Types Of Online Games

Types Of Online Games
Online games are the best, playing at your convenience whenever you need to. Online games are famous among people of all age groups. It has taken the whole world and have set a trend of usage of their free times in playing these online games. A person child or adult should know the types of games they play online and must have a knowledge enough to get to know their own likings.

Here we are with another great article for you that will certainly make you learn a lot about these online games. Types are described as under:

Board Games

These are the most famous games among all. They are the same as we play in life, just a little exaggerated with animations and illustrations. Traditional board games such as Chess, monopoly, LUDO etc. are some examples of the famous games available online to play. These games are just usual indoor games that we love playing while comfy in out houses with no age restrictions at all.

Massively Multiplayer Online Games

Ever got that nasty FB sponsored ads of War craft wizards or The Clash of Titans well they are multiplayer games online and are the most popular games among all especially common among android users. They make high profits to the owners of the games, that’s for sure but also keeps the consistency of providing you the unlimited levels of there journeys and whatever the story is about. They certainly do provide the users and in many cases subscribers (since some maybe paid) with loads of adventurous scenarios and thrill that will satisfy your nasty mood.

First Person Shooter Games

Ever been to a CS server room play? Well, if you haven’t let me tell you real quick. These games give you the real time scenarios of you live holding a gun or weapon of some kind and you actually fight for your survival or what so ever is the object. In the case of Counter Strike (The most popular ever) you actually use a server to make teams based on real people and have a shoot out on a scene set somewhere in a terrorist situation field. Some other examples include Halo and WARFACE. Most probably you will be a soldier and shooting your opponents with loads of Ammo (talk about taking all day frustration off your chest while shooting some bad guys).

Arcade Games

Well that sounds familiar, right? Since childhood you must have been going to arcade to play games of all sorts with characters that looked mostly like LEGO created people. These arcade games actually don’t have very serious adventure bases. They mostly base on objectives and just unlocking more and more unlimited levels to complete. These games include the famous Mario Run and Bounce. In Mario the man just literally goes around different levels avoiding obstacles on its way, same as for bounce in which you gave to keep the ball from busting up.
Types Of Online Games

Casino Games

Got some extra cash? Casino too expensive for you? Well here is the right solution for you. There are countless games online based on Casino settings and games to gamble even with a single penny or cent so you can enjoy a fun gaming online. You’ll be surprised to hear that people actually win here too. And it saves you the hectic of going to a Casino to gamble. It involves real money transactions and real prizes and bonuses. But beware, try to check out for the best games out and popular ones most of them could be just scams too. WE won’t give you any suggestions on this, since its hard to see through these ones.

Sports Games

So, don’t want to go play outside some Football in the sunshine? or too tired to play basketball? Well, don’t worry you can go through some awesome sports games that are available online same as the first person shooting games. You can actually play leagues online by building up online teams and playing virtual sports. NBA league is available online as a game with even popular player characters. You can even depict their favorite moves and cover up many levels of excitement, except that these games aren’t healthy as we play in real lives. FIFA releases its latest league playing games now and then.

Shooting Games

Caught up a lot of frustration? Well get it out here. These games are mostly ‘aim the target and fire’ games and usually gives load of weapon choices. This could be target practices or can be a scenario target shooting on a field, depending on the nature of the game. This type of thrill and action actually tests gamers ability to target using your computer mouse keyboard or a smart phone. These types of games are popular too and mostly have levels to approach your desired shooting weapons.


Why You Need A VPN Chrome Extension

Why You Need A VPN Chrome Extension
Since the leak of Big Brother’s oversight from the NSA some years ago by whistleblower Edward Snowden, it’s no long news that every time we connect to the internet, we are tracked by intelligence agencies and ISPs. Maybe George Orwell’s 1984 is edging towards reality after all. The good news though, today we have privacy and security tools like virtual private networks (VPN), which masks your traffic as well as your identity, and secures your connections. At just a mouse click away, you can download a Chrome VPN extension and reclaim control over your online activities and shield yourself from even the most sophisticated agencies in the world, if the VPN encryption is strong enough.

What Is A VPN?

A VPN sends all your internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel from the moment you are connected. Be it the DNS request sent from your IP address, or the content streamed from your destination. Third parties will not be able to see or intercept your traffic, which means ISPs, hackers, government intelligence will be warded off your online activities. You also gain complete anonymity in the process, if your VPN provider is responsible and trustworthy (that is, if they do not keep logs). Protection is of utmost importance, but speed is a priority, too, and one is usually compromised for in the expense of the other, especially when your traffic is routed through different VPN servers and heavily encrypted. A good VPN is one that strikes a balance between the two.

Don’t Be Fooled By Incognito Mode

For the past few years, an incognito mode has gained popularity among internet users for being the latest tool in private browsing from Google Chrome. The online feature allows user to open a new tab or window with no record of cookies, bookmarks, saved searches or pre-filled forms. Any data that is entered ‘disappears’ once the tab or window is closed – or so you think.

A lot of users mistakenly believe that they are safe from external threats and behavior tracking. The truth is, incognito mode provides mode provides ‘local privacy’ but not ‘online privacy,’ meaning that while other users of your personal computer cannot see your browsing history or use your account logins, your identity is revealed to third-parties you interact with online. When service providers, software developers and even the government have everything to gain from your user data, it makes sense that the free tools readily available online, such as Chrome itself, is not 100% reliable. So, don’t busy yourself with clearing your browsing history with the incognito mode to hide your footprints from your family, when the real sharks in the sea are actually out there.
Why You Need A VPN Chrome Extension
Here are the three significant weaknesses of Incognito mode that leave users vulnerable:

DNS Records

DNS (Domain Name System) refers to the database, or ‘phone book’, that refers an individual to specific IP addresses that correspond to each domain. The individual’s requests, as well as their IP address, could be tracked and recorded at the DNS Server. Sometimes, your ISP routes you to their own DNS servers so that they could collect data on your footprint.

System Administrators And ISPs

Internet activity is bounded by its functioning operator, be it the network administrator of a WiFi network or the ISP responsible for a phone’s hotspot. As such, do not be surprised to find that both record and track online activities, and are capable of using or selling personal data to third parties.

Faults In Encryption

Browsers primarily access websites via HTTP requests; however, such online protocols are considered outdated due to its lack of data encryption. When users send information online, such as banking details or passwords, third-party individuals can easily obtain and exploit such data. An example would be a ‘Man-in-the-middle’ attack where a malicious hacker using the same public Wi-Fi as yourself can easily obtain your passwords.

