Chatbots and AI Are Reshaping The Future Of Mobile App Development

Chatbots and AI Are Reshaping The Future
The mobile application development space is witnessing an influx of changes and emerging trends to bridge the barriers of communication and engagement between businesses and consumers.

Now, with the onslaught of technology integrations, users of mobile application have very high expectations in terms of experience and features to make their online engagements more secure and convenient. Technologies such as AI and its components have donned the role of change agents for both businesses and tools to address the functionality needs of the mobile apps and broaden the engagement levels with customers.

Many market research agencies have predicted the growth of intelligent applications and AI-powered apps in the mobile market in 2018. These AI-powered smartphone apps are aiding users to learn languages and teach language conversations like Parla- AI-powered English tutor apps and Replika.

For businesses, apps with machine learning capabilities help them analyse business data and predict engagements on social media. It further helps in acquiring the quality leads round the clock, even in your absence. AI-enabled apps that are capable of jotting down notes of important phone calls are assisting sales or customer services personnel to help them focus better on having a conversation with a prospect or customer.

Even in accounting and financial management, AI is being leveraged extensively to do more with customer, sales and marketing data for analysis, targeting and driving core business decisions.
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One noteworthy component of AI, chatbot is a smart addition in the mobile app development space. Not so long ago, chatbots were mere buzzwords that evoked the curiosity of the overall tech industry. Eventually, as tech evangelists began exploring its applicability in the customer services area, it demonstrated immense potential in boosting conversion and customer experience. By 2018, almost 15 per cent of the American adults used chatbots to connect and interact with a business in the last one year. And 37 per cent said that they would use chatbots in case of an emergency.

Interestingly, these research insights coincide with the percentage of Americans that use cutting-edge smart home tools like Google Home and Alexa.

Of the respondents, about 35 per cent of them said chatbots were used for resolving their issues and complaints and another 5 per cent sought it for receiving detailed answers or instructions for their problems.

These revelations highlight the usability and simplicity factors involved with the AI-powered apps that render it a ‘human-like’ appeal prevalent in the customer services support calls.

But, how?

Chatbots entail interactive bots that allow users to communicate on a chat interface. This technology empowers many businesses to curb expenses involved in recruiting, training and managing customer support teams and a contact centre by offering customers an interface to chat and have their query resolved. This would mean an adieu to many incoming and outbound phone calls, emails and in-app notifications. Chatbots help address queries and customer issues in real time by providing immediate responses by remaining active on the apps and web forums 24/7.
Chatbots and AI Are Reshaping The Future
Chatbots emulate many social media, messaging and mobile apps like Facebook Messenger, Duolingo, Slack, Chip, iMessage, etc in terms of features, user-friendliness and intuitive interface. They are the most preferred medium of communicating with the brands and businesses by customers. As per research stats by OpenMarket report, about 75 per cent of the millennials prefer texting over talking, proving that chatbots in mobile apps are smart collaboration.

Besides, chatbots allow users to access different apps and services with a single program. This curbs the need for downloading multiple apps that eat away the device storage space. From a developer’s point of view, chatbots are easier and cheaper to develop, test and run as opposed to apps that require many months of testing. In addition, chatbots are easier to improve for more human touch with bit more of modifications in their algorithm which gonna be based on ML and data analysis of the existing client base.

As for businesses, chatbots help increase their chances for higher lead conversion by guaranteeing superior customer services by leveraging natural language processing (NLP). Also, it reduces the chances of human error and message delays offer progressive avenues for marketing and sales.

Moreover, the current climate of the technology market coupled with trends in the mobile app usage is all the more reason for the growth of chatbots. Given below are quick industry facts:

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  • The global mobile app usage rate is expected to increase, generating 189 billion USD as revenue by 2020, reports Statista.
  • Nearly 34 per cent of e-Commerce customers prefer answering to chatbots or virtual assistants, indicating strong acceptance of AI among customers, finds Statista.
  • Apart from online retail and e-Commerce, chatbots are predominant in healthcare and telecommunication industry. Almost one in every five respondents reportedly expressed that they are willing to interact with bots using chat interfaces for financial and banking activities.
  • Activity and discussions on chatbots between January 2017 to January 2018 grew by 5.6 times, finds data by Facebook.
  • More than 67 per cent of the respondents that were a part of the Facebook IQ survey reportedly expressed wanting to interact directly with the sellers and service providers via chats.

Chatbots And AI Will Redefine Messaging

At a very intrinsic level, chatbots proffer the services and capabilities that are available on common messaging apps and IVR platforms. But with the collaboration of chatbots, mobile apps and AI, businesses would be able to achieve its customer acquisition goals and strengthen its association.

For the future, experts believe that chatbots and mobile apps have a long way to go. Chatbots helps like assistants for the business owners in handling the business communication. They are both poised to grow and iterate with the innovations that help them evolve beyond the tag of a ‘messaging apps’. Be it in leveraging data sources to deliver audience or customer specific services or guiding users in real-world, smartphone application developers have plenty of opportunities to incentivize on customer interactions and engagement.

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6 Mistakes That Designers Make

6 Mistakes That Designers Make
Everybody is an amateur before he becomes a professional and makes a number of mistakes in things that do. With respect to this, the value or importance of the logo cannot be understated and people need to realize that while making a logo you need to avoid mistakes to get the best results off the things that you make. Designing and especially logo designing needs to be inch perfect in order to make the best results to be extracted and the attached purposes to be achieved. You can make a logo to look fantastic but if you have made a mistake with respect to contact of any such thing it might make you suffer the consequences. Here are 6 mistakes that designers usually make that might make them lose their worth or could make their work uninteresting.

Relying Too Much On Trends

It is good to follow the trends but it is not actually good to rely too much on the trends. The logo is said to be timeless and designers should know that even if the trend is out of the market their logo should not be. Their logo should be applicable to anything and everything and it thus must not be too much reliant on the trends. Such as if you are making a logo for something that is going to stay longer then you should follow simple and basic things rather than making a logo that has some current trends in it.

Inappropriate Use Of Typefaces

The use of typeface is another important part of designing a logo. The logo might look bad if the typefaces are not good and logos with good typefaces could become memorable. The use of inappropriate typeface is thus a risk as it could decrease the memorability of the logo and thus could affect the image that is attached to the logo.

Selecting Wrong or Mismatch Colors

Colours are yet another important things in the designing of logos. The selection of colours is done on two basic things. One is to make the logo to look attractive and the other is to present the ideology of the brand, product or organization through the colours. Colours have a hidden message behind them which is called as colour logy. Designers often either use the inappropriate colours with respect to its meaning and colour logy and at times they also pick colours that are not attractive. This makes the viewers lose their attention and the best results are not extracted by the logos.
6 Mistakes That Designers Make

Increased Complexity

Simplicity is a measure to attract the viewers and making them understand what is hidden behind the logo. If designers are making or considering a design which is complex it might make people miss the concepts behind the logo. Thus to keep it simple is what designers must do in order to get the best understandings from a logo. Complexity might also make the logo to lose its attractiveness.

