Tips To Find Your Computer’s IP Address Easily

Tips To Find Your Computer’s IP Address Easily
In the present world, we are living in the era of the technological advancements and developments. So, communication between the people is getting increased through the internet. In fact, it is a network where anyone can access it for availing the benefits. When it comes to the concept of the network, you definitely cannot ignore some important terms and things. As the way, the IP address is one of the most crucial things which are needed to identify the computers and the systems in the highly effective manner. In this article, you will see the full details about the IP address and its functions easily.

Actually, an IP address is the numerical signs that are assigned to every device that are connected to the internet. In fact, this sequence of numbers is highly needed for the device to access the internet or the web easily. There are two kinds of IP addresses available and they are as follows.
  • Private IP addresses
  • Public IP addresses
As the way, the private IP address is the numbers that are assigned by the device manufacturer at the time you were buying. However, it can also be changed in the future for your purpose. They may be in range from the to However, each of the computer and device has its own IP address and let’s see how to find the best one in the easiest way.
When it comes to finding for your computer’s IP address, there are a variety of ways available and they are listed as below.
  • Getting your public IP through the search engine
  • Obtaining your public IP through the router settings
  • Use the windows command prompt to get the IP address
  • Getting your private IP through the windows using the network connections

How To Get Your Public IP Through The Search Engine And Router Settings?

If you want to get the public IP of your personal computer, then you can use the search engine. In fact, the search engine can provide the best ways to find your public or the external IP address in the most effective manner. In fact, this is the address of your router or the modem that can be seen by the rest of the internet.

As well as, you can also type as my IP address on the search bar and provide the enter key. It can show your public IP address easily.

Furthermore, you can also access the router settings to find your public IP address in the simplest manner. In fact, all the routers are accessed through the web interface and so you can change and adjust the settings easily. It is also better to check the documentation of the router to find your specific address.

Then, it is also possible to get the IP address on the internet port or the internet IP address section in the router status. In fact, the IP address is listed on that page and it may like as the

In this way, you can use the search engine and the router settings to find out the public IP address of your computer in the simplest manner.
Tips To Find Your Computer’s IP Address Easily

Use The Command Prompt To Find Out The IP Address Of Your Computer

It can also be effective to use the command prompt in your windows operating system at the time you need the IP address of your computer. For this purpose, you need to do the following things.
  • As the way, you need to initially open the command prompt in your system through the run dialogue box.
  • Once you have opened the command prompt, then you have to type as ‘ipconfig’ and provide the enter button.
  • After that, it will show the list of your network connection information and so you can extract the IP address of your computer easily.
  • As well as, it is also possible to find your IP address through the manufacturer of your network adapter.
  • Same as the command prompt, you can also use the network connection to find your IP address in the most effective way. For this purpose, you have to type as in your run dialogue
  • box and provide the enter to open the window.
  • You can click the status menu to view the connection status of your computer and it also resides with the IP address you have longed for.
As the same manner, the network details window can also provide the information about your network and the IP address and so you can access them for availing the benefits. In fact, the IP address is also provided based on the routers and modems you have bought. As the way, if you are using the Cisco branded routers, then your IP will Otherwise, it is the Netgear and then its value may be In this way, you can find the IP address of your computer in the easiest manner.

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How To Cope With Instagram's New Algorithm

Cope With Instagram's New Algorithm
Well not so long ago it was all about the epic battle between SEO people and the almighty Google search engine algorithm. I remember the frenzy surrounding this well-guarded secret and the many ways and false ideas floating out there during the heyday of furtive link building and other grey to black techniques.

Of course it wasn’t too long before Google wised up to those who took advantage of known loopholes and tightened them up. Now Instagram has followed suit with their new algorithm parameters . This constant cat-and-mouse carousel where Big Company adapts to changing SEO practices is one reason why ecommerce owners need to have a dedicated technical support team on their side.

In a perfect world it wouldn’t be this way, and as an ecommerce business owner myself I totally relate to your pain. Keeping abreast of ever evolving trends that affect our sales and conversion rates takes time away from our core expertise—involving the actual product we’re selling.

To help my fellow ecommerce business owners out there, I’ve put some helpful hints together that will hopefully help this latest Instagram development easier to manage.

Instagram marketing for one, is an exciting way to do business. It’s personal. It’s, well, instant. And best of all, it takes over the entire four or five inches worth of space on a mobile that your potential customer is using to view your feed.

You have all their attention pretty much. That says a lot and attention is a scarce commodity when you have the internet at your fingertips. Wasn’t it said that in the last ten years of the internet, humanity generated more data than all the previous of thousands of years combined?

Algorithm changes for the end user, subtly affect which feed gets prioritized and therefore who gets to be seen more often on their screens.

Whether tablet, smart phone, laptop or desk top monitor, you might as well be non-existent if your post doesn’t come up on a feed.

Instagram used to post pictures simply enough, on a chronological basis.

However after it was bought by facebook, alignment to its parent company’s search algorithms wasn’t far off in the horizon.

To date, what boosts a picture going to the top of a feed is the number of likes, comments and other forms of engagement a user gives a particular post.

