Which Are Some Of The Best Software Testing Companies To Work In?

Best Software Testing Companies To Work In
The workplace and the entire world of work is undergoing transformation. We have been through decades of automation, advancement in technology, advances and rise in artificial intelligence. Today’s workforce is experiencing a reshaped professional life with the shift to remote work and their expectations from the employer is also changing.

What makes a company an employer of choice is the culture and the environment they offer. An employer of choice is able to attract and retain the best talent and this is also applicable to Software Testing Company.

What Makes A Company A Good Employer?

There are many factors that make a company a preferred choice of the employees. Employees look at the comprehensive benefits package and not just the compensation that is offered to them.

Here are some factors that play a major role:

Growth Opportunities:

A company that encourages people to develop their skills and provides career paths and training opportunities attracts more talent. Rotational job assignments also help employees expand their skills. At a good software testing company, employees will look forward to getting trained on the latest tools and methodologies of testing so that are always abreast with the newest things.

Fair Practices:

Providing equal opportunities and having fair policies is another factor that plays a crucial role in attracting and retaining talent.

Work-Life Balance:

Work-life balance is an increasing demand by employees, flexible schedules, remote working and including the family in celebrating achievements help minimize stress for the employees.

Performance Culture:

An employer of choice, tries to create a culture that encourages performance. They usually accomplish this with a performance linked compensation structure and provide regular and constructive feedback to the employees.

Transparent Communication:

Good employers share information like financial details and results with the employees. Employees are made to feel a part of the company by giving them easy access to information as everyone else.


Talent gets attracted to a company that believes in recognizing good performance and celebrating accomplishments. People choose to stay longer with a company where recognition is regular, targeted and reinforces positive behaviour.

Top Software Testing Companies To Work For

If you are considering advancing your career in the field of software testing, you will want to work for the best companies in the industry.

Here is a list of top software testing companies. However, you must evaluate the company on the above parameters and map your personal choice before you decide to work for a certain company.


Infosys is a truly Indian MNC founded in 1981. It is a global leader in business consulting, outsourcing services and information technology. Though it is not a purely software testing company, the test automations it provides are considered among the best.


Hexaware was established in 1990 in Mumbai, India. It serves major industries like banking and financial services, travel and transportation, healthcare, insurance and manufacturing. They use an integrated approach to execute automated test solutions.

QA Mentor:

This is an ISO certified global software testing company based in New York. Its core services are functional testing, performance testing, security testing and QA Audit.


They have their headquarter in New York and provide services of mobile testing, load testing, security testing and web application testing. They provide services to many major client across healthcare and banking. They offer customizable testing methods and flexible outsourcing models.


A leading global company founded in 1989 in Ireland. With their testing services they help their clients launch cutting-edge products to suit the fast paced digital world.


Founded in 1994 and headquartered in USA. This is an MNC which has most of its software testing resources operating from India. They are not focused only on software testing but their expertise in this area makes them a good choice for those planning to build a career in the area of software testing.


Establishes in 2014, this company has swiftly climbed the ladder to become a leading company offering Software Quality Assurance and test automation services. They are known for offering an exceptional work culture. They have been able to carve a niche for themselves in the market with highly competent teams.

The above list equips you with knowledge about some of the top companies for software testing, however this list is not exhaustive and there are many other companies offering these services. Once you have got the requisite education and degree to build a career in software testing, you can start applying to these companies.

Apart from the factors mentioned above that make an employer, an employer of choice you may also consider the work location and the compensation offered while making the final decision. If your intent is to build a long-term career in the company, you must look at the wholesome package and not just compensation. You must consider the growth opportunities and learning initiatives that the company promotes for their employees.
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