Best Privacy And Security Extensions For Chrome And Firefox

Best Privacy And Security Extensions For Chrome And Firefox
Best Privacy & Security Extensions For Chrome & Firefox
Privacy and security is now most important, if you are an internet user. Nowadays, no one is safe and secure, especially on the internet. People surf the internet regular, but never think about their privacy. If you know, according to an intelligence report, online crime I mean Hacking and spamming is now growing very rapidly. People are being victim and facing troubles. So in this case, everyone should have to consider about privacy and security while surfing the internet and if you’re a Chrome or Firefox user then you are very lucky. Because these browsers have lots of helpful extensions or add-ons. By using them, you can easily make yourself as a safe person and can say confidently that no one can put you in trouble.

Actually, by publishing this article, I just want to increase awareness in people about online hacking or spamming and wanna force to people that please think about it. Try to be safe yourself and always attention, while surfing the internet.

So as I said in first paragraph that if you’re a Chrome or Firefox user then you are lucky because these extensions or add-ons. So some of the best, useful and recommended extensions, I shared below. Must try them and share your own opinions about them.

Extensions For Google Chrome

The most successful browser of the 21st century is Google Chrome. This browser has seriously lots of extensions on Google Play Store. So everybody can easily get and use as wish. Here are some extensions for Security and Privacy. Read reviews about them and choose your best.

1. PasswordFail:

If you ever noticed that sometimes when you visit any website then it requires to login your account. So, it’s a very risky moment and difficult to decide that you should login your account or not? Because all websites are not able to trust. So in this situation, PasswordFail helps and guides you to know about such websites that is this a malware site or any hacker is handling. Even any trusted website already hacks then Password alerts in this condition too.

I hope, by using this extension, you would get help and would be able to know about hacking or spamming sites.

2. View Thru:

View Thru is an active extension which alerts you suddenly when you open any malware site or any malware site opens and you don’t know about it. or tinyURL are such URLs which shows site’s original URL, when site opens completely. So, before clicking such links, you don’t aware that which site will open. You don’t know though, but View Thru knows everything about it. It knows that which website is fine and good for you. It helps to detect malware sites and guides you that you should open it or not. So must try it. Because this extension can safe you any type of big upcoming trouble.

3. Web Of Trust (WOT):

If you’re a regular internet surfer or blogger and you visit lots of websites in a day then ‘Web Of Trust’ is for you. WOT helps to make you safe as much as possible for it. When you enter in such website even you don’t know about it then in this situation this extension helps you and informs about surfing website. I know, any anti-malware can also do this work. But for that you’ve to download and install an anti-virus that may take too much time as compared with Web Of Trust.

4. AdBlock:

I my views, everybody should have AdBlock especially where kids use the internet. AdBlock helps to simply block ads on site and hide them. You know what, sometimes website admins place sexual related ads for attraction and money, that’s wrong or harmful for kids in teenage. So, must install AdBlock extension in your Chrome, if your kid, younger brother or sister surf the internet.

Extensions For FireFox

Not just in my views, we all know well that Firefox is the second best browser today. It has also best add-ons for privacy and security. So must try them, if you use Firefox as a default application.

1. AdBlock Plus:

AdBlock Plus is the advanced version of Chrome’s AdBlock. Although, both versions are very similar, but due to the some features on AdBlock Plus, it makes a difference between them. As I said in Chrome’s AdBlock paragraph that it helps to prevent Ads of the site. Nowadays, it has become necessary because admin of sites are placing such sexual and adult ads for attraction, so that’s why we have to prevent from them and AdBlock Plus will help to prevent them.

Similarly, if you ever download any software or application, so sometimes these types of ads also show download option and get attraction opportunity from this way. Suppose if a user click on it then two things will happen. First software definitely won’t download because it’s an ad not an option provided to download and second by clicking on this ad, you will be reached out to spamming or malware site which can easily put you in a big trouble.