Which VPN Chrome Extension Should You Get?

While there are different VPN extension options, only one can best address all the issues mentioned prior. In the case of DNS, ExpressVPN makes it impossible for DNS to identify you due to its ability to re-route traffic through its own server. You need not worry about any personal data entered, because data encryption will keep it hidden from admins and ISPs, preventing any form of malicious activities.

But how do you know if you can trust ExpressVPN? ExpressVPN keeps no activity or connection logs – they do it not by erasing records, but by using a private, zero-knowledge proof. Too technical? In laymen terms, a zero-knowledge proof is system used to proof that you know something without really gaining knowledge of what the content is. This ensures added anonymity and privacy.

Lastly, ExpressVPN stands out from among its competitors, incorporating a HTTPS Everywhere extension which resolves the egregious issue of an unsecure network in any browser and promises secure online activity for all users.

The best part is that protecting yourself from online threats is extremely easy. By just downloading the VPN extension on your Chrome browser, you can begin surfing the internet with an ironclad network, utmost privacy and of course, simple ease of mind.

To get the free VPN extension, you will need an ExpressVPN subscription, which can be a little pricey as compared to other options on the market. But for a limited time, you can get it for almost half the price with a limited time discount. Claim the ExpressVPN coupon here.


The Ultimate Racing Games For Android

The Ultimate Racing Games For Android
Car racing games are one of the biggest racing genres that is admired by huge following around the world. There is a long list available of these mighty games on Google Play Store. Here, we have discussed some of these ultimate racing games for Android.

Clash For Speed

The Ultimate Racing Games For Android
Try this extreme combat car racing game to test your racing & shooting skills. This powerful game come equipped with abundant features to make your gaming experience seamless. This game offers you 15 pre-defined tracks with more than 8 upgradable battle car options to dive deep into racing adventure. Here, you can upgrade your cars & weapons as you level-up each time in game. It also allows you to upgrade your tires, decals and car stickers with each win. While racing through the powerful tracks, you will experience 5 unique 3D game environments on different planets. It offers in-garage option to help you customize your cars with features like customized wheels & armors, turbocharger and updated engines.

This amazing game is governed by a mighty intergalactic character named Speed Ho, who owns all the planets in the game. He likes power battles and he guides you through your wins. You start this game from Green Valley and go through different planets ending game in Sci-Fi Gravity. In addition to pre-defined tracks, Clash for Speed also allows you to design your own 3D tracks for racing. You can do this by simple gesture of your finger on the screen. You can draw simplest to most tough tracks to make it hard for other players to win the race. Here, tough tracks will help you win more trophies that you can use to unlock other features of the game. Further, you can also collect all the bounty to explore & unlock new levels. As you level-up in the game, it will become more difficult. You can play this fast car racing 3D game to experience extreme racing adventure.

Xtreme Turbo Drift Car Racing

The Ultimate Racing Games For Android
Xtreme Turbo Drift Car Racing is racing gamers delight as it allows players to race fast on deadliest asphalt tracks. It offers multiple car options to select from where you need to race against the opponents. It sets different goals for you to achieve when you finish the lap. It offers unique car racing physics with breathtaking 3D graphical environments. While racing through the dangerous paths it makes your driving seamless with smooth controls. To complete the challenging missions, you can use nitrous boost and other useful options. It offers an immersive car race game with realistic sound effects.

Turbo Racing 3D

The Ultimate Racing Games For Android
Next in the list of ultimate car racing games is Turbo Racing 3D. This powerful endless arcade racing game lets you through some of the busiest highways in the world. It allows you to earn cash to upgrade your cars. You can even buy new cars with this cash. It offers easy one finger control model to help you play game seamlessly. Here, you can tilt your phone to control direction of your car and touch the screen of the phone to accelerate the speed. In other features, it offers amazing tracks, realistic car handling, stunning 3D graphics, smooth controls, rich type of NPC racers and more.

Buggy Of Battle

The Ultimate Racing Games For Android
Try this amazing arena war beach game if you like racing buggy games. It is powered with the V12 engine where it helps you boost your racing speed for ultimate experience. It offers dual links to help you dodge your enemies. You can play this monster truck racing game where you need to fight really hard in canyon racing circuit. While driving the cars, if you crash into other cars it will attract your penalty. Here, you get options to select from police & army vehicles to win the race. By dodging your enemies, you get a chance to win new cars. Once you win all the races, you will be Arena War Champion in the game.
Download Here

Nitro Nation

The Ultimate Racing Games For Android
If you love drag car racing then Nitro Nation is the perfect game for you. It offers powerful cars from big car manufacturers around the world. To set level playing experience, you needn’t to wait for fuel and you will also get “delivery time” for cars or upgrades. You can play this multiplayer game in real-time with players around the world. Further, you will get chance to appear for weekly regional tournaments to test your skills and compete with powerful players. It offers 3 tiers of aftermarket blueprints and 33 unique car components to help you customize your car.

If you like car racing form in any form, then this list is meant for you. Here, we have covered best car racing games of different forms. If you know more such games, feel free to comment below.

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AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Chandra Shekhar Choudhary is working at Tweaking Technologies as an SEO analyst and technical Content Writer. His potential of writing is PC tips, Android and Mac tricks and he is anxious in writing other technical blogs. You can also find Chandra Shekhar on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

9 Tips For Creating An Awesome Brand

9 Tips for Creating an Awesome Brand
One of the essential aspects of your business is the brand. It is the brand which shows your customer who you are and why you are here. It gives them an insight into your services and products. Choosing the brand can be a difficult task, and before creating a good brand, many factors can influence the process. That’s why you need the help of a good brand development company, who can develop a perfect brand.

You don't want to build a false identity. Never confuse your market by giving them false information. You don't want the market to see at your logo and say what kind of company is this? That’s why your logo must have the ability to demonstrate what sort of business you are running. Without a proper branding strategy, you will never be able to survive in the market. So, hire experts for this.

Important Tips To Create A Prosperous Brand

1. The Online Platform Is Necessary

The entire business industry works on the internet and that’s why it is very important to develop your own platforms like website or blogs. It will keep you engaging with your potential customer. Use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and more and stay connected with people.

