How To Hide or Show Hard Disk Partitions Without Any Software

How To Hide or Show Hard Disk Partitions Without Any Software
Hide or Show Hard Disk Partitions Without Any Software
Windows operating system has lots of features that are still hidden from us, but experts like programmers and hackers know very well about them. In lots of tricks of Windows OS, one of the most useful and interesting feature is hide or show of hard disk partitions.

You know what, by hiding hard disk partitions, you can increase protection for your data. So, if your computer is not personal or with the internet connected or you think that anybody else can hack your computer, so you should try this trick. Because by enabling this feature, your partitions will be hidden and then no one can see your data which is present in your HDD partitions.

I shared two different ways to enable this feature. You can hide your partitions by using disk management app and from diskpart also. You can also hide HDD partitions by using any software also. Lots of Softwares are available on the internet that can hide HDD partitions easily. But always remember, every software isn’t able to trust. That’s why, I shared here built-in officially methods to hide HDD partitions in Windows OS. Just follow the steps feel free and don’t worry every step is free from any type of malware or trouble.

By Using Disk Management App

First you need to open management app. If you're using Windows 8 or 8.1 then go to start, press 'Win + X' and select the option 'Disk Management' from the list of options. But if you're using Windows 7 or Vista then search in start up 'Disk Management' and open 'Create and format hard disk partitons' like below image.

Hide or Show Hard Disk Partitions Without Any Software
Once you have been opened disk management, here your all hard disk partitions will show. Now select the partition you want to hide. Right click on your selective partition and go to the option 'Change drive letter and paths'.

Hide or Show Hard Disk Partitions Without Any Software
The above action will open the 'Change drive letter and paths' window. Here click on the button 'Remove' in order to remove the assigned drive letter.

Hide or Show Hard Disk Partitions Without Any Software
When you will click on Remove option, it will show a warning window. Simply click on the 'Yes' button to continue.

Hide or Show Hard Disk Partitions Without Any Software
Now you have done. You can check your partition, I hope it will have disappeared. So from this disk management way, you can easily hide your partition. But now if you want assign again then follow go to the 'Disk Management' and right click on your Hide partition. Select 'Change drive letter and paths'. After this action, a 'Change drive letter and paths for fun' windows will open. Here click on 'Add' option like below image.

Hide or Show Hard Disk Partitions Without Any Software
Mark on 'Assign the following drive letter' and click on OK. So your hide partition has appeared and now you can check.

Hide or Show Hard Disk Partitions Without Any Software

From Diskpart

If you're not satisfied and don't wanna use above procedure then don't worry. You can also hide your partition from diskpart. First you need to open 'Run'. You can open Run, by pressing 'Win+R' buttons and can also open it by searching 'Run' in start up. Once the Run has been opened, type diskpart in it and click on OK.

Hide or Show Hard Disk Partitions Without Any Software
After that, a separate window will open. Now here type list volume and press Enter. When you will press on Enter, a list of your Hard disk partitions will show. You can see an example in the image.

Hide or Show Hard Disk Partitions Without Any Software
So, here you have to select partition you want to hide. Type Select volume n ('n' is the volume number. For example here i want to hide my volume 5, that's why i'm typing 'Select Volume 5'. You type another volume number replacing 'n') and press Enter.

Hide or Show Hard Disk Partitions Without Any Software
After that, type Remove Letter n (Again 'n' is the letter name. When you will select volume that you want to hide then letter will be showing exactly on right side of the volume number. Here, I selected volume 5, so volume 5's letter is 'F'. That's why, I wrote 'Select Letter F') and press Enter.

Hide or Show Hard Disk Partitions Without Any Software
Now you have done. Your selected partition has been hidden. But if want to show again then follow above procedure again till volume selection step. When you will have selected your volume, then type Assign Letter n (n is the letter name) and press Enter.