So that’s all reasons to use AdBlock Plus. So please if your kids and your younger brother or sister use your computer to surf the internet, then install this extension. Because if you don’t do it then it would be very harmful in this teenage for them.

2. BetterPrivacy:

BetterPrivacy is a very good add-on for you, if you are a social marketer and do social activities on the internet. I’ll recommend this extension especially to the bloggers and internet marketer. Because normally bloggers and internet marketer don’t log out or sign out their account. Because they have to use them again after an interval of time. That’s why. So you know anyone can locate IP easily. So once the IP address located then any hacker will definitely do his illegal activity and try to hack logged accounts. So that’s the reason and this is why, we should use BetterPrivacy add-on.

3. SpamAvert:

SpamAvert and View Thru are almost same. Both work same. SpamAlert also alerts you like View Thru when you enter in any malware site. It guides you before entering in any site that you should open this or not? So that’s the reason and that’s why this extension is now must have extension for every user. As we know, the world of the internet is growing its foundation very fast. Lots of websites are developing nowadays. But all sites are not able to trust. That’s why we need to have a guide now and nothing is better than SpamAvert.

4. HideBad:

The Hidebad Firefox add-on offers a looking free for all catch that immediately close every open tab in your project and replaces them with your presentation page. It stops snooping spies from knowing which site pages you were basically surfing, which may be the most basic security measure of each one of them.

Final Thoughts

So guys, these are some very helpful extensions for both the most popular browsers, I mean Chrome and Firefox. Every user should use them for privacy and security. That as I shared reviews about them, hopefully after read them, no one would be doubtful about them. So try them and give your opinions via below comment section. If any other else extension is best in your views then forget to share with us.

Which Windows OS Is Best? How Should We Choose?

Which Windows OS Is Best? How Should We Choose?
Which Windows OS Is Best?
Yeah! It's very important to choose right operating system. As we know, every operating system has their own features and useful stuff that help to make us comfortable and easy while using computer. When the history of computers started then maybe other operating systems popular. But at the end of 20th century, the most popular operating systems in my views are Mac and Windows. I know, Linux is now also popular in 21st century but these two operating systems, I mean Mac and Windows are still popular and a huge majority of us is using them yet.

There are different types of computers like gaming, office working, home computers etc. I hope, your type is in one of them. As I said above, it’s important to choose right operating system. Yes! If you’ve a gaming PC then operating system matters the most for gaming. Similarly, home working, for offices computers, low-end PCs etc also should have compatible and supported operating systems that would be helpful while using.

So basically today this article helps you to choose right and compatible Windows operating system. It may be possible that you’ve a home computer and you’re using against supported operating system. So, that’s why read this article and choose best for you.
Don't forget to check out! "Types Of Operating Systems"

Which Windows OS Is Compatible For You?

There are several versions of Windows OS has been released yet and Windows 10 is the latest one. So whenever Microsoft releases its new version of OS then also releases different series. For example, Microsoft released Windows 7 in 2009. So when this version released then it was released in different series like Ultimate, Professional, Home Premium etc.

Lots of people say that there’s no difference between any operating series. Just version matters. But I say, version also series also matters as well as versions. Yes! That’s important which series of Windows 7, you’re using. Ultimate or Professional?

If you’re a gamer then you should use Ultimate. If you’re a programmer or expert then Professional is for you and similarly if you’re a home user then Home Premium is best for you. So this is important to choose right series also. Same conditions also apply on other Windows OS series like Windows vista, Windows 8 or 8.1 and Windows 10.

How Should We Choose Windows OS?

As we know, the world of internet is growing very fast. So now everybody is using computer in his own different ways. Some people use computer for office work, some for home and some use as a gaming machine. So for all such categories, below I’m discussing, which Windows OS is best and compatible. If your type is in one of them then must read below.

