3 Best Firewall Apps For Android

Best Firewall Apps For Android
Mobile security issue is now very important for every smartphone user. Despite numerous anti-malwares, users are facing problems. They are suffering from different harmful viruses and experiencing anxiety. Because just anti-malware isn’t enough nowadays. Day by day, number of internet users are increasing very rapidly. So, due to this increasing fact, malware and spamming links are also increasing that are full of viruses. This is why, every user should have an anti-virus now. But I’ve already said, just an anti-malware is not enough. So if only an anti-virus is not enough then what should we do in this condition?

In this situation, we must have a Firewall app with an anti-virus. Firewall application is enough to prevent all viruses and malware links. It can save easily and protect you from any type of big trouble.

Actually, Firewall is a network security system that controls incoming and outgoing network traffic based on a set of rules. There are many firewall applications available for Android devices on Google Play Store. But all of them are not helpful and reliable. That’s why, below I shared some recommended firewall for every android smartphones that are free and safe.

1. LostNet NoRoot Firewall

Best Firewall Apps For Android
LostNet NoRoot Firewall is one of the most highlighted application for Android users. To block anyone else malware site, for protection and shield, for monitoring data usage or more, use LostNet NoRoot Firewall only. It is a best firewall app for especially Android Users. It helps to make you secure in every way. You can also block websites ads with it. This app warns you when a blocked app tries to connect to Internet and tries to enter in your device. So in short, you can protect yourself in every way and can increase protection and security by using LostNet NoRoot Firewall. Some of the more best features are:

  • Switch on/off alert notifications
  • Saves battery life
  • Automatic launch on device restart
  • No Root required. All features work without rooting
  • Block your apps during night hours
  • Block connections to countries/regions
  • Simple user friendly interface
  • Block Internet connections for any app

2. NoRoot Firewall

Best Firewall Apps For Android
NoRoot Firewall creates a mock VPN (virtual private network) for you and you alone and then connects your device to it. This means that all traffic is coming, it protects all your personal and important data. It provides you a best protection layer from all attacking malware. Without any firewall, you can't check, who wanna enter in your device or wanna connect device. But when you'll be installed NoRoot Firewall then it will warn and will provide a description about the attacking spammer. So if think that your device is that device in which anyone can be inserted easily then use NoRoot Firewall app.You can also rely on this app by checking its overall review rating. On google play store, its overall rating is 4.4. Here there is a disappointment that this app may not work with 4G LTE devices. I hope developers are working on this issue and they will be solved it very soon. Few highlighted features are:

3. Firewall Gold

Best Firewall Apps For Android
Firewall Gold is also best, that's why this is a part of my list. Firewall Gold is excellent in monitoring. It monitors all connections that are connected both internal and external connection. This is one and only that requires your phone to be rooted. You can protect your rules using password. In short, this app is best among all. Highlighted features are:

  • Tethering Support.
  • IPv6 Support.
  • LAN Management.
  • Profiles for multi users devices such tablets.
  • Export your rules into files then import them again.
  • Roaming Support.

I hope that you are familiar very well from Cyber Crime. This is one and only rapidly growing crime now. people are suffering from it and facing a lots of problem. In this situation you must need a firewall app for your device. Android devices are not safe. We have to make safe own. So use above firewall apps and make safe your own. Share your views also via comment below.
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