"There's a Plugin for That" - The Many Faces Of Wordpress

There's a Plugin for That - The Many Faces Of Wordpress
As of 2012, there were about 60 million websites in the world that used Wordpress as their platform. Furthermore, according to Venturebeat, 25% of all the websites in the world were powered by Wordpress in 2015. Since such an immense number of website owners opt for this platform, there has to be something to it that makes a difference. One clear advantage is that simple Wordpress templates for websites are free of charge. The other one is that Wordpress users can count on thousands of great plugins that give them great user experience.

Content The King And Its Services

Everybody who has ever launched a web browser knows that online business success depends on your content. If you want to improve content management on your Wordpress website, you should get a few handy plugins. One of the most important additions for smooth content supervision is the Better Internal Link Search plugin. Although it has a fairly long name, this tool actually simplifies the process of link search within a website. Internal links are crucial for the SEO status of every website. The more internal links you create among your pages, the higher your Wordpress website will get on the result pages of search engines.

Enhanced Visuals

If content is king, as Bill Gates put it in 1996, then this kings' main helpers are visuals. It is a well-known fact that an average visitor of a website decided whether or not they will keep searching it depends on the first few seconds of their visit. What they usually notice during that short period of time are the visuals on the site. An average Wordpress website needs assistance when it comes to image organization and loading speed. With the advent or responsive design, nowadays you can use smart solutions to adapt your images to different gadgets. To make your website accessible for smartphones and tablets, try the RICG Responsive Images plugin. This miraculous tool will adapt your images so that they are easily accessible from different devices.

Keep The Passwords Strong

When it comes to website security, it is necessary to install plugins that will protect your content from being hacked or stolen. Since many Wordpress websites require some sort of registration from their users, you should ensure that nobody can hack any of the passwords, including the admins' codes. The Force Strong Passwords feature will keep your site completely safe from such intrusions.

Apart from password theft and hacks, you also have to protect your website from attack scripts. The Brute Protect plugin is one of the most powerful tools for keeping your website impenetrable for such raids. In addition, read more about other handy security plugins for Wordpress websites.

Perfect Plugin For E-(Best)Selling

Due to the fact that thousands of businesses worldwide participate in e-commerce, it is essential to use only safe protocols and tools that keep those transactions protected from hacking interceptors. No matter is it is a conventional website that sells certain products or a special online store through which services are sold, clients and their money have to be protected from any virtual thefts. Wordpress specialists make dozens of plugins only for commercial websites. For instance, if your company organizes any business or entertainment events, you can try Tickera, which is a great wp event ticketing plugin for websites that deal with such events.

Wordpress users can relax, because there is really a plugin for each and every need they might have. However, you should test new plugins to see if they meet your requirements, as well as always update the old ones. It will ensure that your website is as functional and safe as possible.
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