How to Track your Smart Phone

How to Track your Smart Phone
Do you want to track your smartphone? Either by using smartphone tracking software (Download now from or by using helpful tips? If this is true, then you’re on the right place. In this article, we are going to discover a few demandable tips to track out your smartphone, both for Android and IOS respectively.

How to Track your Smart Phone

This is the era of digitalization, our lives are empty without it. The most focused technology changing day by day into new inventions and getting more and more compact while getting equally expensive too are the smartphones.

And as we speak of these digital trends and their pricings, the main question that arises is of there security. It is said that if your device has been missing from your possession it is most likely to be misused somewhere, and these devices having your Credit/Debit Cards, details of your social media platforms and other personal stuff can be very dangerous in the wrong hands.

The First Idea that comes to our mind when we have misplaced or lost our smartphone is how we can track it up. Well keep going on in this article and you’ll have some fruitful answers and tips to secure your device. First of all, let us categorize them into top main platforms i.e. Android and the iOS run by Google and Apple respectively.

First Let’s Talk Android:

There are many ways to track your Smartphone. Many apps are being introduced day by day in the Google Play Android Apps Market. But what most people don’t know that not all of them are track worthy. You should always go for the trusted app developers and should always see what you are allowing the developers to see and access on your phone.

Tracking With Google Play App:

Google has given the ease of tracking your smartphone with the Google Play Store App. In most phones now the “Find my Device” app comes installed in and that you can easily ring, wipe and erase data or perform a location tracking on your phone via google maps. If not installed then you can easily install it from the Google app store and perform a series of locating your phone.

Go to and sign in to your Google Account. On the off chance that you have more than one gadget, click the lost gadget at the highest point of the screen. ...

The lost gadget gets a notice.

On the map, you'll get information about where the gadget is. ...

Pick what you need to do.

Now Let’s Talk iOS:

Apple apps Market also provide many apps for tracking your phone but the Apple itself to provides a service to track your phone. The app is called “Find my iPhone” and is a very effective application. You just need to enable it in settings.

If Find my iPhone is enabled on your phone then you can track it down using your iCloud I.D. by logging on to any computer or another phone.

In the event that Find My iPhone is operational on your missing iPhone:

You can utilize the Find My application to discover your gadget, take extra actions to enable you to recuperate it, and protect your data.

Sign in to on the web or utilize the Find My application on another Apple gadget.

Discover your gadget. Open the Find My application or go to and snap Find iPhone. Select a gadget to see its area on a guide. In the event that the gadget is close by, you can have it play a sound to support you or somebody close by discovering it.

Mark As Lost. This will remotely bolt your gadget with a password and you can show a custom message with your telephone number on your missing gadget's Lock screen. It will likewise monitor your gadget's area. On the off chance that you included credit, charge, or prepaid cards to Apple Pay, the capacity to make installments utilizing Apple Pay on the gadget is suspended when you put your gadget in Lost Mode.

Report your lost or taken the gadget to neighborhood law requirement. Law authorization may demand the sequential number of your gadget. Discover your gadget sequential number.

Erase your gadget. To avoid any other person from getting to the information on your missing gadget, you can delete it remotely. When you eradicate your gadget, the majority of your data (counting credit, charge, or prepaid cards for Apple Pay) is erased from the gadget, and you won't have the option to discover it utilizing the Find My application or Find iPhone on After you delete a gadget, you can't follow it. On the off chance that you expel the gadget from your record after you eradicate it, Activation Lock will be killed. This enables someone else to turn on and utilize your gadget.

The Spywares:

Not only do you want to track you smartphone of its location but you also will want to keep a track on how it is used by you or the apps that are installed in it. This calls for the installation of Spywares on your phone. Many Spywares are available online with many products, but the best ones don’t come free that’s for sure. So, you have to be picky about the spywares as they can also, harm your privacy if the companies are not very well on its encryptions.

5 Ways Content Will Protect Your Website From Google Algorithm Updates

Protect Your Website From Google Algorithm Updates
Google changes and improves its search algorithms on a daily basis and it is your responsibility as a website owner to keep up with these changes in order to maintain your rankings in search engines. In June 2019 Google released the broad core algorithm update and this had a major impact on numerous websites and it focused mainly on the relevancy of their content. As a result, websites that provided relevant content regularly witnessed a traffic increase, while those with poor content and numerous affiliate links witnessed a major traffic decline.

If you are not happy with your search engine ranking and you would like to protect your website from Google algorithm update you should focus on providing quality content. Content influences the way websites are displayed in SERPs. According to Web Presence Solutions, the quality and value of the content you display will influence whether your visitors stay on your website or decides to leave. In fewer words, you need high-quality content to keep up with Google’s algorithm updates and to avoid being affected by them.

Add Value To Your Website Through Content

If you are wondering why is content so important for your website, you should know that content is the one that determines the success or the failure of your website. It is in your best interest to invest in fresh, relevant content and to provide your visitors with useful information about who you are and what you have to offer as a business. With the help of professional content, you can make visitors stay on your page and transform them into loyal customers and after all, this is the goal of every business owner, isn’t it?

Having quality content is a must to ensure your website is and stays visible in search rankings. According to Web Presence Solutions, in the digital environment, the content you deliver is a mixture of the written, graphical, video and audio information that you present on your website.

We should emphasize the fact that quality content will not go unnoticed for it provides various advantages that you should not ignore:
  • It provides value for visitors: It engages them and makes them want to read about your products or services. Those who succeed to deliver relevant content will drive more traffic to their website, grow conversions and sales and increase engagement of their visitors
  • It generates more sales: It is important to build trust as a business, to show your visitors who you really are and you can do that via the content you display on your website.
  • It has a longer life span: Quality content resists the test of time and it remains useful for months and even years. Provided it is clearly written, it is interesting, is updated regularly and it complies with Seo best practices your content will generate long-term traffic.
  • It has a greater Seo value: SEO continues to evolve and high-quality content will protect you from google algo update and it will help you consolidate your presence in the online environment. Original content will increase website visibility and visitor traffic and its importance should not be ignored.
  • It enhances usability: Are you happy with your website’s performance and success? If not, you should make sure you provide useful, relevant content that delivers an enjoyable user experience.

When you provide original content, you build trust and authority with your target audience and you protect your website from google serp update. The fact of the matter is that there is no quick fix for a website that was affected by Google algorithm update. What you can do is to protect your website from these updates and to improve your website on a regular basis so that you provide relevant content and you deliver an enjoyable overall user experience. All the improvements you do will have an impact on your website’s rankings. According to Hubspot blog, Google is not penalizing low-quality pages but it is rewarding websites that focus on meeting the user’s query.

The good news is that you can protect your website from google algo update and the most efficient way to do that is to have relevant and original content displayed on your website regularly. To do so it is important to understand what your buyers expect from you, to address their pain points and solutions. Also, it is a good idea to invest in local seo services that will help you become visible and consolidate your presence in the online environment. According to intechnic, good content sets you apart from the masses, it helps you differentiate yourselves from others with similar products or services. Content is what wins the heart and the money of your customers and for this reason, it should be your top priority to invest in great content for your website.

Keep The Website Stable And Secure In Front Of A Google Broad Core Update

Are you afraid that your website’s ranking will be affected every time Google creates a new algorithm update? Would you like to avoid a negative impact caused by the google latest algorithm update? You can do that by creating high-quality content. The good news is that you can hire professionals to do this for you. Experienced writers know how to capture the attention of your customers and they have the skills to create interesting content for your target audience. It is a good idea to replace the content you post on your website regularly. Professionally written content will make a huge difference for your website and you should not ignore its importance.

