Which Windows OS Is Best? How Should We Choose?

Which Windows OS Is Best?
Yeah! It's very important to choose right operating system. As we know, every operating system has their own features and useful stuff that help to make us comfortable and easy while using computer. When the history of computers started then maybe other operating systems popular. But at the end of 20th century, the most popular operating systems in my views are Mac and Windows. I know, Linux is now also popular in 21st century but these two operating systems, I mean Mac and Windows are still popular and a huge majority of us is using them yet.

There are different types of computers like gaming, office working, home computers etc. I hope, your type is in one of them. As I said above, it’s important to choose right operating system. Yes! If you’ve a gaming PC then operating system matters the most for gaming. Similarly, home working, for offices computers, low-end PCs etc also should have compatible and supported operating systems that would be helpful while using.

So basically today this article helps you to choose right and compatible Windows operating system. It may be possible that you’ve a home computer and you’re using against supported operating system. So, that’s why read this article and choose best for you.
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Which Windows OS Is Compatible For You?

There are several versions of Windows OS has been released yet and Windows 10 is the latest one. So whenever Microsoft releases its new version of OS then also releases different series. For example, Microsoft released Windows 7 in 2009. So when this version released then it was released in different series like Ultimate, Professional, Home Premium etc.

Lots of people say that there’s no difference between any operating series. Just version matters. But I say, version also series also matters as well as versions. Yes! That’s important which series of Windows 7, you’re using. Ultimate or Professional?

If you’re a gamer then you should use Ultimate. If you’re a programmer or expert then Professional is for you and similarly if you’re a home user then Home Premium is best for you. So this is important to choose right series also. Same conditions also apply on other Windows OS series like Windows vista, Windows 8 or 8.1 and Windows 10.

How Should We Choose Windows OS?

As we know, the world of internet is growing very fast. So now everybody is using computer in his own different ways. Some people use computer for office work, some for home and some use as a gaming machine. So for all such categories, below I’m discussing, which Windows OS is best and compatible. If your type is in one of them then must read below.

For Home Users

Which Windows OS Is Best?
Home users normally use computer to surf the internet, play simple games and to be connected with the world of internet via social media. So for that Home users should have such Windows OS which can be supported to all those softwares that every home computer user use the most like internet browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc), Anti-viruses, photo and video editing tools, skype etc. So, in my views, for them Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 10 are very compatible versions. Windows 8 and 8.1 are also good. But actually I didn’t recommend because sometimes Windows 8 or 8.1 create problems and bugs. They don’t support. That’s why normal users have to face quite problem while using Windows 8 or 8.1.

So here’s my recommendation for home users that use all OS except Windows 8 or 8.1. But if you wanna use them so you can, as you wish. But if you use another else then it’s better for you.

For Offices or Office Users

Which Windows OS Is Best?
Office computers definitely use for work. These computers have to run just softwares or programs to do work. Otherwise, we don’t do other activities on them like surfing the internet, playing games etc. So for offices or working computers, I would like to recommend Windows 8 or 8.1. Yes! These operating systems are best for them. Actually, we need to run MS Office or other similar programs on working computers. So to fully support, no one is better than Windows 8 or 8.1. These operating systems are fast as compared to Windows 7. Yeah! Sometimes problems happen in them while getting updates, but these are better, if we compare to other.

After the releasing of windows 10, workers are requiring Windows 10 now. But I don’t think, Windows 10 will be supporting fully for them. Because there are some bugs are still in this OS that may be trouble full for office workers. So, don’t think about to install other versions. Install Windows 8 or 8.1 in your working machine and stay safe from all problems.

For Gamers or Gaming Machine

Which Windows OS Is Best?
Oh so you’re a PC gamer. Nice to meet you man :D Actually, I’m quite exciting while writing this paragraph. Because I’m also a PC gamer. :D I always enjoy gaming related articles, when I write.

Well! Main point is which operating system should we use? As we know. Mac OS are useless for us. So definitely we have to choose Windows OS, but which Windows OS?

Basically, we need to have such operating system which can support to the DirectX, GPU drivers or other drivers easily also. Because time to time, GPU requires new updates so that’s important. Well! All operating systems are good for gaming except Windows Xp and Vista. But I would recommend Windows 7 for best gaming. Because I’m using Windows 7 for gaming since a long time. I didn’t face any type of bug while gaming or while getting any type of update.

In comparison with Windows 8 or 8.1 or 10, Windows 7 is much better for this activity. Yeah! I know Windows 10 also supports to the DirectX 12. That’s an interesting stuff of this new version. But as we know Windows 10 is released recently. So there are some problems still happening in it. That’s why I’m not recommending this. But if you want to use Windows 10 then must prepare or optimize it first after the installation. Recently I wrote an article on the preparation of Windows 10 for PC Gaming. Hope you guys will prepare first and then will use it for gaming. So If we talk about Windows 8 or 8.1 , in my views these are useless for gaming. Never choose them for PC gaming, otherwise, you will have to face problems, I won't.
NOTE: For PC Gaming, must install 64 bits version.

Final Opinion:

So this was my today's article. I hope, now you're able to choose right and compatible Windows OS. I know, my recommended operating systems may be against to your own thinking. But today this article is totally based in my own experience. I use almost all Windows operating systems, even Windows 2000. Well! I won't say about them more. You can choose your best. That's all. In the end, if you think that this article is helpful, so don't forget to share this and please give your views about it also via comment below.
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