7 Ways To Convert E-Commerce Browsers Into Buyers

Convert E-Commerce Browsers Into Buyers
Fortunately for budding digital retailers, it has never been easier to put together all the necessary ingredients for a functional and attractive free e-commerce website. However, even when you bring together social media promotion, targeted SEO and great products, you might find that your operation is inexplicably less than the sum of its parts. If this is the case, it’s time to take a long, hard look at your approach to e-commerce. Chances are that there are some changes you can make to improve the flow of your brand journey and remove the obstacles that are holding back your sales figures. Are you struggling to bring your conversion rate in line with page views? Try some of these e-commerce tips to revitalize your storefront and turn your audience’s interest into action. Even subtle changes can nudge potential customers back on track and create a loyal audience that will help you become a successful entrepreneur.

1. Put The Spotlight On Your E-commerce Products

Any successful retailer understands that a great store is not just an array of products on sale; it’s an experience that engages and inspires customers. However, sometimes by trying to bring this dynamic to life online, we don’t quite know how to arrange our e-commerce store to make our inventory sing. Attractive, high-quality media like videos and photos are an obvious way to attract audiences. So is great written copy powered by e-commerce SEO. But don’t make the mistake of just relegating these elements to your product pages. By implementing images into your category pages and menus, you can get a head start on your audience’s attention and build up their expectations earlier in the e-commerce brand journey. After all, these are the parts of your site that the majority of audiences will navigate before they get an opportunity to make a purchase. Imagine you’re selling women's wear and you have large, bright shots of beautiful dresses on your category page: a woman looking for a dress is automatically going to start picturing herself owning the dress much sooner. This is how you nurture the emotional connections that can be the difference between a purchase and a bounce, and help amplify your products throughout your e-commerce sitemap.

2. Keep Your E-Commerce Discounts In Plain Sight

Many of us have been there: you’ve registered a new e-commerce account or signed up to a mailing list with the promise of an exclusive introductory discount. However, you find out it’s buried at the very last pages of the checkout process, leaving you confused and inconvenienced. This tarnishes the value of the discount, and also makes your e-commerce platform look as if it lacks transparency. The discount could well have been one of the primary factors behind an e-commerce customer positively responding to your call to action. Snatching it away from them diminishes their feelings of empowerment, which we know to be crucial in making customers comfortable enough to make a purchase. So, make sure your discount takes effect towards the beginning of the e-commerce process, such as on the “Your Basket” page or even on the product page itself.

3. Put The Choice In Your Customers’ Hands

Adding a mini-cart function should be a no-brainer if you’re trying to make the best e-commerce platform you possibly can. Research has shown that e-commerce customers don’t put everything in their cart with the intention of buying it. Rather, they use it as a space to compare different products and assess their respective merits before settling on the items they ultimately intend to purchase. Unfortunately, many online retailers don’t allow easy access to this kind of service, and customers can only belatedly edit their carts at the final stages of checkout. This e-commerce software muddles what should be a process dedicated to finalizing a purchase, not rejecting items from the cart. Offering a dedicated e-commerce checkout page gives customers room to come to an unhurried decision about making a purchase. This way, you’ll allow them to proceed directly to completing checkout without the need to second guess their choices.

4. Make Adding and Removing Items Simple

As we’ve discussed, customers frequently use their carts to organize the products they are interested in before coming to a decision. Now, obviously, we as e-commerce retailers obviously don’t relish the idea of shoppers putting our products back on the shelf. However, trying to frustrate customer choice is the last thing we should be doing to grow our business. That’s why you need to make it as easy as possible for customers to be in control of their e-commerce experience. Letting them easily edit their baskets and alter the quantity of purchase with zero hassle can help your e-commerce store in the long run. Although it might feel like you’re letting an e-commerce conversion get away from you, you’re really helping them stay focused on pursuing the products they really desire and are ultimately more likely to buy.

5. Allow Customers To Maintain Their Anonymity

Marketing is a powerful tool in the crowded arena of eCommerce, which is why customer data is so valuable. Naturally, we want to know more about our potential audiences, hence why mailing lists and registration promotions are such popular e-commerce tools. That said, some customers value their privacy more than others, and may be cagey about sharing their data with an e-commerce company in perpetuity. Someone may simply want to pay for their product and go, rather than agreeing to a lifetime of special offers in their inbox. And that’s perfectly fine. Using your e-commerce website builder to offer guests quick checkout and the use of intermediary payment services like PayPal can make a purchase more attractive to casual customers. Especially those who are on the fence about buying and see registration as that extra piece of effort that they’re unwilling to go through. A guest checkout still allows you to retain useful e-commerce marketing details such as email addresses. But it also offers customers a relaxed and undemanding shopping experience.

6. Clarify Shipping Costs

No one wants to feel they’ve landed an e-commerce bargain only to find out that they’re about to pay through the nose to cover shipping costs. Studies have found it to be a major cause of customers bouncing from a checkout page and abandoning a purchase altogether. Even if you need to finalize shipping costs according to particular weight and location, it will still buy you a lot of goodwill if you can offer an estimate at an early stage of the e-commerce purchasing process. Another added bonus is that if you happen to offer free shipping, customers will be able to see that straight away, which should further improve the value proposition of your e-commerce business ideas on offer.

7. Keep Your Shoppers’ Concentration

A smooth, unobtrusive e-commerce process that flows from one stage to the next can do wonders for the overall health of your business. But you can only achieve this by keeping your customers’ attention focused on the things they’re realistically going to buy to give your e-commerce meaning. Don’t weigh down your e-commerce pages with a surplus of offers that bear no relation to the items they’ve got in their cart. This will throw up more questions than answers, and could end up derailing what should have been a quick and simple e-commerce purchase to begin with. Also, never, ever ask for the same piece of information from a customer more than once, especially if they happen to be registered. Pre-existing shipping details and other information you’re storing should fill out forms automatically to help create a smooth, well-lubricated purchasing process. This is the essence of good e-commerce website design, and ought to inform as many aspects of your site’s functionality as possible.

Conclusion: Effective E-Commerce Keeps Customers In The Driving Seat

Whether you’re wondering how to start an e-commerce business, or want to improve your existing service, these tips come with zero downsides and can benefit any business. You can’t offer your customers a great online retail experience if you’re not putting yourself in their shoes. Think about what keeps you coming back to your favourite storefront, and how you could implement this in your own e-commerce business. It could be a great user interface. Or maybe it’s a sitemap that efficiently connects you with the products you want. Whatever it is, chances are it’s something that makes your life easier as a customer. You’re not going to win a conversion from every visitor that lands on your pages, but offering an attractive and intuitive e-commerce experience gives your products their best chance to sell. These e-commerce tips are universal, no matter the product or market. Give your customers the benefit of the doubt and help empower them whatever their choices, and you may well be surprised at how willing they’ll be to repay your trust. Are there any tricks or strategies that you’ve used to complete difficult e-commerce jobs above and beyond customers’ expectations? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section below.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Emily Moore is an English and programming teacher with a passion for space and blogging. She believes that current exploration should be focused on preserving our planet’s resources. With satellites circling the orbit, it is easier to get relevant data on any environmental changes. This, in turn, should help people quickly address any challenges.

7 Things You Need To Know Before Doing An SEO

Things You Need To Know Before Doing An SEO
Before you get into the world of SEO, there are a couple of things that you should know about. Many people don’t realize them until they have been doing optimization for many years.

By knowing these things beforehand, you can save yourself a lot of trouble and pain. This knowledge will also help you devise a better SEO strategy.

Here they are:

SEO Is All About Long-Term and Sustainable Results

Unlike other forms of marketing such as Google Ads and PPC, SEO is all about generating long-term and sustainable results which include increased traffic, better online visibility, and higher rankings in the SERPs.

