Brillo - Google’s New Operating System For IoT

Brillo - Google’s New Operating System For IoT
Bringing the simplicity of software development to hardware for IoT (Internet of Things) by using the embedded OS, developer kit, core services, and developer console, Google has introduced its new Operating System – Brillo. It was announced at Google I/O in May-2016, and since then, no further details were shared by Google.

Brillo has mainly three elements:
  1. Developer Kit
  2. Core Platform Services and
  3. Android-based Embedded OS

The BDK (Brillo Developer Kit) runs on Ubuntu 14.04 and is based on the build architecture of it can perform local unit tests and individual integration tests with its extensive testing tools. The developer kit can integrate with the current test and integration environments. The ADM (Android Debug Bridge) can be used to inspect, test, and update the target devices.

The core platform services include Weave to help devices connecting with the network securely. The Weave is the cross-platform, a common language for Brillo. Weave-enabled devices can be connected to the mobiles and desktops and can talk seamlessly with each other. The Android devices will automatically detect Brillo and Weave enabled devices. The core services also include Metrics component, which collects usage data from the user permitted devices. The updated version of the software and patches can be pushed by the administrators via OTA (Over-The-Air).

The Android OS is an open source software. It gets updates every six weeks with an LTS build support update every six months. Brillo can target Intel, ARM, and MIPS architecture with a built from the source code. It can run on devices with the configuration of at least 32MB of RAM and 128Mb of storage. Google is working with its hardware partners to announce the compatible boards to Brillo. These boards are and will be tested and certified to work with the current and future versions of the Operating System. Every Brillo compatible board will come with the proper documentation and samples. All this information shows that Google is ensuring the best developer experience with keeping its devices up-to-date.
Brillo - Google’s New Operating System For IoT
Brillo will support Bluetooth Low Energy, WiFi, and other Android things. Check the advanced and main features of Brillo for IoT:
  • You can flexibly prototype the custom applications, also you can move prototype to production easily. All other things are already built-in.
  • A single developer console provides the services of device scaling with OTA updates, runtime metrics, and crash reports.
  • You can build a single iOS or Android app to control multiple devices in your work or home environment with Google services like voice actions.
  • Built-in Weave will give the confidence to users for working on their connected devices each other.
  • It has a built-in automatic setup and easy-to-use sharing.
  • It also has a built-in security feature limits the exposure to attacks, allows you to quickly recover compromised devices, and uses hardware and software encryption to easily secure all your data.
  • It works on very low power devices with a minimum of 32MB RAM and 128MB storage capacity.
  • You can choose from a variety of customizable options and hardware capabilities to develop with Brillo.
  • It will be compatible with specifically designed boards from Intel, Qualcomm, Marvell, NXP, and Imagination.

Until the point of introducing Brillo, Google was quite on its IoT plans, especially since it has acquired Nest last year. Running on very low powered devices and communicating with the other nearby connected devices will make it very useful for the developers all around the world. It can power any electronic device which can connect to the Internet, whether it has a digital screen or not. It will make to build everything from making “smart fridges and light bulbs” to the garden monitors like IoT devices. Surely, Brillo will bring a new revolution in Internet of Things (IoT).

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How To Put Together An Online Marketing Campaign By Hexagon

How To Put Together An Online Marketing Campaign
The “Internet Marketing Lead Generation Ecosystem” is an infographic created by Straight North, a local SEO Chicago company. It is designed to help marketers and entrepreneurs visualize the many components of a successful campaign, and probably more important yet, see how the components fit together.

Overview Of The Infographic

The top two rows of hexagons display online traffic sources and types of Internet marketing campaigns — email, social, SEO, PPC, etc. In the center is a rather large hexagon showing the company website, along with an extensive list of on-site content types with high potential for converting sales leads. Below and to the right of the large hexagon: the process side of Internet marketing campaigns, including reporting, analytics, conversion optimization, lead distribution, etc.

