Best Practices For Subtitling

Best Practices For Subtitling
Several studies have substantiated the fact that reading subtitles is easier than listening to dubbed voices for both adults and kids who are more than 11 years old. For viewers, who are not native speakers of any particular language, it is easier to understand the video through subtitles. And on top of that, you can follow the narrated event more efficiently if you are watching the video in a crowded surrounding. In a nutshell, written content attracts more attention from the viewer on the screen.

This is why a large number of viewers now prefer subtitles for a better viewing experience. Reason being, there is a minimal distraction with subtitles on the screen. Also users’, brains and eyes are now already habitual about reading subtitles on the screen to process the videos.

Transcribing a video can help you reap several benefits including enhanced user experience and making the video accessible for the audience having a hearing disability. Apart from that, having an accurate transcript can help you boost audience engagement and enhance SEO. You can also easily make derivative content from transcripts including blogs, guides, email campaigns, eBooks, and social media posts among others.

You can transcribe your videos either on your own or hire a professional service to get the job done.

Here are all the details if you want to go the DIY way.

Do it Yourself (DIY)

To create a high quality transcript from a video is not very difficult. All you need is access to the video and a word processor.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to create a flawless transcript.

1. Watch Video

Try to watch the video in an increment of a few seconds. You can start by watching for 10 seconds or fewer and as you get used to it, you can start watching longer sections. However, you should first practice accuracy over speed to ensure the transcript is flawless.

2. Create Transcript

Write exactly what you hear as you watch the video. Make sure that you have an eye for details to ensure context is not lost in the text. For instance, if melancholic music is playing in the background then you need to mention that as well. If you are creating the transcript from a video for caption or titles then you should note essential contexts like footsteps, slammed doors, and background chatter among others.

However, for subtitle file translator to create a transcript for quotes or notes then writing down the dialogues will do the job.

3. Edit For Perfect Timing

After you are done writing text from the video, watch it again carefully to check out the accuracy of time stamps on the transcript. Accurate timestamps will help you easily take reference from the right parts of the video. On top of that, it will also help you expedite the transcription process for captions or subtitles.

4. Prefer Verbatim

Avoid unnecessary editing if you have time for verbatim speech. You should aim to provide viewers with as much access to the soundtrack as you can. You can write subtitles within the constraints of space, time, shot, changes, visuals, and others. The idea is to never eliminate any sound or word whenever you have the time to include. However, keep in mind that there should not be any conflict with visuals.

5. Preserve The Style

Your subtitling should reflect the speech style of the speaker. For that, you need to consider the speaker’s nationality, register, era, and more. It will help pick a more appropriate set of vocabulary.

Go through these examples to understand in a better manner.

Register: deceased vs dead, sex vs intercourse Era: cab vs taxi, radio vs wireless Nationality: pants vs trousers, mum vs mom

6. Break At Natural Points

Ensure to break lines and subtitles at logical points to keep them easily readable. You can make ideals break through punctuations including comma, full stop, dash, and more.

If you need to break the sentences abruptly then avoid breaking article/ noun, preposition, conjunction, pronoun, complex verbs, and more.

7. Target Minimum Timing

Recommended reading rate for an average user is around 160 to 180 words per minute. Based on this rate, you should target 0.3 seconds per word. However, timings of subtitles depend on other editorial decisions as well including text editing, speed of the speech, shit synchronization, and more.

You need to think beyond the number of words on the screen to decide the amount of time a text should remain on the screen.

8. Merge Subtitles For Short Shots

If you see two or more fast shots that are quick for a subtitle, then you merge the speech of these shots. However, make sure that your subtitle ends at the last shot.

9. Use Colors

It is a best practice to leverage color to differentiate between two speakers. It helps in identifying who is saying what easily.

This way, you can combine the speech of two speakers in one subtitle and differentiate the speakers through different colors. But if there are more than two speakers, then you need to write the subtitle in a new line for all the speakers. You can precede each line with a dash.

10. Proofread

Transcripts with grammatical errors and typos can lead to bad customer experience and a dent in your business’ brand value. Hence, proofread all the transcripts carefully to ensure every word and line is flawless.

Other Key Points To Keep In Mind

  • In normal scenarios, each subtitle is supposed to come with a single sentence. However, if you need to use two lines then it is advisable to use the shorter line at the top to ensure as minimal overlapping with the image. It should also be left-justified to ensure unnecessary rolling of eyeballs.
  • Make sure that all the important dialogues are captioned and there is clear differentiation between speakers. You can also simplify the text to make sure they become easy to read and more user friendly for viewers.
  • Use font size that is easily readable from a distance. Also make sure to keep high contrast between the subtitle and the background i.e. video.
  • It is best practice to position subtitles at the centre-bottom of the frame to avoid any overlap with the text appearing on the screen. However, while following this convention, it is crucial to not obscure the on-screen caption or face of the speaker.
  • Make sure that all the subtitles are accurate. You can leverage pauses, change of scene, and music to synchronize subtitles with the speech accurately.

In Summary

Subtitling has come a long way from its origin. Earlier, it was just used to meet compliance to make the video content accessible for differently abled viewers. However, with digitalization of content across the globe; it has now become a potent tool to reach global markets. People from all over the world are enjoying critically-acclaimed and popular world cinema and TV shows in different languages that are not necessarily their native language. For instance, English speaking viewers are watching French movies with English subtitles and Americans are watching Indian TV shows in Hindi language with English subtitles.

Hence, it has become business-critical for content creators to subtitle their videos in multiple languages to make it more accessible for the global audience.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Shirley Williams is a subtitle file translator by profession who has worked on several international projects of repute. In her free time, she loves watching movies and traveling.

8 Mobile Marketing Statistics That Prove Mobile Matters

Mobile Marketing Statistics That Prove Mobile Matters
Smartphones have a big impact on our daily life. This gadget is normally kept in our pocket. We can do shopping and manage our work by using it. We can also use it for social media so that our thoughts can be shared. Some people take photos with this device. You can say that most of the time in a day we keep this magic box.

A few years from now smartphones have taken the place of PCs and laptops for accessing the internet. The continuous growth of this trend is shown by the mobile marketing statistics.