Although it can take some time for the sites to rank in the SEO, if you do everything right and strategically, you may easily crack the top ten positions in the search results within the first 2-6 months.

Here’s a surprising observation about top ranking sites on Google - those sites have continued to secure that position for years. It proves that most competitors have no idea how to do proper optimization work to outdo their competitors.

That means, there’s still room for companies to put effort into their SEO work. But, you must get to it as quickly as possible to get going.

SEO Requires a TON of Work

SEO is indeed relatively easy to understand. It should take less than a month to get the rudimentary knowledge of how it works. With that said, doing the actual SEO requires a LOT of work.

You also have to juggle between a variety of tasks such as:
  • Research - You have to research on finding the right topics (key phrases and keywords). You also have to analyze them for their competitiveness in the industry. Other than that, you will have to figure out trending and most promising topics to write about. Look into how competitors are doing it.
  • A Ton Of Writing - SEO is about showing your knowledge on a particular subject with the help of original, authoritative, and helpful content.
  • Site Management - SEO requires a bit of knowledge on how to make a few changes under the hood of your site in its HTML to make it search-engine friendly.
  • Many Small Tasks - You will have to keep track of blogs, posting schedules, tagging, managing a spreadsheet of links, etc. It’s better to use marketing management software like FP.
  • Relationship Building - This is true for link-building work. You will reach out to bloggers to publish and promote your content.

SEO Is Mainly About Rankings

The goal of any SEO campaign is to get your content or the site to rank high in SERPs against a keyword(s) or search phrase.

Ever noticed how you rarely move past the first page on the search engines while looking for a product or a simple query? Exactly! That's why you must appear as close to the first page as possible. Page 1 is a highly coveted position for any business.

Better rankings mean better traffic. Better traffic translates to better business in the end. You should also know that rankings may keep changing due to reasons such as - changes in your own practices, better efforts by your competitors, and updates in search engine algorithms.

If you decide to work with B2B SEO agencies like Nine Peaks you will get access to the keyword rankings dashboard and tools and will have a good metric system in place.

Noone Knows For Sure How Google’s Search Engine ACTUALLY Works

Do we know FOR SURE how exactly Google’s algorithms work and how it disburses rankings? No, we don’t! Do SEO practices promise good rankings? For the most part, yes! The secret behind search algorithms is always under speculations and is part of many discussions and debates.

SEO so far has been based on a few hints and cryptic messages/clues left by Google’s top-level executives. The rest of it has been a result of a lot of educated guesses, trial and error, and tons of experimentation.

With that said, experimenting with a few SEO strategies CAN promise top spots in search rankings. All you can do is give things your best shot.

Google’s Search Algorithms Are A LOT Sophisticated Now

Google is getting better and better at understanding the intent behind a particular query. Its main goal is to figure out what the users want and serve them exactly that by showing the most relevant and accurate results.

Over the years, that has been made possible due to Google’s refined and better algorithms; particularly the Rankbrain one which is powered by AI.

In simple words, this algorithm takes into account years of search data from the past to discern the search intent.

For example, Google understands that:

“How to make coffee”

“Coffee making tips”

“Best recipe for coffee”

mean the same thing and are, therefore, likely to show similar results against all 3 queries above.

SEO Is A Lot Different Now In 2021

Google is becoming more and more sophisticated algorithm-wise. That is why all the practices that worked beautifully a decade or so ago, are no longer effective.

Earlier, all it took to rank high in SERPs was keyword stuffing, link pyramids, link farming, and posting low-quality content across article directories. All of these techniques were enough to outsmart Google’s algorithm.

But, with years of experience on its back, the search engine is not able to see through all of these shady practices and more. Today, Google takes more than 200 factors into account to figure out what makes an article or page worth the ranking.

It’s hard to tell how much weightage Google gives to each factor in terms of deciding rankings. So, at best you can only make educated guesses. Also, the rules, algorithms, and updates are always changing. Therefore, you should stay aware of all the latest happenings in the world of SEO.

Content Continues To Remain The King

No matter which niche you pick, you will easily pick dozens of articles. Therefore, to beat competitors, you must craft high-quality content with a fresh take to really stand out.

To create awesome content that sets you apart, make sure to:
  • Write Original and Helpful Content - Try to offer a different take on whatever topic you decide to write about.
  • Stick With The Chosen Topic - Instead of trying to write about everything, pick one topic and try to produce content around that only.
  • Make It Well Researched - Add a couple of links to sources and statistics from high-authority sites.
  • Break It Up - Use headings, sub-headings, and bullet points to make the text easy to read. Try to break it up into small sections so it’s easy to scan in one quick look.
  • Use Graphics - Use charts, photos, graphs, videos, and other media whenever relevant to add a visual touch for better engagement.
  • Avoid Using Filler Content - Instead of beating around the bush, try to get to the point. Get right to the meaty parts. It’s better to start by stating the obvious, addressing the issue by providing a solution, and adding a closure. Try to go into depth. Add a beginning, a body, and a conclusion.

Bottom Line

So, those were 7 super-important things that you must know before getting into the world of search engine optimization.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Mike is a senior SEO strategist at Nine Peaks Media, a B2B SEO agency that helps SaaS, software, IT and technology companies rank on the first page of Google with effective content marketing strategies. Nine Peaks offers performance-based inbound marketing, conversion rate optimization and search engine marketing services.
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Read This To Recover Your Forgotten Screen Time Passcode

Recover Your Forgotten Screen Time Passcode
Researchers and activists all around the world are worried about people spending extra time on computers and smartphones. Even though the media constantly guides people to limit their screen time, people still find themselves hopeless to tackle their screen habits. Apple, the leading mobile and PC manufacturer, has rolled out an amazing feature called "Screen Time" to limit the time spent on the screens. It's a password-protected service that blocks the user from accessing apps after surpassing a limited time. Keep reading this article if you've forgotten your Screen Time password and want to reset it.

On Your iPhone

As mentioned earlier, Screen Time is no less than a blessing as it limits the overuse of your iPhone. It can help you achieve your daily goals and work towards developing a healthy lifestyle. However, even using this service can become a nightmare if you are not attentive. You can easily forget the password of this service and can lose access to the apps you keep dear to your heart. If you have been locked out from using certain apps because of forgetting your Screen Time password, here's how to reset screen time passcode:
  • Enter the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Scroll down to the "Screen Time" menu.
  • Click on the "Change Screen Time Passcode."
  • Press the "Change Screen Time Passcode" on the popup menu.
  • Select the "Forgot Passcode?" tab.
  • Put the credentials of your Apple ID in the given boxes.
  • Write a new Screen Time passcode.
  • In the next field, re-type your new Screen Time passcode.

All set, now you can use this new password to access the Screen Time settings on your iPhone.

If Screen Time Menu Isn't Visible

Apple introduced the feature of Screen Time on iPhones and iPads in iOS 12 back in 2018. Some users complain that they cannot see the Screen Time passcode change menu in their Settings app. If you face the same issue, you can update your device to iOS 13.4 to access this feature.

On Your Mac

Both professionals and casual users utilize the power of their Macs to meet their goals. But the Mac users can also spend extra time on the screen. Apple has also ensured that Mac users don't overspend time on their Macs with the Screen Time app. If you are a forgetful person who loves to use tech but hates to abide by the rules, you can easily forget the Screen Time password on your Mac. Follow these guidelines if you want to reset the password of Screen Time on your Mac

Before You Start

As mentioned earlier, updated iOS versions are necessary to access the Screen Time password change menu on an iPhone. If your Mac runs an older version of Mac, you should update it to macOS Catalina 10.15.4 before following the steps given here.

