Benefits of PDF Unlocker over Manual Methods

Benefits of PDF Unlocker over Manual Methods
PDF stands for Portable Document Format and is used to store information in the form of text, hyperlinks, images, etc. A PDF file can be opened on different platforms irrespective of the Operating System.

Some of the advantages of using PDF files are:
  • There are no hardware or software limitations for opening a PDF file.
  • It can be used to store large amount of data and can be easily managed.
  • PDF files are provided with document level security.
  • If the size of a PDF increases a specific value, then it can also be compressed.

Security Of PDF Files

The PDF files are secured with two different types of passwords. User Level passwords restrict the opening of PDF files while in case of Owner Level password; you are permitted to restrict the printing, copying or editing the document. If a file is secured with User Level password, the file gets encrypted and in order to open such files you need to provide the password. However, if you are unaware of the password or fail to remember it, you need to crack the password in order to view the file. The difficulty in cracking the password depends on the encryption method and strength of the password. On the other hand Owner Level password does not apply encryption to the file rather it restricts the users. Nevertheless, one can easily remove the Owner password, using “PDF Unlocker” software.

How To Unlock A PDF File?

Copyright laws have been put into effect with characteristic features that stops distributing and duplicating the PDF files. The holder of a file limits the users to: print, copy, and edit the documents that are secured with Owner Level Password. However, if you require to copy, print or edit a file secured with user-level password, you need to follow these methods:

1. Using Google Drive

Google Drive is a file storage service that is created by Google. It allows you to store documents on the cloud and access them whenever required. In order to access the Drive, you need to have a free Google account. The following methods are followed to unlock a PDF file via Google Drive.
  • Click on the Gear icon that is provided on the top right corner in order to open the Setting Menu.
  • From the upload setting option, select “Convert Text from Uploaded PDF and Image Files”.
  • Benefits of PDF Unlocker over Manual Methods
  • Click on the red button provided next to create a button for adding files. A drop down menu will open containing the PDF files. Select the files that need to be unlocked.
  • Benefits of PDF Unlocker over Manual Methods
  • The file will be uploaded by the drive and a test document will be created in the folder of the drive.

Some of the restrictions of this method are:
  • Only owner level password will be removed.
  • Original formatting will not be preserved.
  • You can upload a file with a maximum size of 2 GB.

2. Using Online Solutions

There are a large number of online solutions using which you can remove the restrictions applied to the PDF files. One such solution is PDF Unlock. The basic steps to be followed for the above mention solution are:
  • Navigate to A screen will be opened as shown below.
  • Benefits of PDF Unlocker over Manual Methods
  • You can either drag a file or select it from the local machine using My Computer.
  • Benefits of PDF Unlocker over Manual Methods
  • Click on Unlock button for the initiation of the process.
  • After the completion of the process, the PDF file will be downloaded to the local machine.

Some of the limitations of the online solutions are:
  • The PDF files gets stored to the Server, hence, there can be outflow of the file.
  • It can unlock PDF files whose size is more than 5 GB.
  • Unlocking of PDF files depends on the speed of connection.

3. Using PDF Unlocker

One of the commercial solution to remove owner level restrictions from a PDF file is PDF Unlocker. It is a result oriented solution which can even work for the removal of password from the PDF files in batch. The main steps of the working of PDF Unlocker is described here:
  • Select the files whose security needs to be removed. You can also browse for the required file.
  • Benefits of PDF Unlocker over Manual Methods
  • Browse to provide the destinations path to save the resultant PDF file without restrictions. You can even create a new folder to save the resultant file from the panel of the software.
  • Benefits of PDF Unlocker over Manual Methods
  • Click on Unlock PDF to initiate the process.
  • Benefits of PDF Unlocker over Manual Methods

Some of the advantages of using PDF Unlocker are:
  • The steps followed are quite easy and simple.
  • The integrity of the file is maintained.
  • Advanced algorithm is used to handle data in a secure manner.

PDF Unlocker is a powerful application that removes Owner Level restrictions from a PDF file. It is equipped with distinguished features like; processing of files in batch (Business & Enterprise License), maintenance of hierarchy, and preview of security permissions. PDF Unlocker is prepared with the latest technology and concepts. Therefore, it handles the entire data in a secure manner. After removing the password, it allows users to select a desired location for saving the resultant file. Using the software, PDF files can be unlocked within a few clicks. Moreover, the software will save you from experiencing the long and tedious manual methods.
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