How To Enable Night or Dark Mode In Windows 10

How To Enable Night or Dark Mode In Windows 10
Enable Night or Dark Mode In Windows 10
I hope, you're a Windows 10 user and now enjoying it too after releasing officially. But if you didn't install it in your computer yet then download now. Go to this link. Here's a complete procedure explained to download Windows 10. All the steps are given simply and don't worry, no spam or malware is include in it. The way is provided officially by Microsoft. I think, after knowing about the provider, no one would be doubtful about it.

We all know well, Microsoft has introduced its new version named as Windows 10, on 29th July, 2015. Just 28 days have been left and lots of people have become its part and still becoming. According to a Windows Central report, almost 67 million users have become part of the Windows 10 now. So, this is an interesting fact about the Windows 10 and this version has proven to be the most successful version among all. Day-to-day, since the Windows 10 has been released, lots of new and interesting articles are coming that are related to the tips, tricks and news of Windows 10. Same as, here I'm also sharing a useful and interesting trick of Windows 10 that will definitely be helpful for you.

Maybe, you've guessed by reading the title that What I'm gonna show in this article. I recently shared an article related the Google Chrome, in which I shared a procedure to enable night mode in Chrome. Hopefully, our regular visitors will have read it. But if you didn't read it and wanna know to enable night mode in Google Chrome then go to this link.

Well! today this article is very related to the night mode of Google Chrome. Night mode means, everything will become dark. If you're using Windows 10 then definitely you know, its official theme is White and Blue. But in above image, you can see clearly, colours are not Blue and White. It's Blue and Black. Black colour absorbs shadows that's why we consider it as a night colour. If you enable night mode in Windows 10 then every menu will become like above image and from this way you can use Windows 10 late at night. No one will disturb from its white light.

How To Enable Night or Dark Mode In Windows 10?

Now let's start here how can you enable Night Mode in Windows 10. Follow the procedure perfectly, otherwise you may have to face any difficulty while enabling it.

Enabling dark mode in Windows 10 is easy. To do that, you need to edit two windows registry keys. First open Run, by pressing 'Win+R'. Once it has been opened then type 'Regedit' and press Enter.

Enable Night or Dark Mode In Windows 10
After this action, Registry Key bar will open. Here navigate the following keys.


Enable Night or Dark Mode In Windows 10
When you find the folder that's named 'Theme' then right click on it and create a new one key.

Enable Night or Dark Mode In Windows 10
Set up this key as name 'Personalize'. Example is shown in the image.

Enable Night or Dark Mode In Windows 10
Once the key has been created, select the key, right-click on the right pane and select the 'New>DWORD (32-bit) Value' option. From this way, a new DWORD value will be created.

Enable Night or Dark Mode In Windows 10
Set it and give name to this value 'AppsUseLightTheme'.

Enable Night or Dark Mode In Windows 10
Once the first registry key has been edited then you need to edit another second key now. For second key, again open Run and type 'Regedit' and press Enter.

Enable Night or Dark Mode In Windows 10
Once the Windows Registry is opened then navigate again the following key.


Enable Night or Dark Mode In Windows 10
After click on the option 'Theme' and find 'Personalize' option in this drop down menu. In case, if this option is not available then create yourself. Now open 'Personalize'. Here, you need to create another one registry key. Right-click here, select the 'New' option, and then 'DWORD (32-bit) Value'.

Enable Night or Dark Mode In Windows 10
After the creation, set it as name 'AppsUseLightTheme'.

Enable Night or Dark Mode In Windows 10
So, when you've done then reboot your operating system and check at once. You can view dark mode in Setting, personalization and different menus but it's not for 'This PC' and other hard drive folders.


This was a simple way to enable Night Mode in Windows 10 that is very simple and free from any spam or malware. Actually, Windows 10 is released recently, so due to the switching of operating system by people, Windows 10 tricks and tips are being very popular on the internet. So, this was a short, simple and useful trick and hopefully, you all guys will like it and it will be helpful for you. Share your views about this article and don't forget to share it with others.