Here's how you can change the Screen Time password on your Mac:
  1. Navigate to the top left of Mac's menu bar and press the Apple logo.
  2. Click on the "System Preferences" menu.
  3. Find the "Screen Time" button and click it.
  4. On the lower left of the Screen Time app, press the "Options" button.
  5. Press the "Change Passcode" button.
  6. Choose the option of "Forgot Passcode."
  7. Provide the credentials of your Apple ID.
  8. Go on to put a new Screen Time passcode.
  9. Verify the passcode after entering it.

Disable Screen Time On Mac

If you have mastered your screen habits and want to disable the Screen Time feature, follow the Step 1,2 and 3 given above. After doing that, you can easily disable Screen Time by following the steps given here:
  • Navigate to the sidebar and choose the popup menu.
  • Click on the family member's name.
  • Navigate to the "options" button.
  • Find the "Use Screen Time Passcode" and Deselect it.
  • Provide the Screen Time password to disable it.

Who Isn't Bothered By The Password?

Users who are conscious about spending extra time on their screens hardly cross their screen usage limit. For this very reason, they never have to worry about remembering the password in case the Screen Time app locks them out. If you are wondering how a person can stay productive in this day and age, the answer is that most people use a specific app to achieve their productivity goals. Sessions, an app available through Setapp, allow users to set goals and achieve them while using their computers and smartphones, increasing their productivity without hoops.

Never Forget Any Passwords

Forgetting passwords is never a pleasing experience. If you forget your important passwords, let alone the password of the Screen Time service, you have to spend your valuable time figuring out how to reset the old password. What if you never have to worry about remembering your important passwords in the first place?

Secrets, an app available through Setapp, is a Mac app that is your trusted vault for storing important info like passwords and bank credentials. Using the browser extensions of this app ensures its users that all their web passwords are secure. Secrets come with an incredible built-in password generator that you can use to create strong passwords on a whim.

Improve Your Productivity

In most cases, people use Screen Time to ensure that memory-hungry apps are not wasting all the resources on their Mac. Several apps are notorious for wasting time and making the fans go crazy on a Mac computer. But what if you could use an app to see the culprits behind the slow speed of your Mac? Look no further!

iStat Menus is an app that is available via Setapp. You can use iStat Menus to easily monitor what's going on your Mac. This nifty app does its job without blocking your view on your Mac as it hides away in the Menu bar of your Mac. Working in there, it has intel about all the apps that are active on your Mac. This app takes record of all things Mac, providing stats about your CPU, GPU, and important components. Checking the performance with this app is super easy as you can see all the real-time data with minimal graphs.

Remove Useless Apps

People rely on the Screen Time feature to ensure that they don't slack off during productive time. However, a better option is getting rid of the useless apps altogether that waste your time. CleanMyMac X, an app available through the Setapp platform, can remove all the unnecessary apps within seconds!

As the name implies, CleanMyMac X can more than remove junk apps that make you unproductive. It can also remove unnecessary files, reset system settings, manage your Mac's startup process, and monitor any Malware presence in your Mac. You should use CleanMyMac X if you want to ensure that your Mac is always ready for working at its maximum speed!

Screen Time: An Overview

Screen Time allows us to monitor our time spent on mobiles and computers. The best thing is that you don't have to use a 3rd-party app for this purpose, plus the built-in compatibility is more integrated into the system. A quick look at the Screen Time app shows how much time you have spent on your Desktop or Phone today and what apps caught your attention the most.

This app keeps in mind the screen habits of people. Users "waste" their precious time of the day scrolling the social media apps limitlessly when they could've done something productive. Here are some of the important features of Screen Time:
  • Set a limit on the usage of apps.
  • Schedule when an app will be closed.
  • Disable all unnecessary apps during a time limit.
  • Whitelist the apps that you don't want to disable.

1. Uses For Individuals

Most of the time, people who are not monitored by someone, like young people, end up spending their days and nights on smartphones. The use of Screen Time can easily limit the activity of such people, making them more productive and conscious of their precious time.

2. For Parents

Parents are always worried about their kids spending their days and nights playing games or watching YouTube. Before this feature, there was no feasible solution for parents to monitor their kids' screen habits. But this new feature makes it easier to track the watching habits of children.

3. Organizational Purposes

Organizations want to ensure that their employees are healthy and fit while following their strict routines in a company. They might want to look for the screen usage of an employee, and now they can easily do so with the Screen Time feature.

How Does It Work?

After you're done more time on an app than set earlier, the Screen Time feature will get triggered immediately. You will be required to provide the password of the Screen Time feature to get access to the specific app. For example, if you send texts to a pal online and have crossed your app usage limit, you will be required to provide the password before you can send a very important message.

Things That Affect The Credibility Of Your Business Website

Things That Affect The Credibility Of Your Business Website
Earning the trust of your customers is, perhaps, the most difficult thing you have to do as a company. Customer loyalty and trust are tricky. It's almost like you will keep working on them for the rest of your company's existence. And it is true. Even well-loved brands with a cult following like Apple still work double-time to make every experience memorable to their customers. And this is Apple we're talking about. So, unless you have sold about a billion of your products, there's no reason for you not to work as hard as any organization to impress your customers to no end.

The design of your website has a subconscious impact on the customers. Do you know that web visitors will usually stay a maximum of 20 seconds before leaving to see another site? Every company struggles with customer loyalty and website credibility. Don't worry. You are not alone in finding ways to not only impress your customers but make them want to go back to your website.

How Do I Know the Right Web Design?

This isn't something you can do on your own. It takes a whole team to decide on the design and layout of the website. You will need a web design and development agency to guide you through choosing the right design for your website. A graphic designer will create the logo and slogan for your organization. Of course, you will be at the core of this process. You will have the last say. You will have the loudest voice in the room since no one knows your company and its products better than you.

But let the web designers propose the kind of website they think will generate more views. Give the graphic designer the freedom to create a logo that will become as iconic as Nike's. Assemble a team that you trust, so you never have to worry about the direction they are taking your company to.

Aesthetic and Usability

The belief is that beautiful things look more functional in the eyes of the users. Good-looking websites and mobile apps will impact the first impression of customers. They are more tolerant of minor issues as long as they like what they see. And because they have a positive feeling about your website, their experience is off to a good start.

But the aesthetics cannot cover up for the lack of usability of the website. No matter how good your website looks, it will still disappoint web visitors if it doesn't function the way it should. So, make sure that it's easy to navigate that even your technologically challenged friends can find what they are looking for.


It's not about the design per se, but what they can find on your website. Customers value honesty more than anything else. It's important for them to feel that they can trust you. They want to know what you do, who you are, who the people are behind the company, and how you interact with your customers. Most of all, they hate websites that make it hard for them to see the prices of the products and services.

The harder it is to find such information on your website, the less likely it is that customers will want to interact with it again. Make this information the focal point of your website. Customers are there not to get impressed with your colors, layout, and graphics (although those are important, too). They are there to find the information they need about your company.


When customers visit a website, they already have an idea of what they should see. They want the same colors, logo, and brand they see in your physical store or any marketing material they've come across. When there is no consistency in design, they will be apprehensive of browsing through the website. How sure are they that this is the same site where you said you've uploaded the products? There are so many fake sites out there that try to hoodwink netizens out of their hard-earned money, so it's quite natural that customers are wary of sites that are not consistent with the brand's overall design.


Audiences are more aware than ever of the security threats on the internet. On your website, make sure to tell your customers what security measures you have that will protect the data they share with you. If they leave personal and financial information with you when they transact, they should know that these are being protected. Encrypt the data being shared. Don't leave any room for mistakes. The quickest way to lose your customers' trust is to suffer a major data breach that puts their information in the wrong hands.

Before customers think about transacting with a brand, they want that brand to show that they can be trusted. More than 79% of customers think this way. Your website is your first line of defense. Through its design and functionality, it can help build trust and credibility.

