Printers For College Students

Printers For College Students
No matter how great the photo, it’s only valuable when shown. Online it’s possible to show a project off easily, and have it appear exactly as you intend. Showing a photo or selling it off-line will mean it must be printed. Naturally a top of the line professional photo printer is the most sought after option, but what is the best printer for college students on a budget? The solution might entail opening the wallet far wider than most students would hope for, but when results count, there are a few top of the line photo printers that can work well for someone with slim resources.

The Biggest Challenge For Students

For the professional photo the options for a printer can be narrowed down. The kind of printer someone established in photography will need depends on the type of photos they will take and sell. Those whose main concern is wedding photography might still use a service for printing in order to save time over investing in a printer. Someone in need of art prints, however, will want a more hands on approach to printing. The ability of the printer to deliver a variety of formats and finishes is important to the overall effect printing will have on the final product. Students, on the other hand, are called on to create portfolios that span a range of different types of photos. The printer used should be one that’s easy to use, and as mobile as possible.

The Importance Of Connectivity

For those in cramped quarters such as a dorm or small apartment a wireless printer is the best option. This type of printer is also more mobile, and can easily be setup anywhere where connectivity is available. A good example is the Canon PIXMA Pro-100 Color Inkjet. This is a wireless option with Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and PictBridge connectivity. Usable for a wide range of prints it has 4800 x 2400 dpi resolution, and a max output of 13 x 19” media. As a plus for those who will need to use different paper type and print mode this printer analyzes image attribute to produce the results per print mode and paper type.

Comparing Ability And Price

It’s true most college students would rather spend their budget on equipment for taking photos rather than printing them. In reality, however, it is the end results that count toward a grade or in getting a customer what they want. If fine art is the hoped for result, then a printer aimed at both the professional and amateur is a good choice. The Epson SureColor SC-800 is a printer with enough quality to justify eating peanut butter sandwiches for a while in order to pay off the $3,000 plus price tag. Wi-Fi enabled it’s small enough to carry, and features a touchscreen LCD menu giving the photographer greater control of loading media and ink levels. An added point for those who taking artistic photos is this Epson ability to print on roll media up to 17’ wide so gallery wrap canvas, banners, or panoramic images are all printable immediately after getting the best shot.

A Less Expensive Workhorse

HP often offers customers a lower price, but for the struggling student it’s a choice between what they can afford or nothing at all. The HP OfficeJet Pro has the connectivity a student needs for mobile printing, and professional color at a promised 50% lower cost per page than laser printers. While this printer doesn’t give the photographer the type of selections or control of top of the line models it is a serviceable printer for many types of prints. The price is extremely low at less than $200, but for those attempting to make the grade selections like thismight prove a costly choice.

With so many new possibilities on the market, it’s hard to make the right decision. Having the right information can help. Whether you are looking for the best printer for college students, or for the perfect personal product, we can help you locate it quickly, with our comprehensive, interesting reviews and product comparisons.

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Porn Addiction Among Kids - How To Put An End To It

Porn Addiction Among Kids
Today, we live in a world where nobody seems to understand the concept of too much, too soon. For a parent in times like these, it is a hell of a job to keep their children shielded from the bitter truth about the world they live in. Sometimes they do a very good job of it. They are not only able to keep their children out of harm’s way but also school them on the effects things like porn would have on their health and wellbeing – both physical and mental. On the other hand there are those parents too that regardless of their endless efforts, fail to teach them the negative impact such additions would have on their life. Such children and teens delve too deep into a seemingly existing venture and usually go past the point of no return without knowing any better. Not only do they watch porn but under the stupor of such emotions, they do things that children their age shouldn’t be doing. You must take solid steps to stop this addiction right now before your kids start doing what your whole family regret whole your lives.

Let’s Turn to Digital Technology

Keeping eyes on teens 24/7 so that they can’t watch porn sounds something impossible but thanks to digital technology, it is now possible. Parental controls have come to rescue all those parents who are in constant fear that their kids may end up getting addicted to porn and doing something embarrassing after watching it for too long. These apps have proved to be a guardian angel for kids making sure they never get access to porn websites solving the problem from its root. For those who do not know, consider parental controls as your dear friends, close relatives or a personal bodyguard who take care of your kids in your absence. Let’s not create more suspense. Given below is how these awesomely powerful apps are giving digital parents a peace of mind that their kids are safe from harmful content.

