50+ Tips And Guides For WordPress Website Maintenance [Infographic]

Tips And Guides For WordPress Website Maintenance
If you want to boost your site’s ranking on Google and improve your site’s traffic, then having a well-functioning website is extremely important.

By maintaining your WordPress website you are ensuring that your site is safe & secure from all threats. Plus, it will also ensure that your site is performing optimally at all times.

Moreover, having a well-maintained website that runs smoothly can help you boost your business online and help you achieve your desired goal, i.e. increase traffic and sales.

However, while there are a lot of WordPress website maintenance tips out there that you can implement on your website, let’s agree that the effectiveness of those practices might not be that powerful.

Thus, to help you in this task here’s an easy-to-follow WordPress website maintenance guide that will help you to make your site more accessible to users as well as search engines robots.

However, before we look at this guide, here are some of the WordPress website maintenance tips that you should implement.

To begin with,
  1. You need to ensure that you have the backup of your entire website. Taking a regular backup of your WordPress site and database is one of the most important factors in the website maintenance checklist and can be easily achieved through plugins like BackWPup or BackupBuddy.
  2. Secondly, monitor your website’s security. Make sure that your site is safe from all malware, virus, hack attempts, spam and more. You can accomplish this through robust plugins such as Wordfence Security.
  3. Thirdly, check your site for loading errors, broken links, 404 errors. Monitor your site’s on-page SEO elements like alt tags, meta tags, sitemap etc. Plus, check all your links - download links, affiliate links, social media links etc to ensure that all is working appropriately for a hassle-free user experience.
  4. Lastly, update your site’s content on a regular basis to ensure that all is up-to-date and relevant in order to improve your site’s ranking.

Now, the above tips are just a few of the best practices that you need to implement on your site. For a more detailed, step-by-step instruction, check out the below-mentioned infographic.

This infographic comprises of 51+ tips that you can implement on your site today. Plus, it provides you with tools and techniques on how you can fix these common errors.

So check out this infographic guide now and start the process of optimizing your website, in order to enjoy better ranking and increased traffic.
Tips And Guides For WordPress Website Maintenance
This infographic is shared here after a legal permission from BigrockCoupin.in

How To Create Auto Replies For Social Media

Cost Effective Tricks For Saving On Ink Cartridges
Imagine you are on Instagram or LinkedIn, you are interested in some product or service and want to ask a question via personal messages. You send a message and there is no response for the next couple of hours. You feel a huge lack of assistance and decide to refrain from such companies. Sounds reasonable, right?
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Unfortunately, the above-mentioned situation happens quite often in the real world. Businesses are forced to hire customer service agents for live support to avoid such unpleasant incidents. From a business perspective, it does not make any sense to hire a VA if the number of messages the company gets is low.

How businesses could provide immediate support and take care of customers’ queries without spending money on expensive live agents? The answer is simple. Use auto responder tools.

What should you know about auto reply software?

The automation tools that send an auto reply message when a person is trying to contact a company online are frequently used today. And that’s not without a reason. Such software helps to keep both potential and existing customers loyal and maintain their interest in your product or service.

Let’s examine the most successful and popular autoresponders for Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

1. Instagram + Instazood

If you have a business page on Instagram, you probably noticed how important it is to work there daily to get decent results. However, there is a tool called Instazood that allows to automatically like, follow, comment, unfollow, send DMs and do other cool stuff on Instagram.
Cost Effective Tricks For Saving On Ink Cartridges
And what is even more important is that its premium version allows to set up an autoresponder by creating your own custom auto reply message and once you get messaged by Instagram users, they will receive an immediate response from you. Here is an automated reply sample:

"Thank you so much for your message! Unfortunately, I will be unavailable till next Monday. Please shoot me an email at alice@thebestcompany.com if you have any urgent questions. Cheers, Alice".

Having checked other automation tools for Instagram, we can make a conclusion that InstaZood is the most affordable and ultimate software available on the market.

Price: $14.99 / month, 3-day free trial
Website: https://instazood.com/

2. LinkedIn + Octopus CRM

Due to the LinkedIn’s specific nature, there are no automatic respond software.

However, we have made a research and found out that there is a similar tool that allows LinkedIn users send follow-up messages automatically after the connection request is accepted. The name of this LinkedIn automation tool is Octopus CRM.

Octopus CRM has been recently released and already gained a nice reputation along with a solid number of active users. This software allows to automatically send personalized connection requests, mass-message 1st level contacts, auto visit hundreds of profiles a day and auto endorse skills of 1st level connection.