For Home Users

Which Windows OS Is Best?
Home users normally use computer to surf the internet, play simple games and to be connected with the world of internet via social media. So for that Home users should have such Windows OS which can be supported to all those softwares that every home computer user use the most like internet browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc), Anti-viruses, photo and video editing tools, skype etc. So, in my views, for them Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 10 are very compatible versions. Windows 8 and 8.1 are also good. But actually I didn’t recommend because sometimes Windows 8 or 8.1 create problems and bugs. They don’t support. That’s why normal users have to face quite problem while using Windows 8 or 8.1.

So here’s my recommendation for home users that use all OS except Windows 8 or 8.1. But if you wanna use them so you can, as you wish. But if you use another else then it’s better for you.

For Offices or Office Users

Which Windows OS Is Best?
Office computers definitely use for work. These computers have to run just softwares or programs to do work. Otherwise, we don’t do other activities on them like surfing the internet, playing games etc. So for offices or working computers, I would like to recommend Windows 8 or 8.1. Yes! These operating systems are best for them. Actually, we need to run MS Office or other similar programs on working computers. So to fully support, no one is better than Windows 8 or 8.1. These operating systems are fast as compared to Windows 7. Yeah! Sometimes problems happen in them while getting updates, but these are better, if we compare to other.

After the releasing of windows 10, workers are requiring Windows 10 now. But I don’t think, Windows 10 will be supporting fully for them. Because there are some bugs are still in this OS that may be trouble full for office workers. So, don’t think about to install other versions. Install Windows 8 or 8.1 in your working machine and stay safe from all problems.

For Gamers or Gaming Machine

Which Windows OS Is Best?
Oh so you’re a PC gamer. Nice to meet you man :D Actually, I’m quite exciting while writing this paragraph. Because I’m also a PC gamer. :D I always enjoy gaming related articles, when I write.

Well! Main point is which operating system should we use? As we know. Mac OS are useless for us. So definitely we have to choose Windows OS, but which Windows OS?

Basically, we need to have such operating system which can support to the DirectX, GPU drivers or other drivers easily also. Because time to time, GPU requires new updates so that’s important. Well! All operating systems are good for gaming except Windows Xp and Vista. But I would recommend Windows 7 for best gaming. Because I’m using Windows 7 for gaming since a long time. I didn’t face any type of bug while gaming or while getting any type of update.

In comparison with Windows 8 or 8.1 or 10, Windows 7 is much better for this activity. Yeah! I know Windows 10 also supports to the DirectX 12. That’s an interesting stuff of this new version. But as we know Windows 10 is released recently. So there are some problems still happening in it. That’s why I’m not recommending this. But if you want to use Windows 10 then must prepare or optimize it first after the installation. Recently I wrote an article on the preparation of Windows 10 for PC Gaming. Hope you guys will prepare first and then will use it for gaming. So If we talk about Windows 8 or 8.1 , in my views these are useless for gaming. Never choose them for PC gaming, otherwise, you will have to face problems, I won't.
NOTE: For PC Gaming, must install 64 bits version.

Final Opinion:

So this was my today's article. I hope, now you're able to choose right and compatible Windows OS. I know, my recommended operating systems may be against to your own thinking. But today this article is totally based in my own experience. I use almost all Windows operating systems, even Windows 2000. Well! I won't say about them more. You can choose your best. That's all. In the end, if you think that this article is helpful, so don't forget to share this and please give your views about it also via comment below.

Top 5 Best And Free Gameplay Recording Softwares

Top 5 Best And Free Gameplay Recording Softwares
5 Free Gameplay Recording Softwares
While gaming, most gamers wanna record their gameplays and wanna share them with their friends via social sites. As we know, the most popular video sharing site is Youtube, where a huge amount of videos are uploaded, in which gameplays are also in majority. Lots of gamers are also earning money by monetizing ads on their gameplay videos. So If you’re also a best gamer and wanna record and upload your gameplays on Youtube then choose your best recorder first. Below are some recommended and best gameplay recorders.

