8 Mobile Marketing Statistics That Prove Mobile Matters

Mobile Marketing Statistics That Prove Mobile Matters
Smartphones have a big impact on our daily life. This gadget is normally kept in our pocket. We can do shopping and manage our work by using it. We can also use it for social media so that our thoughts can be shared. Some people take photos with this device. You can say that most of the time in a day we keep this magic box.

A few years from now smartphones have taken the place of PCs and laptops for accessing the internet. The continuous growth of this trend is shown by the mobile marketing statistics.

If your advertising strategy is very good then you can take the benefit of this trend so that marketing of services and goods to the consumers can be done easily.

Now I am going to give a description about 8 mobile marketing statistics that prove mobile matters.

1. At Present Around 5.11 Billion People On The Earth Use Smartphones:

100 million more people have started using the smartphones and it shows that their number will not decrease. You should know that the total population of the world is 7.53 billion. Since a lot of people are using smartphones there are several chances for trades to reach customers by making the use of perfect marketing strategies.

2. In 2017 Mobile Phones Were Owned By 85 % People Using The Internet:

Mobile phones are owned by most of the people using the net. An advanced technology is used in this device. If there is a deal between the mobile provider and you and a contract has been signed then you can get a free smartphone also. You can easily get any model of smartphone in spite of the fact that it is not cheap.

3. In 2018 The Average Time Spent By The American People On Smartphones Was 3 Hours and 23 Minutes:

Around 22 minutes were spent on smartphones by the people 7 years from now. But now this time has increased so much. People are using smartphones for talking with family and friends and also for checking emails. All are dependent on smartphones whether they are marketers or consumers.

4. Per Day Around 14 Billion Times Smartphones Are Checked By The Americans:

Smartphones have become a very important part of our daily life that it will be very difficult for us to do our work without these. We used to check it so many times a day.

5. Between 2017 and 2022 An Expected Seven-Fold Rise In The Traffic Of Mobile Data Has Been Forecasted:

There can be a situation when the internet can be accessed by using the mobile data such as when WiFi does not work. A 3 times increase in the connection speed of the smartphone has been forecasted with 46 % CAGR (compound annual growth rate).

6. While Using Smartphones The Traffic Is Around 96% That Is Driven By Google

It is 1 % at Bing and 2 % at Yahoo. But we can not deny that the users of smartphones as well as desktops are dependent on the number one search engine known as Google.

7. In 2017 The Percentage Of Mobile-Adaptive Top Sites Of Alexa Was 80%

As per the traffic algorithm of Alexa several sites that perform well are the mobile sites present at Amazon known as top sites of Alexa.

8. Digital Media’s 69% Time Is Consumed By Smartphones

It has been found that smartphones are used for digital media consumption by a large number of people. The time spent on digital media by using a desktop has been reduced.

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Mobile Marketing Statistics That Prove Mobile Matters
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