Know How Social Media Plays An Integral Part In Boosting Your SEO Rankings

Social Media Plays An Integral Part In Boosting Your SEO Rankings
The technological advancements in our world have reached so far that no business is out of its reach in today’s time. Every marketer uses the technical means to spread their business in every way possible. And as the use of the digital media is extensive amongst every part of the world, it has become a natural formula to extend the businesses to a higher level. One such branch of digitization is the social media platforms which are super popular across the world. People of all age group are now entitled to using the social media for various other purposes other than chatting, which was the primary motive behind building such sites. The marketers are well benefitted through the social media marketing as it helps in increasing the search engine rankings up to a greater extent.

Factors In Which The Search Engine Optimization Rankings Are Depended:

When talking about search engine optimization rankings, we must have some comprehensive knowledge of the factors that are necessary for boosting it up. They say, “Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first” and its right in case of the SEO rankings. The result that Google returns after your search depicts that which website holds the best position in its rankings; if you also want to make your website features in the 1st page of Google then the following factors should be kept in mind when building a site:
  • An attractive website design
  • An informed, original and Keyword rich content
  • Apprehensive web traffic
  • Regular updates of the existing content and keeping pace with the current trends
  • Using worthy hyperlinks and alt tags
  • An extensive social media reach

The factors mentioned above help in increasing any websites’ rankings to a level above the normal. If you abide by these factors, then the chances are high that you get a sophisticated presence in the search engine rankings. Though all these factors play a significant role in boosting the rankings, social media alone can pull off the most of it if you know the tricks of using it to the fullest to get maximum visitors for your website. Nonetheless, the fact that we can use the digital media for our own good is both overwhelming and awesome!

How Is SEO Ranking Depended On Social Media Marketing?

Well, the use of technological means is extensive across all marketing niches of the world, but in the IT sector, the requirement is irreplaceable. The ITSM software available in the market consists of Cherwell asset management, ITIL standards, etc., and, they play an integral part in boosting the services of the companies on an offline basis. But when it comes to the online platforms, it requires a lot of effort to make it accessible in the public eyes.
Social Media Plays An Integral Part In Boosting Your SEO Rankings
When your website is active majorly on the social media platforms through ad clicks or social campaigns, then the number of visitors on your sites also increases. And that, in turn, increases your web traffic to three-fold times. This is one of the most critical factors to improve the ranking of the search engines for your website as it helps in gathering extreme popularity for your digital marketing statistics. The SEO ranking rules and regulations keep changing with passing times, and thus the marketers need to keep track of all the latest trends regarding the SEO techniques.

When your company attracts the interest of the public eye through the social platforms, then the chances of people taking an interest in them also increases to a specific extent. The more public appearance you get, the more chances are there that your websites increase up in the ladder in the search engine optimization rankings. Hence, all the marketers need to be socially active regarding their endeavor, so that they do not miss out being on the 1st page of search engine giant Google!

The Final Take

We live in an era where even the grocery shopping can be done through the use of technology, forget about other bigger possibilities. People only need a compatible device, and a reliable internet connection and the world is in your hand! There is nothing that we cannot do by the extensive use of technology (apart from the natural obligations obviously!), and thus, the ones who lack the knowledge of utilizing it must procure it as much as possible.

There is hardly any marketer these days that do not use the digital means to extend their businesses. The need for the digital marketing strategies is extreme nowadays as everything is going the digital way very quickly, very soon! The SEO rankings play a vital role in increasing the popularity of the websites which otherwise won’t gain much attention in public eyes. The social sites surely do play a significant role in boosting the SEO rankings, thus giving your website a lift upwards in the digital world!

Why You Should Use WordPress To Design Your First Website

Use WordPress To Design Your First Website
You have probably heard about WordPress – it is a great blogging and website platform that hosts some of the most popular blogs and websites. And when the time came for you to design your own website, you first turned to this popular platform.

But with so many other options out there, it can be hard to decide which one to pick to be the home of your business website. If you are in need of information on how and why WordPress is the best choice for you, here is a list of reasons why you should use WordPress for your website.

According to statistics, 26.7% of all websites are powered by WordPress and it is almost 75 million sites.
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It's Easy To Maintain, Use & Update

With custom design, HTML websites, you would have to hire a webmaster to update your content, add more things and maintain your website on a monthly basis. But with the simplicity that WordPress offers, you do not have to do that. It is extremely easy to use and even those who are not that skilled with computers can easily handle it.