While it may be tempting to think, “Well, I’ll just take what I know with facebook engagement and apply these to the new Instagram algorithm”—pause for a second. A platform composed of mostly pictures with some captions is way different from a facebook post that has a wider variety of possible content.

This quote from the New York Times sums it up:
“On average, people miss about 70 percent of the posts in their Instagram feed,” Kevin Systrom, co-founder and chief executive of Instagram, said in an interview. “What this is about is making sure that the 30 percent you see is the best 30 percent possible.”

My take on this is that if 70% of a person’s feed is not seen, then the argument for putting out high quality content is now all the more crucial.

This post will not tell you what the Instagram algorithm is. Nobody can legitimately find that out unless they work at Instagram.

As always, having a picture that gets likes, comments and is shared will ensure a higher chance of your post making it to the 30% that your user sees, instead of the 70% that gets pushed down into oblivion.

Our task as ecommerce business owners, is to take in the latest change and simplify it for our own businesses. Depending on your niche, you might not even have an Instagram account or find it useful to have one. It still is worth bearing in mind that staying in touch with trends like these is useful to all ecommerce business owners in general.

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How To Free Up Hard Disk Space In Windows 10 (Quick Tips)

How To Free Up Hard Disk Space In Windows 10
Hard disks are getting larger in space and becoming small physically. There was a time when 5MB hard disk had a look like a 15 KVA generator. But time is changing fast and every day is a tech revolutionary day. As time passes, information technology raising up its fly to the success.

Well! today this blog article helps to clean up hard drives from useless stuff like internet cache, temporary files etc and also guides you which software or application you should keep in your windows. Because unnecessary softwares also reserve space of hard disk that becomes a cause of low space too. So let's start.

How To Free Up Hard Disk Space In Windows 10

There are several ways to clean up disk space and maintain hard disk in good health. You can follow both ways. By using built-in options of operating system or by using third party softwares that are mentioned below. Here we go how can you do this.

Use Disk Cleanup

Disk cleanup is a built-in option available in windows. By using this option, you can free up your disk from unnecessary files like temporary internet files, offline web pages, thumbnails etc. To free up your disk, go to 'My Computer' or 'This PC' and right click on the drive that you want to clean and click on the 'Properties'.
How To Free Up Hard Disk Space In Windows 10
Once you click on properties, a separate popup will be opened. Here click on 'Disk Cleanup'
How To Free Up Hard Disk Space In Windows 10
After that another separate pop-up will open. Now here under the bar of 'Files to delete:', you can mark on files that you want to remove.
How To Free Up Hard Disk Space In Windows 10
Once you've done, simply click on 'OK' then 'Delete Files'.
How To Free Up Hard Disk Space In Windows 10

Clean Up Temporary Files

Windows disk clean up is helpful. But remember, it doesn't clean your browsing internet cache which reserves your disk space the most. You must have to use any third party software to clean up temporary internet files or cache.

To do this, you can use Ccleaner. The most popular software to free up hard disk from temporary or junk files. There are other software available also, but this one is my recommended. Must use this software and remove junk files from your hard drive.
How To Free Up Hard Disk Space In Windows 10
Get Ccleaner officially from here.

Uninstall Useless Programs or Applications

Uninstalling useless programs or apps may also be helpful for you. If you check your control panel, so there are many programs you will see which are space hungry programs and useless too. So in this situation when you need space, you should uninstall these types of programs from your computer. There may be some apps which do not reserve huge space, so you can skip them.

There are actually two ways to uninstall. First is by using built-in uninstaller and second is by using third party uninstallers. For third party softwares, I would like to recommend some trusted and popular uninstallers here '3 Best Third-Party Uninstallers For Windows'. Must try them, if any program is not uninstalling completely from built-in uninstaller. Because it is possible, sometimes windows doesn't uninstall program completely. So in this situation, you might have to get third party help.

Everyone should use built-in windows uninstaller first. To do that, simply go to Control Panel. After opening separate pop-up, click on 'Uninstall a program', if you are viewing by category like below image.
How To Free Up Hard Disk Space In Windows 10
Now here you can easily select such apps that you're going to uninstall. You can also here check space of programs. Simple right click on program which you want to uninstall, then select 'Uninstall'. Example is shown in this image.
How To Free Up Hard Disk Space In Windows 10
If you're a Windows 10 user, so you have an additional advantage. You guys can also check a complete detail of installed apps through Setting. Navigate this to reach out Settings < System < Apps and features. Once you reached, so at right pane, a complete detail will be showing. Here you can also select and uninstall program easily.
How To Free Up Hard Disk Space In Windows 10

Remove Duplicate Files

Removal of duplicate files may also be helpful to clean up hard disk. You can use duplicate file finder to detect and remove duplicate files. Well! there are many softwares available on the internet to do this work. But i would like to recommend here 'VisiPics'. This one program is really good and very helpful to find duplicate pictures which reserves unnecessary space of hard disk. Must use it and try to remove duplicate unnecessary files.

Final Thoughts

So these were few quick ways to free up your hard disk space. By following them, you can remove junk files and expand hard disk space easily. There may other ways possible, but in my views these are enough to clean hard disk from junk and useless files. If you want to recommend more other ways, so leave your comment below.

Must give us your views about this article and share it, if you think it's helpful for others.