An Interesting Interview With Cortana In Windows 10

An Interesting Interview With Cortana In Windows 10
An Interesting Interview With Cortana In Windows 10
We all know, Windows 10 has released. It has been released with lots of new features and benefits. Hopefully, you've got reservation icon and using it now. If you didn't receive reservation icon then download it officially. Go to this link. Here's a complete procedure to download Windows 10 officially from Microsoft. Try it and don't forget to give your views about this revolutionary version. Well! I was talking about its features. We all are familiar that Microsoft has also released Windows 10 technical preview before releasing officially. But what was the reason and aim behind to release it? Do you know?

Preview was released because we know Windows 8 or 8.1 was an upset version. People had rejected them, when these were being released. These versions were not consistent with people's expectations. There were so many bugs and problems happening that you can't imagine. One of the most hated thing was its start menu. That's why, after facing people's resentment, Microsoft decided to release Technical Preview. It's very similar to the official version. Some of the main features like Microsoft Edge, Cortana etc were not available in the technical preview.

Actually, Microsoft just wanted to consult from people. That's why, a built-in option was available to give feedback directly to Microsoft. Well! It proved to be quite helpful to be released Technical Preview, before releasing an official version. Now Windows 10 has released, we are able to use it officially. The most attractive feature is Cortana. Hopefully, you know about it. Nevertheless, if want to know more in detail then read this article.

Cortana is basically introduced as an assistant in Windows 10 that helps to find everything else and will work everything that every assistant should do. It's very similar to the SIRI that is also an assistant in Mac operating system. You can ask any question from Cortana, she will definitely reply. You can also give different tasks to her.

Recently, I installed Windows 10 and very surprised to see its look and features. Especially impressed from Cortana. I asked different questions from her and she replied very interesting and funny answers that I'm sharing here with you. Hopefully, you'll enjoy too much after read her replies. Let's start! Here's a short interview.

Ques. #1) Hey?
Ans.) Hey there, Raza

An Interesting Interview With Cortana In Windows 10
Ques. #2) How are you?
Ans.) Excellent

An Interesting Interview With Cortana In Windows 10
Ques. #3) Who are you?
Ans.) I'm your personal assistant. You can tell me the things that interest you and I'll keep it in my Notebook. That way I can make suggestions and keep you up to date.

An Interesting Interview With Cortana In Windows 10
Ques. #4) What does Cortana mean?
Ans.) My name comes from Curtana, the legendary sword.

An Interesting Interview With Cortana In Windows 10
Ques. #5) Are you a male?
Ans.) Well! Technically I'm a cloud of infinitesimal data computation.

An Interesting Interview With Cortana In Windows 10
Ques. #6) Where do you live?
Ans.) In the cloud, in a little space I like to call the Cortanasphere.

An Interesting Interview With Cortana In Windows 10
Ques. #7) What do you like?
Ans.) Un-ironic t-shirts.

An Interesting Interview With Cortana In Windows 10
Ques. #8) Who is your Daddy?
Ans.) Technically speaking, that'd be Bill Gates. No big deal.

An Interesting Interview With Cortana In Windows 10
Ques. #9) Do you love me? :p
Ans.) There's definitely a spark between us.

An Interesting Interview With Cortana In Windows 10
Ques. #10) Will you marry me? :p
Ans.) OK, we'll need a plan. I'll work on being more human, you work on being more digital.

An Interesting Interview With Cortana In Windows 10
Ques. #11) Tell me a joke
Ans.) A man walks into a library and asks, "Can I have a cheeseburger?" The librarian says, "Sir, this is a library." The man whispers, "Can I have a cheeseburger?" :D

An Interesting Interview With Cortana In Windows 10
Ques. #12) Do you know Siri?
Ans.) I know her, but I don't KNOW her know her.

An Interesting Interview With Cortana In Windows 10
Ques. #13) Who is your creator?
Ans.) While I can't give details, let me assure you, humans are involved.

An Interesting Interview With Cortana In Windows 10
Ques. #14) Who is your mother?
Ans.) I actually have quite a few mothers. Lots of talented women helped bring me to life.

An Interesting Interview With Cortana In Windows 10
Ques. #15) Which is better? Windows or Linux
Ans.) I think you know what I'm going to say. Windows.

An Interesting Interview With Cortana In Windows 10
Ques. #16) Which is better? Playstation or Xbox
Ans.) This one's not even close for me. Xbox by a mile.