If your advertising strategy is very good then you can take the benefit of this trend so that marketing of services and goods to the consumers can be done easily.

Now I am going to give a description about 8 mobile marketing statistics that prove mobile matters.

1. At Present Around 5.11 Billion People On The Earth Use Smartphones:

100 million more people have started using the smartphones and it shows that their number will not decrease. You should know that the total population of the world is 7.53 billion. Since a lot of people are using smartphones there are several chances for trades to reach customers by making the use of perfect marketing strategies.

2. In 2017 Mobile Phones Were Owned By 85 % People Using The Internet:

Mobile phones are owned by most of the people using the net. An advanced technology is used in this device. If there is a deal between the mobile provider and you and a contract has been signed then you can get a free smartphone also. You can easily get any model of smartphone in spite of the fact that it is not cheap.

3. In 2018 The Average Time Spent By The American People On Smartphones Was 3 Hours and 23 Minutes:

Around 22 minutes were spent on smartphones by the people 7 years from now. But now this time has increased so much. People are using smartphones for talking with family and friends and also for checking emails. All are dependent on smartphones whether they are marketers or consumers.

4. Per Day Around 14 Billion Times Smartphones Are Checked By The Americans:

Smartphones have become a very important part of our daily life that it will be very difficult for us to do our work without these. We used to check it so many times a day.

5. Between 2017 and 2022 An Expected Seven-Fold Rise In The Traffic Of Mobile Data Has Been Forecasted:

There can be a situation when the internet can be accessed by using the mobile data such as when WiFi does not work. A 3 times increase in the connection speed of the smartphone has been forecasted with 46 % CAGR (compound annual growth rate).

6. While Using Smartphones The Traffic Is Around 96% That Is Driven By Google

It is 1 % at Bing and 2 % at Yahoo. But we can not deny that the users of smartphones as well as desktops are dependent on the number one search engine known as Google.

7. In 2017 The Percentage Of Mobile-Adaptive Top Sites Of Alexa Was 80%

As per the traffic algorithm of Alexa several sites that perform well are the mobile sites present at Amazon known as top sites of Alexa.

8. Digital Media’s 69% Time Is Consumed By Smartphones

It has been found that smartphones are used for digital media consumption by a large number of people. The time spent on digital media by using a desktop has been reduced.

If you are interested in app creation services and enterprise mobility solutions then you can take the help of an Android app development company.
Mobile Marketing Statistics That Prove Mobile Matters

6 Essential Tips For A Successful Content Marketing Strategy

Successful Content Marketing Strategy
If you want to have a successful online business, then there are several essential tips that you should consider. One of the most important things that you must keep in mind is to make sure your content is informative and up-to-date.

Update your site regularly to make it more visible to popular search engines. With the help of search engine optimization (SEO), this will be easy for your website.

Check out these other tips for a successful content marketing strategy:

1. Write Content For Your Target Audience

An essential tip that you should keep in mind is to write about something that’s really interesting to you, as well as your readers. Research about the topics that would generate interest from your target audience and use those as the foundation to writing good content. Once you have implemented effective writing and great content, you'll get more traffic. Moreover, generating content that’s interesting to your target audience will likely result in more sales.

2. Make Your Content Keyword-Rich

When you write articles, you should ensure that they are keyword-rich with the help of SEO content writing. These keywords trigger search engines to understand what your website content is all about by scanning them.

Here are some content marketing tips to make your content keyword-rich:

  • Use keywords in different ways on your articles.
  • Don’t just use the same type of keywords every time. Instead, you should be able to come up with new ones to add more depth to your article.
  • Remember to include your URL in the body of your article.

3. Follow Spelling and Grammar Rules

If you plan to start writing articles, then you should be able to write in English first. The language you use should be perfect and should not contain any grammatical errors. You should also be familiar with the rules of grammar and punctuation. It would be better if you could use your software such as Microsoft Word or Open Office, which have built-in grammar and spelling checkers.

4. Have A Blog

Aside from using these types of software, you should also have your own blog in which you could post your articles. Be familiar with the basics of writing articles so you can create a well-written piece. When writing articles, it’s better to use numbered lists, sub-headings, and bullet points. These will help show more information in your articles, and readers will be able to read it more easily.

If you’re starting your online business venture, you might want to get started with blogging. This can be a great way to get traffic to your site, and there are several blogging software programs out there that can make this easier than ever before. You simply sign up to use these applications and then write a daily post that’s related to the topic that your blog is about, and then submit it to popular blogging sites.

The more articles you publish on your blog or website, the more visitors you will have. In turn, you will be able to generate more traffic, which means more sales. Of course, if you’re able to gain more sales, then you will become more successful in your online business.

5. Regularly Post New Content

Make sure that you’re always creating new content for your website as part of your content marketing strategy. You can use blog commenting systems to make this possible. When you’re creating your content, you should also make sure that you include images and videos. These will keep readers interested in your articles.
Successful Content Marketing Strategy
Here are some suggestions to get more content to your website:

  • Increase your website traffic by writing newsletters. There are quite a few free newsletter software programs that you can purchase to get started, and you can write newsletters on a regular basis, even daily. Write as many blogs or articles as you want, and when you finish a newsletter, you can simply download it and add your affiliate links, and you'll be on your way to increasing your traffic.
  • You can submit articles to online directories, such as Yahoo Answers and Google Answers. You should always remember to check the backlinks in these types of articles. The more backlinks there are pointing back to your website, the higher your ranking will be. By submitting articles to these directories, you can build your web presence and gain more exposure.
  • If you’re interested in building backlinks and promoting your website through your written content, you might want to consider hiring a copywriting service. This type of service usually offers a variety of advantages, which include writing articles, writing for online forums, SEO writing, and much more. The best thing about hiring someone to do these things for you is that they can work with you and see which methods are going to be the most effective for your specific needs. You can simply let them know what needs to be done, and then they can work to ensure that your content marketing strategy is completed.

6. Marketing Audit

Audit your marketing strategies to ensure you have the best version for a successful outcome. You can perform split testing or A/B testing to test two versions of your desired marketing strategy.

