App Marketing Strategies Built To Make Your App Successful

Marketing Strategies Built To Make Your App Successful
Developing an app is an achievement. With so much of efforts and time entailed in the whole procedure of designing and developing, examining and launching, making an efficient and effective marketing strategy would be the last thing which a developer may be thinking of.

In the world of the app industry, there has a life of the problem linked with affluence. With a flow of mobile apps in different app stores, success is not guaranteed if our new app has all the necessary features. This is additionally assembled with a high failure rate due to the availability of different nicely designed and developed apps on the app stores. The truth is that it does not depends much on the qualities of your app but mainly depends upon the solid marketing strategies which ultimately sells it. The proper marketing of ‘promised value’ can actually act as a key differential.

It is very essential to make a marketing strategy before launch for brand awareness and promotion. After all, nobody is going to download your app which does not create a buzz around it.

Types Of Ad Campaigns Depending On The Ad Format

Below is the list of different types of Ad campaigns depending on the Ad Format:

Banner Advertisements:

Mobile banner advertisement is one of the most successful and common ad formats proffered by different advertisement networks. These ads are shown either on the top or at the bottom of the screen. Banner ads are quite easy to communicate without taking so much of time and also it is crucial to ensure that these advertisements are efficient and effective to convey the desired message.

Interstitial Advertisements:

Interstitial actually means in-between. Interstitial advertisements can be kept between the transition points in the app. It can be easily done during the completion of the levels, during the launch or if it’s a gaming app or can be also done if it’s video pre-roll app. They are more tend and intricate to be full-screen ads.

Video Ads:

video ads are the best and the most liked form of advertisements. People generally don't get bored by watching interactive and short videos based on commercial promotion.

Rich media ads:

Rich media ads aim to provide the best experience to their users by multimedia experiences which is actually more than just showing animations, videos, pictures, text, etc. These type of advertisements deliver information much more conveniently and effectively if we compare it with conventional banner ads. In addition to this, it makes the advertisement more catchy and attractive.

Push Notification Ads:

Push notification advertisements are one of the best tools for marketing today. According to research, once a user downloads an app, about 68% prefer to accept the push notification add from that very app.

App wall:

Single in-app interstitial which is basically made up of multiple apps and which shows different ads the same time is called App wall. Integrating an app wall can help us a lot to generate a good amount of income.

Incentivised/Reward apps:

Incentivised or reward-based apps basically aims to provide users with different attractive coupon codes or offers so that they download the app easily. This strategy makes the apps especially the gaming ones more interactive for their in-app achievements. It also creates an efficient and effective method of boosting app engagement.

Home screen Icon:

If one integrates this type of ad format then an icon of the app shows up on the home screen of the user during the time when he/she downloads and installs the app.
Marketing Strategies Built To Make Your App Successful

Ad Campaigns Based On The Pricing Models

Here are some ad campaigns based on the pricing models


CPI stands for cost per install offers a great benefit to the hard-headed developers as they are paid with a certain amount when the app is installed by a user.


The full form of CPM is Cost per Thousand Impressions where the developers have the liability to pay a certain amount after every one thousand times their ad is shown.


CPC stands for Cost per click. This type of model has been already exploited by web designers. There is a fixed amount which has to be paid after every time someone makes a click on the app.


Well, SEO which stands for search engine optimization also plays a very important role in improving the rank of any website when users search for specific phrases or words.

If someone who is not sure about why it happens, they should think twice how they find normal information on the internet during their daily life. Mentioned below are some of the benefits of SEO, let's have a look:
  • SEO targets the quality traffic and helps the user to boost the traffic rate on their website.
  • The organic ranking of Google totally depends on its algorithm which determines to provide the best results for any given query. We need to pay for the ads in SEO.
  • SEO easily gets more clicks if we compare it with PPC.
  • SEO also helps in PR which simply means we can easily build strong goodwill of our app.
  • One can easily move ahead of the competition with the help of SEO.

By wrapping up the article, we can easily conclude that there are different marketing strategies which can help us to promote our app and take it to the next ultimate level.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based business solutions and on demand startup ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.

What Is A PWA? (Progressive Web Application)

What Is A PWA
With the increasing advancements in technology, web application developers are putting more and more emphasis on user interaction. App users want everything packed handy and in place right from the time they interact and use to the time they leave a website regardless of the device they use.

This means app developers must accommodate the needs of their target app users. This is what precisely what prompted Google in late 2015 to go public and come up with a new approach in app development.

They announced a move from traditionally limited functionality and locked-platform mentality that was rampant in the industry. They came up with a new trick popularly known as Progressive Web App.

What Is A Progressive Web Application?

A Progressive Web Application is a web-based app that utilizes modern Internet functionalities to provide an exclusive user experience. It is a concept that promises an entirely new experience by combining great web qualities with various native apps.

Initially, the mobile web used to be the trending term that promised better internet browsing for mobile users. The challenge, however, was that it didn’t involve any native apps. PWA apps are indexed by search engines and deployed to various servers that can be accessed through links. Among the top attributes of a PWA include responsiveness, connection independence, safety, originality, user-friendliness, installation, re-engagement, discoverability, and linkability.
  • Progressivity and responsiveness imply the app should work irrespective of the type of device or browser one is using. PWA, therefore, should be designed to fit any device ranging from desktops and laptops to smartphones and tablets.
  • Connectivity independence of a PWA means it should provide better service to users and should work offline or seamlessly even on areas with a poor network connection.
  • PWAs are required to be identifiable as applications. The service worker registration and W3C manifests make PWAs easy to find on search engines thus the discoverability factor.
  • PWAs need to be original and fresh. Alongside being transparent, they should be up-to-date.
  • Easy navigation and flawless user interaction.
  • To prevent snooping, PWAs are served through TLS and HTTPS. This helps to improve user security.
  • Re-engagement is all about the ability to provide push notifications.
  • Upon installation, users should access PWAs on their home screens without necessarily visiting the app store. Service workers enable PWA to load and launch quickly right from the user’s home screen. It should not be dependent on the network strength whatsoever.
  • Linkability implies apart from being functional, users can share them.

A Closer Look At PWAs

PWAs are largely based on the fact that the Internet has evolved along with the massive adoption of HTML 5 and other related web development languages. The main goal of PWAs is to provide not just better functionality but to deliver a greater user interface like that of the best traditional native apps. This is an experience that was initially hard to get.

The introduction of PWAs has led to several benefits particularly when compared to native apps. The benefits target both individuals and organizations that seek to develop apps for their users.

Benefits Of PWAs Compared To Native Apps

One of the biggest features of PWA is that a developer doesn’t have to design various apps to suit different platforms, devices and more. This has resulted in massive savings in both time and effort when it comes to the app development process. Whether one is developing an app for iOS or Android, the ability to design a single application that works seamlessly on all platforms is worth commending.

