OnePlus Power Bank: What to expect?

OnePlus Power Bank: What to expect?
Recently, in the world of smart phones most of the talks were regarding the new Chinese firms which were moving up the success ladder quickly. Samsung, Sony, Motorola, LG, etc big brands are obviously fighting their own royal battle but it is the new Chinese entrants which have surprised everyone with their affordable products having flagship specs.

One such Chinese manufacturer is the OnePlus. This new company thrilled the smart phone market when it launched its One. This device didn't take long to land amongst the top 10 smart phones of 2014. And the reason behind its huge success is its affordability. OnePlus One is priced at approx Rs 22,000 in India and packs flagship specs. If you look for such specs in a branded smart phone you would have to spend much more than this. The only turn off with the One is that it is still available only via the invite system. However, recently OnePlus offered a flash sale in India which allowed consumers to buy a One without any invite till stock lasted.

Now, after stirring the world with its One, the company has launched its power bank. OnePlus has named it just OnePlus Power Bank. This accessory has already been launched in the US on 17 March 2015. OnePlus is planning to launch it in India and Europe soon. It is being anticipated that we will receive it in the month of April. In the US it is priced at only $14.99. Thankfully, OnePlus didn't decide to sell the Power Bank via the invite system. In order to buy it you do not have to follow any cumbersome invite procedure. You can just order one from the official website of OnePlus.

OnePlus Power Bank is a 10,000 mAh unit. In terms of build quality it looks beautiful. It will be available in two color options – sandstone black and silk white, just like the One. There is nothing to complain about the look and feel of the Power Bank. It has two USB outputs (5V, 2A) so that you can charge two devices simultaneously. Of course, you can charge smart phones, tablets, etc of any brand.

OnePlus was planning to launch the Power Bank sometime soon but there have been some problems which are leading to the delay. OnePlus said that processing battery certifications (FCC, CE and battery compliance) takes a lot of time. Well, we hope that OnePlus launches the Power Bank in India as promised.

There are many power banks available to buy. But still one doesn't know which one to pick as there is always a doubt about the manufacturer. People want a cheap and affordable power bank which doesn't die after a couple of charge cycles. While the big companies are also selling accessories but they come at a hefty price. We are hoping that OnePlus will launch the Power Bank at an aggressive price just like it did with the One. This Power Bank would have good quality, reliability and looks. There has not been any updates regarding the price of the unit in India but we are sure that OnePlus will price it reasonably.
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