Top 10 Social Media Analytics Tools For Business

Social Media Analytics Tools For Business

Social media analytics apps are the apps that are used for showing the data and performance of your content and product on the social media platform. By the analytics, you will be able to find what your audience is interested in. When you pay attention to the analysis regularly, you can have a clear idea of the strategies you need to handle. This will intimately help in enhancing your Return on Interest (ROI). Continue reading to know the top 10 social media analytics apps.

Here are 10 social media analytics tools that may add value to your purpose:


If you fall into the category of small to medium business and focus on the growth in the email list, you can look for Cyfe. It also helps in social SEO and tracking their social following. Apart from that, it will also help in monitoring social media networks and keep tracking app downloads and other advertisements available on the huge social media platforms like Bing or Google.

Sprout Social

If your business is looking for a side by side comparison of your own social media channel and with your competitors, them Sprout Social will be the best and suitable one. It will help you in generating the reports on the post that are popular and the competitor analysis such as the growth of likes and engagement like share, comment, and likes by the followers. It will also make your work with the schedule and post on your social media platform. You can try it if you are looking for a robust reporting tool.


Keyhole is the social media marketing tool that is specialized in offering deep analytics for Instagram and Twitter. The app will offer access to a range of metrics and make you easy to understanding by representing in the visible appealing graphs. For example, you can have the total number of posts that are available in the platform that are related to your keywords, how to mention volume is changing by time, and several others. It also displays the display engagement data, hashtag usage trends, sentiment, and reach stats.


Tailwind is a management and analytics tool for Instagram and Pinterest. It enables you to track your followers, repins, boards, comments, and likes. This tool will offer insight into the engagement of the audience like active followers, optimization performances, etc. The app will also help in analyzing trends, enhance traffic, ad revenue and ultimately for the Google Analytics integration.


Hootsuite is the tool that is exclusively designed for the small business that expects all in one platform and allows you to schedule create and measure the engagement of social media. The tool offers colander to assist you in determining the perfect time to publish a post or tweet. This will analyze some content with their performance among the people. If you need to measure and track the social media but do not want to overwhelm the information, the HootSuite will be the right tool.


SumAll is one of the free apps that will help you in automating social media marketing. You can connect to the platform and set the relevant automation. This will help you in scheduling all your content and posts suitably to be viewed by your audience. It also allows you to track social media ads, sales, and several other data with ease.

It is easy to connect with the social media apps and collects all the social media apps that you are to have the best analysis. On the whole, your time will be saved and the graphical web dashboard will send all the necessary data to your mail every week based on your preferences.

Union Metrics

Union Metrics is the social media intelligence tool that acquired Tweet Reach and offer a free snapshot of your Twitter analytics. It might be any type like keyword, hashtag, username; you will be able to have the useful graphs and charts for easy reach, activity, exposure, and contributors. It is quite valuable to check on mentions, analyzing the industry and tracking branded hashtags. Important social networking platform in the tool includes Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


SocialBakers will involve in analyzing the interest of your audience and find the content that performs best among them. Also, it finds the social media influencers, measure the sentiment behind the mentions and monitor mentions of your brand. Based on all the following data gathered, SocialBakers will tell you what your audience expects and rate of buying. If you are choosing the paid version, the tool covers different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vkontakte, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram. The tool designed in such a way to support different formats like PPT, PDF, PNG, and CSV.


Siotrenbder is one of the most powerful social media analytics tools that highlights about the conversation on the brand and the content performing best among the audience. The tool covers social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and to collect the data and look for the analysis. You can easily compare the strength of keywords and working concerning your competitors in the market. Besides, you will also have some tips from the app to enhance your posts and marketing through social media.


One of the tools for chooses the best product for the customers is online reviews. If there is a single negative review, there are chances forms it spread like the wild and destroy your brand name. With the help of reputology, it is possible to overcome them. The tool helps you to monitor and analyze all the reviews and catch the negative review. You can also catch the positive reviews and use them for your promotions.

Final Takeaways

If you are looking for the one size fit answer for the best social media analytics software, you will not be able to find them. What exactly you need to do is have a clear analysis of the apps and compare them with your business. This will help you in finding the right app. Make a wise selection and reach your audience efficiently!

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