Online Retail: Latest Digital Trends You Need to Know

Latest Digital Trends You Need to Know
The pandemic has made a large part of the global population reliant on e-commerce. People will be continuing to depend on it even after the pandemic, as its speed and convenience have made it a difficult habit to shed. This has also made the e-commerce landscape highly competitive, though. To be able to compete, businesses must learn the latest technological advancements in e-commerce and e-commerce marketing and apply these elements effectively.

The Global State Of The Digital Market and E-commerce Today

The Digital Global Statshot Report of DataReportal shows that out of a global population of 7.87 billion, almost 61 percent or 4.8 billion people used the internet as of July 2021. More than a quarter of a billion have been added since the same time last year, representing an annual growth of nearly six percent. Users are spending almost seven hours online, more than twice the time they spend watching television.

Almost 67 percent of the global population or 5.27 billion people are mobile users. Among them, 117 million were added over the past year, representing nearly 10 million new users every month and annual growth of 2.3 percent. Nearly 57 percent of the global population or about 4.48 billion people are now social media users. Among them, more than half a million were added over the past year, representing an annual growth of 13 percent. Almost all of them or 99 percent access social media through their mobile phones, and they spend an average of two hours and 24 minutes daily on social media. Among working-age internet users around the world, more than 95 percent use social media networks and messaging services every month, making these the dominant online activities.

The top social media platform is still Facebook, followed by YouTube and Whatsapp. Instagram, Messenger, and WeChat take fourth to sixth place, respectively. Still trailing behind in descending order are Tiktok, QQ, Douyin, Telegram, Sina Weibo, Snapchat, Kuaishou, Pinterest, Reddit, Twitter, and Quora. Among users of social media, 26.1 percent use various platforms to find products to purchase, and 22.9 percent use them to find content from their favorite brands.

Regarding the global internet users' e-commerce activity, about 60 percent visited an online shopping platform in the past month, while more than 50 percent shopped or browsed for products online every week.

The Global E-commerce Forecast 2021 by eMarketer shows that retail e-commerce sales worldwide increased by 25.7 percent in 2020 to reach $4.213 trillion. The forecasted annual growth for 2021 is 16.8 percent, which is expected to reach $4.921 trillion. The leaders in global regional rankings will be Asia-Pacific and North America. Asia-Pacific's 60.8 percent share of retail e-commerce sales worldwide will be largely from China. North America's share will be 20.3 percent, while Western Europe's share will be 12.6 percent.

What You Need To Compete

E-retail businesses must adopt the latest technological tools and stay updated on the latest digital trends to use the data on global digital behavior and e-commerce behavior most efficiently and effectively and to gather even more targeted data. It is still imperative to hire a professional e-commerce marketing service to navigate the field expertly.

According to BigCommerce, augmented reality (AR) enables consumers to digitally try on a product such as clothes, makeup, or hair color. It also enables them to digitally place products, such as furniture or decor in their homes in proper proportion to see if these complement their interiors. If they can virtually try on a product before buying it, 35 percent of consumers state that they will shop online more. If AR is available in their favorite e-commerce store, 22 percent of consumers state that they will be less likely to visit a brick-and-mortar store.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning create automated, personalized shopping experiences for consumers. AI collects data continuously on a consumer's online search and purchasing behaviors and uses data analytics to predict preferences. It then personalizes product recommendations and gives appropriate customer service through AI chatbots. According to a study, retailers who scale advanced personalization capabilities experience an increase in revenue of up to 25 percent.

Having a wide range of payment options for consumers is necessary. Consumers today do not use only credit cards but also many other digital payment services. This enables consumers to save their payment information on the site for easier and faster checkout every time they buy.

Make your site easier to find by putting it on top of voice searches and image searches in addition to traditional searches. Consumers now use voice search a lot, and the use of image search is growing.

Stay On Top Of The Pile

With the high level of competition, an e-commerce business cannot afford to be complacent. Technological tools continue to improve, and new ones are constantly appearing. It is crucial to always be informed of developments to be able to acquire and implement whatever works best for your business swiftly.

8 Super Tips To Get More Followers For Your Instagram Account With Increased Sales

Get More Followers For Your Instagram Account With Increased Sales
Instagram came out with its first impression as a regular application to share photos like other social media networks. With their updated features, Instagram has caught the sight of business people and become the leading marketing tool to grow their product. Instagram becomes a network for building audiences either for individuals or for brands. The most engaging medium on the social network is Instagram, with the following statistics:
  • Instagram acquired more than one billion monthly active users in the Internet world.
  • People share 60 million images in a day on their accounts.
  • The engagement rate is always higher on Instagram, with 1.6 billion likes per day.

Usually, on social media networks, the engagement rate is less than 0.1%. But Instagram changed all these statistics. The average engagement on Instagram is 58 times more than on Facebook.

People spend hours creating unique content and gathering ideas for future content on Instagram. The audiences focus on your Instagram account only if it is exciting and engaging. The below points give you the best ways to attract followers to your account and improve your business. Follow the step-by-step guide to make changes in your business.

1. Profile Optimization

The most important part of your Instagram is the look of your account. The bio gives the information of your business and gives a way to find potential followers. Audiences will quickly know who you are and what your profession is, along with your actions. Instagram provides you the option to include the following data:
  • Instagram gives 150 characters to explain your work.
  • Utilize the opportunity to give a clear description to your audience.
  • Show your brand personality through your engaging content.
  • Don’t forget to add a call to action option to land visitors where you want.
  • You also have the option to add a link either to your website or to the landing page according to your goal.

Instagram allows you to provide a clickable link only on your bio. Converting the visitor to your follower is in your hand by delivering engaging content. Choose the brand logo as your profile picture and a unique username related to your business. It helps to recognize you easily by your audiences on other social networks.

Also, include a branded hashtag and encourage your followers to use the same hashtag to make your brand popular. Catch the audience's attention with a branded hashtag, and when someone clicks on the hashtags, it helps to view all the content used with a particular hashtag.

2. Importance Of Consistent Posting

A recent study of 14 industries shows that, on average, businesses share four Instagram posts in a week. But it will be best when you post content once a day to improve your audience engagement. Get a regular flow on Instagram to see the best results in your business growth. The Instagram account with stable and consistent posts receives followers faster than the account with less frequent posts. Consistency is the essential tool on social media to make your posts seen by plenty of audiences. The advantages of consistency are:
  • The Instagram algorithm automatically shows your post on the top of your follower’s feed when it picks up a good engagement and uploads content regularly.
  • The quality is more important than the quantity of content on your account. Unique and exciting ideas will boost the people to visit your page.
  • Increase engagement rate when you post relevant content in a different way and gather your target audiences to your page and increase followers list.
  • Save time by scheduling your post and avoid missing out on content publication.