Lacking Creativity

It is not only the job of the designer to design a logo but it is the job of a designer to bring some new ideas and innovation to the logo. One of the elements of the logo that makes it successful is innovation and creativity and if a designer lacks in creativity he might face problems in being successful. Good and creative ideas are one of the things that back the logo in making success and being in the eyes of the viewers.

A Proper Understanding Of The Brand

The proper and vast knowledge of the brand is also a factor that could impact the success of the designer. Such as if he or she is using the free gaming logo maker for designing a game logo he must know that what is genre is and what he needs to get done. If he does not have an understanding he might make mistakes that will cost the organization to lose the purposes that are attached to the logo.

It might look easy to design a logo by seeing it but it actually is not easy. What is visible to eyes has a number of things behind it to be followed to make it perfect with respect to the concept as well as attraction. These are 6 common mistakes that a designer could make while designing a logo and if you are a designer you must know that these mistakes could impact your overall results and thus you need to make the contemplations on avoiding these.

The Best Free AI Apps That Can Enhance Your Productivity

The Best Free AI Apps That Can Enhance Your Productivity
2018 is the year you can set a goal for becoming more productive and achieve it effectively. Some people think productivity becomes a subtle objective when they try to reach the goal.

Artificial Intelligence can leverage the power of smart insights for improving the time consumption. In this article, we are going to reveal the best AI apps that can enhance your productivity by a great extent. Read along to discover everything:

1. The Mezi

An increasing number of travel sites can make it tricky to confirm travel arrangements. Even if you decide to book a flight or hotel in less time such as half-hour or even less, then it’s easy to be lost in the conducting research and price comparison.

You might end up wasting an entire hour prior to realizing. Mezi is an AI-based solution that allows you to provide preferences of trips through talking to AI based Chatbots. Apart from doing all the relevant research, Mezi can lend a helping hand when something unexpected happens such as flight cancellation.

Mezi can make a trip entertaining through offering automation of reservations at different restaurants, facilitating the ticket ordering process. Once you start using Mezi on either the Android or the iOS device, you will spend less time on planning, and enjoy more in travelling.

According to research, AI will be able to boost productivity effectively by almost 40 percent by the year 2035. Researchers believe that AI makes people more innovative and creative, allowing them to transform how the workforce works.

2. Trevor

Trevor stands as the popular AI-powered app that lets you combine the task schedule and calendar into a single interface. In addition, this application offers an integrated feature that provides you with time-management tips. Among the best features in Trevor lies the Trevor bot that works flawlessly on messenger. For instance, you can send a message to it for a task such as buying a birthday gift, and it will provide you with smart suggestions regarding the best time for it. You can download the Trevor app and start using it hassle-freely.


Meeting scheduling has never been easier before Meeting schedules can be done with maximum efficiency through using This app accepts the cumbersome aspects in a day through scheduling meetings on behalf of a user. You can CC an email address during the initial attempts when planning a meeting. This app can learn from interactions.

4. Otter Voice Meeting Notes

People who have been through know transcription can often become a tedious process. The Otter Voice Meeting Notes stands as the popular AI app that can make transcription tasks less resource consuming. Otter relies on the AI for recognition of speech, detecting multiple voices at once. Also, this app offers an exclusive keyword search feature for transcribed media. You can download the Otter for iOS and Android devices from AppStore and PlayStore respectively.

5. Legal Robot

If you happen to have no lawyer in the family, then this app can make sense of a legal document. Legal Robot can become your next favourite app, enabling you to sign or create contracts secretively. This app rids you from a feeling of overwhelm or requiring you to hire a law professional.

This app features an automated error-identification feature, allowing you to assess content for risks. In addition, AI technology can compare material with different databases, and provide you with tips for following best practices. This app can flag different parts in a document that could be perplexing.

If you are into legal paper processing business, you can hire android app developers, and build a fantastic app for your business.

Final Words

In case, you haven’t explored the true potential of AI applications, then 2018 is the best year to do so. The AI has started to emerge in almost every industry. Be it the health care, food, manufacturing, travelling, or recreational activities, AI is transforming the way things had been done in the past.

Artificial Intelligence brings in great potential for diverse businesses. Considering how consumers’ demands can become multidimensional, businesses have started embracing personalization and keeping up with the pace. AI has helped the businesses great time. Let it be improving the e-commerce experience to enhancing business processes including supply chain, logistics, manufacturing, and more, AI can deliver endless benefits.

Since AI can deliver tremendous benefits in mobile apps, it isn’t surprising that various businesses have started investing in AI apps. These apps can be marketed hassle-freely and help businesses to succeed.

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6 Best Animation Apps To Use In The Classroom

6 Best Animation Apps To Use In The Classroom
An animation is one of the best advancement in the field of education technology. It allows the children to achieve the opportunity for endless creativity during the design of comic graphics, movies, and more media. Be it the stop-motion animation or a simple pen and paper, animation serves as the most suitable way to brighten up the classroom and fill happiness among the heart of young ones.

With the emergence of mobile apps, drawing and visualization aren’t limited to the classrooms only. They can be utilized to achieve benefits in various fields, specifically for lively topics and also the dull ones. You can create an animation for almost any topic, ranging from personal animations of a Shakespeare play to the complex chemistry concepts.

1. Tellagami

Tellagami stands as the fan favourite animation app that can develop a brief voice message of about 30 seconds through using animation. The voice message in the Tellagami is named as “gami”. This app is loved by smartphone users due to its availability on both the Android and iOS devices.

2. Toontastic

Tootastic stands as a robust and fantastic solution for the best digital storytelling experience. It provides kids with a well-rounded set of animation tools for creating appealing cartoons. The app is much appealing and offers the finest in-app support and share options. This app relies on the animations along with narration to provide fans with engaging stories. On top, Tootastic provides users with the best way to create animations hassle-freely.

3. Animoto Video Maker

Animoto allows you to combine media rapidly. Be it the text, videos, or images, Animoto can turn them into mesmerizing videos. Students find Animoto useful in developing animated videos through bringing together media into a fabulous digital story.

This app offers more than fifty distinct video styles along with hundreds of music titles inside the massive built-in media library. It has the ability to share through leading social media networks. In addition, there are some best app developers including Video Animation INC who can create personalized animation building apps for varied businesses.

4. FlipaClip

The FlipaClip app can replicate and enhance the old-fashioned flipbook-styled animation. Through combining the plain yet encaptivating drawing tools along with a control for frames, this animation app makes it possible to produce high-end animations. With a great animation tool like FlipaClip on your side, you can either give drawing lessons through animation and more subjects by using creative animations that present viewers with best media and knowledge.
6 Best Animation Apps To Use In The Classroom

5. Puppet Pals HD

Puppet Pals HD serves as an easy to use animation-building app that allows the users to build personal animations through making use of wide-ranging themes characters and animations. Puppet Pals helps a user in creating endless animations that can be later utilized in various lessons. This app can be helpful in building children’s imagination skills along with teaching them how to organize, narrate, explore, express, and do more to unveil their imaginative and creative skillset. The sole limitation behind this is the users’ imagination.

6. Lumen5

In case you are seeking for a video editing tool that allows you to convert your text content to video content then Lumen5 is for you. It's simple and quick. You have to enter the URL of blog post or article, Lumen5 will automatically fetch the content and populate your storyboard. It works offline too. Must check out this tool if you want your work done quick and fast.