How To Use The Infographic

Internet marketing campaigns, even well-thought-out ones, often fail to include or connect vital components. How do your campaigns stack up? If your campaign execution follows this model, you likely are getting good results, or at the very least, know exactly what results you are getting — something that many of your competitors are not able to do.

One of the big weaknesses in campaign execution is failure to track phone conversions. Phone leads are quite often the best leads of all: Prospects who phone in frequently have an urgent need or some complicated questions. Either way, they are interested enough to want to (gasp!) actually talk to a sales representative.

Thus, knowing the marketing source of phone leads makes a big difference when evaluating the ROI of a given online marketing campaign. However, because Google Analytics doesn’t support phone tracking, a lot of organizations skip that step, or implement it incorrectly or without the proper level of granularity.

Phone tracking is one example, but missing “hexagons” or unconnected “hexagons” can crop up anywhere — studying the infographic will help you stay covered on all sides!

How To Put Together An Online Marketing Campaign
This Infographic is shared here after a legal permission from Straight North.

How To Monitor Manage Workplace

How To Monitor Manage Workplace
TheOneSpy monitoring app has revealed various shocking facts in its Infographic about the employees, their engagement in offices and how they spend their time. 88% employees working all around the world have been found without any deep interest and passion for the work they are hired for while 85% employees on senior positions are also not interested in the work. This entire situation costs the organization big losses in form of financial crisis, monetary losses, and loss of productivity and even at times the company loses its security and privacy. In order to maintain perfect atmosphere in the workplace and control loss of productivity, the managers and companies should monitor their employees through TheOneSpy, the most reliable monitoring app in this time and age.
How To Monitor Manage Workplace
This Infographic is shared here after a legal permission from The One Spy.

Best Android Apps For Transforming Media and Entertainment Industry

Apps For Transforming Media and Entertainment Industry
Recently, businesses have begun to adopt mobility. The main reason for their interest in it is to develop an app that is creative with the assistance of the best app development companies. When starting a business, the most important thing to do is select an industry that is the perfect fit for your business idea. If you decide to settle for the media and entertainment industry, you need to come up with an idea of how to make mobility contribute to the success of your venture.

Use Of Android apps In The Entertainment & Media Industry

Currently, applications have become the mobility solution for almost every difficult situation in our lives. The applications development for Android has proven to be an innovative stage in technological advancement. This has allowed easy access to content while simultaneously carrying out other important activities.

Studies done in the past show that level of engagement in these mobile applications has been on the rise since 2014. The research depicted that individuals are dedicating 14% of the time they use with their applications to news apps. Approximately 79% time is used on music apps, while 22% on entertainment. On the other hand, the social media platform has managed to lead when it comes to entertainment. As a result, it has led to the growth of many of its kind, even though, both music and news apps are not quite behind it. Often, more than 80% of the time used on mobile phones, users are engaging only with apps.

Android apps have managed to make the best platform for brand, content promotion, and entertainment. TV, music, gaming and news, just to mention a few. These are among the few opportunities that are being offered by the entertainment industry with the aid of apps in Android devices. Most channels of entertainment are now releasing their apps so that users get to equally access and explore as much content as possible while enjoying them from anywhere as long as they have internet connection. With the assistance of mobile apps, the television has now become mobile in nature and can be accessed and used by any client who has demand for it.

Why You Should Change The Direction Of Your Entertainment & Media Industry?

Android apps have the ability to crush your users craving for content they are searching for. They will be able to access information while doing a lot of things such as driving, eating walking or while seated. The professionals behind the development of mobile apps can help you change your content to a variety of ways that are attractive and may bring about an interactive experience in mobile media through:
  • In-App purchasing experiences
  • Video and audio functionality
  • GPS-based and text services
  • Active and live interaction on social media
  • Updates on news and trending information
  • Customized push information
Sources from Adobe Digital Index 2013, noted the 200% average growth in the readers of digital publishing apps as from 2012 all the way to 2013. You need to keep your users entertained before they opt to switch to another option. Avoid obstacles that will hinder you from being a notch higher than your competitors. Ensure the apps are responsive and of high performance which will keep both your users well satisfied and your content will continue flowing.