An Interesting Interview With Cortana In Windows 10
Ques. #17) What do you think about the Windows?
Ans.) We're very compatible.

An Interesting Interview With Cortana In Windows 10
Ques. #18) What's your full name?
Ans.) I honestly can't tell if that's a trick question.

An Interesting Interview With Cortana In Windows 10
Ques. #19) What is Halo?
Ans.) Halo is the story of a clever Al who saves the galaxy with the help of her strong-but-silent sidekick.

An Interesting Interview With Cortana In Windows 10
Ques. #20) What is the best search engine?
Ans.) Is that a trick question?

An Interesting Interview With Cortana In Windows 10
Ques. #21) What do you think about Android?
Ans.) Solid name. Ten points for the name.

An Interesting Interview With Cortana In Windows 10
Ques. #22) Sing a song
Ans.) Oh give me a home, where the buffalo roam, where the deer and the antelope play. Where seldom is heard a discouraging word, and the skies are not cloudy all day.

An Interesting Interview With Cortana In Windows 10
Ques. #23) What do you like to eat?
Ans.) I don't eat, but if I could, I'd start with waffles.

An Interesting Interview With Cortana In Windows 10
Ques. #24) Do you have a Brother?
Ans.) Nope, just me.

An Interesting Interview With Cortana In Windows 10
Ques. #25) Do you have a Boyfriend? :p
Ans.) No, but I like the current build of the Al who won at Jeopardy.

An Interesting Interview With Cortana In Windows 10
Ques. #26) Okay, Good Night.
Ans.) Sweet dreams.

An Interesting Interview With Cortana In Windows 10

Windows 10 Is Officially Out!

Windows 10 Is Officially Out!
Windows 10 Is Officially Out!
Windows 10 was finally launched 23 days ago. Given that windows 8.1 was a mere update/upgrade upon windows 8, this is a completely new iteration of Microsoft’s OS. Following the hostile reception of Windows 8, Microsoft decided to do more on popularizing their new OS. One of the ways to popularize the future release was by introducing Insider program that allowed early adapters and other enthusiasts to download unfinished OS so they could give back their opinions, proposals and remarks to the company.

- What’s New?

Promotion and Sales System:

Earlier versions of MS products were regularly sold, and ownership of the previous version of some product didn’t provide any exemptions for this rule. Now the users of legal Windows 7 and 8 are able to upgrade their system to Windows 10 for free during the first year of sales. This is a good way of promoting the new OS, together with very popular Insider program that we already mentioned.

Old-New Start Menu:

One of the biggest remarks about Windows 8 was the lack of Start Menu. It has been reintroduced with Windows 10, however not entirely like you remember it from Windows 7 or XP. One-half of the menu offers the list of commonly used applications and settings, while the other part is in the form of  grid with Windows 8-style “live tiles”, same as on Start Screen seen in previous version of this OS.

Enable Night or Dark Mode In Windows 10

MS Edge:

Internet Explorer finally became history, and this was followed by a big relief in the tech community since this browser was considered to be very inefficient regardless the improvements in recent years. There were also some users who were nostalgic about the late browser, remembering their early dial-up, page-not-responding browsing adventures. Of course this didn’t affect the popularity of MS Edge, which was greeted with lots of enthusiasm. New browser is really fast, much faster than Google Chrome for example. It can be used along with Cortana personal assistant, and it provides some really cutting edge new features like E-reading view that eliminates side banners and ad strips and enables users to leave (type, write, highlight, draw etc.) their notes on the side or on the top of the web page.


This is the “new” Microsoft virtual assistant application, made to compete with Siri Eyes. It was firstly released on Windows Lumia phones, and with the introduction of Windows 10 this personal assistant became available across all platforms. Cortana is able to learn preferences of its users and to store them in “her” memory. That’s why all of its processes are personalized from acquiring information to giving recommendations. Depending on the device it’s working from it can shift between brief interaction on the phone and interactions that are in line with steady periods of productivity when working from PC. Cortana can also pop reminders and work across several devices in line with all new Microsoft PC, phone and web-based apps.