Why Should You Use Animation Apps On Smart Phone?

With the release of the various video animation applications, drawing is not limited to artists only. Almost anyone with the right set of animation knowledge can deliver professional and fantastic animated videos.

Generally, users are well aware of the complex animation software available on computer and laptops. But, this article has shown you all the best animation apps for iOS and Android devices. Now, that you know about the animation apps for mobile phones, you can start building animated videos on your favourite mobile phone.


Animation has become an almost essential part of different marketing strategies. Digital marketers have the knowledge that a fantastic animation-building app can help in creating marvellous videos. With the best animation app installed on your phone, you never need to reach your computer or laptop. The above-mentioned animation apps can allow you to portray imagination into animations.

Above all, the 3D animation app is suitable for users willing to grasp new skills and elevate their creativity. It does not matter what purpose you need an animation. The afore-mentioned animation apps can allow you to edit videos and include appealing effects to a video. You can install the specified animation apps and build a fantastic video for your assignment or lecture.

7 Ways To Maximize Your Facebook Marketing Business

Ways To Maximize Your Facebook Marketing Business
Facebook is a great social media platform that provides endless opportunities for both business and customers. Creating a Facebook group is one of the biggest places to share common interest plus, customer’s opinion. This is an incredible approach for generating local connections, building the business long-lasting presence, selling premium products, providing customer services, etc. These services improve user experience and enhance the quality of products on the Facebook network.

Thus, businesses and organizations on Facebook is a possible marketing strategy for getting the desired results. A great brand can effectively generate sales, build brand awareness, increase website traffic, and boost conversion rate for the long run. So, targeting users with updated information through Facebook will automatically build a durable relationship with them. But, how to maximize your business with Facebook marketing. Here are the achievable effects that can help you to expand your business.

Identify The Customers’ Interest

For creating the relevant ads and post, you need to first know about the customer’s needs and interest. Constructing the buyer personas on Facebook pages will help you to identify the customers’ needs, wants and interests. This identification will create ads or posts accordingly which tends to establish a loyal customer base. Without clear and measurable goals, you cannot be able to calculate the effectiveness of your SEO services and Facebook marketing efforts. So, determining the customer’s requirements and focus on building a quality audience.

Share Engaging Content Regularly

As you know Facebook is all about connecting with your audience or customers which is possible by posting your content regularly on Facebook. Facebook page promotions are best option to engage your customers through interesting, useful, relevant, and helpful information. Updating the information, news, trends of your business including upcoming events are one of the other factors to gain customers’ trust.

The higher the quality of content is more likely to noticed and shared by people. Getting comment and like on your shared contents are also an important aspect for social engagements. When your followers share the content on Facebook, your business page is getting promoted for free. So, update your content in new style regularly for your audience.

Re-post Popular Posts

Re-post old content is highly beneficial to target specific users who left your website without reading the content. Adding a site-tracking tag on your website will automatically enable the retargeting system. It is an incredibly advantageous strategy which encourages the customers to make another purchase of products from you.

Re-posting will also encourage visitors to come to your site and subscribe to receive follow-up content and upgrade content. Therefore, effective retargeting is an excellent way to dramatically boost conversion rates.

Use Existing Mobile Channels To Build Presence

Nowadays users can easily stay active on social media anytime through mobile devices. A mobile-friendly website with Facebook promotion page is the best option to expand your business. The more likes, shares, and comments on your post will engage the existing customers to follow your pages. Using existing mobile channels is a great option to run your business from any location. An SEO expert will stay connected with the customers and inspire them by posting the new and updated information.
Ways To Maximize Your Facebook Marketing Business

Offer Promotions & Facebook Contest

Run a contest is another way to promote your Facebook page in a manner to offer something valuable to your customers. An SEO specialist will mention the more interesting incentive and deals on products or ads to increase the shares and likes on his/her page. These promotional offers and Facebook contests contain discounts and great deals on products and the other services. Creating the event on a Facebook page would generate more sharing links which tends to bring new visitors.

Publishing or running a caption contest is a great way to keep your followers entertain and attract new people to your Facebook page. These contests are useful to reward customers financially or offer discounts on purchasing products. Promotional codes also avail with same deals which in results cut the actual cost of the products. So, always share giveaways and special offers for a specific period of time to grow faster results.

Share Customer Feedback

Customers reviews are the important factor to attract the other visitors to your site or Facebook pages. Sharing the thoughts of your customers with others will increase the visibility of the Facebook post. Tagging the customers in their feedbacks are the invertible strategy to engage other audience for your business. Customer reviews are very important for small businesses.

A user-generated content with a shared location for your business on Facebook page will automatically promote your page on their network's platform. Other than this, integrate with your customer through live chat, shipping information, subscriptions, signups for upcoming events, and downloadable content. This will enable them to post a positive feedback and allow the other visitors to make the purchase from your websites.

Interact With Individuals

Getting more likes and followers for your business’ Facebook page is always the first priority of every businessman. If an individual comment occurs on your updating post, then thank them or respond to their related questions or comments. It is a great way to interact with your customers individually and increase the engagement by replying their queries or questions.

Tagging your customers in pictures or Facebook updates is another way to engage them with related and useful information. This approach will not only notify the individual but it also visible to others’ newsfeeds who are friends of tagged people.

Bottom Line

Maximize your business through Facebook is not only about increasing the sales and growth but it also about building up the quality of your page. The best SEO packages are also applicable on affordable price to expand and explore the business in regards to grow the audience for whom you are promoting to. So, follow these above-mentioned techniques to exaggerate the business through Facebook marketing.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Lauren McLaren was born and raised in Australia. She is working as a blogger and professional Digital Marketer for Digital Muscle which provides affordable SEO Packages in Australia. She’s hardworking, competent and trustworthy. Her role within the company is to manage a team of SEO Experts. In her spare time, she loves to read, cook and watch movies.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free
It has happened to all of us that we have mistakenly deleted an important file that we kept on the hard disk of the computer, on a USB key or on an SD memory card. Whether working documents, photographs or personal files, the impotence that we feel when losing this valuable data is enormous.

Luckily, there are some tools that allow you to recover deleted files from any support, provided that it has not been too long since we have deleted them since this makes the recovery process difficult you can download free data recovery software.

Many of the deleted files recovery tools are paid for any use, but there are others deleted file recovery software to recover data such asEaseUS Data Recovery Wizard free that offer a free version that can save us from a hurry on more than one occasion.

An Easy, Fast And Reliable Deleted File Recovery Software:

EaseUS deleted file recovery is a tool that goes straight to the point. Just open the application, we must indicate the location where we want to search for deleted files and, after selecting the unit (or path within that unit), the software begins to do its job.

The simplicity of this tool is its greatest virtue. While other tools on the market show a lot of options to the user that overwhelm him, with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard free it is not necessary to configure any option. It simply does its job.

The deleted file recovery application offers two scan modes a quick one that is initially performed to locate deleted files and folders in a short time, and a deep one that is performed next and scans sector by sector to guarantee a better recovery result.