For example, you can create two article versions of a topic and check what drives the most traffic to your website. You can make one longer and the other shorter. Try to perform keyword research using SEO tools to determine the best keywords to incorporate into your article. Also, make your content more interesting and entertaining by presenting them in different formats, such as videos, photos, audio, or infographics.


As long as you keep writing articles, as well as updating your blog and website regularly, you will be able to use your blogs and websites to build your online business. It will make your readers look forward to reading it and encourage them to tell their friends about it. Just make sure that your content is unique and original to be able to catch the attention of your readers.

Shorting Of Stocks Explained In Simple Terms And How It Works

Shorting Of Stocks Explained
A stock market is a place where the magic happens. It's where rags to riches stories are made, where the money is earned as quickly as it is lost. But the best part about the stock market is that you can earn even while a stock loses value. Now that, dear reader, is magical.

The simple maxim of "Buy cheap, sell dear" does not completely capture the essence of the market when you have the option to short sell.

Going Short

The underlying concept of short selling is easy and intuitive, but the dynamics are subject to several rules and regulations, mostly of varying nature as we move across markets over the world, which makes it a bit complex, and sometimes even confusing.

Assume that there's a stock named A which trader eyes as overbought, and therefore, overvalued at $100 a share. Now, the trader holds the view that A's price is going to tumble down in the not so distant future, and senses potential to book profits from the said downfall. So how to short stocks?

Shorts begin with a phone call to the broker. The trader here calls their broker and conveys their wish to short ten shares of A. The stocks to be sold are actually borrowed and located by the broker. They can be sourced either from a lot of avenues, for instance, the brokerage firm's inventory, or maybe another client, or even another dealer.

Moving forward, the stipulated amount of stocks are sold at the prevailing price of $100 a share, and the $1000 received as proceeds are transferred to the trader's account.

The trader is then obligated to return the ten borrowed stocks of company A to the loaner. The trader waits for a propitious time to go long on A, that is, they wait for the stock's price to fall. Suppose the stock value of A halves in the proceeding month. Then the trader buys the ten shares of A at $50 a share, only incurring an expenditure of $500. The difference between the high short price and the low long price is the profit that the trader keeps.

Essentials Of Short Selling

In theory, shorting is the process that has been explained above. But that's a much watered-down scenario as compared to actuality. Those who trade stocks know that short selling, in practice, is nuanced greatly by the various provisos which accompany it.

Margin Balance

In almost all markets, shorting is a privilege allowed only to traders who operate a margin trading account. A margin trading account is one where a trader is loaned a certain part of the money he invests by the brokerage firm. If a trader keeps a balance of $25000 in their account, and if they are allowed a margin of 4 times the kept amount, then the net funds they have at their disposal amount to $100,000.

The convention is that a margin account balance of 150% is to be maintained by the trader on a short trade. This means that the trader has to first deposit 50% of the value of the proceeds of the sale beforehand. In the example above, the trader would've had to keep a margin balance of $500 beforehand.
Shorting Of Stocks Explained

The Alternative Uptick Rule

Till 2011, a provision widely known as the "uptick" rule prevailed in the stock market. This rule concerned short trades, for it allowed a certain short trade to occur only at a price which was higher than the last short trade. In our hypothesis, A was short sold at $100 a share. As per the uptick rule, the next short trade could only be valid at a rate higher than $100.

The rationale behind the rule was that successive low bid prices could exert downward pressure and drag the stock price. In 2007, this rule was revoked by the Securities and Exchange Board, but taking cognizance of the 2008 mayhem, and the contribution of delinquent short sellers in it, the SEC in 2011 brought the rule back, albeit in a tweaked avatar.

The alternative uptick rule, as it is known nowadays, gives long position holders preference to exit when the 10% circuit hits. This framework was formulated to keep consumer confidence in place and to prevent the stock price from plummeting greatly.

Not For The Faint Of Heart

Shorting, though an enticing and shrewd trading strategy, calls for a certain level of expertise and experience in the market. This is because the downside of shorting are many, and often ugly.

Infinite Loss

The risk that accompanies shorting is infinite in the sense that if the stock price takes the opposite direction, and rallies up to a very high point, then the trader risks a huge capital loss. If A's value went from $10 to $20 in a day, then the trader who shorted A will have to buy ten shares at a higher price, thus losing money.

Short Squeezes

A short squeeze occurs when traders realize that the stock price has taken an upward turn, and many rush to cover their losses, thereby driving the price further up. In this case, lack of alacrity in buying the stock, or not keeping a stop loss can hurt a trader harshly.


Perhaps the biggest component, the largest deterrent, is uncertainty. The stock market, as John Maynard Keynes once proposed, is as fickle as a jury judging a beauty contest. To make claims on a stock market is foolish; there have been instances when even pundits have been proven wrong. No one can predict the trajectory of the market accurately; however, speculations based on technical analysis, market sentiment, and fundamentals can still instill confidence in the trader.


Short selling is the practice of selling borrowed stocks dearer and then later buying them cheaper to book profit. Seemingly easy, this is a relatively risky transaction, for there's an infinite risk of capital loss. Successful shorting requires a level of stock market acumen and a lot of insight in the market, prudent analysis of company technicals and fundamentals, although many hold the view that it's just an advanced form of speculation.

Habits You Need To Develop As A Social Media Manager

Habits You Need To Develop As A Social Media Manager
Social media continue to evolve each day. From being the avenue to connect with your family and friends, social media platforms have become of the most significant channels to grow any brand. With the influx of businesses relying on social media for their promotional activities, many vital roles and job titles are now part of social media management. One of the critical roles that can help a brand grow is a social media manager.

A social media manager is responsible for building an active and engaged community toward a particular brand. However, as social media continue to grow, and users become massive, it is getting harder to create a name that will stand out in the competition. With over 3.6 billion people that can be found on different social media channels, a social media manager need to effectively build tactics that will spark the interest of social media users.

