8 Super Tips To Get More Followers For Your Instagram Account With Increased Sales

Get More Followers For Your Instagram Account With Increased Sales
Instagram came out with its first impression as a regular application to share photos like other social media networks. With their updated features, Instagram has caught the sight of business people and become the leading marketing tool to grow their product. Instagram becomes a network for building audiences either for individuals or for brands. The most engaging medium on the social network is Instagram, with the following statistics:
  • Instagram acquired more than one billion monthly active users in the Internet world.
  • People share 60 million images in a day on their accounts.
  • The engagement rate is always higher on Instagram, with 1.6 billion likes per day.

Usually, on social media networks, the engagement rate is less than 0.1%. But Instagram changed all these statistics. The average engagement on Instagram is 58 times more than on Facebook.

People spend hours creating unique content and gathering ideas for future content on Instagram. The audiences focus on your Instagram account only if it is exciting and engaging. The below points give you the best ways to attract followers to your account and improve your business. Follow the step-by-step guide to make changes in your business.

1. Profile Optimization

The most important part of your Instagram is the look of your account. The bio gives the information of your business and gives a way to find potential followers. Audiences will quickly know who you are and what your profession is, along with your actions. Instagram provides you the option to include the following data:
  • Instagram gives 150 characters to explain your work.
  • Utilize the opportunity to give a clear description to your audience.
  • Show your brand personality through your engaging content.
  • Don’t forget to add a call to action option to land visitors where you want.
  • You also have the option to add a link either to your website or to the landing page according to your goal.

Instagram allows you to provide a clickable link only on your bio. Converting the visitor to your follower is in your hand by delivering engaging content. Choose the brand logo as your profile picture and a unique username related to your business. It helps to recognize you easily by your audiences on other social networks.

Also, include a branded hashtag and encourage your followers to use the same hashtag to make your brand popular. Catch the audience's attention with a branded hashtag, and when someone clicks on the hashtags, it helps to view all the content used with a particular hashtag.

2. Importance Of Consistent Posting

A recent study of 14 industries shows that, on average, businesses share four Instagram posts in a week. But it will be best when you post content once a day to improve your audience engagement. Get a regular flow on Instagram to see the best results in your business growth. The Instagram account with stable and consistent posts receives followers faster than the account with less frequent posts. Consistency is the essential tool on social media to make your posts seen by plenty of audiences. The advantages of consistency are:
  • The Instagram algorithm automatically shows your post on the top of your follower’s feed when it picks up a good engagement and uploads content regularly.
  • The quality is more important than the quantity of content on your account. Unique and exciting ideas will boost the people to visit your page.
  • Increase engagement rate when you post relevant content in a different way and gather your target audiences to your page and increase followers list.
  • Save time by scheduling your post and avoid missing out on content publication.

When you follow all these above points, you will gain more followers as a result and get increased sales when they get attracted to your content.

3. Experiment With Instagram Stories

In recent years, Instagram has grown up with many attractive features to share your content. Likewise, Instagram stories are the best way to gain potential customers, and you will get a chance to reach your followers easily with your engaging content. Deliver exciting content to get real Instagram story views and improve the engagement rate of your existing followers with your immediate interaction. It provides a chance to easily reach all your followers because some will know about your product, but others don't.

Usually, the engagement rate on stories is higher because people share 50 million stories daily. Though the content is temporary and it lasts for only 24 hours, they have equal benefits of giving effectiveness for your hard work. The interesting features on Instagram stories are:
  • You can add links or Swipe up options by including them when your follower's account reaches 10000, or you should have the verified account. When you use this feature, you can quickly gain traffic to your website with sales conversion.
  • You can give carousel posts either in the image or video format with a series of up to 10 content in a single post.
  • Use stickers option to create curiosity and increase the sales by showing your product, clarifying their doubts using question and quiz stickers.

Mix up your content to extend your brand reach and boost the follower count on Instagram using stories.

4. Learn The Working Of Instagram Algorithm

Some Instagram users will get panicked while switching over from chronological feed to this ranking timeline. But I am sure that you will get the best result only through these changes because only 50% of your followers see your post on average when it is on your feed. So, instead of worrying about the changes of the Instagram algorithm, concentrate on learning the features on Instagram to use the application to the fullest and get excellent results with increased followers count to your account.

Consider the six exciting factors that are responsible for showing content on each person’s timeline.