Features Offered By Parental Controls That Can Help You Out

1. Browse Through Internet Search History

Parental control apps provide its users with the ability to freely browse through the target devices’ internet browsing history. With this you can not only discover if your teen is suffering through these terrible and highly injurious afflictions that has the potential to turn into nymphomania, and nip the problem in the bud by blocking your child’s connection to such portals.

2. Block Inappropriate Website

These apps allow you to block inappropriate websites and portals that provide your child with materials that can be used as the gateway to curb their appetite for porn. By blocking such websites you can not only put an end to such addictions but also notify the app about the websites that you deem inappropriate.

3. Notification

Once the kid monitoring app is aware of the websites that you deem inappropriate it will not only filter those websites and keep your child from accessing them but also notify them if they are being accessed.

4. Access Media Files

Unfortunately, porn websites are not the only sources of porn content. It is very common among teens to share their nude and semi-nude photos to their friends. This is when parental controls come. These apps not only block inappropriate websites but it gives you access to the media files that are stored onto the target device’s memory. This way you can even take a look at the files your teen has saved onto the device and make sure that none of those happen to be pornographic videos and images. The good thing is that these apps save all the images and videos even after they are being deleted from the target device so that you do not miss anything.

In these ways and many others parental controls can not only get rid of your teen’s addiction of pornographic material but also keep this dangerous affliction from turning into nymphomania.

So, stop blaming your partner or yourself for bad upbringing and start accepting this fact that this can happen to any kid. Stay calm and trust parental controls, they won’t disappoint you.

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Humera Aslam, a blogger by profession, an author significantly contributes towards mobile security, working for Semiapy.
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Top 5 Tips To Improve Your Text

Top 5 Tips To Improve Your Text
Somewhere in a perfect world, each copywriter has his own editor, who patiently proofreads and polishes up his articles. Though, we are not in a perfect world and you, as a copywriter, have to craft your texts and do all the edits, proofread and corrections alone. This process is meticulous and tiresome, yet rewarding. A well-written text isn’t just a set of beautiful words; it is a program that has certain functions, so you should carefully design it from the outset. So how could you measure and evaluate the quality of a written material, if, in fact, you need just “a great article” rather than some kind of algorithms and SEO-data? How can you express “awesomeness” of content in figures and determine how it affects the reader?. You will find the answer below, as well as 5 tools to improve your content and save time on bringing them to perfection.

Tip #1: Plan Your Keywords

SEO copywriting is a bit of a dirty word, in 2016. People look for meaty, satisfying material that brings practical advice and hands-on takeaways. But the text on a page still requires to be optimized. And if you aim to extend your readership and thus become an influencer in your niche, you must be smart and strategic about writing for search engines as well. Yet, making your article relevant to search queries doesn’t mean stuffing it with keywords. When crafting content, pay attention to a natural pattern of phrases. For example, let’s consider a phrase “order an essay” as initial text with the keyword “essay”. Since the entire text consists of 3 words, the word “essay” constitutes 1/3 of the phrase and makes 33,3% KD of the text set. The result: Spam-ish!.

What amount of keywords is optimal for one article? While the majority of Google’s SEO think there’s no optimal KD percent, in average key phrases shouldn’t overweight more than 3-5% of the entire text. To make most out of your text and establish a solid SEO foundation, consider making following preparations. First of all, think about the topic of your article and the buzz around it across the web. How many searches on your main keyword are there? How relevant it is to your topic? Does your permalink contain your key phrase and will your header motivate people to click on it? Check the meta-description – is it clear enough to make people interested in the whole post?. If you are not the SEM analyst, use Semrush – a keyword research and planning tool that helps you target short-tail and long-tail keywords. Together with KD analysis report you will get other details like traffic stats, search engine report, AdSense CPC etc., that will be useful for your SEO campaign.

Tip #2: Remove Fluff

About 90% of information is lost before it reaches our brains. That percentage decreases as we read long, plain text on a web page. The situation worsens if the article is filled with unnecessary clich├ęs, buzz words and made-up terms. You can check wateriness of your articles with Contentyoda service. This software will also provide you with stats on stop-words, rhythmic monotony and overall uniqueness of your text. Check out this example from UK’s Plain Language Campaign - this is the difference brevity makes.

Be concise and directly write to the point. If mobile users are important to you, be even briefer and specify your points even more. Start with the conclusion and break it down in the content’s body – people relate better to details if they are familiar with basics.