The UI design and the idea are simply brilliant:
Cost Effective Tricks For Saving On Ink Cartridges
The software could become an effective add-on for LinkedIn and help you save hours of time.

Price: $39 / month, 7-day free trial
Website: https://octopuscrm.io/

3. How To Set Up Autoresponder On Facebook?

Luckily, there is no need to install any 3rd party software and pay subscription fees to set up auto reply messages on Facebook. Facebook allows every user log in to their account and set this up in settings. Sounds cool, right?

Here is a quick guide on how to create an auto reply message on Facebook:
  • Login your Facebook account, open your company page and click "settings" in the top right corner;
  • Press "Messaging" and jump to the Response Assistant section.
  • Cost Effective Tricks For Saving On Ink Cartridges
  • Click the "Send Instant Replies to anyone who messages your Page" button, press "Change" and input your message.

That’s it! You have successfully created your autoresponder message on Facebook.

Price: Free
Website: https://www.facebook.com

4. Twitter + SocialOomph

Despite the fact that Twitter has become really huge, there are not that many smart automation software for this social media network. However, we have found an ultimate and effective tool that allows users to mass follow those who are following you, get more followers, schedule tweets, track keywords and send auto-DM to your new followers. The name of this software is SocialOomph.

Let’s see how this auto-DM feature works.
Once you successfully logged into your SociaLoomph account, you go to "Following" and click "Follow-back & Auto-Welcome" to access the following page:
Cost Effective Tricks For Saving On Ink Cartridges
Then you simply enter your auto-welcome message and click "Save". Pretty simple, hah?
From now on every single follower you get on Twitter will receive your automatic welcome-message.

Price: $17.97 / month, 7-day free trial.
Website : https://www.socialoomph.com/

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter are fantastic for scaling your business. Simply use the above-mentioned automation tools to simplify your efforts and improve interactions with your potential and existing clients. Work smart!

Mobile Signal Booster - Voice150 sq.m. [Review]

Mobile Signal Booster
Today we are going to test Mobile Signal Booster that is designed to broadcast within a frequency range of 900MHz. I know you need a product that can bring the best value to your investment so you want it tested well before you spend your hard earned money to buy it. Before I proceed ahead, let me bring the great news to you that this Mobile Signal Booster is now available with a price tag of £149 that means you can now save £20. Let us now discuss various features of this latest device and find out reasons how well it can fulfill your needs.

We are going to test a 4G signal booster that is designed to offer maximum signal coverage of 150m2 that means it is an ideal choice for offices, homes and small apartments.
Mobile Signal Booster
The package for Mobile Signal Booster includes one amplifier, one external panel antenna, one internal antenna, one power adapter and a 15-meter cable.

Those who face some signal reception issues at home or office may find this repeater unit quite useful for their routines as it can easily establish a comfort zone at home so that family members can sit anywhere and download data at fast speed.
Mobile Signal Booster
It can cover all major networks of UK such as GiffGaff, Tesco, O2, and Vodafone while broadcasting signals at 900MHz. During our tests, we were able to connect 25 users successfully to this signal repeater without losing any valuable information.

The overall dimension of this product is 130x95x28mm only and the weight falls somewhere around 0.45 Kg. Size of an amplifier is an important feature because it assists in easy placement so that homeowners can use their phone at any corner with ease.

You will be glad to know that this Mobile Signal Booster comes with an easy to follow instruction manual that can help you to complete the installation with simple 4 step procedure. I took only 15 minutes to make it ready to work at my premises.
Mobile Signal Booster
You will notice that the LCD screen of this Mobile Signal Booster is quite informative. It keeps on displaying details about signal strength for output and outdoor with dB rating.

During our tests, we observed an instant signal boost on its screen with 5 bars and its service was impressive enough with fast data download ability. You will find one 5 Volt Power In slot on the top portion of this Mobile Signal Booster, to the left side of this power slot, there is a connector in port where users need to attach the cable from an indoor antenna. There is a connector out port to the right side of power slot, you need to attach the cable here and take it to the outdoor antenna.
Mobile Signal Booster
The uplink frequency of this Mobile Signal Booster falls between 890 MHz to 915 MHz whereas the downlink frequency is somewhere around 935 MHz and 960MHz. It can soon bring your cell phone from low signal zone to the full signal zone in the same premises.

I tested its performance continuously for 24 hours and impressively it never disappointed me, even not for a minute. This booster was capable enough to maintain high-speed download for my favorite movies even when it was serving all my family members simultaneously.