Content that is updated frequently will not be ignored by search engines and adding fresh content every day will make a difference as far as the success of your website is concerned. If you lack the time or the experience to create content for your website you should not worry because there are skilled writers that can do this for you at a reasonable cost. Their services are affordable and efficient and they are definitely worth the investment.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Dr. Ion G. Tudorache is a specialized SEO strategist, with 13 years of experience in the SEO industry. He started working in SEO while he was still in University, studying computer engineering and automated software. He is the co-founder and director of Gamit SEO. The main purpose of the agency is to provide first page results for its clients through comprehensive analysis and implementation of 20 different techniques. The quality of the services provided by the SEO company USA can be seen in the results achieved for every client.

Top 10 Ways To Use Social Media To Grow Your Small Business

Use Social Media To Grow Your Small Business
If you're a business proprietor, odds are you've adequately considered utilizing social media marketing to help get the word out about your business.

However, numerous small business owners are utilizing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram to help develop their businesses. Also, if you are as yet remaining on the social sidelines, there will never have been a superior time to begin.

Here are ten reasons why social media marketing could be directly for your business:

1. Social Media Gets The Word Out

As a matter of first importance — social media helps get the word out about your business.

But considerably more significant than the presentation, it furnishes you with the opportunity to develop associations with your target audience. Your fans, devotees, and associations are individuals who know your organization, have likely worked with you before and will be destined to inform their companions regarding you.

2. Social Media Is Well Known — Extremely, Mainstream

You shouldn't be a committed peruser of tech sites or an expert in web-based marketing to realize that social media is exceptionally mainstream among consumers.

As indicated by the Pew Research Center, 69 percent of American grown-ups utilize Social Network Script, which implies that social media will contact almost every customer that strolls through your entryway.

For most small businesses, Facebook — which has 2.32 billion month to month active users — is the hopping off point for beginning with social media marketing.

With its broad reach and dynamic functionality, there are not many businesses that couldn't profit by having a nearness on Facebook. Furthermore, beginning there will make it more straightforward when you need to take a stab at something new.

3. Social Media Is Cost-Effective

As increasingly social networks include algorithms that channel what users find in their news feeds, your original content may lose all sense of direction in the mix. Exploit the minimal effort advertising features offered by the social networks to advance your content and exceptional offers.

Most social media advertising is less expensive than conventional advertising, so you don't need to spend a great deal of cash to contact more individuals, increment your audience, and develop your business.

4. Social Media Achieves All Ages And Demographics

Social media resists age obstructions. A Pew Research Center examination found that 69 percent of US grown-ups are utilizing social networks.

While most of that rate is matured 18-29, a significant sum is attributed to different ages that utilization social media also, including 34% of Americans 65 and more established. In this way, regardless of how youthful or old your target audience might be, odds are the more significant part of them are now signing on and hanging tight for you to begin.

5. Social Media Supports Two-Way Communication

Social media enables you to become familiar with your audience, their interests, and gather feedback.

Request that your customers share their musings, questions, and thoughts to become more acquainted with them better. You can react similarly as quick, without getting the phone or stress the customer doesn't see your reaction.

6. Social Media Users Are Active

One thing you need to think about social media users is that when they state they are on social media, they are genuinely on social media.

Social media users in the US check their records 17 times each day, as indicated by an Informate Mobile Intelligence report. While a customer may visit your store once per week, they could see your social media posts in their feed multiple occasions during the week.

7. Social Media Gives You A Chance To Share A LOT About Your Business

Social media locales are turning into the go-to put for consumers who need to become familiar with a business. That is because these destinations enable firms to offer the most cutting-edge data about anything from items, services, or upcoming events.

Likewise, quite a bit of your action and profiles on social media destinations can be made open, which means they can be filed via search engines — one all the more method to ensure your business or organization comes up as the appropriate response when somebody is searching for an answer for an issue.

8. Social Media Is Ideal For Customer Service

Giving excellent customer service is likely as of now a top need for your small business.

This will enable you to exhibit precisely the amount you care about giving a paramount encounter and will guarantee that no customer request goes unnoticed. Also, by monitoring social media for customer feedback and offering a reaction, you can drive positive business results. Businesses that draw in with customer service demands using social media gain 20-40 percent more income for each customer, as per Bain and Company.

9. Social Media Can Have A Significant Effect On Your Email Marketing

Social media has changed the game with regards to how small businesses consider email marketing. Sharing your email newsletter over your social networks can open your content up to an entirely different audience and produce the sort of buzz you've been searching for.

That, but you can likewise utilize locales like Facebook to draw in more perusers by including a Join My Mailing List connection directly on your Page.

Together, these two incredible assets have reshaped the marketing scene and have genuinely made everything fair for small businesses attempting to all the more likely interface with current customers and contact new audiences for their business.

10. Social Media Is All Over

Today, the more significant part of all Americans are smartphone users, and an ever-increasing number of businesses are offering mobile-friendly experiences. The advantage of the expanded nearness of mobile movement in our day by day lives is tremendous for small businesses.

Most significant social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, offer free mobile applications that let business owners deal with their quality in a hurry.

All the more significantly, these applications let customers interface with their preferred destinations any place they are. These users aren't merely sharing updates from their own lives, they're searching for businesses, items, and services, and associating with brands through their social channels.

Having a social media nearness that is open using mobile can improve the odds of your business getting found when somebody is searching for a spot to eat or an item to purchase, while in a hurry.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Denny Kelly is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow. I would love to share thoughts on social media software.

How to Be Successful With Paid Social Media Advertising?

Be Successful With Paid Social Media Advertising
Social media advertising has become the most vital element for any kind of business in recent times. In fact, it is the only means in which you can enhance the marketing prospects of your business at a great speed. But we are all humans and we are bound to make mistakes which can result in a significant loss for our business.

In the year 2018, the CMOs have spent a lot more than 21% of their budget for marketing on advertisements. They have spent around 66% of their budget on social media advertisement which is really a major amount to be invested. In the same year a lot of marketers spent about 25% of their budget on selecting a weak marketing plan as well as a poor medium to communicate with their target audience effectively.

Now let us learn about the trick behind the success of paid social media advertising for a business:

Determine The Goals Of Your Paid Social Media Advertising And Its Key KPIs

The very first step towards a successful paid social media advertising is to determine and understand the key purpose of your business, that is the different elements which your business wants to achieve.
Once your business goal has been determined you are required to find out the key performance indicators which will be needed to measure the success rate of your business. Cost Per Click is a good example of the KPI for paid social media advertising.

Your main priority should be to maintain transparency in the source of your data and also be clear about the way in which you are going to evaluate the data with a great level of openness.

There is much business that fails to establish any link with the advertising contents and look beyond where actually you can find the best analysis are found.

Link All Your Personal Ad Accounts To A Single Spot

Always make sure that all your owned advertising accounts are located in one place and you don’t have to navigate here and there in between different native tools. Don’t waste your time to figure out the purpose of the outlying sets of data for it is very much irritating and insignificant. Such procedures also increase the possibility of making mistakes.

But if you are able to view all your owned ad accounts in one place, you can easily connect them all and view the complete advertising picture of your business and prevent yourself from making unnecessary use of your budget.

Alignment Of Teams On A Single Spot Ensures Effective Integration

It is really complicated to align various different local, regional and national teams together in terms of their expenditures in a situation when the advertising budget is distributed among different branches, places, and departments. In such a situation, the communication between them is also very difficult and there is also no awareness.