As a social media manager, you may have much going on with your plate. Whatever tactic you have been using in the past year may not be as effective as it is these days. It is also harder to connect with the audience these days as most do not easily trust promotional strategies that are too sales-y and pushy. With the continuous demand and competition in the social landscape, many social media experiences high stress and burnout that affect their creativity, productivity, and efficiency.

If you feel like you are stuck with what you do as a social media manager and are not as productive as you think you are, then it is the time to slow down a bit and develop several habits that can help you become effective in your field of expertise.

Essential Habits You Need to Develop As A Social Media Manager

1. Regularly Reset Your Goals

Social media is moving in the fast lane. With the number of users on each social media platform, your post can get easily drown. People will scroll past your content if it does not capture their attention.

To ensure that you can remain competitive as social media move to a fast lane, revisit and reset your goals regularly. It will allow you to check if it is still in sync with the paradigm shift in social media marketing. If your content plans are not working favorably with social media channel’s current algorithm, tweak your tactics. This move will ensure that your efforts are still viable and will produce good results.

2. Plan Ahead and Create A Time Management Plan

If you work full time as a social media manager, it does not mean that you have to spend almost all of your hours doting on social media. It will leave you burnt out and will give you no room for productivity.

A social media manager does need the whole day to work effectively. Whether you have an hour or two, as long you dedicate your time and focus on your social media activity, you can be productive and produce amazing results. Social media is not just about posting and creating promotions. It goes deeper than that.

To make your brand stand out and beat the competition, you need to do many things. These include building connections with your audience, interacting with your consumers, answering questions, and planning your next strategy. Create a proper time management plan where you allot a specific time to work on your social media tasks and responsibilities.

It pays off also to plan ahead of time with your social media content. It ensures consistency with your content. You will also be able to create high-value content when you prepare ahead of time. It will refrain you from missing any important dates that you need to post or from meeting any deadline. Most importantly, when you prepare a social media content plan ahead of time, you will not cram and scramble for posts that will leave you distress.

3. Keep Things Organized

Social media can become complicated if you complicate things. As a general rule for productivity, you can effectively be working by being organized. With the different social media tactics, you do and the various platforms available, it is easy to get confused with your work. Organizing your social media activities can help you achieve your targets and focus on meeting your goals. These days, there are many tools available in the market that allow you to organize your task and workflow. Bank on these tools to help you with your work and will let you focus on other essential things needed in your promotional activities.

4. Take Breaks

Social media channels run the whole day. It means that notifications can come at any time of the day. When you allow yourself to have the “always-on” mentality, you can develop overfatigue and feeling of dread with work. If you are consistently using social media and trying to do work even before going to bed, it can be detrimental to your mental health.

Try to take a break and turn off social media notifications when you have your lunch, go for a walk, or sign out of your working time. When there is a need to respond immediately, dedicate a few minutes from it and completely shut it down.

It is essential to disconnect from the hyper-connected world of social media even if you feel it is not an option or have too many works to do.

5. Stop Being A Perfectionist

There is never going to be a perfect content material or social media feed. Your “to-do list” many never are complete, and some of your work will not generate the traction that you expect it to get. While it is an excellent attitude to always strive for the best in your social media marketing tactic, you have to stop being too hard on yourself when it did not turn out to be the way you expect it.

6. Think About Yourself

You are not a machine; therefore, if you are working too long, you might like you’re struggling to keep your head above water. This feeling is never okay, and it will leave you feeling overworked that will dampen your productivity. You might also feel like work is pressing hard on you, then review if your task and responsibilities are within your limit.

Most expect social media managers to be marketers, analysts, customer service representatives, and content creators. Trying to do all these works at once will stress you out, and you can become inefficient. Delegate your employment with your team to make sure that all of these responsibilities are being fulfilled. If you are a one-person team, be honest enough with your clients and superiors with the limitation of the scope of your work.

Final Thoughts

Being a social media manager is not easy. It is a demanding job that needs constant focus and attention. However, to be effective, you need to manage your time and attention. It would be best if you gave your full effort yet wisely to dedicate your attention. While messages, mentions, and comments need to be answered quickly, you also need to learn to stop and take a breath. Remember that to become an effective social media manager, you need to do less to produce more amazing results.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Maricar worked as a marketing professional for almost a decade and handled concerts, events and community service-related activities. Leaving her corporate job for good to pursue her dreams, she has now ventured in the path of content writing and currently writes for Softvire Australia - the leading software e-Commerce company in Australia and Softvire New Zealand. A Harry Potter fan, she loves to watch animated series and movies during her spare time.

5 Tips For Development-Friendly Design

Tips For Development-Friendly Design
Getting the attention and passion of site visitors to your site, thanks to an eye-catching attractive look and excellent comfort designs, is important to make them wish to stay on your site. Recording the rate of interest of a new visitor and encouraging him/her to explore the website is specifically vital for non-profit organizations since they usually sell an idea, not a concrete product. Communicating your objective and nonprofit goals call for mindful consideration of the visual aspects that will certainly keep users on your website long enough to absorb your message.

Individual experience-- or UX is typically a domain name we don't understand too much regarding as game developers. It isn't huge in video games yet. However, it's a usual role in software application development teams, as well as for an excellent factor. UX developers are a necessary bridge between the engineers as well as the users. Their role is to make the program more clear, and as user-friendly as possible and Gaming are applications as well. We want the customer-- the gamer-- to be able to grab the game by himself. To conquer challenges on his own. In other words, we need to hire mean stack developer which adds functions and auto mechanics to the video game, the UX designer subtracts anything clunky, that includes noise, to make the game extra pleasurable.

Your Website Needs To Be Simple To Read

One of the most important rules in website style is that your website web content and navigation should be easy to review. What does this suggest? You should pick your text and also history shades very carefully. You don't want to utilize backgrounds that cover your message or use colors that are difficult to review. Dark-colored message on a light background is less complicated to check out than light-colored text on a dark-colored background. You additionally do not want to establish your message size also little (difficult to read) or also large (it will show up to heckle your visitors). All capitalized letters give the appearance of shouting at your visitors. Keep the positioning of your primary text to the left, not centered. Center-aligned text is best utilized in headings. You desire your site visitors to be comfy with what they read, and many messages are left-aligned.

