How To Increase Your Mac Performance

How To Increase Your Mac Performance
Recently, Mac users have been struggling with slow performance a lot more than before. While software and hardware changes are to be blamed, buying a new device is not the only way to get greater speed. There are plenty of ways to boost the performance of your Mac without having to buy new hardware. Here are six ways to increase the performance of your Mac.

Check For Background Applications

Often the biggest reason for the drop in performance is CPU usage by background applications. By learning how to lower CPU usage on Mac, performance can be boosted overall. Plenty of applications enable background processing when they are installed. These applications start when you switch on your laptop and run even when you’re not using the application.

They either run in the background to reduce start-up times or collect some form of data. By closing these applications, their start-up time will be delayed but the overall speed of your Mac would be boosted. Regularly checking to see what all applications are running in the background can help in reducing CPU usage.

You can also get software that automatically checks for background applications and shuts them down. These kinds of software consume low energy and don’t affect performance speeds.

Manage Your Storage

Hoarding up a lot of data in your Mac will certainly slow it down. Instead of storing pictures, videos, and large files in the storage drive that also includes system files, store them on your secondary drive to improve speed. Another great way is to use an external drive or store all your data in your iCloud.

It is easy to retrieve and eliminates the stress exerted by large files on your Mac’s performance. Regularly check up on your storage and how much space it’s taking on your storage drive. Don’t store beyond 60-70% of your total storage space to maintain your storage drive’s health as well as keep your Mac’s performance high.

Clean Your Fans Regularly

Most thermal problems are due to dust collecting in cooling fans. Bad thermal management is one of the biggest issues when it comes to bad performance. Cleaning your cooling fans regularly can help in reducing air blockage and improve the cooling of components.

If you’re not confident at opening your Mac and cleaning it by yourself, take it to the nearest service station and get it cleaned by a professional. Make it a habit to check your thermals every now and then and clean your laptop at least twice a year. This will greatly help in maintaining good temperatures.

Clear Cache and Old Files

As mentioned before, storage can be a big reason for slow speed. To improve performance, it’s important you regularly clear out any large or old files from your system. You can either look for such files manually or use a cleaning software that detects large files that should be removed.

Cache is yet another form of data that takes up storage and slows your Mac. Cache is primarily useful in reducing boot time of applications and other processes. But it’s beneficial to clear them from time to time as often unused cache files remain stored in your drive. By removing them, you’ll free up a lot of space on your drive and boost your Mac’s performance.

Consider Changing Your RAM

RAM sizes are more than enough in new laptops but that isn’t the case with old Mac laptops. RAM holds temporary data to improve performance and make processes smooth. By changing your old RAM for a bigger RAM with more speed, you’ll notice a big difference in processes such as video editing, multi-tasking and booting.

You’ll find plenty of cheap options online if you wish to change it on your own. Or you can go to a laptop store and have it replaced by a professional.

Apply Thermal Paste

If your laptop is more than two years old, there are high chances that your processor’s thermal paste has now dried and is inefficient. Moreover, laptop manufacturers don’t always use good thermal paste for their lower-end models.

By applying the thermal paste on top of the processor, thermals will be a lot better and your Mac’s performance will get a big boost. Again, this process can be tricky to operate and it’s recommended that you get it done by a professional. If you’re doing it on your own, don’t buy the cheapest one on the market but the one that is most worthy of its price based on customer reviews.


These six ways are great and work really well in improving and maintaining the performance of Macs. As a user, regularly check on the CPU’s temperatures, clear old cache and large files and try to reduce your data storage. Practicing these steps will significantly boost your Mac’s performance.

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How To Conduct A Social Media Audit?

How To Conduct A Social Media Audit
Are you using social media to take your business to the next level? If yes, you must understand the way to conduct a social media audit.

For a beginner, it's so natural to get alarmed by the term itself! However, it's nowhere as scary as it sounds.

What Is A Social Media Audit?

A social media audit is a process where you compile critical information about your social media accounts to create a clear picture of your current efforts and helps you to understand the best way to improve results.

Why Social Media Audit?

When you audit your social media accounts, you will learn what is happening on each network.

With just one glimpse, you would be able to identify;
  • What's working well and what's not.
  • Whether fake accounts are stealing your audience.
  • What are the new tools or opportunities to grow and engage your audience?

Have you performed social media audit before, or is this going to be your first time?

Are you excited?

Keep reading till the end of this article, and I will explain the crucial factors you need to know to perform an effective social media audit.

Before jumping in, here is a tip for you. When you have a highly defined audience, you can build a prospect list. But how to find people's email addresses? Email lookup tools like are a one-stop solution for this.

Discover All Your Social Media Accounts

People often have a misconception that they can list off their social accounts by recollecting their minds.

But, in reality, it does not work that way!

For instance, there could be some old accounts created by someone long before and were left unused at some point in time.

You can do this search on the Web. As you Google your company name, you would see some social media accounts in the result. If you notice accounts you don't recognize, you can further investigate to see if those are fan accounts or fake accounts.

Next, you can go to each social media platform and search directly for your business and product or service name to see if you hit on any unexpected accounts.

Make a list of all these accounts, pages, or profiles that require further research. You can contact the account holders of these accounts directly as it could be a case of a passionate fan or some misunderstanding.

However, suppose you find out that it's a fake account purposeful created to steal your audience or bring down your brand reputation. In that case, you must readily escalate the issue to the respective social media help desk.

Ensure A Completed Account In Each Handle

Now that you are sure about the authentic accounts of your brand, you can now look at each of the accounts thoroughly to ensure that you have updated a consistent profile image, cover image, contact details, landing page, etc.

Identify Your Best Performing Posts

For all your accounts, spot the best-performing posts with maximum engagement. You can quickly get these insights using the built-in analytics tool for each social handle.

With this analysis, you will learn about the content type that got you more engagement - whether image, GIF or video?

Similarly, you may carry out a channel performance evaluation.

Track Results

You may compare your results with the same period last year or last month. By doing so, you will notice a regular seasonal variation that simplifies the ways to identify any unexpected changes in real-time.

Return On Investment

If you have run a paid or organic campaign on any social media channel, you have to calculate the return on investment for each period.

I hope that was helpful.

How To Protect Your Small Business From Data Breaches

Protect Your Small Business From Data Breaches
Data breaches are a cybersecurity attack that steals sensitive, confidential, and protected data without authorization or taken without consent.

Cybercriminals access data from different sizes of businesses (small businesses to large corporations).