Among other advantages of PWAs include:

Fewer Clicks

A PWA doesn’t require one to install before using. This makes it different from a native app. It has eliminated the hustle of having to incur additional clicks to get the app functioning. This usually leads to reduced user satisfaction rate. This is what often keeps off most potential users from having to download an app from the store.

Improved Reach

For businesses and organizations seeking to maximize their reach, PWA is a game-changer. It lets them reach users in multiple platforms with little effort which is beneficial for those seeking to get an edge over the competition.

Better In-App Experience

Progressive Web Apps combine the best of both worlds. One doesn’t have to install the app to enjoy certain features or functionalities of a web. For instance, being able to open a message via a link and enjoy full cross-functionality of an app is the most convenient thing that any user would appreciate. It means one is capable of switching from one app to another without having to follow the traditional complicated procedures. This also makes sharing to the next level thus reducing related frustrations and intrusion issues.

Better Speed

Speed is key and should be a priority when developing any application. It is what defines user retention, conversion rates, and user experience. Users don’t expect delays and if it happens, then they are more likely to get pissed off. They want meaningful interaction right from the time they open an app to the time they exit. Even if it may vary based on conditions such as connection quality, type of device used and other factors, it should not come with too much variation.

More Engagement Than Never Before

PWAs are installable and accessible from the device home screen. This is the best convenience that any user would appreciate. For better engagement, PWAs provide web push notifications which help to improve both user control and interaction. This means users can spend more time on the app.

Greater Conversion Rate

Due to the ability to deliver exciting user experience, PWAs help businesses to improve their conversion rates for users in different platforms. When users are engaged, they are more likely to become loyal customers.

App Developers, whether freelance or ones which you hire would benefit much from learning about this new technology.

If you would like to read more about this technology visit this website.

Progressive Web App approach promises a couple of benefits to app developers, businesses and app users alike. Although it may not mean an end to native apps, it is the future of app development. Businesses seeking to develop apps can consider this approach to help reduce development lead time, enjoy simple updates, improve user engagement and bring a cohesive customer experience. This is quite opportune keeping in mind that user demands keep changing day in out. They are looking for a more streamlined experience.

Start A Free Website With 8b – Online Website Builder Review

Start A Free Website With 8b
In this world of tech and gadgets every company, organization, club, society and even personalities have their own websites and nowadays blogging websites are on peaks.

But not everyone knows how to play with the code and make the best website out of it possible. For nontechies online website builder started coming in with there elite designs but with cost for every feature.

This was a game changer for web developers, since now everyone goes for their solution online and get the job done.

How about I tell you that you can build your own website with some great features for free.

Don’t believe me? Read along than.

What Is 8b Website Builder

Start A Free Website With 8b
Don’t have how to program? But still wish for an effective website. Well, look no more 8b is the perfect website builder for you guys.

8b Web Builder is a free online tool that let’s you create your very own website, which is fast, optimized for mobile and Friendly with google in only a few minutes.

Catchy Templates

You don’t have to code to create the perfect website because the most modern templates are available on 8b. Just choose one and you will be on your way to creating a masterpiece of your own or your organization or just a blog.

Creating A Free Website

Only 4 simple steps to owning the perfect website of your choice. The best thing you don’t have to be a web developer or any kind of techy to create your website on 8b, which makes you the boss over your website. Feel the power yet? No time to wait now, let me show you the 4 simple steps.

Sign Up/ Pick A Theme:

8b Website Builder is auto-detective and very precise, so its very easy to create an account on the website.

Click on the “Create Free Website” in the right corner above. Got a Google/ Facebook account? The best 2 ways to sign up instantly, just click one on your choice signup page and you are ready to create your own website on 8b.
Start A Free Website With 8b
After signing up you will be directed to picking up the best template for your site. Choose freely whatever you desire to be in your website. If you don’t want to link Facebook or Google, then that’s just fine scroll down and you can see the email bar where you can sign up using your email.

Personalizing Templates:

The best part about these templates is that they are customizable. You can change all content in your own way whatever the way you feel fit. You find template of any case. After you choose your theme name your work and just click on the “Create Site” button.

It’s time to create your website. A site is ready in front of your eyes which you can change however you want. Don’t want to bring any change? Fine, just put in your content for the website.

You can just click on the plus sign and see the list of the sections for use use drag and drop to add sections to your website. Here all sections are available for your interaction with our User Interface. Features, Headers, Menus, Team sections and much more. Every section has a unique representation.

It’s possible to completed change the layout of the selected section. You can also change the content’s alignment or how many columns that you desire.
Start A Free Website With 8b
And with the customize section, go exploring your sections and edit or even remove them.

Publish the Website:

At the point when your site is done, you must publish it. With 8b free web builder and hosting it wouldn't require any exertion. Be that as it may, from the outset, you should think about some different choices for 8b free web designer and possess space, which could assist you with improving the content by your website. Click on Hamburger and after that on Settings. In the opened menu it's easy to change the site's name, favicon, area; set Google Index, Site Analytics; pick PWA and evacuate unused CSS. Likewise, you can rename the current domain or associate it to your own.

Every one of these alternatives could significantly improve your work. Evacuating the unused CSS would assist you with increasing the transferring/ uploading. Google Index and Site Analytics would put your site higher on Google's rundown.

After this, you can without much of a stretch publish your site. Click on the Hamburger and after that on Publish. That is, it, your site is now online (Published). Presently you can see the Congratulations message. It would offer you to contact your site with your new domain so that you can index it. You’re able to return to the editor mode. If you want to do that, you will have to close the message and click on the Back to Edit sign in the left upper corner. Likewise, you can review your site in the smartphone mode. On the off chance that you must do it, click on the Mobile Preview symbol on the correct side from the Back to Edit sign.


Advantages for using 8b the Free Website Builder are:
  • Extremely simple to use
  • Variety of templates
  • Responsive Design
  • AMP Optimization
  • Free and Online
  • Publish Easily


8b Website Builder is the best Free website builder with respect to designing, responsiveness of website. A time saving and cost saving website builder and the best part about it, you can use it even if you know nothing from code to tech.

Grow Your Business With Signages

Grow Your Business With Signages
With regards to small business marketing, the basic or fundamental means of promotion and advertising, for example, postcard mailings and newspaper ads most usually come to mind. Although these tried and tested methods can be, for the most part, effective, they’re not the cost-efficient for a startup business.

Furthermore, local newspaper advertisements do not attract immense attention for the size, and it’s challenging to stand out. On the other hand, shooting or recording a TV advertisement can be, more often than not, very expensive, and an awfully made one can make your company or organization look unprofessional.

A business just getting off the ground need to promptly earn visibility and establish brand recognition in the consumers’ minds. However, how can a business do that? Well, it can be earned in a rapid and easy way: through effective signage. For a little help, here’s how signages can help your small business grow. So, take a read!

