Errors You Don’t Want To Face While Editing Or Watching Videos

Errors You Don’t Want To Face While Editing
Mostly, we watch videos every day. It’s like they are an indispensable part of our life. We also edit, create, share or transfer videos. However, video errors can prove to be a disruption in our video viewing. “Mistakes are a part of the dues on pays for a full life. Mistakes are a part of growth.”

Making videos can be invigorating. Editing videos can be exhausting, but recognizing mistakes can be annoying and disheartening, but don’t let these mistakes take up a place in your exciting videos, and don’t let them frighten you because it was through pure luck that we discovered some outstanding video editing techniques. You can know more about the best video converter software via TechyHost.

Errors do not become a mistake until you refuse to correct them. Many errors can be corrected in post-production editing because, as a viewer, I would not want to come across any errors while watching a video.

Following are some of the common errors you would not want in your video:

1. Blurr And Out Of Sync Videos Or Audio Lagging Issue

Now, what fun would it be when the movie or video you’re viewing does not have clear dialogues or the audio and video aren’t in sync? Frustrating right? This happens when you’re viewing low-quality videos. You would want the quality of your video to be the best. Blur videos are a bummer. Blur videos make the viewer frustrated as the played videos cannot be viewed appropriately.

2. Video Playing In Slow Motion Or Sluggish Videos

Today in this busy and fast-moving world, no one wants anything dead, be it transport, delivering packages, or viewing videos. With the world currently using high speed 4g data, sluggish videos or videos taking a lot of time to load will be a bummer.

3. No Sound In The Video And Appearance Of The Black Screen

Imagine you downloaded a series you were waiting for, and you find out the video has no audio! Well, reading subtitles would solve the issue. But why compromise if you can avoid the error. Is it annoying to see a black screen while you open a video you wanted to watch? This problem could occur either due to missing the codec, outdated video driver, format changes, etc.

4. Crashing Of Your Computer And Video Codec Issues

Nothing would be as frustrating as your computer crashing while you’re halfway through your editing procedure. This could happen because your computer might not meet the editing of software specifications. This could lead to a loss in your files or video corruption.

When your system lacks the supporting codec of the video format, a notification of, “windows media player cannot play the file because the required video codec is not installed in your computer.” Such types of codec files are necessary for encoding or decoding digital data.

5. Error Code 0xc00d36c4 Occurs While Playing Video

You might usually face this type of error when you try to play videos or movies transferred from DVD or phone to your usb device. This problem is mostly encountered after you have updated your windows system. This error indicates your file format or the supporting codec is absent.

Now that you know the errors, let’s understand how to solve them:
  1. For solving the issue of blur videos, try playing your video on another media player or update your drive. If the problem is still not resolved, you could use stellar repair for your video. This is the best and assured way to fix your videos, and the best part is that it improves all kinds of corruption videos.
  2. If your video is sluggish, first delete the browser by deleting the cache and the temporary files. Choosing ethernet cable over wifi increases the speed of your online videos. Also, try updating your video card drivers or disable hardware acceleration through settings. If you’re unlucky and none of these methods works, it will be a problem with your video because it may have turned corrupt or damaged.
  3. When you’re computer crashes while editing your video, make sure your computer meets the best possible system requirement for its ram, CPU, and GPU. Before using editing software, disconnecting your internet also helps.
  4. If your video is out of sync or your audio is lagging, you can temporarily fix the audio sync issue or your lag issue with the vlc player's help by setting the audio sync manually. Reinstalling the drivers and performing a system reset on your network is another worth trying manually. The more straightforward way to fix the audio lag issue in videos is using repair software.
  5. If you find your video has no sound, first see to it that your external speaker's connections are proper. If they are working correctly, update your sound driver through the device manager. If this doesn’t work, install and uninstall the audio driver in your system. Starting an audio troubleshooter on your pc might also fix your audio problem. If none of the methods, this issue is occurring due to corruption of the file.
  6. When your video is playing in slow motion, try adjusting your video's speed in the windows media player or quick time player. Another way is updating your media player and window drivers in your system.
  7. If you have troubleshooting regarding the codec, use configure windows media player to download the codecs automatically. If your video does not support the desired codec, get the desired codec pack and uninstall the old one.
  8. Try reducing video card hardware acceleration to fix your black screen issue by going into your system’s display settings.
  9. The best way to restore mp4 files is by using the stellar repair software. This software has a highly intuitive interface that can quickly repair your mp4 videos.
  10. To fix the 0xc00d36c4 error, try playing the video on a different media player. If it still doesn’t work, you can Fix Error Code 0xc00d36c4 While Playing Videos/Music here. Vlc player plays most of the video file formats. Other than this, try converting the video file to your player or install the missing codecs.

These are the most common errors that occur while playing your video, and you have your solutions right in front of you if you, unfortunately, face any of these issues. In most cases, stelar repair for video software can be used.

To cut down on your time and energy, let’s take a look at other five errors no one would want to face while editing or watching videos:

1. Tacky Transitions:

Professionalism is the mainstay of the video, and Cutting and dissolving are the keys to the video performance and not the special effects. If you want your work to look white-collar, you will have to flush down on the wipes and spins. Let the special effects remain for special affairs.

2. Erratic Audios and Improper Music Pacing:

One of the most common and noticeable editing errors in the audio mix. Close your eyes and feel the audio of your video. If it sounds abrupt, then you need to repair it no matter how extraordinary your video is. Music and audio set the viewer in the mood to watch, which drives the momentum of the video. If your video has a music track and a voice track, make sure the music blends with the voice track and is not overpowering the voice.

Have you ever come across a hit million views video on YouTube that has a fast-flowing video but slow music or vice-versa?

No, I believe. Music Beats set the pace of production. Nothing can be more discomforting than watching a sad, intense scene with energetic music in the background. A Slow Paced song lends itself to slow camera shots and soft transitions rather than cubical spins.

Therefore, selecting a perfect soundtrack for your video piece's perfect pace is a difficult but important task.

3. Graphics Breaching:

In a video, there might be many graphic-editing errors, which include colors difficult to read, shadows falling in multiple directions, multiple fonts in a single graphic, text that occurs to be too swirly, or grammatical errors that need your attention. Such errors are far more easily noticeable than other huge errors because these are right there, in front of the viewer’s eyes, so there is no grace on this one.

4. Incomplete Transitions:

Such errors as Incomplete Transitions happen when the Transition effect is longer than the video clip. It appears like a fragmentary dissolve ending suddenly switching to the next shot. Extending the last shot or shortening the transition can be a simple solution to a huge error.

5. Jump Cuts and Frames:

Jump cuts are the cuts used to edit shots, so the unwanted portion is removed and squash the video together, which causes a sudden jump from one screen to another, making it appear unnatural and unusual.

Every editing has its own time and placement. The goal of the jump cut is to make time collapse. Jump cuts, if put in the wrong place and at a wrong shot, they make the animal appear at a different position magically, leaving the viewer amazed with a question.

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