Credit cards, social security numbers, driver's licenses, health history, customer records, and source code are among the data exposed.

Small Business Data Breaches

There are millions of small businesses in the world. They outnumber those of large corporations.

Small businesses are responsible for employing plenty of individuals. They are the reason why the economy of the world has thrived.

Since there are plenty of them, hackers won't hesitate to steal data from them. In a 2021 report, 47% of data breaches involved small businesses. It shows how vulnerable SMBs are when it comes to cybersecurity.

Aside from being a common target due to their number, small companies experience data breaches or cyber-attacks due to the lack of security solutions and knowledge of their employees.

What Happens When Your Business Is A Victim Of Data Leakage?

Nobody wants their company to be a victim of cybercrime. It’s hard to get back on your feet, particularly for small businesses, as cybersecurity threats are costly and time-consuming.

When your business loses data, here are the possible outcomes to expect.
  • Most businesses that encounter data loss end up losing their revenue. Your business may temporarily stop operations, which can cause a loss of income and even customers.
  • The loss of intellectual property can damage a business’s reputation.
  • Losing your customers’ data can damage your business. It can result in losing customers due to trust issue.
  • Data breaches are expensive. The average cost per lost data or record is $150.
  • Permanent closure of a business or filing for bankruptcy.

What Causes Data Breaches?

Most believe that data breaches are caused by an outside job. However, according to recent statistics, 48% were caused by negligent employees. It’s often due to an insider threat.

The following are the causes of data breaches and how they occur:

Using Weak Passwords:

Using a weak password for accounts that carry vulnerable data can be a hacker’s opportunity to easily get into your system.

Hackers can use tools to guess passwords, as most users create passwords based on their personal information or common passwords (Password123 or 12345678).

Tool and System Vulnerabilities:

Software and systems require maintenance and updates. It provides improved features and secures patches or vulnerabilities.

If you don’t update your software, hackers will exploit this vulnerability to access your data. Out-of-date systems leave a hole, exposing you and your business to a possible data breach.


Malware is another cause of data breaches. There are different forms of malware and how they can gain access to your device. The most common method is phishing attacks.

When an employee clicks on links or downloads malicious files, it provides cybercriminals with the chance to hack into the system and other connected devices. However, some malware doesn’t act immediately. Sometimes it takes a while before it fully steals data.

Insider Threats:

Insider threats are often the most common cause of data leakage. You could have ex-employees with a grudge against your company, or some employees who want to exploit data for financial gain, and so on.

If your rogue or former employees misuse your data, it can cause harm to your business. However, not all insider threats are due to employees exploiting organizational data. Some could be due to employees’ negligence.

Lack of knowledge of cybersecurity for small businesses can become a threat. Employees may accidentally click on a link, send it to the wrong person, use weak passwords, and more.
Protect Your Small Business From Data Breaches

How To Prevent Data Breaches For Small Businesses?

Cybersecurity should be the top priority of businesses, regardless of size. However, most business owners disregard its importance until they are part of the statistics.

Practicing cybersecurity doesn’t 100% guarantee that your data is safe. It makes sure that it is protected around 98% of the time. Prevention is better and more affordable than data breaches.

Invest In The Best Tools In The Market:

Using cybersecurity tools to protect your business from data breaches can go a long way. There are plenty of tools that can prevent and even alert you if potential danger is present.

You can use tools to prevent receiving spam emails in your company’s inbox. It also blocks emails with suspicious links and attachments. Some samples of Email Filtering Services are MailCleaner, Email, and Spam Filter Service.

Aside from tools to protect your email from malicious links, you can also opt for antivirus software. There are plenty of options on the market. Some are designed for commercial use, while others are for organizational use.

Small businesses can use any antivirus software, as long as it can cover multiple devices. Bitdefender is one of the biggest names in the industry with leading protection and award-winning features. They offer various packages, and if you have no idea which to choose, here is a comparative difference between Bitdefender Total Security vs. Internet Security.

Keep Software Updated:

As mentioned earlier, out-of-date software can be a gateway for hackers to exploit your data. As a result, whenever new software or systems become available, make sure to update them.

Hire A Professional:

There’s so much you can do on your own, but getting a cybersecurity specialist can take a lot off your plate and let you focus on what matters.

Cybersecurity professionals can protect your data and look out for possible threats. They can figure out if there are vulnerabilities in your system and suggest possible solutions.

Hiring a professional will allow you to continue your business and think less about possible attacks that could compromise your organization’s data.

Create Separate Business and Personal Accounts:

Having separate personal and business accounts can keep you safe from hackers. If your personal account is compromised, your business won’t be in danger and vice versa.

However, some businesses use their personal accounts for their business accounts, which puts them at risk. Therefore, they don’t just lose their company’s data but endanger their personal information (credit card number, bank account, email address, social security, and more).

Start creating separate accounts for personal and business. Also, don’t forget to make unique passwords for each account. Never recycle passwords or use personal data for your passwords.

Educate Your Employees:

Negligence is the common cause of data leakage. The vast majority of new employees are unaware of cybersecurity or online threats. So, it is best to educate them.

There are multiple ways to educate your employees. You can handle workshops or seminars, implement new policies, or conduct interactive activities for them to learn about cybersecurity.

Sometimes, learning what email spam looks like can help employees to avoid clicking on anything suspicious. Furthermore, they will also know what to do whenever they notice something suspicious going on.

Limit Access To Accounts:

Giving all of your employees access to valuable files and accounts is a common mistake. Make sure to assess your people and give them only the access they need. For example, your marketing team doesn’t need to have access to your accounting files.

Create Strong Password:

Weak passwords are common. People don’t like creating complicated and long passwords because they are difficult to remember. However, a long and complicated password is one of the best solutions to keeping your accounts safe.

Make sure to educate your employees on how to create strong passwords for their accounts as well.

When creating a password, keep this in mind:
  • Use a mix of upper and lower case letters.
  • Add numbers and symbols
  • Create long passwords
  • Don’t use dictionary passwords or personal information.
  • Don’t recycle passwords.

If you are worried about the complexity of your passwords, don’t worry! There are password managers available to store complicated and unique passwords.
  • Lastpass
  • Dashlane
  • Bitwarden
  • Keeper
  • 1Password
Protect Your Small Business From Data Breaches

Create Policies For BYOD:

Bring Your Own Device or BYOD is a common practice in small businesses. It saves companies from the need to replace devices, and employees are more comfortable with their devices. However, BYOD can place a business at risk, especially when there are no rules to follow.