Build Your Brand

Your business signage allows people or your consumers to know what you are selling. With that said, the design and location must be part of your marketing and branding strategy. Signages help people remember the name of your business and what products or services you are offering.

With tons of different signages, you can, for the most part, target a variety of groups of people, and bolster, strengthen your brand with your existing consumers.

Reach New Customers

For your business to grow and boost profits, you need to attract new, potential customers constantly. It’s quintessential that your business signage provides an excellent sense of what your company is selling.

You can, for the most part, add things such as your website address or telephone number so that those individuals who can’t come over to your shop can still, at the very least, contact you. Also, you can include your current events, promotions, or contests to your signages that are quickly updated or changed.

The info you opt to add on your business signage will, more often than not, decide its size and format. These decisions must be made before you start the design.

Trigger Impulse Sales

Consumers who are having a great deal to do don’t always like the idea to visit shops or stores. But they may see your custom artistic signs, discern that your products or services fulfill a need they have, and will cause them to stop and enter your shop.

Perhaps you own a food-chain restaurant, and hungry customers are searching for a great meal; perhaps you own a hair salon, and a customer wants to indulge with a bit of pampering on a rest day. People usually search for what is convenient first. When your business signage stands out from the rest, then you’ll be the one who, for the most part, earns their business first.

Give Directions

Signages are, for the most part, useful if your small business isn’t located or situated in a high-traffic area. For instance, if you are situated inside a building with many renters or tenants, then you’ll need outdoor signage to attract people in.

On the other hand, if your small business is located in a difficult place to get to or on a quiet street, then you can affix a business sign at a lively place to provide directions to your store. Signages can also be utilized inside your shop to let customers know where they can look for things they are interested in, and notify them to events, specials, and so on.

How Much Will it Cost?

Signages are an investment. Normally, you would want it to last for a couple of years, and be somewhat low-maintenance. The maintenance of your business signage will rely upon on its subjection to the elements, design, changes to the info you add on the signage, and the quality of materials used.

You need to maintain your signage since it influences the image your audience has of your business, as well as the health and safety of the people in the area. There are virtually maintenance-free signages, and there are those that require more attention. Thus, you might need to refinish or repaint your signage or change burnt-out tubes or bulbs.

Moreover, you can purchase energy-efficient lights that, for the most part, help you save more money over time and help safeguard the environment, without waiving effect. Getting one of these new custom LED logo signs will accomplish all of these objectives. LED lights last a lot longer than regular lights; just go online and create a sign from your corporate logo, company name, or tagline.


Before you select or pick a business sign, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. First, you need to know who your customers are. Your target audience is the people who’ll see your signage and would want to go to your shop. Second, the message you want to convey.

To project a message successfully, business signage should be readable and noticeable. Third, the design of the signage. Consider the readability of your signage and the time or duration it will be viewed — lastly, the cost.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Rebecca Nelson is a blogger and writer. She writes about technology, business, marketing, health and lifestyle, and real estate. In her free time, Rebecca either spends time with her family or play sports with her colleagues.

The Ultimate Guide To Graphic Design

The Ultimate Guide To Graphic Design
Working in design is a career that has stood the test of time as we’ve evolved from print to digital media. Today, graphic designers are needed in a wide variety of careers, from marketing and advertising to printing and brand strategy positions. Understanding graphic design and what it entails is essential whether you have always had an interest in design or if you are seeking a career path that is not only in-demand now but is likely to remain viable for the years and decades to come.

What Is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is the process of sharing a thought, idea, or information with individuals using graphics, imagery, and various types of typography. It entails everything from developing a logo to the packaging of a product.

Graphic design is visible in everyday items such as food labels along with movie posters, website logos, and even the designs you sport with your favorite attire. If you can easily and quickly recall a logo of your favorite brand, you are recalling the graphic design work that has been done for the company.

Who Uses Graphic Design?

Using graphic design is necessary for most markets and industries, especially highly competitive ones. Many industries are putting an increasingly large emphasis on digital marketing.

But the reality is that graphic design is everywhere; without it, the world around you would likely appear boring and without personality. Graphic design is not only used in entertainment and luxury items, but also in necessities, city planning, and even when designing new homes and architecture. Elements of graphic design are used in everyday living and are apparent everywhere you look.

Types Of Graphic Design

There are many types and variations of graphic design that depend on the type of work you are doing and interested in. Some of the most common types of graphic design that you are likely to encounter at some point in your life include:
  • Print Media: Printed designs in magazines, books, and newspapers
  • Digital Graphics: Logos, digital banners, and other graphics found on websites, blogs, and online platforms
  • Illustrator: Illustrated artwork and illustrations of people, place, and things can be used in graphic design
  • Iconography: Iconography is one of the most popular types of graphic design due to the advent of social media, newsfeeds, and smartphone technology
  • UI/UX: User Interface and User Experience positions all require a keen eye for graphic design to provide users and prospective customers with the smoothest experience possible
  • Animations: Graphic design is also heavily involved with the process of generating and creating animations, especially from scratch
  • Marketing Materials: Professionals use graphic design to convey messages and ideas for brands when promoting businesses and companies online and off

Graphic Design Education

While it is not required to obtain a degree in order to work as a professional graphic designer, there are majors and degrees designed just for those who do desire a formal education. Consider not only majoring in graphic design, but also in marketing, business, or any industry you are most inclined to work in upon graduating. The more familiar you become with marketing and networking, the easier it is to begin building a long-term clientele once you enter the market as a professional.

Working as a Graphic Designer

  • Freelancing/Contractor Gigs: One of the easiest ways to break into the graphic design industry is to work on your own as a freelancer or contractor. Build your portfolio using your official website, blog, or another third-party platform for freelancers. Use social media sites such as LinkedIn to connect with other graphic designers and professionals in your local area who need your services.
  • In-House Agencies: Graphic design is an extremely valuable skill to have for a digital marketer. Working for an in-house agency as a graphic designer is possible once you have established your skills, abilities, and a digital portfolio. When you work for an in-house agency, you may have less input while accepting new clients, but you will also enjoy the stable workflow.

Graphic Design Tips

As a graphic designer, you are sure to have a unique and original style that is only your own. However, there are always a few basic tips to keep in mind when you are getting started in graphic design for the first time:
  • Typography: Choosing the right font is imperative as a graphic designer. Brush up on your knowledge of typography and only use fonts that are easy to read and digest.
  • White Space: Consider the amount of white space you are using in any project you take on. Utilizing white space properly without overwhelming users is a must as a professional graphic designer.
  • Image/Graphics Quality: Only use HD/High-Quality graphics and imagery in your work, especially while building a portfolio.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Caryl Anne Crowne is a contributing writer and media specialist for Insty-Prints. She often produces content for a variety of design blogs.