When you follow all these above points, you will gain more followers as a result and get increased sales when they get attracted to your content.

3. Experiment With Instagram Stories

In recent years, Instagram has grown up with many attractive features to share your content. Likewise, Instagram stories are the best way to gain potential customers, and you will get a chance to reach your followers easily with your engaging content. Deliver exciting content to get real Instagram story views and improve the engagement rate of your existing followers with your immediate interaction. It provides a chance to easily reach all your followers because some will know about your product, but others don't.

Usually, the engagement rate on stories is higher because people share 50 million stories daily. Though the content is temporary and it lasts for only 24 hours, they have equal benefits of giving effectiveness for your hard work. The interesting features on Instagram stories are:
  • You can add links or Swipe up options by including them when your follower's account reaches 10000, or you should have the verified account. When you use this feature, you can quickly gain traffic to your website with sales conversion.
  • You can give carousel posts either in the image or video format with a series of up to 10 content in a single post.
  • Use stickers option to create curiosity and increase the sales by showing your product, clarifying their doubts using question and quiz stickers.

Mix up your content to extend your brand reach and boost the follower count on Instagram using stories.

4. Learn The Working Of Instagram Algorithm

Some Instagram users will get panicked while switching over from chronological feed to this ranking timeline. But I am sure that you will get the best result only through these changes because only 50% of your followers see your post on average when it is on your feed. So, instead of worrying about the changes of the Instagram algorithm, concentrate on learning the features on Instagram to use the application to the fullest and get excellent results with increased followers count to your account.

Consider the six exciting factors that are responsible for showing content on each person’s timeline.

  • Interest: Judge the people’s interest based on their previous activity and show the related content in their feed.
  • Timeliness: It shows the consistency of the post on your Instagram feed. When you have recent posts, Instagram will show your content to your target audiences.
  • Relationship: Instagram judges you and improves the engagement rate in the way you interact with your followers on your content.
  • Frequency: It is discovering how often Instagram users use this app.
  • Following: Shows your content to the people who are already following you.
  • Usage: The average time that the user spends on Instagram.

Instagram algorithm normally aims for the best and quality content to improve your ranking.
Get More Followers For Your Instagram Account With Increased Sales

5. Know The Best Time To Post Content

No one in the universe will know the exact time to post on Instagram. But the reach of people will be higher when you find the right time when your target audiences are active on Instagram. When you post on the respected time, the content reach will be higher and get an increase in your followers count. Instagram also provides you insight features to detect your audience’s online presence. Here are the steps to use Instagram insights:
  • First, change your standard Instagram account to the business account to utilize the insights feature. 
  • Then, click on the insights option from your business profile and scroll down to the “your audience” option and choose the “see all” button.
  • On the page appearing while clicking on see all options, scroll down to find the most active time of your audiences.

You can also find the content performing better on your Instagram page from the insights option. The content will get more views and improve engagement rate if you find the active time of your target audiences. The average best time to post on Instagram is between 11 AM to 1 PM and 7 PM to 9 PM to get unexpected results from various studies. Scheduling content on weekend days has more power to gain the audience’s attention.

6. Great Captions For Your Content

Good images usually capture people’s attention, but great captions retain their popularity for a long time. Captions give you the chance to provide a detailed description of your sharing image or videos on Instagram. Also, when you write captions using keywords, they may appear in the search result of this application.

Instagram allows you to add 2200 characters in the caption area. But it need not be a blog post. A simple, attractive, and unique content is enough to capture your audience’s attention to your content. Don’t follow the same length in all your content because some people will like to have captions with emojis and some with short descriptions. Think of your audience’s mind and post captions accordingly.

Though the length of captions is 2200 characters, none of the brands use up to the limit. People stop their captions up to 500 characters to attract their target audiences and to avoid clumsiness among users, which may tend their followers to unfollow them. The great and short content gives way for increasing your followers count. Also, conduct experiments on providing short and long captions to identify which content performs better.

7. Do Research Before Choosing Hashtags

Though Twitter introduced the hashtag first on social media, its popularity took place only on Instagram than any other social media network. Use the right and relevant hashtags to explore your content among your target audiences and improve your brand popularity. Spend your valuable time on finding hashtags for your content and use those tags that suit your content information.

There are many free tools like AutoHash, Display purposes, etc., to find relevant hashtags for your Instagram content. When you feel difficulty in finding hashtags using those tools, Instagram itself gives a super way of choosing hashtags. Type the keyword related to your content on the search bar available at the bottom of your Instagram app. Once the search completes, you will get a list of relevant hashtags related to your search with several posts using the particular hashtag. But selecting a more generic hashtag will be challenging to drive traffic. So choose a hashtag with less popularity.

Instagram provides an option to include 30 hashtags in one post. But stuffing more hashtags will lead to the audience's irritation. Using seven to nine hashtags will be sufficient to improve your content visibility and increase your followers count drastically.

8. Analyze Your Net Result

One primary way to improve your followers count on Instagram is to look at the actions of your existing followers on your Instagram account. Monitor the metrics of your business account from the inbuilt insight tool on Instagram or use the third-party analytics tool to identify your follower’s performance. Never stick to a single concept while posting content on your page. Know the performance of each type of content by conducting various experiments.

The audiences not only follow you for having more likes, comments, and shares but with different content. Think about the metrics other than likes and comments. For example, when you use a new hashtag on one of your content, track the performance of that particular content and observe the engagement rate. When you post content at different times, analyze the impressions on those content to know the correct time of your audience’s presence. Your end goal determines which metric will be helpful for your sales growth and more followers to your account.

Be on trends to get more impressions for your content. When you get higher engagement than all posts, use the same concept with unique content to improve your brand visibility.

Final Thought

Use engaging content with quality concepts to get steady growth for your business on Instagram. When your post reaches more audiences, you will automatically gain potential followers. A visual medium is a vital tool for creating brand trust among new audiences, and Instagram helps to attain it by showing your product live. Use the above points to grow your audiences and get more website traffic with more conversions for your product. Enjoy using Instagram and gain the best result organically with your creativity and unique skill.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Caterina Taylor is an experienced social media marketer and writer who works at She loves to work on content creation for social media blogs and has the potential to deliver engaging content on various platforms and networks.

What Is Target CPA and How Does It Work?

What Is Target CPA and How Does It Work

What Is Target CPA?

Machine learning permeates our life in many areas. And online marketing is no exception. Target CPA (cost per acquisition), is an AI-based strategy that generates as many conversions as possible at a user-specified price.

