4 Excellent Event Planning Apps For Android

4 Excellent Event Planning Apps For Android
Excellent Event Planning Apps For Android
Whenever, if we have to plan any event then we take a pen and paper then note down all insights about occasion. But it is the old way. It’s 21st century and now we use smartphones. So for this purpose, why should not use smartphone?

Smartphones are the latest invention of today’s era. It has made almost everything possible so that’s why we can make our life easy by using. Smartphones can also be quite helpful while planning any event or occasion. Android users have a benefit to download such apps which can be really helpful while every event that you manage. So if you’re an Android use then must check out my recommended best event planning apps. Don’t forget to give your views about these applications and must share this article, if you find help here.

1. Pocket Planner

Pocket Planner is a best portable application like as its name. It plays a big role to plan every event that you gonna do. This app makes it truly simple for you to recognize what will be needed for the occasion and how everything will in the function. It’s a very simple and decent app and you can download it free from Google Play Store.

2. Wedding Planner

You know what, it’s very difficult to arrange a wedding. But this app is especially designed for wedding planners. The app displays everything about your guests, number of guests and visitors, their information and other important data about them that you should know. Similarly, this app also helps to manage your budget and recommends you How to manage financial plan for wedding. So must get this apps from Google Play Store, if you’re an Android user and a wedding planner too.

3. Schedule Planner

This app, I mean Schedule planner offers to create charts and calendar about your events. You can do everything that you do on a paper same like if you create a chart for planning and you divide it in different categories or whatever you do so that’s all you can also do on your smartphone with Schedule Planner. This app also shows statistics about your every plan and displays a result of your schedule. So that’s an interesting and additional stuff in this app. You can get Schedule planner directly from Google Play Store. So get this one and make any occasion simpler.

4. Super Planner

Super planner is an Android application for all those individuals who are not expert in arranging occasions. So with a single pack, you can manage events and occasions finely. It additionally helps you to ascertain costs for the nourishment and refreshments, so you know the extent to which you'll be using on those things. There are a considerable measure of gimmicks in the application that you can make utilization of to accomplish things. You can get it in $9.99 from Google Play Store.

3 Best Tools To Customize Windows 7 and 8 Start Menus

3 Best Tools To Customize Windows 7 and 8 Start Menus
Tools To Customize Windows 7 and 8 Start Menus
Main Image Source: How To Geek

If you’ve bored from your old start menu style, so the time over is to be bored. Below I’m sharing few light softwares to change theme of start menus. So if you’ve installed Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 then must check out below listed tools and change design or theme of your Windows start menus.

From Microsoft’s first operating system to Windows 7, if you notice, so there’s no big difference between all start menus. First time Microsoft introduced some thing new in Windows 8, but due to the lots of bugs and issues, this operating system had been considered a flop version. But still there are some people who like Windows 8. They like its theme, its speed and more other stuff which make this operating system more attractive. If you also like Windows 8 or 8.1 but don’t like its start menu and due to its start menu, if you’re not using so must try below tool which makes Windows 8 or 8.1 start menu like Windows 7’s start menu.

Similarly, if you’re Windows 7 user then must try first tool in below list. You will also like Windows 7 new start menu.

1. Start Menu 7

Tools To Customize Windows 7 and 8 Start Menus
This one tool is for Windows 7 users. Actually, it helps to minimize start menu icons which makes start menu look more better. It also increases transparency and placement of icons. You can customize overall start menu according to your wish. It is available in both normal and professional versions.

It works very simple. There’s no professional science behind this. Actually, this tool replaces the original start menu and shows its own menu which is very similar to default menu. It adds itself in autostart list while installation. So you can manage this by using ‘msconfig’.

Once the programs installed, so you can manage all programs settings by clicking on programs icon at right bottom notification area. So try it and change something new in your Windows 7.

2. Start Menu 8

Tools To Customize Windows 7 and 8 Start Menus
Start menu 8 is especially designed for Windows 8 or 8.1 users. This tool offers to change its own provided menu from default. Basically, Windows 8 or 8.1 start menu when opens then it reserves a full screen that may waste time of some users. So if you want to make Windows 8 start menu be like Windows 7 so this one tools is best for you. Everything is fine and light. It’s smooth in running and never reserves huge CPU usage. So must try it and give your opinions about it via comment below.

3. Jet Start

Tools To Customize Windows 7 and 8 Start Menus
This tool is basically for both users, I mean Windows 7 and 8 . But it’s fully supported for 8 users. This offers you to quickly access your favorite applications. In this tool, you can manage shortcuts by dragging and dropping upportunity and you can also launch couple of programs together at same time. It’s seriously awesome and very different from other. Some people would like to use, but some won’t use it more. This tool is available on both free and paid versions. Paid version is ‘Jetstart Pro’ which has following additional features:


  • You can make your own categories.
  • Auto-start controller for applications.
  • You can set hotkeys to open applications directly.

Final Words

So, these were 3 tools, which are best in my views. Must install and use them. I hope, everybody will love to use. If you know about more other similar tools then must share via comment below and don’t forget to share this article, if you think, this is really helpful.

If you’ve also used any one in above mentioned tools, so must give your views about them and share your opinions via comment. Your support will encourage us.