I have been using Mobile Signal Booster for 2 months now and in this duration, my friends have also tested it well. We have organized several get together in my house just to test its maximum efficiency and by the end, we all were surprised to see its power to serve all of us with uninterrupted data downloads.

The build quality is incredible for this product and it can be placed at any corner of the house with ease. It can handle all UK networks so well.

How can I forget to add that this Mobile Signal Booster is available with a 30-day risk-free money back guarantee; Indeed, this is a great offer for all those still have some doubt on its performance.

Other than this, the company offers 24x7 support connectivity so if you find any trouble ahead, they will reach to you immediately. But believe me, you will never find a reason to mess with them because this booster never misses a chance to impress its users with amazing services.

You can buy this repeater with a payment of £139 and it will be soon delivered to your door step without any shipping charges. It is also possible to track delivery online within the UK.

If you are searching for a trustworthy signal booster to improve your work efficiency at home then probably it is the right time to invest on Mobile Signal Booster as it can handle all your fast data download needs for 24x7.

Top Smartphones With Full HD+ Displays You Can Buy In 2018

Cost Effective Tricks For Saving On Ink Cartridges
Once, we were feeling happiness just with Full HD resolution displays. But now companies are going beyond, some even have adopted Quad HD resolution but some are just adding a “+” sign into this game. And here we are focusing on them a little deeply. In this post, you can find top smartphones available with Full HD+ resolution you can buy in 2018. Enhancing res on phones is good. It enables users to enjoy a sharper and clearer image quality. A pixel mean a block of light on touchscreen in white or any other color, consider it similar to a brick in wall. Full HD+ (1080 x 2160 pixels) resolution is quite trendy in the house of phone markers these days, this is why we are paying attention to them and brining their best of them in a list.
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Various tech giants have been working to enhance cameras on smartphones for years and they are quite successful in this mission. Now we have pretty impressive camera phones that can deliver amazing quality and even they are trying to give result similar to Digital SLR cameras. But what if your phone’s display is not enough to present captured images very clearly?

Xperia XZ2

Sony Xperia XZ2 is big but not bulky smartphone you can buy in this year, if you love beauty, power, and amazing camera. It has stunning 5.7-inches Full HD+ touchscreen display. This is a triluminos display which lets you show wide verity of colors than other traditional displays with better color gamut. This is what force people to prefer it than those white LEDs. It suits especially to photographer, Sony is expert in making photographers happy using various tricks. Moreover, this phone comes with a dual 19MP camera that contain f/2.0 aperture, 1.22 ┬Ám pixel size, 1/2.3" sensor and 25mm focal length. This ranks among best camera phones around the world.

Huawei Mate 10 Pro

This is another Full HD+ option you can grab this year. Huawei Mate 10 Pro is an elegant option available in market at hefty price tag. It comes with 6-inches large display covering 80.9% screen to body ratio while staying gigantic to look. It has 1080 x 2160 pixels resolution with 18:9 aspect ratio and 402 pixel-per-inch density. This is HDR10 Complaint AMOLED made by Samsung. It can record immersive views with assistance of Leica optics and represent in very clear color quality using dual cameras. Huawei has used a standard 12MP camera equipped with f/1.6 aperture and a 20MP secondary lens with f/1.6 aperture, this combination can offer you double lossless zoom.

OnePlus 5t

Looking for an affordable but quite power flagship? I highly recommend you the OnePlus 5t , it is competing with top-rated flagships including Galaxy S9 and iPhone but not costing a lot. It has 6.01-inches AMOLED display (this is Samsung-made OLED panel). The FHD+ display of phone comes with 401 ppi density and 18:9 ratio. It covered with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection. This is real Full Optic AMOLED touch screen, just like Galaxy S9’s Infinity Display and Huawei Mate 10’s Full View technology.

This phone is packed with powerful hardware you can have smooth experience with, including Octa-Core 2.45Ghz processor and 8GB RAM (6GB RAM is also available). It comes with 16MP Sony IMX398 sensor featuring dual pixel phase detection autofocus + 20MP Sony IMX376K sensor.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

Do you love gigantic phones under eye-catching design? We recommend you the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. It is highly productive phone with impressive high-res touchscreen. The front panel is all screen, just like phones we discussed above. The Full HD+ resolution screen is equipped with 403ppi. And yes, this is 18:9 ratio displays too.

This is not very expensive too but packed with tons of powerful hardware you can get yourself comfortable with. It has Octa-Core 2.45Ghz processor and 8GB RAM, just like OnePlus 5t. This phone has a standard 12MP camera with f/2.0 aperture.