2. Analyze People’s Perceptions Toward You

The first and most important thing for the growth of your brand is to understand what people and your customers think about you. Make sure they only see the positive side of your company. A negative view can severely affect the company’s goodwill.

3. Connect With Bigger And Established Brands

When you client finds your brand name with major brands, it only increases the reputation of your brand. So, join with bigger brands by sharing content with your alumni or you can include in the company’s newsletter. Hire a professional brand development company who can help you with this.

4. Keep Your Brand Name Simple

A simple thing can make a huge impact. If you have a complex name, then people will feel difficult in pronounce the name. A simple name can be pronounced by everyone. You can use a simple logo on your products which the customer can recognize.

5. Use Your Brand In Every Activity That You Do

It’s also called as personal branding and offers you effective result than another form of the effective branding process. The brand should not be in your products and services; it should be in every action. Let others know about your brand through yourself.

6. Consistency Matters The Most

While creating your brand using social media, and advertising, it is very important that you should stay consistent with your company’s brand. You can’t describe the importance of staying consistent throughout everything. Don’t know how to do this? Try to include the brand logo on everything, keep up with your voice and keep you customer engaging.
9 Tips for Creating an Awesome Brand

7. There Is No Need To Please Everyone

Many business experts have stated that you are here not to please everyone. Don’t try to provide everything to each people. For good brand recognition, try to keep your brand limited to some specific users. Remember one thing that you are here to grow a business, not to please every people.

8. Creative Brand Name

When you use a creative brand name and combined it name to a telephone number, it creates an unforgettable jingle in the customer’s mind. They will never forget the brand name. One of the effective ideas is while adding names into advertised phone numbers to display the numbers just below the letters. Through this, the customer can easily connect the contact number with the brand name.

Remember that, brands just name. When there is no creativity, the brand name will gradually disappear from the market. So, keep your brand advertised across different channels. Developing a creating a brand name is not easy. It depends on the creative level that you have. So, choose a brand development company who can suggest you some creative brand names.

9. Start Locally

The local community can easily associate your brand with major events. If there is any disaster in your brands local area, pitch in and help out. All the people of the local community will remember what the brand did for their community in the difficult times. If later, the news goes global, the brand will definitely get huge positive responses.

When it comes to developing your brand identity, you should be more careful than the other things. The reason behind this is your brand identity design allows you to tell the market about your business through a small design. However, it may look tiny or small, but in reality, it has a big and significant meaning. It helps you present your business. Make sure that you have a high-quality logo design through which you can win the trust of your potential customers. Only the professional brand development company can help you in this.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprak Design.

Shaping The Industry Ahead - Top AI Driven Online Commerce Trends

Top AI Driven Online Commerce Trends
Two decades back, no one would have thought ecommerce would gain huge momentum with advent of mobile and smartphones. By 2019, the number of mobile users worldwide is set to go over 4.68 billion. This is only going to surge further as the years progress.

The aforementioned figure is clearly suggestive of the current trend which keeps mobile commerce a step ahead of ecommerce.

More people are accessing internet on mobile today, which is a testimony to the fact. This would soon reflect in the number of online sales too.

What’s new in ecommerce or mobile commerce is the growing element of AI and machine learning which is driving the next generation customer experience.

Not that other touch points in online commerce aren’t being benefited but the customer side is the first to experience change.

As AI becomes more common, visitors and shoppers would accustom themselves to its implementation. For example - more businesses have started using AI bots to support customers.

Though people may argue that these are inadequate and don’t have all the answers to customers’ queries but don’t they save on time, both for the business and customer?

Tracking customer behavior and leveraging sales is another side that AI is helping to. For instance - push notifications are far more personalized than they ever were in the past.

Though it may take some time but eventually it will settle and serious buyers would find it a welcome change.

AI has more upsides even when capital and costing remains an issue for most businesses. Understandably, small setups still can’t afford to invest in AI tools, but they’ll have to look at the bigger picture. They’ll have to invest in it today to reap the benefits later.

This is also important in terms of getting used to the technology and working out with AI developers to understand what’s best suited to their business.

Some businesses might be waiting for AI tools to get less expensive but by then, who will guarantee them a space with same number of handful competitors as they have it today.

Take a look at this infographic by Mofluid on AI driven trends visible in ecommerce or mobile -
Top AI Driven Online Commerce Trends

HUAWEI Beats Apple!!! Wanna Know How?

HUAWEI Beats Apple
Huawei achieves 2nd place in the world’s top smartphone vendors after Samsung in Q2 2018. Its year on year growth was 41% as it shipped more than 54 million handsets across the globe. It’s latest flagship phones like the P20 which exceeded the quarter sells of P10 and P9 combined. Honor brand from Huawei also played a gigantic role in bringing it to the leading board which sold over 16 million handsets. Samsung on the other hand even being the top vendor got a slight effect of the impact that Huawei made and got an 8% of its 73 million shipments at loss. Apple that was placed 3rd in this race shipped 41 million handsets around the globe and had a +1% growth in year on year growth.

Sub-brand HONOR Making Everything Affordable:

Honor is now getting to become an independent sales unit itself and Huawei is introducing it in the market alongside its flagship units. Its open market strategy has led it to be the highest selling in Russia, India and western European markets. Huawei in the last three months has provided Huawei with a 4 million handset sales outside China and increased its sales from 24% to 36% around the World. It has sold millions of cheap (in comparison with Apple and Samsung) in the Asia-Pacific regions, it also experienced a well-achieved growth in the Middle East and Africa.

Huawei’s own performance is much stronger than honor. It shipped 7 million units of its P20 and P20 Pro. Also, comparing from sales of P10 plus and P10, P20 and P20 Pro sold much faster and with double the shipments in the first quarter of its launch outside China.

Talking about Apple which sold 41 million units in Q2. Its hefty price is still a concern too much users which choose Huawei or Samsung. It is on its typical verge and not at a loss, its actually Huawei that over grew after not being allowed in the US. It has taken the rest of the world now. Over 8 million iPhone X were sold in Q2.

Some Comments By The World’s Famous:

Ryan Reith, Vice President of IDC (World Wide Mobile Tracker) said: “The continued growth of Huawei is impressive, to say the least, as is its ability to move into markets where, until recently, the brand was largely unknown.”