5 Reasons Why SEO Is Still Crucial For Offline Businesses

Why SEO Is Still Crucial For Offline Businesses
Search engine optimisation (SEO) is able to give a boost to the online presence of any business. By using effective SEO strategies, a website can rank high and reach more potential customers. Nonetheless, SEO is not only important for businesses that sell their products online. It is also essential for offline organisations that offer their products exclusively through brick-and-mortar stores or other channels (e.g. through conventional mail). Below are the top 5 reasons why SEO is still crucial for offline businesses.

1. Increase Awareness

SEO has a high potential to increase consumer awareness of an offline businesses and indirectly promote the products distributed by them. Today, most customers go online to get access to information about the goods and services they desire to purchase. Hence, the internet is the primary source of information even for products that are traditionally sold offline. An offline business can start a website and promote it through SEO. When the website begins appearing on various search engines, the awareness of customers will be improved and they will be attracted to the physical stores of offline businesses. An offline company can benefit from SEO even without having its own website. Just listing on popular online firm profiles such as Google My Business will help an offline company to appear in Google search results.

2. Building Trust And Credibility

Trust and credibility are crucial for both offline and online businesses to stimulate their sales in the long term. SEO is of great help to become a trusted and credible organsiation in the eyes of consumers, as optimised websites appear on the first pages of search results and tend to be more frequently visited. SEO professionals work on many things to increase the authority of a website, and significantly contribute to encouraging positive user behaviour, building quality backlink profiles, generating optimised content, and processing machine learning signals. Completing these tasks by means of SEO will also help in arousing greater trust and credibility. At the same time, regular marketing activities and SEO are rather complementary, not mutually excluding.

3. Improvements In Local Search

The local population usually represents customers of small offline businesses. They visit nearby stores for making small purchases as they cannot travel to distant outlets. Hence, ranking on local search engine results pages (SERPs) is important to effectively reach local customers. However, these are immensely competitive since popular search engines including Google and Bing constantly update their local listings to serve their customers well. The adaptation of maps and location-based services on mobile devices has increased the importance of local search. As a result, technology companies tie them together to provide suggestions to customers. For this reason, offline businesses can benefit from the growing influence of local search results only by having an effective SEO strategy in place. Neglecting local search by offline businesses will result in the loss of potential customers who live close to the stores operated by offline companies.

4. Get Insights Regarding Your Customers

A key yet often overlooked benefit of SEO for offline businesses is that it provides valuable insights regarding customers and their preferences. Tons of information related to potential customers who are searching for company-related data can be gleaned from free SEO tools such as Google Analytics and Search Console. These tools store information used by customers to search for businesses and products online. So, offline businesses can have access to information related to their customers analysing location, search terms, language, time of the day, frequency of searches, etc. This information may turn out highly valuable for an offline business that generally does not have enough resources to invest in data collection and customer base surveys.

5. Impact On The Buying Process

SEO can also help offline businesses to positively influence the whole consumer buying cycle because most consumers do substantial internet research before coming to a physical retail outlet. Specifically, SEO tactics can be utilised to disseminate information about new products and services, new features added to existing products and seasonal discounts available to customers. To put it simply, SEO will increase the brand visibility of an offline business. If right information is shared by offline companies on suitable internet platforms (e.g. Groupon), businesses with low internet presence can gain immensely from this strategy in the form of increased sales.

Having and promoting online presence is crucial even for offline companies, as the internet has almost replaced other media, which consumers rely on for finding information on new products and services. If a wise strategy is followed, SEO can help businesses operating in the offline environment to build a stronger competitive advantage in comparison with their online counterparts. The largest advantage that could be gained by a brick-and-mortar business through investing in SEO is having a well-optimised website for search engines ready when it wants to start selling its products online.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Ellie Richards is an online Marketing Manager for PhD Writing company Original PhD. She specialises in research, content and article writing on various topics, including Education, Marketing, and Technology.

Quick Ways To Hide Your Photos On Android Phone

Ways To Hide Your Photos On Android Phone
If you have photos or videos on your Android device that you don’t wish others see, then it’s time to hide them. To do this, you can follow a manual method on your device by creating a secret folder on your device and shifting all private photos & videos to it, or you can use third-party apps for instant & effective results. While there are tons of these apps available on the web, here we have shortlisted 7 best apps for you to hide photos & videos effortlessly on Android phone. Let’s review both the ways here.

The Manual Process To Hide Photos

To manually hide photos on your device, follow these steps:

Step 1: Create a new folder on your device and name it with a period (.) followed by file name. Example .hiddenfiles

Step 2: Now move all your private photos to this folder so that no one can see these files. Here, this folder will not be visible in your folder’s list.

To view this folder, select “Show hidden files” from Settings. Once you select this setting, the hidden folder will be displayed.
Ways To Hide Your Photos On Android Phone
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Use Third-Party Apps

1. Keep Photos Secret:

Try this simple yet most effective tool to keep all your private photos & videos away from prying eyes. Once you import any photo or video to the app, it asks you to remove them from the original location so that no one can access it. This is one of the best features of this app that keeps your data safe without occupying additional space on your device.

Features Of Keep Photos Secret

  • Double Layer Password Security: It sets two security passwords to keep you completely safe. Here, it sets the first password to lock app and second password to lock individual photo albums.
  • Fingerprint Unlock: In addition to PIN support, it also offers fingerprint unlock option. It is useful for quick access.
  • Safe & Secure: It keeps all data stored on local storage. It doesn’t move your data to cloud servers. Thus, your data remain completely secure.
  • Passcode Recovery: App also allows you to recover passcode through email in case you forget it.
  • Stealth Mode: Under stealth mode, the app will disappear from your recent apps list on your device.
Ways To Hide Your Photos On Android Phone

2. Vault:

Vault is trusted by millions of users around the world. This powerful app helps you lock photos, videos, and more. It offers tons of other useful options as well to offer enhanced user experience. Here, you can move your data to cloud servers as well for quick access. In addition, to lock photos & videos, it also works as an app hider where it keeps all your important apps secured.

Features Of Vault

  • Call Reminder: App informs you about each call you receive. Here, it will mention that a call is from package delivery, telemarketer, spam call, or something else.
  • Private Browser: It offers private browser option to keep your online activities safe.
  • Password Recovery: App offers easy password recovery where it sends you security email to help you retrieve your passcode.
  • Stealth Mode: Here, it disappears your app icon from home screen.
  • Multiple Vault & Fake Vault: It allows you to create multiple vaults to secure your data. Here, you can create fake vault as well.
  • Break-In-Alerts: It sends you break-in alerts with intruder photo when someone tries to break-in the security code.
Ways To Hide Your Photos On Android Phone

3. Keepsafe Photo Vault:

Keepsafe Photo Vault is used by over 50 million people around the world. It helps you keep your photos & videos safe from cybercriminals and curious onlookers. It offers military-grade encryption for complete security. It supports PIN unlock, fingerprint authentication, and more. Use this smart solution to preserve memories, secure private photos, organize important documents, store family photos, and more.