Format A Featured Snippet In The Right Way

Format A Featured Snippet In The Right Way
Google keeps on refining the way it shows search results. One of the most recent open doors for keen advertisers to exploit is the Featured Snippets which Google is depending on to an ever increasing extent.

You might be wondering, "What are Google Featured Snippets?" How would you be able to get a Google Featured Snippet for your image's substance? What's more, in particular, is it worth pursuing yet another sort of Google query output?
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What Is A Featured Snippet?

Ever see that featured box anxious to answer your inquiry? That is a Google Featured Snippet. It regularly appears in SERPs after you look for an inquiry based question.

The section will demonstrate an instant solution to your inquiry taken from one of the pages on indexed lists. It is helpful and frequently enables you to see an immediate answer without clicking any pages.

How Would You Get A Google Featured Snippet?

This is an immense SEO question. In the first place, the material must be arranged to fit Google Algorithms, which are difficult to bind.

Different parts of qualified snippets incorporate . . .
  • Content
  • Tables
  • Graphs
  • Pictures
  • Numbered records
  • Visual Cues
  • Steps

Regardless of being so baffling in nature, the considerable thing about Featured Snippets is that any brand, extensive or little, can get one! Furthermore, for your business the SEO benefits are impactful.

The advantages of snippets are . . .
  • They drive more movement to your site.
  • They support mark perceivable in Google SERPs.
  • They increment trust and validity.

Other than the above, Featured Snippets are for the most part an undisclosed Google substance. Note that snippets generally don't show up. You can look once and see one, yet do the correct search minutes after the fact and poof, it's no more.

How To Format For A Google Featured Snippet?

In the event that you need to give pieces a go and take a stab at positioning in position zero, there are a couple of organizing variables to consider. Word check to scrap sort may have any kind of effect.

- Word Count

"The most widely recognized length of substance in Featured Snippets is between 40-50 words," According to an analysis by SEMrush. It is surely critical to play by Google's standards, and word tally appears to have a major effect.

- FAQ Page

Building up a Q&A area, or FAQ page with unusually simple answers can likewise put your site on the Google piece outline. You can build up this rundown by utilizing related inquiries from a keyword review tool or check the related keywords at the base of the SERP.

- Table, Paragraph, or List?

Strikingly, the sort of snippet you have may factor into Google's calculation for picking Featured Snippets. For instance, 29 percent of all pieces are tables.

Notwithstanding, this doesn't imply that your outline or section won't get picked for the desired position zero. Truth be told, passages and records fly up in SERPs more regularly than tables.

Key Takeaways When Optimizing Google Featured Snippets

  • Backlinks are a bit of hindsight for positioning in Featured Snippets when as of now on page one. 
  • The content for the search question should be in a tag beneath the header. 
  • Search question ought to be in an h2, h3, h4, and so forth header. 
  • Keep in mind that 40 to 50 words are the sweet spot for content. 
  • For question-based inquiries, Google won't pull through a whole section of the piece. By including Step 1, Step 2, and so on for every subheading, h2, Google will work them sequentially. 
  • Highlighted Snippets will have diverse content for a similar pursuance question inside Google.
  • Less analysis based inquiries will frequently be put in passage frame, rather than numbers, or well ordered. 
  • Google Featured Snippets frequently exhibit answers to an inquiry question that are intelligently arranged. 

Your initial step ought to be to run a review of keywords your website positions for and take note of what number are question-based inquiries. At that point examine positioning, investigate how your content is organized, and plan to advance with Google Featured Snippets. Your CTR and online visits will get a genuinely necessary lift, thus that will be your main concern.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Lauren McLaren was born and raised in Australia. She is working for Digital Muscle, an affordable Seo Company who delivers the best seo services australia. She has a team of SEO experts who help her in every project. She’s hardworking, competent and trustworthy. In her spare time, she loves to read, cook and watch movies.

6 Tips For Better Facebook Ad Targeting

6 Tips For Better Facebook Ad Targeting
Setting up an ad on Facebook is one of the best things you can do to build brand awareness online. Given that Facebook is the largest social media platform and by far the one with the most customizable Ad features, there’s no reason you can’t make better use of it for your digital marketing efforts.