Samsung will be concerned about the momentum of Huawei, but apple to be warned, and manufacture and sell/ship more quantity to achieve future lead in the volume race.
HUAWEI Beats Apple

US and Australia Have Issues:

According to an analyst based in Shanghai, Huawei has made this remarkable achievement without selling a Sigle piece in North America i.e. US, because of its legal constraints to brad there and a failure to have a US carrier partnership. The company got around and instead of focusing on profitability it focused on selling more and more of its handsets at the low end.

Huawei’s brand recognition is increasing outside China and getting it to the top, the meanwhile Chinese market is the main source of generation of most of the customers. Australia along with some countries have their concerns over the facilitation of spying for the Chinese government. However, Huawei has denied such claims of it facilitating in ay kind of spying and claimed to be a private company not working under the Chinese government with no following of Chinese security laws overseas. The China-US trade dispute is also a concern where they have been imposing tariffs on billion dollars’ worth of goods and disputing over technology patents.

5G Technology Development Race:

Huawei is also one of the company that is in the race of developing 5G capabilities, which is the next generation of our wireless technology. If it achieves and big giants (major companies) keep banning Huawei’s telecom products, either it will no more be a leader in 5G tech or the world will have to wait till others develop it.

Let’s Wrap Up:

Let’s say the US allows sales and Huawei comes in partnership with a giant carrier, it will be a boom in charts as it has done all around the world. Huawei has come a long way to the top and from the looks, it’s here to stay.

How Edtech Has Revolutionised The Education System In India

How Edtech Has Revolutionised The Education System
As with almost all other sectors, technology has now permeated the education space as well to challenge the traditional chalk-and-board manner of instruction. American writer and artist William S. Burroughs once said that “The aim of education is of knowledge, not of facts, but values.” However, in an age where students score 99.8% in board exams and university cut-offs show no clemency, the intent of traditional methods of teaching gets questioned as one that is solely based on methods of rote learning. Owing to large volumes of students in schools and coaching institutes, teachers find it difficult to focus on individual students, and hence, resort to an easier practice of feeding them facts instead of knowledge. This problem is so deep-rooted in our education system that rote learning has now become the norm, and in some instances, is lauded as well.

Online education, however, is pressed by neither lack of teachers, nor attention, and therefore has enough room to focus on delivering pure knowledge. Moreover, PM Modi’s Digital India agenda coupled with the recent boom in Information and Communication Technology has further bolstered the reach and impact of edtech on the Indian consumer-base. As a result, the impact that online education has had on the Indian education sector in the last few years is nothing short of a revolution. Not only has it given rural students access to superior educational content, but it has also enabled Indian students to take the course of their education in their own hands, a luxury that was unavailable to them until recently. Edtech has, therefore, changed the landscape of the Indian education sector. Following is an in-depth analysis of how it has revolutionized the education system in India:

Smart Class:

The earliest penetration of edtech in the education sector in India was through smart classes. This notable innovation has given school teachers the access to technological tools to make the learning experience more fun and informative. This teaching through digital boards gives students a visual representation of what they learn in books, thus making their learning experience more engaging and informative. The Smart Class tools have proven to be extremely effective in helping students develop a more clear understanding of their subjects.

Adaptive Testing Models:

This widely accepted edtech innovation is a result of an increase in the development of data and analytics. Adaptive testing models are used to assess the performance of test takers in a convenient and unbiased manner. It predicts and analyses the performance of a candidate based on his/her recent history. Long been adopted by SAT, GRE, and GMAT, India has joined the league through BITS (Birla Institute of Technology and Science) exam and Common Admission Test (CAT); and may also be incorporated in other exams like GATE, JEE, and IES exam. Built on a system-based approach to learning, adaptive testing models have been acquired with an aim to measure and improve test outcomes using data analytics.

Edtech On Mobile Devices:

While earlier innovations were based on a dependence on infrastructure, primarily desktop computers, the next wave of edtech was brought about by the profusion of smartphones and 3G/4G connectivity. As the internet is becoming predominantly mobile-based with a prediction of reaching 50% of the population by 2020, edtech can soon outperform the conventional modes of education. Many leading schools across the nation are now moving to a textbook-less learning model by providing tablets to their students to digitize their learning content.

Personalised Education:

Education on personalised devices like tablets and smartphones also provides the end-user with an opportunity to access personalized content. Many edtech applications utilize adaptive learning algorithms through machine learning techniques. This mode of learning proves especially beneficial while preparing for competitive exams like JEE, CAT, GATE, IES, as they provide aspirants with honest feedback about their preparation. The adaptive learning methods mould the course structure based on the students’ individual styles, thus providing them with a learning plan tailored to their capabilities.

Interactive Learning:

Researches suggest that the interest span of an average child wanes easily when studying, but remains engaged if interspersed with games and interactive content. Edtech not only offers students a personalized learning programme, but also provides course content in the form of gamification and riveting videos that bind the attention of the children. For instance, a child would be more interested in seeing a visual representation of how the solar system works as opposed to listening about it from a teacher. By introducing such creative methods of learning, edtech has changed how young students approach education.

It is interesting to observe how edtech has evolved and modified itself according to the Indian education space. While initially, it started with providing a fun alternative to learning in terms of educational content, it has now come a long way and now even includes technologies dedicated to enhancing learning and education itself. Edtech has not only made students adapt better to the rapidly digitising world, but it has also helped them in developing creativity and a passion for learning.

6 Secrets To Design Professional And Beautiful WordPress Themes

Secrets To Design Professional And Beautiful WordPress Themes
WordPress themes offer responsive designs, relevant buttons, and beautifully designed content section to help digital marketers create brand awareness all over the world. Wordpress has delivered the best it can till now and is working on to deliver more stylish designs and templates.

The world of WordPress design and development is very wide, we get many options and varieties which make it difficult to select the design which is the best suited for us.

Nearly 26% of the websites are run on WordPress, to provide themes to these websites, the industry provides a lot of free themes and templates. You get all kinds of quality for free themes, both good and bad and also it is not going to be very flexible and robust.

Now, let’s get started on letting out some secrets to design beautiful and professional WordPress themes.

1. Get Started With Wordpress And Understand The Rules

To design a high-quality website you should first understand the protocol and regulations of Wordpress, this would help you do stuff easily. When you start to work on a new platform it is, advised to learn about it first and go through its features and services it offers for a smooth functioning.

2. Design To Focus On The Results

If you are designing a website for a client then what they care about most is the result. They do not pay much attention to the designs and visual appeal.

