6 Best Animation Apps To Use In The Classroom

6 Best Animation Apps To Use In The Classroom
An animation is one of the best advancement in the field of education technology. It allows the children to achieve the opportunity for endless creativity during the design of comic graphics, movies, and more media. Be it the stop-motion animation or a simple pen and paper, animation serves as the most suitable way to brighten up the classroom and fill happiness among the heart of young ones.

With the emergence of mobile apps, drawing and visualization aren’t limited to the classrooms only. They can be utilized to achieve benefits in various fields, specifically for lively topics and also the dull ones. You can create an animation for almost any topic, ranging from personal animations of a Shakespeare play to the complex chemistry concepts.

1. Tellagami

Tellagami stands as the fan favourite animation app that can develop a brief voice message of about 30 seconds through using animation. The voice message in the Tellagami is named as “gami”. This app is loved by smartphone users due to its availability on both the Android and iOS devices.

2. Toontastic

Tootastic stands as a robust and fantastic solution for the best digital storytelling experience. It provides kids with a well-rounded set of animation tools for creating appealing cartoons. The app is much appealing and offers the finest in-app support and share options. This app relies on the animations along with narration to provide fans with engaging stories. On top, Tootastic provides users with the best way to create animations hassle-freely.

3. Animoto Video Maker

Animoto allows you to combine media rapidly. Be it the text, videos, or images, Animoto can turn them into mesmerizing videos. Students find Animoto useful in developing animated videos through bringing together media into a fabulous digital story.

This app offers more than fifty distinct video styles along with hundreds of music titles inside the massive built-in media library. It has the ability to share through leading social media networks. In addition, there are some best app developers including Video Animation INC who can create personalized animation building apps for varied businesses.

4. FlipaClip

The FlipaClip app can replicate and enhance the old-fashioned flipbook-styled animation. Through combining the plain yet encaptivating drawing tools along with a control for frames, this animation app makes it possible to produce high-end animations. With a great animation tool like FlipaClip on your side, you can either give drawing lessons through animation and more subjects by using creative animations that present viewers with best media and knowledge.
6 Best Animation Apps To Use In The Classroom

5. Puppet Pals HD

Puppet Pals HD serves as an easy to use animation-building app that allows the users to build personal animations through making use of wide-ranging themes characters and animations. Puppet Pals helps a user in creating endless animations that can be later utilized in various lessons. This app can be helpful in building children’s imagination skills along with teaching them how to organize, narrate, explore, express, and do more to unveil their imaginative and creative skillset. The sole limitation behind this is the users’ imagination.

6. Lumen5

In case you are seeking for a video editing tool that allows you to convert your text content to video content then Lumen5 is for you. It's simple and quick. You have to enter the URL of blog post or article, Lumen5 will automatically fetch the content and populate your storyboard. It works offline too. Must check out this tool if you want your work done quick and fast.

Why Should You Use Animation Apps On Smart Phone?

With the release of the various video animation applications, drawing is not limited to artists only. Almost anyone with the right set of animation knowledge can deliver professional and fantastic animated videos.

Generally, users are well aware of the complex animation software available on computer and laptops. But, this article has shown you all the best animation apps for iOS and Android devices. Now, that you know about the animation apps for mobile phones, you can start building animated videos on your favourite mobile phone.


Animation has become an almost essential part of different marketing strategies. Digital marketers have the knowledge that a fantastic animation-building app can help in creating marvellous videos. With the best animation app installed on your phone, you never need to reach your computer or laptop. The above-mentioned animation apps can allow you to portray imagination into animations.

Above all, the 3D animation app is suitable for users willing to grasp new skills and elevate their creativity. It does not matter what purpose you need an animation. The afore-mentioned animation apps can allow you to edit videos and include appealing effects to a video. You can install the specified animation apps and build a fantastic video for your assignment or lecture.
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