The algorithm picks out the most relevant display options based on numerous indicators: user location, display time, OS, browser, device type, behavioral data, etc. By analyzing more data than humanly possible the AI manages to secure more conversions with fewer expenses.

Is Target CPA For Me?

The main advantage of this strategy is time-saving and efficiency. There is no need to manually select bids based on your own analytics. An AI will always optimize cost-per-action more efficiently than any human ever could, since it can analyze a much larger volume of data.

Target CPA Best Practice

The Target CPA strategy is best used when you can't manually increase your ROI. Also if you need to optimize a profitable, successful campaign. Best to employ this strategy after getting at least 30 conversions within a month — this way the AI algorithm will have enough data to analyze. The other launch strategy is getting conversions through maximum bids and then switching the campaign to Target CPA in order to optimize prices.

How To Set A CPA Target

Here are some tips for setting up an ad campaign with this strategy:
  • don’t set conversion prices that are too low — even though the AI works with the pre-set price, they won’t be able to secure conversions with pre-set bids that are lower than the average auction ones;
  • aim your campaign at a wide audience — if your targeting is too narrow, the algorithm won’t have enough data to work with. Better to focus on a wider audience and just let the AI do its thing;
  • allocate a large ad budget — best to set aside a budget 10 times the conversion cost. With a small budget the algorithm won’t have enough data to analyze and, therefore, to successfully optimize the campaign;
  • set aside time for the algorithm to learn and don’t worry about its correctness — after the campaign launches, some indicators may decrease in the short-term. Keep in mind that the training period for the algorithm is at least 3 weeks, it’s important to wait for the result and not make any adjustments to the campaign;
  • don’t worry about the CTR dropping — this is normal for this strategy, don’t deem the campaign ineffective because of that. The algorithm often deliberately disables auctions in which the conversion intent is initially low;

Target CPA Results

When launching test campaigns, the Nordicclick marketing agency showed positive results in comparison. Below is the data for an ad campaign with manual settings and a test campaign with a Target CPA strategy.
What Is Target CPA and How Does It Work
There was a decrease in ad campaign expenses, an 85% increase of the conversion rate, and a 38% increase in the number of conversions.

The rest of the changes can be seen in the summary below.
What Is Target CPA and How Does It Work

A Final Word On Smart Bidding

Target CPA strategy is great for novice users, no need to set up a bunch of indicators or risk draining your budget for nothing. You get charged only for conversions. If there are none, you don’t lose a dime.

For experienced users, Target CPA is an excuse to test and learn how to work with new automated tools, and optimize existing campaigns.

Global trends point to the fact that increasingly more analytical and setting tasks will be carried out with the help of AI.

Big data analytics is a routine job that no human can do better than an AI.

This will have a positive impact on campaign performance, and marketers will have more time for more creative and strategic tasks.

This article was written in partnership with Galaksion.

Top 5 Cross-Platform App Development Tools

5 Cross-Platform App Development Tools
A cross-platform application is an application that can seamlessly run on different mobile platforms. You can hire an expert android app development services providing company, which harness universal programming languages, such as JS for React Native and Dart for Flutter.

This kind of application helps in optimizing the cost of development, time and all resources while improving its efficiency and overall performance.

So, here we have top 5 cross platform application tools that are widely used.

1. Phone Gap or Apache Cordova

It’s free cross-platform application development tool, having a compiler, debugger and many diverse tools to test its performance. Typically, its developers rely on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript in FOSS environment. In addition to, you get a variety of plugins like Capture, Media Recorder and Push etc. that ensures frictionless testing.

If you want some key features like GPS, camera and sound that you have in your smartphone, it allows you to integrate with the app through plugins. It shows how flexible it is to develop front-end and backend.

You can also embed the in-application purchases feature with it for the iOS application store and the Google Play Store. Besides, this open source application enables support from a third party cache and graphics accelerator to optimize its speed.

2. Appcelerator

This interesting application tool is meant to make development, deployment and testing of all functionalities super easy. However, it’s much difficult to use JavaScript. But, being a universal code mechanism, it uses this language for defining functions.

The coolest thing is that you can deploy similar codes to configure with various platforms like iOS, Android and Blackberry. So, if you want to swiftly create a highly functional app, it’s the best tool to work with. Even, users can access its fundamental code at any time.

Apart from that, you put zero efforts in its setup, as it offers a schema-less database with Arrow database. And if you wish to have some extraordinary pre-built integration, it offers to have with Salesforce, MS Azure, MongoDB, MS SQL and Box. While doing so, low speed and other lags won’t interfere with. This cloud-based tool gets fit in a shoestring budget. So, you can have an economic deal if you prefer it.

3. React Native

It’s a product of Facebook, which promotes the protocol -learn once, write everywhere. It uses JavaScript as a basic language for figuring out native functionality. Once it’s all done, you can leverage on porting feature of your application to both, Android and iOS with the similar base code.

Its functionality makes it stand apart from the crowd of app development tools. You can have an eye-catching front-end and interactive backend for throwing an incredible user experience. In short, this is the best emerging tool for quick prototyping and high initial velocity.

If you are the master of JS codes, this is for you to develop an agile and highly effective application. This tool can help your application make way to app stores quickly. It uses modular and intuitive architecture, together with community-driven excellent support.

4. NativeScript

This tool equals to a native app in the context of cross-platform capability in JavaScript, TypeScript or Angular. This is by far the most famous framework among developers when it comes to creating trending microapps. Microapps assist you perform précised functions, sticking around a single feature. If you want to call iOS and Android APIs together with JavaScripting, you can. Its core modules do the job by calling abstracts for the native API. It offers CLI command to create, run and build apps using NativeScript.

But, you cannot get support on vulnerability for new native frameworks, as it does not offer a patch to fix it.

Plugins prove handy when it comes to help in making mobile apps swiftly. However, it does not have them but you can harness some of its functionalities to build apps faster.

5. Flutter

This tool is meant for hot reloads by putting source code files into a Dart Virtual Machine (DVM). You have a facility to automate the rebuilding of a widget tree. This widget offers some great features, such as icons, scrolling, navigation, fonts etc. to build up a full-fledge iOS and Android application.

You can have an easy access to ready-made two-dimensional rendering, widgets and tools with it, which make designing, building, testing and debugging with a single codebase. For customization, you need a rich set of material design, which it offers with OEM widgets.


The application development becomes easy if you have tools that can seamlessly run on cross-platforms. These tools make designing, development, testing and debugging way easier than ever. Flutter, NativeScript, React Native, Appcelerator and PhoneGap are the most stunning ones.