3 Different Ways To Transfer Files From Android To PC

3 Different Ways To Transfer Files From Android To PC
Methods To Transfer Files From Android To PC
Whenever if you need to transfer files from Android to PC, then you use different methods to transfer. Majority of us knows only one way via Data Cable. Transferring through data cable is a very good and easy way. But sometimes, it may be harmful. Actually, if you don’t know that is transferring device secure or not then you can get into a trouble. Well! That doesn’t matter, which way you use. But it’s important that how many ways do you know about to transfer files or data from Android to PC. It’s important because suppose if you know, only one way to transfer via data cable, but cable is not available at that time then what would you do?

So that’s why every user should know about other ways too. Here In this article, I shared 3 ways to transfer data. Using data cable is very easy and most of us knows also. But transferring via Bluetooth and Wifi are not very common. So if you don’t know about two other ways then must try to know. These may be helpful for you in a difficult time.

1. Through Data Cable

As I said above, this way is very common. But always remember, it’s very effective too. According to a survey, there are lots people who used this way and faced different problems while using. So first thing about it, this way may be effective and second is, sometimes it creates bug or lag while transferring and doesn’t complete transferring process completely. But don’t worry if you transfer your data by following my steps then you can do the process completely and secure. So to secure transferring, when you connect your Android device with computer then select USB tethering option in Settings > Tethering and Portable hotspot. Now, turn your attention to your Windows computer and open Windows Explorer and search for your connecting Android device, that should be displayed by Model name.

An important note, if you’re connecting Android device first time, then Windows will take few moments and show some drivers that may be necessary or not. If you think that you won’t connect this device again then skip all updates and just follow above. Otherwise, install updates first and then connect your device.

2. By Using Wifi

Connecting via Wifi is another best way, but majority of us is not aware about it. From recently few years, Android manufacturers have been introducing direct wifi support. It’s very similar as Bluetooth, but transferring through Wifi is much faster. This way doesn’t work easily. You have to use an app to take over this. SuperBeam is a free application to do this work, but here you will have to use its pro version to connect android device with PC via Wifi.

When this app installed on your Android device, now you’ll need to use Windows Companion app which requires Java runtime environment to run. So after that, run this and select ‘Receive’ and press the Enter. Your data will be transferred. Transferring speed depends on size and device distance. Although primarily used as a Wifi direct app, but SuperBeam also supports NFC, sharing through QR code and also using existing Wifi networks for sharing.

3. Via Bluetooth

This way is especially for those, who have Bluetooth opportunity. New generation laptops have Bluetooth option for connectivity. So if you’ve a laptop then you should apply this one way also. So simply enable both devices Bluetooth options and establish connection between them. After that, chose your transferring file in Android device that you wanna migrate. Use Android share button to use Bluetooth to share data and select your PC in the subsequent list. Find the Bluetooth icon in the system tray meanwhile in Windows, then right-click and select Receive a file and click Next to transfer.

Once everything has been done, I mean transferred. A notice, you will receive that “The file transfer has completed successfully.” That’s it!


So these were 3 different ways to trasnfer file or data from Android to PC. Actually, we are not aware much, but can we not be? So this article is covered on three different methods to transfer file or data from Android to PC. First method is very common, i've already said about it, but second and third are quite hard, but useful. So must try them, if whenever you get a chance for connectivity between Android and PC.

Give your views about this article and must share with others, if you find help here.

Top 6 Ways to Get More Comments On Your Blog

Top 6 Ways to Get More Comments On Your Blog
Top 6 Ways to Get More Comments On Your Blog
It is the dream of every blogger to get more comments on his/her blog and you put your maximum efforts in order to ensure the same as well. However, in spite of working hard to the fullest, if you don’t get enough visitors by way of comments then you feel demoralized. However, in order to end this depression and anxiety, I am writing the post where I will be telling the top 6 ways to get more comments on your blog:

1. Help Visitors Subscribe To Newsletter

A first time visitor will in all probability never comment on the blog. As a result, the best thing which can be done at this point in time is to convince him/her to subscribe to newsletters. It will help you to build community around your blog.

2. Comment On Other Blogs

Bloggers should never wait for others to comment on their blogs first. They should start commenting on other blogs as it will break the ice amongst the members of the blogging community. The earlier you start with the same, the better it is going to be for you.

3. Promote Your Blog To The Fullest

Promotion has its own importance which can’t be neglected as it directly helps others know about your blog. What a better way to promote your blog these days than social media sites, as Facebook and Twitter have offered the best platform to promote. Isn't it?

4. Do Lots Of Interaction

There isn’t a better way to maintain the interest of readers than interacting with them. So, try to interact with them by way of responding to the comments. This will make them feel loved and they will respond all the more as well. Needless to say, that it is another one of the top 6 ways to get more comments on your blog.

5. Cement Relations With The People Of Blogging World

These days no matter in whatever field you are in, you have far greater chance to succeed, if you have well cemented relations. Therefore, strengthen relations with your fellow bloggers, since the more you will cement relations, the better it will be for you as others will show love and care for you and you will also reciprocate the gesture as well.

6. Make The Blog Interesting By Inviting Lots Of Questions

A blog which has lots of questions turn out to be quite innovative and interesting as it directly enhances the charisma of visitors. Therefore, make no mistake of involving lots of questions in the blog, in order to make it extremely interesting. Isn’t it great?