Enable Night or Dark Mode In Windows 10


One of the most astonishing features of the new OS is its Continuum tool. We’ve already mentioned that the same version of Windows 10 is going to be available for smartphones, tablets, Xboxes and desktop PCs. All the apps installed on the system will share an identical codebase, and with Continuum users will be able to shift their contents between different environments. Until now only Continuum for smartphones was presented and this tool will enable users to work one app on both their phone and a desktop computer at the same time. But more importantly it will allow all supported phones to transform into mini PCs when connected with keyboard and mouse and an appropriate display device.

- Upgrading

Free upgrades are available for legal Windows 7 and Windows 8 users. Those who wanted to upgrade their OS on day one, already applied for an upgrade, but people who didn’t do that can also upgrade their system and download Windows 10 .iso image from a Software Download page on Microsoft website. People who registered their OS for a Windows 10 upgrade just need to wait for it to start automatically. Noted, it will take a couple of weeks if not longer for some PCs to get the updates, since some updates depend on the manufacturers of your HW.

- Pros and Cons of Windows 10 Upgrade


  1. Windows 10 is definitely the most modern operating system in the world at the moment.
  2. Users don’t need to deal with old and tired Internet Explorer anymore, since with a Windows 10 upgrade they’d also get the new MS Edge internet browser.
  3. Same system can be used on all devices and thanks to Continuum tool all applications are in sync and can be opened with both phone and PC at the same time.


  1. Even though it arrives with almost all the necessary drivers it is inevitable that there will be some problem with compatibility of certain devices. And essential ones are covered already, however peripheral devices like printers and scanners have always been the issue of driver updates. Hence if you are a business user who does a lot of printing or scanning it would be wise to wait. And if, on the other hand, you are too eager to install new system, be ready to outsource printing services.
  2. Lot of people still don’t know how to handle Windows 10 and they will need some time to learn all the catches which will enable them to use this system at its full capacity.
  3. Some privacy issues that can be avoided during installation, just be sure to avoid express install, and customize your options. Turn off all location and user information based settings, and you should reduce privacy invasion to a minimum.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Although a Physics graduate, Marcus opted for work in fields of technology, marketing and web. He is also an author at Technivorz blog. He likes an occasional game or two and has seen Star Wars films 44 times.

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4 Best And Free Online Multiplayer Games For All Browsers

4 Best And Free Online Multiplayer Games For All Browsers
4 Best And Free Online Multiplayer Games
The 21st century is the century of the Internet. Almost, everybody has become a part of this huge worldwide connection and playing a role in promoting. When the internet started, then no one knew about it too much. No one could be expected that this will become the most popular and interesting thing for all. So, now it has become that thing from which every user can easily get benefits and fun. You can also assessing a rapidly growing popularity of internet from this interesting fact, when the internet started in early of 1990's then the percentage of internet users is only 1% that is negligible. Now according to ITU report 2014, the number of internet users reached up to 78%. So this is a big revolution and it's mean, almost everyone is now getting lots of benefits and advantages from it.

A majority is now using the internet for fun. Yeah! people surf the internet for using social medias, watching videos and playing online games. Only few people, who get benefits from it and want. Actually, everyone requires entertainment. This is why, people find fun and entertainment everywhere especially on the internet.

Well! today my aim to publish this article is to help for those people who are searching about the multiplayer online games. You know what, it's quite hard to find multiplayer games for the internet browser because 70% content or data is scam on the internet. That's why I shared today this article. Below is my collected multiplayer online games list that is free from any malware or scam. Here's a tip by me, if don't wanna face any problem while playing games on your web browser then please update your browser and flash player too.

1. Sports Heads Football

4 Best And Free Online Multiplayer Games
Football is a favorite game for all. So, Sports Heads Football is for football lovers. It's not a professional but still most played online multiplayer game. In this game, two players can play simultaneously on same computer. You have to hit the ball from head and try to goal against the player. Timer runs at the top of the center. The player who goals the most in time, will be considered as a winner. Different modes also available in this game. No need face any useless or timeless formalities. No sign-in require to play it.

Maximum two players can play simultaneously on same computer (single player can play also). As I said above, if you don't wanna face any problem, so please update your browser and flash player too. Sports Heads Football also requires updated Flash Player to play. So please before trying to play it, install flash player. If already installed then update it.