So, you should have a clear vision of what is your objective from designing the website. Once you have clarity about the main thing you want to achieve, you start working around it to get the desired result in the best way.

Also, make sure you know what niche you want to work in. There are a lot of domains you can go for like art, culture, design, photography, fashion etc. Thus make sure you choose the theme which best suits your business after deciding the results you want to achieve.

3. Choose The Correct Set of Tools For Your Site

We all know the basic tools we are going to use like DropBox, Google Drive, Photoshop etc.

But let's start with some unique tools which are going to deliver a big-time opportunity and ease your life with the best designs.
  • Unsplashed - Delivers high-quality photos, you can use them according to your needs.
  • Pixel Drop - Lets you create your own pixel collection.
  • IcoMoon - Provides top icon fonts and you get an app you can use for developing your customized fonts.

4. Choose The Correct Choice Between The Two

You can build a WordPress design in two ways; either you can take an already made theme and make changes to it by using your own creativity or you can build an actual template from the base with all its framework.

There are some pros of choosing an actual theme and then modifying it. You get a lot of extra functions inbuilt within the template which have been tested by many people already before and produced fine results.

You get support from the community from where you download the already existing themes, in case of runtime problems you can always look up to someone for help.

5. Focus More On Theme Demo Sites

After working hard on the site, you should make sure you execute it properly with ease. The demo site is the first impression you make on the client. Only designing and visual appeal would not help you, you should also consider the output you want to achieve.

If you want to sell your product then you have to focus on the result and create the best impression you can the first time, it requires your total presence of mind and how you are delivering the website at that time. Communication skills also play an important part in explaining your product, what you want to sell.

Also with this modern world developing so fast, you have got to imbibe the latest technologies in your work to deliver an error-free project. Try to always make a customizable theme, sometimes the client may want to add some features of his own. They can add shortcodes, templates, tabbed sidebars, social media buttons etc.

6. Be Tricky Enough To Find Beautiful WordPress Themes

With the popularity of WordPress for websites, there is a whole industry working on selling Wordpress themes.

Many developers give them away for free and later ask you to upgrade to a paid version. There are many places where you can find free themes for your websites like Colorlib, AlienWP, Optimiser etc.

When you are developing a WordPress theme, make sure you have full knowledge about it so that you can attribute it with latest features and skills.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Sunny Chawla is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs – a Web design and Development Company. Helping global businesses with unique and engaging tools for their business. He would love to share thoughts on Ecm Services, Web Designing and Wordpress Design And Development.

5 Steps To Translate Your Website Content

5 Steps To Translate Your Website Content
Translating your website content to other languages can truly help drive more traffic to your website and increase your sales and leads. There are many perks to this option but it can also be quite difficult to make this work in the long run, especially when you decide to translate your content to more than one language.

The good thing is that there are quite a few services and tools which can help you achieve your goal and keep the quality of your content. On top of those, you will need to know a few things about translations and how to make it work for you. Here are some steps you should definitely follow if you want to translate your website content correctly.

1. Make Sure You Are Prepared

Before you even begin translating your content, there are quite a few things you should take into consideration. First of all, translating into other languages can be quite hectic and it can require a lot of time and funds. If your company is still growing, you might want to take a minute and think about how many languages it can truly support in the long run.

On top of that, you will need to think about what exactly you need to translate on your website in order to help your customers enjoy a localized user experience, despite their language. If you are regularly uploading content and support a blog, you might need to start translating your posts as well, along with the rest of your website.

Last but not least, you will have to define the number of languages you wish to translate your content into. The more thought you put into this process, the more certain you will be that you won’t be making any mistakes and spending money for no reason.

In order to make sure that the translations will be worth it, you should check your website’s analytics and your followers on your social media accounts in order to see where most of your followers and customers come from. This will allow you to pick the right languages to translate your content into, in order to satisfy their needs.

2. Internationalization Assessment

After working on the first part and choosing the languages you wish to be translating your content into, you should work on globalizing your entire website in order to make sure that it can handle the new languages. First and foremost, you will have to check if there are any design-related issues which could hinder the translation process.

For example, there might be come charts and tables mentioned in your posts which can’t be extracted for translation or some graphics might not contain enough space in order for your text to expand and fit the requirements of the new language.

In addition to that, you might come to find that you have quite a few problems regarding the different time of each country, the currencies and even the characters and special characters of each language. These are all things which can take a while to spot and can truly hinder the translation process.

This part though will truly help you save time and money in the long run. Finding potential errors are this stage will help you know what to point out to your translators before you even begin the translation process. You will simply be able to spend less time and money of later and future corrections.

3. Localizing SEO Keywords

A very big part or translating our website content in more languages is making sure that it is still visible and easy to find online, even in another language. SEO keywords are a very important part of online visibility and they can truly help attract even more customers and traffic to your platform.

The problem with translations is that when you translate a document from one language to another, you can never be sure that the keywords you spent so much time researching and picking, will be as effective in the new language.

The best way to handle this is to work with an expert in the field who will be able to research online analytics in order to help you pick the best keywords for the new languages. If that is not possible, Google can truly help you find efficient keywords and improve your SEO strategy for the better.
5 Steps To Translate Your Website Content

4. Work With Professional Translators

A very important part of localizing your content is making sure that the translators you work with are professionals who will be able to make everything sound good to the locals who read it. To a great extent, this is a problem that can be solved by working with native translators.

What native translators do, which might not be possible for just any professional translator, is that they actually think in the language they translate in. Apart from avoiding any easy grammar and comprehension mistakes, they will be able to translate native words and phrases with much bigger ease and that can truly make the big difference in your content.

Working with either a translating company or a professional translator can save you a lot of money and effort when it comes to proofreading the content. Pick Writers offer a great list of the best translation services and translation reviews in order to help you pick the best one to fit your company’s needs. Native translators and translators which have actually studied their profession will make the least amount of mistakes and can be truly trustworthy to work with.

5. Proofread And Edit The Translated Files

Last but not least, a very important part on translating your website content is making sure that it is free of all grammatical and formatting mistakes. This will make the difference in your website and it will show your customers that you are truly committed to offering them a great user service.

The best thing you can do here is to first of all have your translators proofread their own content. There are plenty of free online tools which can help you proofread and edit your content for very little to no money and if used by the right person, can save the, a lot of time and effort in the workplace.