If you allow your employees to use their own devices when accessing company data, make sure to create new policies for it.

Secure Your Network:

Hackers will always find a way to snoop on your company. If some tricks don’t work, they’ll find another way.

Creating a secure network or Wi-Fi connection for your business is crucial. Also, make sure that if you want to access personal accounts or your employees need to open other sites not related to their job, it’s best to provide another network for that.

You can secure your business network by using a VPN and a firewall.

A VPN is a security software application that creates a secure network. It encrypts your internet traffic and keeps your identity online safe. Third parties won’t be able to track your activities. A VPN also conceals your location, allows you to access content from other countries, and reduces the risk of data leakage.

A firewall is a security network that filters all the incoming and outgoing traffic on your network. It can detect suspicious traffic on the network and keep it out. Most internet routers are equipped with a built-in firewall network. All you need is to check if it's activated or not.

Backup Files:

Retrieving files that are stolen or encrypted can cause a delay in your company’s operations.

If you don't want your business to come to a halt, make regular backups. You can automatically backup your data by setting a time or date, or you can manually back up your data.

There are multiple ways to back up your data. You can save it on a removable disk, external hard drives, cloud storage, or backup services.

For small amount of data, you can use removable disks and external hard. Meanwhile, small businesses or large corporations with plenty of data should go for cloud storage or a backup service to handle their large and sensitive data.

With the tips mentioned above, you can guarantee to keep your data safe from leakage. Of course, not all practices will provide 100% security. However, it lessens the chance for hackers to steal your data.

If your data is compromised at the moment, here’s what you should do:
  • Report the breach to law enforcement and consumer agencies.
  • Inform your customers about the breach. It could give your customers or clients a chance to secure their accounts or keep an eye on them.
  • You can also post an announcement on your website and social media accounts to reach your customers who don’t check their emails.
  • Investigate the loss of data. Hire professionals to do the investigation.
  • Secure the data for your small business after or while the investigation is ongoing. Follow the steps mentioned above.
  • Provide a fraud and ID theft prevention service for your customers.


As attacks are getting sophisticated, as we connect online all the time, as 5G rolls out, IoT becomes normalized, and people conduct transactions online, SMB cybersecurity must be a priority. Protecting your data keeps your business running and your customers safe. Do not allow these cybercriminals to bring down the business you worked hard to grow. Follow the cybersecurity checklist to keep your data safe.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Vanessa Venugopal is a passionate content writer. With four years of experience, she mastered the art of writing in various styles and topics. She is currently writing for Softvire Australia and Softvire New Zealand.

How To Build Real Instagram Followers In A Simple Way

Build Real Instagram Followers
Instagram is one of the most popular social networking sites in the world. Many global companies use Instagram as a medium to stamp their online presence, resulting in increased following, engaged audience, and more sales. if your Instagram presence is not as robust as you would like it to be, it is time to implement strategies that enables you to win more organic followers naturally. The more Instagram followers that you have, the more opportunities are available to market your products and brand.

Organic followers are very important as they will return you the most value in the long run. However, some people choose to get paid followers on their Instagram accounts. Unfortunately, most of the companies that promise to grow your Instagram following in droves rely on fake accounts created by bots. Such followers are of no value to you. Besides, you risk getting infected with a virus or your password and photos stolen. Also, such moves are not worth your time because Instagram has systems of weeding low-quality accounts and interactions. In addition, it is important to have a quality following that identifies with your brand. The generic Instagram following will neither be interested in your brand, products, sales, nor landing pages. In addition, such an audience will do little to share information about your company with friends.

Many businesses around the world rely on Instagram for brand building, audience connection, and content marketing. The sites have over 200 million monthly users worldwide. The best way to build your Instagram following is by remaining true to your brand and followers. Read on to discover practical tips on how to get real active Instagram followers.

Use Hashtags When Telling A Story

Although many people use their business name as a hashtag on the story that they want to tell, it is important to choose the ones that will bring you a new audience. When telling a story on product launches, events, promotions, and others, you may want to use a hashtag that connects with the audience. For example, you can use a hashtag such as #getready when launching a new product. Such a hashtag is relevant and engaging enough to arouse attention. With the hashtag, it will be easy for people to discover your profile on Instagram searches and hopefully, build a following on the site.

Be Very Creative

Although Instagram is all about photos, many people forget to add a caption. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the photo caption as it will enable you to notify the user of what is happening. The description used should inspire, engage and entertain your followers. Examples of some caption ideas for Instagram photos include:
  • Use a question in your caption. This is a question that people will see first after viewing your posts.
  • Get personal with your post. Talk about how the post has helped or inspired other people.
  • Request people to tag others. Asking your followers to tag other people in your photo can go a long way in bringing new contacts. This is because the photo will be seen by all and sundry.

When using Instagram posts to gain a following, it is advisable to be very authentic. Therefore, you should avoid putting either questions or personal stories that are not genuine.

Go Local

One of the best ways to build your Instagram following is by going local. In this method, you need to know who your neighbors are. Whether you are using your Instagram page to promote an event or do advertisements in a specific area, you need to search to find out what is happening in the region.

You can use the search box to search for retagged posts in that area. You can then follow the recently tagged posts and either like or leave a comment on the post. If you like the post, you can even follow the poster. This will be very beneficial to your profile as it will get organic contacts in your account.

Optimize Your Instagram Account

Before gaining followers on Instagram, it is important to have your account optimized first. You should consider your Instagram bio as the ‘home page’ of your profile. Without a bio, proper caption, username, and profile picture, your profile will not be able to represent your brand well. It is also important to note that people will identify your brand based on your Instagram bio and image. You can use the link to your Instagram account to drive traffic to your site.

If you are not sure of where to link, you can use product pages that correspond to specific hashtags, campaigns, or keywords on your Instagram account. Linking to your bio is very important as it gives users a great experience when moving from your bio to your website.

Maintain A Specific Content Calendar

When you want to gain followers on Instagram, it is advisable to make posts in an orderly and consistent manner. If you have many followers in your profile, you do not want them to forget that they already followed you. Therefore, you need to make valuable and engaging content that will keep them hooked. To affect this, you need to keep an organized posting schedule.

It is advisable to refrain from posting more than 5 times a day to avoid being flagged as spam. But whatever the case, keep your Instagram posts constant. Remember, there are more than 220 million users who log into the site daily. To get the most out of your Instagram posts, it is wise to spread out the posts through the different times of the day as this will make the posts reach the maximum number of people.

