Movavi Video Suite [Review]

Movavi Video Suite [Review]
Starting to create a video from scratch can seem like a fairly monumental task. Even if you’ve already recorded some of the footage that you need using your smartphone or digital camera, it will need to be processed to turn that raw footage into a polished and attractive video.

If you’re looking for an easy way to make videos, Movavi Video Suite ( is well-positioned to fit your requirements. It is a comprehensive video creation suite that contains all the essential tools you’ll need to not only process video footage, but also capture it and manipulate it in unique ways.

Intuitively Designed

One of the main areas where Movavi Video Suite distinguishes itself is in its user-friendly approach. Considering video software in general has a reputation for being complicated and technical, the software’s easy-to-use nature makes it stand out.

With a slick and simple user interface that can be navigated intuitively, controls that will feel familiar, and automatic tools that can be applied with a single click – it won’t take you long to be able to learn to use Movavi Video Suite, even if you’re a beginner. In fact within fifteen to twenty minutes you should be able to have created your very first video.

‘All-in-One’ Video Software

Of course, the part about Movavi Video Suite that is truly unique is the fact that it is an ‘all-in-one’ video software that will help you across the board when it comes to creating your videos. Using the impressive list of features that it provides, you will be able to:
  • Record video footage from a webcam or by using screen capture to record videos directly from your screen.
  • Digitize videos from analog sources such as VHS tapes, TVs, and so on.
  • Process the video to improve its quality by fixing any common issues that could be affecting its appearance and enhancing its overall image quality as well.
  • Cut the raw footage into segments and combine it in any sequence by simply dragging and dropping it in place to create a ‘final cut’.
  • Make use of stunning visual effects such as animated transitions between scenes, filters that alter the visual style, and even ‘Hollywood-esque’ special effects.
  • Add audio tracks to the video to include background music, voiceovers and narrations, or even sound effects.
  • Place text directly within the video as subtitles, captions, or watermarks and fully customize its appearance.
With that glimpse into the capabilities of Movavi Video Suite, it should be easy to see just how it could help you to create videos that are truly impressive. Rather than wait, why not jump right in and give the software a go as you try to create your very first video – right now.
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