  • Interest: Judge the people’s interest based on their previous activity and show the related content in their feed.
  • Timeliness: It shows the consistency of the post on your Instagram feed. When you have recent posts, Instagram will show your content to your target audiences.
  • Relationship: Instagram judges you and improves the engagement rate in the way you interact with your followers on your content.
  • Frequency: It is discovering how often Instagram users use this app.
  • Following: Shows your content to the people who are already following you.
  • Usage: The average time that the user spends on Instagram.

Instagram algorithm normally aims for the best and quality content to improve your ranking.
Get More Followers For Your Instagram Account With Increased Sales

5. Know The Best Time To Post Content

No one in the universe will know the exact time to post on Instagram. But the reach of people will be higher when you find the right time when your target audiences are active on Instagram. When you post on the respected time, the content reach will be higher and get an increase in your followers count. Instagram also provides you insight features to detect your audience’s online presence. Here are the steps to use Instagram insights:
  • First, change your standard Instagram account to the business account to utilize the insights feature. 
  • Then, click on the insights option from your business profile and scroll down to the “your audience” option and choose the “see all” button.
  • On the page appearing while clicking on see all options, scroll down to find the most active time of your audiences.

You can also find the content performing better on your Instagram page from the insights option. The content will get more views and improve engagement rate if you find the active time of your target audiences. The average best time to post on Instagram is between 11 AM to 1 PM and 7 PM to 9 PM to get unexpected results from various studies. Scheduling content on weekend days has more power to gain the audience’s attention.

6. Great Captions For Your Content

Good images usually capture people’s attention, but great captions retain their popularity for a long time. Captions give you the chance to provide a detailed description of your sharing image or videos on Instagram. Also, when you write captions using keywords, they may appear in the search result of this application.

Instagram allows you to add 2200 characters in the caption area. But it need not be a blog post. A simple, attractive, and unique content is enough to capture your audience’s attention to your content. Don’t follow the same length in all your content because some people will like to have captions with emojis and some with short descriptions. Think of your audience’s mind and post captions accordingly.

Though the length of captions is 2200 characters, none of the brands use up to the limit. People stop their captions up to 500 characters to attract their target audiences and to avoid clumsiness among users, which may tend their followers to unfollow them. The great and short content gives way for increasing your followers count. Also, conduct experiments on providing short and long captions to identify which content performs better.

7. Do Research Before Choosing Hashtags

Though Twitter introduced the hashtag first on social media, its popularity took place only on Instagram than any other social media network. Use the right and relevant hashtags to explore your content among your target audiences and improve your brand popularity. Spend your valuable time on finding hashtags for your content and use those tags that suit your content information.

There are many free tools like AutoHash, Display purposes, etc., to find relevant hashtags for your Instagram content. When you feel difficulty in finding hashtags using those tools, Instagram itself gives a super way of choosing hashtags. Type the keyword related to your content on the search bar available at the bottom of your Instagram app. Once the search completes, you will get a list of relevant hashtags related to your search with several posts using the particular hashtag. But selecting a more generic hashtag will be challenging to drive traffic. So choose a hashtag with less popularity.

Instagram provides an option to include 30 hashtags in one post. But stuffing more hashtags will lead to the audience's irritation. Using seven to nine hashtags will be sufficient to improve your content visibility and increase your followers count drastically.

8. Analyze Your Net Result

One primary way to improve your followers count on Instagram is to look at the actions of your existing followers on your Instagram account. Monitor the metrics of your business account from the inbuilt insight tool on Instagram or use the third-party analytics tool to identify your follower’s performance. Never stick to a single concept while posting content on your page. Know the performance of each type of content by conducting various experiments.

The audiences not only follow you for having more likes, comments, and shares but with different content. Think about the metrics other than likes and comments. For example, when you use a new hashtag on one of your content, track the performance of that particular content and observe the engagement rate. When you post content at different times, analyze the impressions on those content to know the correct time of your audience’s presence. Your end goal determines which metric will be helpful for your sales growth and more followers to your account.

Be on trends to get more impressions for your content. When you get higher engagement than all posts, use the same concept with unique content to improve your brand visibility.

Final Thought

Use engaging content with quality concepts to get steady growth for your business on Instagram. When your post reaches more audiences, you will automatically gain potential followers. A visual medium is a vital tool for creating brand trust among new audiences, and Instagram helps to attain it by showing your product live. Use the above points to grow your audiences and get more website traffic with more conversions for your product. Enjoy using Instagram and gain the best result organically with your creativity and unique skill.

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