How To Scan Facebook Profile For Viruses & Spam

How To Scan Facebook Profile For Viruses & Spam
Scan Facebook Profile For Viruses & Spam
How to scan Facebook profile, how to clean facebook from viruses and spam, How to remove malware links from facebook and all about facebook that you want and necessary for you. You know what, Facebook is now a huge social network. So due to this fact, many and different type of spam and malware links have now been created by different hackers and spammers that are very affected for you. In this situation you have to need a protection from them and from all who are harmful for you. Recently, when it was observed that Facebook have now become a very large foundations network and lots of people use it regular, but due to the spamming links, an anti –malware must have to need. So Norton played an important role and introduced an anti-malware application for Facebook that’s named ‘Norton Safe Web’. So, I think this is a first anti-malware that every facebook must try it.

Why You Need Anti-Malware For Facebook Account?

As I said above, Facebook has a very large community. So you can imagine, where a very large number of people there then every type of people could be there like Hackers, Scammers etc. So if these types of people are there then you’re not secure. You are unsafe and anybody can put you in trouble. That’s why you need a protection and security. Because whenever anybody will try to put in trouble then this application can safe you and you won’t have to face any type of big problem. This is why, this is important, that you should use anti-malware and in my views no one is better than Norton Safe Web.

How To Scan Facebook Profile?

Here’s how can you increase a protection for your Facebook account. You can safe your account from any type of malware and spam links by using this application. Users can increase security and protection for their account easily. It’s a service developed by Symantec Corporation that is designed to help users identify malicious websites. Safe Web delivers information about websites based on automated analysis and user feedback too. Let's start a procedure to scan your facebook profile.

First open Norton Safe Web for Facebook on your internet browser. Log in to your account must, if you're not logged in already. After that it will show an option for permission. here your permission must required for allowing Norton Web Safe. You can give permission by clicking on 'OK'.

Scan Facebook Profile For Viruses & Spam
When you click on 'OK' then after that a menu like dashboard of this application will be open where you can easily manage your posts, your friend's post or more. You can see easily malware post on facebook too.

Scan Facebook Profile For Viruses & Spam

Last Thoughts

Facebook anti-malware is now very important nowadays. As I mentioned above, hackers are very active today. They always try to make you fool and give you lots of problems from every different way. So in this situation, you must have a protection for your account and I hope this article will definitely help you to increase a protection for you Facebook account. If you think, that this article is helpful for you then don't forget to share it with other facebook users and also give your views about it via comment below.

OnePlus Power Bank: What to expect?

OnePlus Power Bank: What to expect?
OnePlus Power Bank: What to expect?
Recently, in the world of smart phones most of the talks were regarding the new Chinese firms which were moving up the success ladder quickly. Samsung, Sony, Motorola, LG, etc big brands are obviously fighting their own royal battle but it is the new Chinese entrants which have surprised everyone with their affordable products having flagship specs.

One such Chinese manufacturer is the OnePlus. This new company thrilled the smart phone market when it launched its One. This device didn't take long to land amongst the top 10 smart phones of 2014. And the reason behind its huge success is its affordability. OnePlus One is priced at approx Rs 22,000 in India and packs flagship specs. If you look for such specs in a branded smart phone you would have to spend much more than this. The only turn off with the One is that it is still available only via the invite system. However, recently OnePlus offered a flash sale in India which allowed consumers to buy a One without any invite till stock lasted.

Now, after stirring the world with its One, the company has launched its power bank. OnePlus has named it just OnePlus Power Bank. This accessory has already been launched in the US on 17 March 2015. OnePlus is planning to launch it in India and Europe soon. It is being anticipated that we will receive it in the month of April. In the US it is priced at only $14.99. Thankfully, OnePlus didn't decide to sell the Power Bank via the invite system. In order to buy it you do not have to follow any cumbersome invite procedure. You can just order one from the official website of OnePlus.

OnePlus Power Bank is a 10,000 mAh unit. In terms of build quality it looks beautiful. It will be available in two color options – sandstone black and silk white, just like the One. There is nothing to complain about the look and feel of the Power Bank. It has two USB outputs (5V, 2A) so that you can charge two devices simultaneously. Of course, you can charge smart phones, tablets, etc of any brand.

OnePlus was planning to launch the Power Bank sometime soon but there have been some problems which are leading to the delay. OnePlus said that processing battery certifications (FCC, CE and battery compliance) takes a lot of time. Well, we hope that OnePlus launches the Power Bank in India as promised.

There are many power banks available to buy. But still one doesn't know which one to pick as there is always a doubt about the manufacturer. People want a cheap and affordable power bank which doesn't die after a couple of charge cycles. While the big companies are also selling accessories but they come at a hefty price. We are hoping that OnePlus will launch the Power Bank at an aggressive price just like it did with the One. This Power Bank would have good quality, reliability and looks. There has not been any updates regarding the price of the unit in India but we are sure that OnePlus will price it reasonably.

Are Mobile Payments A Good Escape From The Credit Card Fiasco

Are Mobile Payments A Good Escape From The Credit Card Fiasco
In the early 1990’s, Credit Cards were introduced for commercial use and many consumers at the time did not feel very comfortable using them as their primary means of transaction. Rumors circulated that this mode of transaction is not safe at all and all your money will be lost to the banking system. With some truth holding the rumors, yes, the interest rates applied on your basic transactions are a bit of a killer. And still one cannot say that Credit Cards are a complete success. It’s true that the West particularly in USA, the mode of currency has switched to plastic money; yet it is still an interesting fact that 60% of the American consumers do not trust the Credit Card system. The hidden charges, rising interesting rates, transparency in the transactions are some of the key areas ALL consumers raise an eye brow against. Well, I am here to tell you your troubles may soon very over. It’s time for us to get acquainted to the latest technology at offer – Introducing the new age of Mobile Payments!

Why Mobile Payments?

Your mobile is your new Wallet. Yes, for making payments through your cell phone, there are two basic criteria one needs to fulfill. Firstly, your Cell Phone should have a NFC Chip installed. If not, you can simply buy an external chip. Secondly, your merchant should have Mobile Payment facility (or an NFC Reader at the payment counter). You will be surprised to know that almost ALL merchants nowadays have this new NFC Reader installed at the counters including Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Best Buy, to even your grocery stores. Be it USA, Canada, Europe, Asia or the Middle-east; almost merchant is fast catching up to this wagon wheel. And here’s the reason why:

Mobile Payments are Secure, Transparent, Quicker and Convenient

Here’s an interesting link to how Mobile Payments work.

Save Money

So what’s the catch of switching to Mobile Payment? Simply, to save money; some mobile paymentcompanies charge less per transaction than credit card companies, which equates to direct savings.


Through Mobile Wallets, you can have a complete view of your transaction in real-time instead of waiting till the end of the month for your credit bill.

Built Loyalty & Retention

For small businesses one cannot track a customer's buying trends or behavior through a credit card. However, with Mobile Payments, one has the complete profile of the buyers’ choice and this enables the business to serve the customers better.

Increase Incentive Programs

One of the biggest benefits of using a mobile payment option is the ability to integrate loyalty and incentive programs into the mobile payment applications. Instead of customers having to keep up with punch cards or key ring tags, all of their information is stored in the application each time they make a purchase with their mobile device.

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