How Did Blogging Fare During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

Blogging Fare during the Coronavirus Pandemic
For the past decade, we have seen how bloggers take social media by storm. Their faces are on every news feed we encounter. They become global ambassadors of luxury brands. Ordinary people with 20,000 or more followers become instant celebrities. Everybody is talking about these bloggers and what charmed lives they lead. They're traveling all over the world, perfecting their Instagram feed and making all of us envious of a lifestyle we only dream of having.

And then thecoronaviruspandemic happened. Suddenly, there are no more travels and food trips. Bloggers cannot take long road trips with their pets. They cannot make anOOTD(outfit of the day) post without a mask covering the lower half of their faces. And in some cases that bloggers made the mistake of traveling or taking off their masks in public. The once adoring social media public was quick to call them out for such mistakes. Social media is relentless when it comes to wanting these personalities to be the perfect representation of who they couldn't be.

So, how did the blogging community fare during the pandemic? Did it become stronger? Did it somehow remain unscathed, untouched by the cruelties of the past year?

Market Reach

Since people are glued to their laptops and smartphones, the market reach of blogging was more expansive during the pandemic. Everyone is trying to find a source of comfort amid the public health crisis. If they can get that sense of comfort from following strangers on social media, then so be it.

However, that does not mean bloggers were complacent. They still need to work with an SEO company to optimize their websites, blogs, and social media pages. If they wanted to take advantage of the wider audience reach during the pandemic, that is only possible by optimizing their content for the search engines.

Flexible Content

It becomes harder for bloggers to be creative with their content. Those who depend on travel and fashion needed to find different ways to entertain their followers. How can you travel in the past year if virtually every flight is canceled? How can you travel without stomping on the sensibilities of others? People who needed to quarantine at home for a year don't take kindly to bloggers brandishing their travel lifestyle amid the pandemic.

Many bloggers have been called out for acting like the pandemic was not wreaking havoc on everyone's lives. That means they can no longer strut their stuff around without being socially aware of other people's suffering. Somehow, their content needs to recognize the fact that, yes, the pandemic exists. So what are they going to do about it?

Volunteer and Advocacies

Since bloggers cannot very well strut their fashion pieces while doing the groceries (although some did try), they turned to better things-volunteerism andadvocacies. This became a turning point for influential bloggers in the past year. Many of them spoke of social injustices and what they think the public should do about them. Many also used their influence to persuade thepublicto get vaccinated (once the vaccines were ready).

While others don't feel the need to politicize their pages, they turned their attention to causes that are close to their hearts. If they are passionate about the environment, they talked about this advocacy. Some even turned their pages into sources of information for environmental news, campaigns, and many others.

New Breed Of Bloggers

There were two types of bloggers that thrived amid the pandemic. The first type is the blogger who offers pertinent information to the public. Health experts became interested in reaching out to thepublicthrough social media. They have the credentials to back up their opinions.

The second type of blogger is the one who entertains people. They became popular via video-sharing social networkTikTok. They create short-length humorous videos that go viral on other social media platforms.Netizenswanted to take their minds off the pandemic. The only way for them to do that is to binge-watch their favorite shows or amuse themselves with viral videos they see on social media.

It remains to be seen of the blogging community will change more in the coming weeks, months, and years. As the pandemic hopefully nears its ends in countries that have successfully vaccinated their citizens, bloggers can once more travel the world, share their cultural experiences and turn the streets into their own fashion runway. While a lot has changed globally, it doesn't look like social media users will get tired of bloggers anytime soon.

Reason Why WordPress Developers Are The Future Of Web Design

WordPress Developers Are The Future Of Web Design
Web design has grown to be one of the integral parts of today's development. Almost every business has a website today. A web page is often useful for marketing, creating analysis, improving the visibility of the business, and many more reasons. Web designing is not an easy task and often needs a lot of planning to carry out tasks. Is there any easier way to do it? Well, the answer is yes! WordPress is one such platform that will help you ease the task to a significant amount.

WordPress is a growing platform and is stepping its foot in the market with a lot of benefits embedded with it. These benefits are making many companies look for WordPress developers for hire.

But is it still worth it and do these developers have a good prospect? Let us take a look at all the things related to WordPress developers and draw out a conclusion.

Why Choose WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source platform and lets an individual build a website in no time at all. The website comes with 15000 plus themes that could be directly used to create a website. Developers do not need to work from scratch to make a good website. They do not have to spend hours designing a layout and formatting them before turning them into full-fledged websites. This will save lots of time for the companies making it easier for companies to develop a good site.

Due to this platform companies can save a lot of money as well as time. What if you do not like an existing template?

No worries, WordPress was developed for convenience and customer satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with any particular template you can customize some part of it according to your choice. This will require you to change only some part of it. It provides you with simple drag and drop plugins that you can easily use and get the features of the best website on your website. You can even make your platform multilingual by just adding a language plugin to it.

In short, WordPress is here to make your work convenient and a lot easier.

Why Do Developers Not Use WordPress?

Many developers still hesitate on the idea of using the WordPress platform for developing websites. They might feel like it sounds unprofessional to use an already developed theme for making a website. That is not the case. Even though with ready-made templates still a developer can prove a lot with the platform.

Sometimes it might also be that developers are not ready to leave their comfort zone and learn new steps to develop a website. WordPress is easy to use and still includes some technicalities like converting pages from HTML to WordPress compatible format. Things can get tricky on this end and hence some developers do not prefer the change.

Sometimes developers like creating a website from very scratch adding their own personal touches to the websites. This gives them a sense of seeing a work that is completely carried out by them. Due to this reason, many developers hesitate on turning to WordPress in the fear to lose their authenticity and originality of the work.

Isn't WordPress Developed For Creating Websites Without Developers?

Well, your query is absolutely right. WordPress was developed for people who do not want to engage with tedious coding to bring change to the website or to create a new website. But with a significant change in trend and the need for developing a top-notch website that can compete in the market many companies prefer to know more about wordPress developers for hire.

If you still want to develop a good website without developers, WordPress will still be there standing in front of use. It is easy to use and hence can be easily used by any beginner for website development as well.

Why Hire A WordPress Developer?

Websites are developing and so is the need for good websites proliferating in the market. Even with an already-made template it sometimes becomes necessary to modify them and make them unique and one of their kind. Here are some reasons why people hire WordPress developer:

  • Trends often keep on changing and so does the need for change in a particular website becomes necessary. It might be hard for an individual to keep track of all the changes and new trends if they are not from the field. A WordPress developer will make these changes in an efficient and quick manner making it easier for companies to catch up with the latest trends.
  • Some companies want to modify the website according to their own needs. A WordPress developer can easily help people make changes to their website according to their requirements. In such a case they do not need to change the entire website they just need to look for blocks of changes to enhance the website.
  • WordPress developers can be hired by companies as freelancers, they will thus complete the work and will also cost significantly less. Companies would not be required to train some individuals to carry out the specific task.
  • To make the website WordPress compatible some companies need to hire a WordPress developer. It is just like turning their original website into a WordPress website to reach more people and make it easier for future changes.
  • To integrate the existing system with WordPress. Given the convenience that word press brings along with it many companies integrate their service depth with the WordPress platform. In such a situation an expert is needed.
A WordPress developer will just not act as a person who can develop a website but would work as a consultant who will look into the fact that your website will match all the requirements precisely and you would not fall behind the trend of work.

Benefits Of Using WordPress

  • The changes can be made in a flexible and adaptable way.
  • It is user-friendly and can be used by anyone.
  • They have several plugins to make working easier.
  • They also make the site mobile responsive and hence gathers huge traffic.
  • They make the site rank higher on search engines.