As with any other form of marketing, it’s not so much about as how wide your ad reaches, but more about reaching the right people, aka the people who are most likely to avail of your business, and the best (not to mention most efficient) method to do that for you Facebook ad? Facebook ad targeting.
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Use Custom Audiences

Facebook allows you to make use of Custom Audiences, which lets you target already existing customers from Facebook as well as your audiences from other networks. You simply provide Facebook with a customer list that will then be hashed and matched with Facebook’s existing list of user IDs, and your ad can be displayed to said users.

By making the most of your already existing customer base on different networks, you are more sure of who you’re targeting with your ads since these are already customers in the first place, which means you’re not aimlessly putting an ad out there and your ad budget is used on people who are more likely to bring in ROI.

Analyze Audience Insights

A large part of successful marketing lies in analyzing your audience’s lifestyle choices. Luckily, Facebook’s ad features let you do that efficiently with its Audience Insights feature. All you have to do is click the Tools option on Ads Manager, click the option to learn about everyone on Facebook, and you have access to how different demographics live as well as how they use Facebook.

You get to learn which users fall within your target age range, income, purchase habits, which pages they frequent, and a whole lot more information vital to producing an effective approach. With such information, you know what kind of ads will work best as well as the most effective people to include in your targeting for higher chances of conversion.

Use High Engagement Posts As Funnels

Say one of your posts was well-received, you can use the likers, sharers, and even viewers of your post (if it’s a video) as part of your target audience for your ad. It’s essential, then, to create an engaging post first, then you can show your ads to these users.

So investing a lot into quality content is a must, and if you achieve that, you posts can help you track which users are already interested in your page/product/service, helping you build a better targeting strategy with a lot more ease. More importantly, these are the types of customers more likely to return to you and build a relationship with your brand.
6 Tips For Better Facebook Ad Targeting

Limit Your Ad Exposure

No matter how interesting or hard-hitting your ad is, if it keeps reappearing every time a user opens their feed, it’s bound to lose its effectiveness. Given that you’re going to be paying for its exposure, you’re going to lose money, as well.

It’s important to appear frequently in order to create an impression in the users’ minds, but that doesn’t mean everyday with every opening of Facebook. This will only end up with the ad defeating its purpose. So it’s best to add a switch up your ad’s frequency as well as who it’s shown to every now and then to make sure that it stays fresh with Facebook users.

Go Low On The Audience Size

When it comes to targeting, it’s all about hitting the right, specific people with your message. This is why you shouldn’t prioritize so much on targeting a large number of people; rather, you should focus on building a presence within your online niche.

It’s true that the more people you reach, the better, but if they don’t care about what you have to offer to begin with, it’s pointless. You can expand further later on, but for better use of your Facebook ads targeting feature, it’s best to begin establishing a relationship with a smaller number of interested customers first.

Always Test Your Material First

Before going all out on a larger audience with wider-reaching targeting, it’s a good idea to test images, headlines, and copy out on a smaller scale beforehand. If something doesn’t work with your small scale test targets, you might want to do some necessary edits before delving into targeting more customers.

This not only helps you save yourself cost, but it helps you get to know your audience better as well, and as the previous tips have demonstrated, knowing your audience is vital.

There’s definitely more to successful targeting than noting optimal times of the day and the week (although they are still important). Any good social media agency knows this and any successful social media ad is built on this.

Whether you’re working with a digital marketing agency or doing things yourself, one fact remains: managing your Facebook ad targeting is as important as the actual ad itself, and they work together to bring you and your customers together, so it’s important to know how you can make the most of the feature.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Jessica Madrazo is the Operations Director of Coffeebot, a Philippine-based digital marketing company that offers SEO, social media, lead generation, web design and other general virtual assistant services. She has been in the outsourcing industry for years, and has helped small businesses from different parts of the globe reach their goals. Find out more about what her company does for other businesses here: https://caffeinerobot.com/

Inventive And Unique Ways To Use The iPad In The Classroom

Unique Ways To Use The iPad In The Classroom
Technology has changed the behavior of every single field of life. No doubt, it has provided the best ways which have provided ease in performing the tasks sufficiently. In past days where technology was not much spread all over people were bound to perform individually task which takes much time to get completed. Now a single person can perform multiple tasks with complete efficiency in a less time. Most of the countries have adopted the use of technology in every field of life. They actually have learned the benefits of using it. There are different types of gadgets we can look around us. From manufacturing a car to manufacturing a needle everywhere you will see the part of technology which is helping out the gadgets to complete the tasks efficiently.