When I was searching about gameplay recorders then I saw a lot of people on the internet who were asking about the difference between free and purchasing recorders. So, I can hope that you’re also such user who has same question in mind. So that’s why before sharing my recommended list, I would like to discuss about free and purchasing recorders. Hopefully, you will get your answer by reading this paragraph.

What’s The Difference Between Free & Purchasing Recorders?

Basically, there is a quite difference between free and purchasing recorders. Free recorders have basic and common features that every recorder should provide. But purchasing recorder have additional features and services like customer care etc.

Sometimes, free recorders create problems like hanging bugs etc. So that’s why people don’t choose normally them, but otherwise these are good. Everybody can use free recorders with reliability. As I said, Purchasing recorders provide additional features. Yes! After recording, you can edit your videos also. You can set frame while recording. Similarly, if ever any problem happens with you then you can contact to the customer service and tell about your problem with them. So that’s all difference between free and purchasing recorders. You can use as your wish. If you can afford purchasing recorders then must use purchasing recorders, otherwise free recorders are for you.

List Of 5 Free Gameplay Recorders

So, here are my recommended recorders. All recorders are totally free and fully user supported. So must try them and share your gameplays. After reading this article if you find help then don’t forget to share this article or wanna suggest us your own recommended gameplay recorder then leave your comment feel free in comment section below.

1. EM Free Game Capture

5 Free Gameplay Recording Softwares
E.M. Free Game Capture is a best recorders in free list. This tool helps to record games and desktop, also shows FPS (frames per second) and hot keys. You can record both the high definition 2D and 3D games. EM Free game capture offers to record videos in several formats like Avi, Flv, WMV, Mkv, mp4 and even popular one which can play in iPod, iPhone, PSP, Nintendo, Xbox 360, Xbox one, PS3, PS4 etc. You can set fps as manually for video. It’s mean your manually recording speed can be specified from fps up to 100 fps. So this feature attracted the most. Must try it and share your gaming experience with others by recording gameplays with EM Free Game Capture.

Highlighted Features:
  • It offers different popular video formats.
  • You can capture screen by pressing a key while gaming.
  • It’s easy in use that offers easy hotkeys to handle.
  • It doesn’t reserve a large part of memory while recording.

2. The LoiLo Game Recorder

5 Free Gameplay Recording Softwares
This recorder support Motion-JPEG. There are different file formats also supported, but this one is highlighted. Everything that you want is there in this recorder. But it requires a quite high requirements to run. You must have a Core I series processor like Core i3, i5 or i7. Minimum 2gb ram is required. Operating system should be Windows 7 or other latest one like Windows 8 or 8.1 or 10. At least 5gb free space should be free in C-Drive.

Some Highlighted feature are also mentioned here.

Highlighted Features:
  • This tool offers superb resolution.
  • It's very easy to use.
  • Offers minimal performance loss.
  • Totally free. No any activation is required.

Although it’s free, but user can also contact them through Facebook. If you wanna discuss about games, wanna present your own creation or wanna discuss about any problem with the program then feel free contact User support or Facebook.

3. Ezvid

5 Free Gameplay Recording Softwares
This tool offers to Windows users to record full screen coupled with a very neat user interface design. You can record gameplays as well as can edit them with its built-in video editor. While recording gameplays, you can record also your own voice by Microphone. So if you’re recording your gameplays to upload on Youtube or other video sharing site then must record your own voice for explanation or as a commentary, because it would be a good impact. So must try this tool especially its built-in video editor.

Highlighted Features:
  • It offers to record screen coupled.
  • It provides a built-in free video editing tool.
  • It’s easy to use.
  • Totally free and fully supported.