Tip #3: Keep It Original

Unique content doesn’t only mean “an original word set” but also includes the originality of ideas. Rehashing old concepts and duplicating of other people’s content will lead to decreasing in ranking from search engines. Plagiarism issues crush your web exposure, let alone it's illicit everywhere. John Mueller, a Webmaster Trend Analyst of Google, said in his Hangouts video that they do not have special duplicate content penalties, but they do have some things around spam content that are penalty worthy. In other words, if your website mostly contains low-quality articles or entirely reused content – Google might not rank it again. In our era of reposts, back links and republished content it is crucial to understand that your page will more likely struggle certain friction in Google SERP’s.
Top 5 Tips To Improve Your Text
The Internet offers many tools for plagiarism and text uniqueness checking, that range from the type of testing to pricing (check out this list for free services). Note that it is impossible to reach 100% of text uniqueness in some topics because of citations and stable phrase usage. In most cases, a result of 80-95% of uniqueness is acceptable.

Tip #4: Add Relevant Data

Numbers, comparisons and examples are vital to helping your visitors get to the core of your content. Instead of “we completed numerous projects” give exact facts - “we accomplished 4627 tasks”. If your data is massive and complicated, use charts and infographics as the more valuable information you provide the better response you will get from your audience. Keep in mind that you must present your ideas clearly. You should lead your readers from one point to another, gradually moving from simple concepts to more complicated structures. Use mind mapping tools to organize and manage your data.

Tip #5: Proofreading And Formatting

Long blocks of plain text can be intimidating as they look like a lot of “work”. And it becomes especially hard when your text is full of grammar and spelling mistakes. Add the fact that web visitors scarcely read the entire article and you’ll see how much room for improving is left.

The main guidelines to ensure readability of web content are:
  • Use test tools such as Grammarly to proofread and edit grammar and spelling.
  • Divide information into small bites and make your content easy to digest.
  • Write for how users view the web page. Communicate important information on top of the page and provide readable layout.
  • One of the best strategies to make your content more scannable is using clear headers and subheaders.
  • Write mainly in active voice and aim for an 8th-grade reading level. This will allow you target broad consumer audience.
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Emma Rundle young student and Junior SEO specialist. She is passionate about writing that is why she currently works freelance writer for EduBirdie. Emma wishes to connect her future with blogging and website promotion.
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Top Best Apps To Spy On Your Kids

Top 5 Apps To Spy On Your Kids
Technology for the past four decades, have been taking over the world one app at a time. This technology which used to be one of those things that adults alone used to be in possession of, has now become so common that it can essentially be taken as an extension of our limbs, like a hand or a foot, for both children and adults alike. While adults, most of the time, are wise enough to tell wrong from right, kids on the other hand are not quite apt at doing so.

With paedophiles along with all kinds of notorious people that includes their own peers as well out there to groom or cyber-bullying your child, the only way you can look out for your children is by using spy applications. Already a lot of parents are using Android spy apps, so why not you? A few good spy apps that can help you out are:


When it comes to spying on your kids’ electronic devices, no one knows it better than XNSPY. The app is affordable, reliable and powerful enough to take on any kind of spying, including spouse and employee monitoring/spying. XNSPY is a preferred choice of thousands of parents already. Some important features of this app include:

- Real-time GPS Tracking & Geofencing:

While others may promise to provide you real-time tracking sometime in near future, Xnspy is already making it happen? This is particularly due to the responsive nature of this app. When you track your child’s GPS location with XNSPY, you are provided every location’s details, including date, time and address stamps.

Much more interesting is the geofencing feature that can keep your child away from visiting inappropriate or dangerous places.

- App Blocker

When it comes to spying on your kids, you need to have an app blocker, and that’s exactly what xnspy has done with itself. You can block your child’s access to any app that you don’t wish them to be using. This way, you can restrict them from using dating apps and M-rated mobile games.

- Record Calls & Surroundings

And if everything aforementioned isn’t enough to keep tabs on your child’s safety, you can also listen to their calls and even surroundings using XNSPY.

2. TheOneSpy

TheOneSpy is a relatively new spy app, yet it is quickly gaining popularity amongst parents, spouses and business owners alike. A comprehensive view of the features of this app includes:

- Bugging:

This app allows users to bug the target device and take control of its camera and microphone. This allows you to remotely access the target device upon which we can record the surroundings of the target device and even use the front and back camera to take pictures.

- GPS Tracker:

GPS Trackers allows you to keep an eye on the location of target device in real time, wherever it may be.

- Monitor Calls:

Unlike most spy applications, TheOneSpy actually allows you to listen in to live calls in real-time, as well as record it. Additionally, it can also prepare call logs for you that you can use to detect a pattern of calling behaviour.