Sticking to a regular Instagram posting schedule will result in a consistent experience for your users. All you need to do is to plan your timetable and allocate time for posting on the site.

Avoid Fake Instagram Followers

Many people make the mistake of going for paid Instagram followers. There are many companies online that will promise to grow your Instagram following by the thousands. However, what they do not tell you is that the followers that you will get have been generated by a bot. as a result, they will not have any real value to you as they can neither comment, buy products nor interact with you. Furthermore, Instagram has systems to detect fake accounts. And when they do, they remove all of them from the platform. In the end, you will find that the number of your followers has dropped to the previous level.

It is therefore important for users to only go for organic followers as those will bring the most benefit both to your profile and business at large. In general, fake Instagram accounts will:
  • Trick New Followers: People are usually amazed by social media accounts with the largest number of followers. As a result, they may be tempted to make a following. Unfortunately, the new followers have nothing to do with your brand or business and therefore, you will have no interaction or engagement.
  • Lacks ROI: Buying followers on Instagram will result in no ROI. This is because the new followers will neither make purchases nor have a connection with your brand or business. On the other hand, getting authentic followers will include people who either know your brand or use your products and this is going to bring monetary value to your business.
  • Attracts No Attention: When you have thousands of fake followers, none is going to comment, share your post, or like your content. And as we said before, these fake accounts are going to be cleaned up by Instagram in no time.

Post Relevant Content

Although this is very hard to pin-point, it is important to identify the kind of posts that your Instagram followers love to see. You can test different types of content on your Instagram account before identifying the ones that perform best.

Whether you are looking at the type of content, caption, and content, paying attention to the details can make all the difference. Therefore, it is important to keep your ear open to what is popular online as this is the only way to know whether what you are posting is trendy or not.

To stay up to date with the current happenings on Instagram, it is advisable to get an Instagram analytics tool that will help you know the hottest trends on the site at any given time.


Although there are many ways of boosting Instagram following, it is advisable to go for natural ways as that will result in an organic following. The organic following consists of real people who can comment, follow, recommend and make purchases on your products. This is what will make the biggest difference in your business. And although the process will be slower, it will give you the most value in the end.

6 Best Free Spotify Alternatives For Music Streaming

Free Spotify Alternatives For Music Streaming We have all listened and jammed to spotify music but got annoyed when the ads play right? They say 1 ad, 30 minutes uninterrupted music, but seldom reversed. Did you ever want to know what else could “SPOTIFY” have as an alternative? Surprising right? Here, we present to you, our top 6 free alternative music streamers online.


Free Spotify Alternatives For Music Streaming
This is a free music-streaming platform, with a combination of audio and video(live at times), basically available in the US and Canada. You can access it from app stores on smartphones, OTT devices, and even on the web. Look at this article to learn more.

Free access includes:
  • Concert and Festival Live Streams
  • Handcrafted Audio Stations
  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Original Shows and Podcasts.

They have free access to their contents but lack some features, which are:
  • No ads
  • Unlimited skips
  • Listen offline
  • Maximum audio quality
  • Play on demand

Tariff of Paid Subscription:
  • $3.99/month- This contains all the above features, excluding listening offline and playing on demand.
  • $9.99/month-This contains all the above features mentioned.

2. AccuRadio

Free Spotify Alternatives For Music Streaming
AccuRadio is a free music-streaming service with access to multiple channels and with features to customize our preferences. Interestingly, it is the only platform to be curated by human touch, not by any automation. This has over 1000 channels and 50 genres(hip hop, jazz, disco, indie rock, and many more).

It is Chicago, Illinois based founded in the year 2000.

Kurt Hanson is the CEO and founder. He is an alumnus of the University of Chicago.

3. Jango

Free Spotify Alternatives For Music Streaming
Jango is a free music-streaming service that provides hundreds of ready-made stations and genres(Rock, country, classical, etc.).We can also customize our radio and music stations here. It gives an option of rating the music, which then filters the recommended songs for us according to our rating. It even has hit songs of the '80s. It can be download and used both on iOS and Android devices.

It is free and only gets money from the advertisements. It has tried its best to minimize the ads, and customers see just one ad a day from now on.

It takes and studies the information we provide when signing up and uses it to show ads according to the provided age and gender.

Jango has two kinds of stations,i.e., genre station wherein we can select the music from the list given below the player and artist-based stations wherein we can choose songs according to the artists we like and ardor. These stations are updated every week to get the latest music updates and enjoy their free time listening to music.

4. YouTube Music

Free Spotify Alternatives For Music Streaming
As all of us are aware of, it also has its separate music-streaming site or service.

YoutubeMusic is developed by Youtube, which is a subsidiary of Google. It provides both music and videos based on playlists, genres, and recommendations.

Yes, it is free of cost and has a paid subscription that paves the way to ad-free playback,audio-only background playback, and downloading songs for offline playback.

YouTube Premium members can enjoy these services for free.

For this, Google-Play music is stopped now as its members are benefited from YouTube Music.

YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium endorsers can change to a sound mode that can play behind the scenes while the application isn't being used. However, the complementary plan doesn't permit sound mode with foundation playback as it shows video promotions.

It is updated daily as it is a most viewed site and is on the list of most trending services now.

The primary feature is that it provides and contains music and music videos of every country based on different genres.

5. JioSaavn

Free Spotify Alternatives For Music Streaming
JioSaavn is an India-based online music-streaming service that is available to outside countries and users as well. It is also a digital distributor of Bollywood, Hollywood, and music of India's other regional languages. The company has 55million songs and that too in 15 different languages.

Yes, it's a free music-streaming service with advertisements.

But other additional features like ad-free and premium quality music can be accessed if subscribed to the paid service.

Saavn was previously a separate music-streaming service. But afterward joined hands with JioMusic, and together they formed JioSaavn.The deal between the two was approximately $1 Million.

JioSaavn is a subsidiary of Jio platforms owned by Reliance Industries Limited.

It gets revenue based on Digital-Advertising services (offers service with advertisement) and Subscription-based Business model (Saavn Pro, which offers ad-free and offline streaming).

It provides songs to people worldwide and can be downloaded and used on android and iOS devices.

The paid subscription, which gives access to no-ads, exclusive contents, hi-fi audio, and unlimited downloads, is Rs399.00($5.48) per year, 67% less than if a subscription is taken for a month, priced at Rs99.00($1.36).

6. SoundCloud

Free Spotify Alternatives For Music Streaming
SoundCloud is a piece of online music distributing and sharing platform based in Berlin, Germany.