Here’s How Mobile Apps Are Changing Our Lives Apps

Mobile Apps Are Changing Our Lives Apps
Mobile apps are changing our lives, and how we urge people all around us to live their lives. Remarkably, what mobile application technologies have done is that they have instilled a confidence in us to go against the grain. Not long ago, the cusp of the millennium to be precise, time, distance, money, and speed were tough opponents to lock horns with.

Proudly speaking, do we even view them as challenges now? Of course not! That’s because mobile apps enable us to turn these opponents into stepping stones of self-fulfilment. No matter what we want to pursue, we are not bogged down as technology moves with us on the same tangent wherever we go.

Let me take this opportunity to probe you. So, when was the last time you got worried if you forgot to stuff your wallet with cash? Think hard and dig your memory. Pause right there. Okay, let’s not fret over lack of money for a moment.

Now tell me what kept your calories under check during the recent lockdowns. Or if you’re a foodie, how were you able to treat your taste buds to your favourite snacks when restaurants were strictly shut for guests? How often did you frown over the ordeal of not being able to see your friend who was also sulking in confinement somewhere?

You, and probably everyone whose reading this article, might say that; why worry when there’s a mobile application for everything? Yes my dear, it wasn’t so tough to decipher. Mobile apps wipe-off our worries. For us impatient beings, that’s as good as a life-saving drug.

I don’t think we should be astonished that there are millions of mobile applications doing the rounds in the virtual world today. The numbers continue to rise as app developers monitor the rate and quantum of downloads that happen each and every minute all over the world.

Equally amazing is the feedback that these app developers receive from users in the form of suggestions and usage experience. These two factors work in tandem and that’s why we see an app for almost anything and everything that’s’ worldly. Well, even spiritually, as there are religious apps in the fray as well.

Here’s how these apps simplify our lives.

Social Apps

Social mobile apps have made our hearts fonder of each other as they facilitate instant communication. From social networking and messaging, to video and voice calls, hassle-free connections are possible in an eye-blink. And a priceless benefit of these mobile apps is that they are equally helpful at the professional front. Social apps are now essential in smooth functioning of offices, retail stores, schools, colleges, manufacturing units, and hospitals. Their impact is pervasive.

Apps such as Facebook and Instagram have unveiled new vistas for buyers and sellers of goods, service providers, and influencers. Through collaborations, aspirants belonging to any trade and profession can make their presence felt across different virtual platforms.

For instance, a home décor retailer or manufacturer, can easily tie-up with interior designers and architects through these social apps. Amazingly, there’s also an option to run live videos on these apps which enables prospective users to get a virtual touch-and-feel experience of what they are about to witness in reality. Social apps, in my opinion, are a guiding star for someone who’s keen to make their presence felt in the society.

Educational Apps

Educational mobile apps are so much in vogue that it seems there might come a time when students might outsmart their educators. Seriously, we must embrace this transition with glee.

Today, apart from schools and institutions, students have educational mobile apps as catalysts for their aspirations. Coding is a hot favourite among whizz-kids. And for the school curriculum, there are mobile applications for English, mathematics, science, social studies, and all the subjects that one can imagine.

Educational apps are equally handy for personality grooming, language fluency, training and development, and professional courses. I was recently left gasping for breath when a friend of mine responded to my English pleasantries in French. He said that he wishes to immigrate to Canada where French is widely spoken. So, all he did was download a French learning mobile app and followed the instructions. It’s like fluency guaranteed.

Most of the educational apps are designed to mentor learners in similar ways as human educators. That, I believe, is like raising a toast to all teachers. Just like a novice picking up French, or any other language for that matter, it’s equally plausible for a history-buff to learn accountancy. You’re only limited by your thoughts if you want to learn something new. These educational apps have busted this myth.

Health and Fitness Apps

With health mobile apps we can fix an appointment with a doctor, get the ailment diagnosed, and have the prescription from the comfort of our homes. This is equally beneficial for a patient as well as for a doctor as it saves time.

With fitness apps, you can choose the best workouts for yourself. They are immensely popular with cardiovascular exercise lovers. Moreover, they help you select the best diet plans. Be fit not fat has probably found the best exponent in fitness mobile apps.

Some days back, while we reeled under a lockdown, a fitness freak very well acquainted to me enjoyed his workouts at home. He looked as fit as he always does when I met him once the restrictions were lifted. He told me that health and fitness apps are such a delight to befriend if you seek unhindered fitness.

He quipped: “I don’t crib over gym closures anymore. My apps are my fitness companions. They tell me that I should relish each and every ounce of fat burnt through an abdominal-crunch, or getting a chiselled deltoid with those shrugs.” Pun Unintended!

News Apps

News mobile apps have made newspapers and even news websites redundant as they show the crux of developments in a 50-60 word format. So, there’s no need to read a lengthy and exhaustive news piece if you are in a hurry. Crucially, these apps show compacted news in the ‘who, what, when, where, why, and how’ presentation.

I am a journalist, and let me tell you that nothing excites a news sniffer more than a breaking story. Now I don’t need to scroll through dozens and dozens of global newspaper portals to get a whiff of events. All I do is just re-fresh my app user interface periodically and what I get is a peg of news uncorked.

At times when I feel like going into the details I simply click on the backlink of the news portal from where a story has been picked by the app. News apps are going to be employment generators for journalists and editors in the coming times. In fact, they already are.

Banking Apps

Banking mobile apps is probably one domain that has had a telling impact on our monetary behaviour. The user is privy to all the necessary information such as account balance, mini statements, debit/credit details, payee details, along with simplified funds transfer options.

Both the savings and current account holders can integrate their account details with instant payment apps. This saves time, effort, and above all, the need to carry cash and debit/credit cards. These banking apps are also compatible with shopping apps. Needless to say, it’s ease and more ease for users.

A friend, who runs a grocery store, jibed: “Ah! What on Earth will I do with my chequebook? I give and take on a mere click.” I retorted with a laugh. All banter, nothing serious or denigrating. On a serious note, banking apps save time and effort. Money matters are no longer a stressful proposition with these banking mobile apps.

Shopping Apps

Shopping mobile apps can be talked about in volumes. Their contribution to the global economy and money circulation is such that many have begun to regard them as guiding hands when it comes to buying and selling.

Groceries, clothes, shoes, essentials, sports-gear, tools & implements, gadgets…..well, the list is endless. I, for instance, don’t remember the last time I ventured into the market to buy grocery. Sellers of merchandise can sing laurels of these apps for eternity as their products can be picked and delivered by through a mere click. Same goes for the buyers.