If the teams are not operating from the same place there is a high possibility for them to make mistakes, tailback and there is also no clear idea about the meeting outcomes. Sometimes a project can also be put on hold in such a situation. It is seriously a waste of time and money.

So if you want an effective collaboration, make sure that all the teams can evaluate and view their ad accounts in one place and that all their money related information is issued in the same currency. You can also personalize the data, split them from different angles and finally compare them.

Your main purpose should be to make your teams work from a single platform as well as with the same objective of creating a successful paid media.

Implement Competitive Benchmarking To View A Wider Picture

It is very much essential for you to benchmark your performance expectation opposed to your rivals, industry as well as your location. In this way, you can determine those areas in which you need to improve and frame your strategy accordingly.

Once you set a benchmark for your business you can easily determine the areas in which your rivals are spending their budget. You can successfully find out the weak points of your competitors and hit them right there. You will also be able to access certain critical analysis of the paid advertising plan and outcome of your rivals. Last but not least you will have a much better understanding of the needs and expectations of your customers and help you perform better.

Improve The Efficiency Of The Paid Social Media With AI And Minimize Mistakes

In the marketing world, it is not possible to develop a budget based on intuition as it will mostly fail. In such a situation a paid solution is very much necessary to put an end to all your worries.

It would be best if you implement an AI-enabled model that will help you determine the area in which you can spend your budget. If you are working on a variety of platforms and your strategy is for a variety of regions then AI is the only way using which you can optimize your business.

It is very easy to boost your business post if you know the actual budget behind it. It is true that your target audience will get engaged in an organic post as well but it is not possible for you to drive new sets of an audience with it and that calls the need for a paid social media ad.

You can very easily implement a post-performance prediction tool which will help you determine which organic post will perform effectively once it is boosted. The process is implemented by using an appropriate and intelligent algorithms.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Anna jhonsan is Digital Marketing Manager at cybrain Software solutions which provide Digital Marketing, SEO and Social Media Marketing.

So Many Fonts To Choose From..!!!

So Many Fonts To Choose From
Your boss gives you the assignment to write an eye-catching effective advertisement for the newest online casino website that just went live. There are so many fonts to choose from. How do you decide?

Did you ever wonder about the world of fonts? Here is a summary of the major categories of fonts and what they are used for.


The first typefaces were based on the handwriting of scribes, and are called “oldstyle”. Imagine wedge tipped pens held in the hand while looking carefully at the letter shapes. Oldstyles always have serifs, and the serifs on the lowercase letters are always at an angle. They also always have a curve where they meet the stem.

Because of the pen that was used in traditional writing, all of the curved strokes in the letterforms have a transition from thick to thin, technically called the “thick/thin” transition.

If you are setting a lot of types that you want people to actually read, choose an oldstyle.

Examples: Goudy, Palatino, Times, Bell, Sabon, and Garamond


But as history marched forward, the structure of type changed. In the 1700s, smoother paper, more sophisticated printing techniques, and a general increase in mechanical devices led to type becoming mechanical as well. Modern typefaces had serifs, but the Serifs are now horizontal instead of slanted, and they are very thin. The stress is perfectly vertical. Modern fonts tend to have a cold, elegant look.

Modern typefaces have a striking appearance, especially when the font is set very large in size. Because of their strong thick/thin transitions, most modern fonts are not a good choice for an extended amount of body text.

Examples: Bodani, Didot, Walbaum, and Modern No. 20

Slab Serif

Along with the industrial revolution, came a new concept: advertising. In advertising, fonts are really big. A slab serif font has little or no thick/thin transition.

Slab serifs are often used in children’s books, because of their clean, straightforward look.

Examples: Clarendon, Memphis, New Century Schoolbook, and Diverda Light

Sans Serif

The word “sans” means without in French. So a sans serif typeface is a typeface without serifs on the end of the strokes. San serif fonts did not become popular until the early part of the twentieth century.

San serif typefaces are almost always “monoweight”, meaning there is virtually no visible thick/thin transition in the strokes. The letterforms are the same thickness all the way around.

Helvetica, Arial, and Verdana are sans serif fonts that were specifically designed for screen reading, not printing. In order to make a sans serif font good for printing is to invest in a sans serif family that includes a strong, heavy, blackface.

Examples: Brandon, Grotesque, Folio, Modernica Light, Bailey Sans, and Transat Text


The script category of fonts includes typefaces that appear to have been hand-lettered with a calligraphy pen or bush. The category includes both scripts that connect and scripts that do not connect.

For obvious reasons, scripts are a decorative font and should be used sparingly.


Decorative fonts are great. They are fun, distinctive, easy to use, etc. As with scripts, these should be used sparingly.


A monospaced font is a font where each letter takes exactly the width. Monofaces fonts are used in a lot of text editors where columns of letters or numbers need to be lined up.

Semi Serif

In a semi serif font, it is a combination of serif and sans-serif letters. The specific design of the letters with dedicated serif is useful in avoiding mistaking letters with similar forms. It also has wider spacing that counteracts the perceived crowing effect, thus helping with reading. This font was specifically designed with dyslexic readers in mind.

Example: Easy Reading

Fallback Font

A fallback font is a reserve typeface containing symbols for as many Unicode characters as possible. When a display system encounters a character that is not part of the repertoire of any of the other fonts, a symbol from a fallback font is used instead. Typically, a fallback font will contain symbols representative of the various types of Unicode characters.

Systems that do not offer a fallback font typically display black or white rectangles, question marks, the Unicode replacement character, or nothing at all, in the place of the missing characters. Placing one or more fallback fonts at the end of a list of preferred fonts ensures that there are no missing characters.

There are four main fallback fonts.

The Unicode BMP Fallback font

This font contains a glyph for every character in the Unicode Basic Multilingual Plane. Each glyph contains the four hexadecimal digits corresponding to the Unicode value. It was first developed for debugging purposes.

The Unicode Last Resort Font

The symbols provided by the Unicode Last Resort font place glyphs into categories based on their location in the Unicode system and provide a hint to the user about which font or script is required to view the unavailable characters. The Unicode Last Resort Font displays the same glyph for many different Unicode characters.

The GNU Font

The GNU font contains a glyph for every character in the Unicode Basic Multilingual Plane. The characters in this font are low-resolution bitmap approximations of each glyph, which results in character renderings which are of low quality but adequate to be a distinguishable graphical representation of a given code point.


Different font families give a different feel to an article. Which font or font combination to select for a given head text and body text depends on what image and feeling you are trying to present. So play around with your fonts to get the look and feel you're going for.

Proven Local SEO Tips To Enhance Search Engine Visibility

Proven Local SEO Tips
Competition is one of the biggest factors that many companies face. Local SEO India has been on the rise as different businesses across the country have made their presence felt on local listings.

Local SEO India package from the best digital marketing firm can solve Google’s constantly evolving ranking factors that many companies find as an obstacle. Small companies usually find Google as a disrupting factor especially when trying to express themselves on the web. The following are some crucial points to consider when looking to enhance your presence on a local scale online:

Entitlement To Your Business Listings

Sometimes your business listing may be created with your knowledge and eventually lead to the creation of duplicate listings over time. The most important thing to consider is ensuring that all the listings are under the name of your business. Any duplicate listings should be done away with and the remaining ones should be updated and accurate.

Finding the listings can be a very difficult task but some great tools for simplifying the process are available. One of the tools is Moz Local which is used for detecting every listing in your business.