Hide or Show Hard Disk Partitions Without Any Software
So, these are two different ways, from you can easily hide or show your hard disk partitions. In which you have no need to use any software. Tyr this tricks and protect your data in hard drives. If you have any problem then leave your comment below. If this article is helpful then share it with your friends and also share your views via comment below.

How To Enable Super Administrator Account in Windows

How To Enable Super Administrator Account in Windows
Enable Super Administrator Account in Windows
If you're using Administrator account in Windows then you don't know about the Super Administrator Account. Yes! Super Administrator Account is also an account in Windows like Guest or normal Administrator account. Most users don't know about the Super Account, So if people don't know about it then how can they use? Actually, Super Administrator Account is different from your current account. It's some special. In normal administrator account, you have to face permissions or some other time waste formalities. But I already said, super account is some special, in which you won't face any problem and of course it gives extra advantages better than normal administrator account. So, if you want to enable Super Administrator Account then follow below procedure.

Actually, there are two different ways to enable Super Administrator Account. You can enable your account from Cmd (Command Prompt) and can also enable through local users and groups. So here I shared both ways. You can follow anyone of them. I hope, this article will be helpful for you.

From Local Users And Groups

First open Run, by pressing 'WIN+R' and type lusrmgr.msc, press Enter.

Enable Super Administrator Account in Windows
After this action, a menu of local users and groups will open. Where on right side, your enable account will be showing. Now right click on 'Administrator' account and go to the 'Properties'.

Enable Super Administrator Account in Windows
Uncheck the checkbox 'Account is disabled' and click on OK.

Enable Super Administrator Account in Windows
Now your super account is enabled, you can switch your current account and can use your new super account. But if wanna create a password for it to make secure then follow same procedure and again open a menu of local users and groups. Now right click on 'Administrator' and go to the 'Set Password'. So create your password and make your account safe.

Enable Super Administrator Account in Windows

From Cmd (Command Prompt)

Cmd (Command Prompt) is another way to enable Super Administrator account. If you're not satisfied and feel cramped from above Local Users and Groups then follow this. Cmd is one of the easiest way, you can enable your super account in few simple steps. To enable super account from Cmd, first you need to open Cmd. Windows 8 or 8.1 users can open by pressing 'WIN+X', but if you are Windows 7 user then go the start and in search type 'Cmd' and open it with 'Run As Administrator' like below image.

Enable Super Administrator Account in Windows
Once Cmd has been opened, then type below command in it. If you can't type this difficult command and wanna copy and paste it in Cmd then check out this article 'How To Enable Copy Paste Option In Cmd'.
Net user administrator /active:yes

Enable Super Administrator Account in Windows
Now your super account has been created. You can enjoy it and can play with it. But if you wanna disable it then open again Cmd. Type below command in it and press Enter.
Net user administrator /active:no

Enable Super Administrator Account in Windows
So these were two different ways for enable Super Administrator account in Windows. As I've already told you that Super Account is some different from your normal account. You should use it and should get the using experience of it. If you have any question and need any help then leave your comment below. I hope this article will be helpful for you. If you find help in this then share it with your friends and others.

How To Speed Up Windows 7 Shutdown Process

How To Speed Up Windows 7 Shutdown Process
Speed Up Windows 7 Shutdown Process
Maintain the speed of Windows is extremely difficult. As compared with Mac OS, Windows operating system is quite slow. Actually, OS is not slow officially. When you install Windows in your device then at that time, it gives an excellent performance and runs fast. But as time passes, it becomes slow. It's all because of the installed applications and softwares in your Windows. So whenever your Windows becomes slower then it's a warning for you that operating system needs some maintenance. In this condition, you should maintain your Windows, but How can you maintain performance of Windows? If you need to know then read this article '2015's Best Tips To Maintain Performance Of Windows'. But today in this article, i shared a solution of only one problem that How we can increase Windows 7 Shutdown process?

Why Shutdown Process Becomes Slow?

Before sharing a procedure, i would like to discuss some important about the Shutdown process. Have you ever thought that why shutdown process becomes slow? I hope, NO. I already said that it's all because of the installed applications and softwares.

