Tips To Make A Successful Gaming App For Android

Make A Successful Gaming App For Android
Gaming in the modern digital era happens to be a billion-dollar industry that has attracted big corporate houses to venture into the domain. In the past as well gaming has been a domain of its own. A domain that has passionate gamers and business-driven game developers looking to earn revenues by making user experience effective and addictive.

From offline games to digital gaming and from digital console and PlayStations to mobile gaming the industry has evolved and expanded exponentially with the rise in user base and revenue. In present times where smartphones are the king and app-based ecosystem is thriving gaming apps form a major part of the total apps downloaded. Apps Like Jibjab, PUBG, Max Payne, etc provide awesome gaming experience to users on mobile that was once the monopoly of PlayStation and PCs.

Android is the king of mobile OS and with the most number of users under its belt is a natural preference of game developers and game developing firms. For budding game developers, Android is a go-to platform to learn.

If you too are one of those developers who is planning to successfully develop gaming apps like JibJab on Android then thankfully you are on the right page. To simplify things for you we would now discuss some really useful tips that would help you develop awesome games on Android. So, just sit back, relax and enjoy reading.

The Theme

The first and foremost thing that you need to do in order to develop a gaming app on Android (or for that matter in any OS) is to deliberate and decide on the theme of your game. You must have a very clear idea in your mind that the game would belong to which genre and what kind of thematic orientation would it have. This would help you in deciding the kind of elements and outlook of the game. So, take some time and do brainstorming in deciding the theme.

Attracting The User

To sell anything to the user or to create temptation in someone to use a particular thing the “thing” should be attractive enough in the first place. Same goes true with games. If your game is not attractive then the users would not get that kind of engagement that they need and hence would get bored and eventually uninstall your gaming app. Well, that’s the last thing you have aimed for. To avoid this make your game attractive especially the UI/UX part. With eye-catching graphics and UI/UX half, the battle is already won in making your app successful.

Creating Addiction

The next step in the process happens to be the element of addiction. Without addiction, the gamers would not be there for long on your app. Now, this addiction can be created in the face of missions or storyline based on which the game progresses. The sense of excitement enthralls the users and that urge to unlock the next level would drive gaming on your app. Thus, addiction is at the core of your gaming app’s success.

Decide The Revenue Generation

Well, developing app may be your passion but to keep you motivated you need your app to generate some effective revenue for you. Thus, you must decide the revenue generation model of your gaming app. Along with the number of downloads, the revenue generated also determines the success of your app. So, look for the type of revenue model that suits you best say in-app purchase, in-app adds, pro version, etc.

Test IT Properly

Before making the game live you must ensure its thorough testing. Make sure that your app is bug-free and runs seamlessly at the user end. To do this try using the pilot app run. For the aid of developers and for inviting the user feedback Android App store provides pre-registration and pre-launch use feature to the user. So, avail this benefit and get those valuable feedbacks.

Track Response

Last but not the least monitor the user response and revenue growth of your gaming app. This assessment can be done on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis as per your own convenience. Take a note of the trends and patterns. This would be helpful in making timely interventions and helping the app run long on its successful run. Furthermore, this would be helpful in getting valuable user trend-based inputs for your future gaming app development projects.

You can channelize these inputs to craft gaming apps that are user-friendly and top-grossing. Remember, that it's not about developing a one-hit gaming app and then sitting back. Rather it is about repeating the success again and breaking down the achievements of the past.

Hope, you would make the best use of these tips and chart success in your app development ventures. Stay connected with us to get such awsome information-led content and don’t forget to share your views as well.

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