Hence, this is how you are able to get more comments on your blog. All you should do is to strictly follow on the above tips, in order to see the pleasant difference yourself. These are the tips which will act as a sure cut way of getting more comments on your blog. Therefore, don’t overlook them especially as you are looking to become a popular blogger.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
This is a guest post written by Kuldeep, He writes about Android Tips, Android News, Android Tutorials, rooting Guides such as Root Kindle Fire HD 8.9 on his blog DroidCular.

Top 5 Amazing Features In Microsoft Outlook 2013

Amazing Features In Microsoft Outlook 2013
Outlook 2013, has received much appreciation from the users around the world. Basically, one can say that it’s the same Outlook with enhanced features incorporated to support touch-enabled devices. Let us analyze how the new features, modifications and alterations have diversified the look and working of the new Microsoft Outlook 2013. Here, the five extremely appreciated features are discussed in detail that improve the working of Outlook.

Experience The New Outlook

Microsoft Outlook has come up with a new look to offer users with an environment which is free from any kind of clutter. At the same time,the overall appearance of the interface is simple and bright, it does not distract users from their work.The main intention behind this design was give the users a new experience to improve the productivity of work.

1. Better Clarity Of Unread Messages:

Whenever users get back to their Outlook account after a break, the most important thing is to go through the list of unread messages that came down into their account. In Outlook 2010, a user was only provided the option to view unread emails by selecting the Filter email option, and then choosing Unread. And it would display all the unread emails.

Amazing Features In Microsoft Outlook 2013
In Outlook 2013, the user just needs to click once on the Unread tab right at the top of their inbox and all the message that are not read will be displayed all together. After viewing the messages, the user can get back to the normal inbox view by clicking on “All” options button just right near it.

2. Get An Instant Preview Of Message Content:

Conventionally, in all other previous versions of Outlook, a user gets to see the sender's name and subject line for each email in the inbox. In order to view the main content of the message, one has to double click or click it once to see it in the preview pane.

Amazing Features In Microsoft Outlook 2013
Outlook 2013, supports a convenient and quick approach to access the message body content of email messages from the inbox without necessarily opening them. The user can set a preview of 1 line, 2 lines, and 3 lines of the message content for an email. This is indeed a great method to check out messages without opening them individually, one by one. Also, there is an option to reply back or forward the messages right from the preview without having to moving to the ribbon again and again.

3. Feature of Zooming Emails:

On the basis of the user’s screen resolution or size, the text of the message might be too small or large to view it comfortably. In Order to enhance the visibility of messages, Outlook 2013 comes with an inbuilt feature called Zoom slider. Now, users can enjoy the zoom in feature. They can drag the zoom slider which is available at the right bottom corner of Outlook in order to zoom the content of their email. However, the other messages remain unaffected while this feature is being used on a mail.

Amazing Features In Microsoft Outlook 2013

4. Reminder of Missing Attachments:

In Outlook 2013, there is a feature which can detect if an attachment was accidentally or unknowingly disregard from the message before sending the email. It will notify the user before sending the message. Thus, giving the users a chance to insert the attachment if they have forgotten to do so.

Users can turn off the Attachment Reminder by selecting “Don’t show this message again” in the dialog box or by going to File, Options, Mail and under Send messages, selecting “Warn me when I send a message that may be missing an attachment”.

Amazing Features In Microsoft Outlook 2013
This feature comes as a convenient option for users who usually forget to clip the attachments with their emails. It must be noted that the above-mentioned feature is only available with the English version of Outlook 2013.

5. Alteration of the Color Theme:

Users have a choice to embellish Outlook 2013 with a better visual display by selecting from a number of theme backgrounds such as calligraphy, clouds, stars, etc. Office 2013 has a default color theme of white. To change the color theme, here’s the process which we'll illustrate how to do it.

On the General Tab, select the drop down arrow under the Office theme, choose a color from the list of options. The available options are White, Light Gray, and Dark Gray. This changes the color of the navigation bars.

Amazing Features In Microsoft Outlook 2013
Note: The feature works only with Office 2013 RTM “Release to Manufacturer”. Users cannot change the theme color in the preview.
The new model of Outlook has been shaped to gear up the performance level. Certainly, Microsoft has succeeded in trying to position themselves as inventors and transformational. Outlook 2013 looks bright and provides advanced features to make the tasks of user more productive yet simple. However, unlike other Office 2013 programs, in case of Outlook 2013 it will not work if a previous version of Outlook is still running on the background.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
As author of MS Outlook Tools, Peter has experience more than 20 years in IT industry and he is now working with an expert data recovery firm. He has quality expertise in the Office products, especially in Microsoft Outlook and love to solve users query such as How to perform PST recovery, Outlook tips & tricks, fixes for Outlook errors, etc.

How To Become A Computer Genius or Expert

How To Become A Computer Genius or Expert
Due to the day by day successively growing foundations of IT (Information Technology), now everybody wants to become a computer expert especially our new generation or youngsters. So for that, they join computer institutes or different academies to become an expert of computer. But always remember, to learn anything you must have a passion for it. If you’ve a passion or dedication then you can learn anything or even everything without any external resources like academies, institutes etc.

To become a computer expert in today’s era, you don’t need now to do extra effort. Its 21st century and to learn anything else about, a majority of us don’t prefer books. We prefer to use the internet. This phrase has now become so old that nobody is better than a book. I accept that books are very good friend. But now internet is too. Internet is not just a good friend, it has another disguise, a devil face. Now it depends on us how we take it. As a negative friend or positive? If we use it to learn then it will give us lots of benefits in return. But if we use the internet for pornography or waste our time on facebook, twitter etc so we are losing ourselves.