The Future

Mobility happens to hold the future for media and entertainment industry. The fact that higher technology is involved, there is a high chance for growth to be realized in this industry. You will notice an expansion and improvement in the mobile content consumption. It would be imprudent to sideline from the opportunities that accompany wearable devices.

Wearable Apps

This kind of apps tend to run directly on your device, at this moment giving you full access to hardware like the GPU and sensors. They are more or less similar to the apps built for another type of devices with the use of Android SDK, although they conspicuously differ in the functionality, usability and design.

If you have the intention of conserving power for your device, you should enable ambient mode on your Wear app. This kind of transition is important especially when the user is not active. The wearable apps which have the ability to transition from the interactive mode to ambient are referred to as the always-on apps. If you want to obtain more information about this kind of devices, you should visit the wearable tech digest website, which has vast information on the latest wearable technology, smartwatches, and the next future wearables.


If you intend to hire the services of a competent mobile application development firm, FuGenX Technologies happen to be the best in the market. Both their Android and iPhone apps developers are experts in developing apps that are creative and outstanding. They also provide services on IoT and game porting development apps.

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Movavi Video Suite [Review]

Movavi Video Suite [Review]
Starting to create a video from scratch can seem like a fairly monumental task. Even if you’ve already recorded some of the footage that you need using your smartphone or digital camera, it will need to be processed to turn that raw footage into a polished and attractive video.

If you’re looking for an easy way to make videos, Movavi Video Suite ( is well-positioned to fit your requirements. It is a comprehensive video creation suite that contains all the essential tools you’ll need to not only process video footage, but also capture it and manipulate it in unique ways.

Intuitively Designed

One of the main areas where Movavi Video Suite distinguishes itself is in its user-friendly approach. Considering video software in general has a reputation for being complicated and technical, the software’s easy-to-use nature makes it stand out.

With a slick and simple user interface that can be navigated intuitively, controls that will feel familiar, and automatic tools that can be applied with a single click – it won’t take you long to be able to learn to use Movavi Video Suite, even if you’re a beginner. In fact within fifteen to twenty minutes you should be able to have created your very first video.

‘All-in-One’ Video Software

Of course, the part about Movavi Video Suite that is truly unique is the fact that it is an ‘all-in-one’ video software that will help you across the board when it comes to creating your videos. Using the impressive list of features that it provides, you will be able to:
  • Record video footage from a webcam or by using screen capture to record videos directly from your screen.
  • Digitize videos from analog sources such as VHS tapes, TVs, and so on.
  • Process the video to improve its quality by fixing any common issues that could be affecting its appearance and enhancing its overall image quality as well.
  • Cut the raw footage into segments and combine it in any sequence by simply dragging and dropping it in place to create a ‘final cut’.
  • Make use of stunning visual effects such as animated transitions between scenes, filters that alter the visual style, and even ‘Hollywood-esque’ special effects.
  • Add audio tracks to the video to include background music, voiceovers and narrations, or even sound effects.
  • Place text directly within the video as subtitles, captions, or watermarks and fully customize its appearance.
With that glimpse into the capabilities of Movavi Video Suite, it should be easy to see just how it could help you to create videos that are truly impressive. Rather than wait, why not jump right in and give the software a go as you try to create your very first video – right now.

5 Rules Should Know Before Choosing A Gaming Motherboard

5 Rules Should Know Before Choosing A Gaming Motherboard
If you’re one of the hardcore gamers who want to take the experience into the next level, this article is for you. The gaming industry has been growing for decades, and there’s no one who can stop it already. Way back in the 80’s, pixel-based games are red-hot and addictive for gamers during that time. In today’s era, 2D and 3D virtual gaming is already played by various hardcore gamers worldwide.