Your Website Should Be Easy To Browse

Like content, site navigation should be scannable. Too much navigation, as well as it will appear unwieldy. And also customers will simply ignore it (and even worse, desert your website). Insufficient navigating, as well as customers, will not feel in control. As well as they are likely to desert your website. The # 1 design issue regarding sites is challenging navigating. Every one of your hyperlinks should be clear to your site visitors. Graphic images, such as switches or tabs, ought to be classified as well as easy to read. Your web visuals developer should select the colors, histories, appearances, as well as special impacts on your web graphics extremely carefully. It is more crucial than your navigational switches as well as tabs to be easy to review and understand than to have "fancy" effects.

Navigation is best when it is utilized and not observed. The WOW factor should get on your content, not your website's navigation system. Clickability and capability need to be clear to individuals. Link colors in your text should know to your site visitor (blue message usually indicates an unvisited web link and purple or maroon message typically shows a visited link), when possible. If you choose not to make use of the default colors, your text web links should be highlighted in a few other means.

Clear Up Things

It is claimed that UI is like a joke-- if you have to discuss it, it's not that excellent. It's a completely precise declaration when it is about the interaction between users and user interface. Nevertheless, before presenting to users, that interface requires to be constructed. As well as structure something needs a lot more insight than using it in the future. Don't leave your developer with just a screenshot-like photo. Explain what you wish to achieve, exactly how you would such as the components to behave. Affix a sketch, add a layer with notes to the design file. That's not the negation of obvious, that's participation.

Tools Of The Trade

Graphic software today can do a lot. Equipped with many tools, helpers, and also extreme automation, it tremendously equips you at work. Yet still, you are in charge of all this fine machinery, so make good use of it. With a range of tools, there are many different paths towards the same (a minimum of in regards to looks) objective. But when you consider it, some methods are simply far better than others. In the vast bulk of instances, you will have the ability to pick the device that does precisely the important things you wish to achieve. This may mean a click or two even more, yet it conserves a lot of initiative while modifying or gauging points later. And also definitely looks tidier.

Do Not Reinvent The Wheel

UX design is all about interaction. Therefore, engagement is among one of the most vital elements in application growth. Yet UX designers usually succumb to a mentality of reinventing the wheel or attempting to repair what isn't damaged. There's a reason most sites and mobile applications are structured the way they are-- it works. Why? Since users are made use of to it. That's the psychology of perpetuated habit. Customers do not constantly like change. They're made use of to the standard mode of presentation and also do not like adapting to something various all that much. Typically, this need to reinvent the wheel materializes itself in needlessly unorthodox formats, weird color design, repulsive fonts in the wrong locations, and also complex navigation patterns. The purpose is to set apart one item from the rest. Nonetheless, this technique hurts interaction as well as, instead of distinguishing, frightens those you intended to engage and interact with.

Practice The Responsive Web Design and Make It Simple

The various other significant issues that usually happens in the UX design procedure is when points are too made complex for their own great. The acquainted patterns exist (unlike when developers attempt to change the wheel), but these patterns are simply excessive, as well as due to that, the design does not work. When the customer reaches a page that is jam-packed with elements as well as sidetracking typography, the completion outcome is the customer bouncing off somewhere else, which is the reverse of what you want. Because of that, it's far better to maintain points easy to use. Your goal is to maintain the individual's concentrate on getting what they require on your web site. Do not distract them from their goal, as well as you'll achieve yours.

Understand Your Target Market's Demands and Needs

Understanding your target audience's needs and demands could appear like an apparent UX design pointer, but hear me out. Much like anywhere else, UX developers can not identify the ideal UX design scheme without understanding the requirements as well as the demands of the target market. Why is this an issue? Due to the incorrect presumption that if you are operating on the market sector, you comprehend what the audience wants as well as requires without studying it. While some of your instinct might hit the mark, much of it will certainly not.

Maintain Uniformity Of The User Flow Throughout The Journey

Among the most essential useful facets of individual experience, design is the "circulation," the constant extension of the individual's journey. In design terms, flow is when the user journey from one section of the web site or mobile application to another is smooth in offering its utmost objective-- supplying the value. A consistent layout plan helps individuals to get what they want as well as need smoothly as if it were one of the most all-natural points. That's working to your benefit. Consistency continues usage. To maintain points constantly, you require to analyze what the customer is going to do detailed.

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8 Ways Outsourcing Can Help Your Small Business

Outsourcing Can Help Your Small Business
When you run a small business, there are only so many people you can afford to have on the payroll. However, there is typically more work than there are people to finish it. Outsourcing is an excellent option for tasks you and your employees don't have the time or skills to complete.

According to Small Business Trends, most startups have no employees, followed by those with one to 19 workers. Only a small percentage have 20 to 499 people on the payroll. No matter where on the spectrum your small business falls, there is likely work you can farm out.

If you feel completely overwhelmed with all the tasks of running your brand and aren't sure what to delegate, here are eight areas where you can hire contract workers to help. Hire them for a single job or ongoing work as needed:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO requires technical knowledge and the ability to stay up to date on the ever-changing algorithms of online search engines. While you might learn tactics to increase your rank, the work will also eat up a lot of your time. SEO-related tasks are excellent examples of the type of work you can delegate to others. Find a company with proven results for other small businesses and follow their advice as they help you tweak your website for better lead generation.

2. Graphic Design

Designers spend years in school learning how to use design software and familiarizing themselves with the best practices for website layouts. While you could make some images yourself and they probably wouldn't look awful, they'll never have the professional edge graphic artists add to their work. If you want to take your brand image to the next level, outsource your graphic design.

You can use work-for-hire sites such as Fiverr and Upwork or find a local freelancer and work with them on your objectives. The typical freelancer arrangement is to pay them for each job and issue a 1099-MISC at the end of the year. You will save on paying insurance and taxes for them, plus training and other benefits you offer your full-time employees. However, they may not always be available as they'll have other commitments.

3. Logistics

One of the main goals of outsourcing is tapping into resources you don't have access to. Hiring a B2B company gives you access to better shipping options, for example. They may already have contracts with couriers and can get your products from Point A to Point B much faster and more efficiently than you could ever accomplish on your own.