Rapid and deep scans are always performed together: first the fast and then the deep. However, I would like there to be the possibility of carrying out only one of the two types of scanning.

In my tests, the fast scanning of a 500GB SSD disk took about 15 minutes and resulted in several thousands of deleted files found.

In the deleted files recovery software the deep scan can be extended for much longer - in my case, it has been more than an hour but it depends a lot on the size and speed of the scan support, as well as the power of the computer. Unfortunately, there is only the option to pause the scan but it is not possible to interrupt it completely and resume it another day.

If you are looking for a specific type of file, the tool allows you to set filters to see only those deleted files that meet certain criteria:

Different Types Of Files Support By EaseUS Data Recovery Software:

Images: JPG / JPEG, PNG, GIF, PSD, TIF / TIFF and others
Music: MP3, RA, / RMX MID / MIDI, WAV, OGG and others
Documents: DOC / DOCX, XLS / XLSX, PPT / PPTX, PDF, ZIP / RAR, HTML / HTML and others
Video: MP4, MOV, FLV, WMV, AVI and others
Email: PST and others
Other: EXE and others

As a curiosity, in the search of images, the tool incorporates a novel system of image recognition that allows filtering photographs by those that show people, animals and buildings. It is something that we have never seen in a tool of this type.
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free
If you know the name of the file, you can also enter it in a search box to quickly determine if the file is among those found.

Once we choose the file that we want to recover, we can access a preview of it (including text, image, audio and video files). This allows us to confirm that we have found the correct file before restoring it. Once confirmed, we can select the location where we want to save it.

It is always advisable to save the file in another unit if we want to keep searching for lost files to avoid information being crushed.

For this analysis, I have tried to recover deleted data on my laptop's internal hard drive (500GB SSD), on an external USB key (32GB) and on an external USB hard drive (1TB).

In all cases I managed to successfully recover the files I had deleted minutes before, although, as is well known, the challenge for these tools is to recover the data after a time has elapsed and new data has been written on it.


The free version is limited to recovering 500GB of data, although we can easily reach 2GB if we publish this software on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

The Pro (€ 66.69) and Pro + WinPE (€ 95.14) versions do not have this limitation and add additional features such as free updates and technical support from the EaseUS company for life, as well as the possibility of creating a means of boot for emergencies in the case of the Pro + WinPE version.


In short, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a very interesting solution for those users who want to recover files without complications, quickly and reliably.

The possibility of recovering 500GB (or up to 2GB if you share on social networks) for free is a very interesting incentive to try this software without any limitation in functionality. And if you find it useful, you may want to get the paid version.


  • The free version offers all the functionalities of the software (although limited to a maximum of 2GB of recovered data)
  • Simple interface to be used by non-experienced users, without the need to configure options
  • Various possibilities to locate the deleted file: filtering by type (image, video, document, etc.), search by name or image recognition
  • Quick scan that completes your work in a few minutes
  • Preview files before recovering them


  • It is not possible to perform a single type of scan (fast or deep) but always perform both
  • It is not possible to continue another day with a scan that has been interrupted

5 Easy Ways To Brand Your Online Business

5 Easy Ways To Brand Your Online Business
In the online world, branding can mean the difference between long-term business success and falling by the wayside as your potential customers turn their attention to companies with a soul and a compelling personality. The truth is that in a sea of faceless companies in the online realm, only a handful will build the success every entrepreneur dreams of, and they will achieve this grand feat through the power of their visuals, stories, and values.

In order to give your marketing strategy something meaningful to say and incentivize your audiences to become your loyal brand followers, there needs to be something inspiring and of true value that the modern customer will find irresistible. Let’s take a look at the key elements of a winning brand and how you can achieve online superstardom.

Tend To Thorough Market Research

Branding is a nuanced art form that aims to strike an emotional cord with the target demographic, and while brand creation is a creative process, that doesn’t mean that it is not founded on solid data and deep industry insights. Many entrepreneurs make the inadvertent mistake of brainstorming a brand’s visual identity and personality by consulting only themselves and following their own aesthetic preferences.

In reality, your branding and marketing approach should be based on hard data derived from meticulous market research. This means researching your ideal demographic as well as the other relevant actors in your niche. Finding out what your audience likes and dislikes, as well as what the key drivers behind the success of other brands are, will allow you to improve upon winning practices and slowly but surely surpass them in every possible way.

Build Your Visual Identity

Building a visual identity for your brand takes time, as well as trial and error. Graphic designers are a dime a dozen nowadays, and every creative out there will have their own viewpoint when it comes to your brand’s visuals, so you should take the time to review all ideas. Don’t just settle for the first visual scheme you like, but rather see what others have to bring to the table as well.

As a general rule of thumb, though, you should go for a clean, decluttered, and minimalist look for your brand. This is because minimalism in website design is very popular nowadays among global audiences as well as other businesses. It shows that you are meticulous in your approach, it offers excellent user experience, and it radiates a certain feeling of trustworthiness.

Define Your Values And Brand Personality

One of the most important parts of a striking online presence is your brand’s ability to attract customers and clients with its compelling stories, a unique tone of voice, and a set of values the audience can connect with. Needless to say, crafting these values and content is a time-consuming, expensive task, but it is nonetheless an essential step towards branding success.
5 Easy Ways To Brand Your Online Business
With that in mind, be sure to manage your finances accordingly and even consider startup business loans as a means to a solvent future. Don’t invest your own resources into content creation or the creation of your brand as a whole, but rather secure finances early on without risking your livelihood. Remember, brand creation is a creative process that requires the experienced touch of a professional team, so don’t try to do it all on your own like so many unsuccessful entrepreneurs have.

Create A Memorable Logo

The logo is one of the first aesthetic features your online visitors will notice about your company, so naturally, it needs to grab their attention immediately. However, it’s not just about being unique, it’s also about portraying your brand’s values and being associative of your company as a whole. To make your logo stand out from the rest, be sure to make it a mixture of your brand’s personality, your values, and your unique tone of voice. Let the logo speak the essence of your brand.

Share Your Brand Internally And Externally

Lastly, there is not much use of an amazing brand if no one sees it or gets the chance to experience it in all its glory. This is why you should focus on sharing your brand across the digital realm as a part of a comprehensive online marketing strategy that involves content creation, social media management, guest posting, email marketing, and more. What’s more, don’t forget to brand yourself internally as well, and inspire your employees to fall in love with everything you stand for – they are, after all, your biggest assets and the best PR managers you could hope for.

Building a brand is an essential step towards long-term success in the business world. Without a brand, you would have no chance of separating yourself from the competition, so make sure to cover these essential steps before launch day in order to pave the road to entrepreneurial superstardom in the digital world.

Top 5 Must Have Essential Apps for those Who Love Travelling

Essential Apps for those Who Love Travelling
The wonder of travel lies in the sights and sounds of new locations, but if a tool could smooth that path and free up your senses, would you use it? You will.

Smartphone evolution has changed the travel industry and opens an array of ingenious apps to make your trips easier to plan, cheaper, and more enjoyable. Smart travelers load up an array of handy apps in their smartphones to make life on the road, little easier. And just like packing the items for your trip, having the right apps on your phone is important for dramatically improve the journey to your destination.

