5 Sports Games For Your Mobile Phone

5 Sports Games For Your Mobile Phone
Having a mobile phone filled with cool applications is not strange and I know that almost every guy has at least one sport game on his phone. It doesn’t matter whether he plays it to kill time or he is really into tournaments in the game, they all have one thing in common – quality. A good sport game is a game you will install on your mobile phone and you won’t be able to stop playing it. It is one of those applications you love so much; you want your friends to play it too. If you aren’t sure if you have even encountered with a sport game like that, I will show you what they should look like.

Another perk you have to know is the fact that each game on this list is free, but, some of them offer you few upgrades you can buy, which is entirely up to you. It doesn’t matter whether you are an iPhone fan or an Android junkie, a good sport game is good on any device.

FIFA Soccer

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world and FIFA Soccer is the most popular soccer game at the moment. You don’t have to trust me, but take a look at the numbers for this game. It has more than 100 million downloads and its overall score on the Google play store is 4.2. Every aspect of the game has got rating 4.0 or above. Gameplay got 4.0, graphics are 4.1 and controls are 4.0.

So, if you are one of the soccer fans out there and you are sick of playing bad quality games, try this one. You don’t have to worry which device you have because it is available both on iOS and Android. The graphics are impressive and the gameplay is even better. But, keep in mind that there are ads in the game, but it is free so I am sure you can get over it. Who, knows, maybe one of the ads shows you something useful for a change?

Foosball Cup

Since I am already talking about soccer it is the perfect time to introduce you to another version of that sport and that is foosball. Foosball Cup is ultimate digital version of a real foosball table and it is the best foosball table application on the market. It doesn’t matter if you are a rookie who is entering the foosball world or an advanced player, this game will keep you entertained.

One of the best things about this game is the fact that you can completely adjust the game to your desire. You can choose a team, a formation, the size of the table and even the game mode. The only thing you can’t choose is one additional mode, but I am sure you can have a great time without that. If you are looking for a game that will keep you entertained, try this one. This is no the only foosball game by this developer, but it is the best one.

EA Sports UFC

Now, let’s move to another sport and that is UFC. It is strange to think that UFC has its own game but here it is and it is pretty good. It has more than 10 million downloads with the overall score 4.5 which his more than impressive. You can be anyone you want, it doesn’t matter if you want to be a female fighter or male fighter. The moment you start playing you will be a little confused but controls are pretty simple so you can get a hang of it very quickly. You can choose the game modes you want so if you don’t feel like playing tournament, you don’t have to.

WGT Golf Game

Golf is a game of concentration and precision. When you enter the golf world you won’t get out that easily because it is highly addictive game. This application is the closest you can get to the real deal. Real Golf courses are a part of this game and their digital interpretation is impressive. You can choose your own game mode between full 18-hole stroke games or a shorter, more fast-paced mode of 9-hole closest to the hole or hole-in-one challenge. I like the fact that you can choose the single player and multiplayer so you can always make things more interesting with your friend. The game itself is free, but like other free games, this one has built-in ads so you can run away from them.

Ketchapp Sports Games

As you can see from the name, Ketchapp is a game developer who doesn’t want to be too serious. Sport games made by Ketchapp are silly and very entertaining, but you can’t do much on them. I have put them on the list because they are great in making you laugh. They are a perfect choice if you are looking for some goofy game to play with your friend while you hang out. As I already mentioned, they aren’t for developing skills in particular sport but they are amazing for relaxation. I don’t like the fact that they look like children’s games but they are pretty addictive so I had to put them on my list. You can pick winter games or summer games, I suggest you pick them by the season you want to be in. I am not a fan of winter so my choice is the summer games.

So, these are some best sports games. But if you have other games too that are not in above list, so you can comment them below. We will try to add them in above list.

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