4. Social Media Management

You see how active people are on social media, and perhaps your competitor has a fantastic page or two. However, finding hours to invest in even one platform is overwhelming for already time-strapped business owners. Fortunately, you can hire out social media management and gain the benefits without losing any traction.

Figure out how much you can afford to pay for social media marketing and work with an outside company on what you can achieve within your budget. Ideally, they will schedule posts, respond to followers and manage your page entirely.

5. Legal Services

Lawyers are expensive, so keeping one on the payroll full-time isn't sensible for most small business owners. Fortunately, you can have a lawyer on retainer for when you need their advice or have to complete paperwork, which saves a bundle.

You might be tempted to ignore the need for a lawyer, but this can cost your business money in the long run. For example, if you use a contract with your clients, will it stand up to a lawsuit? Having a lawyer look it over for loopholes and issues is your best bet.

You may also need a lawyer for things such as filing paperwork for your corporation. If you run an S-Corp or an LLC, you have to file regularly with the state you operate in. The mounds of documents can drown the most organized person. Let your lawyer handle it and spend your time on other things your business needs.

6. Payroll

Business owners are often highly creative. They come up with the ideas that drive the company toward profits. When it comes to math and accounting, however, the work seems dreary and time-consuming. About 40% of small businesses spend 80 or more hours a year on federal taxes, with many relating to payroll. You can save a lot of aggravation by outsourcing your payroll processing. You'll also avoid the potential for embezzlement if you give one person in your company too much power over your funds.

7. Content Management

Driving traffic to your website requires more than catchy keywords and a slick design. You have to offer something of value that users want. Hiring a content management team makes perfect sense for small business owners. They create and manage articles, videos and infographics on your website.

Start by looking for someone who understands the importance of pain points and buyer personas. The better they know your typical customer, the more likely they'll write content geared toward your target audience. Ideally, the content will pull in traffic, and you'll gain leads from each piece on your site.
Doing this work in-house would cost a lot, but content marketing teams focus solely on creating, editing and uploading new work. They will work within your budget, whether you can only afford one article a week or one daily.

8. Event Planning

Your local area is the best place to start growing your business. Think about events you can attend or host that might draw in the people you want. For example, host a guest speaker and invite people in the community most likely to buy from your company. Think about who your buyer personas are and what topics they'd be interested in.

You can also hire someone to represent you at a booth. Create a presence at your local fairs or nearby trade shows. Each person you reach is a potential new customer for you, helping you scale your business up as you go.

It's Still Your Brand

As you interview professionals for outsourcing gigs, remember they represent your brand. Ask pertinent questions to be sure they're up to the task. Look for examples of their work and talk to other business owners who hired them in the past. The last thing you want to do is associate your name with someone with a bad reputation.

Outsourcing some of the tasks that are drowning you can give you breathing room to work on more vital components of your company's growth.

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Shannon Flynn is a technology and business productivity writer who has written for sites like TechDayHQ, Re-Work, and Skills You Need. If you’d like to read more by Shannon, visit or follow ReHack on Twitter.

Expanding Your Business Can Be An Effective Tool To Connect and Sell To New Prospects

Expanding Your Business
We can consider the growth rate and expansion of the business as key components of most businesses’ success. Large scale businesses prefer cross-selling and up-selling to enhance growth and revenue. If you are planning to build a new brand revenue stream within your present client base, a business expansion strategy would be an acceptable choice for you. Companies can undoubtedly think about the expansion of the service offerings, as the economy is facing a slow-growth and lackluster. Business expansion strategy has an eminent recognition during these days.

Rigorous Research Is Momentous Before Expanding The Service Offerings; Think Over These Points:

Developing an effective business strategy can be a brainstorming activity for marketers and leaders. Companies believe launching new products and services helps them for rapid growth in revenue and customer loyalty. Customer satisfaction should be a major agenda of the businesses while they incorporating the new strategies to expand the services and offerings; Salesforce Research stated 89% of the B2B buyers strongly agree they expect companies to understand their business needs and expectations. Here, we have to emphasize the seriousness of customer relationship management. Comprehending the customer’s requirements is a crucial task for each marketer to develop an expansion strategy.

The Coronavirus outbreak caused a phenomenal change in the marketing sector. Marketers cannot practice traditional marketing techniques any longer. This is prime time for the marketers to implement demand-driven marketing techniques to achieve growth in the revenue along with retaining loyal customers. Most of the marketing experts believe demand-driven marketing is one of the ideal solutions for expanding the services and offerings. Generating a demand among the businesses and audience is a subtle approach of marketing that can practice during the pandemic. “Building relation over the sales” would be an unobjectionable mantra for the marketers while dealing with the pandemic.

A dominant consideration of pandemic and its effect on the social life, the marketers had to choose the digital platforms for marketing. The demand for social media marketing and email marketing and search engine marketing enhanced during the pandemic. The optimum utilization of social media would enhance the results. The marketers can use social media to introduce new services and offerings; this can be one of the best platforms to promote your new offerings in the market. Initially, the businesses that haven’t use social media for marketing; the restrictions for face-to-face meetings took the marketers to the digital platforms to get in touch with clients. Use it in the fullest to get connect with the new prospects, give clear information about the extended services and offerings based on the demands.

Methods That Can Be Effective To Expand The Business Services

Collecting genuine feedbacks from the present customers could help you develop a competent expansion strategy. An online survey, in-person interaction, or an email would assist you to get in-depth feedback from the clients. Analyzing the feedback enables you to plan the expansion strategies, especially how to get in touch with the new prospects, the changes, or alteration that has been required for the services you will provide.

Businesses are using the up-selling and cross-selling method for ages. Marketers can adopt this method of expanding services to new customers. Through this, marketers can keep brand loyalty along with gaining some more customers. Forbes noted that Amazon has attributed up to 35% of the revenue through cross-selling. By offering multiple versions of the same services would change the magnitude of the expansion for your product or service.