You need to enter the name of your business as it appears on your website. The name should include all the abbreviations and capitalizations. To determine whether your business listing is incomplete or complete, make sure that you choose your business in the Moz results.

Addition Of Location Pages In Your Website

Having a particular landing page for your business locations makes it easier for the search engines to deliver and locate your inventory. The pages also help in providing the right location to the searchers.

You need to remember including suite numbers first then determine if you need a road, street, or avenue written in abbreviations or full. The way you present the information on the pages usually determines how often you will be required to update your information.

Improving NAP Consistency

For the search engines to assist searchers in your business, you should ensure that your phone number, business name, and address are consistent everywhere. Your address and name should not be the end of everything but should also include your business Inc., Co., or LLC.

You should also consider suite numbers and most important how avenue, road, and street are written. You should always maintain consistency. This consistency may be updated in the Moz search tool.

Updating Google My Business

Many users on the internet usually rely on business listings to obtain the correct information. This is usually essential for your Search Engine Optimization as it is a quick and easy way for searchers to identify.

Make sure that your account of Google My Business has the correct phone number, name, and address. An informative description of your business, your website link, and operational hours should also be included. Your listing should be appealing, a profile picture on your logo. You should also consider updating your product photos, interior photos, and exterior photos.

The images applied should be of high-quality because blurry and pixilated images look unprofessional.

Attaining Reviews

Reviews are very important. They allow and enable your listings to stand out. Encouraging your customers to leave a review on your local Google listing platform would help in increasing your ranking. The review is not only meant for ranking your business but also accelerating many estates on the page. To accelerate the actual estates on your page, make sure that you add sub-pages and schema markups.

Another benefit to earning reviews is social proof. When searchers identify five stars on your review, they directly realize that your business acquires a higher recommendation. Getting reviews helps in tackling the three main conversion components that comprise of conversion rate optimization, ranking, and click-through rate.

Creation Of Local Content

Content created according to your niche usually creates an impact and leads to better rankings on the local search.

Taking Advantage Of Google Ad Words

This is a free and resourceful tool when you need to zero in on the most popular and locally searched keywords. This will help you research the keywords which have the lowest competition and highest volume. It will also help you to find identical terms that your audience may be searching for.

Utilization Of Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are very important in staying visible to your audience. Google may obtain search results present in your social platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. So make use of it to attract more local customers.

To increase your local search visibility, make sure that you follow the discussed factors above. Ensure that you optimize your links because it is very essential in creating relations with local websites. This allows your links to earn high domain websites that lead to the success of your business. You can hire a competent digital marketing agency to assist you with local SEO.

3 Jobs That Let You Work For Yourself

3 Jobs That Let You Work For Yourself
If you’re sick of the rat race and trying to climb the corporate ladder, it can be tempting to leave your current job and pursue a line of business where you get to set the rules.

Having more control over your schedule and responsibilities can go a long way in increasing your happiness and productivity, especially if you work from home or remotely for part of the week. Here are several jobs that give you the power to work for yourself, so that you can escape working a traditional 9-to-5 for somebody else.

Run A Franchise

Many people imagine starting a business of their own when they’re looking for a way to work for themselves. But plenty of people don’t want to go through the trouble of starting their own business, building a marketing plan, and reaching an audience. Franchising an existing business is one way to avoid these tasks.

A franchise offers you the option of building upon a brand and using its infrastructure in order to run a company. There are franchising opportunities across a broad range of industries too, so if you aren’t interested in running a fast food business, you don’t need to worry. Starting your own franchise can often be done for less than $50,000, depending on the business you’re interested in running.

Many franchises even offer you the ability to lease equipment in order to run your business, which can save you tens of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your business. If you’re interested in running your own business, but don’t want to deal with the headaches that come with launching a start-up, running a franchise is a great alternative.

Become A Landlord

Owning and renting your own real estate can also be a lucrative way to work for yourself. Property management can be a rewarding way to make the most of your real estate investments while helping others access well-maintained rental units to live in.

As a landlord, you would be responsible for renting out your available units to tenants and keeping them up to code according to local ordinances. Although this sounds complex, you don’t have to be a DIY nut in order to be a landlord. Half of being a good property manager is hiring other contractors to help with things like plumbing and electrical work.

Best of all, free digital platforms like Turbo Tenant allow you to run your business with powerful web-based software. From tasks like running background checks and accepting tenants to tools that assist with marketing your rentals to potential tenants, a software platform can help you succeed as a property manager.

Start A Consultancy

If you have decades of experience in a particular field, but you’ve just grown tired of the day-to-day routine of working for someone else, it may be worth pursuing different avenues to become a consultant.

Whether you’re a lawyer switching to a solo practice, or you’re a digital marketing expert looking to get out of agency work, becoming a consultant can help you build on past work experiences while using your acumen in a new arena. Make sure to start small as a consultant and build up a rapport with a few clients so that you have testimonials for your work.

It's always good to remember the age-old adage of “underpromising and overdelivering,” albeit with some caveats. While you may be quite confident in your skills, it’s better not to oversell yourself as you look to build relationships with new clients.

It can be scary to consider a major career change, especially later in life. However, it’s never too late to make a change. With careful thought and planning, you’ll be capable of sustaining your current lifestyle or even increasing your earnings as you begin the next exciting chapter in your career.

How Much Impact Can Photo Retouching Do To Your Business?

Retouching Impact On Business
Photo Retouching once largely confined to fashion spreads and advertisements has become much more common in recent years across the online industry. Nowadays it’s become very popular in eCommerce, real estate business, on the other hand, photo retouching is much needful some industry and takes a look at some categories of photo retouching.

Catalog Retouching Service

Catalog retouching services is a process of turning your catalog photos into a perfect one. In business, it is difficult to advertise your product to catch customer’s attention, most likely when your photos look pretty boring and unattractive, but nowadays by the help of catalog retouching services photos of your product will be attractive which can attract more and more customers. This is a process of which it uses tools for the accuracy of the image.

Wedding Retouching

This type of retouching is very popular for professional photographers. When photographers complete every marriage program, they need this kind of retouch for smooth and perfect photo delivery.

Jewelry Retouching

For improve some important point like color adjustment, improvement of gemstone & precious metal color need extra natural shadow or remove dust & remove poor reflection and having stone much more shinning jewelry storekeeper need this kind of service and its now very popular for eCommerce business owner. When they upload the image on their website they must do above job now from the various graphic design house.

Important Photo Retouching For Your Business

Choosing the best photo retouching services out there is not an easy task. As such, you need to look at a few factors before you settle on the most reliable photo retouching services. Therefore, this article offers a few tips to guide you as choose the best photo retouching services out there. Read on discover more.

First, you need to settle for a company that does top quality work. To know the kind of work the said service provider can do, you should look at their past work. Ask yourself whether they indeed have the capacity to offer the very best. If you are satisfied with what they have previously done for others, then you should hire them. Avoid dealing with those who cannot show a sample of their past work.

The amount of money they charge for the retouching services should also guide you. Although cheap is not necessarily the best, you must not pay more while you have the opportunity to pay less. As such, you should endeavor to strike a balance between quality and the price. Do not settle for the first company you come across. Move from one service provider to another until you nail the best rates.

The reputation of the service provider should also be factored in as you settle for the best company to do photo retouching services. Avoid dealing with those that have given their reputation to the dogs. One way of ensuring that you deal with an individual/company that has the right reputation is by asking other stakeholders within the industry.