Future Of WordPress Developers

WordPress as a platform has grown to a significant amount and so is the need for their developers. If you take into consideration, from the last 5 years the need for WordPress developers has highly increased. A website developer is not just responsible for creating good graphical content but must also focus on the overall quality of the website.

Using a WordPress platform will help developers to focus on the overall quality of the website. A developer will be able to focus on the SEO and CMS of the system as well. It saves time from designing and we can include it in different aspects of the website. This makes a WordPress developer more impressive than a traditional web developer.

WordPress as a site is growing among the companies bringing about good changes that all the industries are appreciating, and a developer can compare and integrate all the websites on just one platform making it convenient to use. Hence, WordPress developers have a very bright future. With more companies focusing on this platform their demand will never fall short.

Ultimately WordPress as a platform is very useful. It helps companies complete the task faster and in an efficient manner. It also saves them money by not investing in developing the website from starch. It lets the changes be made in a customizable fashion and does not have any stringent policies. With thousands of plugins and hundreds of features, the platform is turning out to be one of the best.

Even though it gives the flexibility of working still it needs an expert hand to boost the working. And this boost is given by developers. Due to this very convenience of using developers, many companies are now hiring WordPress developers.

So, if you are looking for quick solutions you must also hire a WordPress developer today and see all the significant changes that they bring along.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Sunny Chawla is a Managing Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency. He specializes in helping client for international recruiting, staffing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.
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The Science Behind Flawless E-Commerce Brand Video Script Writing

E-Commerce Brand Video Script Writing
When Arthur Miller wrote the play, The Crucible, he meant it to be performed. And it was. Eventually, it became a movie as well. Miller’s play had a message for Americans in the early 1950s, and his work achieved a bit of notoriety, something which today we might consider “going viral.”

Authors and playwrights are artists, and their work falls into categories of the fine arts. Literature is meant to be read; plays are meant to be performed. Scriptwriting, even for marketing purposes, is also an art form. It requires creativity, a message that is clearly delivered and well-received.

But there is also a science to scriptwriting for brand marketing. If that “science” is not taken into account, the video will never reach its audience, much less engage and motivate customers to buy.

The Importance Of Video Marketing

Consumers today are in a hurry. They don’t want to read lengthy marketing text, extolling the benefits and value of products. They are on the go and on their mobile devices. When benefits and value can be presented via video, they are far more likely to stay engaged. In fact, research has shown that human brains process visual content 60K times faster than printed words. And one study from Social Media Today shows that a full 72% of a company’s customers state that they prefer to learn about products and services via video.

No e-commerce company can engage in marketing without using video. Some studies show that users spend up to 2.6 times more on sites with videos. This does, however, present a new challenge. How do you make your video stand out from among those being produced by competitors? It’s not just a matter of the visual features. It is also very much a matter of the script that is produced.

Here’s where the “science” of scriptwriting comes in.

Unpacking the Science of Marketing Video Scriptwriting

1. The Plan:

Every hard or soft science project must begin with a plan. The same goes for scriptwriting. In this case, the goals of the video must be detailed. These will include: who the video is produced for, how and where it will be published, and what call to action will be presented as a takeaway to the viewer. And the overriding goal is that your video script and the ultimate video does not “look” like a traditional ad.

2. Research The Audience:

All marketing pros continuously keep an eye on their audiences. As a business grows, its audience expands. Also, as times change, so do audience behaviors. This is where data science comes in. There are now tools that will crawl all over the web and gather and organize information on specific groups of consumers, based upon questions a business wants to be answered. Among other things, data science will point to new suitable audiences, as well as provide information regarding their values, principles, and what they enjoy in the way of entertainment, inspiration, etc. These things will help with the tone and style of your marketing video scriptwriting.

3. List The Stories You Can Tell:

If you have watched any of the major insurance company TV ads in recent years, you understand the appeal of storytelling. Flo from Progressive Insurance, the GEICO gecko, and the Aflac duck all have “adventures” of sorts. You may not have such adventures, but you do have stories to tell – about your company, your customers, about your employees, and, most important, about the value your product or service brings. These are the topics from which good video marketing scriptwriting comes.

4. Match The Tone and Style Of Your Brand With The “Personalities” Of Your Customers:

There is a huge difference between a video crafted for Rolex watches and Red Bull energy drinks. And the script for these will vary significantly in sophistication, language, and tone. Be certain that you not only honor your brand “voice” but that the tone and style are a match for your audience preferences.

5. Research Your Competition and Related Niches:

What types of videos are getting the most play among your competition? If you study the scripts of these, you will gain insights into what “works” and what does not. You will also get ideas for writing scripts that will engage your audience.

6. Research Statistics On General Video Successes:

There’s a lot of data and statistics of videos used for marketing purposes. For example, a video used specifically to present products or services and their values is most successful when it is under two minutes in length. As you craft your video marketing scriptwriting, keep this in mind.

7. Think About The Visuals To Be Used:

Is the video going to show still shots while the script is read? If so, then you need to think about who will create the graphic design tasks and what they should be. Will it involve live actors? If so, who will they be? Once you have your written script, study it and those of others who have crafted similar-type scripts. You will have a much better idea of the visual style that is best suited for your message. Just remember – if the visuals are not appropriate or poorly done, your script will lose value and engagement.

8. Review and Revise Your Script:

What you don’t want in your script is “fluff.” You have a message to impart, and it must be simple, clear, and direct. Anything that “muddies” or detracts from your message is not relevant and should be deleted. It’s always a good idea to get a second set of “eyes” involved. RushEssay writing company has creative script copywriters, in addition to its academic writing services, though many do not know this. Barring using an outside resource, have some colleagues take a listen and provide suggestions. Getting rid of the non-essential script will also shorten the length – always a good thing.

9. Take A Serious Look At Your Call To Action:

You have three things to do in your marketing video scriptwriting - introduce your product or service, show how it will solve a “problem” for your audience (your value proposition), and then tell your audience members what you want them to do. That call to action is a critical piece of your script, so do not make it “fuzzy” or unclear.

10. Establish A Publishing Calendar:

Scriptwriting for video production takes more time than simply writing a blog post. It will be important to set a calendar that fits these in with the other marketing content you create and publish. Setting a calendar for this content will keep you on track for production.

A Case Study In Great Marketing Video Scriptwriting

In 2012, Michael Dubin and Mark Levine met at a party. Part of their conversation involved the high cost of disposable razors and the inconvenience of remembering to stop at the store to get them. Out of this conversation came Dollar Shave Club, a subscription service to inexpensive razors, delivered to customers each month. The website was launched in April 2011, with an opening marketing video, with Michael Dubin as the actor. Take a look at the video, and then we will discuss its elements.

Here are the critical elements of the Dollar Shave Club video:
  1. Quick introduction of the company and what it offers.
  2. First statement of value to the audience – much lower cost than store razors.
  3. The second statement of value to the audience – shipped right to their door every month; no more inconvenience of stopping to purchase from a store.
  4. Resolution of a pain point – forgetting to stop at the store and being forced to use an old, dirty razor.
  5. Call to Action: Stop forgetting to buy razors and paying too much – go to DollarShaveClub.com – the party is on!
  6. Language Style and Tone: Matches the audience (millennials and now Gen Z) – they appreciate this type of humor too, and the one curse word doesn’t bother them at all. The style and tone are also perfect for a new startup in the 21st century – a bit “snarky” and irreverent, but not overly so.

It should also be noted that this video went viral within hours – so much so that the company sold out of its stock within a few days. It was a professionally produced video, but it cost a total of $2500 - not a bad price for a company that ultimately had a net worth of billions when it was sold to Unilever. Your video may not reach these heights, but this is a prime example of how a scientific approach to marketing video scriptwriting can engage.