During the Covid-19 restrictions, these shopping apps played a key role in procurement of essentials. Shop till you drop even if you just want to window shop. And there’s nothing Herculean about how these apps work. They are so user friendly that even kids can use them for getting the goodies delivered at the doorstep.

To sum it up, mobile applications will continue to be our loyal companions. It’s prudent to befriend them before they ditch you. And in this world of technology, that’s enough to make you inadequate. Well, I don’t think any wise soul would disagree!

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
I am Salman, a Content planner at TechIngenious - a hub of Skilled Mobile App Developers. By profession I am a journalist. In my free time, I would love to express my knowledge by writing on the latest tech trends. Hope you like this topic, how applications are changing our lives. For more tech writinups, keep following this blog.

How Do Game Cheat Codes Work to Enhance Experiences

How Do Game Cheat Codes Work to Enhance Experiences
When it comes to games, cheating can sometimes be fun. You enter cheat codes into games to unlock various Easter eggs along with benefits like experiencing unique modes, obtaining weapons, infinite ammo, and extra lives. The theory behind how codes came into existence lies with the developers’ intuition that certain prospective players may want to open up new options or skip levels at some point in the game.

Rather than perceiving this as cheating, the gaming communities, including the developers, see game cheat codes as an extension to the original game.

But how does this deviancy enhance your gaming experience?

How Do Game Cheat Codes Work?

In definition, cheat codes are special codes or formulae which allow you to access additional advantages.

In the early days, the codes were predominantly used to aid the testing and development of different game modules. After the testing ended, such formulae were kept secret until a gamer discovered the code and used it to their advantage.

Besides the developers adding these backdoors to the games, third-party programs also identify bugs in the software system and tweak them to boost your experience. So, there are cheat codes available for almost every video game on different platforms.

This gives the user an unfair advantage in the game since not all gamers know the code. Hence, it is considered cheating. Since the codes empower cheating, they are considered cheat codes. Cheat codes can offer users an extra competitive edge since they can make them stronger, richer, or even invincible in games.

Unlock Additional Features

With cheat codes, you can also unlock multiple extra features hidden in the game. It also gives you a break from the regular and helps you face challenging levels easily.

Especially in online games, you may have to face some of the most difficult levels to access additional features. However, with hacks, beating the challenging levels becomes easy.

Adds An Element Of Interest

Game cheat codes introduce you to new features in the game which you might be unaware of during standard gameplay. With additional features come fascinating gameplay and strategies.

Rather than dragging through the standard game and losing lives, cheat codes let you strategize better and experience the game in an exciting light.

Unlock Special Characters

Some games have specific preset requirements that you must achieve to unlock new characters. However, completing these levels is no mean feat. Mainly, it may take up a lot of time, and you will have to indulge in playing multiple levels to break to complete the objectives and unlock a special suit or power.

However, with cheat codes, you can unlock your desired characters easily without going through complex levels or spending money.

Access To Free Game Coins and Cash

What can be better than acquiring an indefinite amount of free game coins and cash?

While playing games online, you may have to buy some gear or power-ups from the online gaming store. Unfortunately, acquiring game cash for this can be tricky as it calls for real money.

But game cheat codes will help you get the coins and cash for free, saving you money.

All in all, cheat codes help you achieve more than what is possible within the standard parameters of a video game. And best of all, game cheat codes are available for free. So why settle for boring gameplays when you can use codes to spice up your gaming experience?

12 Best Instagram Practices To Include In Your Marketing Strategy

Best Instagram Practices
Instagram is becoming a popular marketing platform when compared to other mediums. Incorporating the best methods for presenting your brand lets you obtain more attention than the rest. Besides creating a persistent theme, well-planned content, and being aware of when to post, there are other things to consider before posting every content on Instagram. Let us dive in to know the twelve best marketing strategy to establish a strong presence.

1. Identify Your Audience

With more than one billion users worldwide, Instagram acts as an ideal platform to create brand awareness. Knowing your ideal customer should be the initial step in planning an Instagram strategy. Categorize audiences by age, gender, locations, and interest. Once you identify the audience's interest, planning your content paves the road to an effective strategy.

2. Set Your Goals

A great way to acquire traffic, loyal customers, and brand awareness on Instagram is by setting up smart goals. Every business wants to have a million followers in its account. By posting appealing content consistently, you can keep the existing customers and invite new ones. Focus on key goals:
  • Regular posting schedule.
  • Concentrate on the first 1000 followers.
  • Use brand hashtags
  • Be interactive on posts with comments and likes.

Eventually, posting engaging and creative content can allow like-minded people to comment, follow you, and like your content.

3. Track Your Performance

Tracking how your content performs is important to increase followers and build your reach. You can learn more through Instagram insights; it tells how your content gains engagement from the target audience. It would be easier for you to post if you have a better understanding of when and how your content works.

Below your Instagram post, tap 'View insights' to know the number of likes, comments, shares, etc that the post acquired. And also, Insights provide statistics about reach, impressions, profile visits, website clicks. Match the insights of every post with one another to see what type of content audiences are interested in, and the time you post gives a clear idea about when your audience is more active.

4. Stick To Consistent Style

The look and feel of your Instagram page are essential as it is a visual-oriented app. Make sure you stick to a particular style of color theme or a uniform photo editing method. People tend to judge your brand by looking at the quality of photos or videos you share. So better the images, you will acquire more likes, comments, and more engagement. Following a unique Instagram aesthetic like colors, layout, and overall look of the page can increase auto likes on Instagram for every post that helps you to attract loyal customers, generate sales, and gain an excellent engagement rate. It simply speaks the brand's voice, a personality that lets your follower recognize your content on their feeds. To develop unique content, all you need is just a smartphone, some bright lights, different editing apps to experiment.

5. Use Content Calendar

Posting on Instagram with consistency could be a tough job. Planning content in advance and schedule to post ensures key to success. Make sure you look at the following things before heading to schedule:
  1. How often do you want to post content on your page? To be successful, you need not post daily but post often to stay on top of followers' minds. On the other hand, please do not post more often and flood their feed with your posts, leading them to unfollow you.
  2. Maintain the same photo filter on every image or video you post to ensure brand recognition and attain a high engagement rate.
  3. Drafting your content and captions well in advance lets you save time, hence avoiding the last-minute struggle for a new post.

6. Determine The Right Time To Post

The demographics data from your business profile tells a lot about the Instagram audience, when they are more active, and what content excites them based on insights. Under the insights page, click on 'your audience' to know your follower's details like age, gender, most active times. You will get a clear picture of the right time to post, the correct hour, and good days to post on Instagram, paving the way to attract more followers.

