Best Android Apps For Transforming Media and Entertainment Industry

Apps For Transforming Media and Entertainment Industry
Recently, businesses have begun to adopt mobility. The main reason for their interest in it is to develop an app that is creative with the assistance of the best app development companies. When starting a business, the most important thing to do is select an industry that is the perfect fit for your business idea. If you decide to settle for the media and entertainment industry, you need to come up with an idea of how to make mobility contribute to the success of your venture.

Use Of Android apps In The Entertainment & Media Industry

Currently, applications have become the mobility solution for almost every difficult situation in our lives. The applications development for Android has proven to be an innovative stage in technological advancement. This has allowed easy access to content while simultaneously carrying out other important activities.

Studies done in the past show that level of engagement in these mobile applications has been on the rise since 2014. The research depicted that individuals are dedicating 14% of the time they use with their applications to news apps. Approximately 79% time is used on music apps, while 22% on entertainment. On the other hand, the social media platform has managed to lead when it comes to entertainment. As a result, it has led to the growth of many of its kind, even though, both music and news apps are not quite behind it. Often, more than 80% of the time used on mobile phones, users are engaging only with apps.

Android apps have managed to make the best platform for brand, content promotion, and entertainment. TV, music, gaming and news, just to mention a few. These are among the few opportunities that are being offered by the entertainment industry with the aid of apps in Android devices. Most channels of entertainment are now releasing their apps so that users get to equally access and explore as much content as possible while enjoying them from anywhere as long as they have internet connection. With the assistance of mobile apps, the television has now become mobile in nature and can be accessed and used by any client who has demand for it.

Why You Should Change The Direction Of Your Entertainment & Media Industry?

Android apps have the ability to crush your users craving for content they are searching for. They will be able to access information while doing a lot of things such as driving, eating walking or while seated. The professionals behind the development of mobile apps can help you change your content to a variety of ways that are attractive and may bring about an interactive experience in mobile media through:
  • In-App purchasing experiences
  • Video and audio functionality
  • GPS-based and text services
  • Active and live interaction on social media
  • Updates on news and trending information
  • Customized push information
Sources from Adobe Digital Index 2013, noted the 200% average growth in the readers of digital publishing apps as from 2012 all the way to 2013. You need to keep your users entertained before they opt to switch to another option. Avoid obstacles that will hinder you from being a notch higher than your competitors. Ensure the apps are responsive and of high performance which will keep both your users well satisfied and your content will continue flowing.

The Future

Mobility happens to hold the future for media and entertainment industry. The fact that higher technology is involved, there is a high chance for growth to be realized in this industry. You will notice an expansion and improvement in the mobile content consumption. It would be imprudent to sideline from the opportunities that accompany wearable devices.

Wearable Apps

This kind of apps tend to run directly on your device, at this moment giving you full access to hardware like the GPU and sensors. They are more or less similar to the apps built for another type of devices with the use of Android SDK, although they conspicuously differ in the functionality, usability and design.

If you have the intention of conserving power for your device, you should enable ambient mode on your Wear app. This kind of transition is important especially when the user is not active. The wearable apps which have the ability to transition from the interactive mode to ambient are referred to as the always-on apps. If you want to obtain more information about this kind of devices, you should visit the wearable tech digest website, which has vast information on the latest wearable technology, smartwatches, and the next future wearables.


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