Want to go to a restaurant because one of your friends tweeted? Or check out the gallery that’s running a timely exhibit of the famous artist? Or looking for a particular running route that you want to cover within the next few days? All of them are just a click away; get the high-tech apps and make your travel long last.

We’ve had a plethora of travel apps to bring you the top 5 must have essential apps to have in 2018. No matter where you’re planning to go, how long your stay will be, or the device you’re using; get these apps installed – you won’t regret it.
Don't forget to check out more apps here to make your travelling smarter

Top 5 Must Have Essential Apps for those Who Love Travelling

1. Google Translate

Essential Apps for those Who Love Travelling
The language barrier is one of the most irritating things that spoil the entire experience of a trip. Thanks to the Google's handy translation app that translate 103 different languages; just type the text and be a Roman in Rome or Arabic in UAE.

Of those, you can download 59 languages that can access when you don't have a data connection, and 38 of them can be translated by pointing camera at a street sign or a dinner menu. The camera result doesn't always deliver perfect translation, but give you the gist.

Google translator is a golden oldie in internet terms, with a sci-fi feature: offline and real-time translation. Download the language get away with the translation headache.

2. Google Maps

Essential Apps for those Who Love Travelling
Taking Google Maps with you is the wisest decision when you’re going to explore new places rather than visiting. Be it traffic updates, city tours with 360-degree street views, public transit, a voice-guided, turn-by-turn GPS navigation; a mobile app known as Google maps has it. It’s free of cost and work with both - iPhone and Android.

I think this app provides the ultimate mapping service, using comprehensive map of your destination; integrate it with several apps like Uber and never get lost. This app is not for those who love travelling but also a life-savior when you don’t the exact location of your new office; you’ll likely use Google Maps every day on the road.

Although you’ll need an Internet connection to find new locations, save unlimited numbers of maps for later use. Don’t worry! The GPS in your PDA also works without a cell signal; get driving and public transit directions without internet connection.

3. Uber

Essential Apps for those Who Love Travelling
As an active service in 84 countries and more than 800 cities, being a king of ridesharing apps, Uber pioneered on-demand services and particularly handy when you’re abroad. Quickly request a car within the app after perusing differing vehicle rates and fare quotes. Afterward, you connect with your personal driver, track the approaching car’s location, and pay your fare using a credit card or cash. Rather than finding a taxi or a taxi stand, just bring one straight to you.

Even you can use Uber at home; these days ridesharing apps are taking the citizens by storm.

Despite its problematic reputation in the United States, Uber is currently in more countries than any other transportation services. In places where you can’t speak the language, the app can type in your address, helping to clear any confusion between you and the driver.

4. Tripit

Essential Apps for those Who Love Travelling
Your pocket trip planner, Tripit shows all the details of your trip at a glance: flights, car, map, hotels, and directions— all in one place. This app also allows you to sync your travel plans with your online calendar, share itineraries and even post travel plans on your Facebook. It’s free of cost for all your smartphones - Android, BlackBerry, iPhone/iPad and Windows Phone.

Tripit is the most popular travel apps, makes tracking itineraries, a breeze, without manually type-in the details of every flight, car rental, and hotel. If you’ve booked online, just forward the confirmation email and, in most cases, Tripit will recognize it and update your itinerary automatically.

Once that’s done, launch the app and download the latest updates. From there, you can access your itinerary without connecting to the internet.

There's a paid version ($49/year) with premium features, but the free version is still enough for masses.

5. PackPoint

Essential Apps for those Who Love Travelling
With PackPoint, you have to input your destination, the dates of travelling, and select from a list of all your favorite activities that you might want to do on vacation: like eating fancy dinners, swimming, beaching, etc., and let the PackPoint guy suggest you a list of potential items you might want to put in your luggage based on what you want to do and the potential weather.

Swipe away anything that you know you won’t need, and tap the remaining ones to tossed them in your luggage. And of course, you can add your own items, in case the app jogs your memory about something critical you don’t want to forget.

A Bonus Tip for Your Love of Travelling

On your trips, you may find that some countries block certain websites, like Facebook and Google. Or perhaps you’re missing some TV from back home and as you browse, you see a geo-blocked reminder. One way to get around with geo-restrictions is to use a secure and reliable VPN - virtual private network. It’s also good for privacy especially over public or hotel Wi-Fi networks.

Be Safe!

So, before pack your bags to see the world check out my list of travel apps that anticipate all your on-the-road needs. If you’re like me, make sure to have all the practical information in hand before you land in a new country. And even though you have visited before, you certainly didn’t want to see all the places that you’ve already seen. Travel apps are your best friend in this case.

4 Tips To Hire A Proficient PHP Developer

4 Tips To Hire A Proficient PHP Developer
PHP is a popular General purpose scripting language, especially suited for Web Development. It is well suited for web development as other lightweight server-side languages like python have been adapted to the web, whereas PHP is web-driven since the start.

PHP developers work with websites, applications, using the dynamic scripting language PHP. Hiring a PHP developer is the most tedious and crucial job as the entire success or Failure of the website depends on the PHP Developer. He is the flexible members of the IT team and manages database management, server technology, and operating systems.

Four Important tips that one must always remember while hiring a PHP Developer are:

1. Technical Knowledge

Nowadays anyone can Mug up the concepts and background knowledge about any language and earn a certificate. Therefore, asking stereotype questions like

“Who developed PHP?” or “When PHP was developed?” should be avoided while hiring the Candidate

Also, the easily found on the internet should be avoided.

Instead of Bookish Knowledge, technical knowledge should be tested with questions like

“How different PHP framework works?” or “PHP design patterns and which should be used when?”

After Technical Enquiry, past experiences and projects of the candidate should be looked upon to know more about the candidate’s technical knowledge and working skills.

2. Communication skills

The single most important determinant of success in Business is Communication. No matter what kind of Business you have or how big or small the business is, to drive business successfully a person with effective communication skills is necessary. There is no use in hiring a candidate with good technical knowledge but poor communication skills as at the end of the day communication skills is going to widen your audience and client base and gain their trust because of the clarity of thoughts and ideas put in front of them through communication Irrespective of all the Knowledge the Developer must excel in all means of communication right from Audio, Video, Text, Email, and Speech. Communication is the main key to success a candidate must have it in him/her to strengthen the relationships and create the positive attitude

3. Appoint Candidate As Per Your Requirement

Though it is important to hire a candidate based on technical knowledge and credentials it is also equally important to hire a candidate that would fit in requirement list.

Before hiring the candidate, you must be clear about the candidate you are looking for. You must think before head that you want someone with determination, persistence, curiosity or relaxed about time and deadlines suits your culture. And based on the premade list the candidate must be hired. For this, just paper examination is not sufficient a small research on work background must be done to come to an opinion.
4 Tips To Hire A Proficient PHP Developer
Getting a developer that perfectly fits in your requirement list is important because this exact behavior leak into the projects they handle for you and it the candidate is not up to your mark and expectation the project he is working on won’t be satisfactory even.