Finally, you should enlist the services of those that have sought photo retouching services before. Let them recommend a list of some service providers who have offered them photo retouching services before. Have them give you a list of prospective service providers. With this long list, you should narrow down as you visit the premises/websites of the said companies.

How To Get Online Business Success?

How To Get Online Business Success
Various misconceptions exist on what it takes to run a successful online business. Even for large businesses, it may be challenging to take advantage of the Internet to make more money. This is because individuals usually lack a true understanding of what it takes to undertake online business. While it is critical to have big dreams, some entrepreneurs do not know what they need to do to achieve these goals. For small businesses, achieving online success becomes a problem due to limited resources. With this in mind, Resumethatworks presents steps that will assist to make your online business outstanding.

Monitor The Financial Score

Online businesses that work to keep track of their financial trends. You need to establish how the organization is performing financially on a daily basis. Work towards improving the credit score of the business. A low credit score could make it problematic when you need to borrow money to boost your business.

You may not have the financial skills required to monitor the cash flow. In such a case, you should hire an accountant. This, however, does not exclude you from keeping your eyes on the financial performance of the company. You also need to make efforts to learn how to handle cash in the business.

Come Up With A Sales Strategy

“What is sales and marketing?” Is it necessary for an online company? These are the questions that we constantly get from online businesses. A sales strategy refers to the plan that a business has on making sales to the clients. For instance, do you concentrate on business to business sales, or business to customer sales? On the other hand, marketing is the action of promoting the products or services of a business through methods like advertising and research.

You need to begin by identifying your target market so that you can direct your marketing efforts to the particular segment. Sales strategies should include the demographic details of the target clients. After identifying the target market, you need to move further and establish a method of selling and promoting your goods in this particular market. For instance, you can choose to use email, telephone or social media to reach your clients. Ensure you are aware of the competition so that you can adjust your strategy accordingly.

Spend Less, Sell More

You can easily fall into the trap of wasting money on marketing thinking that you will generate more sales. It is possible to spend less money and reach more clients through high-impact marketing. Before you settle on the tactic to use, test several of them to determine the one that works for you. For instance, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter offer low-cost ways of marketing your products or services, yet they have a wide reach.

Keep Track Of Trends

Businesses operate in a dynamic environment where change is inevitable. You need to constantly analyze your industry to establish new ways of operating. Increasing sales means you have to continue updating yourself on current trends. Take a keen interest in what is happening to your market and adjust accordingly.

Hire And Motivate Employees

According to Resumethatworks, you need to hire qualified staff and motivate them because they determine the sales of the company. Employees remain the most critical asset a business possesses. You need to hire people who are qualified to sell your products or services. In addition, you need to take a step further and motivate them to work towards the set goals. Motivated staff members will be willing to dedicate themselves to ensure the organization succeeds.

Take A Rest

A small online business is not easy to run. You may find yourself doing most of the duties which can be tiresome. While you may be worried about how to increase sales, you need to take a vacation. When you take time of the business, you have an opportunity to be reenergized to run the business. You will be in a position to identify what needs to be done to move your business to the next level. For instance, you could identify an online business for sale, which could boost your success online.

Conclusively, it is possible to run a successful business online. Even for a small business, you can manage to make more sales by taking advantage of the Internet. Do not think that online sales are reserved for big businesses. You have the opportunity to venture into the online space. You will soon discover that while online business is not easy, you can actually succeed. Ensure that your sales and marketing strategies are suitable for your target market. Strategize well by considering the current trends that are likely to affect your business. Do not ignore your employees since they are responsible for propelling you where you want. And while the business needs you, you have to take a break, rest and rejuvenate.

3 Reasons Good Photographs And Editing Are Vital For eCommerce

Good Photographs And Editing Are Vital For eCommerce
ECommerce is one of the best ways to make money online. There is a huge market on the internet because more and more people are starting to do their shopping online. This is why now the best time to get into eCommerce is. And for successfully eCommerce business you also have to perfect ecommerce plan.

There are a lot of advantages that online shopping has over offline shopping: it's more convenient, there are more options, most of the prices are lower, and plenty of other things. But one big disadvantage of online shopping is that the customer can't see the actual product until it arrives. This is why it is so important to provide as much information to your customers as possible. You want it to be as if they could actually see and touch the product you are selling.

Web Hosting

The best way to do this is by providing your customers with pictures of your product. You can try to describe your product as well as you can with words, but it will never be as effective as showing pictures. But not just any picture, you need to put up professional photos for your products. Taking good photos and editing them is vital to a successful eCommerce business. No matter how good your product is, without good pictures, you won't sell a lot online.

But what makes good pictures and editing so important for eCommerce? Let's have a look at 3 reasons why these are musts if you have an eCommerce business today.

Builds Trust

As said before, the disadvantage of online shopping is that the customer can't see and touch the product before they buy it. This has led several people to use eCommerce as a way to scam buyers. Their product pages are filled with promises that their product can't deliver. They put up pictures that don't show the product properly. They put up fake pictures that don't show their product at all. They come up with all kinds of ways to deceive people into paying them. This is why plenty of people are very skeptical when it comes to eCommerce.

One of the best ways to alleviate these fears is by putting only professional photos. You should put up photos that show exactly what your product looks like. Make sure these photos are bright, clear, and show everything that a customer will look for. Make sure you show your photos look legit. Show your brand on your product where you can, you don't want people thinking you just grabbed photos from the internet. When you put effort into your photos, you will differentiate yourself from the scammers. Do all this and you will build trust between you and your potential customers.

Increases Sales

Not only do good photos build trust, but they will also increase your sales dramatically. We are not to judge a book by its cover, but in the online world, pictures are all people have to make a judgment of your product. It only makes sense then, to make this "cover" look as good as it can. A professional photograph of your product is going to attract customers like flies. A poor photograph, on the other hand, can drive away even people who are interested. So you need to give full focus on your product photo improvement for that if possible you can outsource photo editing service from professional graphic design house, remember only eye catchy image increase your sales 38% more.

The more information people can get from your pictures, the more likely they are to purchase your product. And that is exactly what good pictures and editing will do. It will give all the information that a customer wants, while at the same time making your product look extremely attractive.

Boosts SEO

As an owner of an eCommerce store, you surely know the importance of SEO or search engine optimization. With good SEO, your eCommerce store is always going to be on top of the search results. When your website is up there, you are going to receive so much new traffic. This is why SEO is vital for online businesses. Filling your eCommerce store with photographs of your products is one of the best ways to boost your SEO. People are also going to spend more time on your website when you have good photographs there, another way to boost your SEO. So get those professional photographs on your eCOmmerce store, and you'll find that your traffic will dramatically increase.

How To Protect Your PC From Viruses And Malware

Protect Your PC From Viruses And Malware
Knowing the fact malware threat is not limited to any user base or country, as it is looming large and causing serious data security threat, it becomes important to apply preventive measures. In this article, we have discussed a few simple yet most effective ways to protect your PC from viruses and malware.

Update Software

Outdated software brings you a lot of troubles. These troubles aren’t limited to performance issues, instead, it also causes security issues as well. If you are running on old software, then it’s time you should immediately update your system software. To do this, Windows sends you regular software updates which help you keep your system software up-to-date. In case you have missed these automatic updates, then you also update system software manually. To do this, follow these steps:
  • Go to Start menu and right-click on it to select Settings.
  • Once you are on the Settings page, select Update & Security option.
  • Next, choose the Windows Update option from the left pane.
  • Click on “Check for Updates”. It will help you find & install all available updates on your PC.