Features Of Keepsafe Photo Vault

  • Supports PIN, pattern, and fingerprint lock.
  • Easy sync option to help you access data across devices.
  • Helps you move data to cloud servers with encryption feature for enhanced security.
  • Offers face-down auto-lock option where it locks your device when it faces downwards.
  • Offers safe send photo sharing option to share & control how long the recipient could see the photo.
  • Easily create and share a private album.
Ways To Hide Your Photos On Android Phone

4. Hide Photo & Videos:

Try this powerful privacy protection app to keep your private photos & videos safe. It offers strong encryption features for advanced security. Here, the app helps you hide its app icon to provide complete security. Moving all your important photos to the private vault, you can ensure no one sees it without your permission. It offers easy backup so that you never lose any of your important files.

Features Of Hide Photo & Videos

  • It uses strong encryption algorithms to keep your data safe.
  • It allows you to move your files to other folders too.
  • Free to use app.
  • It offers private web browser option to keep your online activities safe.
  • It allows you hide vault icon for complete security.
Ways To Hide Your Photos On Android Phone

5. Hide Pictures, Hide Photos & Videos, Gallery Vault:

This ultimate private gallery app helps you keep your data safe in an effortless manner. It even allows you to move your data to cloud servers if you want. With easy syncing option, it allows you to access data across multiple devices with ease. Using fake crash dialog, you can trick outsiders as app is crashed or causes error. This powerful app offers tons of useful features to keep you completely safe.

Features Of Hide Pictures, Hide Photos & Videos, Gallery Vault

  • With FotoX cloud feature, it offers cloud backup option for easy access.
  • Allows easy syncing to help access data across devices with ease.
  • With advanced security feature enabled, no one can uninstall the FotoX option except you.
  • Sends you alerts when someone tries to break in security.
  • Easy password recovery option to help retrieve the password in case you lost it or forget it.
Ways To Hide Your Photos On Android Phone


Using one of these best apps, you can easily manage to secure your photos & videos in a secure vault. These smart tools offer numerous useful features to keep your data security & privacy intact. In addition to these steps, if you tried something else to hide your photos on Android, then feel free to share in the comments below.

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How To Record Desktop Screen In Windows

How To Record Desktop Screen In Windows
Using best screen capture and video recorder software, you can easily perform numerous tasks automatically to save your time. While there are tons of these tools available online, here we have shortlisted 5 best tools for you.

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1. TweakShot Capture

How To Record Desktop Screen In Windows
TweakShot is the best video capture software and advanced screen recorder that comes with tons of pre-installed features. You can use this tool to record video, capture screen, edit images, and more. Using this tool, you can record full screen, active windows, or rectangular area as a graphics file on your PC. It also works as an advanced image editor and offers numerous useful features like cropping, resizing, highlighting, and more.


  • Allows you to capture screen, record video, edit images and more.
  • Works as a powerful image editor and offers numerous useful features.
  • Helps you record scrolling screen to help you objects like webpage etc.
  • Screen color picker feature allows you to pick any color from the image and copy color code to make designing easier.

2. Movavi Screen Recorder Studio

How To Record Desktop Screen In Windows
Use this smart 2-in-1 screen recorder tool to record screen, video and more. It works more than a screen recorder and helps you edit videos as well. Using this tool, you can record desktop screen, record program activity, capture online videos, create your own videos, and do lot more things effortlessly. This outstanding screen capture software allows you to record Skype calls, streaming audio & video, movies, TV series, webinars, and lot more.


  • It helps you record sound and video in HD quality to deliver effective results.
  • Allows you to schedule recordings to record screen anywhere anytime.
  • Allows you to adjust framerate, volume, and multiple other settings.
  • Offers multiple video editing features to help you produce content for your blog.

3. ShareX

How To Record Desktop Screen In Windows
ShareX is complete productivity tool that helps you capture screen, share files, upload documents, and more. You can use this tool to record desktop screen, capture active window, record fullscreen, capture scrolling window, and more. You can use this tool to transparent screen region or create Gif from screen recordings. This video capture software for Windows allows you to auto capture screen as well to save your time.


  • Allows you to schedule and auto capture screen to save your time.
  • Helps you print recorded screen whenever you want.
  • Using this tool, you can upload image to host easily.
  • Perform numerous actions like recognize text (OCR), text capture (OCR), scan QR code, show file in explorer, and more.

4. CamStudio

How To Record Desktop Screen In Windows
CamStudio is free desktop recorder & streaming video software that is free and open source. It allows you to record screen and audio activity on your PC. Using this tool, you can create high-quality AVI videos. Furthermore, you can turn these AVI files into Streaming Flash videos (SWFs) using SWF Producer. You can use this tool to perform numerous tasks when t comes to screen capture and recording.


  • It offers screen caption options with your recordings whenever you want.
  • It offers Lossless Codec option to produce crystal clear results.
  • Free for commercial and personal usage.

5. SmartPixel

How To Record Desktop Screen In Windows
Use this free screen-recording software to capture screen, record videos, and edit videos effortlessly. Using its smart video editing features, you can create HD quality videos directly from your screen. Furthermore, you can create software tutorials, make game videos, webcam videos, and more.


  • Free and safe to download.
  • Works seamlessly with all Windows versions.
  • Allows you to record and edit videos to create HD quality videos in a jiffy.

Here, we have listed 5 best screen capture and video recording software that saves a lot of your time working automatically. If you know more such powerful screen capture & video recorders, then feel free to share in the comments below.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Gajendra Singh is working at Systweak, as an Digital Marketing Executive. His potential of writing is PC tips, Android and Mac and Windows software tricks and he is anxious in writing other technical blogs as video capture software. You can also find Gajendra on Facebook, and Instagram.

Rise Of BOYD And Strategies To Follow To Ensure Mobile App Success

Strategies To Follow To Ensure Mobile App Success
There are lots of mobile apps available for download which is the primary contributor to the ever-increasing global app revenue. You will see a lot of use of personal mobile devices almost everywhere, be it in your workplace, in the tube or when you watch the match between Lakers and Wild Cat.

There are several researches conducted that indicates a few promising points such as:
  • 87% of all businesses largely depend on the use of different mobile devices for the accessibility to work resources
  • Three businesses are better off when compared to those businesses that try to prevent such use of personal mobile devices and
  • This gave rise to the BYOD or Bring Your Own Device concept.

However, market research also shows that about 78% of companies disallow BYOD in their workplace citing security concerns. Over the years, mobile security has improved and therefore more and more businesses are now adapting the BOYD concept and making the necessary changes in their policies.

Research also shows that an increase in productivity among employees is noticed when BOYD concept is followed in a workplace.
  • This makes a lot of sense given the fact that these personal mobile devices are used on a daily basis making it easier for the employees to navigate as well as stay organized in their work.
  • As for the business it helps them to cut down the costs on new hardware.