WordPress Is Versatile

No matter what your business is, which niche it belongs to and what kind of website it needs, it can be created on WordPress. From bare-bones simple blog to a complicated website with many pages and additional elements – this excellent platform can do it. There are thousands of paid and free themes that you can use.

If, however, you are not satisfied with your options, you could always design a new one for yourself or hire someone to do it. The best thing is, you do not have to be extremely skilled with HTML, CSS or PHP and it will not take you much time to do create a wonderful theme all your own.

Elizabeth Jennings, a web designer at shares, “Its versatility is one of the best things about WordPress. No matter what you might want or need, it can be done on this platform. With simple coding and a learning curve, there are endless options for everyone.”

It Will Save You A Lot Of Money

With professional services from website developers costing more than $2000, it can be hard to decide upon spending that money, especially for small and medium businesses. But with WordPress and its simplicity, this is not an issue. It will not cost nearly as much and you can do some of the design on your own and still get the same effectiveness.

It's Excellent With SEO

This platform is SEO friendly and Google loves it. The practices used to create WordPress and the fact that it's text-based, makes search engines display results from WordPress high in the search results. In addition, there are a lot of SEO plugins on WordPress that help the websites find their way to the screens. This is a great thing for every blog or website and it could help in their development.
Use WordPress To Design Your First Website

It Offers Great Plugins

WordPress has more than 50 000 plugins, most of them free. These plugins make an ordinary website or blog into something powerful and modern – they can give you aesthetic features, security, SEO optimization etc.
Some of the most popular plugins on WordPress are related to SEO optimization. You could use, for example, WordPress SEO by Yoast, SEMrush, Google Keyword Planner or any other. Also, WordPress, sadly, does not offer content plagiarism checking tool, but you could always use other free tools like Copyscape or Academized. This part is crucial because all your SEO efforts can be useless if your content is not unique.

Content On WordPress Is Easy To Manage

Most complaints on other platforms are related to content management. This is another area where WordPress is the best. Content is easy to post, edit, erase and format – you can do it yourself, without hiring anyone to do it for you.

WordPress also offers free spell check as you type or paste the text – however, this does not cover all of your mistakes, so it is recommended that you use some other free tools like Big Assignments for proofreading and grammar or State of writing and UK writing for editing.

Formatting with WordPress is also easy as you can add bullet points, bold or underline your text or anything else that you may want to do – but in case that you need some more formatting help, there are many tools available online.

It Offers A Lot Of Support And Security

WordPress has been here for ten years, supporting brands, bloggers and websites. It has myriad of help resources if you stumble upon a problem, great developer team that is always there for its users and a friendly community who loves to help.

In case your concerns are more related to security, updates and changes are made smoothly to ensure that WordPress users are secure and safe on this platform. And if you do all necessary updates and use recommended tips you can be sure that your WordPress website is secured.

John Bloomberg a web developer and founder of Australian Help explains, “With the WordPress community being here for over ten years, it's easy to find help whenever it's needed. So many people and brands are using it that solutions to every problem are just around the corner. Another great thing about a friendly community is that it is ready to give newcomers assistance.”

Final Thoughts

If you are in need of a website but you do not want to spend a lot of money or time then WordPress is the choice for you. It offers so many great tools and options for everyone, no matter how skilled at working with coding and website maintenance.

This is also a great option for small or medium businesses who would like to have an online presence but they do not want to hire web designers on a monthly basis to do the updating and maintenance. WordPress is fun, easy to use and excellent in every way.

How To Secure Your Small Business Website?

How To Secure Your Small Business Website?
Security is the most important thing that everyone expects no matter how small or big they get to catch up with. And especially when it comes to online transactions or purchases users are more conscious about what kind of shopping cart they choose. This is where you need to be very careful in treating your people if you are a business owner.

In case if you running a small business you really need to make sure that you provide 100% security to your users that they might trust you and return to you in future. This post is going to educate you on some simple security steps that you need to look at.

Let's Get Started!!!
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Install SSL Certificate:

As I always recommend the most important thing for an online business is the SSL certificate. As people are very conscious about their privacy you need to be very clever in handling them. At the same time, you should know that your customers are your valuable resource. When you are able to protect their personal information you gain more trust and there arises the need for EV SSL certificate which protect your customer information as well display your company name in addressbar of browser.