Protect Your PC From Viruses And Malware

Enable Firewall

A firewall is an effective security solution on your PC that keeps your system protected from malicious content coming online. It builds a security wall between your system and open network where it tracks and blocks all malicious content effectively when you are online. While it comes built-in on all Windows versions, not necessarily it comes enabled. Thus, you can consider enabling it on your PC along with antimalware software for complete security. To enable this feature, follow these steps:
  • Go to Start menu > Settings.
  • Select Update & Security.
  • Select Windows Security from the left panel.
  • Select “Firewall & Network Protection” option from the right panel.

Here, make sure the firewall is ON for domain network, private network, and public network.

Protect Your PC From Viruses And Malware

Scan System For Viruses

Next effective solution to keep the system protected is to scan your system storage on regular intervals. It will help you find and remove all malicious content on your device effectively. To do this, you can find an effective built-in security utility called Windows Defender that will run multiple scan types for effective security. To use this tool, follow these steps:
  • Go to Start menu > Settings.
  • Select Update & Security > Windows Security.
  • Select “Virus & threat protection”.
  • On the next window, click on Scan Options under Current Threats.

Here, you will find multiple scan options to select from including Quick Scan, Full Scan, Custom Scan, and Windows Defender Offline Scan. You can select one of these options as per your needs.

Protect Your PC From Viruses And Malware

Use Best Malware Protection Software

Using the best anti-malware software, you not only manage to keep your system safe from various malware threats, but it also helps you boost system performance with various features. While there are tons of these malware protection software available, you can choose one based on the advanced features it offers. Here, it should provide real-time protection to your system, it should provide database updates to keep you protected from existing & emerging malware threats, it protects your system from all malware & virus families, and more with best malware software.

Avoid Clicking On Unknown Links

You get tons of emails & messages a whole day from unknown senders. While a few of them are related to marketing & promotion, a lot of them brings serious security threats. Here, scammers and cybercriminals send you unsolicited attachments & links which could compromise your data & system security once clicked or opened. Thus, you should remain vigilant to these suspicious emails & attachments. You should strictly avoid clicking on links & attachments found in these emails and messages.

So, these were a few quick tips to keep your system protected from malware and virus threats. If you have encountered any such threat, then feel free to share how you dealt with it. You can also comment if you have more suggestions to fix malware issue on your PC.

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Gajendra Singh is working at Systweak, as an Digital Marketing Executive. His potential of writing is PC tips, Android and Mac and Windows software tricks and he is anxious in writing other technical blogs like best anti malware software tools. You can also find Gajendra on Facebook, and Instagram.

How To Start Your Own Blog?

How To Start Your Own Blog
You have been wondering how to start your first blog? Well, you are not alone; there are more people asking what they need to do to become bloggers. Starting a blog for the first time is exciting. The feeling that people are going to read your blog is encouraging. However, it is also intimidating given that you have not done it before. This article will guide you on how to write a good blog post. You will discover with these steps that you do not need to take long to become a successful blogger.

1. Identify A Blog Name

You need to pick a blog name that captures the attention of your readers. Your blog name should ideally reflect what your blog is all about. The name needs to be unique and relevant to the content you generate. For instance, a name for a tech blog will differ significantly from that for fashion.

Identify your target audience for your content. Think about the demographic characteristics of your readers and choose a name they can easily resonate with them. You also need to examine the names of other competitor blogs. Draw inspiration from your competitors to determine the name that suits your blog. Ensure that the name you identify brings out the tone of your blog-style writing.

2. Have The Blog Up And Running

After identifying the blog name, it is now time to register and host your blog. While this may sound technical, following the steps provided here will simplify the process. You need two things to get your blog online. The first one is a blog host, which refers to a company that stores the files for your host and makes them available to the users when they access your blog name. Examples of hosts include Bluehost, HostGator, and SiteGround.

The other requirement is a blogging platform. It will make your work easier since you do not want to hire a programmer to make a website for you. The blogging platforms most of the time have both free and paid plans. If you do not want to spend money, you can choose the free plans, although you may need to upgrade into the paid options as you advance. Examples of blogging platforms include,, Blogger, and Weebly.

3. Customize Your Site

You will notice the blog writing platform, say, will offer you templates. While you can proceed and use the templates the way they are, it is advisable to customize your site. The customization is meant to ensure that your blog better reflects your content. You are more likely to get more users if your blog has a great design.

For, you can choose one of the more than 7000 themes. While some are free, you may need to purchase others. Identify a theme that allows you to communicate with your audience. Ensure that the theme you select can be accessed not only via a desktop but also on phones and tablets.

4. Publishing For The First Time

You are now through with the technical work and it is time to write your own blog. This is your first blog article and you need to be careful. Take time and decide what to write about in a blog. Do your research to ensure that your content is authentic. You need to come up with an original article hence avoid plagiarism at all costs.

In the beginning, you will be forced to write the articles on your own. However, as you continue, it could be too demanding. You can ask for assistance from writing services like This will ensure that you get high-quality articles to maintain the high standards you need.

5. Promote Your Blog And Make Money

Writing a blog post for the first time is exciting. However, you need to make money out of your work. It is not enough to just create a blog and put up great content, you need to take a step further and promote it. Given that this is your first blog, you need to ensure that readers know about it. You can share your articles on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to get your friends to read them.

Once you have traffic to your blog, you can make money in three major ways. Firstly, you can sell your products or services. Secondly, you can be paid to do reviews of products or services for other businesses. The last method is selling advertisement space, where you get paid when third parties advertise on your blog.

Concisely, you are now aware of how to start an article blog. As indicated, you do not need technical expertise to start blogging. Following the outline steps will prevent you from making obvious mistakes as a first-time blogger. Please note that content is critical for your site. Where you cannot keep up with the demand, do not shy away from seeking assistance from an essay writing company. You now have what it takes to be a great blogger in the future, go ahead and start a blog.

How To Set Up A Call Center System

How To Set Up A Call Center System
Businesses struggling with their ability to handle customer contact volume and their ability to hire additional staff can save money (and increase customer satisfaction) by contracting with a call center.

One way to improve efficiency with your existing staff is to utilize a workforce optimization (WFO) system available through companies like Bright Pattern. This system can give you the tools you need to better train your staff while providing improved and consistent workflows with a streamlined call center management software system. See below for more information.

Identify Target KPIs

The first step is to review your current key performance indicators (KPIs) to see where the pain points are and prioritize areas for improvement. Review these metrics against the company vision, department goals, and written training instructions to ensure the message of expectations to employees is consistent and clear across the board.

Make sure you have a clear, written policy and procedure for handling KPI shortfalls and for incentivizing metrics that exceed expectations.

Appoint A Liaison

Implementation of any new system works best when one person or a small team becomes the point of contact between your organization and the software or hardware company. This reduces redundancy and miscommunication while giving your staff an in-house representative to discuss the impact of changes and needs to be met.

Your liaison will become the repository for information flowing back and forth between companies before, during, and after implementation.

Flowcharts, Procedures, And Lists

Does your department have a written policy and procedure manual, job descriptions, organizational hierarchy chart, or quarterly/annual goals? If not, then now is the time to coalesce tribal knowledge into written procedures and information.

If different people in your organization are communicating conflicting procedures or expectations to the liaison, this can hamper implementation; putting everything down in writing ensures everyone in your organization is on the same page and gives your team the opportunity to discuss changes and updates to the policy that may have been put off in the past.