Localizing Your Website Content Can Be A Tricky Process

While you might think of it as a simple process which will help you attract even more customers, you should keep in mind that there are quite a few things to look out for when trying to translate an entire website. There can always be things you might end up missing and you have to make sure you are ready to take on that responsibility.

In any case, you will have to work with professionals who know what they are doing and who have enough experience in order to help you localize your content, depending on your niche and the products you are selling. The bigger a website is, the more time you will have to spend translating everything that is already on it. As long as you can put enough time and effort into it, your website will truly be able to serve the needs of all your customers internationally.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Kristin Savage has graduated from Columbia University where she was majoring in Germanic Languages. Besides English as her mother tongue she also speaks German and Dutch fluently. Currently Kristin is studying Spanish and planning to obtain her PhD in Applied Linguistics since she is interested in how to use her to some extent practical knowledge of language processes in everyday life.

How IoT Trends Are Transforming Businesses In 2020

How IoT Trends Are Transforming Businesses
Business Insider Intelligence estimates that the global IoT market will turn out to be worth $6 trillion by 2020 with attracting investments from consumers, government, and businesses. But 80 percent of all IoT spending through coming years will be on B2B applications only, according to an IDC’s estimation.

There is no doubt that businesses will be top adopters of the Internet of Things. The technology will help them improve their competence, productivity, and product. They aren’t just big businesses, which can afford to invest money into an innovative technology like IoT. Because the demand of IoT-sensors and the related devices is continuously increasing, implementation costs are rapidly dropping and attracting SMBs to apply the technology to their operations.

Here are some examples explaining how businesses can transform themselves by introducing the IoT to their processes, people, and projects.

IoT Helps Business Monitor Their Processes

The manufacturing segment is one of the largest industry segments to attract the investment of worth $2.3 trillion in IoT technologies by 2020. With applying right IoT technologies, businesses in the manufacturing segment will certainly experience smoother and faster execution of operations and receive real-time feedback from machines and people operating those machines.

Tracking of machines and materials will turn out the easier and, you will be able to keep tabs on how things are being used. When going a bit deeper, the data generated by sensors can become a base for analytics which can help a manufacturing business learn from the past patterns and then predict the requirements of maintenance and ways to respond to sudden breakdowns.

A factory relying on massive inventory needs tracking of a variety of materials to keep the manufacturing process continue. Manual processes require lots of people and paperwork, but still operations cannot be speedily carried out with a high accurate rate. The key sensor of IoT based inventory management system is radio frequency identification.

Rolls Royce, for example, has embedded IoT sensors right across its production lines to improve the machinery they rely on.

IoT Can Improve The Customers Experience With Data

The technology of IoT and sensors can also help businesses provide proactive support to their customers. The feedback gathered from customers will not only help in improving the communication capabilities for future customers but also, it will serve as a base to build better products.

IoT will help you quickly monitor shortcomings, bugs, and breakdowns that affect a business to deliver a responsive customers experience.
How IoT Trends Are Transforming Businesses
Naturally, using IoT to take better care of customers will generate data about customer-behaviors and habits. The retailed information on your customers and their behaviors are, in fact, nuggets for marketers. They can use the information to take better decisions related to their target markets, when to target these markets, and lots of other aspects.

IoT helps businesses replace quantitative data with qualitative data and deliver the satisfying experience to each of the customers.

IoT Boosts The Overall Organization Productivity

IoT devices and technologies can help a business handle operations from remote locations. Also, the same IoT infrastructure can power employees to keep working without physically existing as work locations. When machines and operations can be controlled wirelessly, without any restrictions related to geographical limits, a business is able to expend its horizons beyond traditional boundaries.

IoT is a sensor-based technology, which may deliver result in real-time and boost the productive of operations. For example, IoT based traffic signals are able to sense that which way has more vehicles in the comparison of others and adjust the timing of signals to avoid traffic jams.

Integrating And Adapting Your Business Model And Strategy With IoT

IoT is a game-changing technology. Early adopters are already experiencing positive changes that IoT has introduced to them. But it’s still not late for new adopters. Also the technology has already passed through its initial phase where people aren’t sure whether something presented to them is really useful or not. With the arrival of smartphones and mobile applications, IoT has received its means of portability and mobility.

No doubt, it won’t be easy to practice and apply IoT solutions, particularly when changes caused by them may affect your staffing needs and the number of people serving to your business. Also, IoT will significantly change your entire business model because there are differences between the ways people and machine work.

IoT is here to create a positive disruption to the ways businesses have been carrying their operations. On one the hand, IoT can make a business’ system, machines and infrastructure responding and reporting in the real time. On the other hand, employees will turn out to more productive, handling tasks remotely and completing tasks even form hundreds of miles away.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Sofia Coppol is a digital marketing expert in Rapidsoft Technologies which is a leading IT consulting company providing full range it services including, IoT app development, Blockchain development, and big data app development solutions.

One Email To Rule Them All [Infographic]

One Email To Rule Them All [Infographic]
Sending out emails in order to generate leads is one of the oldest tricks in a digital marketer's book. It's a simple, versatile and cheap tactic with great ROI and any digital agency worth their salt must keep this channel of marketing in mind.

The channel’s effectiveness is what keeps it afloat. Even sending out a bunch of poorly constructed emails can generate results, so it's hardly surprising that strategically well thought out emails can do wonders for a project.

However, the difference between poor email campaigns and the good ones is not a thin line. In fact, the gap is a lot bigger than you may think even though all outreaches of this kind follow the same guidelines.

Bridging this rift primarily comes down to email optimization.

As the main factor of the marketing channel in question, email optimization can truly make or break a campaign.

What makes email optimization so vital? Simply put, optimizing the messages you send out to potential clients or customers maximizes the effect they have on readers.

Email optimization is what makes the difference between someone receiving the email and actually deciding to open and click through it – which is, after all, the ultimate goal of every campaign. As such, optimizing emails can be considered the backbone of converting readers into leads.

So, how do you create that ideal email? How do you compel people to open a particular message when there are 10 others sitting in their inbox doomed to be ignored and deleted?

The following infographic will teach you all you need to know about the art of email optimization. It covers the most fundamental principles of email formatting and segmentation, having the right amount of personalization, balancing image and video integrations with text, etc. The guide also goes into some more advanced topics, teaching you about the finesses of automation, triggering, call-to-action structures and the overall importance of timing.
One Email To Rule Them All [Infographic]
Presented in a concise and informative manner backed by case studies, the following selection of hacks and tricks will help you optimize every single email you send, which will maximize your reach and ultimately help you generate more leads.

