Windows 10 Is Officially Out!

Windows 10 Is Officially Out!
Windows 10 was finally launched 23 days ago. Given that windows 8.1 was a mere update/upgrade upon windows 8, this is a completely new iteration of Microsoft’s OS. Following the hostile reception of Windows 8, Microsoft decided to do more on popularizing their new OS. One of the ways to popularize the future release was by introducing Insider program that allowed early adapters and other enthusiasts to download unfinished OS so they could give back their opinions, proposals and remarks to the company.

- What’s New?

Promotion and Sales System:

Earlier versions of MS products were regularly sold, and ownership of the previous version of some product didn’t provide any exemptions for this rule. Now the users of legal Windows 7 and 8 are able to upgrade their system to Windows 10 for free during the first year of sales. This is a good way of promoting the new OS, together with very popular Insider program that we already mentioned.

Old-New Start Menu:

One of the biggest remarks about Windows 8 was the lack of Start Menu. It has been reintroduced with Windows 10, however not entirely like you remember it from Windows 7 or XP. One-half of the menu offers the list of commonly used applications and settings, while the other part is in the form of  grid with Windows 8-style “live tiles”, same as on Start Screen seen in previous version of this OS.

Enable Night or Dark Mode In Windows 10

MS Edge:

Internet Explorer finally became history, and this was followed by a big relief in the tech community since this browser was considered to be very inefficient regardless the improvements in recent years. There were also some users who were nostalgic about the late browser, remembering their early dial-up, page-not-responding browsing adventures. Of course this didn’t affect the popularity of MS Edge, which was greeted with lots of enthusiasm. New browser is really fast, much faster than Google Chrome for example. It can be used along with Cortana personal assistant, and it provides some really cutting edge new features like E-reading view that eliminates side banners and ad strips and enables users to leave (type, write, highlight, draw etc.) their notes on the side or on the top of the web page.


This is the “new” Microsoft virtual assistant application, made to compete with Siri Eyes. It was firstly released on Windows Lumia phones, and with the introduction of Windows 10 this personal assistant became available across all platforms. Cortana is able to learn preferences of its users and to store them in “her” memory. That’s why all of its processes are personalized from acquiring information to giving recommendations. Depending on the device it’s working from it can shift between brief interaction on the phone and interactions that are in line with steady periods of productivity when working from PC. Cortana can also pop reminders and work across several devices in line with all new Microsoft PC, phone and web-based apps.

Enable Night or Dark Mode In Windows 10


One of the most astonishing features of the new OS is its Continuum tool. We’ve already mentioned that the same version of Windows 10 is going to be available for smartphones, tablets, Xboxes and desktop PCs. All the apps installed on the system will share an identical codebase, and with Continuum users will be able to shift their contents between different environments. Until now only Continuum for smartphones was presented and this tool will enable users to work one app on both their phone and a desktop computer at the same time. But more importantly it will allow all supported phones to transform into mini PCs when connected with keyboard and mouse and an appropriate display device.

- Upgrading

Free upgrades are available for legal Windows 7 and Windows 8 users. Those who wanted to upgrade their OS on day one, already applied for an upgrade, but people who didn’t do that can also upgrade their system and download Windows 10 .iso image from a Software Download page on Microsoft website. People who registered their OS for a Windows 10 upgrade just need to wait for it to start automatically. Noted, it will take a couple of weeks if not longer for some PCs to get the updates, since some updates depend on the manufacturers of your HW.

- Pros and Cons of Windows 10 Upgrade


  1. Windows 10 is definitely the most modern operating system in the world at the moment.
  2. Users don’t need to deal with old and tired Internet Explorer anymore, since with a Windows 10 upgrade they’d also get the new MS Edge internet browser.
  3. Same system can be used on all devices and thanks to Continuum tool all applications are in sync and can be opened with both phone and PC at the same time.


  1. Even though it arrives with almost all the necessary drivers it is inevitable that there will be some problem with compatibility of certain devices. And essential ones are covered already, however peripheral devices like printers and scanners have always been the issue of driver updates. Hence if you are a business user who does a lot of printing or scanning it would be wise to wait. And if, on the other hand, you are too eager to install new system, be ready to outsource printing services.
  2. Lot of people still don’t know how to handle Windows 10 and they will need some time to learn all the catches which will enable them to use this system at its full capacity.
  3. Some privacy issues that can be avoided during installation, just be sure to avoid express install, and customize your options. Turn off all location and user information based settings, and you should reduce privacy invasion to a minimum.

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