- Read Texts and Emails:

Unlike before, kids have multiple ways to contact their friend, like Texts, iMessage, IMs Kik, Line, Whatsapp, etc. TheOneSpy allows you to monitor all of them remotely.

- Monitor Social Media Accounts:

TheOneSpy also allows you to monitor the various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc your child uses.

- Browsing History:

It allows you to keep an eye on child’s internet browser history and block any website that you deem inappropriate.

Special Features

TheOneSpy also contains a couple of special features that are;
  • It allows you to remotely deactivate all the contact to their various social media platforms as well as the chances of them receiving any call or text that might distract them while driving or engaged in an activity during which you do not want them to be disturbed.
  • It can also be used to monitor multiple platforms and switch between different devices.

3. mSpy:

mSpy is one of the oldest and most used spy app out there. Self-proclaimed “The best app in the business”, they sure do have years of experience in the area and the time to study the market for quite longer than any other spy app.

Yet, it mostly shares a number of features with TheOneSpy and has only a few unique ones to its name, such as:
  • Three packages: sorted from basic to advance.
  • Contains unique features like Geo-Fencing, Remote Device Lock, etc.
  • Allows you to catch your cheating spouse re-handed with the ability to keep an eye on dating sites like tinder.
Top 5 Apps To Spy On Your Kids

4. MobiStealth:

MobiStealth is a great app for those of you who need to keep an eye on a blackberry or a Symbian device. MobiStealth is compatible with any smartphone platform there is. Additionally, it offers an advanced key stroke logging feature that gives you a unique insight into every keystroke being made by the target device.

5. Qustodio:

Qustodio is also another one of the most used spy app out there. Other than all the common features like Bugging, Email and Text monitoring, call log monitoring, etc. But, what makes Qustodio stand out is.

- Panic Button:

This feature allows your kid to contact you immediately using the Panic Button through the spy app.

- Time Control:

Time control feature offered by Qustodio is a brilliant invention by these spy app manufacturers. They do not only allow you to monitor your child’s online activity but it also allows you to limit it by deactivating the access to the internet.

6. Netnanny:

Netnanny is a class of its own amongst spy applications, working on almost all apps out there. Apart from all the most common features that almost all spy apps contain, there are a couple of features that are unique to Netnanny, like;

- Profanity Masking:

This feature automatically edits out everything that it deems inappropriate from the target device since it was created exclusively for kids and parents everywhere.

- Time Management:

Since their app was created exclusively to monitor kids, it allows you to keep an eye on the number of hours your child has been online.

So there you have it folks, five spy app that can help you keep your children out of harm’s way at times as testing as today.

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Angelica Dowson, a blogger by profession, an author significantly contributes towards mobile security, Dangerous social media apps.
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How Can You Bypass Social Media Dangers For Kids?

How Can You Bypass Social Media Dangers For Kids?
International newspapers, journals and child protection communities and research centers are raising their voices against the vast use of social media by teens due to their severe impacts. This is a reality that we all have become addicted to the internet and social media as well. Teens after seeing their elders are also getting acquitted to them too but this is very dangerous in light of the current and latest crime reports. The most harmful thing about the social media is that there are no rules and regulations over what should be shared. Moreover, when parents let their teens use internet, smartphones and social media freely, they share personal information and their security is challenged. Use the monitoring apps and keep eyes on your kids’ locations, messages, calls, internet history and social media activities as well.
How Can You Bypass Social Media Dangers For Kids?
This Infographic is shared here after a legal permission from The One Spy.

10 Effective Cloud Tools To Help Teachers In Teaching

10 Effective Cloud Tools To Help Teachers
The school year is upon us. It's truly the ideal opportunity for educators, understudies, guardians, school managers, and others to start spending most by far of their day at a school. Whether it's school, secondary school, center school, or basic levels, it's educational time. That implies instructors should be up to speed and prepared to shake the classroom. With a specific end goal to do that, we thought it'd be valuable to think about the most mainstream educator apparatuses that we're catching wind of. We've amassed a rundown of the fundamental and well known devices that we've seen utilized as a part of present day classrooms around the globe. They may not be the most front line but rather, rather, you can rest guaranteed that they're attempted and tried. Such a developers created cloud tools for educators to help their students to teach lessons.

There are many sorts of Effective Cloud Tools to Help Teachers in Teaching yet 10 are taking after see below.

