Here’s How Mobile Apps Are Changing Our Lives Apps

Mobile Apps Are Changing Our Lives Apps
Mobile apps are changing our lives, and how we urge people all around us to live their lives. Remarkably, what mobile application technologies have done is that they have instilled a confidence in us to go against the grain. Not long ago, the cusp of the millennium to be precise, time, distance, money, and speed were tough opponents to lock horns with.

Proudly speaking, do we even view them as challenges now? Of course not! That’s because mobile apps enable us to turn these opponents into stepping stones of self-fulfilment. No matter what we want to pursue, we are not bogged down as technology moves with us on the same tangent wherever we go.

Let me take this opportunity to probe you. So, when was the last time you got worried if you forgot to stuff your wallet with cash? Think hard and dig your memory. Pause right there. Okay, let’s not fret over lack of money for a moment.

Now tell me what kept your calories under check during the recent lockdowns. Or if you’re a foodie, how were you able to treat your taste buds to your favourite snacks when restaurants were strictly shut for guests? How often did you frown over the ordeal of not being able to see your friend who was also sulking in confinement somewhere?

You, and probably everyone whose reading this article, might say that; why worry when there’s a mobile application for everything? Yes my dear, it wasn’t so tough to decipher. Mobile apps wipe-off our worries. For us impatient beings, that’s as good as a life-saving drug.

I don’t think we should be astonished that there are millions of mobile applications doing the rounds in the virtual world today. The numbers continue to rise as app developers monitor the rate and quantum of downloads that happen each and every minute all over the world.

Equally amazing is the feedback that these app developers receive from users in the form of suggestions and usage experience. These two factors work in tandem and that’s why we see an app for almost anything and everything that’s’ worldly. Well, even spiritually, as there are religious apps in the fray as well.

Here’s how these apps simplify our lives.

Social Apps

Social mobile apps have made our hearts fonder of each other as they facilitate instant communication. From social networking and messaging, to video and voice calls, hassle-free connections are possible in an eye-blink. And a priceless benefit of these mobile apps is that they are equally helpful at the professional front. Social apps are now essential in smooth functioning of offices, retail stores, schools, colleges, manufacturing units, and hospitals. Their impact is pervasive.

Apps such as Facebook and Instagram have unveiled new vistas for buyers and sellers of goods, service providers, and influencers. Through collaborations, aspirants belonging to any trade and profession can make their presence felt across different virtual platforms.

For instance, a home décor retailer or manufacturer, can easily tie-up with interior designers and architects through these social apps. Amazingly, there’s also an option to run live videos on these apps which enables prospective users to get a virtual touch-and-feel experience of what they are about to witness in reality. Social apps, in my opinion, are a guiding star for someone who’s keen to make their presence felt in the society.

Educational Apps

Educational mobile apps are so much in vogue that it seems there might come a time when students might outsmart their educators. Seriously, we must embrace this transition with glee.

Today, apart from schools and institutions, students have educational mobile apps as catalysts for their aspirations. Coding is a hot favourite among whizz-kids. And for the school curriculum, there are mobile applications for English, mathematics, science, social studies, and all the subjects that one can imagine.

Educational apps are equally handy for personality grooming, language fluency, training and development, and professional courses. I was recently left gasping for breath when a friend of mine responded to my English pleasantries in French. He said that he wishes to immigrate to Canada where French is widely spoken. So, all he did was download a French learning mobile app and followed the instructions. It’s like fluency guaranteed.

Most of the educational apps are designed to mentor learners in similar ways as human educators. That, I believe, is like raising a toast to all teachers. Just like a novice picking up French, or any other language for that matter, it’s equally plausible for a history-buff to learn accountancy. You’re only limited by your thoughts if you want to learn something new. These educational apps have busted this myth.

Health and Fitness Apps

With health mobile apps we can fix an appointment with a doctor, get the ailment diagnosed, and have the prescription from the comfort of our homes. This is equally beneficial for a patient as well as for a doctor as it saves time.

With fitness apps, you can choose the best workouts for yourself. They are immensely popular with cardiovascular exercise lovers. Moreover, they help you select the best diet plans. Be fit not fat has probably found the best exponent in fitness mobile apps.

Some days back, while we reeled under a lockdown, a fitness freak very well acquainted to me enjoyed his workouts at home. He looked as fit as he always does when I met him once the restrictions were lifted. He told me that health and fitness apps are such a delight to befriend if you seek unhindered fitness.

He quipped: “I don’t crib over gym closures anymore. My apps are my fitness companions. They tell me that I should relish each and every ounce of fat burnt through an abdominal-crunch, or getting a chiselled deltoid with those shrugs.” Pun Unintended!

News Apps

News mobile apps have made newspapers and even news websites redundant as they show the crux of developments in a 50-60 word format. So, there’s no need to read a lengthy and exhaustive news piece if you are in a hurry. Crucially, these apps show compacted news in the ‘who, what, when, where, why, and how’ presentation.

I am a journalist, and let me tell you that nothing excites a news sniffer more than a breaking story. Now I don’t need to scroll through dozens and dozens of global newspaper portals to get a whiff of events. All I do is just re-fresh my app user interface periodically and what I get is a peg of news uncorked.

At times when I feel like going into the details I simply click on the backlink of the news portal from where a story has been picked by the app. News apps are going to be employment generators for journalists and editors in the coming times. In fact, they already are.

Banking Apps

Banking mobile apps is probably one domain that has had a telling impact on our monetary behaviour. The user is privy to all the necessary information such as account balance, mini statements, debit/credit details, payee details, along with simplified funds transfer options.

Both the savings and current account holders can integrate their account details with instant payment apps. This saves time, effort, and above all, the need to carry cash and debit/credit cards. These banking apps are also compatible with shopping apps. Needless to say, it’s ease and more ease for users.

A friend, who runs a grocery store, jibed: “Ah! What on Earth will I do with my chequebook? I give and take on a mere click.” I retorted with a laugh. All banter, nothing serious or denigrating. On a serious note, banking apps save time and effort. Money matters are no longer a stressful proposition with these banking mobile apps.

Shopping Apps

Shopping mobile apps can be talked about in volumes. Their contribution to the global economy and money circulation is such that many have begun to regard them as guiding hands when it comes to buying and selling.

Groceries, clothes, shoes, essentials, sports-gear, tools & implements, gadgets…..well, the list is endless. I, for instance, don’t remember the last time I ventured into the market to buy grocery. Sellers of merchandise can sing laurels of these apps for eternity as their products can be picked and delivered by through a mere click. Same goes for the buyers.

During the Covid-19 restrictions, these shopping apps played a key role in procurement of essentials. Shop till you drop even if you just want to window shop. And there’s nothing Herculean about how these apps work. They are so user friendly that even kids can use them for getting the goodies delivered at the doorstep.

To sum it up, mobile applications will continue to be our loyal companions. It’s prudent to befriend them before they ditch you. And in this world of technology, that’s enough to make you inadequate. Well, I don’t think any wise soul would disagree!

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