The Wrap

Marketing video scriptwriting involves both art and science. Art is a creative endeavor. But all of this “art” is worthless unless you can adopt a scientific approach that gets you to the right audience, that engages and appeals to that audience, that stands out among the competition, and focuses on the three goals – introducing the product or service, demonstrating its value and solution to a pain point, and then presents a compelling call to action.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Dorian Martin is a writer, editor, and proofreader with years of experience. He also applies his writing skills while writing a case study or research proposal for a major thesis writing site. His specialty is in the areas of business and marketing. When not at work, Martin enjoys subjecting his friends to gourmet cooking experiments and participating in biking marathons.

Digital Marketing: How It Affects Your Business

Digital Marketing Affects Your Business
Have you ever thought of establishing a business but never got into one because you thought it was tough? We all, once till now, have thought of establishing a business with respects to the perks of it, however in current times when setting up one is one hell of a challenge. Nowadays, the scope of businesses is much more and people are more into establishing businesses due to several reasons including globalization, global village, social media, online shopping, moreover, digital media being one of the most important ones.

2020 went like the blink of an eye but people will feel the effect of it for many years to come, however, one has to accept the fact that the businesses established via a digital platform were not as affected as others. For businesses nowadays, digital marketing is quite vital given how exhaustively businesses have been introduced. Due to the introduction of such a vast platform, the digital era has got a tool that ensures the companies are not affected amid hard times.

Digital marketing has proved to a stroke of luck for small-scales and even large-scale corporates whose reach gets widened even to the places where reaching physically is out of a question concerning the available online tools.

However, on the other side, a part of the world still feels that digital marketing is not as imperative as the masses call it. But here’s how we can provide them with a change in thought. Here are the reasons why digital marketing is important for your small-scale business.

It Asks For Less Investment But Ensures More Customers

The old marketing techniques asked for man-power, investment, and a lot of headaches, now companies are there to take your headache and digital marketing is there to turn the destiny of your business.

For older marketing, you had to provide everything, for example, door-to-door marketing required samples of your products, an employee and still, you would not get effective results as no one will entertain your employee. But digital marketing requires just a small payment, that too in exceptional cases, and would help you reach a much bigger audience in no time.

In some scenarios when digital marketing costs you more, it would not hurt you with respect to its impact hence, the cost will be worth the result.

It Saves Time and Is More Effective

With the era changing from time to time, people are looking for more ease, even if the work done was not up to the mark. Digital marketing helps you find such people looking for ease delivered to their doorsteps. People don’t have time to go to markets and find products that suit their set of quality measures.

Personally, I don’t remember when was the last time I went to a store to buy clothes or any other product. This is how digital marketing serves you, people need you and it connects you with them easily.

It Provides You With Vast Product Variety

Now you don’t have to settle for less. I still remember the time when buying something from another province or country without physically going over there was challenging in earlier times. First, you had to find someone in that particular place who can physically verify the product then they would buy and send you the product by the courier that will take weeks. The shopping scenario is completely changed now with the help of digital marketing, all you need to do is find a shop, check the product details and order online. If you don’t like it then you are free to return or exchange it as well.

Digital marketing helped me find a business that provides the exact type of cloth that I was not exposed to in my city. Not only clothes but you get a wide range of products according to your requirement. If you wish to lay down your best services to not only people around and to the ones who are miles away from you, digital marketing is the best among the options you can take help from.

You Get A Global Marketplace For Your Products

It happens in most businesses, that you do not get the exact value of the product in your local markets and this will stay in the scenario for years to come but digital marketing helps people to check, think and see the value of the product you sell.

People sitting in one corner of the world would receive your services, with just a click she/he will get products delivered at their location, why wouldn’t they see and under the value? Many small-scale businessmen mostly think this all the time that why aren’t they getting as desired customers even when they are giving away all the good services? It is said that ‘to establish a good business, a customer also needs to be good not only the businessman’.

Digital Marketing Provides Income In All Circumstances

No one ever predicted that Covid-19 would come of a sudden and would impact the whole planet with no plans of going away soon, hence putting a halt to the entire world.

Businesses got affected due to the market closures and less consumer interface, however, only those owners could sustain who had established a well digital marketing platform. This is evident enough to quote that digital marketing sets income coming in all phases.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Garima Aggarwal is an aspiring content writer and she is working for TABSCAP. She is from journalism background and has been into content writing for 2 years. She is passionate to write about topics related to lifestyle, health, Search Engine Optimization and digital marketing. She loves photography and anchoring and is improving her hands in both fields.

5 Tips For A Cyber Secure Home Experience

5 Tips For A Cyber Secure Home Experience
In a world where news spreads quickly, and the on-line name is everything, cyber-attacks and information breaches are an enormous threat to organizations across the planet. Information breaches are a unit among the highest three threats to world stability. Therefore the cost of a knowledge breach is $3.86 million except for the monetary prices, reputations take a giant hit, and a few ne'er quite recover. Once the general prices of insufficient security area units are ordered out, it’s clear that a solid cybersecurity strategy is crucial to each organization, and a healthy cybersecurity budget is well worth the investment.

Working from home could be new to you, or even you're already experienced with it. If you are new to this, you can access your router login panel with guides from here. Regardless, currently, most people get to keep home from work. There’s no doubt concerning it, these area unit unfortunate times. We tend to area unit dead a similar mess currently, and that we all got to do what we can stop coronavirus from spreading. Sadly, cyber threats aren't on an intermission. There’s a transparent spike in phishing and different cybercrime activity currently that the majority of folks are a unit performing from home.

Here Are Some Tips:

At workplaces, generally, someone else takes care of the cybersecurity measures. However, after you are a unit performing from home, you'll get to listen to that a lot of yourself. This is applicable even a lot if you mistreat your PC for operating. To be safer for you, these are the tips to save remote operating.

1. Be Smart With Smart Home Devices

Smart speakers like Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa are ‘always-on’ devices found in many homes. A vulnerability has been discovered that permits third-party software to record user’s conversations and even prompt them for private details like passwords. There are no real-world examples yet, but ok reason to play it safe and switch them off during the period and when they’re not getting used.

2. Keep Everything Up To This Point

Ensure your OS, applications, and security software system square measure perpetually up to this point. ICT support groups or Managed Service suppliers should be taking care of this, guaranteeing the business is running on the most recent versions, significantly once it involves laptops, tablets, and desktops, the ‘endpoints’ used outside the workplace surroundings. Threat actors track vulnerabilities in operating systems and applications closely and squarely able to exploit any flaws that emerge.

3. Don’t Share Personal Information In Messages or Social Media

Related to different kinds of scams and phishing, don’t share any personal data on messages or emails. It may well be simply another case of phishing to make sure that the one that asked extremely did this before causing necessary personal info.

It’s additionally a risk to share photos of your remote operating station on social media. You may accidentally share necessary information whereas you are doing it. The same goes for mistreating your digital camera. With webcams, you may additionally accidentally share an excessive amount of concerning your home or your relations.

4. Guarantee Your Privacy With A VPN

If you're employing a pc provided by your leader, this could be checked for you. If you're mistreating your pc, get a reliable VPN to secure your association and code your information. With VPN, your necessary information can’t be accessed by anyone you don’t wish to. Use it perpetually once you square measure connecting to public LAN networks.

5. Beware Covid-19 Connected Scams

Internet criminals have widely exploited the Covid-19 outbreaks. It’s been the subject of diverse international and national phishing and scam campaigns. Not solely will coronavirus threaten human lives and impact economies, it will also control your pc. In a way, the corruption of coronavirus has led semiconductor diodes to scam campaigns that use people’s concerns and concerns concerning the virus as fuel. Net criminals square measure causation emails that embrace as an example “Important Information” and “Instructions on the way to keep safe” in connected documents. These documents can then trigger automatic commands for your pc to transfer, such as Emoted malware, among others. The scam emails square measure generally converts to appear like they're sent by a sure supply, just like the authorities. These scam campaigns commenced in China; however, they're spreading around the world quickly. The USA and Japan have already baby-faced such scam campaigns. Alternative countries can doubtless be infected too. If you get emails with any suspicious links or attachments associated with Covid-19, don’t open them. Higher safe than sorry, alternative phishing emails may also be encountered.


