9 Best Tips On How To Do High-Quality Proofreading

High-Quality Proofreading
Proofreading is not a very difficult process, but it is sometimes nearly impossible for writers because it is really hard to look at your text as someone else`s. When we write something, no matter how good we are at it, we create these blind spots and do not see a mistake even if we read it a few times. You have to be extremely attentive to catch it, which is why proofreading can be really boring and long.

Fortunately, some tricks can simplify this process. We recommend using it instead of giving up on proofreading because readers prefer grammatically and lexically correct content, and editing is your way to become popular and demanded as a writer or author.

Read The Finished Text Out Loud

Maybe you have heard about this trick before but have never tried it. If so, you better do it next time you need to proofread your text because it is easy and still very effective. How does it work? When you are reading the text out loud, you concentrate on it and do read every word. And when you are reading about yourself, there is a temptation to do it superficially because, well, you know this text already.

Change The Text`s Look

This is a trick on how to make your brain think that you see completely new content and concentrate on it because of this fact. Try different techniques: change the font, the style, the color, the entire formatting. You can even turn off your laptop and read the text from your smartphone. The goal is to believe that this is something new, so be more attentive.

Have A Rest Of Your Writing

This is a mistake that every writer has made at least once - to proofread and try to edit the text right after he or she has finished it. Besides the fact that you can not perceive it as new information, you are tired of it and working. And if you will not have enough energy, this will be not proofreading but just a waste of time. So, have a coffee, breath the air and relax, take it easy.

Read The Writing Out Aloud. Yes, Again

Proofreading can be tedious because no one can say how many times you should check your writing to make it perfect. Well, that is the truth - you need to re-read it again and again and improve your writing every time. And, of course, re-read only out loud not to lose concentration.

Look For An Assignment Partner

At this website, you can find useful tips for all stages of writing, including the research, the writing itself, and, of course, proofreading. Here the articles, blog posts, and guides from professional authors are set.

All information on Assignment Partner is available for free and will be extremely useful for all kinds of writers, no matter what exactly you write. You can improve your editing skills for books, articles, or WordPress blog posts.

Change Something

We have told above about the formatting of the text, but to improve the quality of proofreading, you can change something else too — for example, the place where you are working. Go out of the office, try to read the article or a blog post at a coffee shop. You will be surprised, but even the process of walking can refresh your brains.

Use Tools For Proofreading

There are plenty of tools that can help you to proofread your writing. And you can surely use it; this is not cheating or something. Here is the selection of the best such tools.

Text Write An Essay For Me In A Searching Engine

There are professional services focused on commercial authors. You can text write an essay for me in your searching engine you write for yourself, for education, or want to monetize your writing. There are not only writers but editors, so if you don’t want to do the proofreading yourself, it’s not a problem at all.

Easy Word Count

Machines are not humans. That is right, and the best proofreader is an editor with knowledge and experience and a native speaker. But still, automated language systems can be great helpers. At a minimum, they reduce the time spent proofreading.

When you paste the text to Easy Word Count, it does not make it perfect, but it highlights words and sentences where you could make a mistake. So you see these moments faster and do not re-read it an infinite number of times.

By the way, did you know that better writing is, the more attractive it is to readers? So you can consider Easy Word Count as an SEO-tool too.

Via Writing

Via writing is a professional blog for the editors. Here plenty of useful articles about grammar and other aspects of English are collected. Information from Via Writing will be interested both for academic and marketing writers.

In every blog post, authors review writing problems, tools for proofreading, tips, and others. Many of us make the same mistakes, so it is extremely handy to know about it and find out how to deal with it.

Cite It In

This is an irreplaceable tool for academic writers and all authors who make content with deep research. On Cite It In, you can correctly format your sources and add citations to your work. It is recommended to use it after the final editing stage.

If you think, “well, I just have a personal blog, I do not need academic formatting,” you need to know that readers look for unique and trustworthy content. The best way to show that your article is reliable is to add sources that you have used for writing it.

Do Not Rush

Even the most effective tips can not help you with perfect proofread if you just do not have time for it. So it is better to have an opportunity to postpone your finished articles, re-read it later than postpone again and re-read it.

But how to do it if you have a strict schedule and your readers want posts from you? Prepare it in advance. This is a very useful trick, actually, not only for proofreading. Because sometimes we all have this mood when we can not write a word. If you have a few reserved texts, such moments pass easier.

Do Not Go Soft

You must be a ruthless editor for yourself. If you feel that some parts of your writing are weak and senseless, throw it away. Do not give in to pity for your work. Your goal now is to make it better, and you will not achieve it if you are sorry for yourself.

Ignore The Sense Of Writing

This is a trick for grammar and spelling checking. You need to concentrate on a single word or sentence and check only it. It can be a long and grueling process, but you can help yourself if you highlight the parts you check with a pen.

Find Professional Writers

Many writers think that they will spend approximately 95% of the time writing and only 5% proofreading. But high-quality editing can take up to 50% of the time. And it is absolutely okay if you understand that you do not have it.

In this case, https://sharpessay.com/ will help you. Here you can find professional writers with a huge experience in proofreading, so they can advise you on how to optimize your time with editing techniques.
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