There are lots of companies that corroborated the fact that there was about 34% increase in productivity experienced by them when they allowed their employees to use their personal mobile devices for work.

Biometrics Advancements

Since security of the mobile devices has been the primary concern of people, modern mobile devices use biometrics to enhance the security features. A few specific biometrics used in the modern mobile devices include:
  • Voice recognition
  • Signature recognition
  • Facial recognition and
  • Fingerprint recognition.

You may be presently using a mobile device with a few of these metrics and features installed in it and it is needless to say that you will see a lot more of it in the coming years.

Mobile App Success

With the rise in use of mobile devices comes the rise of mobile app development. You will see a lot of such apps come up in the last couple of months, yes, months! All businesses have started to take action in this matter. According to Lopez Research it is found that more than half of the companies surveyed by them already have a plan to create and launch 20 and even more enterprise mobile apps.

However, all may not have the same efficacy to provide the similar level of mobility to a business. This is because there are diverse types of devices such as:
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops and
  • Wearable devices such as smart watch and others.

The increase in the volume of devices also plays a significant part is the enterprise resources of the company. Different studies say that:
  • At present, there are over 6 billion mobile phone users all over the world and
  • The figure is likely to increase in tens of billions in a few years from now.

Moreover, industry experts believe that it is the huge potential and promise of the rapidly growing Internet of Things or IoT have added fuel to it. These IoT devices us a new operating system which warrants for the change in the way in which software are build and services provided.

This shifty in technology has also provided the businesses with a lot of opportunity to change their ways to engage with their customers, bring about a transaction and even in the way in which they communicate with their employees and partners.

Strategies To Follow

If you want to make the most of the advantages provided by these new technologies you must ensure that you develop and app that will be most functional in incorporating data and services as well as easily accessible across all mobile devices.

For this you will need to follow the best strategy to make your mobile app a success. Just like several companies have already started you too will have to know and use the cloud infrastructure and platform to provide easy service solutions and support all different types of mobile device users and their diverse initiatives.

The business and technical strategies followed by the leading companies that you need to know and follow in this mobile cloud era are:
  • Use of flexible platforms is mandatory as that will enable you to have scalable mobile app development. This is the most common thing to do and focus on for every company that wants to move beyond creating just five or ten apps. For this you will need to look for better tools and software to scale your app development efforts.
  • You must design platforms that will help the users to find different modules offering standard based interfaces that will support a lot of critical management elements such as app catalogs, app version control, performance analytics, testing, and security along with its entire lifecycle management.
  • Ensuring security of data across all devices, networks and clouds is another thing that you should focus on. You must ensure that the data perimeter flows seamlessly and securely through different data centers, clouds and mobile devices.
  • Your app must be pretty to transactional so that it can connect to data from different back end systems or else it will be termed useless being unable to meet the needs of the users. It should have optimized access to a large variety of enterprise systems such as Oracle ORCL +0%, custom application, SAP, and legacy databases.
  • Your mobile apps should be a useful tool to collect data from multiple systems so that it clearly represents the entire workflow in a useable format where the user can take action the necessary action immediately. For this you will need to use mobile middleware or sync software and enterprise integration.

All these strategies will help your app to link data from several different systems such as databases, enterprise resource planning, and even financial systems.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Barrack Diego has worked as an editor and writer for more than 10 years. He enjoys mentoring young and upcoming writers. To find out more about web design, SEO, Social Media, Marketing, Mobile Apps, Business, UI/UX visit to follow on Twitter.

How RentALL Airbnb Clone Is Empowering The Entrepreneurs?

How RentALL Airbnb Clone Is Empowering
In the digital world, online business has become more trendy and innovative business for entrepreneurs because most of the people want everything at their doorstep. This needs and requirements of the people made this online business a successful one.

If you had an idea to start an online business, then go with the rental business.

The world of business is a very competitive one so there is a difficulty to find a space for our own business. The sharing economy provides plenty of opportunities to rethink how we approach the business idea.

The rental business is the most helpful business online. People tend to avail peer to peer services for their daily needs. The rental business has changed business models and products and made the revolutionary change in the online business. There are many benefits to choosing a rental business because it satisfies people with their needs. Some of the important benefits of the rental business are as follows.
  • Starting an own rental business is affordable.
  • Improved client service through greater flexibility.
  • Potential for rapid growth.
  • Creating multiple ways to earn income.

Are you thinking about starting a rental business? Then RentALL will be your best and suitable choice for your rental business.

What Is RentALL?

RentALL is the best airbnb clone used by many entrepreneurs to create their own sharing economy business that suits any rental business such as vacation rental, car rental, bike rental, etc.. without spending too much money and time.

What Makes RentALL More Useful?

Customer satisfaction is a must factor for attaining greater heights in business. Hence RentALL is equipped with some important features.

Here I have listed the features of RentALL:

1. Simplified Registration:

Users can easily create their account by using email or social media signups like facebook, google, etc and can easily verify your email, phone number, and google account.

2. Advanced Booking:

The options for booking will be made by either an instant book and a request to book. It helps the user to book there as per their requirements.

3. Advanced Search And Filters:

This option allows the user to search for their specific listing with various filters. This advanced searching option provides instant solutions.

4. Social Sharing:

This feature helps the user to make it more social and they share their listings on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

5. Google Maps Integration:

Google map has been integrated into this script that makes the user search for their suitable listing on their desired location.

6. Multiple Payments Option:

The user is allowed to make payment according to their convenient by using stripe or any other option or through credit or debit cards

7. Ratings And Reviews:

It is one of the important features that users can leave their ratings and reviews so that it might be useful to develop themselves.

How RentALL Boost Your Business?

This script is powered with many essential benefits that will enrich and boost your rental business. Let us look down for the benefits
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Easily customizable
  • Built with modern technologies
  • Provides better user experience
  • Easily accessible across the globe


All the successful business comes from the conceived business plan. This script delivers all the essential features and provides some unique features according to their requirements. Make your business successful by choosing a suitable rental script.

Marketing Strategies That Can Take Your Business To The Next Level

Marketing Strategies That Can Take Your Business
Growing a business can sometimes be difficult. Firstly, you have to get a functional business strategy. Then, you need a lucrative niche, an audience, and something valuable to sell. Now, how do you sell your goods and services? How do you showcase your products to your demographic targets?

Without an ideal marketing strategy, growing your business and upgrading to the next level will prove to be a challenge. How do you pass your content to the right target efficiently? How do you improve your awareness and boost sales with a good offer and a sustainable profit?

As of today, getting your target market to buy your goods and services is much easier. There are many options that you can explore, from creating a buzz on social media to optimizing your product keywords on search engines, and paid online adverts. With the right marketing strategies, pushing your business to the next level is certain.