In different educational institutes, it has become a common practice to use an iPad on the premises. They actually have planned to promote the use and benefits of technology in their youth respectively. The best and remarkable innovation of this era is an iPad which is efficiently not only serving the educational field but all the fields respectively. In many schools kindergarten, kids use to teach with the help of an iPad. Teachers believe that iPad is the best visual source to teach the students with relevant things and it is also best is explaining the examples. Furthermore, we will discuss some most important aspects regarding the usage of an iPad in the classroom respectively.
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1. Best Replacement For Whiteboard

Whiteboard was commonly used in the classroom to specify the things. It was also a good option to elaborate the things according to their examples to students. Now the trend has become changed and digitalized with respect to time. IPad has replaced the whiteboard impressively by providing the best examples on the screen to every individual. By getting the whole iPad into one single link they can easily discuss the basic theme of the relevant topic.

2. The Best Source To Create A 3D Image

This could be the best way to create a 3D image of the related items which is the basic part of your topic. It is quite impossible to create a 3D image on the whiteboard with a marker. Just select the targeted image which you want to discuss and share it in the connected network or connect the iPad with the screen through Apple TV you will get the finest 3D result to consult the relevant object in a better way.

3. Best Gadget For Quiz Segment

Quiz segment is the best way to judge student’s capability and their interest in the studies. There are different apps you will get on the App Store where you can share the quiz segment with students to judge their level of interest. Electronically conduct the segment with the authentic result on a quick basis. There are some extra features also available related to quiz segment which will be like games respectively.

4. Sharing The Assignments

IPad is the best source to share the assignment with the group by making an online group. In which only selected students can get the access which would be the part of the relevant subject. It was quite difficult to share the assignments among students at the same time. Now it has become very much easy to create an individual account of the student by assigning a login id it can easily get and submit the assigned task at a specific time.

5. Best Battery Timing

No doubt, you will probably get the best battery life of an iPad if you are using it for a specific purpose. IPad can easily use up to 8 hours sufficiently. It is much better than the laptops; it was also very much common to use the laptops in the classrooms. Now iPad has also replaced the laptop from the classroom due to its reliable speed and easy approach towards different applications.
Unique Ways To Use The iPad In The Classroom

6. Easy To Carry While Presentation

There is a lot more different option you will actually get from the use of an iPad while presenting on a relevant topic. It is very much light in weight and very friendly in use respectively. It can easily get connected with the big screens through Apple TV and you can define the complete story according to your style.

7. Useful Applications

There are thousands of educational apps are available on App store which is very useful and informative for students. You may also select the topic according to the requirement of the subject and it will also allow you to define deeply the complete specification of the relevant image through your iPad. Furthermore, you may also rotate the image through the screen on your desired angle respectively.

8. Create Special Effects Of Your Assignment

By using different apps you may also create the best effects in your assignments. If you have to create any video with respect to explain anything you may create different effects in it by using the apps.

9. The Best Source For Entertainment

With the help of an iPad, you can enjoy the music through your iPad. It will also allow you to browse different things which could be interesting and knowledgeable for you and you may utilize them in your studies respectively. This could be the best gadget to pass your spare time by entertaining you with online videos, songs, games and many more.


After discussing following points finally, we have the clear view of using benefits of an iPad in the classroom. Though technology and specifically iPad is a costly device, iPad rental option would suit most of the institutes as lowers the cost of using tech in education manifold. As we all know technology has spread all over the world rapidly and it has produced the best effects on learning and understanding the things in a better way. Almost every country has adopted the trend of using the iPad in the classroom to groom the personality of their students. They actually want to get familiar their students with the technology. They have the best idea regarding the benefits of using the modern gadgets in their classroom.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Callie Smith is Chief Marketing Manager at Tablet Hire UK, a top iPad rental company in the UK that helps organizations leave unforgettable event impression on event attendees. Callie smith is the head of marketing as well as event planning division of the company. Her passion for event technology is still the same after transforming hundreds of them for the corporate world. In addition, she also loves to write about professional event planning and how technology can play its part for better attendee experience.

List Of Wireless Printers That Support Airprint

List Of Wireless Printers That Support Airprint
The printing industry is constantly developing. These days, people look for printers that support Airprint. As a matter of fact, AirPrint is an Apple technology that allows you to print documents without downloading and installing drivers. This technology is supported by a good number of printers from major manufacturers. You can choose an AirPrint printer for the local network and print numerous documents. Just have a look at some main printers that support Airprint:
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1. Canon PIXMA iP110

Canon PIXMA iP110 is perhaps the best printer that offers the best value for the price you invest. it is small, light, cute, portable. It can easily be placed in a laptop backpack. Moreover, the presence of Wi-Fi allows you to print numerous documents through the air using the phone. It also comes with a free native program for printing from a cell phone. But, this printer is available only in black colour. You can’t draw sketches on top of the printout. Sometimes, the connection (wi-fi or USB) doesn't work properly.