It allows users to upload, promote and share audio and stream audio as well.

It even gives a chance to aspiring musicians to release and promote their composition here and make their career in this field. also supports it.

Its unique feature is that it gives access to upload files or songs in URLs, which allows the songs to be embedded to Twitter and Facebook posts.

Users have access to unlimited songs and get the right to upload 180mins of songs free of cost.

SoundCloud appropriates music utilizing gadgets and apps. Users can put the gadget on their sites or sites, and afterward, SoundCloud will consequently tweet each track uploaded. In addition, SoundCloud portrays soundtracks graphically as waveforms and permits clients to post "planned remarks" on explicit pieces of any track. These remarks are shown while the related sound section is played.

Clients are permitted to make playlists and to "Like" (explicit tracks, which will at that point be saved to the client's "Like" page), "Repost," "Offer," to "Follow" another client, and to make free downloads of their sound accessible.

Top 5 Netflix Alternatives You Should Consider

Netflix Alternatives You Should Consider
We all know about Netflix as it has remained no stone unturned in engaging the audience worldwide. As they are leaving no language or culture there in the world, different people can relate their lives with those shows that Netflix provides. This resource provides us with free netflix codes that can be obtained freely. In this arena, where everyone wants some time from their busy and tiring entertainment schedule, Netflix is the well-known video streaming service in the world but isn’t the only one. Netflix Alternatives are there, which costs very low and still provide a variety of free, legal movies, and TV shows. So why to spend a huge HD premium amount on Netflix when you have:

1. Amazon Prime Video:

If we compare Netflix and Amazon Prime on Entertainment basis, then there isn’t any. Still, if we do that comparison based on the cost you pay as a user, it is a huge difference because Netflix's charge for its plan ranges from Rs. 199 to Rs. 799 per month, whereas Amazon charges Rs. One hundred twenty-nine per month and Rs. 999 per year, with both providing a one-month free trial. Just like Netflix, it also involves popular movies, Web series, and TV shows. So it’s not only the price you save as a user but also some extra benefits such as free shipping, Reading service, latest and old music, etc., that you can’t say NO to. Amazon prime is now getting more recognition as high-quality content with a low of new and original releases that have brought new viewers over time.

2. Disney Plus:

It is also a subscription-based video streaming platform that is a competitor of Netflix. Though the quality of content is not as good as Netflix, if someone wants more popular movies and a different kind of content, which should be surprising, then Disney plus Hotstar is a very good option. Some of the hard to find movies like Marvel movies and Star war series are available on Disney plus. As you might know, Disney has bought Fox studios, so many viewers can expect more original Television series.

3. ALT Balaji:

We can proudly say that Alt Balaji is the Indian rival of Netflix. Like on Television, Ekta Kapoor (founder of Balaji Telefilms) is ruling the Multi-device subscription video-on-demand platform, which offers great Indian content across genres. It was launched at very affordable pricing for the user, Rs. 43 for a single screen per month. 300 per year. With this website, you can understand better. Their content includes Movies, TV shows, original web series, comedy shows, and music videos. This app doesn’t create content like available on Netflix or Amazon Prime, but they want to attract the audience who watch TV or daily soaps. This platform was also started to make shows for tier 2 and tier 3 cities, costing just Rs 100 for three months, which a user can afford.

4. IMDb:

Now (Internet Movie Database), you must be thinking that it has something new other than a low price and good quality content? It has the rating and reviews system, which many of us consider before watching a movie online or booking a ticket in the theater. Now the question arises, who gives ratings on IMDb? IMDb users themselves cast a vote on a scale of 1 to 10; individual votes are summarized at the end, which is portrayed on the title page. With the help of this, a lot of time saves others whether they want to watch that movie/show or not, which Netflix didn’t even provide. Other than reliable ratings and reviews, they have plenty of content to watch (Most of Indian) from classic to new and not just shows/movies but also video games. Or if you’re a fan of any big celebrity, then just trust that IMDb is for you because, every week, they have casting calls, among other interviews.

5. YouTube:

Yes, last but not the least, we all know YouTube is the savior for many of us because after receiving our first android phone, we only know about youtube if anyone wants to entertain themselves. Here we can buy any Movie or Television show, but also there are many movies, series, and shows that are available for free which are worth watching. It has sports, entertainment, news, and kids content which almost more than 50% can be downloaded offline. So we know that youtube is not only for entertainment, here you can also portray your talent by having your channel and start earning. We can say that youtube is a give and take of entertainment. Impressive right?!

After reviewing the above five alternatives of Netflix, it can conclude that everyone should get the right amount of entertainment in their life. Though Netflix has amazing content but is not affordable by many of us, or many of us didn’t find it worth spending that huge amount. So, other alternatives are there where good and original content can be found and something different from Netflix.

Want To Become A Proficient And Fantastic Web Designer? 10 Sure Shot Tips

 Become A Proficient And Fantastic Web Designer
The present times have undoubtedly brought out websites and their importance to the platform. Every business enterprise and company has a digital space which is their face in the internet space. So this brings us to the era where we do put in a lot of hard work and finesse into website development.

We understand how important it is to create, develop a fantastic design for your website and there is quite a lot of best website designer near me. With changing times, there is a lot of change and variations in the design templates of websites and there are so many tips and tricks that will enhance your website building proficiency.

The traditional, rigid designs are an old story now and are replaced by dynamic, creative, and attractive website designs. For creating this there is a team of designers who are competent in these areas and provide you with a platform that is user-friendly and engaging.

Web design careers are hence high in numbers now and there is a huge want of professionals who are well versed in areas of graphic design, software, designing processes, and codes. This sudden rise in the number of developers has left in the search for best website designer near you.

We are going to look deep into what a competent web designer should possess. The technical skills, professional skills, and even soft skills help them stand out from others in the field.

1. Designing Tools

Web designers have to formally educate themselves in these basic designing tools that will help them in creating a competent and aesthetically pleasing website. You should be very keen on learning the nuances of the same which will set you apart from the crowd. Adding other skills like graphic design and even animation help in creating your unique creations which can later be sought after as your niche and specialization. For each of the elements, you might need to create you should be adept in the corresponding platform and have essential knowledge in the area.

2. Visual Design Elements

A web designer and a layman who create we website would be so different because the former has the knowledge that takes in creating the best website ever. The UX design they are essentially an interaction that helps in understanding what a user's experience is in the field and caters to those needs through the digital space thus created. It is only through this process that your website that is created well can reach high rates of success.