Installing the best SSL certificate to your website could get your customer data protected by encrypting all the information that is obtained in your website. This builds more trust among users, on the other hand, you can be free of data theft.

Update Plug-in And Add-ons:

Most of us do not mind about updating our plug-in or add-on that we use on our website. Being a small business owner it is really essential to watch over such updates.

Either we neglect notifications or we are not notified. It is good that you stay updated with your plug-in to avoid the risk of data loss. There are chances of losing data if you do not update your plug-in. And the most important thing is to make sure that you choose a genuine plug-in for your website.

There are a few plug-in that look just like the genuine ones but they are of less worth and security. That is why it is recommended to choose the ones that are rated high in the market. You can also check with reviews and ratings for the plug-in before you get them installed on your website.

Generate Unique Passwords:

Passwords are actually the gateway access. You generate them strong; you provide more security to your website. In case if you fail to do so, you miss the whole market.

In common, there is system generated passwords and default passwords available when you create a website. Make sure to reset those passwords to your unique ones. To generate new, unique passwords you need to use special cases, numbers with long passwords. You need to very clear to frame one such.

You can also make use of the password generator tool if you are not able to generate one such. But again, in this case, you need to be very careful in finding the one that is genuine enough to provide you strong passwords and the one that does not save it internally.
How To Secure Your Small Business Website?

Take Time To Build The Best Website:

People are impressed when the website is cool enough to handle. From security to user experience everything matters on a website. No matter your business is big or small it is essential to building a good, impressive website that lasts long for your business.

Right from choosing your domain name to your SSL certificate ensures that you purchase genuine ones and that is security-rich. This can help you in the long run.

This can spare most of your time. But I swear it is worthwhile. You invest it for the long run, so it is good that you choose the best that sustains in the long run. Also, you need to make sure that you own a perfect developer who sorts everything out in the exact place where it actually needs to be. This can help you to maintain security as well as consistency on your website.

Build Levels Of Access:

And now this is where you need to be careful. When you opt to provide login credentials to your developer and if that is going to exceed more than one, you need to be very careful that the higher access or the approval authentication comes to your mail.

Of course, it is necessary to look after such things. You need to have the complete to your website. This does not mean there are only chances for data theft, but there are chances where a careless employee could damage your entire website.

So, in order to avoid all such hectic circumstances, it is good that you take control over the entire website and the complete authentication or approval comes to you in case if any changes were done to your website. This highly secures and prevents even from accidental damages.

Wrap Up

Being a small business owner you need not worry anymore about the security concerns of your website or your business. Now it is really simple to protect your website and your small business from data hacks. Make sure to protect your website through these #5 simple steps that you may sustain in the long run.

Are these steps helpful enough to protect your small business website? Get them implemented right now and never miss out to write us back on your success stories.

How To Keep Your Windows Computer Safe

How To Keep Your Windows Computer Safe
Privacy and safety has always been a major concern if we talk about the cyber world. There was a time when we used to be worried about the money in our wallet or at our home but because of technology things are changed drastically and we started keeping everything online including money. And it’s not only money we also keep our personal and critical data on the computer. With the emerging cyber crime it becomes necessary to protect our computers from hackers who can misuse our identity or critical information because the ultimate purpose of creating or installing a malicious program is to use your compute for mala fied activates. In this article we will discuss that how you can keep your windows computer safe.
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1. Use Antivirus Software:

First thing which you should do to start preventing your computer from threats is installing an antivirus. If you do not want to purchase an expensive antivirus then going for a free antivirus is also a good idea which you can download for free and can keep updating to ensure the basic protection. If you are a normal internet user and rarely download content from websites then a free antivirus can work well for you. But if you do not want to download and wanna create yourself then you can check out here.

2. Firewall:

By default windows comes with firewall as you can understand by the name itself firewall is a safety wall which stops malicious content from reaching your computer. If this setting is turned off on your computer then by default you will see an alert message on the action centre to turn it on. Here is how you can check or turn on firewall settings on the windows computer.
  • click on the action centre button given in the system tray (Flag icon)
  • In the action center search for firewall. This will open firewall settings and on you will find windows firewall state which should be turned on.
  • How To Keep Your Windows Computer Safe
  • If windows firewall state is not turned on you can turn it on by clicking “Turn windows firewall on or off” given in the sidebar.