7. Utilize Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are a great way to improve engagement, increase brand visibility and drive sales. It lets you make announcements of new products or daily business updates. You can add a single photo or more than one photo and give them insights into your product from manufacturing to dispatching.

Make the best use of interactive features like location-based geotag stickers, clickable links, poll stickers, question stickers, on-brand images, or videos, allowing you to understand your followers what they like and what they don't.

Apart from posting photos and videos, you can type text with colorful backgrounds and publish on Instagram stories using the 'create' feature.' Make a shoutout to wish a friend on their birthday or anniversary. Use GIPHY search, create lists and exciting content to get your followers engaged.

8. Create Unique Instagram Reels

Instagram reels provide incredible ways to raise your brand recognition to a large audience. You can demonstrate what's happening behind the scenes, from production to sales to dispatch. Instagram lets you add text in reels, create a video using your smartphone camera, go to your feed, click on 'Your Story' at the top left corner, and swipe right to 'REELS' and select the video to edit from the camera album. Press add, then tap the music icon to add a soundtrack of your choice; you can now type out text and adjust to place them in the video where you made gestures. You can also set the duration of the text when to appear and disappear. The next step is to check whether the text transitions in the video are perfect and finally can upload the video.

9. Use Instagram Highlights

Instagram highlights are a set of images, videos, or posts that you have published on Instagram stories earlier. Adding an Instagram story to highlights gives you a good feeling that all the efforts to create it do not vanish off after 24 hours. Highlights let you showcase some of your great stories to existing followers and new ones forever. Make the best use of it to protect your brand.

Highlights let your followers easily and quickly know product information, FAQs, and answers, revert them to your website, or sign up for the newsletter, shop your product, etc.

10. Instagram Profile Bio

Instagram bio is an essential part of your business account. Bio is just a tiny portion of your profile that helps to establish a strong brand presence. When a visitor clicks on your profile, either through Instagram hashtags or from paid ads, or stories, it tells them about your brand and what you offer. Craft a clear text of up to 150 characters long that inspires people to follow you and buy your product. Some other key elements that are part of bio are:
  • Name and Username: Instagram username is your identity that appears in your profile URL. The name could be your original or brand name. 
  • Profile Photo: It could be a brand logo or some pictures related to your brand.
  • Website: Drop in your website link to let people know more about what you offer and how your brand stands out from the rest. 
  • Category: Instagram allows you to mention under what type your brand falls in, for example, a restaurant, a media, fitness, etc. 
  • Call-To-Action Buttons: You can include a call-to-action button allowing people to take a step directly from your profile to buying products or booking tickets.
  • Contact Details: It could be your email, contact number, or location address of your business.

11. Boost Sales With Instagram Ads

One of the great ways to reach a wider audience is to make use of paid advertisements. Instagram provides an excellent ad space to promote your brand; if you are not aware of it, you miss a massive aid out of it. Instagram ads let you display your brand to new people through stories to inspire people, increase opportunities, construct a following for your business and strengthen engagement rates. People are likely to follow you when they feel that your brand is trustworthy, so always post eye-catchy and attractive ads.

To run ads on Instagram:
  1. Convert your profile to a business profile.
  2. Select a post or story that was already shared or create a new one with photos or videos.
  3. Set up your ad with details like destination, audience, budget, etc. Then click 'create a promotion.' Once Instagram approves your ad, you will receive a notification, and you are ready to run your ad.

12. Partner With Influencer

Instagram is the best channel for influencer marketing to reach people quickly and easily. Partnering with an influencer is more like trying something that your friend recommended. As customers are now looking for authenticity, influencer marketing lets you collaborate with influencers who have great bonding with their followers. When influencers speak about your product, it has a significant impact on the audience's minds.

Influencer marketing provides a lot of opportunities for your business. By partnering with influencers, you tend to attract more customers indirectly and improve brand awareness and build engagement rates.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Sarah James is a Content Writer at VoxCorp with more than 8 years of experience in Social Media Marketing. In her free time she loves to talk with her friends on food, travel and ancient culture.

7 Best Android VPNs

7 Best Android VPNs
The internet is full of surprises and not all of them are pleasant. The ever increasing data breaches call on for better protection. Individuals may not be able to afford and implement expensive solutions but that does not mean that they should let their privacy be invaded. While most cybersecurity solutions may be complicated and expensive a VPN provides you with ample cove and keeps your, connection, device, data and, in some cases, your money safe.

What Is A VPN?

VPN or a virtual private network is a tool or method commonly used to add an additional layer of security and privacy to private or public networks. It can conveniently be used on WiFi hotspots and other types of connections.

Think of it as a tunnel. One end is your device and the other is the recipient of the device from which the data is sent. The data passes through this tunnel and the mountain covering it ensures know one sees what passes through it. So basically only the devices connected by this tunnel will be able to see what passes through it.

There are multiple types of VPNs. Every type gets you similar advantages but the method varies. Here are 2 types of VPN:
  • Remote Access VPN
  • Site-to-Site VPN
Why You Need A VPN Now More Than Ever

VPNs For Android

Here’s an exclusive list of VPNs for android. Make sure to have one of these in your device and rest assured that your browsing/downloading is safe and secure!

1. NordVPN

NordVPN is amongst the best out there. There are quite a few for which it has a 4.3-star rating on Google Play. It has numerous features that will check most of the boxes and get you a great experience.

Among numerous features, it offers you more than 5200 servers located in 60+ countries. This ensures you get a smooth, swift internet with minimum lag and faster speed. All you have to do is tap once and you are good to go.

What makes it even better is their money-back guarantee. Uses it and if you are not satisfied, you can get your money back within 30 days of initial use. Don’t like it? Cancel the service and demand a refund. That too no questions asked!


  • 74 Mbps speed on a 100 Mbps connection
  • The option of a more secure double VPN offering double encryption
  • $2.99/month

2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is one of the fastest you can get. It can get you speeds as high as 83 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection. Not bad! Your worries of varying speeds on varying android devices are taken away when you know you can get almost the same speed as your connection even after using a VPN!

What makes it even more interesting is the fact that it supports a variety of Android versions. You can have Android Oreo to the age-old Jelly Bean and still be able to use it!

Speed variations using a VPN is normal. ExpressVPN improves your experience by recommending you a server every time you open the app. It suggests you the best server based on your location which ensures you get the best possible speed. All it takes is a tap and you are connected to the best available server.


  • OpenVPN offered as a default option
  • 4.1 Google Play rating
  • $6.67/month (with 15 month upfront payment)

3. Private Internet Access

PIA is particularly known for its speed. Using it on a PC with a 100 Mbps connection can get you speeds up to 81 Mbps. Looking for the fastest speeds on a VPN? PIA is amongst the best out there.