However, there’s one essential requirement that you really need in order to have the best experience in hardcore games. One of the essential components in playing computer games on a desktop PC is no other than the gaming motherboard. Without this component, you can’t have the best gaming experience you ever could.

Choosing the best gaming motherboard for a desktop computer is crucial. In most internet and gaming cafes out there, they are using the best gaming motherboard available in the market now. Same thing for eSports team in different popular games like Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) 2, League of Legends, Smite and the rest.

Aside from acquiring the best motherboard for gamers alone, you should also consider these things below to maintain your PC’s gaming capability:
  • Fiber optic connection (DSL is okay, but a bit slower and can experience high ping)
  • RAM and video graphics card upgrade
  • Spyware, malware and virus removal in a regular basis like Norton, Avast, Advanced Systemcare, etc.
  • Disk defragmentation every week
  • Installing Deep Freeze for resetting PC settings to normal and automatically delete recent history, downloads, etc.
  • Gaming mouse, keyboard, and headset (external)
Before you choose a gaming motherboard, you need to know these rules (not in exact order).

Rule #1 - Rely On The Good Brands Available

If you want your money’s worth, you should spend it on the best brands available on the market as the first rule. Although there are other new and respectable brands around the corner, you should always rely on the best ones. You know why? They are proven to have a lot of satisfied customers who are using specific gaming motherboard brands. Not only that, it gives you quality gaming experience that you ever imagine, especially those that needs higher specifications.

Rule #2 - It Must Have PCI-E & USB 3.0 Ports

This is another essential rule that you need to have before choosing a gaming motherboard. You may need this in case you’re willing to upgrade your gaming desktop with a graphics card, video card, sound card, network card or so. If you need all of these cards to upgrade, make sure that your motherboard’s PCI or PCI-E ports are enough for you to insert them. On top of that, you need to have enough USB 3.0 ports as well. This may be a rare issue for modern ones, but it is highly recommended to maximize your gaming experience.

Rule #3 - Check The Compatibility Of Your CPU & RAM

The next rule that you need to know before buying a gaming motherboard is simply no other than the CPU and RAM compatibility. There are some cases that they’re buying a motherboard without knowing the capabilities of their RAM and CPU. As a result, they have wasted their hard-earned money for that.

To make sure that your preferred motherboard is compatible with your gaming PC, you need to know the capacity, speed and type of your Random Access Memory. As for the CPU compatibility, it’s simple. You just need to make sure that the socket type of CPU and motherboard are exactly the same type. If your gaming motherboard is built for AMD rather than Intel, therefore it’s only compatible with AMD gaming desktops.
5 Rules Should Know Before Choosing A Gaming Motherboard

Rule #4 - Size Does Matter

There are two motherboard sizes you can choose from (mATX for micro and ATX). As for mATX, it’s smaller and has limited ports and slots for you to enter a graphics video card, sound card, etc. ATX motherboards are the most commonly used of all, but they can’t fit well in a micro case. As a result, you definitely need to look for a standard sized motherboard case for ATX. However, a mATX motherboard can fit on both micro ATX and ATX cases. This is what you need to know about this before deciding to buy a gaming motherboard.

Rule #5 - LAN & WiFi Support

Lastly, you need to have Local Area Network and WiFi support at the same time. In most cases, gaming motherboards can only support LAN (wired cables) such as DSL and fiber optic connection. However, you can take your gaming into the next level by looking for motherboards that supports WiFi. Just in case your motherboard doesn’t support WiFi (but you wanted to), a wireless adapter or dongle would do the thing for you.

Final Words

There you have it folks! It seems that you’ve learned a lot about these simple rules before buying the most reliable motherboard for hardcore gaming. If you already applied all of these rules above, congratulations to you. If you don’t, you should realize how essential these tips are for you to maximize your gaming experience once and for all.

