Printers For College Students

Printers For College Students
No matter how great the photo, it’s only valuable when shown. Online it’s possible to show a project off easily, and have it appear exactly as you intend. Showing a photo or selling it off-line will mean it must be printed. Naturally a top of the line professional photo printer is the most sought after option, but what is the best printer for college students on a budget? The solution might entail opening the wallet far wider than most students would hope for, but when results count, there are a few top of the line photo printers that can work well for someone with slim resources.

The Biggest Challenge For Students

For the professional photo the options for a printer can be narrowed down. The kind of printer someone established in photography will need depends on the type of photos they will take and sell. Those whose main concern is wedding photography might still use a service for printing in order to save time over investing in a printer. Someone in need of art prints, however, will want a more hands on approach to printing. The ability of the printer to deliver a variety of formats and finishes is important to the overall effect printing will have on the final product. Students, on the other hand, are called on to create portfolios that span a range of different types of photos. The printer used should be one that’s easy to use, and as mobile as possible.

The Importance Of Connectivity

For those in cramped quarters such as a dorm or small apartment a wireless printer is the best option. This type of printer is also more mobile, and can easily be setup anywhere where connectivity is available. A good example is the Canon PIXMA Pro-100 Color Inkjet. This is a wireless option with Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and PictBridge connectivity. Usable for a wide range of prints it has 4800 x 2400 dpi resolution, and a max output of 13 x 19” media. As a plus for those who will need to use different paper type and print mode this printer analyzes image attribute to produce the results per print mode and paper type.

Comparing Ability And Price

It’s true most college students would rather spend their budget on equipment for taking photos rather than printing them. In reality, however, it is the end results that count toward a grade or in getting a customer what they want. If fine art is the hoped for result, then a printer aimed at both the professional and amateur is a good choice. The Epson SureColor SC-800 is a printer with enough quality to justify eating peanut butter sandwiches for a while in order to pay off the $3,000 plus price tag. Wi-Fi enabled it’s small enough to carry, and features a touchscreen LCD menu giving the photographer greater control of loading media and ink levels. An added point for those who taking artistic photos is this Epson ability to print on roll media up to 17’ wide so gallery wrap canvas, banners, or panoramic images are all printable immediately after getting the best shot.

A Less Expensive Workhorse

HP often offers customers a lower price, but for the struggling student it’s a choice between what they can afford or nothing at all. The HP OfficeJet Pro has the connectivity a student needs for mobile printing, and professional color at a promised 50% lower cost per page than laser printers. While this printer doesn’t give the photographer the type of selections or control of top of the line models it is a serviceable printer for many types of prints. The price is extremely low at less than $200, but for those attempting to make the grade selections like thismight prove a costly choice.

With so many new possibilities on the market, it’s hard to make the right decision. Having the right information can help. Whether you are looking for the best printer for college students, or for the perfect personal product, we can help you locate it quickly, with our comprehensive, interesting reviews and product comparisons.

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