Well! I just want to awake those who are wasting their valuable time on the internet. Those users who wanna become a computer expert to impress your family, friends etc so below I’m gonna share few basic and common ways to increase information about computer. Just follow below and increase your skills without facing any trouble.

Learn About Basic Hardwares

The first and basic stuff is try to learn about basic hardwares of computer. Because it is important. You should have knowledge about processor, RAM, Hard drive (HDD), Solid state drive (SSD), Graphics card (GPU) etc. Once you learnt about them then you can proceed to learn more easily. To do that, simply open your system case and try to check which type of RAM is installed DDR2, DDR3 or DDR4? Furthermore check your Processor, Hard drive, Graphics card etc. After that try to learn about operating system especially about Windows, Mac and Linux. Learn tricks and secrets of operating system (OS) and try to apply them. Search articles of How to’s on the internet and follow them. Please remember one thing that if you’re learning about tricks but not applying them so you’re wasting your time. Practically applying is necessary.

With learning about it, I have a recommendation for you that try to make friends who have knowledge and also learning like you. Because you can discuss and increase your knowledge from this way. Try to join computer related groups and communities on Facebook and Google+, and ask questions here and share knowledge as well. You can also like pages of tricks so that you can in touch with new updates.

Internet Is The Best Teacher

Internet is an excellent teacher. As we know if we search about anything else on the internet, so it gives us a specific best result. That’s why we can consider to internet as a good teacher. Try to make a habit that whenever you get free then search about new upcoming products like Graphics card, latest softwares, news about technology on the internet and try to increase your knowledge as much as possible for you. So first thing is to search on Google or Bing. Second is to be connect with social sites and join different groups for discussion and connectivity.

You can join different groups on Facebook, communities on Google+ and linkedIn. Similarly, try to add yourself in lists on Twitter which are related to computers, tech news etc and follow various computer experts.
How To Become A Computer Genius or Expert

Learn Programming or Other Languages

Learning about languages is another step to increase your skills. Because every computer expert knows computer languages like programming, web developing etc. Even hacking is good if you learn ethical hacking, otherwise not. But to do it, you must have to know about coding. Without coding, how can you do?

To learn computer languages, there are lots of institutes or academies but you have to pay money. So learn it through the internet. There are many books available on the internet that will definitely help you to learn about languages. Furthermore, there are also available many websites. You can create an account on them and start your programming course free online. Recently, I also wrote an article “3 Websites To Learn Free Programming And Coding Online”. So must check out my recommended sites and start your learning for programming from today.

Seek or Learn About Softwares and Applications

Understanding of softwares is extremely important. Because in today’s era, sofrwares are playing an important role in computers technology. So it’s important to know which software is used for what purpose. Learn about MS Office, Adobe, Sony Vegas etc. Different sites on the internet like Filehippo, CNET, Softonic etc are there that provide software legally without viruses or scams. So again saying internet is the best teacher. Search on the internet to know about softwares. Watch tutorials on youtube for quick learning.

Final Opinion

So these are some basic highlighted ways that will help you to become a computer expert. If you have a dedication and want to do hard work so you can do it easily. Actually it’s all about the priority and passion. You don’t have money but if you seriously want to become an expert of computer, just follow above. Once you started basic mentioned ways, after that you will be understood everything about it and you would be able to find more ways too.

Well! if you think this article is helpful for all who are interested in becoming computer expert, so do not forget to share it with them. If you also want to suggest some other ways or want to give us tips, so you can via comment below.

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Should Have Extensions For Google Chrome Users

Should Have Extensions For Google Chrome
There are in the huge amount of extensions available on Google Web Store. Obviously, you are confused to find useful extensions for you because in a large quantity, it's very hard to find useful and according to your choice. But don't panic, we are here to help you. Below we shared cool, awesome, useful etc extensions with different categories like Protection & Privacy, Entertainment, Productivity, Social, News & weather etc for you.

News & Weather

1. Weather Watcher Live:

Should Have Extensions For Google Chrome
Weather Watcher live extension is very useful for find the weather update. You can customize it to show personalized locations and preferred units of measurement. It also provides both the current and upcoming weather outlook for your location.

2. RSS Subscription Extension:

Should Have Extensions For Google Chrome
RSS Subscription Extension is basically for webmasters or other. It's not for normal users but they can use it. It will automatically place a RSS subscription button in Chrome’s Omnibox when you visit a page that supports RSS. You can add any web-based feed reader to the extension by clicking the ‘Manage’ option in the drop-down box, though you’ll need the appropriate URL for your reader of choice.

3. Gravity Highlighter:

Should Have Extensions For Google Chrome
Gravity Highlighter used to find the content that you’ll be most interested in, saving you time and hassle. Just install the extension and let's start. soon it’ll be highlighting the stories it knows you’ll be most interested in on any given site. soon it’ll be highlighting the stories it knows you’ll be most interested in on any given site.

Privacy And Protection

1. Disconnect:

Should Have Extensions For Google Chrome
Disconnect helps to increase the quality of your Wi-Fi and bandwidth optimization features. Thus preventing attackers from using stolen cookies to access personal data without having to know your password. It also provides a good feature to increase websites load up to 27 percent faster when being used.