Regardless of whether you’re just getting started with your email marketing campaign or you’re trying to improve one that's not yielding results, you've come to the right place.

Implementing these tips will give your email content extra value and relevance, and you’ll become armed with all the knowledge you'll need to become a master of optimizing a highly popular channel of marketing.

You can find more information in the great infographic named "Email Marketing Optimization Hacks & Case Studies" at 99firms.com

Essential Web Design Concepts To Implement On Your Website In 2018

Essential Web Design Concepts To Implement On Your Website
Whether you are new to web design or are looking for ways to update your existing site, following trends does matter. People are far more generous towards a website and tend to come back again if the managers are in touch with current technology and concepts.

Given that we are in 2018 and that things in the design sphere change drastically and sporadically, you should always be on the lookout for improvements. That being said, what are some of the essential concepts and ideas that are shaping up to become predominant in 2018?

1. Minimalism Takes Center Stage

Gone are the days of stuffing your website’s grid with unnecessary elements, buttons, hyperlinks and ads. Visitors tend to prefer seeing minimalist design solutions in the sites they frequent the most. The reason for this is mostly psychological. However, sites such as Google, Pinterest and even Tumblr have proven that minimalism works.

This type of design makes information easier to find and navigation is faster and more streamlined – not to mention the speed of accessing said websites. If you want to ensure a good SERP ranking and come off as slick and professional, try to unburden your website from unnecessary elements that are clogging your layout.

2. Custom-Made Visual Content

Using stock photos, online illustrations and royalty-free elements in your design is all well and good. However, if you want to attract a specific, niche audience to your website, you will have to do better than that. Users are keen on spotting new, interesting and attractive visual content in the websites they frequent.

It’s always a good idea to keep an eye out for interesting web design solutions on sites such as Behance and 99designs. These sites are used by prominent designers as well as their clients. Seeing what the best people in your niche are doing with their websites is always a good starting point for your own content creation.

Keep in mind that the style of your visual content has to coincide with the audience you already have and the image you have built up so far. Changing your visual identity and content overnight might not bode well for your traffic and leads.

3. Outlines & Drop Shadow

Emphasizing your visual elements through outlines and shadows can be a great way to lead your visitors through the site itself. Using visual signs to guide the eye through a page is an interesting concept that is taking shape in 2018. This design principle is especially present in websites that opt for using plain backgrounds with pastille colors – sometimes even completely white!

It all depends on what kind of an impression you want to induce in your visitors’ and their perception of your site. Try using shadows and outlines on your visual elements in very subtle and careful ways. The colors you use in these elements should match the already existing hierarchy of visual elements present on the site.

4. Responsive & Mobile

Building a responsive site differs to what many people think. Responsive design means that your site is ready and able to be used on multiple different screens, devices, browsers, etc. It “responds” to the user and their access point by allowing for a more enjoyable and optimized experience.

With the growing percentage of internet users being on mobile devices instead of computers, it’s easy to understand why making your website responsive should be a priority. By not doing so, you effectively cut out a large portion of possible visitors.

Google and its SEO will quickly deduce whether your site is mobile-friendly and rank you accordingly. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can outsmart SEO algorithms and prepare your site for the mobile revolution in 2018.

5. Written Content Still Matters

While the content you create doesn’t strictly fall under web design it’s still an important part of the whole. A good web design without any content to back it up doesn’t serve a purpose. It’s often better to have mediocre web design elements and good content, whether guest posts, blogs or other forms of it.

One of the most popular options is delegating the content creation process to a third-party (if you don’t have an internal writing staff). A good option that many refer to is TrustMyPaper, a site that specializes in different types of writing. The professional writers are capable of delivering SEO optimized content relevant to your audience depending on your niche.

All you have to do is prepare clear instructions and wait for the materials to arrive. This type of collaboration is the new norm in 2018, where the information is expected to arrive momentarily and only holds the readers’ attention for brief several minutes.
Essential Web Design Concepts To Implement On Your Website

6. Don’t Avoid Negative Space

Simply put, negative space represents every pixel on your website without any elements attached to it. The only things a negative space can have are background textures or color overlays – everything else is considered a positive space.

What this means is that negative space can and should be used to convey important information on your pages. You can use negative space coupled with bold, large typographic elements to emphasize different places on each page. This type of psychological navigation is a great way to attract new users to your site even if you haven’t localized it (yet).

We all think the same even though we use different languages – something that negative space doesn’t care about. The more negative space you feature on your website, the more confident and professional your site will appear to new visitors in 2018.

7. Typography As A Visual Element

If you can’t afford an illustrator or a graphic designer of your own, why not use typography instead? There are many free fonts on the web that you can safely implement in your web design layout without changing anything beforehand.

The trick to using typography as a visual element is to carefully compare each font to your existing layout, elements and navigation. Placing a massive letter “V” or an “O” as a background with a subtle pattern on top makes for a very relaxing and enjoyable visual experience for readers. You can also create unique combinations of famous quotes with distinct fonts that you can discover by searching sites such as FontSquirrel or DaFont.

This simple example can be taken further if your web designer and you have just a spark of imagination. While others pay hundreds of dollars for custom-made illustrations, you can go the easier and cheaper route by implementing typography as an illustration by itself.

8. Scrolling Is Trendy Again

The last couple of years have witnessed a resurgence of static websites and landing page design solutions where all the information is present at once. This type of design is not viable in today’s climate of mobile web browsing where less and less people use big widescreen monitors to browse the web.

Applying a scrolling bar to your web design solution and having a flow of information, top to bottom, is the way to go. You might think that you are able to place all the information you need in one window – but you really can’t.

There will always be people that use phones with displays of only several inches. These users will effectively be cut out from your content (if they find your site at all due to SEO red flags you will cause). If you want Google and your readers to recognize you as a legitimate source of information or services, start using a scroll bar again.

9. Narrow Color Pallets

While the final decision does come down to your target demographic, you should always have a distinct and strict color pallet for your website. Placing random colors that might or might not work together won’t work, especially in 2018 where people are used to handcrafted website elements.

Try using a color wheel to match several colors that might work together and try applying them to different elements in your layout. Pairing these colors with images, illustrations, text or other content will give you a good indication of whether or not you are on the right track.