To connect with the new prospects is a struggle for marketers during the pandemic. Identifying the prospects and building a rapport with them, introducing the products is a real-time struggle. Finding updated new businesses will help marketers to connect with the new prospects, business owners, entrepreneurs, and key decision-makers.

Few Tips That Can Enhance The Business Expansion Strategies

Add On To The Services:

Add more services and products in the mix. This sounds common, but it is a challenging step for marketers and leaders. Here, all the marketers have to do rigorous research about the customers and their requirements to come up with the right services and products. Being said, here also the marketers can take the feedback from the customers. Analyzing the budget will be another challenging job that marketers should do before they launch a new service or product. The leaders need an obvious idea of the profit they have to make through it, how do they price the product or services, and how to introduce the customers about the new products and services.

Go Beyond Your Territories:

While expanding the services, the leaders can think of expanding their business to other localities. It will help the marketers to get connected with the new prospects. This is one of the acceptable ways of broadening the market and sells the business to new prospects.

Understand Pain Points of your Target Audience: Understand your target business audience about what services they provide, what are their pain points, how your extending service can resolve their business issue.

Target The New Prospects and Markets:

While retaining the existing customers and markets, every company should target the new prospects to grow. Expansion can be considered a better way of reaching out to new prospects. The marketers can research the audiences to target the prospects before they introduce new services and products. Connecting with the right audience is the major aspect of expanding the business.

Considering the current situation and the influence of the pandemic would make the marketers test the importance of the demand-driven market. Yet, another way to connect with the new prospects. Thorough research about the service offerings and pain points of new businesses can bring effective solutions to provide solutions or offerings to new businesses. The marketing heads are changing the marketing strategies and techniques to compete in the market.

It is prime time for the marketers to revise the lessons to plan strategies. Expanding the services and offerings would always guide the leaders to get connected with the new prospects and to develop the business.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
My name is Alexander Daniel, a marketing strategist who strongly believes strategies and creative ideas enhance business growth. I'm an analyst as well as a marketer, motivated by great ideas. At present, I'm working for InfoGlobalData a leading provider of b2b database services.

How To Increase Your App Downloads

How To Increase Your App Downloads
“There’s an app for that” is now as common an expression as we can find. And, given that there are over six and a half million apps in the two major app stores, this expression is certainly true. And this figure does not include all of the web apps that do not have a mobile equivalent. Many businesses develop such apps for training, education, consulting, legal, etc. purposes and do not always market them publicly.

Still, those who want the largest target market will look to develop both mobile and web apps so that their customers have options.

Now the task is to find ways to be found and then convince those who have found you to download your app, rather than that of the competition. And, yes, the app business is hugely competitive.

Here are some suggestions to drive the downloads you seek:

1. Optimize Your App

Your app is a product, just like a piece of furniture or clothing. And consumers (your potential customers included) search for the products they want. Those searches begin with keywords/phrases.

Your goal is to find the keywords that are high-volume, and, if possible, lower in competition and still simple enough that your average buyer would use them. This is a tall order indeed. But there are some tools to use that will help. Try Moz, Google Keyword Planner, or SEMrush for starters. And our services at Fliplet can help with this as well, as we provide as much support and assistance as you may need in your app development.

2. The App Title Is Critical

Once you have your keywords, it will be a question of placement. Obviously, they need to appear naturally throughout the app. But perhaps most important is the title. Your primary keyword, possibly more than one, must be in the app title. This will take some creative work, indeed, considering that the entire title must be between 30-50 characters on the app stores.

3. Bring In Your Creative Content Marketing Team

Every app needs a description, and once a searcher lands on yours, that description must be complete, compelling, and portray your app as the very best out there. Your primary keywords should be in that description too.

There are both short and long description guidelines on both app stores, but you need to think in terms of the short description. Many will not go beyond that. So, in about 250 characters, you have to convince your viewers to move forward.

If you don’t have a creative content team, you may want to outsource this part of your marketing plan. There are lots of professional writing services that now cater to both academic and business writing, with experienced creative copywriting teams. Check out, a writing services review site, for starters. You can also ask for referrals from associates in related niches. And be certain to keep track of visits to your app vs. actual sales through analytics, once that description is published. If you are not getting the downloads you want, where are your seekers bouncing? If it is at the point of your description(s), then you will want to make changes.

4. Visuals, Visuals, Visuals

As you market your apps elsewhere, visuals will be the key. There are all sorts of ways to use visuals – short teaser videos, screenshots, etc. – that can be published everywhere that your target audience frequents. If you are marketing to other professional organizations, though, these must be professionally done. Again, Fliplet can provide the assistance you may need.

5. Think About Microsites For Each Of Your Apps

Marketing your app and getting those downloads should be a unique campaign. And one of the ways to make it unique is through a microsite. It has its own URL, and that should, of course, be short and memorable. But more importantly, the only content on that site will be about your app – its value, case studies or testimonials from happy customers, and lots of visuals. You can promote that microsite with links to it all over the place. And your potential customers do not have to wade through your main site looking for information on each of your apps. And, if you want your targets to learn more about you and your company, you can always provide a link to your main site.

6. Get Reviews Out There

You have very satisfied customers. It’s time to use them as ambassadors for your app. There are plenty of reputable app review sites. Choose those that relate to your business/app niche, and contact those happy customers. Provide some type of incentive for them to write a review, and provide the site(s) where they can be published. This will be an ongoing process, but do not let up. Keep those reviews going into those sites.

7. Use Social Media As Much As Possible

If you’ve done the research, you know where your audience hangs out online. Be there. You can publish the other text, visuals, videos, etc. that you have on your microsite, for example. Join related groups on social media platforms. And consider paid advertising on these platforms too.

By joining related groups, we are able to market our products and services with a little-to-no cost. And because these groups are so niche-focused, everyone with whom we connect is a potential customer, influencer, or ambassador. We reap business from this simple approach.

8. Find and Use Influencers In Your Niche

There are tools to find these people if you are not already familiar with them. They are influencers because they are seen as experts in their niches. Make contact, provide the app for their review, and then work out a deal for them to promote your app with their audiences.

