How Freelance Writing Can Make You Sick

How Freelance Writing Can Make You Sick
The hard work, creativity, determination and patience freelance writers put in their work is so admirable. Everyday freelancers wake up without even knowing what about they have to write today or from where their next job is coming from. In truth, freelance writing has not got enough recognition which it deserves. Many bloggers and copywriters struggle a lot and go through with a number of hurdles to get on desired work.

However, besides these all, there are so many other things which might be a freelancer's face. Pursuing a career as a freelancer in writing is not a piece of cake. But knowledge, skill, right attitude and dedication towards your work is a key to showcase your writing abilities seamlessly.

However, let us tell you the truth. Being a freelance writer has significant advantages; it also has its own challenges.

So we are putting together here a list of some common freelance writing issues, which are enough to make anyone sick.

You Are Unable To Find The Desired Work

Everyone has their own specialization and prefer to get a job in the same niche. However, finding paid writing work in the same niche can be notoriously tricky. Getting good work is something which is probably the number one challenge for many. Most importantly, you may agree with this as well that many of us just do not want "a client", we want a "good client", who can pay a fair price for work.

Here we are sharing a few tips to find a real client who can treat you well and can pay you on time:

  • Look For Their Service Offerings: Though there is a lot of chance that you can get what you want. But we need to take care that they are capable and trustworthy to fulfil, whatever they are offering you? Your aim should be to be almost indispensable. You need to be more integral towards the expertise to make your chances of success higher. We agree that it will take a lot of time and effort, but you can have enough clients and be paid what you're worth if you can offer a service very few people can.
  • Find Out The People Who Need Your Services: Make and compile a list of individuals or organizations who offer the services you desire. Ensure to do intense research before finalizing the list and include only them who share the same value as yours. As an example, if you hold expertise in paper help services, compile a list of those who are related to dissertation writing services. Having a list with at least 10 people can help you as everyone is not going to hire you. Also, contacting up to more businesses allows you to choose the right offer along with a chance to negotiate and get better deals.
  • Connect With Those Who Appreciate and Acknowledge Your Work: Remember "Results are rewarded, aren't efforts". So, first thing, don't ever buff about your skills, just tell them about your work experience and any specialty of your hold. The motto behind it is not to set any unrealistic expectation, as ultimately, it is going to harm you. 

Negotiation On Money

A freelancer who writes for their living, should have a right to discuss rights and payments and other inconvenient and uncomfortable things. However, as per a survey, do not even allow a chance to them to talk about this. Generally, it happens with the freshers. What choice do they have? Who are in this business, know it very well how much commitment these jobs require. And just like any other business, writing is a straightforward business transaction. So, undoubtedly these jaw-dropping eye-popping brow-hopping dramas are going to frustrate anyone. Negotiation is part of any job, and business needs to learn, anticipate it and deal with it professionally. If you know your capabilities and skills, try your best to bargain by ascertaining the reason for the refusal. Do it graciously, without shouting, yelling, arguing as it may hunt you back.

Here is a trick: If you are able to convince and impress your clients with your work, charge them double the amount you actually intend to charge. We know it sounds intuitive, but believe us, you will be amazed by seeing the result. Understand, you have already convinced them with your work right, and they know how much worth you can make for them, so charging what you deserve will not have a negative impact.

How Freelance Writing Can Make You Sick?

Frustrating!!! Right? There are so many clients who make big promises but the result-absolutely disappointing. This just not downsizes their reputation but is also so unprofessional and unethical. It hurts to all, but those who run their bread and butter on this, seriously they go through with a tough situation. So, dear client's, please do not make any false promises which you know you can't keep. However, including freelance writers, everyone understands that any uncertainty can happen anytime, but at least do not keep anyone in the dark. As no one knows the reasons why a business makes promises, they have absolutely no intention of keeping. Still, keeping all in the loop, even in tough conditions, helps business to gain employee's trust and make them feel like a family.

However, if as a freelance writer, you have no idea what is going on and why the promises are not fulfilling, grave to justify the intervention of formal authorities, and don't ever hesitate to ask for help. Dogmatically pursuing whatever you are being asked to do, is not going to do any favour.