You can use your visitors as a test group (with a non-disclosure agreement notwithstanding). However, your web designer should be able to find a good solution to your color pallet issues with a couple of useful online tools (which are also completely free).

10. Clear Interactive Elements

Lastly, all of the above elements should come together to form a cohesive whole. If your visitors can’t make ends meet once they arrive at your landing page, all of the work you put in will be for nothing. Your navigation bar, hyperlinks and other interactive elements have to contrast the rest of your visual elements.

Any and all decorative and illustrative elements that are in your web design layout shouldn’t intervene with the usability of your website. If these elements overshadow the important links and navigation buttons on each page, consider redesigning them or eliminating them entirely.

Putting It All Together (conclusion)

The livelihood of your website rests on the shoulders of the abilities of your web designer. Start from the functionality of your site and move your way towards trending concepts that you can implement. Always assume that your visitors don’t know anything about web design and are just there to consume information or products on offer.

Between the minimalistic design principles and typographic illustrations there is something to be found for every site manager. It’s up to you to make the best of what is on offer and raise your traffic by doing so in 2018.

10 Ways To Improve Your Organic Social Media Reach

10 Ways To Improve Your Organic Social Media Reach
In recent times, social media has become a marketing platform for marketers and businesses to advertise their brands using various digital marketing strategies and ad format. This means it is necessary to analyze the effectiveness of these marketing campaigns to know what is working and which method is not working.

Organic social media reach is an important metric that helps businesses and webmasters to better understand how effective their interactions with the audience are. This analytic metric offers insight into the number of unique people who have come across a specific post on social media and this can go a long way in determining if a campaign is performing well or not.

Nowadays, most businesses now use push notifications as a means for better communication with their clients. This form of engagement is different from other traditional methods as it offers values way beyond what other forms of ads can. You can use push notification from mobile apps to direct users to your social media site, you can use it to promote your business amidst other benefits.

Depending on your social media campaign objective which could be to increase awareness or to make sales, it is important to ensure your social media reach keeps getting better. The higher the social media reach, the higher the awareness and possibly, increase in the number of sales.

Also, by chance you notice there is a decline in your social media reach, there is nothing to be scared of as this post takes care of the essentials you need to improve your organic social media reach.

Are There Other Ways To Improve Your Social Media Reach Aside Push Notification?

Definitely, there are several other ways to do this and below are ten other ways to improve your organic social media reach.

1. Optimize Your Social Media Profile

One big step to start with is optimizing your social media profile to boost your online presence. Many of the on-site optimization tricks you use for your website also work here. Tweak your profile by using keyword-rich profile name, optimize your page description and you can also include your website link.

This simple trick is effective and gives you a better chance to outrank your competitors.

2. Optimize Your Content

It is not just enough to optimize your social media profile, in fact, that is one out of many ways to increase your social media reach. When creating content for your social media page, there are several factors to consider which include:
  • Post content that adds long-lasting values to your audience.
  • The time you post. Don’t just post at any hour of the day, observe the hours you get maximum engagement on your post and stick with this.
  • Using the right hashtags, images, videos, emojis and other means to your post interesting and engaging.

3. Target Quality Audience

When building followers on social media it is essential to target people who are likely to engage well with your post. Although the tactic used to achieve this varies on different platforms, the goal is the same. For a social platform like Facebook, you can choose to target audience using options such as Gender, Demographics, Age, Location, Language, Interests, Education Level, and Relationship status.
10 Ways To Improve Your Organic Social Media Reach

4. Promote

Never relent in promoting your social media pages as long as you are still in business. Ways to promote your social media page include building presence on other platforms such as Buzzfeed, DrumUp and other distribution platforms that can make your page go viral. Also, you can promote your social media page by leveraging your company website, storefront, business card and other places available for use.

5. Engage Your Followers

Interaction! One ingredient that makes your page active, never forget this. Reply comments, provide answers to your audience questions, and ask for ideas and their point of views when needed. Doing this rightly goes a long way to build a better relationship with between your brand and your audience, it might prove to be time-demanding but it’s worth it.

6 Focus Your Efforts On The Right Places

It might be a waste of time jumping from one social platform to another. The fact is you don’t have to be on every social platform before your effect is felt. The right thing you should do is to concentrate your effort in the right place at the right time. Detect (you can carry out a survey to help you with this) which platforms have the largest number of your right audience and focus your energy.

7. Post Evergreen Content

This is one of the most essential points on this list. Sadly, this is mostly overlooked by many. The lifespan of a value-adding post is as long as there is still the social platform.
What this means is that when you create content, have your audience in mind because no one wants to read a boring and useless post. Make it engaging, educative and you can choose to spice it up with humor. When your audience likes this, they share with their friends and the sharing keeps circulating as long as the readers enjoy what you wrote.
Also, you can include your page or website link in your post to redirect people back to the source of the content.

8. Work Smarter, Not Harder

There is no reason why you should waste efforts by doing some activities when others can be more beneficial. To increase engagements on their platforms, social platforms such as Facebook only show post that is most useful to their users. This means you don’t need to post a large number of contents to increase your reach, you only need to post the topnotch contents tailored to meet the needs of your audience and use the right tools.

9. Check Out What Your Competitors Are Doing

There is no crime in spying on your competitors and checking out their page. To beat them in the game you have to know what they are doing, whether they are doing it right or wrong. This will help you to derive strategies to provide better services to improve your organic social media reach.
Things to take note of include the type of content they post, what hour of the day they post, people they are following and many other things you can think of.

10. Run Contests

From several studies carried out, running contests are one effective yet uncommon ways of boosting your social media reach. Not so many businesses do this, but those that do experience improvement in their brand awareness. The step to do this is simple, have a goal in mind and plan your content according to your goal. For example, the goal of the contest may be to generate more leads, to grow you followers or whatever the case may be. Running content is one simple way to increase your reach.

Final Thoughts

There is no much difference in improving your search engine ranking and increasing your organic social media reach. It all comes down to optimization, quality content and using the right marketing strategies. All the strategies discussed above are proven to be effective and they help you achieve results in a short time when done correctly.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Jamie is a mother to 8 children and an avid cook. She enjoys theater from both the audience as well as being on stage. She has been writing stories ever since she could put pen to paper and still enjoys doing so today. She is currently working on project push notifications and how it can be used in generating leads.