4. Adaptability

In today's Era it is more important to be flexible and responsive, as there are plenty of resources and creativity available to learn from, plenty of challenges and opportunities to grow from. Things are changing at a greater and faster rate every minute. Therefore, the ability to adapt to surrounding changes is most important. It is important to adapt in order to reinvent and recreate ourselves.

There is a lot of power in adaptability and it is must in the business world. It is very important to hire an easily adaptable developer for the Company rather than hiring a candidate who is excellent in only one skill
With the development of new technologies customers needs are always changing because of this advancement within a small time span a certain skill set can become absolutely useless therefore nowadays it's always better to hire a web developer who can learn new technologies easily rather than hiring someone who knows a specific technology excellently and who is not ready to adapt.

The easiest way to identify whether the developer is willing to adapt to the changes is by asking him questions about new inventions, this will reveal whether a Web developer has a love for learning.

A willing developer should always keep him updated by reading advancements, attending meet-ups and collecting as much new information as possible. This will help him adapt easily to changes.


A PHP developer has the power to transfer your dreams into reality, popular your Online brand in the world and attracts customers in this highly competitive virtual world whereas an ineffective PHP developer can be proven as a setback to the entire team and potentially worsen the entire project. Therefore, it is really important to hire a PHP developer after proper thinking and questioning.

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AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Kavya gajjar is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by Cake Php Development Services . I would love to share thoughts on Social Media Marketing Services and Custom Php Development etc.

Tech Your Restaurant Needs

Tech Your Restaurant Needs
Technology has permeated every industry and the restaurant industry in no different. It is important to have certain technologies to be successful, drive in new business, and keep repeat customers coming in. Some technology might seem like common sense and other technology might come as a surprise. So, here are 6 of the top technologies that a restaurant should have:

1. Loyalty Programs

While this is relatively simple technology, implementing a way to encourage customers to come back to your restaurant by offering percentages off for continued visits can drive in business. There needs to be a database that has the ability to hold the customer’s information and know how many times they have been to the restaurant. You cannot rely on a punch card or paper version of this. It needs to be electronic.

Restaurants are beginning to develop applications that can be downloaded on a smartphone. These programs keep track of what the customer orders, gives them points for purchases, and gives rewards when they earn a certain amount of points. This will drive customers back to the same restaurant because they want to take advantage of the program.

2. Point Of Sale System

These systems allow a restaurant to pull together virtually all of its functions in one place. It can keep track of what items are selling so that inventory is ordered, or things are taken off the menu. It communicates data into the accounting system, so it can be used for multiple purposes, including taxes and payroll. These systems can even be portable, so they can be carried by servers as they take orders. Managing inventory is critical to a business’ success. The owner needs to have a good understanding of where the inventory is being used, how much of it is being used, and where they may be able to save money by making different purchasing choices.

Using a point of sale system can not only capture much-needed data from one restaurant, but it can also pull in data from different locations. This is beneficial when restaurants have more than one location and want to pool resources. They can transfer inventory, adjust staffing, and make menu changes based on the data collected by the system. Additionally, the owner can compare the revenue streams and make business decisions based on the data and managing inventory.

3. Online Presence

Consumers expect to be able to go online and find information about your restaurant. They expect to find reviews, menus, pictures, and various other information. Without this kind of presence, consumers may look to another restaurant that does offer what they are looking for. Consumers want to be able to look up information on restaurants with the ease of their smartphones. If businesses do not have the right site set up, it may not display properly on a smartphone. Restaurants need to make sure their websites and applications are easily viewed and contain correct information.
Tech Your Restaurant Needs
Sometimes, restaurants may want to outsource the development and management of their websites. This can ensure that they are offering customers what they want. Additionally, websites can now allow you to make reservations, so customers can decide on their dining plans from anywhere.

4. Tabletop Tablets

Some restaurants are beginning to put tablets at each table. The tablets allow the customer to call their server, pay their bill, and even play games (for a fee). Some of these tablets will hold children’s games so that they have something to do while their food is coming. Usually, these cost a fee, but keeping a child busy and quiet while waiting is sometimes worth the price.

Using tablets can reduce turnaround time for tables since the customers will not be waiting to get the attention of their server quite as much. The tablets are a way to engage the customer with the restaurant in multiple ways. It also allows people to check their bill for accuracy and not feel rushed by the server. Furthermore, the customer can remain in full control of their credit card while paying. They do not have to worry about an unscrupulous employee or the card getting lost. They can swipe the card right from the table and add the tip of their choosing to their bill.

5. Wi-fi

Restaurants need to invest in making wi-fi available to its customers. So many people are dependent on good service, they want to have it wherever they go. And, if the restaurant offers free wi-fi, it is less data that the customer must use from their own plan. Many people expect businesses to have this available, so if your restaurant does not have it, it may mean fewer return customers. Restaurants need to either have an open network or prominently display the login and password.

6. Platforms To Engage With Customers

Social media is very important to many customers, of all ages. Customers are expecting restaurants to be on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They want to be able to follow what they are doing socially and what people are saying about them. Without a social media presence, restaurants can be passed over by potential customers.

By instituting some popular technology, restaurant owners can increase their revenue and create a customer base that will come back over and over. Technology can help them monitor their business, expenses, and revenues with less time and effort and with more accuracy. With technology, restaurants will be able to serve their customers the way they want to be served.

Create Social Media Ready GIFs With GIF Finder Apps

Create Social Media Ready GIFs With GIF Finder Apps
You probably know what GIFs are. Similar to memes, GIFs started as an entertaining way to share short video clips, but as they got more popular, many companies discovered GIFs can be used as a powerful social marketing tool. When I initially decided to create GIFs, I knew they can be created with software like Adobe pack. But since I’m not really tech-savvy, I had to find a more “amateur” way to create quality GIFs without spending too much time. As an alternative, I started searching for user-friendly apps in the hope I’ll find something simple enough. Fortunately, after just a couple of minutes, I found a couple of great sites and additionally, I also found an interesting list of best apps for finding GIFs. I didn’t expect much, but it turned out many apps also provide the option to create original GIFs. In case you want to check the list yourself, here’s the link "Best 10 Apps for Finding GIFs by AppGrooves" you can check.

Also, since it did take me around an hour to quickly check each one, I thought why not review my top 3 and save you some time. So, here are 3 apps I think are most helpful for quickly creating and finding GIFs.

GIPHY - The Most Popular “GIFster”

Giphy was the first site that popped out the moment I googled “GIF creator”. And sure enough, it turned out to be the most popular one so I had to try out. Like many other, Giphy is also community-based and since it is extremely popular one, it has more than enough GIFs in its library - mostly funny GIFs. But what I like the most is the simplicity of creating. The UI is straight-forward and with just a couple of drags & drops, you can create a completely original GIF. Honestly, I think even a 5-year child could use this one - it’s simply a well-polished app. Another important thing worth mentioning, especially if you’re looking for a GIF creator to help you with social campaigns, Giphy doesn’t stick a watermark on your newly created content. Also, you can easily share GIFs on any social media.

Although I do have a minor complaint, I want to make it clear it’s nitpicking. Since Giphy is so popular I hoped they might include a way to track stats on how many people view my GIFs and so on. Unfortunately, as of now, this option is still not available but I do hope they’ll include it in some of the future updates. With such a great app, analytics would be a real icing on the cake.