2. Ghostery:

Should Have Extensions For Google Chrome
Ghostery helps to block ads of the websites. You can block all types of ads including adult ads content by using this. If you want to protect yourself and also want that your children keep it safe from adult ads then you should use Ghostery.

3. AdBlock:

Should Have Extensions For Google Chrome
AdBlock is one of the most used Chrome extensions with 40 million users. It also work like Ghostery. But it is most popular and useful extension than other. Try it and hope you will be more satisfied from this.

4. LastPass:

Should Have Extensions For Google Chrome
It helps us to save password on Google Chrome Browsers. I know Google chrome also provides this facility to save any password of any account like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. But LastPass saves and encrypts your passwords on the LastPass web server and helps us to login in one click.

5. ScriptSafe:

Should Have Extensions For Google Chrome
ScriptSafe works like Disconnect. Means it helps us to increase websites load up to 27 percent faster when being used. On the flipside, it’s easy-to-use interface will guide you, making sure you only load the scripts that are needed for the content you want to see.


1. Save To Google Drive:

Should Have Extensions For Google Chrome
Through this, you can add new content to your Google Drive Account with a single click.

2. PushBullet:

Should Have Extensions For Google Chrome
It brings up your computer and phone, or connect to each other. It lets you receive alerts from your Android or iPhone directly in your browser and provides a way to easily share media and other content. You can mute unimportant apps and can also respond directly from your computer for certain apps.

3. Capture and Annotate:

Should Have Extensions For Google Chrome
If you are an online worker and need to get quick screen shot of your Google Chrome page then it's very useful for you. It helps to take screen shot of your any page quickly.

4. Google Translate:

Should Have Extensions For Google Chrome
By using this, you can translate whole page, selective portion or any words which you can't understand due to another language.

Social Networks

1. Google+ Notifications:

Should Have Extensions For Google Chrome
Through this extension, You can get all your google+ notifications without opening Google+ page.

2. Silver Bird:

Should Have Extensions For Google Chrome
Once installed, Silver Bird makes it possible to access Twitter functions from a button in the Chrome interface.

3. Facebook For Chrome:

Should Have Extensions For Google Chrome
Chrome Extension for Facebook is an unofficial extension with incredibly easy access to your Facebook news, notifications, and friends right from your Chrome toolbar.


Above are some useful extensions for Google Chrome users. Hope these would be better. But if you know about more better extensions than above then don't forget to share via comment.

5 Brilliant Ways To Earn Money Online

5 Brilliant Ways To Earn Money Online
In today's era, making money is becoming very difficult. We have to face many challenges then we earn some money. But as we know, its 21st century and the world of internet is growing very fast. So why should we not earn money through it?

If you're an internet user, but wasting your time on social media or playing online games then you're a fool. You can earn money via internet too. You know what, due to the rapidly growing foundations of technology, it has been so much easier for people in today's era that every age of people can make money via internet. You can also, but for that skills matter the most. Well! there are several ways for making money. But below are some recommended ways that are suitable for every type of user.

Actually, the purpose behind to share this post is just that people who are unemployed or free at their homes and wanna earn money, so internet is really best for them. Try some below brilliant ways to make many via internet and must share this article. I hope, this article will help to grow awareness about the importance of internet.

5 Brilliant Ways To Earn Money Online

So guys here are some ways to earn money through the internet. But I think, a question should some in your mind that "How much can I earn money?" If you've this question, that's great. Actually, there's no limit. You can earn 1$ per day, even $100 or sometimes you can also earn $1000 per day or per month finely. So there's no limit for that. It depends on your work, I mean hard work. The more work, you do then you can earn more.

1. Blogging

5 Brilliant Ways To Earn Money Online
After read title of blogging, most people may be thinking about it. What's blogging or what's that etc. I know, almost 70% of people are not aware about it. But believe me, there's no any best way on the internet to make money. This is one of the most excellent way to earn money online. But what is blogging? Here's a short definition.

"Each and every skill you need to run and manage a Blog is called blogging. Blogging includes Skills Like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Writing, Editing and Publishing Posts, Designing and Maintaining the Design of your Website, etc."

So, if you think that you can manage a blog finely, then you should start blogging. I know, it may be hard and lots of newbie will do such mistakes at start of blogging that might be harmful for them. But remember, if you've a dedication and hard work then you can do everything that you want.

So create your own blog and start blogging from today. Here's an article link of quick guide to start blogging for all beginners.

2. Work As An Online Author

5 Brilliant Ways To Earn Money Online
Yes! It's true that Blogging is not easy. It's very difficult for all those who didn't ever do this. Because we have to learn about it first then we can manage a blog, otherwise no benefit. But working as a online author is also best. If you think, you're good in writing articles then you should work as an online author. You can contract with other different sites to write articles then they will hire you and they will pay you too for that.

At the start, It might be possible for you that you're not writing good. But don't worry, when you'll be in practice then your writing skills will also increase as well. Well! for your help, here I shared some article links to write attractive and best articles. Must read them and make yourself like a professional.

3. Make Videos For Youtube

5 Brilliant Ways To Earn Money Online
This way is for those who think they are confident and best in presentation. Lots people are there on Youtube who are making money. They actually have grown their channels from videos that's why they have visitors and subscribers to watch videos. That's why Adsense Ads are monetized on their channels and they are earning from it.