3. Thorough With HTML and CSS

Gain more insight and knowledge about HTML (Hypertext markup language) and CSS (Cascading style sheets)is a skill that a competent web designer should possess. These languages are extremely important in the process of creating the website as one focuses on providing a framework and structure and other works on the look, visual elements, and aesthetic sense of the platform. Both of them together give a complete look to the website making it functional and pleasing.

4. Knowing A Variety Of Programming Languages

The HTML is the basic software that provides a structure to your entire website. There is no way a web designer can craft an amazing website and design without understanding how to maneuver around this language. The HTML provides different styles and codes to solve problems you might face with the website. And CSS is the visual element caster language of programming. It adds on the colors, backgrounds, fonts ad are very important when it comes to an aesthetically pleasing website. Along with this if there is an additional language of JavaScript learned, then the web designer is offered more demands than ever. This sure will set you apart from others and this will widen your opportunities and help you land great and amazing projects where you are not limited by the skill set you possess.

5. Working With SEO

Even though it is not exactly incorporated in the web designing portfolio, it is always best to understand this concept and even use it when the time comes. Usually, the SEO developers are the ones that take care of organic traffic and keywords for your website, but you can a web developer who has ample knowledge in both so that you can help out at the right time. For a web design to reap the utmost benefits, it is important to optimize the site accordingly, only then can you direct organic traffic which will later lead to more sales and conversion rates.

6. Grasping The CMS

CMS which is content management systems is another feature that a competent web designer has to grasp knowledge about. It is mostly software that brings together a lot of digital components all together under the same banner. This can even include your templates, video files, and other programming structures and languages. When you understand CMS well, you will know how to make your website work optimally and effectively.

7. The Art Of Digital Marketing

Being a web designer, you are also now required to come with a digital marketing strategy that is a highly essential and integral part of the websites. The latest styles and trends in the industry are usually put up by the digital marketing channels which will eventually help you in chalking out a better template and design for your website and digital spaces.

8. Managing Time Well

This skill is one of the most significant ones. It helps in working well under high pressures and multitasking a million things all at once, even without any smudge in its efficiency or competence. This is very much required for the web designer as their job is very much into creating great designs, curating suitable templates all at and within a stipulated time. Multitasking and completing work in stipulated time sure adds on to the clientele and they would keep a tab on the amount of commitment that you have towards this project.

9. Skills For Meaningful Communication

We can never undermine the importance of communication skills. The web developer and designer need to have prompt and meaningful communication from time to time. This helps your clients understanding the work in a very transparent and clear manner. They are never kept in darkness and every element is clearly made to grasp and then proceeded with. This will create a very strong relationship with the clients and that will add to higher customer satisfaction.
 Become A Proficient And Fantastic Web Designer

Professionals Skills To Be Possessed

There is a certain skill set that web designers and developers are meant to have and we have discussed quite that below.

1. Tools For Design

Web designers are sure to have a set of a toolkit for obtaining well results. These include applications like photoshop, illustrates, after effects that add to the website’s aesthetics and in turn help in creating a professionally competent website that is aesthetically pleasing and attractive to prospective clients.

2. Having A Sense For Design

Design sense is another skill required for a great web designer. He should have an eye for intricate details and also add on elements like photos, images, layout guidelines, and other principles.

3. Using UX Design Promptly

Any product or website does well when you provide services that your target audience is looking for. The Design is mainly sued to understanding the user’s experience and keep it as critical feedback to work through it to improve your digital space.

4. Mobile Friendly Screens To Be Incorporated

Now that most of our work and access is to smartphones, it is extremely important to design a website that is mobile friendly and are readable on small screens. It is a necessary skill to possess.

5. Extra Element Of Graphic Design

This is certainly that element that will set you apart from other developers and designers because this isn't exactly a part of web development and design. Adding this extra skill to your portfolio can fetch you more opportunities and projects.

6. Animation To The Rescue

There are more and more websites now that opt for dynamic pages and websites. This is often achieved by incorporating animation tools into the web page. SO for this, it is highly required of the web designer to be possessing this professional skill.

Technical Skills You Need To Possess

As there are more and more web designing and development companies, all around, proficient web designers are those who are well versed in the below mentioned technical skills.

1. Knick-knack Of HTML

The HTML is the basic software that provides a structure to your entire website. There is no way a web designer can craft an amazing website and design without understanding how to maneuver around this language. The HTML provides different styles and codes to solve problems you might face with the website.

2. Learning and Mastering CSS

Web designers cant stress enough in learning this language which is solely responsible for the aesthetics and visual appearance of the website that you own. The colors, fonts, text size, and everything that attracts readers and clients are by the correct rendering of the CSS.

3. Going The Extra Mile In Learning Javascript

Usually, a lot of web designers use other languages much like CSS and others. But when you go the extra mile and learn Java, you will be sought out more than people who are just focusing on it. It is often seen that business owners want to hire developers who are a full package themselves and have more knowledge and skill than expected.

4. Understanding The Web Servers Well

What makes you special is when you have more to offer than others preferentially as trained like you. This is one such skill that will set you apart. You need not be a total expert on web servers, but since your work is mostly based on it, it will be great if you understand the way the servers work and the basic solutions to some issues you might be facing with it.
 Become A Proficient And Fantastic Web Designer

Soft Skills To Be Posses By A Web Designer

Above, we have understood how an amazing web designer should be good at what he does, but now we are going to delve into certain factors which are often termed as a soft skill that you require for this portfolio of work.

1. Managing Time Well

This is another most obvious soft skill to possess but its significance can never be forgotten. What separates you from another web designer might be your expertise in managing time well and providing services at the perfect time, with no delays. The work does encompass a lot of deadlines lined up, but when managed efficiently, your clients will look up to you for future endeavors as they understand your basic quality of respect for other’s time and the responsibility and commitment towards the project. Whether you are a freelancer or work for a company, time management skills are important. The rapid updating of project iterations means that the design must also be updated from time to time. Good web designers need to manage their schedules and follow up on project needs.

2. Management Of Responsibilities

This can come off as a very cliche soft skill, but it is a very important aspect of this job. With website designing, there will a lot of project ideas, the creation of new ones, templates, and deadlines. So you need to be in a position to efficiently manage the project given to you in the stipulated time and the best job with utmost finesse.

3. Search Engine Optimization

Even though it is not exactly incorporated in the web designing portfolio, it is always best to understand this concept and even use it when the time comes. Usually, the SEO developers are the ones that take care of organic traffic and keywords for your website, but you can a web developer who has ample knowledge in both so that you can help out at the right time.

