How IoT Is Turning Mobility Into An Interesting Technology

IoT Is Turning Mobility Into An Interesting Technology
IoT exists for so long. But it was always in the concept phase unless smart mobility introduced. IoT received the desired portability and connectivity with smartphones. Of course, smartphones too are receiving a lot from IoT. The blend of both is making the mobility more interesting.

Smartphones have doubtlessly completely changed the computing. Now, we do not need to glue ourselves to a computer to do our personal and professional things. Smartphones have got huge powers to replicate everything that a full-fledged PC does. Smartphones are the lightest form of our personal computers and, we can use them for lots of things. Also, smartphones have provided the easiest way to access the internet and put everything right at our fingertips.

But smartphones aren’t such popular on their own. Without the technology of mobile app development, our smartphones are noting but just flashy hardware. So, smartphones run on apps.

There are two leading mobile operating systems, Android and iOS, which together have more than 5 million apps in their apps stores, Google Play and the App Store respectively. With this amount of apps, think of something that your smartphone is capable of doing, and no surprise that you will have more than one app option available. A smartphone, together with apps, can do everything a PC does and, we will be able to do this at our convenient, such as while traveling in subways or relaxing on our couch.

Developers and businesses are still discovering new things that these smartphones can do for them. But right here, we have another revolution on the way. It’s Internet of Things which is also known as IoT.

Internet of Things is all about how things (devices, machines, gadgets, home appliances and even vehicles) can be connected with the internet so that we can control them remotely with using our PCs and as per the current trend of the computing – with using our smartphones and apps.

The concept of IoT isn’t as new as smartphones. It exists for more than three and half decades. The term IoT came into existence in 1999 and was likely coined by Kevin Ashton of Procter and Gamble. But things were limited and applied to experimental phases only due to the slow internet connectivity and immobility of PCs.

But when mobility became popular, the concept of the IoT turned more practical as devices were portable with outstanding processing power and high speed internet connectivity.

Mobile app developers know that IoT would become one of the key technologies in the near future and, thus they have already started to blend it with apps. Of course, they would need IoT mobile application development for this purpose.

Smartphones come with the power to communicate with integrated sensors used in connecting things through the internet. Apps will exchange the information received from these devices.

IoT Connected Homes

Home automation has really got the attention of several companies which are entering the market with their range of IoT devices for various home applications.

Do you wish to switch on your AC before your reach home? Do you want to control your TV’s power so that kids can focus more on their study? Do you want your curtains automatically adjusting themselves to cut extra light coming inside through windows? Do you want your mobile devices to act as a key to lock the main door of your home? Do you want your plants getting the required amount of water or shade at the right time? And above all do you want to do all these things with your own mobile device?
IoT Is Turning Mobility Into An Interesting Technology
IoT is the technology that can make these things happened. There are technologies, sensors, and appliances as well as mobile app development approaches available to do these things.

With IoT, one can load his or her home with a wide range of appliances and gadgets that can be communicated via apps installed in a smartphone.

IoT Connected Cars

The automotive industry has accepted IoT warmheartedly. Companies in the automotive industry are using IoT in creative ways. Car manufacturers are now aware of the power of mobility and, how IoT and apps can make driving more comfortable and safe.

Almost all car manufacturers are working on applying IoT technologies to their cars in order to add more value to their end-products. This is why we will have nearly 250 million connected cars on the road in next five years. Unquestionably, automotive is going to be one of the major industries taking advantages of the technology of IoT and smart mobility.

IoT Connected Travel

The travel industry around the world is also taking IoT quite seriously. Businesses here know that IoT can be useful for them in a lot of operations. They are also blending mobile apps, QR code, and FNC tags together to create the creative solutions and tools that provide their guests with the newer means of communication and to get information related to travel destinations.

Everything Else

The whole world is showing interest in the technology of IoT. We have already seen IoT connected-mobility-based wearable devices, fitness gears, and several other things. Businesses are already using IoT-mobility in sales, marketing, product development, operating handling, manufacturing, transportation, services, support, customer care, etc.


The most interesting thing about the current phase of IoT is that it is being optimized to be compatible with smartphones. Manufacturers of electronic gadgets, home appliances and applications, several machines, automobiles and a variety of accessories are now looking for possibilities of applying the IoT technologies on their products via mobility and applications.
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