Whenever you install a new software or application in Windows then you don't care, it becomes open at your startup. It still opens when your computer is ON. Then when you close your computer, it takes time to close at background. This is why, your windows shutdown process become slow. In this case, Windows 8 or 8.1 is faster, but Windows 7 users get panic. So if you are Windows 7 users, and are worried about the slow shutdown process then follow below procedure.

How To Speed Up Windows 7 Shutdown Process?

So, let's start 'How can you increase your shutdown process'. In order to increase, you need to edit 3 registry keys. First open the Run by pressing 'WIN+R'. Type regedit and press Enter.

Speed Up Windows 7 Shutdown Process
When the registry has been opened, then navigate the following keys.
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE < SYSTEM < CurrentControlSet < Control
Find 'WaitToKillServiceTimeout' on right side and sets its value to 5000. It's mean, you computer will be shutdown in 5 sec. But if you think that 5 sec is a huge time then change it to 2000 and save it. Now your computer will shutdown only in 2 sec.

Speed Up Windows 7 Shutdown Process
Now again open 'REGEDIT' by following above procedure and navigate these keys.
HKEY_CURRENT_USER < Control Panel < Desktop
.Find again 'WaitToKillServiceTimeout' and change its value to 2000.

Speed Up Windows 7 Shutdown Process
Now navigate same keys again and find 'HungAppTimeout' and change its value to 2000 again. If it's not available in your registry edit then create your own. Right click on right side and create New < String Value.

Speed Up Windows 7 Shutdown Process
So you have almost done. Now when your computer will shutdown then it will take a bit little time better than before. Windows 8 or 8.1 users can also follow above simple procedure, if they are facing slow shutdown process. But Windows 7 users must follow. If you need any help and wanna ask any question about above procedure then leave your comment below. If you think that this article is helpful then also share it with your friends and others.

How To Paste Any Command In Cmd By Using CTRL+V

How To Paste Any Command In Cmd By Using CTRL+V
To Enable Copy Paste Option In Cmd
Windows OS doesn’t allow you officially to paste anything else like codes, commands etc in Cmd (Command Prompt). You must have to type. Sometimes, when you need to use such commands in Cmd that very difficult in type, but due to the compulsion, you’ve to write.

At that time, you want to copy and the paste in Cmd through any way, but you can’t. Now don’t worry, you can enable copy paste option in Cmd also. You just have to change a little setting in Command Prompt and then you will also be able to paste anything else in Cmd. Well! I know you’re well aware from Command Prompt. But here may be lots of readers also who don’t know deeply about Cmd. So, before sharing a procedure, I would like to define Command Prompt shortly.

Command Prompt (Cmd)

Command Prompt, also known as cmd.exe or cmd. It is an abbreviation for the command key that was found first on Apple Macintosh computers. It helps to open the Windows command line. It is the counterpart of in DOS and Windows 9x systems and analogous to the Unix shells used on Unix-like systems. You can open command prompt by searching "cmd" in Start Menu.

How To Enable Copy Paste Option In Cmd?

So, here are the steps to enable copy paste option in Command Prompt. To enable, first open command prompt by searching in start menu.

To enable copy paste option in Cmd, first open command prompt (Cmd).

To Enable Copy Paste Option In Cmd
Right click on tab and go to the 'Properties' like below image.

To Enable Copy Paste Option In Cmd
After that, mark on 'QuickEdit Option' in Edit Option and click on 'OK'

To Enable Copy Paste Option In Cmd
Now you have done and you are able to paste anything else in cmd. Copy anything by pressing 'Ctrl+C' and paste in Cmd by clicking Right Button of your Mouse. That's it!

Final Thoughts

Actually, we never think about being comfortable life. That's why, we always face problems. I know, sometimes it become very difficult to write hard commands and when you don't have time, so it becomes more and more difficult. So follow above simple procedure and enable copy paste option in command prompt and make your Windows life easy too. If you find help in this article then don't forget to share it with your friends and others. Share you views also about this article via comment below.

