-based companies perform efficiently for them. Either it is about ordering a new product, or marketing about any specific services, mobile apps have become an ultimate tool for companies today.

Engaging The Users More Than Ever In Services

Mobile apps serve as an effortless gateway for users to connect with the business. The fact that mobile apps are handy to the users makes it easy for them to interact with the business at any given point of time. An interactive app interface plays a crucial role in attracting the clients towards the company.

Better Customer Support

A dedicated mobile application for your business is a 24*7 operating tool that interacts with the clients and holds the potential to engage them as well. Moreover, when it comes to serving clients, companies can instantly communicate without wasting their time. Prompt serves are sure to get in clients’ attention in the business.

To Manage Team Performance

There is a distinguished category of applications developed ideally for managing team performance. These apps also help to schedule tasks to specific employees besides tracking the progress on the same. It then gets easier for the management to not only allocate tasks but also monitor the status of the assigned job.

Impressive Brand Marketing

The use of mobile apps is only going to increase in the times to come. It offers an amazing opportunity for mobile app development companies to advertise their brands with active marketing attempts. While businesses can practice various methods, one proven way is to send messages about an upcoming offer. The users who are interested in the business will surely browse through any such message.

Increased Business Exposure

Attaining customer’s attention may seem a hard nut to crack but a dedicated mobile application can make all the difference. Mobile apps allow customers to make the purchase even if they are doing other stuff and this distinguishes its effectiveness when compared with other similar mediums.

Increase Business Accessibility For The Users

An app is an effective medium to increase business accessibility. It is handy for the users, and thus it becomes easy for them to interact with the business. This increases business accessibility and the fact that users can browse through the application at any time gives another reason for shoppers to continue with the app.

Retaining Users More Effectively

The landscape of a mobile app is more drawn towards impressive user experience, which helps them retain users for longer. The access is easy, the browsing becomes handy, and the ease of connecting with the brand within seconds work simultaneously to retain the clients into the business.

Drive More Action

Mobile apps are the best medium when it comes to driving action from users. Apps drive targeted users to the company product and this increases the expectations for sales. Customers coming to your product from this medium are very much likely to purchase services.

Apps Leverage Word Of Mouth Marketing

The era of mobile app development has made it easier for companies to get advantage from word of mouth marketing. Users shopping for product and services from their mobile apps are likely to share their experience with others. And it helps in spreading brand recognition among others helping companies to grow further.

The Conclusion

Mobile apps have certainly brought the required innovation for mobile app development companies. It is a proven medium to add on to the sales and to bring visibility to the brand. Apps have significant advantages that help users to connect easily with the businesses and get exclusive perks for the same.

Besides all the above-written advantages a mobile application acts as a direct marketing tool for companies. With mobile apps, companies can run different referral programs to offer exclusive benefits to the users to add further to the sales. Successful businesses know the advantages of having mobile apps and that’s why consider it an essential sales and marketing element.

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Bhupendra Choudhary is Business Head of Field Titan - a leading field service management software company. He has extensive experience in providing apt business solutions for field service and field sales domain through field sales management software. A product thinker, he collaborates with industry leaders to understand business challenges and facilitate technology solutions for same.