4. Hypercam

5 Free Gameplay Recording Softwares
Hypercam gameplay recorder is seriously a very good recorder especially for Windows users. This tool offers you to record your gameplays in AVI format. You can record your voice while recording by using system microphone. You can also select frame rate and compression quality prior to recording your video. HyperCam latest version is compatible for all version of Windows OS, I mean Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

Highlighted Features:
  • Very easy to use and not a heavy recorder.
  • You can take a screen shot while recording.
  • Supported to AVI format.
  • Compatible to all Windows OS versions even Xp and Vista.

5. Fraps

5 Free Gameplay Recording Softwares
It is the most popular in free recording tool. It offers to record directX or openGL graphics technology supported games. It shows your game fps (frame per second) at corner of screen or where you want. No matter, you’re recording or not. But it will show live fps rate. You can also take a screen shot just pressing one key. Fraps supports to the video up to 7680x4800 with custom frame rates from 1 to 120 fps.

Highlighted Features:
  • DirectX or OpenGL supported game.
  • It shows live fps rate while gaming.
  • High resolution supported up to 7680x4800.
  • Light and very easy to use.

Top 5 Reasons: Why PCs Are Better Than Macs?

Top 5 Reasons: Why PCs Are Better Than Macs?
Top 5 Reasons: Why PCs Is Better Than Macs?
We are all aware from PC and Macintosh computers. It’s 21st century, and there’s no any third type of computer that we use the most. Only PCs and Macs are popular now and people prefer to use them as their wish. Everyone has their own different thinking. Some people prefer to buy Mac, but some prefer to use PCs. Both computers have their own features and benefits. But here I’m gonna highlight 5 reasons ‘Why PCs are better than Mac?’

It’s not that only PCs are better. Macintosh computers have their own features which make them better than PCs. Well! Today my aim isn’t to write this article to hurt Mac users. If any Mac user says that only Macintosh is better or any PC user says, just PCs are, so it’s wrong. Both have their own features, advantages or benefits.

Macs Are Expensive

Yes! No doubt Macintosh are much expensive than PCs. Middle class or lower class users can’t afford them. If you go to the market to buy PC, so you can get latest one like Hp, Dell, Lenovo etc with 5th generation, 8 GB ram, 1 TB HDD, 256 SSD and 4 GB Graphics card in maximum or almost $1000. Even if you build your own manually PC then you can build easily in $1200 to $1500. But if you buy a Mac with same configurations then you have to pay maybe $5000 for that. So you can imagine, how much the Mac is expensive. Almost 5 times expensive than PCs.

If you didn’t believe that how much the Mac are expensive then see below image. The difference between them is cleared.

Top 5 Reasons: Why PCs Is Better Than Macs?

Mac Isn’t For Gamers

Yeah! It’s useless for gaming lovers. Mac is a such platform where you can do everything that we normally do on computer, but you can’t gaming on it. You can enjoy it’s built-in operating system games, but not reality-based games. So in this fact, PC is much good. It can handle highly optimized and high graphics games easily. In today’s era, no one is there yet which can provide better graphics than PC, even Xbox or Playstation can’t.

So, if you’re a gaming lover but wanna work as well as gaming then Macintosh platform isn’t for you. You should choose PC platform must. Otherwise, you are wasting your money.

Doesn’t Support To every Software

Windows programming is very similar to games. So the same is valid with Mac. There are lots of programs that Mac supports, but not all. Sometimes, Mac users have to face trouble while installation of any program. So in this situation, it’s very sensitive. But PC’s world is a blowout of free and shareware, free downloads that do pretty much anything. Normally, on Mac you have to need to change the settings to introduce anything that isn’t sanction by Apple itself. It implies the product all functions admirably, yet the decision is constrained.

Sometimes Is Risky In Security Issues

If you have in mind that Mac is the most protected and highly secure place where you can store your data feel free then it’s not true. Every device which is connected to the internet, never be safe itself. We have to make own safe and secure.