Along with the coronavirus upsurge, new “opportunities” have blossomed for cybercriminals in a minimum of 2 ways in which. First, the term “coronavirus” has reached unprecedented levels of search volumes. The volume of the term’s increase implies that malicious developers are changing their toolkits with coronavirus-themed scams, malicious links, and sites. Heaps of the hazards that workers got to be careful for are elaborated in ESET Security Evangelist Tony Anscombe’s journal lookout scams are exploiting coronavirus fears.

Therefore, I'll focus here on a second “opportunity” for cybercriminals – the raised range of workers UN agencies are functioning from home and out of doors of the standard protections of company networks. This second vector greatly widens the attack surface on an organization’s digital assets and demands a better responsibility on workers and management.

Certainly, for a few corporations, the infrastructure and security measures to support workers functioning from home are already in situ, except for others, particularly smaller businesses; this might not be the case. By taking simply many additional steps, the workers of any company will greatly strengthen their digital security stance against a doable attack whereas functioning from home.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Quinn Wilde can usually be found binging on dark comedy series on Netflix. When not absorbed in the latest rib tickling thriller, Quinn loves food, but cooks very badly, enjoys random interactions with strangers, and otherwise spends far too much time at the computer especially on sites like*TechWhoop*. She lives in the USA, with her sister and an adorable dog, Basket.

How To Combine SEO and UX To Improve Your WordPress Website

Combine SEO and UX To Improve Your WordPress Website
Competing with other sites for search engine rankings is by no means an easy task these days. What’s more, getting Google to like you is not the only thing that’s relevant — you need the audience to like you as well. So if you want your website to perform well, you need to compete for the affection of both the search engine and the target audience. That’s why both search engine optimization (SEO) and user experience (UX) are important for your WordPress site.

How Are SEO and UX Connected?

You may think of SEO and UX as two completely separate entities, but in reality, they are intricately connected.

In layman’s terms, SEO is all about getting the attention of search engines and consequently, ranking high in the search results for the relevant queries.

On the other hand, UX targets the website visitor and aims to make their stay comfortable and useful.

If your site ranks relatively high, but your visitors tend to bounce before they even look around, you have not accomplished much. What’s more, when the search engine figures out that your bounce rate is through the roof, your rankings will go down again.

Moreover, your website could be a dream-come-true to your target audience, but if you’re not in the top results in the SERPs, they won’t find you.

So here are some tips to help you improve both aspects of your WordPress website.

Speed Up

According to Google, the probability of your visitors bouncing goes up by 32% as the load time goes from one to three seconds. It’s the famous three-second rule, according to which your website needs to load within that time frame, or else you’ve lost many potential visitors.

Working on the speed of your website is crucial both for your SEO and UX, and the faster your site is, the better it will perform on both fronts.

There are numerous ways to increase loading speed, such as the following:
  • Optimizing your image size
  • Reducing the number of plugins
  • Using caching
  • Reducing the use of web fonts, etc.

Simplify Navigation

Your visitors want to see what they came to see, and they want it now! So you need to make sure they can find anything with ease, or you’ve lost them again.

Instead of creating granular, highly specific pages within pages within pages, display all your content in simple navigation. What’s more, make navigation available on every page since you never know where your visitors are going to land.

Consider adding a search option for an even faster way of finding the desired content on your site.

Another great thing about having well-organized and simple navigation is that Google will be able to crawl every page with ease and even show your menu directly in the search results.

Be Mobile-Friendly

Today, it might be more important to have a responsive mobile design than that for desktop browsing. As web traffic is slowly tipping the scale in favor of mobile use (with 55% of all traffic coming from mobile devices), you’ll be missing out on a lot of potential visitors if you ignore this fact.

So when you make your site available to smartphone, tablet, and other mobile users, you’re tapping into a very important pool of users. If they try to enter your site and find it unoptimized for their device, they won’t hesitate to leave and try the competitor.

If it makes sense for what you do, you might also consider creating a dedicated mobile app (great for eCommerce stores).

Have Quality Content

Quality content needs to be on point, easy to digest, and relevant. Keep in mind what your visitors want and need from each piece of content and make sure you deliver them just that.

Be mindful not to stun your visitors with never-ending blocks of text. For example, your website copy needs to be short and sweet in order to capture attention but not bore the user.

Make sure to structure it so that it’s easy on the eye and doesn’t require exceptional focus to take in. You can use bullets, lists, headings, and images to break it all down into more digestible units.

Find Opportunities for Visuals

This is the era of Instagram and TikTok, i.e., it’s the golden age of visuals! Both Google and internet users love visuals, and they are known to boost time on page.

Some of the reasons everyone loves them are that they help the reader go through lengthy content more smoothly, summarize it for them, offer visual examples, and much more.

So don’t hesitate to use any visual media that can help, including:
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Gifs
  • Screenshots, etc.

However, make sure to optimize your visuals so that they don’t impede the performance of your site. Reduce image size, choose the right format (e.g. JPEG), and embed videos instead of uploading them directly.

Use Calls to Action Liberally

If you want your visitors to stay as long as possible and increase their chances of conversion, use calls to action everywhere. These can be in the form of hypertext or a banner inviting users to perform an action.

No matter how you incorporate your CTAs, make sure that they state exactly what users can expect if they click through (e.g., “Buy Now,” “Sign Up,” “Learn More,” etc.).

The goal is to facilitate the visitors’ journey through your site, help them find what they need, and ultimately, make them convert.

Use Headings Wisely

It’s immensely important to use the proper headings on your site. They act as guides through your pages, both for search engines and visitors.

You should only have one heading one (H1) per page, and it should state the primary focus of that page. Keep it near the top and make sure it contains a relevant keyword. This way, crawlers will index it properly, and users will understand what the page is about.

Use other headings (H2, H3, and others) to structure your content logically. Again, these headings will allow both the algorithm and people to understand how the content is organized and skim through it for overall meaning before deciding whether to plunge into it.

Do Keyword Research

Keyword research can tell you a lot about what people are searching for in the context of your site and help you give them solutions to their problems. You’ll find out which keywords are easy to rank for and which are worth trying.

You may opt for something more specific to you. For example, you can utilize your location and add it to keywords.

What’s more, you can create different landing pages with different keywords for different types of visitors. Build these words into your content as well as into meta tags and image alt tags.

So keywords are a search engine optimized way to find out what your users want and cater to that.

Match Search Intent

However, performing keyword research is not enough. You’ll see what people search for, but you also need to understand their intent, i.e., what they want to achieve through their search.

For example, two people searching for “mojitos” might have entirely different intentions — the first one wants to learn how they’re made and the second one is looking for nearby bars that serve them. So the former’s intent is informational, while we can say that the second one’s is navigational.

You can learn more about your searchers’ intent by looking into long-tail keywords or going through the SERPs. Just make sure you match it correctly; otherwise, you might bring in the wrong crowd.

Greet the Visitor

If you want to meet your visitors halfway and help them out immediately instead of leaving them to roam around themselves, you can have AI-based chatbots greet them. These smart bots are becoming increasingly popular because they progress quickly and learn from experience.

They can greet your visitors as soon as they land on your site and offer assistance. This way, they can direct them to the right page, give them information, assist them with buying your products or signing up, and much more.

Users will appreciate this proactive approach and will be much more likely to stay and convert.