Actually, Youtube is one and only place which offers to monetize videos with Adsense. What is Adsense? do you have this question? Alright, if you know about it, so that's great, but if you don't then visit this link and read this.

So, you can create a channel on different categories like tutorials, reviews etc. If you're gamer then you can also create your own channel. You can record and upload gameplays of different games and then you can earn.

4. Online Coding

5 Brilliant Ways To Earn Money Online
If you're a programmer or know about coding then you can this way is just for you. In this way, just take the project, build it, test it, submit it and get the payment. That's all. It does not matter which language or coding or platform you can work on, you can find jobs for all. Freelancer website does the job of connecting programmer's with clients. Similarly, you can also submit your skill to different sites like fiverr.com etc. These websites have such customers who need people like you.

So, if you think you can do this work or you are perfect for it then start making money from today. Also learn more and build your skills as well.

5. Work As A Websites, Domains Seller etc

5 Brilliant Ways To Earn Money Online
If you're not fit with all above then work as a website or domain seller. This is very easy. You won't have more work to do and you can earn money. Simply, buy domains with different unique names and then sell to people with your comission or profit. Just invest money at start and then grow foundations of your business as professional.

There are several websites to buy domains or get hosting. Go daddy, Host Gator, Name Cheap, Big Rock are one of them. It might be possible that you're not aware about domain and hosting.

Find out your favourite job at Jooble.

Final Opinions

So guys these are some brilliant ways to make money online at home. I know, these ways may also be hard or difficult for you. But remember, every work requires hard work. So to start online business, you must have to do work hard at start. So must try these ways and don't forget to share this article, if you find help here. Must share your own ways also via comment below.

How To Structure A Perfect linkedIn Profile

How To Structure A Perfect linkedIn Profile
How To Structure A Perfect linkedIn Profile
LinkedIn! one of the largest social media for internet marketers. People use this huge network to grow their online or offline businesses by introducing or sharing links. If you're also an internet marketer and wanna get attractions of people, so your profile must be complete or proper like as a professional. Of course, you should know how to manage your profile, how you behaviour should be with your connections etc. So that's all can build up your LinkedIn profile successfully. I know it may be difficult, but you can make it easy by following mentioned tips in below infographic. I hope, this infographic will help you and solve every problem that you're facing with your official LinkedIn profile.

How To Structure A Perfect linkedIn Profile
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3 Best Android Video Player Apps

3 Best Android Video Player Apps
If you are an Android user, then it's mean you have a portable movie theater. In the modern world, Everything seems to be getting little. Before, people went to Cinema Houses for watching their favourite movies. But due to the technology mean Smartphones, now you can watch your favourite anytime and anywhere.

Android phones are really a big invention in the field of Information Technology. If you have a right knowledge then you can get many benefits from it and can make your daily life easily. Basically in this article, I shared best Video Players for Android. You know what if you know about the best Video Players for Android then you can easily enjoy your Videos or movies every time.

I already mentioned, if you have an android phone then you can enjoy from it very much. You can get many advantages and benefits from it. In above paragraph, I told that Android phone is a portable movie theater. You can watch movies and videos where you want. But for watch movies or videos in your Android phone you must have a good video player. So if you'll not choose best video player for android device then can never watch your favorite easily and comfortable.

So, if you don't have a right knowledge about best videos players for Android then don't panic. Basically, this article is only recommended for those who don't know about the best video players for Android. If you're in one them then read this article, Below are some best and top 3 video players that are fully trusted and free from any virus or spam.

3 Best Video Players For Android

Here are best video players for Android. You can download free from Google Play Store without any malware or spam.

1. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a best for all OS like PC, Mac, Android, IOS etc. It is the best open-source media player which plays your files with almost every known video and audio formats, Along with it, it can also be employed for online streaming media for which most of media players fails. You can download VLC media player for your android mobile device and can play videos and audios through this great media player.


  • Plays all files, in all formats, like the classic VLC.
  • Audio and video media library, with full search.
  • Support for network streams, including HLS.
  • Supports Android from version 2.1 (platform-7).
  • Supports ARMv6, ARMv7, MIPS and x86.
  • Supports secondary display.

2. MX Player

MX Player is the best way to watch movies on your smartphone. MX Player has tons of support for different subtitles. It is a capable multi-group feature player for Android gadgets. The greatest quality of MX Player is that it can play a wide mixed bag of configurations. MX Player additionally claims to be the first Android feature player to bolster multi-center interpreting and that its 70% speedier than single-center gadgets. MX Player has standard controls. You can zoom in and out by squeezing and swiping over the screen however interestingly, you can control the scrolling velocity of subtitles which is valuable for little screens. Indeed, MX Player bolsters one of the most stretched out scope of subtitle configurations you'll discover including .SSA, .SMI and .SUB formats.


  • Play almost all formats like .3gp .avi .divx .f4v .flv .mkv .mp4 .mpeg .mov .vob .wmv .webm .xvid etc.
  • Network stream playback.
  • Move forward/backward. (Optional)
  • A-B repeat.
  • Aspect ratio selection.
  • Deinterlacing. (S/W decoder only)
  • Previews while seeking.
  • Hardware decoding.
  • Better hi10p support.
  • Processor optimization.