PIA offers you 3300+ servers around the world which allows you to choose a server best suited for speeds. You can select a server that has little traffic or the one closest to you so that you get privacy, safety, and speed. Get a two-year subscription and you get an amazing discount.

A 4.0 Google Play rating is impressive and shows that a lot of people have tried/tested this VPN and they clearly experience. Features like ad blocking, server recommendations and VPN rules for apps add to the utility options.


  • Allows Torrenting
  • Option to use selected apps without VPN
  • $3.49/month

4. TunnelBear

It is one of the highest-rated VPN on Google play. With an average score of 4.4 it is up there amongst the best. Why? It has great features and a great app. No wonder it is so popular with VPN users. Great graphics and a bunch of cute bears may not amount to utility but it does make the usage worth the while.

TunnelBear is not the fastest VPNs out there. Its 256-bit encryption ensures your safety but compromises the speed. 52 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection is far from impressive but stability and consistency are what you get with it.


  • 4.4-star rating on Google Play
  • $5.0/month


In order to choose the best VPN for Android you firstable have to understand how you will use it. if it's for internet surfing and you care about your privacy you better choose the trusted VPN with paid plans. To watch streams (movies, sport games etc) you need a VPN with unlimited bandwidth.

More articles might be helpful:

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Muhammad Ahmed Waien has a keen interest in technology, digital marketing, and sports. He loves to write about these topics and stay updated with emerging trends. He regularly writes for Local Cable Deals and other digital platforms.

Which Are Some Of The Best Software Testing Companies To Work In?

Best Software Testing Companies To Work In
The workplace and the entire world of work is undergoing transformation. We have been through decades of automation, advancement in technology, advances and rise in artificial intelligence. Today’s workforce is experiencing a reshaped professional life with the shift to remote work and their expectations from the employer is also changing.

What makes a company an employer of choice is the culture and the environment they offer. An employer of choice is able to attract and retain the best talent and this is also applicable to Software Testing Company.

What Makes A Company A Good Employer?

There are many factors that make a company a preferred choice of the employees. Employees look at the comprehensive benefits package and not just the compensation that is offered to them.

Here are some factors that play a major role:

Growth Opportunities:

A company that encourages people to develop their skills and provides career paths and training opportunities attracts more talent. Rotational job assignments also help employees expand their skills. At a good software testing company, employees will look forward to getting trained on the latest tools and methodologies of testing so that are always abreast with the newest things.

Fair Practices:

Providing equal opportunities and having fair policies is another factor that plays a crucial role in attracting and retaining talent.

Work-Life Balance:

Work-life balance is an increasing demand by employees, flexible schedules, remote working and including the family in celebrating achievements help minimize stress for the employees.

Performance Culture:

An employer of choice, tries to create a culture that encourages performance. They usually accomplish this with a performance linked compensation structure and provide regular and constructive feedback to the employees.

Transparent Communication:

Good employers share information like financial details and results with the employees. Employees are made to feel a part of the company by giving them easy access to information as everyone else.


Talent gets attracted to a company that believes in recognizing good performance and celebrating accomplishments. People choose to stay longer with a company where recognition is regular, targeted and reinforces positive behaviour.

Top Software Testing Companies To Work For

If you are considering advancing your career in the field of software testing, you will want to work for the best companies in the industry.

Here is a list of top software testing companies. However, you must evaluate the company on the above parameters and map your personal choice before you decide to work for a certain company.


Infosys is a truly Indian MNC founded in 1981. It is a global leader in business consulting, outsourcing services and information technology. Though it is not a purely software testing company, the test automations it provides are considered among the best.


Hexaware was established in 1990 in Mumbai, India. It serves major industries like banking and financial services, travel and transportation, healthcare, insurance and manufacturing. They use an integrated approach to execute automated test solutions.

QA Mentor:

This is an ISO certified global software testing company based in New York. Its core services are functional testing, performance testing, security testing and QA Audit.


They have their headquarter in New York and provide services of mobile testing, load testing, security testing and web application testing. They provide services to many major client across healthcare and banking. They offer customizable testing methods and flexible outsourcing models.


A leading global company founded in 1989 in Ireland. With their testing services they help their clients launch cutting-edge products to suit the fast paced digital world.


Founded in 1994 and headquartered in USA. This is an MNC which has most of its software testing resources operating from India. They are not focused only on software testing but their expertise in this area makes them a good choice for those planning to build a career in the area of software testing.


Establishes in 2014, this company has swiftly climbed the ladder to become a leading company offering Software Quality Assurance and test automation services. They are known for offering an exceptional work culture. They have been able to carve a niche for themselves in the market with highly competent teams.

The above list equips you with knowledge about some of the top companies for software testing, however this list is not exhaustive and there are many other companies offering these services. Once you have got the requisite education and degree to build a career in software testing, you can start applying to these companies.

Apart from the factors mentioned above that make an employer, an employer of choice you may also consider the work location and the compensation offered while making the final decision. If your intent is to build a long-term career in the company, you must look at the wholesome package and not just compensation. You must consider the growth opportunities and learning initiatives that the company promotes for their employees.

What Kind Of SEO Services Can Help Your Online Business Grow In Vermont?

SEO Services Can Help Your Online Business Grow
Sometimes, even if an online business takes off well, it may not sustain its growth over time. This usually happens because most companies fail to generate enough traffic to their website, which can help them convert leads into sales.

It is essential to use SEO services if you want your online business to grow, especially in business-oriented places like Vermont. A Vermont SEO company can help your online business rank on search engines organically.

By using SEO for your business, you will enjoy greater online visibility, leading to massive sales conversions. Here is a list of the best SEO services that can help you do this.

Best Types Of SEO Services For Your Website

It’s a smart idea to use the following SEO tactics to help your E-commerce platform or other online businesses grow.

In-Depth Keyword Research

It is vital to conduct a thorough keyword analysis to help your website rank on the search engines. SEO experts will look for relevant keywords that can help customers find you online. They will make a comprehensive list of primary, secondary, and LSI keywords and target them so that search engines prominently feature your website.

SEO-Optimized Website Content

SEO professionals will get their content specialists to work on optimizing content with important keywords. Armed with extensive subject matter expertise and sound SEO knowledge, the writers can belt out SEO-friendly blogs. This will help push your website to the top spot on the search page.

Local SEO

Vermont is home to scores of diverse companies from manufacturing units and retail outlets to healthcare and food industries. Putting up content optimized with generic keywords won’t help your website rank. In such cases, a Vermont SEO company must use local SEO optimization techniques. This will help your business to achieve visibility in your area by topping the local directories.