Upgrading your business to the next level takes both money and time to come into effect. It’s either you’re ready to break the bank to improve your business, or you've got the time to put in the work.

To get started, take a step backward; re-analyze your means of getting your message across to your audience. Prepare a proper and effective sales channel, strategize a new way to optimize your conversions and apply the following guidelines.

The best online marketing strategies capable of moving your business to the next level can be broadly divided into social media and SEO. In this article, we will show you how to use both platforms.

- Social Media

The number one platform connecting the whole world is social media. Be it Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram. All these platforms are capable of boosting your brand visibility. Even though it can be intimidating, some business owners rely solely on social media for good conversion sales. For good reason, there are millions of people just waiting for you on social media.

To begin, you need to hire a social media manager. However, if you feel like you can handle it on your own, go ahead. To use social media effectively, follow these tips:

Engage Your Audience

Engage your customers, followers, and your target audience. Study their preferences, post your products, and post content that is relevant and beneficial to them. Engage them using posts to make them learn more about your business or your industry.

Use Private Messages

You can use private messages to communicate with new and old customers on social media platforms like Twitter, or Instagram. Direct messages are a great way to show your potential market that you have great customer service. It also improves brand trust.

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Don't Ignore LinkedIn

Another benefit of using social media is the usefulness of LinkedIn. Using your LinkedIn account in the right way can boost your business and get you the right audience.

Do you have a LinkedIn profile? Have you tried uploading a video on your profile? Are you aware you can easily post one? With LinkedIn, you can cultivate a following that will take your business to the next level.

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Post Videos

Why not take a chance at engaging your business audience with a narrative video. Show them what you do, how you do it, and who you are. Upload the videos and attach the link to your profile.

If done the right way, this is capable of massively promoting your business. Videos tend to attract more people to a brand. This way, you can reach a whole lot of people interested in your business.

Be Personal

Tell your stories, talk about your fears, and explain your challenges. The more touching and constructive your story is, the higher your chances of reaching new potential clients.

If members of your audience can relate with your stories, they will be more likely to tell others about your business. Nothing sells a brand like word-of-mouth testimonies from your trusted customers!

Facebook Ads

Another way of using a social media platform to promote your business is by using Facebook Ads.

With Facebook, you can reach your demographic targets with ease. However, to get the best out of Facebook ads, you need to focus more on retargeting and reaching the right people.

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If you’re not confident about the proper usage of Facebook ads, then it's best you learn. Using Facebook, you can build target lists with ease and also monitor the growth of your audience. You can keep track of the number of people visiting your website as a result of your ads. You can even go as far as analyzing their preferences for better engagement. With this, you can build good content, and analyze their feedback to churn out products to suit your visitor preferences.

- Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is another way of promoting your online marketing presence. Sometimes called the battle of keywords, SEO rules and regulations have chased most people off the online digital marketing race. Sometimes, SEO can be difficult to understand. However, it’s potent when it comes to building your business online. That is if you have proper knowledge of how to use it.

If you can learn and understand the rudiments of optimizing your content, then promoting your business will be easier. Build your content to suit your potential customers with respect for search engines. That way, you will rank on search engines, and your audience will be able to find you. Also, always make sure the content you’re passing across to your potential customer is unique, intuitive, appealing, and valuable.

Create A Blog

Once you have a good knowledge of how to optimize your business on a search engine, create a blog. Build a blog targeted explicitly at providing updates on your products and services.

Take charge of your blog platforms, authoritatively. Link your social media platforms to your blog. Publish excellent and relevant content. Make sure you hit those keywords, and your audience will be able to find you.

Add Links To Your Products In Your Blog Posts

Say you own a business that provides neon lights to the general public. Your blog posts would have to center around the needs of your customers. While setting up your blog posts, don't forget to include links that lead to your neon lights products page. It is one thing to rank via SEO; it is another thing for your customers to find your products.

Answer Questions On Platforms Like Reddit And Quora

All of these are authority platforms through which you can build your online business presence with ease. Be consistent and use your business keywords appropriately. With this, your aim of reaching as many customers as possible is within your grasp.

Marketing today; involves more than just a few adverts on television and radio. Incorporate SEO and social media into your marketing strategy. Your business will thank you for it.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Lara Douglas is a young woman who loves interior designing and home decor. She is passionate about new trends and fashion forward home d├ęcor ideas. She regularly posts at Neon Signs Depot.

13 Reasons Why You Need A Custom eCommerce Website

Need A Custom eCommerce Website
Business requires an E-commerce store that can satisfy its unique requirements. Our expert team takes a gander at all these components while developing custom e-commerce website design for business.

These days a noteworthy lump of business is done through eCommerce, and there is high competition among different e-commerce businesses in the market. Developing and marketing are done via one eCommerce sites must be unique to another eCommerce site. It should emerge from the competition and be user-friendly. We take a glance at the benefits of profiting from custom eCommerce development services.
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1. Develop E-Commerce Site Which Must Be Mobile Friendly

Your e-commerce site can be made profoundly responsive to the goal that it can be easily used on tablets, smartphones and other types of mobile devices. As the vast majority use mobile devices your business will get a broader audience. Additionally, the site will reflect contemporary trends.

2. Custom E-commerce Website Gives You Privilege To Manage Content Easily

These days there are simple to use content management systems. You don't need to have programming knowledge to manage content on your e-commerce site. Quality content is essential to pull in and engage prospective customers.

3. Rank Higher In Search Engine Results

For a business to prosper, its existence ought to be known to prospective customers. There exist effective strategies to make your e-commerce site optimized for search engines.

4. Have A Unique Appearance

Your e-commerce site ought not to look like most e-commerce sites. If it does, it will get lost in the crowd. Custom e-commerce design will make it unique and get noticed.

5. Enhanced limit

It is possible to increase the limit of the eCommerce site to handle multiple transactions as the business develops. This will result in increased revenue and benefits.

6. Streamline The User Experience

The easier it is to navigate, place orders and do transactions on the eCommerce site the more there will be the number of customers.

7. Easy To Update Your E-commerce Site To The Latest Technology

Try not to keep utilizing old technology on your eCommerce site. By refreshing to the latest technology, for example, using a dropshipping app to automate your dropshipping process, your site can profit from superior performance, works and also features.

8. Benefit From Expertise

Try not to make the mistake of assuming the liability of dealing with your eCommerce site without anyone else. There exist numerous companies with experience and expertise in the whole lifecycle of eCommerce sites. They will take care of customising the eCommerce site as per need. Along these lines, you save time, money and effort. You are free to concentrate on making your business profitable and bigger.
Need A Custom eCommerce Website

9. Improves Customer Relationship

Integration of value customer relationship management software with the eCommerce site will gather data, purchasing preferences and other data regarding each customer. Along these lines, suitable items or potentially services can be offered. This will have a positive effect on sales conversion.