1. Worlde

This is an extraordinary apparatus for producing word clouds from content that you give. Words that seem all the more often in your content have a tendency to have more noticeable quality. Worlde likewise permits it clients to tweak their clouds with different textual styles, formats and hues. Once done you can print out your mists or spare them to Worlde exhibition to impart to others.

2. Tagul

This is a web administration that empowers clients to make wonderful word clouds. It additionally has pretty much the same capacities as Worlde above. It requires a sing up.

3. Word It Out

This is another awesome word cloud tool. It is very simple and easy to use. Just type in your text and click on word it button and you will get a generated word cloud that you can save using an email address. What is even cool about Word It Out is that it allows you to create word clouds of a whole web page, a document, or even a table.

4. Yippy Cloud

Yippy Cloud is a device that is perfect for those instructors who have classroom sites or sites. They can utilize it to make a cloud in light of any theme or inquiry. Simply give the theme title and select the setting of your oath cloud like outskirt eye infection, join style and width then snap " redesign cloud " to create a word cloud around that subject. This word cloud can be implanted in your website or wiki utilizing a created insert code.

5. Wordshift

This apparatus permits anybody to filter through content and make word billows of imperative words in a content. Simply duplicate and glue a section of your content and Wordshift will help you include the repeating words in it. It likewise helps in checking and sorting diverse arrangements of words vital to teachers and gives a representation of word thesaurus connections.

6. ABCYa

This is a word cloud instrument for children. It works the same way different devices work. Simply sort in a content and press the bolt catch to see the word cloud created. The presence of a word cloud can be adjusted utilizing the graphical.

7. Tagxedo

Tagxedo is a marvelous word cloud device that transforms words from any source into an outwardly engaging cloud that highlights the frequencies of event inside the collection of content.

8. Word Mosaic

This a cool word cloud device. It produces word mists as hearts that can be sent as a welcome or be posted on Facebook or an online journal

9. Tag Crowd

This instrument permits clients to make drawing in word mists out of three content sources ; the URL of a site page, duplicate and glue, or transferred content document with a most extreme of 5 MB.

10. You Are Your Words

This is The American Heritage Dictionary that permits clients to make a self-picture utilizing their words. Clients can likewise connection to spots like akamai for words they have effectively composed. The created picture will then be spared or imparted to others.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Alex Lafleur is the founder of Stratusly provides expert research, analysis, and reviews on the CDN, cloud security, and IaaS markets.Apart from this, you can get reports on the latest industry news, trends, product releases, competitive analysis, and innovative startups.

"There's a Plugin for That" - The Many Faces Of Wordpress

There's a Plugin for That - The Many Faces Of Wordpress
As of 2012, there were about 60 million websites in the world that used Wordpress as their platform. Furthermore, according to Venturebeat, 25% of all the websites in the world were powered by Wordpress in 2015. Since such an immense number of website owners opt for this platform, there has to be something to it that makes a difference. One clear advantage is that simple Wordpress templates for websites are free of charge. The other one is that Wordpress users can count on thousands of great plugins that give them great user experience.

Content The King And Its Services

Everybody who has ever launched a web browser knows that online business success depends on your content. If you want to improve content management on your Wordpress website, you should get a few handy plugins. One of the most important additions for smooth content supervision is the Better Internal Link Search plugin. Although it has a fairly long name, this tool actually simplifies the process of link search within a website. Internal links are crucial for the SEO status of every website. The more internal links you create among your pages, the higher your Wordpress website will get on the result pages of search engines.

Enhanced Visuals

If content is king, as Bill Gates put it in 1996, then this kings' main helpers are visuals. It is a well-known fact that an average visitor of a website decided whether or not they will keep searching it depends on the first few seconds of their visit. What they usually notice during that short period of time are the visuals on the site. An average Wordpress website needs assistance when it comes to image organization and loading speed. With the advent or responsive design, nowadays you can use smart solutions to adapt your images to different gadgets. To make your website accessible for smartphones and tablets, try the RICG Responsive Images plugin. This miraculous tool will adapt your images so that they are easily accessible from different devices.

Keep The Passwords Strong

When it comes to website security, it is necessary to install plugins that will protect your content from being hacked or stolen. Since many Wordpress websites require some sort of registration from their users, you should ensure that nobody can hack any of the passwords, including the admins' codes. The Force Strong Passwords feature will keep your site completely safe from such intrusions.

Apart from password theft and hacks, you also have to protect your website from attack scripts. The Brute Protect plugin is one of the most powerful tools for keeping your website impenetrable for such raids. In addition, read more about other handy security plugins for Wordpress websites.