3. Updates:

Developers of windows are self aware of the treats roaming around the world so time to time they keep on releasing updates for your operating system which makes your system protective against these treat. All you need to do is to make it sure that automatic update is turned on and you keep installing all the updates on time.

4. Using RAM Cleaner Software:

Ram cleaner software can also work effectively to keep your windows computer safe. Actually an application which cleans RAM on your computer stops all the unwanted processes running in the background which allocate more RAM for antivirus software and thus it can effectively block all the threats in the real time.

5. Cloud Backup:

The perfect idea of being safe and protecting your critical data is to keeping it on the same place. These days you will find many reliable platforms which allows you to keep you data safe on the cloud storage the biggest advantage of keeping your data on the cloud is that it can be accessed from anywhere from any device another advantage is that companies which offers cloud storage keep advanced level security for the protection of data. So to keep you windows computer safe you can create an online backup of your critical data and free up the disk space. In case of any miss happening with you computer you can restore the data you have backed up online.

6. Download Files And Attachments Carefully:

You need to be extra careful about attachments and files. Only download attachments from the senders you know. When downloading a file from internet you should double check if it is the correct file and in the format it suppose to be most of the viruses and malicious programs travel as email attachments or downloads so it is the area which requires your extra attention.

So these were 5 tips which can help you to keep your windows computer Safe. Little bit of awareness can save you from potential losses of money and privacy so start following these tips today and enjoy computing with the peace of mind.

The Importance Of Data In Digital Marketing

The Importance Of Data In Digital Marketing
Relevant data helps in the creation of targeted campaigns that are straight to the point. Digital marketing helps in the collection of data, which becomes easier using various strategies such as personalization and retargeting. Data will never be enough for marketers. Too much information can be an issue with consumers going through difficulties as they try to remain alert beyond the noise from online. A digital marketing agency, on the other hand, find it hard creating campaigns that can motivate and involve the consumer without tyrannizing what they have to do. So what roles does data play? What is its relevance? How can it be analyzed in social media and SEO tools? These are some of the questions we are going to tackle in this article.

What Is Data In Digital Marketing?

It is the information about customers for optimal and the media, that has been targeted to buy and create catchy messages used in digital marketing. Data in digital marketing determines the people who are supposed to see messages, and what is supposed to be done in regards to their characteristics and interactions from the past.

The Relevance Of Data?

Data is relevant and plays an important role in digital market. Here are the roles that data plays;

1. It Pinpoints Usual Behavior Of Customers

Identifying the behavior of consumers online is very important. It helps you build campaigns that will have adhesion. You can identify the known sites and the amount of time a consumer can use watching a video. This will help you to target the proper channels and enable you to work with teams that are creative to attain good results.

2. It Improves Significance

You can use data to make sure that your campaigns are appropriate to the kind of audience you plan to target on. Data enables you to establish the topics that are known by many, and the type of topics that the audience prefers to hear. You can then use this information on your strategy and the campaigns.

3. You Become Flexible

Data enhances flexibility because you are able to communicate and make your digital campaigns be more vigorous.

4. All Audiences Are Different

The diversity is increasing in different channels found online. Assumptions no longer work anymore. When brands and companies know this, they will be in a position to create campaigns that are personalized highly. These kinds of campaigns give the audiences a feeling of appreciation. They feel valued.

5. Being Social

One of the things that have really changed the planning of campaigns is social media. The social networks enable marketers to have more ideas on what users like, what they don’t like and their behavior. A consumer is likely to know about a certain brand from social media. When you use the data available properly, it is possible for you to establish and know the culture of the kind of audience you have and even become a member, instead of just pushing strategies of marketing to them. To be social, you have to deliver the type of information that the audience prefers to hear and can share on their network.

How Can Data Be Analyzed In Social Media And SEO Tools?

There is something that you note when you see the search results and when you see your performance in the social media. You can also learn something from the way people go about their marketing strategies. All the information that goes through your mind and connects to something else and even predicting success is known as correlation. Correlation of data is used by digital marketers, social media marketers, and even SEOs.

What Do You Analyze With SEO Tools?

1. Keywords

Analyzing keywords helps in the determination of the terms that are searched the most. The terms have to be related to the website.

2. Content

Keywords should be included in the content to blend with the queries searched. It is also important to include the keywords in titles and descriptions. However, the content should be captivating since it will help in the ranking in the high search results.