3 Best Firewall Apps For Android

Best Firewall Apps For Android
Mobile security issue is now very important for every smartphone user. Despite numerous anti-malwares, users are facing problems. They are suffering from different harmful viruses and experiencing anxiety. Because just anti-malware isn’t enough nowadays. Day by day, number of internet users are increasing very rapidly. So, due to this increasing fact, malware and spamming links are also increasing that are full of viruses. This is why, every user should have an anti-virus now. But I’ve already said, just an anti-malware is not enough. So if only an anti-virus is not enough then what should we do in this condition?

In this situation, we must have a Firewall app with an anti-virus. Firewall application is enough to prevent all viruses and malware links. It can save easily and protect you from any type of big trouble.

Actually, Firewall is a network security system that controls incoming and outgoing network traffic based on a set of rules. There are many firewall applications available for Android devices on Google Play Store. But all of them are not helpful and reliable. That’s why, below I shared some recommended firewall for every android smartphones that are free and safe.

1. LostNet NoRoot Firewall

Best Firewall Apps For Android
LostNet NoRoot Firewall is one of the most highlighted application for Android users. To block anyone else malware site, for protection and shield, for monitoring data usage or more, use LostNet NoRoot Firewall only. It is a best firewall app for especially Android Users. It helps to make you secure in every way. You can also block websites ads with it. This app warns you when a blocked app tries to connect to Internet and tries to enter in your device. So in short, you can protect yourself in every way and can increase protection and security by using LostNet NoRoot Firewall. Some of the more best features are:

  • Switch on/off alert notifications
  • Saves battery life
  • Automatic launch on device restart
  • No Root required. All features work without rooting
  • Block your apps during night hours
  • Block connections to countries/regions
  • Simple user friendly interface
  • Block Internet connections for any app

2. NoRoot Firewall

Best Firewall Apps For Android
NoRoot Firewall creates a mock VPN (virtual private network) for you and you alone and then connects your device to it. This means that all traffic is coming, it protects all your personal and important data. It provides you a best protection layer from all attacking malware. Without any firewall, you can't check, who wanna enter in your device or wanna connect device. But when you'll be installed NoRoot Firewall then it will warn and will provide a description about the attacking spammer. So if think that your device is that device in which anyone can be inserted easily then use NoRoot Firewall app.You can also rely on this app by checking its overall review rating. On google play store, its overall rating is 4.4. Here there is a disappointment that this app may not work with 4G LTE devices. I hope developers are working on this issue and they will be solved it very soon. Few highlighted features are:

3. Firewall Gold

Best Firewall Apps For Android
Firewall Gold is also best, that's why this is a part of my list. Firewall Gold is excellent in monitoring. It monitors all connections that are connected both internal and external connection. This is one and only that requires your phone to be rooted. You can protect your rules using password. In short, this app is best among all. Highlighted features are:

  • Tethering Support.
  • IPv6 Support.
  • LAN Management.
  • Profiles for multi users devices such tablets.
  • Export your rules into files then import them again.
  • Roaming Support.

I hope that you are familiar very well from Cyber Crime. This is one and only rapidly growing crime now. people are suffering from it and facing a lots of problem. In this situation you must need a firewall app for your device. Android devices are not safe. We have to make safe own. So use above firewall apps and make safe your own. Share your views also via comment below.

How To Create Your Own Antivirus Using Notepad

How To Create Your Own Antivirus Using Notepad
Create Your Own Antivirus Using Notepad
Do you want to create your own antivirus by using notepad? and looking for the way of creating it? if you want it, so this is the best place for you. This article basically covers a short tutorial to create an anti-virus by using notepad. Simply follow the steps below and create your own anti-malware. Even after doing all perfectly, if you face any issue so feel free leave your comment. You will be responded immediately.