Fear Of Promoting Self

We are all afraid to talk about our own achievement, as we believe "people will hate this" and some believe that people will condemn them. Well, well, well, the sooner you realize that everything needs to come into an eye and need a promotion, sooner you will start embracing this aspect of yourself, you will make yourself a better trader.

If you think carefully, everything is all about promotion. Making someone read your content is a promotion. The key to overcoming this fear is to understand that you cannot make everyone happy to everyone, you can always find some people who always complain and that there is nothing you can do about it. So remember your success depends on how effectively and efficiently you are presenting yourself and you shouldn't be afraid of doing it.

Excessive Copy-Editing

Most of the freelance writers have had the experience of working with supremely qualified copy-editors who believe in polish work until it gleams. On top of it, few think it is their permanent job to find out every single tiny mistake and to edit the story until it comes up into something so different from the original work. You may have also faced that some behave like this, that editing is not a part of their job to avoid mistakes, but they yearn to edit because they think that previous work is completely unreliable and useless.

Tip: Analyze what they have edited and determine that seriously your work was so weird? Did you lose your control over the topic or there was any grammar and sentence construction? It is also important to acknowledge your mistakes and learn from them, but if you firmly believe that the content should have stood as it is, then makes them aware of your thoughts. In that case, a polite specification about your opinion might make a difference. But don't count on it.
How Freelance Writing Can Make You Sick

Lack Of Confidence

This is the most challenging issue that can plague a writer. It doesn't matter how experienced and skilled you are, if you do not have self-confidence, trust us, you cannot make it long. Being confident is not just not to know about your capabilities, but to acknowledge what you're worth.

Fear is one of the most primary factors which pull most of the freelancers back. If you are confident and know your service will produce results, don't hesitate to put your words ahead.

The most common fears are:

  • What if I don't get any other client
  • Am I able to deliver the expected result?
  • Am I really worth
  • What if my post won't result?
  • What if I end up with no other ways to pay bills?

Though these things are confusing and someone comes to everyone's mind, if you are not careful, you may end up with wrong decisions. Don't tell yourself that there are no such opportunities, and please stay away from negative people who just spread negativity and rumours.

Confidence is internal; it has nothing to do with abilities, years, or reputation. However, you need to understand the difference between confidence and overconfidence.

No Response

Giving no response is something that can frustrate anyone, ironically, is all about communication! It becomes more annoying when you have applied, and the client doesn't even have the courtesy to respond, either queries or submissions or follow-up. On the other hand, others respond, give assurance to talk another day which becomes "by the end of the week, and the week never comes. When clients have decided they don't want to continue further, their determination can rival the certainty of a stone falling to the ground. And for sure, this is something which can fill anyone with depression or anger.

Too Much Competition

Competition has become rife, especially for online services. There are so many people outside who are ready to accept a project at a lesser price than you do. Due to a different standard of living and difficulty in life, people can beg to offer their services at the cheapest rate. However, we suggest, don't look at it as a demotivation, see opportunity in this. It is a chance for you to think out of the box and discover a creative way to earn more money.

Don't be afraid of your competitors, embrace them, as it can offer more value and increase your worth. Make your own standard, increase the amount you have to provide and improve your rates with it.

Emotional Breakdown

Being in freelance writing service, you may have gone through with this a lot. It occurs when you start questioning your capabilities and start criticizing your own work. Being open to accepting mistakes is another thing but admitting those faults, which was entirely out of your hand is different.

Don't take overwork, which you know is not possible to complete within the timeline. Spend some time doing what you love to do, keep your personal and professional like apart. Don't run behind work blindly as you are not going to have them tomorrow, and end up exhausted. Focus on your personal development, as well:

  • Do exercise regularly
  • Eat healthy food
  • Stay surrounded by good, positive people.
  • Read good books
  • Pursue your hobbies

In this post, we tried to acknowledge all common issues and their solution, through which a freelance writer can encounter. The relationship between writers and clients has always been agitated like fish and water. Find out solutions which work best for both, you and your editor to treasure the differences.

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