9. Look For Cross Promotions

While you don’t want to monetize your app in the same way that lots of others do, you can build strategic alliances with app owners that are professional, reputable, and whose apps relate to your niche. Promotions for one another will seem logical and professional to your target as well, so long as you do not “overdo.” Pick just a couple.

These Nine…

You have developed apps that you know will provide value and solve problems for your target audience. Now it’s time to meet and beat the competition, to engage and compel, and to drive your audience to those downloads. These nine suggestions are solid – see how you can implement every single one and gain the advantage.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Estelle Liotard is a creative copywriter and editor for a number of academic writing companies where she is able to provide students all over the world with the best college paper writing. When not writing, she uses her creative energies as a keyboardist and music composer for a local Indie band.

Importance Of Xamarin Mobile App Development [2020]

Importance Of Xamarin Mobile App Development
It has always been a dream of every software developer to write code once and implement it on multiple platforms. And this has become possible from the past some years at the cost of simple testing, maintainability, or poor user experience. Xamarin is an open-source platform used to build performant and modern applications for Android, iOS, and Windows with .NET. it acts as the attraction layer which helps to manage the communication between the shared code and given platform code. Xamarin provides conveniences like garbage collection and memory allocation and runs in a managed environment.

It permits the developers to share approximately 90percent of their applications over the platforms. It in turn helps the developers in writing the business logic in a single language while getting the native performance, feel, and look on every platform or reuse the existing application code for business logic. These applications can be written on the desktop computers or Mac and make the compilation of native application packages like as a .apk file on Android, or .ipa file on iOS.

.Net is a development platform that holds several programming languages, and the tools with the libraries build more types of applications. Every base platform offers you the components that are appropriate for every type of application. To understand more about Xamarin mobile app development ensure that you know about these facts related to .Net platform:

Deep knowledge of c language and its compilers

Editors with the tools used for macOS, Linus, Windows

Library bases to work with strings, files, input-Output(IO), dates.

Xamarin is extending the.NET platform utilizing various tools and libraries especially to develop applications on Android, iOS, macOS, and much more. If you are seeking a.NET sustained platform or if you are thinking of the advantages of using the best xamarin app development, so Xamarin would be the most effective option. There is some type of stuff that Xamarin would be including when it comes to.NET. As an example, it would certainly be adding the Base framework to gain access to all the native features. You get access to the Extensible Markup Language (XAML) to develop mobile apps with the help of C#. You get usual patterns using Libraries like Model View ViewModel(MVVM). You would get more Platform oriented libraries including accessing APIs from Facebook, Google, Apple to make it more capable. You get editor extensions for supplying far better designs along with various other functions to establish awesome mobile pages.

Importance Of Xamarin Mobile App Development

When you plan to build an application especially for your business, then you require to think about the following elements such as Open-source platform schedule, recycling the particular API, advantages of using C#, shared application reasoning, and native applications like customer experience. Enterprises expect more effective, progressed, and mission-critical company apps. For embracing all these requirements, you can utilize Xamarin. If you are getting into development, you may be expecting a few essential advantages in growth when you utilize Xamarin.

User-friendly and Comfortable To Use:

The timeline of every development procedure making use of Xamarin is mosting likely to be shorter than various other shows languages. It would certainly offer people a basic method to share codes throughout different mobile platforms. You would certainly take less time to make your app live. If you develop an Application with Xamarin, you can make sure that you provide a far better individual experience. There is no requirement for establishing any sort of extra plug-ins while making use of standard UI controls. While you are incorporating with SDK, Xamarin would make it absolutely very easy for including new attributes along with auto-updates. Xamarin leverages C# with the help of the.NET framework. Xamarin is additionally the most trusted development environment implied for every mobile platform.

Excessive Flexibility:

We use top open-source development based on modern technologies to build Xamarin. You would certainly get that flexible technique when you are making use of Xamarin. Xamarin's value-add would certainly provide you with numerous resources implied for every developer with cross-platform associated collections, third-party internet solutions as well as UI controls. The system is additionally extremely flexible for beginners. If you are mosting likely to make use of Xamarin for the very first time, you are mosting likely to discover this system much more comfortable compared to various other platforms. Your application would certainly be easier to use, adaptable, and also user-friendly when you are mosting likely to utilize Xamarin. While using Xamarin, you require to make sure of the attributes it can provide. If you are aware of the functions, you would certainly be surprised at how adaptable the system is.

Boosted Performance:

Xamarin usually utilizes two methods that are included in the benefits of using xamarin application development. The one where we include shared UI and also the various other would certainly entail separate UI. When we make use of a webbed UI, every code gets shared across different platforms. When we use a separate UI, you get to share just business logic. But you would call for to take advantage of the interface that is separate while using various platforms. You can involve both of these methods. The efficiency of Xamarin mobile app development is always close when it comes to native. Whenever you develop an app making use of Xamarin.iOS and also Xamarin.Android or you can make use of Xamarin.iOS mirror native because we focus on the growth to share organization logic rather than utilizing the codebase.

Scalability Is Above The Par:

Since Xamarin mobile application growth is recognized to be a Microsoft-based item, Visual Workshop would end up being the best setting where you can develop and also debug various apps. With the assistance of Visual Studio, you would hold an environment to modify the code with a simulator for trying all the applications you are going to develop. Developers would call for to make use of the VS Application for testing applications on various cloud devices. This would certainly give you extra versatility for screening various brand-new attributes in an offline mode when the application is being leveraged in the marketplace.

Extremely Secured and Risk-Free To Use:

With the help of Azure and Xamarin mobile app development, you can ensure that the application is intact with the safety and security attributes. Because we require to host connections between different app components, it is important to make sure that the entire process is secured. You obtain the safe and secure link with the aid of HTTP certificates along with whole day threat management as well as security versus different malware. When you take advantage of every verification solution that Azure programmers provide you with, you can incorporate every social network login utilizing the backend. These are just a handful of reasons for enterprises to focus on developing applications on the Xamarin system. With Xamarin mobile application development, you need not be fear of security problems. This is one of the most secure systems in the market. It is extensively used by experts.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by best ecommerce app development company. He love to share his thoughts on Social Media Marketing Services and Game Design Development etc.
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