ImgPlay - A Great Alternative

Although Giphy does offer almost everything you need to create funny GIFs, having an alternative is a smart thing to do. ImgPlay is that alternative and another great app. I found it to be great for creating GIFs on the go as you can record videos directly from the app and start editing. Also, similar to Giphy, you can also add images and create with the simple design options. I like how the app provides many possibilities without being complex such as the possibility to change the speed, choose filters or play the video backward. Although you won’t use it often, for me, it was extremely useful when I wanted to get a bit creative.
Create Social Media Ready GIFs With GIF Finder Apps
I noticed a small issue when trying to upload a bit longer video files. The app would freeze and I’d have to start all over again. But, I need to be honest and say I didn’t test it out on the first one. Nevertheless, you can easily fix this by simply making sure videos aren’t too long. You only need a couple of seconds of material anyhow.

GIF Maker (Android) & GIF X (iOS) - The Runner Ups

The final two I decided to include in case some of you want an Android or iOS-specific app. GIF Maker is for Android users out there and it works pretty much the same as the first two. But, for emoji fans out there, you can also stick funny emojis to the GIF to give it that extra “flare”. The iOS counterpart is GIF X. What I liked the most about GIF X is the ability to easily browse categories when you need to find a GIF in a hurry. Just write down the keyword and you’ll instantly get a Facebook or Twitter-ready GIF. I also want to mention that both apps have the option to resize GIFs.

Both apps also provide an effective way to create GIFs. But, with both apps, I ran into what I feel is like a random issue. From time to time while editing, the apps would just freeze and although I made a change, the GIF didn’t update. With ImgPlay I know the reason is length so I was able to fix that, but here, no matter what I tried, I just couldn’t overcome the obstacle. Thus, I’m guessing it has to do something with the apps.

To conclude, I’d like to be completely honest. If you need a reliable tool, go with one of the first two. GIF maker and GIF X are here for those people who prefer a real alternative - for whatever reason. Both Giphy and ImgPlay are just more reliable and they certainly won’t let you down. But, I want to provide as many options as possible so you have a complete freedom when picking an app.

5 Graphic Design Tips Every E-Commerce Person Should Know

5 Graphic Design Tips Every E-Commerce Person
When you talk about e-commerce web designing, it generally means that you want to reach the checkout point as soon as possible. Everyone has been through that moment when you want to buy something online, but a nice product with lowest prices pops up immediately. You take a look at the website first and close it quickly.

There are times when you would have visited a beautiful and welcoming website but most of the time gets wasted going through the page and to find the checkout process, you bounce out of it. When you ask about the e-commerce web designing, it doesn't revolve around making an online store pleasing and attractive, but a lot of Technical things take place backside.

You cannot deny the fact that as soon as the customer gets what he wants from your website to complete the order, your chances are more where the customer gives you the money and checks out happily. Owning a quality e-commerce website can get your potential customers without any hassle or stress. Here are five tips that you should know about graphic designing.

You can follow the below-listed tips and advises to create a successful e-Commerce for your business.

1. Filtering The Options According To The Customer's Taste

When users are online, and they are trying to search something they want to buy from your E-Commerce website, it is important that your website has excellent filter options so that the customer finds easy to navigate and find the ideal product without wasting much time and effort. The experts in graphic design in Dubai have the knowledge and experience to help you design the best e-Commerce website. This is crucial when it comes to clothes sizes. Customers do not appreciate your website if the perfect dress they want to buy is not available in their size on your website.

2. Enable Them To Reverse The Choices

The customer begins with short-listing there navigation in a specific category such as clothing, they might make a mistake, or there are times when they simply change their mind. It is important that you allow them to remove the navigation selections easily instead of forcing them to get back to the previous page and begin with the shopping all over again to find the ideal choice and you can do this with the help of best graphic design in Dubai. This is a bad idea as the customer finds it boring and exhausting to continue with the search again.

3. Considering An Easy Search Bar

Most of you don't realize how many times the search bar in The E-Commerce web comes to use. When a customer visits your website to find something in specific, if it is not mentioned anywhere in the landing page, the most useful and common thing to find the ideal product is to search for it on the search bar.
5 Graphic Design Tips Every E-Commerce Person
You can take the help of experts for the best Graphic design in Dubai to help you build ideal websites. Make sure to make the search bar your key focus when you are developing your e-Commerce website. This enables your users to find their ideal products easily and directly make the payment without having to search for it all over the website.

4. Ensure Using Top Quality Photography

When you talk about e-commerce shopping, it is all about the attractiveness and beauty on what you see on the screen. The users buy it with their eyes and making the pictures realistic and beautiful can help you make the purchase effectively. Make sure to hire experts in graphic design in Dubai who can add plenty of photos on each product as it is also the guaranteed way to grab more users.

A product without more number of images will be given least importance on the website. It is important to add some photos to attract more business at the same time you also have to make sure about the quality of the photographs. Blood or pix-elated pictures will be ignored at first that can bring down the image and quality of your e-Commerce website.

5. Make Your Website With User-Friendly Navigation

When you have a long list of products to list on your website it is sure that it will have some categories. In this case, the fly out or Superman use come handy and effective to keep the page from getting cluttered, and at the same time, it creates maximum accessibility on your website. The best way to have the superman or flash out menus, make it simple and effective. When you try to unnecessarily elaborate details on the menu, it became lengthy and exaggerated for the users to navigate.

The fly-out menus are designed in such a way that they take a minimum amount of space on your website and make it easy and accessible for the user to find their ideal products or services on your website. If you want to make your navigation smooth and easy, you can also use breadcrumbs.

For more help, you may visit below links:

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprak Design. He would love to share thoughts on Best Graphic Design In Dubai, Lifestyle Design, Branding Firm, Exhibition design etc.

How To Manage And Eliminate Duplicate Photos On Your Hard Drive

How To Manage And Eliminate Duplicate Photos
Organizing and managing photos is not an easy task, especially when you’ve got over thousands of photos on your system. keeping unwanted numbers in your library not only slow down the performance of your machine but also hogs the majority of storage space. However, de-cluttering your library manually takes forever to give you a tidy and well-organized library but surely you can get your work done in real time using the third party duplicate photo finder and remover tools.

In this post, we’re going to share how to manage and eliminate duplicate photos on your hard drive using the Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro. However, before going further let's understand what is Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro and why do you need this?

What Is Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro?

Duplicate Photos Fixer is an easy, fast and powerful software which is capable of managing and deleting duplicate photos from your entire computer. This ultimate photo fixing program ensure effective scan to find out replica photos and help you to eliminate more photo by using the similar matches and various matching level.

Step 1: Download & install Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

How To Manage And Eliminate Duplicate Photos
You can download and install the app from any browser just by typing the Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro in the address bar. You can easily get your hands on Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro from the App Store. You can also click on the link to download and install Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro directly on your Mac.

Step 2: Click On Add Photos Library

How To Manage And Eliminate Duplicate Photos
Now, you need to add your Photos library to find out how many duplicates you have in your Mac. If you have more than one photos library and you have duplicate photos in both the libraries, then you can scan both the library one by one. The app will not work effectively if you will add multiple libraries at the same time. You can add folder instead of any library as well.