3. Domain

Domains enable Google to scan URLs for the keywords since they establish the sites’ content. Including a keyword in the URL also enables Google to get the content of a page.
The Importance Of Data In Digital Marketing

Tips Of Making Sense Of Data For Your Business

1. Create A Single Source Of Truth

When developing a strategy of any kind of business data, first, you should know the value of the data asset.

After this, you can then create a single source of truth.

A data audit that is not complex will help you to identify the state of your data and the value of it. It will also help you to identify the areas that need changes because of the capturing data in the future.

When you develop a central data and a single source of truth, it will give a podium for making sound decisions. This will even enhance transparency in the company.

Companies are no longer in a position to operate in silos if at all they want to give great experiences to the customers. Each part of a business has certain data sets, which must be joined together and shared to make sure that the business offers proper experience to customers at the proper time.
Why is a Single Source of Truth Important?

You should know every individual and note the manner in which they interact with you. A single source of truth helps in the creation of a one customer view. This in return enables you to;
  1. Identify the way every customer interacts with your business.
  2. Know the value of every customer has to the business
  3. Identify the area of opportunity.
  4. Offer efficiency opportunities.
  5.  It enables the staff to have a better view of the customers. They become more informed from the data of other interactions. In return, customers will feel more appreciated. They will get more reasons to keep engaging the experience.

How to Evolve Digital Marketing Strategies Based On Data

1. Keep On Analyzing The Data Available

The annual analytics are not supposed to be reviewed only after a year is over. What you should do is, search for information every now and then, in order to establish the best way working within the digital strategy you use. You also get to identify what is not working which is the most important thing. You are supposed to be informed on the returns your efforts bring to the table in regards to the investment made. Investigate and evaluate every campaign for its relevance to the audience and also in regards to the performance of your competition.

2. Conduct A Survey When Data Fails

In case your data fails to inform you on the areas you are supposed to improve on, you should conduct a survey and request your customers to give you feedbacks. Let them advise you on the areas that need improvement.

3. Research, Listen And Plan To Make Adjustments

The customers and even data may inform you that nothing will be wrong. However, research and find out the areas of your digital marketing that need changes. It could be changes in the messaging or changes in the social media accounts. Find out what is happening and listen and observe to get other options that can help in the automation of the marketing efforts you employ. Therefore, keep yourself updated by reading blogs, and online content.

At the end of the day, data is important for digital marketing as we have seen above. However, dissimilar data is not a distinctive challenge to any kind of business. The only distinctive thing about it is that only a few businesses are developing a single source of truth. They are likely to be successful more than most of the other businesses in this world that are digitally-run.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Jasmeet Singh is an Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Strategist, and an active blogger. He is the founder of The Sharp Brain, a Digital Marketing Training Institute located in India. He is an active Quoran and an avid reader.
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The Ultimate List Of Tips To Avoid Being Scammed Online

List Of Tips To Avoid Being Scammed Online
For many generations, scams have been an issue for Internet users. Criminals always find victims. With the use of the Internet, modern scammers can easily go anonymous.

The Internet allowed people to gain information about any topic. It enables people to connect with strangers in any part of the world. The current technology lets people accomplish more things than ever before. With the increased use of tech in the world, fraudsters found new ways to scam the innocent people.

That’s why you need to be more aware of the methods that these people are using for the web frauds. Keep in mind that victims of online scams in the US lost more than 800 million dollars in 2017. The number will continue to rise because hackers always want to stay ahead of the public.

So, how can you avoid being scammed online?
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Be Careful In Responding To Job Offers

Job offer scams are rampant. In this scam, you will receive an unsolicited email that offers you a job for a position that is not in your area of expertise. The message states that the job offer pays more than your current employer is offering. Unsolicited job offers are common. Those who are desperate for work are always the victim. Never accept job offers until you can be sure that they are authentic.

Conduct Research

It is perfectly okay to purchase items from established retailers online. However, if you want to stretch your dollar, you might be tempted to purchase from an unknown site that also offers the same products at cheaper rates.

Before you even make a final decision, find some online reviews. These reviews will help you figure out whether the site received negative reports. Check whether the site made unauthorized charges on their customers’ credit card. But just because a site received negative reviews does not mean that it is not a trustworthy one. However, if you are in doubt, do not purchase.

Never Reply To A Scam Email

One of the most popular scams is the beneficiary scam. In here, you get a message from someone who wishes to move money around. Often, the message comes from a businessman who wishes to have his millions transfer to another country and needs your help. The message includes enough details to give an offer that may appear legitimate. If you give in to this request, you won’t receive the beneficiary money. The scammer will continue to send you a message that you need to make small payments to facilitate the transfer.

