5 Basic Tips To Increase Gaming Performance On PC

Tips To Increase Gaming Performance On PC
If you’re looking ways about to increase gaming performance in PC, so the time is over now. This article covers on a complete basic guide to improve performance of PC gaming. Generally, games run on computer finely. But as time passes, different issues begin while playing games like hanging, low fps rate etc. So, in this condition, it’s not necessary that you’ve to need to upgrade your GPU now. Different issues may have possible behind. So, if this condition is with you then before upgrading or changing your GPU, follow below listed tips. It may possible, that your problem will solve after following them.

1. Get Updates For GPU Driver

One of the most interesting thing is driver. Lots of users are there, have graphics card but never think about to update its drivers or utilities. That’s why, they have to face problem like hanging bugs etc. So this is first and important stuff for every graphics card. If you’re a gamer then you should update your driver, when it gives notification to update.

Basically, drivers play an important role to run Hardwares. Without them, no any hardware can’t work. So, it’s not enough that you updated your GPU driver only, so that’s it. No, you must have to update other drivers also for your computer. Simply, update your Windows once, it will give every type of update that you need and then install all of them.

So there are only two companies which make GPU. First is an Nvidia and second is AMD. I hope, you are also a user of in one them. If you’re an Nvidia user then get your driver from here, but if you’re an AMD user then get your own from here.

2. Use GPU Overclocking Softwares

Overclocking tools is the best option to increase GPU performance. These tools help to boost up GPU. Simply by using these tools, you can easily increase Core Clock Speed, Memory Speed, Memory Bus, Memory Type, Memory Bandwidth, L2 Cache, Texture Rate, Pixel Rate, Shader Processing Units and Actual Shade Performance of GPU. Once these stuff increased then everything will be upgraded and from this way, your GPU will also upgrade.

Overclocking tools also monitor your CPU, GPU and other processes. While gaming, you can record or take screenshots of game plays. So in short, every gamer should use overclocking tools. If you’ve any problem in finding best overclocker for you, so don’t panic. Recently, I wrote an article "Best GPU Overclocking Softwares". So read this and choose best tool for you.

3. Don’t Forget To Close Start Up & Background Programs

This is a major mistake by every user that they don’t close programs and applications when they start to play. You know what, every program must reserves memory so when you play games as well as programs and applications then it creates a problem like hanging etc. while gaming. So must close all processes before gaming and then start game.

To end processes, Task manager is best. Simply open it and close every program one by one which is useless for you. Here in this article, I shared 5 best ways to open task Manager in Windows. So you can also take help to open task manager, if you don’t know about it.

Tips To Increase Gaming Performance On PC

4. Remove Useless Softwares or Programs

If you've installed useless or incompatible Softwares then remove now. Because these types of installed applications takes a huge part of hard disk that may be effected on HDD or SSDs cache. So if HDD or Hard disk cache effect then your gaming will be affected. Must remove them and free your operating system from useless or unnecessary applications and then enjoy your gaming.

5. Customize Video & Display Settings

After applying all, if games are not running fine then this one tip will be helpful. It’s possible that which game that you are playing is on high setting and your graphics card isn’t supporting. So try to set display and video setting of game to low and then play. Change resolution, anti-aliasing, motion blur, shades etc to low and then check. Hope, your game will run finely and better than before.

After everything and all, if games aren’t running good then now you need to change your graphics card. Because my above-mentioned tips are basic and highlighted. Except them it’s exacting hard that any issue is behind slow running game. So change your graphics card and find your best and budget card in this article “Best Budget Graphics Cards/GPU's for 2015 Gaming”.

Final Words

So guys, these are some general and basic tips to maintain performance of GPU. So must try before gaming and try to apply them. I can hope, this article will be helpful. After all, if you also want to suggest or recommend any tip then must share with us via comment below. At the end of this article, if you think this is really a helpful article then don’t forget to share it.
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