3. Dice Player

Dice Player is a HW accelerated Media player for android. It's best for Dual Core/High end devices for running 720p MKV/AVI. It use HW video decoder at various containers and audio codecs combination. It's also supported to SSA,SMI,SRT, MKV subtitle extraction and Unicode/Multibyte charset. It's very light for all android mobile devices like Samsung Galaxy all series, HTC etc.


  • Supported formats AVI, MOV, MKV, FLV, AVI, 3GP, 3G2, ASF, WMV, MP4, M4V, TP, TS, MTP, M2T
  • MKV subtitle extraction supported.
  • Unicode/Multibyte charset supported.
  • HTTP Live Streaming with multiple bitrate.

Best PDF Readers For Android

Best PDF Readers For Android
It is very difficult to read PDF files. To read PDF files you must have some softwares if you are using your computer. Then download and after installation takes some considerable time. But you want to read your PDF Files without any software, so most of the popular websites are available on internet that help you to read PDF Files online. PC users will make it work smoothly, but what Android users do? If they do the same thing on your Android device? For Android users, many apps are available on Google Play Store. But there are in hudge amount of apps that are available. In which, most apps are useless. Here are some useful apps that we have shared with you after check.

1. Adobe Reader

Best PDF Readers For Android
Adobe Reader one of the best choice of all Android users. It's the free trusted standard for reliably viewing, printing, and annotating PDF documents. It's the only PDF file viewer that can open and interact with all types of PDF content, including forms and multimedia. Adobe's PDF Reader typically lets Android managers immediately open PDFs that they've downloaded from a program or have gotten in email connections. It packs in multitouch signals for zooming, scene introduction, and a device that will resize the content on wide archives to fit your telephone's restricted screen. We discovered it to work well, even on huge records. A 12MB, picture-rich PDF record we had downloaded in Android's stock program opened up in only four seconds and zoomed around like spread on a hot skillet. A piece of the explanation behind that will be that the product just renders around four pages of a long archive at once, and will stack in the rest when you stop. This would make it hard to pinpoint a particular piece of a report by sight, yet for most other perusing undertakings it does fine and dandy.

The genuine killjoy is the slack that happens when zooming, as it takes the product a second or two to rerender the content and pictures. This may not appear like a major ordeal, yet it can be irritating when attempting to examine a substantial report that obliges a great deal of zooming around; media-rich PDFs appeared to exasperate this. Adobe Reader is somewhat overwhelming for an application of this sort. By correlation, the free form of QuickOffice's PDF peruser that comes preinstalled on the Nexus One is only 36KB. Adobe's application likewise obliges Android 2.1 or higher, which implies clients without a Droid, Nexus One, Eris, or the other modest bunch of 2.1 gadgets will be left in the dust.

2. CamScanner

Best PDF Readers For Android
CamScanner is a must-have application for your Android phone. With CamScanner, your mobile phone is actually a portable scanner, with which all your PDF Files, paper documents, receipts, notes, whiteboard discussions can be archived anywhere and anytime. You can Use your phone camera to scan receipts, notes, invoices, whiteboard discussions, business cards, certificates, etc. Smart cropping and auto enhancing make the texts and graphics look clear and sharp in it. You can Easily share docs in PDF or JPEG format with others via social media, email attachment or sending the doc link.

3. Kingsoft Office

Best PDF Readers For Android
Kingsoft Office commonly known as WPS Office, for Android allows you to get your work done no matter where you are.WPS Office issues you the capacity to open, make, and send an extensive variety of office-related documents. The latest upgrade enhanced the client interface and expanded soundness and included "Word Count" to the Reader. This product runs extremely smooth and displays all records in an expansive and simple to-peruse group.

WPS Office can deal with the most widely recognized records available, for example, PDF, DOC, and PPT, and issues you numerous apparatuses, in the same way as textual style and section arranging, to make excellent archives. We found that a number of the included gimmicks contrasted sensibly and PC renditions. Windows are effortlessly explored, and all content and pictures are shown to a great extent on the primary screens. The report, presentation, and spreadsheet makers all have an open vibe and can be worked with no disappointment.

We noticed that WPS Office ran with no lapses and took care of the majority of our summons, for example, sparing and opening documents with velocity. This application offers an encryption characteristic when sparing archives, issuing you an additional layer of solace. In spite of the fact that WPS Office presents you with connections to online networking and different sites, it doesn't offer any immediate bolster alternatives. The site can be gotten to remotely, yet it is as yet amazing that no assistance is offered from inside the application.

4. SmartQ Reader

Best PDF Readers For Android
SmartQ Reader is an extremely skilled PDF peruser, good with both tablets and smartphones and it packs a complete arrangement of documentation devices that work extraordinary. Perusing PDF records is truly simple to the eye as it appears the application has been incredibly advanced for present day telephones and tablets. The drawback of that advancement is that you won't have the capacity to utilize this application is you have a telephone with a screen determination lower than 320 x 480 pixels.

SmartQ Reader can arrange your PDF records in a rack or rundown view, yet you can utilize the inherent document adventurer to search for that PDF you know is in your gadget, however does not demonstrate on the rundown (or you basically overlooked where it was). The record adventurer is not restricted to nearby documents, however, as it can be utilized to inquiry different records and archives on the web. Once your PDF accumulation is finished, you can order your documents as indicated by your inclination utilizing the included Drag 'n Drop technique. On the off chance that you have a few documents you don't need other individuals to see, there is the choice of making an extraordinary "bolted" classification that must be gotten to with a secret word.