Yes! It’s right that Mac’s softwares and applications are more secure and free from any type malware than PCs. But not all. Most people think, there’s no need to use an anti-virus in Mac. But as we know, the world of the internet is now full of viruses and spamming links. So, no anyone else is now safe. We must have to need an antimalware and third party firewall applications to make our devices more secure and safe.

So if you think, Mac user is safe then it’s a wrong fact.

We Can’t Upgrade Mac

The most highlighted hated stuff is, we can’t actually upgrade Mac devices. PC users can upgrade their devices time to time as wish. But Mac user? NO. So in this fact PC is better and affordable for every class people even lower class also. So before buying, please be sure and confirm, Which device is compatible in both of them or Which device is affordable for you.

I’m not saying here that Mac is totally useless. You know what this device is still my dream. Whenever I think about to buy Mac then due to any issue, I’ve to burial my intent. So still dreaming about to buy it. So I’m now clearing again that both devices have their own features and benefits. But today this article is totally based on negative fact about Mac. So at the end of this article, I wanna sorry to all Mac users for hurt. :p That's it!

Should Have Apps For Mac OS X Users

Should Have Apps For Mac OS X Users
Should Have Apps For Mac OS X Users
Finding the best applications is sometimes quite difficult. So the people who are Mac OS X users and looking for the best apps for their Mac so don’t panic. Here I’m sharing my gathered list of applications that every Mac OS X user should have.

For Emails:

1. AirMail

Should Have Apps For Mac OS X Users
Airmail app is a very simplified for those who are connected with the world of internet. The app is newly designed as Yosemite. It’s design and style very similar to the Yosemite theme. Basically, this app is helpful for quick mailing, messages, data uploading to Google Drive, Dropbox, CloudApp etc. If we talk about its visuality so theme is multiple and simple from every terms.

2. Mac Mail

Should Have Apps For Mac OS X Users
Mac Mail is an officially provided app, as we know. People prefer to use this app, but not all. This app has several shortcomings and deficiencies which make this lower class app as compared as other apps. But still people use it and they believe that this is the best and trusted among all.

For Pictures & Images:

1. Inkscape

Should Have Apps For Mac OS X Users
Inkscape is an open source drawing app with different and unexpected features. Some supported SVG features are included in latest version like basic shapes, markers, transforms, grouping, text, paths etc.

Further, Inkscape also supports creative common meta-data, node editing, layers, complex path operations, text-on-path and SVG XML editing. It also imports several formats like EPS, postscript, JPEG, PNG, BMP and TIFF and exports PNG as well as multiple vector-based formats.

2. Adobe Photoshop

Should Have Apps For Mac OS X Users
Adobe Photoshop, who isn’t familiar from this app. One of the most popular and preferred application in the world. The latest one is Adobe Photoshop CC 2015. Abbreviation of CC is Creative Cloud. I use it also and so I would like to prefer this one to other users also. But, it’s not free. You must have to pay for it, almost $20 per month.

3. Pixelmator

Should Have Apps For Mac OS X Users
This is another most innovative, fastest, full-featured and powerful image editing app for the Mac that has everything you need to create and edit your images. It’s very powerful and fast for Mac users. You can enhance and touch up photos, sketch, draw and paint, add texts and shapes, apply dazzling effects and do so much more. So get latest one version from official site, but you have to pay $29.99 for this.

For Writing:

1. iA Writer

Should Have Apps For Mac OS X Users
iA Writer is a consummate application for writers and bloggers. This app helps to make your writing style more attractive and also guides while typing. It’s design and style very simple. It’s not a heavy app, so that’s why it doesn’t reserve huge part of your CPU usage.

So for a very comfortable and helpful app that you’re looking for writing then check out iA Writer and must use. Hope, you won’t need another app after using it.

2. FocusWriter

Should Have Apps For Mac OS X Users
As I said for iA Writer, if you’ll use it then you won’t need to use another writing app. But a user don’t wanna try it then FocusWriter is second recommended app for them. FocusWriter is a very simple and plain light app that provides an excellent writing environment for writer which causes to feel comfortable while writing for every writer. This app is available for all operating systems including Linux.