Antivirus is now very important for every computer. If your computer is connected to the internet so you must have an antivirus for protection. Actually, it is all because of a huge growth in the number of internet users. As they are increasing.. scammers, hackers etc also becoming a part of the internet. So in this situation, now it’s necessary to have an anti-malware. Otherwise, you are wise and you can imagine the losses after being scammed.

Well, don’t panic. There are many golden awarded antiviruses available. You can easily download and use for your personal use. Almost, all antimalware companies provide both free and paid versions. So, if you can’t buy, simply use free version. Otherwise you can get paid versions in different packages for better protection. But still you wanna create your own antivirus so here we go.

How To Create Your Own Anti-Virus Using Notepad?

Before starting it, I would like to request you to follow all the steps perfectly.

First of all, open Notepad and paste the below code.
@echo off
title Antivirus
echo Antivirus
echo created by your name
if exist virus.bat goto infected
cd C:\Windows\system32
if not exist virus.bat goto clean
echo warning virus detected
del virus.bat
goto start
echo System secure!
Now save your file with the name of antivirus.bat. Also, “All Files” in Save as type column, as you can see it in the below image.
Create Your Own Antivirus Using Notepad
Now you are almost done. Open your saved file that will look like below image. Here press any key to continue. I will prefer to press the key “Enter”.
Create Your Own Antivirus Using Notepad
Your own created antivirus has now started to scan your computer.

Final Words

So this was the very simple method for creating your own antivirus. I request you to please follow the all above steps very patiently. You might face the error while copying, pasting or running the code. So be careful.

I also recommend you to check out third-party antiviruses which are available (free and paid both) on the internet. If you don’t get satisfaction from using own created anti-virus, you can use them too.

Please share this article with your friends. Ask your question using below comment section. You can also contact us directly using our official email for any kind of query.

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Top 5 Alternatives And Similar Softwares of Teamviewer

Top 5 Alternatives And Similar Softwares of Teamviewer
5 Alternatives And Similar Softwares of Teamviewer
TeamViewer is a reliable computer software. People use this as a remote control, desktop sharing, online meetings, web conferencing and file transfer between two or more computers. It's first version 'Teamviewer 5' was released in December 2009. When it was released, so there was no any best alternative software did become. So you can say, Teamviewer was one and only remote control software which could help to share screen, transfer files or more. After that more versions have been released like Teamviewer 6, 7, 8 and 9. Now the latest version is Teamviewer 10, which is released at the end of 2014. Due to the usage and requirements from people, now there are many alternatives of Teamviewer available with unique and additional features. So if you are looking for best alternatives of Teamviewer or wanna use another software like Teamviewer then let's check it out my collected list of best alternatives of Teamviewer that is mentioned below.

Top 5 Alternatives of Teamviewer

Here's a list of 5 best alternatives that are reliable and free from any spam and malware. You know very well, every software has different features and characteristics. Similarly, alternatives Softwares also have their unique and additional features which are some different from Teamviewer. Hopefully, you will enjoy this article. If you find help in this article then don't forget to share it with your friends and others, share your views about this article too via comment below.

1. LogMeIn

LogMeIn is a computer software which helps you to connect your device with up to 10 other computers. It is basically a cloud-based remote connectivity services for IT management and customer engagement. It offers you quick remote access between two computers or devices. Both the PC's and Mac users can get it easily. User can also connect two different devices like Computer and Mobile by using LogMeIn. It helps to transfer files, documents etc like Teamviewer too.