The PDF rendering motor is quick and exact, you can zoom in and out without issues and activities, for example, Keyword seeking, opening connections or including and evacuating bookmarks is smooth. Setting off to the following page or, past page is a simple undertaking; simply swipe the pages or utilize the four-way control that can be arranged inside the application. Concerning the content, you can duplicate, highlight, pursuit, impart or send it to interpretation and install remarks utilizing the included documentation apparatuses. Despite the fact that SmartQ peruser does not have a high difference mode to further enhance understanding, it offers highly contrasting, traditional and rearranged showcase modes, which are certainly an or more, particularly for the outwardly weakened individuals.

SmartQ peruser is an effective yet helpful PDF perusing application and it is extremely direct. In the event that you have a gadget with a decent screen determination you will perceive how great and proficient is the content rendering even on some old single-center processors. The main thing that keeps us from setting it in any case, is that there are some similarity issues with the remarks and documentations you do utilizing SmartQ. Now and then, a few remarks or documentations show handicapped and not very many didn't indicate by any means, nonetheless, this didnt' happen frequently and can't be viewed as an arrangement braker, as SmartQ Reader is one the best and 100% free PDF perusing applications out there.

Technology Behind The Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Technology Behind the Robotic Vacuum Cleaners
If cleaning duties are not your favorite activity, there is nothing to worry about. The constant advance of technologies has facilitated a lot busy people who find it difficult to manage with all the household activities. One of our best friends, when time for cleaning comes, is the vacuum cleaner. We have all used this wonderful machine, whenever we want to collect the dirt in the fastest way. During the last few years robotic vacuum cleaners have been created and they have really become a preferred option for many busy home owners. These fantastic gadgets are excellent for the complete cleaning of your home and now you can already possess one without any difficulty.

To understand what stands behind the technologies of these unique machines, you need to read the following lines. PerfectCleaning Muswell Hill will reveal to you the secret for the ideal functioning of robotic vacuum cleaners.

The Hardware Of The Robot

The robotic vacuum cleaner consists of vacuum that is mounted on a robot chassis. The hardware includes motors that are arranged in H-Bridge circuit. In this way a tank style turning and spot turning are performed. There is a microprocessor that is able of coordinating the motors and the sensors and in this way the robot can effectively navigate in the room.

The Sensors:

The robot vacuum cleaners are supplied with photo cell sensors that are located on the underside and that prevent the machines from edges like stairs and other types of rolling off edges.

Micro Switch Bump:

The micro switch bump sensors are considered the “eyes” the robot vacuum cleaner. They represent a combination of micro switch sensors that stop the functioning of the vacuum cleaner when it touches other objects and ultrasound sensors that co ordinates the robot for planning the distances.

The Batteries:

The batteries of the robot vacuum cleaners are usually nickel metal hydride batteries, however the lithium polymer batteries are also commonly observed.

The Software of the Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Other robotic vacuum cleaners are created simply and they use semi-random or spiral patterns. Such type of devices can make many passes over the surface if that is needed. If you compare the robot vacuum cleaners with the traditional vacuum cleaners, you can easily observe that they are slower. This is because of the small motors and also because of the fact that these machines need to make multiple passes. However, this could not be considered disadvantage, as the robot vacuum cleaners work efficiently while you take up with other activities, saving up a lot of time for the owners. These machines are constantly improving due to the advance of their microprocessor technology. In this way a complex software can be operated o on less expensive chips.

These are some details around the latest robotic vacuum cleaners. If you want to have your home cleaned in a perfect while you are busy with other important activities, you can be sure that these machines will become your best friend. They have proven their efficiency and they can be operated in an easy way by the users. If you still hesitate whether to change your traditional vacuum cleaner, with its modern version, we strongly advise you to do so. Your life will be facilitated and you will possess a modern robotic machine that will remove every pieces of dust and dirt from your surfaces.

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Smartphones Apps Development [IOS vs. Android]

Smartphones Apps Development [IOS vs. Android]
Every day the smartphone industry looks new heights in the sales of smartphones. While buying any smartphone, people keep in mind that which mobile operating system they should opt for.

This article covers two smartphone operating systems, Android and iOS. Both are popular and most used.

Till today, more than 1 billion smartphones have been sold. Android covers the largest market share of 80% and has popularity in developing countries where per capita income is low, whereas iOS sits in second place with a 15% market share and popularity in nations with high per capita incomes and developed countries.

Around 1.4 million apps have been published on Google Play Store and 85% apps of them are free while out of 1.3 million iOS apps published on iTunes, 25% are free and 32% apps have in-app purchases.

Between Android and iOS apps, iOS apps give more profit than android apps. There are 67% shopping apps for iOS and 33% shopping apps for Android phones. E-commerce sites get 60% visits from iPhones while 39% visits from Android phones. The average order value from iPhones is $118 and from Android phones is $112. Let’s talk about tablets, e-commerce sites get an 87% share of visits from iPad and 11% share from android tablets. The average order value from iPads is $160 and $107 is from android tablets.

Every month iOS apps see 19% of increase in sessions while android apps see an 18% increase in sessions. In the second quarter of the year 2014, iOS apps have generated $100 million revenue while $60 million revenue by android apps.

More information can be found in the below infographic.
Smartphones Apps Development [IOS vs. Android]

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