5 Interesting And Informative Facts About The Web or Internet

5 Interesting And Informative Facts About The Web or Internet

The internet is now become a part of our life. It is playing an important role everywhere. There was a time when no one knew about the internet. But now everyone has become a part of the internet. You can assessing a rapidly growing popularity of internet from this interesting fact, when internet started in early of 1990s then the percentage of internet users is only 1% that is negligible. Now according to ITU report 2014, the number of internet users reached up to 78%. So this is a big revolution and it's mean, almost everyone is now getting lots of benefits and advantages from it. With lots of benefits, the internet also has lots of informative facts that are interesting and everyone should know about them. So, here are some interesting facts of internet. I hope you will enjoy this article and will increase your knowledge.

1. World's First Website

Did you ever find information about the world's first website? I hope, NO. World's first Website was created in 1 August, 1991 by Tim Berners-Lee. There was a time, when no one was thinking about the websites or internet. But due to the revolutionary work of Tim Berners-Lee, now everyone is getting benefits from internet. Actually, it was a project of CERN, and originally maintained by Tim Berners-Lee.

After the 20th century, the URL of world's first website had banned from CERN. But now after 25 years, CERN has enabled the URL again and now every user can see the look of World's first website. Basically, website is based only on HTML. It doesn't exist on any design and style. You can check the first glimpse of it here.

2. How Many Internet Users Are Active Today?

You might be surprised to know, when the internet began then the percentage of internet users was only 1%. But now it has reached up to 78% that's a big difference. Here, I made a chart of complete information and population about the internet users. Information is originally released by Internet World Stats.
World Regions
( 2015 Est.)
Internet Users
Dec. 31, 2000
Internet Users
Latest Data
(% Population)
Users %
of Table
Africa1,158,353,0144,514,400318,633,88927.5 %6,958.2 %10.3 %
Asia4,032,654,624114,304,0001,405,121,03634.8 %1,129.3 %45.6 %
Europe827,566,464105,096,093582,441,05970.4 %454.2 %18.9 %
Middle East236,137,2353,284,800113,609,51048.1 %3,358.6 %3.7 %
North America357,172,209108,096,800310,322,25786.9 %187.1 %10.1 %
Latin America / Caribbean615,583,12718,068,919322,422,16452.4 %1,684.4 %10.5 %
Oceania / Australia37,157,1207,620,48026,789,94272.1 %251.6 %0.9 %
WORLD TOTAL7,264,623,793360,985,4923,079,339,85742.4 %753.0 %100.0 %
3. Popular Internet Browser Of 1990s

Nowadays, the most popular internet browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer etc. But these browsers are available from 21st Century. If you ever think that before these browsers which was the most used internet browser of 20th Century? Hopefully, you never thought and didn't try to think about it. Don't worry, here i discussed about the first browser. So, the very first widely popular web browser was Mosaic which was available from 1993. But it was discontinued in 1997. Therefore, no any officially browser was available after 1997. But when the 21st century started then the technology revolution was started too. So, in this Internet Explorer had introduced as a revolutionary browser, and with it another browsers like Chrome, firefox etc had been introduced also. Mosaic browser is available now. You can download and can try it. But Chrome, Firefox etc are better. This is why, users give more importance to use 21st century's browsers.

4. People Waste 10% Part Of life On Social Sites

Research has proven that people who use social sites such that Facebook, Twitter etc, will be wasted 10% part of their life in this. It's mean, if you live for 50 years then you give 5 years of your life only to social medias. In other words,  you waste 5 years of your life. Well! I know, everyone doesn't waste time on social medias. Lots of people use for their benefits and are getting advantages. People use social medias for marketing, help etc. So, if you're in one of them who use for their benefits then don't panic, you are not wasting 10% part of your life.

5. The First Tweet

Twitter is now the second most popular social site after Facebook. Lots of people have now become a part of it. Daily millions of people on twitter who tweet daily. Many people are growing their business from these social medias. As of the first quarter of 2015, the microblogging service averaged at 236 million monthly active users. At the beginning of the 2014, Twitter had surpassed 255 MAU per quarter. Almost 500M people tweet daily on twitter. Twitter was created in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Noah Glass and launched by July 2006. But first tweet was sent on March 21, 2006 by Jack Dorsey.