10. Idiot Proof Security

You may already have some security system for your eCommerce site. It is essential to right off the bat determine if it is adequate and ceaselessly plug security breaches. Your business ought not to be damaged or interrupted by cyber-assaults.

11. You Want To Add Great Features For Your Shoppers

If your business is unique, your eCommerce website ought to reflect that uniqueness by offering unique features. Once you've hit the growth stage, you can begin assembling a suite of favour features that will improve your conversion rates. For example, you might need to construct a personalised shopping experience with a custom look and feel for each customer.

Unfortunately, In pre-built eCommerce site you can’t add features according to your business choice. This means if you need to create an exceptional customer experience for your shoppers, you'll presumably have to strike out without anyone else with a custom-built website.

It might be beneficial to provide a better search experience to the website visitor. You can improve the user experience with custom functionalities such as eCommerce faceted search.

12. You've Outgrown Your Out-of-the-Box e-Commerce Solution

At one point, every business hits a "divider" when it comes to their out-of-the-container eCommerce solution. You begin to feel developing agonies as you realise that the software can't do everything that you need or need it to. This is likely generally around the same time as you're interested in improving metrics, for example, the average revenue per customer, the number of repeat buyers and the percentage of abandoned shopping trucks.

Indeed, numerous businesses find that it's nearly impossible to backpedal to utilising a pre-built eCommerce solution once they've had experience with a custom-built platform. The convenience and straightforwardness of having the software created precisely to your specifications is simply too powerful.

13. You Want To Connect Your Inventory or Vendors

What another concern as your business develops is being able to keep up a healthy measure of products in stock always. To do as such, you'll need to communicate with vendors so you can replenish your inventory when you're running low.

Custom-built eCommerce websites can connect to your inventory management system and your network of vendors with the goal that your inventory is handled consequently. When there are just a few of a given product left in stock, the system can generate an order and send it to a vendor, so you don't unexpectedly come up short on a prominent product.

Final Thoughts

Remember there are numerous companies offering custom eCommerce development services. You need to do research and historical verification before shortlisting any organisation. Experience their website and customer reviews. Request references and be ready with your rundown of questions to evaluate the quality and credibility of the organisation. A quick thought is to test them with a little undertaking before entrusting the responsibility of your eCommerce site to them.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprak Design. He would love to share thoughts on office Website Designing.

7 Ways Contractors Can Make Their Employees More Productive

Contractors Can Make Their Employees More Productive
Every contractor wants to increase productivity. When workers produce more, projects get completed faster, costs are lower, and your firm can submit more competitive bids in the future. Improving productivity requires a multi-faceted approach. Whether you have a large construction company or you’re a small local contractor, productivity is affected by everything from project planning to in-house communication. This means you need to tackle both macro and micro issues if you want your team to be more productive. Here are seven things you need to look at.

Plan Projects Adequately

You have to put plans in place to ensure workers’ productivity on an any given project well before you break ground. The project must be planned in such a way that you make the most of each individual’s time. This includes how you allocate manpower and plan for weather, equipment problems, and delivery delays. You need to ensure there are sufficient materials and tools on site with which your employees can work. Similarly, you need to schedule preventative maintenance of your equipment to ensure it is in the best condition before work begins. You can’t plan for every eventuality, but you can prepare for the challenges which you’ve encountered on previous jobs.

Bring New Technology On Board

Adopting new technology is one of the fastest ways to increase productivity. The return on investment can be significant as long as you choose the right technology for your operation. Many contractors find software for productivity, product management, and information modeling to be essential in reducing delays and reworks.

FieldPulse offers an all-in-one software package which includes CRM, invoicing, time tracking and job scheduling. It even allows you to plot your jobs on a map so you can assign personnel based on location. Meanwhile, PlanGrid’s construction productivity software allows everyone on the team to work together in real time on requests for information, drawings, markups, photos and more. BuildingConnected is a useful app for general contractors since it makes it easy to find subcontractors, send bid invitations, and manage all the communication.

Offer Employee Training

It is very important that your work crew is properly trained. This not only increases productivity, but it also ensures your workers are safe. As you know, construction sites can be quite dangerous. When workers are adequately trained in safety practices, they have less downtime resulting from injuries. However, training needs to go beyond learning how to operate equipment and follow safety regulations.

Workers should also be made aware of how their productivity affects the entire company. Explain how increases in productivity lead to fewer problems and more profits. This helps to ensure greater buy-in when you implement measures aimed at getting more out of the team. Training should also be provided for supervisors since they have a significant impact on every job.

Look At Your Incentives Package

Some workers are internally motivated and knowing they did a good job gives them personal satisfaction. Others would prefer that their employers give them a financial bonus while others want time off or a plaque or certificate. Find out what will motivate your workers and offer them incentives for completing projects earlier than expected or finishing jobs with no errors. Even simple things like pizza can help your workers feel appreciated and eager to give of their best.

Communicate Better And Listen More

Improving productivity isn’t only the responsibility of the contractor and your workers have ideas about how the entire team can improve. Talk to them about the importance of productivity and then ask them to make suggestions about how you can work together to increase productivity. When they respond, make sure you listen closely, take note of their comments and explore their feasibility. You may not be able to give you workers everything they want but make sure you listen and work to find an acceptable solution.

To improve communication generally, you can use productivity software. If every member of the team can ask questions and get responses quickly and log problems in the system immediately, you’ll have much better control over your projects. Costly misunderstandings and errors are less likely.

Set Manageable Targets

Projects take time to be completed so you need to set realistic goals. Set targets for each day, week, and month and make sure every member of the crew understands what needs to be done. Setting small goals makes the project seem more manageable and workers won’t get overwhelmed by all that needs to be done. When teams rush to meet unreasonable deadlines, the work is usually sloppy and correcting the problems leads to project delays and cost overruns.

Keep A Close Eye On Your Materials

Productivity takes a big hit when crew members are trying to complete a job but there are not enough construction materials to work with. You need to keep track of your inventory on a consistent basis to ensure you have what you need for at least the next week. If your supply is running low, you need to put in your order as early as possible to avoid disrupting the project.

Final Thoughts

Planning is at the core of improved productivity among workers. Before you get started on a project, you need to come up with a strategy for ensuring every member of the team does their best. You need to set manageable goals, incentivize your workers, and ensure they understand the company’s end goals. When people know exactly what they’re working towards, they are more likely to stay committed to the task and go above and beyond. Show them how they’re helping both the firm and the community, and they’ll be more likely to take the initiative.

However, improving productivity isn’t just about motivating workers. While your employees need to feel valued, productivity rates also depend on the systems you put in place and the technology you deploy. If you’ve been shunning modern solutions, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. Implement all the suggestions above and watch your productivity rate rise over time.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Marie Erhart is a Success Manager at FieldPulse, creators of field service software that lets you run your entire contracting business from a single app. She works with contractors to help them grow their business using best practices.