Create a list of all employees to be included in the optimization project, including names, titles, and contact information. If you’ll be performing an omnichannel optimization, collect logins and passwords for social media accounts to be managed (this is a good time to update passwords if they haven’t been changed in some time).

Reassure Employees

These kinds of implementations can be intimidating to employees who fear to lose their jobs and managers who fear losing control. Frame the implementation project in positive terms, citing forecast growth and issues like empowerment and increased employee satisfaction rather than focusing on punitive measures. Keeping employees engaged with high morale is a crucial necessity for strong customer satisfaction metrics and implementation success.

Set Clear Project Timeline

Once your liaison has transmitted initial information that will enable the optimization team to begin tailoring your system, discuss and agree to a formal timeline of events to provide your employees. Work to build transparency and trust as you move through the project, giving everyone clear expectations and goals within a set timeframe to avoid confusion and reduce complaints.

Then You Wait

Once you’ve implemented your new system, it’s time to step back and let everyone become comfortable with new roles, new duties, and new expectations.

This can take time and patience; schedule routine discussions with your team to make sure your expectations for improved KPIs continue to be reasonable for the situation. Watch for individuals who still are not making measurable advancement, but give the department time to land on their feet and become comfortable with new skills before making any decisions about next steps.

Companies who implement workforce optimization software not only improve internal processes and management skills, but they discover a formula for quality improvements that can translate to other departments as well. If your KPIs are in a rut and you have high turnover in staff, consider revolutionizing your process with a WFO software implementation.

5 Tips For Making Safe Hiring Decisions

Tips For Making Safe Hiring Decisions
Hiring is a lengthy and oftentimes difficult process. When it comes to hiring new employees, managers must make careful decisions to protect the reputation of their company and the safety of its environment. Taking the following steps to hire safe and reliable employees will put your mind at ease while protecting the safety of your current team members.

Always Drug Test

Drug testing is crucial when making hiring decisions and should be required from all new employees. If employees are using drugs on the job, the reputation of your company, along with the safety of your employees, can be put at risk. In turn, your company may lose important clients and experience a loss of revenue.

In addition, both alcohol and drug abuse can lead to poor employee morale and decreased productivity in the workplace. Federal and state laws mandate the guidelines that employers can place regarding drug and alcohol abuse. Employers have the ability to prohibit the use of drugs and alcohol, as well as test for drug use.

Run A Background Check

After screening applications, it’s necessary to complete background checks on potential candidates before moving forward with the hiring process. Many companies even use free resources and search for an applicant’s mugshot online. To determine whether these candidates are hiding anything about their criminal past, such tools are invaluable.

Running a thorough background check will make it easier to maintain a safe workplace environment. Since employers are responsible for protecting the welfare of their employees and the safety of customers, background checks can help protect employers from liability.

For example, if an employer hires someone who harms an employee or customer, the employer may be held negligent if they failed to conduct a reasonable investigation into whether the employee was a danger to others.

Check Previous References

During the hiring process, it’s essential to call and verify previous references. In a competitive job market, many applicants overstate their educational backgrounds and job histories and list false references, like friends and family, to exaggerate their qualifications.

Calling previous references will make you feel more confident when it comes to hiring the employee and will help you determine whether the employee will perform well in the workplace. As an employer, it’s important to feel assured knowing your employees are truly qualified for their position. As a result, applicants who fail to list previous employers as references should be treated as a red flag.

Set Up An In-Person Interview

Researching your prospective candidates can reveal character flaws and issues with their past, but interviewing each candidate in person is also a must. During the interview, be sure to observe their body language and overall demeanor. An in-person interview will allow you to determine whether the candidate is reliable and passionate about the position.

It’s also essential to ask questions regarding the basic responsibilities of the position. Hiring managers should ensure that candidates are fit for the position they’re applying for and that the candidate’s values are aligned with the company’s. Asking questions about the candidate’s skills and relevant work experience can help hiring managers determine whether a candidate will be able to properly fill the role.

Trust Your Instincts

Sometimes, taking the necessary steps to screen prospective candidates will result in a clean record. However, if you feel like the candidate is intentionally hiding something or will not be a reliable employee, it’s best to follow your instincts. That being said, it’s paramount to always avoid discriminatory hiring practices.

Maintaining the integrity and reputation of your company should be a top priority when it comes to hiring new employees. Taking these steps to screen potential candidates can give you peace of mind during the hiring process while protecting the safety and standing of your company.

How Animation Can Boost Your Sales On Both B2B And B2C

Animation Can Boost Your Sales On Both B2B And B2C
The purpose of a website is to get as much audience as possible. The more visitors that come, the more sale will happen, and that is what a business needs. While there are a lot of ways to attract audiences, there is one particular web feature that gets overlooked most of the time.

This is where we will tell you how animation can boost sales on websites and increase revenue significantly. This information will make you look at animation in a very different light.

How To Use Animation To Boost Sales On Websites:

1. Animation As A Visual Representation

If a picture can speak a thousand words, then what about a moving one? Animation, by definition, is a technique of playing successive images to create an illusion of movement. That simply means more than a thousand words ready to tell stories.

Unlike traditional videos, animation or video animation is not limited to the boundaries of realities and physical object. It can simply be whatever the cartoonist has in mind and draw it to present an idea or a story. It fills the gap in which a photo or a video can never portray. You may refer to how an explainer video production works, here's more explanation made by Animation Explainers.

With animation, explaining something into words get simpler. It can do the seemingly impossible thing that a traditional video cannot. It converts planning and imagination into something comprehensible and easy to absorb idea.

Not a lot of people have the patience of reading long articles, especially when there are a lot of jargons involved. Too many new words or too much detail can put a brain to sleep, and that is not a good thing.

Giving the audience something to imagine and then visually showing it to them gets their neurons more active. That might not sound much, but it gives the article the leeway to explain further and transform that reader to a buyer.

2. Animation As A Distraction

Written content can only do so much to hook a reader’s attention. Most people online skim and scan context as they scroll through pages. To make them stop and pause is to either give them an interesting title or give them an engaging visual context.

Now, online studies show that the average attention span of a reader is just eight seconds. That is not much time for Google to consider that the website or content in a website is worth recommending to all its online users. And we all know that Google’s first-page search result is everything in this industry.

In order to keep a reader reading, a distraction would be the best remedy. This is where an animation that adds value to the content is very much a vital point of the article. It will stand as a short entertainment without throwing off the attention of the reader from the article in front of him.

Also, while quality content can relay messages that a website is trying to tell to its audiences, an animation can tickle the reader’s brain to keep it from dozing off. So for the boring details of the article, the animation is a distraction and can simplify the long version of the written content.

Another way to use animation as a distraction is when a user visits the page of a website. There are still many countries that suffer from slow internet speed. And in an online business perspective, the world is your customer. So potential customers should be valued no matter where they are.


The Internet has never been so fast-paced and yet so high-trafficked in this era. If anyone of you is up-to-date with how the internet-of-things work, it is the fact that faster loading speed gets more visitors to stay longer. That is a proven fact quoting Google itself.

But what if the user is subscribed to a slow internet speed service? Let’s face it, some countries, especially in the Asian territory, has not yet caught up to the “real” 4G and 5G technology. Internet service providers in these countries use the fancy branding but not the fully-functioning actual technology.

According to CEO World, there are at least 20 countries that drag around 1 Mbps and even way lower than that. Yemen, having the number one spot, has average speed of 0.31 Mbps. That is around Dial-up and early 3G speed, and it is already 2019.
Animation Can Boost Your Sales On Both B2B And B2C
In this case scenario, speed may not be much of a factor when it comes to keeping visitors happy. So where animation does comes in?