Actually, LogMeIn is available in both free and paid versions. Paid versions have also their different versions like LogMeIn Pro, LogMeIn Central and LogMeIn Rescue. Free version is for normal user who needs only basic features. But Paid versions are actually for professionals. All the main features and characteristics that is required by professionals are available in paid versions. Below are some highlighted features of paid versions.

i. LogMeIn Pro:

LogMeIn Pro version is a professional version. You can use it as a Remote Control, File Transfer without email, File Share, Remote to Local Printing, Desktop Sharing, Remote to Local Audio and Wak on Lane. You can use it free for 30 days as trial. Price is $99/year for individual, $249/year for power users and $449/year for small businesses.

ii. LogMeIn Central:

LogMeIn Central has also their more three versions Central Basic, Central Plus and Central Premier. There is a huge difference between them. Central basic provides you Remote access, User management, Computer grouping, deployment, Computer search, Online or offline search, reporting, desktop application, mobile application and many more. Similarly, Central Plus provides all same features of Central basic with additional pro advantages. And in the last Central Premier is the most expensive and professional version for businesses. It provides all highlighted features of Basic and Plus with more additional unique features and characteristics. Central Basic is available in $499/year, Central Plus in $999/year and Central Premier in $1200/year.

iii. LogMeIn Rescue:

LogMeIn Rescue is another paid version. It provides you best and different features from others. You can use a single remote support tool to service PCs, Macs or smartphones on demand anywhere, 24/7, as if you were sitting in front of them. For detail features, visit by visiting this site.

2. TightVNC

VNC is an abbreviation of Virtual Network Computing. TightVNC is a free remote control software package. You can connect your device with other computer same like Teamviewer. It is available for both personal and commercial usage. It is available for Windows and Unix, with Java client included. TightVNC supports for video mirror driver for latest versions of Operating Systems. It includes a number of other improvements, performance optimizations and bugfixes. You can use it as a personal and commercial use in free.

3. UltraVNC

I already mentioned about the VNC and its abbreviation. UltraVNC is another powerful product like TightVNC. With it, you can see your connected device screen on front of your screen. You can manage or remote your friend and other connected device easily using mouse or keyboard. In short, it works completely like Teamviewer. You can use UltraVNC as both personal or commercial use in free. With UltraVNC, you can share or transfer your files and documents too with other device or computer.

4. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is basically an extension or application of Google Chrome. It allows you to remotely access another computer through Google Chrome or Chrome Book. You can connect and share your screen with your friend easily. Chrome Remote Desktop provides you best and secure connectivity. You can join your connection with a full of reliability. Application is also available for Android and IOS platforms. You have to download and install extension in your Chrome. Actually, steps to install extension are quite difficult. So, please read the steps before carefully in this link and then install your Remote Desktop extension. I hope given link will be helpful for you and you will enjoy Chrome Remote Desktop.

5. Remote Desktop Connection

Remote Desktop Connection is a product of Microsoft. So you can trust from it's name, i mean Microsoft. Yes! Microsoft has a big name in the field of Information Technology and his great work is formation of Windows Operating System. Remote Desktop Connection is one of the most reliable product among all. It is a light software, and the require system specifications are not high. You should have 1.6 Ghz or higher processor and at least 512 MB Ram. Supported operating systems are Windows Vista, 7,8 or 8.1. Support for Xp has ended. Try it and then enjoy Remote Desktop Connection.

How to Protect Your Personal Data While Using Public Wi-Fi

Protect Your Personal Data While Using Public Wi-Fi
If you have a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, chances are at some point or another during your day, you wind up on a public Wi-Fi network. While the convenience of these Wi-Fi hotspots definitely can’t be overstated, it’s important to realize that using them comes with risks, just like with anything else.

Being on public Wi-Fi is a lot like using a public parking lot. It’s convenient, and it’s often free. However, you run the risk of having people there that will abuse the system, and put you and what’s yours at risk. Just like a burglar can break into your car and swipe your speakers, a hacker can get into your connection and steal your personal information.

A Simple Mistake With Major Consequences

Protect Your Personal Data While Using Public Wi-Fi
With the digital age advancing exponentially, and new technology connecting everything from our fitness plans to our bank accounts, the threat grows. Identity theft and fraud have quickly soared to the top of the charts as the number one crimes in the world, and people are constantly falling victim.