Test Your Site Often

Ultimately, you won’t know what’s working and what’s not if you don’t test your site performance often. Check your analytics regularly to see if visitors are bouncing or staying, what captures their attention, and how high your pages are ranking.

Furthermore, every time you make any UX-related changes, look at the data to see if the changes are effective or not, or if they’re even detrimental. In the latter case, you can reverse them as soon as you notice the negative trends.

Sometimes, you can even test the prototype during the development phases to see how people respond to it and whether they like it before you implement it.

So if you follow these tips you’ll be able to improve your WordPress site beyond your initial beliefs. The good thing is that the search engine and users are acquiring similar tastes, and you can cater to both simultaneously.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Michael has been working in marketing for almost a decade and has worked with a huge range of clients, which has made him knowledgeable on many different subjects. He has recently rediscovered a passion for writing and hopes to make it a daily habit. You can read more of Michael's work at Qeedle.

Tips For New eCommerce Businesses In The New Normal

Tips For New eCommerce Businesses
Consumers who were traditionally skeptical of eCommerce business or online purchases have had no choice but to adapt to changes in the market as disrupted by the recent pandemic. As the environment continues to retain physical distance, eCommerce, delivery, store-pickup, and buy-online-pick-up-in-store have become the new standard.

Having better Search Engine Optimization or SEO can help produce the content that aids the best search results at the forefront of this transition. Online purchases and transactions are becoming more relevant than ever as customers demand how companies deal with COVID-19 constraints. They also assess their choices for purchasing basic needs as they transition to remote working at home. Many people are also found online to remain updated on what is happening around them. Therefore, if your business or brand is not online, you are missing a huge opportunity, and you are allowing your competitors to step ahead of you.

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Things You Can Do Make Your eCommerce Business Thrive

Having an online presence is not enough. You should ensure that you appear in online searches. You must be at the right time and whenever your target audience looks for you in search engine. Here are some tips you can never forget to make your eCommerce business thrive.

1. Leverage The Power Of Keywords

Scoring on the first page of Google is incredible, but it won't do you any good if you are not ranking with exemplary performance. That means you need to conduct keyword analysis. It feels incredible to rank on Search Engine Result Pages or SERP with a competitive keyword. For your pages that aren't performing well, you can try a long-tail keyword technique.

Find keywords that will help you rank while also answering your target customer's request. That is a win-win situation for both your prospective buyers and you as a vendor. If you're unsure where to begin, you can look at your competitors' keyword details to see which keywords they're bidding on.

2. Produce The Right Content

Aside from targeting keywords, the next thing you can do is create the right kind of content to become a content machine. Content entices prospective consumers to spend more time interacting with your brand. The right content can make them feel much more connected to your brand than they would otherwise. Figures show that 70% of users would instead read about a brand from a blog post than through corporate marketing press releases. By offering meaningful, quality blog material, you can help your audience get to know you and your brand.

Don't be surprised if designing content for your eCommerce business does not come easily to you. You don't have to develop an all-encompassing SEO technique in one fell swoop. Choose any online platform like any social media channel and experiment with it. You can also try other types of content like GIFs, appealing images, and videos that you can create using video editing software. Studies show that many users spend 2.6 times more on sites with video than on pages without any videos on them.

3. Always Do Your Research

Because of the pandemic's behavioral and lifestyle changes this year, it's much more crucial to do your future and not focus on what succeeded in the past. Check on search demand for various product categories and subcategories. Find out which keywords and products are trending. In addition, benefit from the expertise of collaborators, influencers, and other vendors. With less socializing and hosting, partywear, for example, may not be a significant item. Simultaneously, gifts for at-home activities like exercise equipment, baking, and gardening may continue to do well.

4. Establish Authority In Your Niche

Nobody knows for sure, but if a website or brand is on the internet does not have other authority pages connect to it, it will never leave a mark. That is a vital idea to think about when developing your eCommerce marketing campaign.

Links like backlinks and inbound links are essential for every website on the internet and have long been recognized as a significant rating signal in Google. Aside from this, influencer marketing is another method for establishing authority online. It adds value to your narrative and extends your scope, and can help increase your ROI.

5. Make Sure You Use HTTPS

These days, Chrome warns users when pages that request confidential input details such as passwords or credit cards are vulnerable if they do not use the HTTPS protocol. Google also revealed that they would notify users of any sites that are only using HTTP. The site alert is a significant turn-off for prospective buyers and could significantly reduce your conversion rates. Currently, HTTPS is used by about half of the top 10,000 websites.

eCommerce business vendors should now be using SSL on their pages for authentication. That is also to provide prospective buyers with the assurance that they are dealing with a protected site and a responsible site owner. Most large shopping carts, such as Shopify and Bigcommerce, now provide free SSL certificates for all of their plans. However, if you're self-hosted, you may need to configure this yourself.

6. Improve Your Site Speed

Potential consumers will leave your website without seeing your products or services if your page load speeds are slow. that beginning last July 2018, page speed would be a ranking factor for smartphone searches.

Always have in mind that time is of the essence. It shouldn't be a surprise. The advantages of mobile greatly outweigh the investment, resulting in an improved user experience that leads to higher conversions and revenue.

It is simple to begin checking for site pace, and you cannot afford not to do so. To monitor your mobile results, use a free tool like Page Speed Insights, and then do the same with your websites.

7. Automate Your SEO Tactics

Taking the tedium out of repetitive SEO activities will help marketers become more effective, freeing up precious time for more innovative optimizations and strategies. Of course, intelligent automation can increase search efficiency significantly by detecting and searching for openings in real-time.

By automating your SEO strategies, you can gather a lot of benefits for your eCommerce business. It is relatively cheaper while being faster in doing any SEO task. SEO automation can also lessen time-consuming tasks and handle even the most tedious activities. Moreover, automating your SEO can also provide you with accurate data essential in your SEO that influences your overall digital marketing campaign. Aside from that, it can also provide you with a proper competitor check as you can analyze their most used keywords, tags, Meta content, and backlink. While it can cost you an extra in your expenditures, you can be assured that it can help you have a good ROI in a lesser time compared with manual SEO activities when used correctly.

8. Optimize Mobile-First

Google revealed in early March 2020 that it would continue using mobile-first indexing on all websites. That means that Googlebot will favor any site's success on mobile devices over desktop. That is because the majority of people already use smartphones when searching online. If your eCommerce platform hasn't been wholly optimized for mobile-first, now is the time to start.

However, you need to ensure that your mobile-friendly platform offers the same content as your website. Since the screen on handheld devices is small, more developers can simplify their themes. Although you could require a new design and layout, you mustn't exclude content for any mobile device versions. You have to remember that this is now the data that Google can index first.

9. Grow Your Subscription List

Building your email subscription list should be a top priority if you want to produce leads that will convert even after the pandemic. If your sales are declining, this will help you keep customers focused and your brand at the forefront of their minds.

Consider the reasons why consumers interact with brands. The most common reason people interact with a brand is that they were involved in the product, promotions, want to earn a reward, or simply because they found the brand amusing. That should be the key focus of your email material and the selling point for your subscription.

Your email material should have meaning that goes beyond sales and promotions. If you share revenue-focused content, you will not have much of an effect – particularly if your product segment is declining. Make sure you grow your subscription list and provide valuable content to make it appeal to your audience.

Final Thoughts

Investing in SEO can benefit your eCommerce platform by increasing revenue and discovering your goods, labels, and services. If your rivals are ranked higher in Google search than you are, they are using more of the seven strategies outlined in this post.

You desire a competitive advantage. The supermarket behemoths would not make life convenient for you or your rivals. Improving the rating would necessitate an expenditure in time and effort.

Online retailers who take the time to study keywords, create entertaining and informative material, and customize their platform for shape and purpose will still take a large slice of the retail pie. Give your clients an incentive to return for more.

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