For Privacy & Security:

1. CCleaner

Should Have Apps For Mac OS X Users
CCleaner is a tool for system optimization and security. It offers to do free space from your hard drive and also helps to remove your internet cache, browsing history, saved password (if you want to remove) etc.

As we know, when we install any application or software then after the removing of it some files still present in the system that we can’t remove by using control panel. So to remove these types of files, CCleaner is an open source tool for every operating system especially for Mac and Windows users. It’s available in both free and paid. In my views, everybody should have this one great tool. So must try it and also recommend to others.

2. KeePassX

Should Have Apps For Mac OS X Users
KeePassX is not very similar to CCleaner, but its work is great. This application helps to remember such passwords which are necessary for us like logon passwords, social accounts passwords, online passwords etc. So whenever if we forget passwords then in this difficult situation, KeePassX will help you and provide you password that you’ve forgotten.

3. Hotspot Shield

Should Have Apps For Mac OS X Users
Hotspot shield VPN is a secure and capable web security for your mac machines. It pursuits your information sent and got over the internet and secures your individual information, including Mastercard data, passwords, downloads and texts.

For Videos:

1. VLC Media Player

Should Have Apps For Mac OS X Users
VLC is the most using multimedia in the world. This tools offers to play videos of lots of formats like MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, Divx, Mp3, OGG etc, additionally DVDs, VCDs and different streaming conventions. The latest updates make it much easy and fully featured. You can also run Youtube videos in VLC.

2. HandBreak

Should Have Apps For Mac OS X Users
HandBreak is another should have tool. It’s basically a video converting tool. Users can finely convert their videos to any formats in few moments. Additionally, it’s free and an open source application and compatible for just Windows and Mac OS.

For Virtualization:

1. Virtual Box

Should Have Apps For Mac OS X Users
Hope, you’re aware about virtualization. If you’re not then visit this Wikipedia link and read about it in deep. Well! Virtual box is a very simple and finely optimized application for virtualization. Every Mac user can use it and run other operating system like Windows OS etc with Mac OS X as well. It’s free and open source virtualization application. So try this and give your views about it. While using, if you face any type of problem then must share via comment below.

2. Parallel Desktop

Should Have Apps For Mac OS X Users
Parallel Desktop offers to run 2 operating systems together except your default installed Mac OS X. So it’s simplest, quickest and very effective for running Windows on Mac without rebooting.

3. VMware Fusion

Should Have Apps For Mac OS X Users
VMware is an alternative application of Virtual Box. Suppose if you face any problem with Virtual Box then VMware is second choice. Both have almost same features. So don’t panic while choosing that which app you should use. You can select anyone else blindly.

For The Internet Browsing:

1. Google Chrome

Should Have Apps For Mac OS X Users
One of the most used Browser in the World is Google Chrome. As of January 2015, StatCounter estimated that Google Chrome has a 51% worldwide usage share of web browsers, indicating that it is the most widely used web browser in the world. People choose Google Chrome for their computers as a default browser because of it's fully trusted features that are free from any malware and spam. It's also a most safer browser due to it's best security and privacy extensions. If you're a Chrome user and want to find it's best extension then you can visit this article of Best Privacy & Security Extensions For Chrome.

2. Mozilla Firefox

Should Have Apps For Mac OS X Users
Mozilla Firefox is on second in the world after Google Chrome. This browser is an alternative to Chrome, that we can say. It doesn’t reserve in large amount of memory as compare with Chrome. Mostly low-end users prefer to use it. It has many features which make Firefox best alternative to Chrome.

3. Opera

Should Have Apps For Mac OS X Users
Opera is an another light, simple and fast browser. It hasn’t so many add-ons like Chrome or Firefox. But it’s fully supported and reliable. Opera never reserves huge system memory that’s why it’s perfect for low-end computers.