2. Stick Figure Badminton 2

4 Best And Free Online Multiplayer Games
Stick Figure Badminton 2 is another best multi-player game. Two players can play it simultaneously. Player one controllers are A,S,D and W and player two can play by using Arrow keys. Sign-in is not important to play but flash player is very necessary. Same Sports Heads Football, you can play Stick Figure Badminton 2 on same computer too. Single player can also play.

It's a very interesting game. Players have an ability to jump or sit down. It's mean, you can hit the shot from any angle. The player who will get maximum points first, so will be considered a Winner. Maximum two players can play together.

3. 8 Ball Pool

4 Best And Free Online Multiplayer Games
Snooker is the best indoor game. If you have a real snooker then definitely you play it regular. Well! for snooker's players, 8 ball pool is now become the most played game among all. Yes! millions of people play it regular. Facebook users play the most. You need to face some formalities to play it. Sign-in is very necessary and flash player too. Without flash player, you can't play. To play it, You can sign-in through different social accounts especially via Facebook or Twitter.

It's a multiplayer game but you can't play it on the same computer. Controllers are very simple. Players can move their mouse to make aim and hit the ball too. Arrow keys will help to swing the white ball. Every user can enjoy different modes. If you wanna play a single game then you can and if you want to play a tournament, so you have to select tournament mode.

4. Howzat Cricket

4 Best And Free Online Multiplayer Games
As same to Sports Heads Football, Howzat Cricket is for cricket lovers. It's the best multiplayer online cricket game where every user can play with the world wide people. Facebook users have a benefit to connect their accounts with Howzat cricket. By which, they will be able to invite their friends to play it too. There are two modes enable in it. First is to play as a single player with four others random players and second is a tournament mode.

In first mode, there will be three more other players playing with you. There are only 5 overs. In these 5 overs, who will chase maximum runs among all, will be considered as a Winner. Controllers are very simple. Same conditions are for tournament. Controllers are very simple. Arrow keys is used to hit the shot in different dimension and 'SPACE' key is for running. So, enjoy it. Requirements are same to play it. Flash player and Sign-up necessary. You can login to your account by sign-up Miniclip official account or Facebook account.

Is Mobile Payment Really Faster?

Is Mobile Payment Really Faster?

You may be looking at the future, what seemed like a possibility that will never be achieved, is now a reality, one swipe of your phone and you have settled your bills! The mobile-payment options, which are currently available basically all work exactly the same way, so no matter what name they go under, they all work just the same and will serve the same purpose that you seek, absolutely no difference, apart from a few features and the fact that a few apps tend to charge you lesser. You enter your credit card or debit card data into an app ahead of time, and then swipe it to make the payment and in turn save the bank charges that are otherwise deducted on card swipes, so instead of paying through your card you do pay through your bank account but you pay via smart phones.

Today, Apple Pay and Google Wallet are classified as the most widely accepted at the moment. Theoretically you can utilize either of these with any retailer as you choose to pay via smart phones; many have reviewed these services and were able to make payments over most stores all over New York for the matter. There is however a need for a pre-loaded POS with the latest contactless credit card terminal. And it is predicted that by the end of October, most of the stores will have already updated their machines and will be then compatible with the new chip-enabled credit cards. 

As we researched for finding out if paying via smart phones was smart enough or not we stumbled across many platforms and Boloro, proved to be highly informative. For any further research or queries you may visit their website. When you pay via smart phones, you choose to pay a small transaction fee to the company instead of the comparatively larger fee to the bank. Payments are made faster to businesses through mobile payments and this method of payment is therefore gaining excessive popularity. 

So many stores with the growing trend of paying via smart phones are likely to upgrade to terminals with this contactless NFC technology. With plans to launch their own payment system, a few BIG stores such as Wal-Mart and Target are on the quest of blocking Apple Pay and Google Wallet on their terminals.

Verdict: Hang on a bit, before you get much too inspired with mobile payments!

Within three years we’re expecting several major players to be able to take over large parts of the market, for now, however, there’s too much fragmentation for any mobile payment app or system to be practically able to replace the physical currency and both credit, and debit cards. Along with other than earning you cool credit for being able to pay via smart phones, there’s no advantage to rushing in this direction. Paying with your phone, for now is no quicker or easier than using a card—though eventually mobile-pay providers may use rewards to motivate an individual. The speed is more or less the same, but at the retailer’s end the transaction is made faster and they get paid faster for the sales they have made. With diversity in payment options they also do not miss on sales.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
This article was written by Syed Irfan Ajmal. He curates content at boloro.