Reliable Link Building

Building backlinks is a super effective SEO strategy that can get you quick, reliable results. It improves your brand trustworthiness by building a solid reputation online. While many online businesses can do this themselves, it is wiser to let a professional handle the job. They have the tools and expertise to find quality sites that can help build reliable backlinks for your website.

Detailed Analysis

SEO companies are transparent in their work. They will supply you with regular updates on how their strategies are progressing. They have high-end SEO tools at their disposal which can introduce positive changes to your online business. Also, they track the SEO strategies they use and check if any of them are too slow. This helps them to make the necessary changes on time.

How Long Does It Take For SEO To Generate Leads?

Registering a business in Vermont is easier than making money out of it. The question of how long you have to wait for positive SEO results is a tricky one because no two companies are the same. Yes, even if they are selling the same thing.

Decisive SEO results depend on essential factors such as the website's age, what shape it is in, the type of content it already has, and how much SEO was previously done on it. That being said, it is important to have patience and not give up if you want lasting organic results.

Six Advice For IT Professionals Who Are Working From Home

Six Advice For IT Professionals
Today, only a few countries like Freeland, Philippines, Australia, and England have a legal structure governing WFH. But India is in urgent need of a policy on WFH that could have the facilities where employers would require setting up to integrate work hours, different workplaces, skill upgrading system, the rate of work tools, occupational safety and health, practical benefits, and observance of data privacy with support of labor laws and social security as decent works. So since the pandemic has been reshaping a new employment scenario, the human resources managers, employers, governments, employees, and their organizations –trade unions should come together to explore new planning, management, and strategies of WFH, which is a new grand opening than solutions.

The year 2020 delivered a lot of changes for everyone in the world. That is, working from home. Everyone now requires things like router panel access guides to install, repair, or maintain the hardware and software associated with the computer system that they work on. One profession that saw an immediate increase in their demand in the IT sector. Suddenly, all IT professionals need to manage their work-life properly not to get burdened by their work. To help those professionals manage their work-from-home life better, let's see the top 6 pieces of advice for the IT professionals working from home.

Work from home is defined as working from home. The WFH concept is a concept where employees of a company can work from home without having to come to the office. This concept is a modern work approach that maximizes the use of the internet and other supporting technologies. A new order (new standard) from our daily lives so that the application of telecommuting becomes a new way of working in the Covid-19 pandemic era. Employees do work with online and offline systems; of course, all of this cannot be separated from the help of telecommunications technology.

Besides IT workers, there are other options for working from home. In those categories, one would do what he/she wishes, or as per skills they know and would be paid for it without going out of the house. The Freelancer Incomes, World Report 2018 has cited that workers would come to around 15 million in urban India. They are a new form of house-centered self-entrepreneurs and individuals running a one-person business. E.g., the concept of social dining, also known as home pop-ups, is allowing the homemaker to earn well, with small local catering skills' Authenticook' and 'Eat With India' sites have facilitated the home pop-ups concept in India.

Time Management

Getting up from the sweet little bed that holds you for hours is very difficult. Sometimes I feel like sleeping beautifully, and it feels perfect. The bed is the only place that reduces my stress when I think of it. The days were smooth and beautiful, but reality strikes me that I have work and need to survive. wake up like you have a typical day where you get ready to catch your train .this situation will get better, so let's all hope for the best. Each successful pioneer needs to tell their group the best way to make clients as fulfilled as conceivable from the earliest starting point. Yet, perhaps the most neglected client care preparing thoughts is showing representatives openings for administration recuperation. Waves in the client experience are an assurance in business.

Getting Dressed

The first impression is the best. Everyone almost knows this slogan, but it is true that looks matter in a job. Everyone sees your outer look first, then sees your inner side. Apart from coding, the IT profession is about looks and the first impression of the client. International clients are more important to the IT industry. When your clients see you for the first time, you must leave an everlasting impression, so get dressed and get your job done. The way to getting on the ladder of success is to get ready at the right time. Getting dressed makes you attentive and all ears to the job you're targeted or given.

Personal Space

Spending time with your family is priceless. Personal issues should not get into office work. Allocate timings to spend time with your family. This period is a chance to get along with your family and friends. According to research, people trying to mingle with others are a sign of happiness. When a person only works, it might cause him stress and depression, so don't let these things ruin your career. Get along with others and be supportive of others. Every worry fades away when you are with your family.


This profession is all about communication. Communicating with your clients is the most important thing. By sharing, you would get the idea and concept of the project to fulfill your client's needs. One needs to communicate to be the best in this field. Like I said, international clients are valuable, so communication is more critical. Attend your zoom meetings and get to know the other side of the world. Learning English also plays a significant role in attracting international clients. This might seem to be difficult for you, but the next one is the difficult one. Think positive and look in the mirror and tell yourself that you can do it and go for it.


This is difficult for the shy ones, but if you try, you can do it. It's all about getting close to knowing each other and making friends as your strong Allies. I love to socialize because whenever I do, I get new friends, and I am happy to see my friends' expanding circle. Getting to know your manager and director also improves your skill because these people help you get the job's knowledge and experience. They supervise you to do a good job. Attend video conferences and online meetings and realize that they have chosen a good person for the job.

Rest Is A Must Thing

The above tips might be difficult for some of you, but this resting time is the most challenging thing. If you are working like a crazy person, then welcome to my world .we. Put work above everything. We work day and night to attain the target .we. Never hesitate to work because we love our jobs, and it matters the most for many of us, but having rest is a must. Allocate timings for breaks in the middle of your work. Like I said, rest is a must but neglecting your duties is not good. Resting should distract you from stress and pain, not from your responsibilities.


Every job is challenging and different, but we all love what we do, no matter what. This year taught me many things. One of them is to respect every job. Even this IT Industry has disadvantages like stress, etc., but we overcome our pain, and we rinse like a Phoenix bird every day. The Covid-19 pandemic has reshaped the perceptions of employees towards their physical work environment. It is also challenging for an organization to retain its employees without a physical workspace. Reducing face-to-face communication and contact is the most necessary in today's world. To draw and retain employees, an institution has to develop a high work-life Balance.

Researchers and scientists on this issue took many surveys. Some face problems because of lack of experience; lack of space at home created problems for some, while unacceptable working conditions led to health issues for others. Hence it is essential to identify the willingness and productivity levels of employees towards working from home. The opinion of employees on working from home and the impacts it had created plays a vital role in their productivity as well as helping the employers to analyze where they lack.