4. Service For Customers

This is one of the most sought-after soft skills that a web designer is meant to possess. Costumers are your ultimate ticket and your work is to be appreciated and wanted by them, and that makes this skill significant as this lays out a great rapport with the clients which will bring in great conversion rates in your business.

Now that we have understood the skill set that a web designer should be possessing, we also grasp what he needs for the best website designer near me. Along with professional, technical their soft skills also play a significant role in making them competent and the best at what they do.

Web designers are very much in need in the digital industry as digitization has added on prospects for all the companies to make an online face. It is no wonder that nowadays most of the business and deals are online with clients foraging through the digital space for potential platforms from where they can avail necessary services.

Clients get attracted to websites that are functional about also very pleasing to look at. The color tone, the tagline, and the aesthetics all play an important role in the same.

Understanding the designer toolkit, languages like HTML, CSS, and JAVA, using ample ideas of SEO can help you amplify your portfolio to soar higher. These proficiency tips can help you become a competent, fantastic web designer that people seek out. It is also important to understand that certain soft skill set also is significant in your career as the web designer.

Your clients should be able to understand your work, the doubts they have need to be addressed, and a proper channel of communication and to be established so that clients feel very friendly and comfortable working with you.

A great web designer has all the skills required, be it professional, technical, or soft skills.

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10 Startup Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Should Avoid

Startup Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Should Avoid
Let’s imagine being a startup entrepreneur. It is not everyone’s cup of tea to start a new business. It requires a lot of planning, human resources, raw material, manpower, investment plan, correct location, and many more. So, let’s find out the top mistakes that can be avoided as an entrepreneur and find out the right way to set up a new business.

Now and then, we have heard many failures and many success stories of entrepreneurs. Success stories are always inspiring, and there’s a lot we can learn from them, but not all reveal the true or complete story they have gone through. There are many faults they might have done during their journey in the business world and also may have found out the way to overcome it. There are some factors that play a very crucial role in startups, like experience, exhausting ideas, lack of correct business knowledge, and many more. But the actual and main reason for failing in business failure always remains unknown as it varies from one to another.

Every individual stares from an insect to the biggest animal, starting from a small child to the oldest human, staring from a beginner to the most successful person everyone is in competition from one another. Everyone tries to be the best to rise up, to fulfill their desires. Setting a new business to grow is really good, but one should also be aware of the competition going around us. One should be aware of some mistakes that may lead to distress.

Mistakes To Avoid By Every Entrepreneur

So, let’s discuss the topmost 10 important startup mistakes that every entrepreneur should avoid. To avoid these mistakes, you can take the guidance from Resume making for freshers as they will help you to not make foolish mistakes. Check out the mistakes to avoid.

1. Fear Of Failure:

Everyone must have heard one of the most famous phrases, ‘Failure is the key to success.’ Keeping this thought in mind positively, one can proceed with the startup. Before starting a business, one might have read, heard, or seen various failure stories, but one should not get stuck with the frightful thoughts of getting failed. Various questions like –
  • Is my idea worthy enough to start the business?
  • Is the location I selected is correct for my startup?
  • Will the public pay for my products?
  • Can I make money out of the business I invested in?
  • What will happen if I fail with the business?
  • What if I get many competitors around me?

And many other questions may arise in mind. Well, this is natural to have such thoughts but one should not get distracted or fear from these thoughts. These thoughts have arisen as one has put so many efforts, ideas, money, time, hope, and many more in the business. One should come out of the fear to achieve success from the startup. Suppose the startup fails. One should take this as a lesson. We learn from our mistakes, so from the failed business, one can learn the drawbacks. So when starting a new business again, one will not repeat the same mistake.

2. Starting Alone:

In this competing world, how far can one go alone? It is always a great idea to start a new business along with a partner. There might be very few business entrepreneurs who are renowned and famous for doing their business alone. It is obvious that one can earn a lot of money in a successful business that has been started alone, but there is always some risk. While starting a business, there are lots of things that one might consider, like investment (the most important), managing the business, time commitments, and many others. These considerations are important as they can lead to risks involved in a new startup. Having a partner can always be helpful in new business. A partner gives a helping hand and gets a new and variety of ideas in the business. It is also important to have a partner with professional skills in the business, which will further lead to success.

3. Entangled In Own Idea:

It is obvious that most people feel their ideas are great and can change the world, which is a good point of view, but it is also necessary to others 'hopinionsnion. Taking ideas from others like the business partner can help see the flaws in the original idea and further modify it. By having a business partner, one can have diverse ideas. Variety in ideas can help in the growth of the business. As diversity in the business can attract more audiences/ customers. Staying entangled in your own idea can lead to a lack of innovation or a lack of audience understanding. Having a partner or by evaluating the market for 6-10 months, one can gather ideas; also, one can talk to the entrepreneurs who have failed in their initial startups.

4. Lack Of Solid Business Plan:

If a person has a great idea and goal in mind, that person should also think of the path to the goal. Having a solid plan can help in showing the direction in the commencement of the startup. Lack of a solid business plan may lead to a loss in the path to the destination. It is necessary to create a vision plan for our own purpose. In psychology, they say as we grow, our demands, needs, desires change along with time. So to avoid distraction from the path planned initially and see those lacking in the business plan. A business plan may include points like –
  • Purpose of starting the business
  • Potential customers for the business
  • Competitors involved and the way they are handling their business
  • Rebelling and innovation in your business
  • Risks and backup plans
  • Investment amount and potential outcome/ profit from the business
Startup Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Should Avoid

5. Confusing A Product With A Business:

Entrepreneurs should know that the products they display in the market attract customers. Customers come for the products they purchased once, so it is important to make that particular product available as it was. Customers shouldn’t get confused with the product they purchase initially, so avoid change in the product display. This will also ensure the investors in the future growth of the business. Upgrading the products and taking reviews of the products can also be beneficial in a new startup business. By doing that, a business can be upgraded, and fulfilling the needs of the customers can attract them more.

6. Avoid Choosing The Wrong Location:

It is not only about the physical location but also the online platform. Nowadays new startup businesses get their recognition mostly through social media or online. So it can be clever to start up with a social media platform. Let’s suppose to start a business, a person invested in a physical location; it is necessary to consider the importance of the location. As the growth of a business also depends on the location, the right location can help in reflecting the brand or products placed for sale. Before purchasing a location, the entrepreneurs should study the locations of preference and differentiate the money needed to invest in the purchase and possible profit that can be gained in a period of time.

