6 Important Content Writing Tips For Better SEO

Important Content Writing Tips For Better SEO
When you think of online writing or even marketing, in general, do you think of SEO? In 2019 content marketing won’t rank as it used to. Yes, they say content is the king, but there are already over a billion blogs.

For Seo Content Marketing, businesses need to make sure that their content is up to date and provide value to visitors with relevant information without much jargon.

Here are the six most important content writing tips for SEO content marketing.

1. Write Precisely With The Selected Keywords

Your site content won’t reach to the people who are interested in your content if you are not targeting the right keywords. If you know who your prospective customers are, what problems do they have, and why are they looking for those specific keywords. Then you need to research the exact keywords your prospective customers looking up online and don’t leave that up to guesswork. Use tools like SEM rush and huge binder for looking up accurate keyword data.

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2. Focus On Quality or Readability

When the audiences click the link, every element on that page should keep them (readers) engaged to the site as long as possible. If the content is engaging enough to grab and hold the interest for your visitors, then you really provide value to them, which makes the page look great, and they visit your page often.

Content readability can be defined as clarity of the content, super clear content which speaks to your visitors with a great deal of clarity is valuable for your organization. So structure your content in a way that it is readable, and it also goes with logic and simplicity. The readers want their content to be logical, stimulating, and simple to understand without much jargon.

3. Make The Content Intense

According to the industry thought leader Google is intensifying its focus on the quality of content. So according to this trend is only going to continue knowing that how can they go about creating deeper content. Write ultimate guides go further than surface-level research so instead of just quickly Googling for the statistic.

4.Boost Your Page Speed

The slower the page loads, the more frustrated the end-user gets and especially in today's time no one wants to wait for a site to load.

When they are looking up a retail product, and research found that most people leave their site completely if they’re waiting 10-20 seconds for it to load.

So see to it that they don’t have a lot of pop-ups scripts, Javascript-heavy videos slowing down their site speed. Invest in a good web designer or developer to help them with their web presence.

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5. Visuals Matters

The author of marketing rebellion made great points; today, content should be artisanal, that means it should be crafted. Better content to have hand designed and created than their images so for express writers all of their blog content is actually hand designed.

You can find designers on places like upwork.com, fiverr.com, and studies have shown that articles with images get 94% more abuse than articles without images. Your content needs to have really good well-designed images to stand out so compliment the copy with great images.

6. Be The Pro

Now a day people are really valuing that expert or already authorship in content more than ever before. This goes back to the consistency of their content, how often they show up their content can’t position it over time as an expert. The creator of that content and their history both relate to that page ranking so reputation evidence can include these things.

The First-person experience they have been practicing their trade for 10 years, so in the content, they need to position themselves. As an expert is an about page that has thoroughly detailed information of their career expertise like what is their area of interest.


Optimization only works best if you put some great content out there. For SEO purposes, you need to make sure you use the right tags, keywords, and meta descriptions through searching for relevant keywords that people actually search for when they look for specific product or services.

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