5 Rules Should Know Before Choosing A Gaming Motherboard

5 Rules Should Know Before Choosing A Gaming Motherboard
If you’re one of the hardcore gamers who want to take the experience into the next level, this article is for you. The gaming industry has been growing for decades, and there’s no one who can stop it already. Way back in the 80’s, pixel-based games are red-hot and addictive for gamers during that time. In today’s era, 2D and 3D virtual gaming is already played by various hardcore gamers worldwide.

However, there’s one essential requirement that you really need in order to have the best experience in hardcore games. One of the essential components in playing computer games on a desktop PC is no other than the gaming motherboard. Without this component, you can’t have the best gaming experience you ever could.

Choosing the best gaming motherboard for a desktop computer is crucial. In most internet and gaming cafes out there, they are using the best gaming motherboard available in the market now. Same thing for eSports team in different popular games like Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) 2, League of Legends, Smite and the rest.

Aside from acquiring the best motherboard for gamers alone, you should also consider these things below to maintain your PC’s gaming capability:
  • Fiber optic connection (DSL is okay, but a bit slower and can experience high ping)
  • RAM and video graphics card upgrade
  • Spyware, malware and virus removal in a regular basis like Norton, Avast, Advanced Systemcare, etc.
  • Disk defragmentation every week
  • Installing Deep Freeze for resetting PC settings to normal and automatically delete recent history, downloads, etc.
  • Gaming mouse, keyboard, and headset (external)
Before you choose a gaming motherboard, you need to know these rules (not in exact order).

Rule #1 - Rely On The Good Brands Available

If you want your money’s worth, you should spend it on the best brands available on the market as the first rule. Although there are other new and respectable brands around the corner, you should always rely on the best ones. You know why? They are proven to have a lot of satisfied customers who are using specific gaming motherboard brands. Not only that, it gives you quality gaming experience that you ever imagine, especially those that needs higher specifications.

Rule #2 - It Must Have PCI-E & USB 3.0 Ports

This is another essential rule that you need to have before choosing a gaming motherboard. You may need this in case you’re willing to upgrade your gaming desktop with a graphics card, video card, sound card, network card or so. If you need all of these cards to upgrade, make sure that your motherboard’s PCI or PCI-E ports are enough for you to insert them. On top of that, you need to have enough USB 3.0 ports as well. This may be a rare issue for modern ones, but it is highly recommended to maximize your gaming experience.

Rule #3 - Check The Compatibility Of Your CPU & RAM

The next rule that you need to know before buying a gaming motherboard is simply no other than the CPU and RAM compatibility. There are some cases that they’re buying a motherboard without knowing the capabilities of their RAM and CPU. As a result, they have wasted their hard-earned money for that.

To make sure that your preferred motherboard is compatible with your gaming PC, you need to know the capacity, speed and type of your Random Access Memory. As for the CPU compatibility, it’s simple. You just need to make sure that the socket type of CPU and motherboard are exactly the same type. If your gaming motherboard is built for AMD rather than Intel, therefore it’s only compatible with AMD gaming desktops.
5 Rules Should Know Before Choosing A Gaming Motherboard

Rule #4 - Size Does Matter

There are two motherboard sizes you can choose from (mATX for micro and ATX). As for mATX, it’s smaller and has limited ports and slots for you to enter a graphics video card, sound card, etc. ATX motherboards are the most commonly used of all, but they can’t fit well in a micro case. As a result, you definitely need to look for a standard sized motherboard case for ATX. However, a mATX motherboard can fit on both micro ATX and ATX cases. This is what you need to know about this before deciding to buy a gaming motherboard.

Rule #5 - LAN & WiFi Support

Lastly, you need to have Local Area Network and WiFi support at the same time. In most cases, gaming motherboards can only support LAN (wired cables) such as DSL and fiber optic connection. However, you can take your gaming into the next level by looking for motherboards that supports WiFi. Just in case your motherboard doesn’t support WiFi (but you wanted to), a wireless adapter or dongle would do the thing for you.

Final Words

There you have it folks! It seems that you’ve learned a lot about these simple rules before buying the most reliable motherboard for hardcore gaming. If you already applied all of these rules above, congratulations to you. If you don’t, you should realize how essential these tips are for you to maximize your gaming experience once and for all.

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