7. Avoid Hiring The Wrong Employees:

It is a tough job to hire the right person for a startup. The entrepreneur has to be clever enough to hire a talented, experienced, and also person who understands the importance of the business. The hired people should also take the startup as their own and are responsible for their jobs. Selecting the people who are not correct for the business can ruin both business plans and can drain financially. It is also important to check the background and qualification of every employee recruited in the business.

8. Avoid Handling Money Wrongly:

When a business is started, there is lot of investment needed to be done. But it is important to manage the money invested in a clever way. The entrepreneur should also save an adequate amount of money for any kind of risk. Every entrepreneur should know how to manage money and save an amount for any kind of backup plan that might be needed in the future. Because managing money is very crucial and plays a vital role in spending it.

9. Avoid Rushing In Business:

Starting a business is really a very exciting thing that can happen for an entrepreneur who had dreamt about it for a long time. But it is necessary to keep in mind that the business should follow the business plan. One might see positive signs while starting a business but should not rush or invest more than planned in a business. Let the business grow by taking baby steps; this will help in correcting the small mistakes that might occur.

10. Avoid Too Much Exterior Influence:

It is good to learn from other business personnel but relying too much on others can ruin the initial plan. It also means that one should not get distracted or distressed from any of the negative feedback of the business products or the brand. One should learn and try to fill the blank.


Check out the Fresher interview tips as they will help you to remove some issues that you might make while becoming the entrepreneur.

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Binomo App in Pakistan – Trading and Investing Tutorial

Binomo App
Online trading can be quite unknown for new users but after reading this Binomo tutorial, you will feel ready to get started, having known how it works and what it is. Here we will give you a platform and app review, outline their benefits, and learn how to make a trade using them. We will also look at how to withdraw funds and learn trading while simplifying the whole process.

What Is Binomo and How To Use It?

There has been hype about downloading the Binomo app for quite some time now. People are curious about the platform and its functionalities. So, let’s talk about what the Binomo app and its website are in Pakistan.

Binomo is a platform where you can select an asset and then forecast whether it will go Up or Down. Your trade is fruitful if you make a correct prediction. While trading, it is best to follow your opinion and implement analysis instead of relying on any signals about Binomo from external sources because they aren’t always reliable.

Binomo Real or Fake?

If you are having second thoughts about whether Binomo is safe, here is some information to help you answer the question. This trading platform has received recognition with the IAIR Award in 2016 and the FE Award in 2015. Moreover, in the section “Regulations” it is indicated that it is a member of category “A” of the International Finance Commission. The authenticity of the platform is hence established and you can trust it for trading smoothly, there is no scam here.

Sign In and log In

Now, let us get acquainted with the process of registration on the platform. You can instantly sign in to Binomo in English (of select the other one) using the mobile app or the website, but only after you have created an account as in the following steps:
  1. Type in an email ID that you want to create an account with. Alternatively, you can use your Google or Facebook account to sign up for Binomo.
  2. Next, type in a strong password that’s difficult to guess.
  3. Choose the currency in which you want to trade. Remember, you won’t be able to change it later.
  4. Read the Terms and Conditions of the platform and accept them. You are now ready to invest and trade on Binomo.

Trading Education

When adequately trained, you can make better trades. The Binomo demo account helps you do exactly this. It lets you trade with virtual 1000$ and helps you understand the platform without putting real funds at risk. When you are ready, you can switch to the real account and begin trading.

The Help Center (FAQs) on Binomo is also there for answering your questions. It is a vast repository of everything concerned, how to use the platform.

Next, to learn new techniques, you can refer to the “Strategies” page on the website: It’s important to remember that you create your own strategy. Remember that no strategy can guarantee a 100% trading result.

You can also compete with other traders in the Binomo tournaments. The best part is, you can participate in the contests even using the demo account. With the above Binomo trading education, you will be ready to begin investing.

How To Invest Money In Binomo?

Binomo is an international platform and supports more locations and currencies than you might think. The following sections will make it clearer how to trade on Binomo.

Deposit Options

There are several options to deposit on Binomo, including the most popular payment methods available in Pakistan such as JazzCash, EasyPaisa, CashMaal, Perfect Money, and many more. To deposit, you need a minimum of 10$.


The following bonuses are available on Binomo:
  • When you sign up, you get a 25% welcome bonus.
  • Sometimes, the Binomo no deposit bonus is also active, varying according to the ongoing promotions.
  • Several deposit bonuses are also active on - up to 100% when refilling a Standard account, up to 150% for a Gold account, and up to 200% for a VIP account.

You can read more about bonuses in the “Client Agreement” on Binomo.


Please be aware that you should use the same payment methods for deposit and withdrawal.
  1. log in to your account in the Binomo app.
  2. Go to the “Balance.”
  3. Click on the “Withdraw Funds” tab.
  4. Mention how much funds you would like to withdraw.
  5. Click on the “Withdrawal method” tab. Use one of the methods you used to deposit.
  6. Click on the “Request withdrawal”.

The withdrawal time depends on the account status and the payment system. Withdrawals are carried out from several minutes to 3 days or more.

Download the Binomo App

There are some ways available to download the Binomo app and start trading on the platform. Let us read about each of them.

For PC

Traders sometimes need an app for PC. Unfortunately, there is no Binomo trading software available to be downloaded on Windows. But, instead of downloading the Binomo trading app for PC, you can use the net login to the platform using the feature-rich website.

For iOS

Apple users can download the Binomo app from the AppStore by simply searching for it, followed by installation, and then registering on the login page.

For Android

Android users can download it from the Google Play Store. Alternatively, they can download the Binomo APK version from the link: and start to invest. So, as the app from Google Play, the APK version is good for trading.


Now, let’s see what YouTubers have to say about the app in their Binomo review.

Mark Oakland: “Things got better little by little. Loyal conditions are also good.”
Naina Singh: “There are many platforms to trade but I choose Binomo. It is the best of all...”
Rohit Rawat: “Thanks for the great support. I've earned good money from Binomo as it is my best app for me”.


In this article, we made the complete review. The Binomo platform in Pakistan is great for learning and studying trades but using it as a primary income source is not ideal because the risk is always associated with trading and everyone should train first. Even after learning how it works, you will not find the answers on how to make money on Binomo. Because it depends on your regular practice and striving to improve. It is a great platform for online investing and is completely user-friendly. You can read more on Quora about how to invest. Also, there is on the Binomo app or website some kind of Wikipedia. It will help you get a fuller trade review.