2. HP LaserJet Pro M104w Laser Printer

The HP LaserJet Pro M104w comes with a Wi-Fi Direct transmitter. It allows you to connect it to a wireless network and perform direct synchronization with smartphones and other mobile devices. It is a suitable for home as well as office use if you have to print up to 10,000 pages per month. It can adjust to any task without delay due to the performance of up to 22 sheets per minute. It takes the minimum time to make the first print. This printer can automatically shut down when it's not used for a long time. So, it helps you to reduce the power consumption up to a great extent.

3. Xerox Phaser 3020 Laser Printer

The laser printer Xerox Phaser 3020 is your true pal if you look for an indispensable assistant for monochrome printing in large volumes. It is a perfect printer for both office and home use. Its low noise level doesn't distract your attention.

This printer model is designed only for printing black or blue paint. So, it comes with two cartridges already. Xerox Phaser 3020 will withstand the most extreme loads during work as it can easily print up to 15,000 pages per month, or 500 pieces per day. It has a large tray designed for about 150 sheets. It has a built-in Wi-Fi module. So, you can configure a wireless network and connect the printer to several computers.

4. HP LaserJet Pro M402dn

Laser printer HP LaserJet Pro M402dn is the suitable printer for home and office use as it prints around 38 pages per minute. It can print up to 80 thousand sheets per month. This printer is equipped with a standard Ethernet connector, which allows you to connect the printer to a local network. It supports almost all modern printing technologies HP ePrint, Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print. Its built-in screen allows you to perform quick print setup even when the device is used autonomously. The automatic two-sided printing feature allows the printer to perform complex tasks easily and quickly.

5. HP LaserJet Pro M402n

Laser printer HP LaserJet Pro M402n can be used as a network device because it comes with a standard Ethernet connector and supports modern printing technologies from mobile devices, including Mopria, HP ePrint, Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print. It can print maximum 38 pages per minute and its compact display allows you to quickly set up optimal settings. Its 250-sheet tray allows the user to access the priority print compartment with a capacity of 100 pages. It helps them to print complex documents easily and quickly.

6. Brother Laser Printer HL-L2340DWR

Brother Laser Printer HL-L2340DWR is famous for economical material consumption and reduced operating costs due to separately purchased toner cartridges of increased capacity. It prints professional-grade documents with HQ1200 resolution (2400x600 dpi) that offers high detail and clarity of text. It supports Brother iPrint & Scan, Google Cloud Print 6, Apple Air Print, Wi-Fi Direct, Cortado and Mopria.

7. HP LaserJet Ultra M106w

HP LaserJet Ultra M106w is a high-performance printer designed for black and white laser printing. This is an office model printer that provides fast and high-quality printing of documents. This printer is capable of printing up to 22 pages per minute. The first page will be ready in 7.3 seconds when you send the file to print.

So, you do not have to wait long for the documents to get ready. Using branded black toner cartridges is a guarantee of high contrast and intelligibility of texts, drawings, photographs. The printed texts and images are not smeared. So, they do not fade for a long time. The printer supports Wi-Fi Direct, which allow you can send documents to print from smartphones, tablets, laptops, even if you cannot connect to the local wireless network.

8. Samsung Xpress M2026W

Samsung Xpress M2026W is affordable and popular option among wireless printers. It comes with Wi-Fi, NFC technology, Wi-Fi Direct, and mobile printing that offers high-speed printing.

The device allows you to print on such non-standard media as envelopes, cards, matte paper, labels, glossy paper, film. The maximum size of printed paper is A4. The speed of printing a document is 20 ppm. You can print up to 10,000 pages per month. But, it lacks the two-sided printing function and the continuous ink supply module is not supported. Apart from this, the pigment ink is not used in which the dye is placed on the surface of the carrier and not absorbed into its construction.

Final Words

These are top 8 wireless printers that support Airprint. Choose them as per your needs and budget.

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David Blakey is a blogger by profession with 5 years of experience. He is associated with Hot Toner, colour toner Specialists in Australia, selling all samsung and brother and HP Photosmart 5520 ink cartridges & printers online in Australia. He is an admirer of sharing his innovative ideas with others on the technology trends and Gadgets.