The lasting effects of these crimes are complex, and even life-altering. People that lose their personal information to identity thieves can face years of financial struggles repairing their credit as loans and credit cards are taken out in their name, and even legal troubles if the thief commits other crimes posing under their information.

The risk of doing something as simple as checking your credit score on public Wi-Fi can be devastating, and frankly, just aren’t worth the risks. The real trouble with these types of crimes is that they are so incredibly difficult to resolve – it can take years, legal counsel, and tons of documentation to prove you are you, and lives are frequently turned upside down as a result.

But let’s be realistic here. Even if you’re not a traveling businessman, most of us use public Wi-Fi networks out of sheer necessity. Keeping on top of work projects with cloud computing, managing schedules and appointments, and moving our money to where we need it is all just a part of everyday life for a lot of us now. Fortunately, the lack of security over public connections can be overcome.

VPNs - The Most Comprehensive Solution

The easiest and most straightforward way to take back your privacy, while still taking advantage of the convenience of public networks, is by using a VPN.

VPNs, or virtual private networks, are essentially encrypted tunnels in the internet, provided by a host company for a small monthly subscription fee. Your connection is routed to one of the company’s secure servers, and your IP address is blocked to prevent geo-blocking and tracking.

With military-grade encryption, and software that is very user-friendly, most VPNs are more than secure enough to protect you on a public Wi-Fi network. There are even settings built into many of them that automatically set up your secure connection when you power up your device.

Despite how sophisticated all of this may sound, VPNs are incredibly simple to use, and offer a type of protection that is ideal for anyone that travels, or frequently has to use a public network. They’re so secure in fact, that they can even protect your privacy from government agencies designed specifically to invade it, like the NSA. An encrypted tunnel means that no one is seeing your activity but you, and IP address blocking adds a whole new level of anonymity to browsing.

Protect Your Personal Data While Using Public Wi-Fi

Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands

There are other very simple ways you can protect yourself on public networks that don’t involve software downloads and monthly fees. One easy thing you can do is check your device’s sharing settings. It’s surprisingly easy to access your device’s information and connection if the sharing settings allow other users to remotely login, so go into your settings and check each category to make sure that everything is secure and private.

One major sharing setting you’ll want to adjust is called Network Discovery. Basically, it allows other users on the same network to see that your device is also accessing it, and can offer you up on a silver platter as a target. Turn this setting off so other users can’t see you’re connected.

Of course, you can also tap into your device’s built-in security settings and turn on your Firewall. Many gadgets automatically keep this feature on, but double check it before logging on to a public network. It’s a pretty basic measure, but it can help keep prying eyes from gaining access to your connection.

What Kind Of Sites Are You Visiting?

Though it may be a bit more of a roundabout way of protecting your security, you can also keep username and password combinations much more secure by only accessing https websites. These sites encrypt your data on the way to their servers, so your information is much less likely to get swiped on the way.

Sites secured with https or SSL will have a padlock icon displayed next to their URL, so keep an eye out for that when you’re online. If you’re unable to use any of the other security measures mentioned here, at least make sure that that little icon is present before entering any personal information over the connection.

Default to Secure

Protect Your Personal Data While Using Public Wi-Fi
Rather than always worrying about adjusting these security settings when the opportunity to connect publicly is there, you may want to consider making them the default for your device. In doing so, you may limit your device’s connectivity at times on your home network, but you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to adjust those sharing settings, which can be so detrimental to your security over a public network.

It Can Happen to Anyone

Everything comes with a catch, and using public Wi-Fi is certainly no exception. The price you pay for all of that convenience is ultimately your own privacy and security, and the costs can be catastrophic. Don’t make excuses, don’t assume it won’t happen to you – just get secure. You can have your cake and eat it too, but only if that cake is at least running a firewall, and even better if it comes with a side of virtual private networking.

Google ads is great to advertise your website on Google, but you need to be aware and implement protection from click fraud. Infographic by Website Promoter.
Protect Your Personal Data While Using Public Wi-Fi

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