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Howdy, Welcome to our community!

Let me introduce first:

"GUI Tricks – In Touch With Tomorrow! is a blog which is being managed by a Blog Scientist Ahmed Raza Ansari. Here you can find all information about Technology, Online Earning, Online Business, WordPress, Blogging, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Internet Marketing, Digital Marketing, eCommerce, Social Media and many more."

What Exactly You Can Find Here?

  1. All basic and advanced tips/guides for Bloggers and Social Media activists.
  2. Traffic increasing and complete Marketing Techniques.
  3. How-To/tutorials related to Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS etc
  4. Contents related to Graphics Designing and Digital Marketing.
  5. Programmers, Web Developers or Coders can also find help here.
  6. Contents related to Make Money Online and Businesses.

Who’s Behind This Blog?

Hey! this is me “Ahmed”. I’m a graduate engineer by education and a blogger by profession. I’ve been doing blogging since 2013. At the start of my journey, my aim was to make money online only. I had no long term serious plans.

When I started this journey, I was a 17 years old guy who wanted a new phone, new laptop, etc. So the inspiration was these all stuff to start blogging.

I even had no idea how to do it and how it works except having the aim to make money.

I created my first blog on Blogspot platform in 2013. After working a year on that, I bought the domain (www.guitricks.com) in 2014. Although, I didn’t buy myself. One of my best friend like an elder brother and an experienced blogger Muhammad Hassan from EXEIdeas.com helped me in purchasing and that’s how this blog was started.

Find me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram.

Goals & Mission Of This Blog

I started this blog with the motivation to make money only. But I had no idea that this motivation of making money could have turned into a true blogging passion.

This blog was started on Tech Niche. With the passage of time, I've also added different categories like making money, marketing, SEO, blogging, designing or even growing online businesses.

Now the aim is to aware beginners from blogging and making money. I want to help people from this blog in living a boss free life. That’s why you can find many articles related to blogging, WordPress, SEO, online businesses, etc.

My audience will also be able to learn about coding, marketing tactics, graphics designing, etc. By learning these skills, you can freelance and earn money by sitting at home.

That’s all my goals for now. But the journey has just begun. I have more plans like converting this site into a proper company, proper office, meet-up, etc. I’ll update you about everything.

And one thing I also want to prove that everybody can be a boss. I’ve seen many bloggers (Neil Patel, Harsh Agrawal, etc) who live a boss free life. So I want to be like them.

I’m open to any suggestion from you guys. Comment below if you want to share anything with me.

Enjoy your stay here...

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