So where does animation comes into play here? Remember that faster loading page gets the bigger slice of the cake? Well, that only applies if the page is highly optimized for loading contents or it only has texts as content.

Videos and images load slower because they require more data. If the website has a lot of rich content, that becomes a hindrance for a page to load faster. The user on a slow internet speed then becomes stuck on the loading page. You only have a few crucial seconds to either lose or make them stay.

As silly as it sounds, a simple distraction as animation can take their mind off leaving the page even if it is just a few seconds. It gives off the illusion that they have entered the site now and it is only a matter of a few moments until the page fully loads. That should count for something in the long run.

There are a few choices for animation formats:
  • GIF
  • Javascript
  • Flash
  • SMIL
  • APGN

It is up to you to choose which one works best for you. Before you do decide, ask your web designer about the pros and cons of each of one. None of them is perfect, so expect some limitations from one over the other.

A simple GIF, SMIL, or Javascript with an interesting look will do the job, but that will depend on your market and the disadvantages that come with it. What is left now is choosing the right animation to keep them distracted, so choose wisely and make it interesting.

3. Animation Messages Last Longer

Typical users can only absorb so much, especially if the page is giving them more than a thousand words. That much word count or more must have a lot of things to say. And if you are lucky, 50% of the things you mention is interesting enough for the readers.

Since animation is focused mainly on entertainment, incorporating it in the information that the website is trying to convey makes a lot more sense. The human brain can retain better memory if it is positively enforced like when happy or glad.

This applies to a website by simply maximizing animation and putting it at the right spots of the page. Note that timing is also a factor here. You do not just place the animation whenever space is convenient. It has to work with the rest of the content from the texts, pictures, and other videos.

Overall, this will result in longer page views and better impression on the readers. Ultimately, the website and its pages can generate improved sales and engagement plus better Google score.

Let us not forget that SEO and Google must always take part in every decision-making whenever you make changes to a page or the website overall. In this case, the animation contributes significantly to how the readers and visitors interact with the content on the website. The more people remember the page content, the more repeat customers and word of mouth recommendations will follow.

4. Animation Improves Retention Rate

Speaking of repeat customers, if a good number of visitors spend more time consuming a page’s content, it most likely means you are doing it right. A good recipe is only as good as its ingredients. Animation on every page of a website is a necessary ingredient, and that is a fact.

Also, great overall content gains shares across social media platforms. With animation at play on almost every corner of the internet, Facebook, Twitter, and the likes are definitely just some of the most platforms that take advantage of this media format.

Social media users have the tendency to scroll endlessly, and the only way to make them stop and pause is to give them something to fix their eyes on. An image is useful for one-liner pickups. But with animations, you can relay a full paragraph or even a full short story. And you want that for your content. Every business wants that few seconds of interaction with their possible customers.
Animation Can Boost Your Sales On Both B2B And B2C
And if chances are scarce, make sure that that one chance conveys the right message no matter what time of the day. It has to be memorable even if it happens once. With business, every engagement, no matter how brief, has to be effective. That is the possibility that animation can provide and so it must be taken seriously.

Since animation improves retention rate, it is wise to maximize such a feature and make it one of the attracting factors of a website. With millions of posts being published every second in social media, you could only have one chance to relay the most important message of your website. So make it count.

5. Animation As A Reason To Stay

Reading is slow, and watching a few seconds of animation is faster. By comparison, an animation can tell a quick story and immediately jump to call-of-action, whereas reading a full article takes more time before the conclusion. That is assuming that all the visitors can read properly with comprehension.

A well-animated presentation improves interest level, which equates to more engagement and better recall of the details of the message. A grow of interest leads to a craving for more information and finally create a sale.

An article of Buffer states that 55% of visitors of a page spend only 15 seconds or less reading articles. As sad as it sounds, people prefer shiny things than reading useful content. But that could be changed by simply combining texts and visual candies in one full article.

Animation works for almost everyone that has a working pair of eyes. All they need to do is watch, and the message is relayed. It does not always have to have audio. It just needs to be expressive and has meaning.

The problem with the written article is that engaging written content is only as good as the readers’ capacity and fondness to read. With animation, it becomes entertainment. The website’s goal and marketing become an engaging visual entertainment, and that will lead to more audiences staying longer and even clicking for more page views.

If you need a great example, just look at how YouTube made it from a simple video sharing platform into a multi-billion dollar entity. Most people prefer visual stimulation. It takes less effort with more gain.

So when creating a full content on a website, make sure to incorporate not just texts, images, and videos but also animation, especially when it can add value to the content.

6. Animation As An Advertisement

Not all content for a website has to be on a website. It can also be on another platform and points to the website through a click. This is where maximizing the use of animation gets even more dramatic by using it as a form of an advertisement.

If a business has an appropriate budget for advertisement on TV and social media platforms, by all means, make it happen. If not, here are some ideas that can probably be helpful.

Here is an idea of what to do:
  1. Produce a short animation that can be used for advertising and promoting a website or a page on a website. Make it count, and as much as possible make it comprehensive enough. This might be a case of trial and error, but when done right, it could lead to an epic income for your website and company.
  2. Start by sharing to social media. Create a page solely for this purpose, like putting up a Facebook page version of the website.
  3. Manage the page, post regularly, and keep it up-to-date.
  4. Invite people to like the page. Grow your audience.
  5. Join groups that offer relevant topic to the website.
  6. Share the animated file that you intend to use as an advertisement. Share it on groups’ pages, mention in trending group discussions.
  7. Make sure every share and every mention must be engaging. Do not just copy and paste. It must encourage an exchange of views and opinions to promote curiosity.

This strategy is not just for social media platforms. A similar strategy is useful on other websites, especially on forums like Reddit and some enthusiast-based groups. Just do a little research and be creative.

Another way to use animation for advertisement is to place it on the main page. As mentioned earlier, the visual aspect of marketing like video animation can deliver message quicker than a full article.

Use animation as a banner. The more space an animation occupies in a single page, the more it grabs more attention. This is more applicable if the website is not big on words but willing to invest in animation. One look and any visitors will get it.

7. Animation Is Flexible

In a business perspective, the animation is a weapon when used properly. It is not a single tool but actually more like a Swiss Knife.

When we say animation is flexible, we mean that using this feature in a website does not constitute to a few purposes. Yes, it can be a distraction, an entertainment, or a media file for sharing across social media platforms. For those people that use websites as an online store or as an online selling outlet, an animation can be the face of the product too.

Using animation to present all the available products and services is a good way to maximize output and minimize expenditures. This is a perfect way to introduce the business and the products in a creative fashion. Know that it is now easier to find services that offer high-quality animations at a reasonable price.

So who can say now that animation is not an integral part of a website? It is practical, and it serves a lot of purposes when executed properly. All that is left is to find a good animator or cartoonist, and then you can start changing the game.

If shiny things attract more people, why not give it to them? The animation is the perfect combination of visual stimulant and a message conveying medium that can be taken seriously. So if you have not yet used animation in its full potential, you have been missing out on a great deal. As soon as you are done with this article, it would be best to start thinking of how animation can be applied properly on your website’s advantage.

Give them the best animation that your abilities or budget can offer and expect returns soon. After all, you are running a business, and as long as the products and services are of the highest standards, all you will have to think about is the ROI and the endless incoming of cash.