Tricks For Choosing A Modern Telephony Software For The Small Business

Tricks For Choosing A Modern Telephony Software
Today’s IP PBX solutions from the right vendors incorporate virtually all features that a small or medium sized business needs and there is no need to go for tailored solutions that cost more. Ready to go software is so much cheaper, especially if it is the hosted variety. One can take pride in ordering custom made software but customization takes a lot of time. Secondly, there may be bugs that need to be ironed out, all of which adds to delays and makes it kludgy to use. Packaged IP PBX solutions that work right out of the box have all such kinks ironed out and will work without glitches.

Ease Of Use

Hosted IP PBX should display a user interface on the screen with ease of navigation and ease of use. A simple, intuitive dashboard is a must-have feature. Anyone, even those who are not familiar with computer operations, should be able to use the intuitive dashboard. If an app is also made available for use on mobile devices, it is so much more preferable.

Go For IP PBX Software Solution, Not Hardware Solution

Even the smallest business has an IT infrastructure comprising of desktops, laptops and smartphones. The IP PBX software is affordable and easy to set up and operate on any of these devices. One only needs to add a webcam, a microphone and speaker to have a clutter-free desktop that runs the IP PBX with a host of features that will enhance productivity while reducing costs. Hardware IP PBX is expensive and needs dedicated devices that cost a lot and take up space inside offices.

Go For Hosted IP PBX Solution

IP PBX software is affordable but there is a catch. One may have to pay for upgrades at a future date. Hosted IP PBX solution is much better in all ways. For one, you need not invest upfront for the software. Secondly, opting for hosted solutions for IP PBX means that the vendor provides upgrades that are made available to the user in future. Thirdly, one can scale up or scale down services on a pay-as-you-go model. Fourthly, the small business user can use any device, even mobiles, to access and use the IP PBX from anywhere at any time. Fifth, by opting for hosted packages, one does not have to invest in IT hardware or software or the personnel required for their maintenance.

Look Sor Video In IP PBX

The main things out of the way, one can go into more details about specific features to look for in IP PBX solutions for small businesses. Video is one such prime desirable, must-have feature. Look for IP PBX software that incorporates the latest WebRTC solutions. Why WebRTC? This is the latest open source technology that permits video calls and conference through a browser interface. Desktops, laptops and portable devices all have a browser. WebRTC uses the browser for video calls and this is much easier than custom software. There is no need to download any software and one can invite anyone, anywhere to participate in a video call or a video conference. WebRTC spin-off is that it allows screen sharing and multimedia file transfers. Video facilitates business much more than simple audio can ever achieve.


IP PBX solutions are highly refined and sophisticated and it is not likely that if a small business user opts for the hosted solution he will need support. However, it is good to know that the vendor is always available to take of any issues that should arise at any time. Communications are important for business operations and if anything should happen, one cannot sit around twiddling thumbs in frustration. Prompt support resolves issues and should be available from a vendor otherwise the solution is not worth considering. Check testimonials and view the customer list of a vendor before plunking down your money on software that will form the backbone of your communications.

Billing Module, Rate Card

For those who wish to offer IP PBX as a service, the billing module and rate card feature as well as least cost routing are desirable features to look for in the IP PBX software. Even otherwise, for end users, this gives them insight into how much they are spending and they can easily manage costs.


Look for a supplier who incorporates almost all required features in the hosted IP PBX software. This should include multi-lingual support and multi-tenant support—two desirable features for IP PBX service providers as well as small businesses. Then there are the usual features such as Direct Inward Dialing management, phone books, speed dials, blacklist and whitelist, audio call recording, inbound call routing, interactive voice response, voice mail and reporting features. Some other desirable features that are worth having but not absolutely necessary are blind and attended transfers, busy forward, selective forward, caller ID blocking and DND as well as selective acceptance and rejection. Fax to email and the other way round, if it is there, can be of great use for small business. If the vendor offers apps that extend functionalities to smartphones and tablets, it so much better but even otherwise, one should be able to use it if WebRTC is incorporated.


Small businesses cannot afford to spend thousands on proprietary systems. The right and affordable solution in IP-PBX is one that is based on open source technologies such as FreeSwitch.

Hopefully, this guidance will make you better informed when you set out to get the latest and most suitable IP PBX for your small business. It becomes an investment that repays its cost many times over.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Hardi Vora is a Content Strategist, Blogger & Digital Marketing Executive associated with Hodusoft, an IP PBX software provider company. A writer by day and a reader by night, she is having an experience in writing an SEO-friendly, creative and informative contents for distinct industries.