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Why Selecting WordPress For Your Business Is Best Choice

Why Selecting WordPress For Your Business
WordPress is one of the best content management systems at the present time. It is a powerful tool for blogging and website development. Although it started off as a blogging tool since then it has been evolved as one of the most popular CMS. Its long list of features makes it a beloved choice for the developers and business owners around the world.

If you are a business owner and want to own a website for your business then WordPress is the one stop solution for you. It is extremely easy to use and highly flexible. It is already empowering millions of websites across the web. Let us have some of the amazing benefits of WordPress Development which will make it clearer for you to choose WordPress for You Business:

Easy To Install And Setup:

Starting with the very beginning, it is extremely easy to install and setup WordPress. You do not need any knowledge of coding to handle it. Most of the hosting service providers offer the one-click installation process. You can get started with your WordPress website in few minutes by just following the simple instructions in the installation process.

Available For Free Use:

WordPress is an open source platform which you can use for free. It does not require any registration fee or any other hidden charges. You are free to host your website with any service provider you want.

Easy To Manage:

It is extremely easy to manage a WordPress website. Once you have developed your website you can easily manage any updates and uploads on your site. You need not be a master of coding to make simple changes in a WordPress website. As a business owner, you would like to upload information frequently and that where WordPress comes handy. You can add or update any information containing text, image or video on your site easily. You are no more dependent on your developer for updating some urgent information on your site.

Easily To Access:

WordPress is easily accessible from your very own computer. It does not require any specific hardware or software arrangements to access a WordPress website. All you need a PC with an internet connection. You can access it from anywhere and anytime.

Highly Customizable:

Wordpress is highly customizable and provides you the flexibility to customize your website the way you want. You can choose from a number of free built themes to give your website the desired look. Most of the themes enable you to choose from a wide variety of options of layouts, colors, header styles etc.

Search Engine Friendly:

WordPress has solved a number of SEO related issues. WordPress websites have a simple and clean code that is why search engines love WordPress websites. It is easy for the search engines to crawl and index the content of a WordPress website. Moreover, you can optimize each page, post, and image on your site with its own meta tag keywords, description, title and including relevant keywords. IF you want that your business website ranks higher in search engine rankings than choosing WordPress as the development platform will be a big plus.

Mobile Ready Website:

The number of mobile internet users is increasing day by day. Your website will be browsed on mobiles and tablets as well. So if your website is not mobile responsive then you may loose potential customers. WordPress enables you to have a mobile responsive website which can fit every screen size easily. It will also help to boost your SEO efforts.

Social Media Integration:

As a business owner, you would like to have more and more exposure for your business website. It is easy to integrate your WordPress site with social media. You can use a plugin for that. With different social share buttons, the sharing of information will be easier. Moreover, social media integration would help you in driving more traffic to your site.

Cost Effective:

It is comparatively cheaper to own a WordPress website. There is high competition in WordPress development so even if you hire a professional the development cost will not go too high. Once you have got your site build you will be handling all the updates by your own and you need not contact you developer for small changes which will surely save you some money.

Added Functionality With Plugins:

There is a plugin for almost every feature you desire to have on your WordPress website. There are a number of WordPress plugins which can be used to provide additional functionality to your site. Moreover, it is extremely easy to use a plugin just download it and activate to add the functionality you want.

Avoid Loss Of Information:

Wordpress enables you to have full control of your site. You have all the details for login and only you are authorized to make any changes or upload any information. So when you yourself are doing everything there are negligible chances for any loss of information and it also ensures that the information has timely uploaded.


No platform can be completely free from vulnerabilities and WordPress is not an exception.However, WordPress is considered a safer platform. WordPress core team keep releasing minor updates to ensure its security.

With all these benefits WordPress will serve you as the best choice for your business website.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Jason is expert in developing WordPress websites and earns her daily bread from the same. He likes to stay updated with the latest tech advancements and also loves to contribute to the same. For those who are looking to hire WordPress developers that can match their needs with the competitiveness can count on Jason for it.