Step 3: Choose Similar Matches or Exact Matches

How To Manage And Eliminate Duplicate Photos
Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro provides two different ways to find out duplicate photos with Similar Matches and Exact Matches. Similar matches will help you to get more duplicate as compared to exact matches. It is capable of choosing the photos which are duplicate with the slight changes. Exact matches can bring up the duplicate which has exactly same content. if the image has slightly differed from another image then if fall under similar matches. Using the similar matches, you can find more duplicate and it is recommended by created of the app as well.

Step 4: Scan For Duplicates

How To Manage And Eliminate Duplicate Photos
Another step to finding and eliminate duplicate is clicking on the scan for duplicates. Once you will hit the scan for duplicate button then the app will start the scan to bring up all the duplicate you have in your machine. This option is available at the bottom of the Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro app.

Step 5: Step 5: Click On Auto-Mark (It is optional)

How To Manage And Eliminate Duplicate Photos
Using the auto-mark button is an optional way to eliminate the duplicate found by the scanning. It is a time-saving way to get rid of unwanted photos. Moreover, this method will help you to delete all the duplicate at once. However, you want to keep some of the photos and only interested in deleting a few photos then you can check-mark the photos manually to delete them.

If you’re deleting replica files manually then please keep in mind, the photos available in red color is duplicate photos and green color photos are original photos. You need to check-mark the red photos as these photos are with fewer resolutions.

Step 6: Use Trash-Marked

How To Manage And Eliminate Duplicate Photos
This option is to put all the replica files in the trash. However, before that, you need to follow some of the steps which you will get one by one. Please do not skip the instruction window as it is important to perform the steps to delete your replica files. Follow the below mentioned steps:

1. Firstly, you need to minimize the Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro and need to open your library at your machine. Now, you need to Show Sidebar.
2. Choose All Photos from the left-pane of your library.
3. Come back to Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro app and hit next, next and then continue.

Step 7: Open Duplicate Marked Photos

How To Manage And Eliminate Duplicate Photos
You need to open duplicate marked photos folder from left-pane of your library. You can locate all the duplicates under this folder. Now, select one photo and press command + A (to select all the photos) and delete them. That’s it, you’re done now.

Now you don’t need to waste your valuable time in manually deleting duplicate photos from your Mac. All you need to do is, download and install is a powerful tool to clear up replica photos and save some storage space.

Website Design Tips When Building Your Law Firm Website

Website Design Tips When Building Your Law Firm
A website is one of the most significant and essential marketing tools to brand and market your law firm. Nowadays, it is the first reference that people will see about your service.

Creating a unique and appealing website would encourage people to know more about your law firm and could lead to potential clients. Hence, it is necessary that you create a site that is impressive and a standout from the competitors.

The following are some website design tips that could help you build an engaging law firm website:

1. Brand Your Site

Branding can make your site look professional. To brand it, you must create your professional logo design. Do not create a logo from a template or clip art because it is not unique and may also pose legal risks. This is important because your potential clients will recognize your post anywhere because of your logo.

2. Have A Domain Name

To make your website visible on the Internet, you must buy a domain name or the URL. Experts advise using the name of your law firm in the URL of your site. Also, opt to use “.com” because it is simple and easy to remember.

3. Create A Brand Color

You must have a brand color that you can use on your website’s background, call-to-action buttons, and other pages of your site. It will make your website unique and stand out from the rest. Also, be sure that your text is in good contrast with the background. Keep in mind that the text must be readable always and easy on the eyes. Moreover, experts say that bright colors, such as orange and red, are good for calls to action for better visibility.

4. Present Your Services

You must showcase your services on your site. State your services and your specialization in detail. Your potential clients will then have an idea if you are the right lawyer for their cases by knowing your scope of work.

5. Create A Professional Impression

When potential clients visit your website, they will read your profile, including your attorneys’ profiles. You must state your credentials and your practice areas, including the attorneys on your site. You may also list the awards and achievements you receive. These things could promote your skills and at the same time create a professional image and impression, which could build trust in potential clients.

6. Provide Testimonials

The testimonials of your former clients are significant and could build credibility. You may add a testimonial page on your website that shows the comments and messages of your former clients. When potential clients read these testimonials, they would have a view about the results of your cases and your services.

7. Use Many Calls To Action

Calls to action can lead to consultation and will end up with a client. For this reason, you must use many calls to action on your website homepage, including other pages, attorney profile pages, and About Page, among others. You may also create blog posts with a call to action. The call to action must have a messaging option so they can keep in touch with you or get a consultation. Do not forget to include your contact address and phone.
Website Design Tips When Building Your Law Firm

8. Make Your Contact Form Simple

A long and complicated form could confuse a potential client and drive them away. For this reason, you must make your contact form as simple and straightforward as possible. Ask only necessary information, such as the name, email address, and contact number of the potential client. As mentioned previously, you may ask for a message, which is optional. Once they consulted you and asked for a scheduled meeting, you may ask for more the details about them and their concern.

9. Make Your Website Responsive

Consider the loading speed of your site. Most users are annoyed when the loading of the page takes too long. They tend to back away and discontinue browsing a website. For these reasons, your website must be responsive. You may use the recommendations of Google Pagespeed Insights to improve the speed of your site. Also, make sure that you have right hardware infrastructure and bandwidth for your website pages.

Your website must also be structured appropriately. It means that the visitors could access and read your content without any difficulties. It includes resizing your site based on the screen size of the viewer’s device.

10. Organize Your Website

Harmony and unity must be achieved in the building of law firm website design. Every page must relate to your services and firm. Do not put any irrelevant things on your web pages because these may confuse your potential clients. The layout and designs of the pages of your website must be similar and coherent. This conveys consistency in the branding of your site.

Provide good headlines, too, that may attract the visitors. You may also highlight some texts that are important. It is advisable that you use fonts that are easy to read and provide bullets when you want to emphasize information to your readers. Avoid or lessen the use of popups, animations, and audio and video contents as these may draw away potential clients.

11. Optimize And Market Your Website

Your website must be designed to attract more visitors that would turn to be your clients. For this reason, your site should be optimized for search engines to increase its traffic. You may use WordPress, which has an excellent built-in SEO feature.

Also, you may list your website at Google My Business, which can make your site visible in the search engines. You have to provide information such as the name of the website, location, business name, and industry. Once your site is verified, you may include other information, such as a description of your services.

You must also market your website besides optimizing it. Some marketing resources for your site include generating quality contents, enhancing referrals, obtaining a business plan, and strengthening business development, among others.

12. Ask The Experts

Building a website is easy for some, but for those who are not adept in the latest technologies, it can be a nightmare. If you need help, don’t hesitate to turn to professionals. There are experts in website design, marketing, and branding a law firm website, such, that provide digital solutions and high-quality services. Communicate your goals with them properly, and let their expertise do their magic on your website.

Building a winsome and professional web design for your law firm will contribute to your continuous and successful practice. Your website will attract more visitors that would be your potential clients. Therefore, invest in a good website design. It will be worth it.