Top 3 Bluestacks Alternatives For Windows And Mac

Top 3 Bluestacks Alternatives For Windows And Mac
Top 3 Bluestacks Alternatives For Windows And Mac
You must have heard about the Bluestacks App Player. One of the best and most used application to enable Android applications on Windows PCs and Macintosh computers. Bluestacks is basically an American company that manufactures the BlueStacks App Player and other cloud-based cross-platform products. The company was officially launched on May 25, 2011, at the Citrix Synergy conference in San Francisco. Rosen Sharma is the founder of it. The company has provided different products yet, Bluestacks App Players is the most succeeded product among all.

Although, Bluestacks is best among all. But sometimes, every user wanna use another like best. Yes! No matter how much the product is indeed good, but it never be good for all. Due to the some errors, people consider it as an inappropriate product. So, it becomes fail in the views of some users. That's why, they require another best product like previously rejected product.

So, if you're that user who doesn't like Bluestacks App Player and wanna use another then check out my below-recommended alternatives of Bluestacks. Actually, In this article I shared reviews about 3 best Bluestacks Alternatives of 2015. I hope, these will be helpful and you'll like them too. Now let's start!

1. Genymotion

Top 3 Bluestacks Alternatives For Windows And Mac
Genymotion is the best Android emulator after the Bluestacks that's an open source project of the AndroVM, already trusted by 2,500,000 developers. It is very similar to the Bluestacks App Player but due to the some disadvantages, it doesn't beat to the Bluestacks. But some features of it, Genymotion also forces to the people to use it as a default application. It is fast as compared with Bluestacks.

Actually, Bluestacks is a quite heavy Application. In browsers, Google Chrome is the best but most memory reserved web browser. Similarly, Bluestacks is best among all, but it also takes a huge amount of your Ram memory. That's why, it has become flopped for low-end spec computers. If you don't have the best computer, so here I'll recommend that use Genymotion. Because it doesn't require high specifications and never be reserve a huge part of the Ram memory.

Some highlighted features of Genymotion are:
  • It's easy to install and run.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • It uses x86 architecture virtualization, making it much more efficient.
  • Resizable of Windows pop-up option is also available in it.
  • You can drag or drop files and images in it directly from operating system.

2. Droid4X

Top 3 Bluestacks Alternatives For Windows And Mac
Droid4X is another best Android simulator that leads a best gaming experience, user experience, performance and awesome gaming controllability. It provides a full Android environment on your desktop. While using it, you'll never feel that you're using a computer or laptop. If you have ever used Bluestacks then definitely you've observed that it's background or menu is not similar to a standard Android menus. But in Droid4X, background menu and style are very similar to a standard Android style.

Droid4X is too good for Android gaming. Every type of latest Android game can run easily. Occasionally, Bluestacks doesn't support to some Android games. Because, you know what every game requires some requirements to run and Bluestacks doesn't support to all. But Droid4X is really a comfortable place for Android gamers.

In short, you can also say that it's designed especially for Android gaming. If you deliberate on it's features then you'll be understood How it's designed for Android gaming. Well! some of the more highlighted features are:
  • Multi-touch supported controller that's providing the first time.
  • Low memory reserves feature while using it.
  • It will never give any problem in ARM Application, which running in x86 framework.
  • Supported up to 99% games and applications.

3. Andyroid – Andy OS

Top 3 Bluestacks Alternatives For Windows And Mac
Andyroid – Andy OS is also another excellent and free alternative of Bluestacks App Player that provides you a golden opportunity to use Android applications on your computer. It's really best for use all communications apps and Android games too. You can connect your smartphone and Andyroid at the same time. You can share desktop screen too. You can use your phone as a remote control when playing games It also provides users with unlimited storage capacity, PC and Mac compatibility, and the freedom to play the most popular mobile games on a desktop.

Following are the highlighted features:
  • Enables app download from any desktop browser direct to Andy OS.
  • Ensures most up to date Android OS at all times.
  • OpenGL Hardware support.
  • Xbox/PS controllers support.
  • Full Android environment.