Perfect Plugin For E-(Best)Selling

Due to the fact that thousands of businesses worldwide participate in e-commerce, it is essential to use only safe protocols and tools that keep those transactions protected from hacking interceptors. No matter is it is a conventional website that sells certain products or a special online store through which services are sold, clients and their money have to be protected from any virtual thefts. Wordpress specialists make dozens of plugins only for commercial websites. For instance, if your company organizes any business or entertainment events, you can try Tickera, which is a great wp event ticketing plugin for websites that deal with such events.

Wordpress users can relax, because there is really a plugin for each and every need they might have. However, you should test new plugins to see if they meet your requirements, as well as always update the old ones. It will ensure that your website is as functional and safe as possible.

5 Spy Apps Myths Busted

5 Spy Apps Myths Busted
Most people don’t know much about this application, yet the moment they hear the word “spy” in the spy application, they turn into spy application experts within minutes. The word “spy” has earned a bad reputation over the years. Such a reputation usually gets tongues wagging, giving a chance to neurotics and sceptics to turn something pretty simple and innocent into something that seems downright dangerous. Therefore, for those people, we have 5 of the most common myths associated with spy applications right here. Read on to find out.

  • Ability to Access Data from Every Device in The Vicinity
  • One of the most common myths associated with spy applications comes from a time when such applications were relatively new in the market. Back then, people used to believe that if one user in the vicinity has iPhone spy application installed onto his device, the user of the target device will be able to access all the iPhone devices in the vicinity. This was never true, even back then. When a user installs an iPhone spy application onto the target iOS device, he will only be able to access the target device no matter how many similar devices might be in the vicinity. Thus, one does not need to be worried about getting all their personal data stolen just because they use a device that is similar to a target device in the vicinity in the make and model category.

  • Only Tech-Savvy People Can Control It
  • Spy movies like James Bond and Mission Impossible have developed this idea in our head that spy equipment like bugs, EMPs, etc are all incredibly hard to operate and only trained professional and use them properly. The same mindset has been extended to the use of spy applications. People have always assumed that spy applications are difficult to handle and even harder to operate. Fortunately, it is not so. Spy application were created for common people, therefore making it tough to handle is not in the favor of spy applications. Thus, no matter who needs to use spy applications, they can easily use it, whether they have a technological background or not.

  • Can Be Installed Without Physical Access To The Device
  • It is also an old-timey myth regarding spy applications that they can installed onto the target device without having physical access to it. It was as if nefarious people like pedophiles and stalkers could look into your personal belongings by installing spy apps onto your device through the air. The truth could not have been further than this. No matter how advanced a spy application is, it operates just like any other application there is. An individual at least needs one time access to the target device in order to install spy application onto it.

  • Device Has To Be Jailbroken or Rooted
  • Another myth associated with spy applications is that the target device has to be rooted or jailbroken to install spy applications onto it. Rooting or Jailbreaking a device is the process of removing the software restrictions placed onto a target device respectively by the manufacturer. It is the manufacturer’s way to prevent low-quality apps from destroying the device. Any good spy application can be installed onto the target device without rooting or jailbreaking it. It is only low-quality spy applications that need the device to be rooted or jailbroken, thus you need to steer clear of such apps at all costs.

  • Spy Apps And Spyware Are The Same Thing
  • While spy applications are used as a surveillance tool that enable parents and employees to keep an eye on target device wherever they maybe, spyware are a completely different thing. According to Google, spyware is any software of application that “enables a user to obtain covert information about another's computer activities by transmitting data covertly from their hard drive.” Does that even sounds remotely like the same thing at all? Spy applications were created with the intention of privatizing surveillance methodologies so that common people can keep an eye on their loved us in such a perilous world while spyware was invasive in nature, ever since its inception. While one is used to provide protection, the other is used to invade people’s personal privacy and exploit them in the worst ways imaginable. Thus, those who believe that spy applications and spyware are the same thing, they cannot be further from the truth.

    The Bottom Line

    Spy applications are a great means of keeping an eye on people and to ensure that they stay safe at all times. There are some skeptics out there that find its design to be basically invasive in nature, and such skeptic ideas usually give rise to myths, a few of which we have debunked up there. We hope that we have assuaged some of the spy apps related myths up there and have given you the much-needed peace of mind.

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    Angelica Dowson, a blogger by profession, an author significantly contributes towards mobile security. If you want to know more about her you can follow her in given links.
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