People who are down in their luck would fall prey to this scam. Thus, before you respond to this kind of message, make sure to check the email’s grammar and spelling. Often, beneficiary scam email includes tons of grammar and spelling mistakes.
List Of Tips To Avoid Being Scammed Online

Use Your Credit Card Protection Service

Even if the site you are browsing seems reliable, it does not indicate that your personal information is safe. Online shopping sites can easily get hold of your credit information. The good thing is that credit card companies offer a unique number that you can use for a particular site. If a scammer can get hold of your information, they cannot use it anywhere.

Furthermore, you must check your statements for unauthorized charges. However, if your credit card issuer does not provide this kind of protection, you must find one that offers specific protection for online purchases.

Do Not Deal In Cash

One of the most popular methods of scammers is to work with cash. The reason for this is that cash cannot be traced. If you are hunting for an apartment, for instance, bogus real estate agents would ask you to wire them money or check for the reservation fee. But once you paid them, they could easily get away with your money. Landlords who wish to scam you will insist that you pay cash. Experts’ tips on how to avoid rental scams involve not paying in cash or make wire transfers.

Stay Alert

Be skeptical when someone contacts you through phone or email asking you about your personal information. No legitimate companies would ask for your password over the phone or email. So, stay away of these phone calls or emails. Now, if you think you fell prey to an online scam, notify immediately all companies that you have accounts with.

Ensure that you keep an eye out for these scammers to avoid getting duped. You need constant vigilance as scammers are more clever these days.

8 Ways To Sharpen Your WordPress Skills

8 Ways To Sharpen Your WordPress Skills
In today's digitized Word, there is a great demand for WordPress experts. It is because a large number of WordPress websites are being created on a daily basis to meet different business objectives. A competent WordPress website developer, plugin developer, maintenance experts, etc, always get new calls and assignments from their clients/customers.

The amazing world of WordPress keeps changing from time-to-time following frequent WordPress updates. So, you need to keep yourself up-to-date and learn new skills that are used in the creation, modification, customization, migration, management, and revamping of WordPress websites. Only then you will be able to get more assignments from clients/customers and make yourself relevant in the market. But, the biggest question is how to improve the WordPress skills? Let's search and find out.
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1. Learn The Coding Language

One of the best things about the WordPress is that you can create WordPress easily with the help of themes and plugins. These two things are available in great numbers on different online resources. So, both technical and non-technical persons can create WordPress websites without writing a single code.

When you create WordPress websites for clients/customers, they expect professionalism from your side. So, just learn the basics of WordPress and improve the Coding Standards. You must learn JS, PHP, CSS, MySQL, and HTML to be able to create amazing WordPress websites like professionals. There are many institutions that help individuals to learn these important programming languages.

2. Subscribe To Famous WordPress Blogs

On the global internet, there are many WordPress specific websites and blogs that regularly publish new content about the latest developments in the WordPress world. In order to improve your knowledge and hone the WordPress skills, subscribe those blogs and read their new content. For example- wpbeginner & wpmayor.

3. Work With Experienced WordPress Developers

It is true that almost all info is available on the Google. Just enter your search term and get the desired knowledge. But, search engines don't help you to get the practical knowledge. The abundance of theoretical knowledge of WordPress is futile if you don't know how to use them in practical life.

So, if you are a novice WordPress blogger/developer/theme developer, etc, work with experienced WordPress developers to gain the practical knowledge. If possible, create and handle WordPress websites without seeking anyone's help and find out your weak points. You can discuss those issues with the experienced WordPress developers and find out the exact ways to deal with them. It helps you to learn new things about the WordPress and improve your skills by leaps and bounds.

4. Participate In WordPress Developer Conference

Did you ever participate in a WordPress developer conference? If not, then it’s the right time to be part of the next conference at all costs. In such gatherings, WordPress developers/companies/website owners/entrepreneurs from different meet together, exchange their thoughts with each other and find out the solution of critical WordPress problems. Participating in such meeting also helps you to increase your link and interaction with the WordPress developers of different countries and share beneficial knowledge free of cost.
8 Ways To Sharpen Your WordPress Skills

5. Monitor The Latest Developments In WordPress

Always keep in mind that WordPress keeps updating itself. Even developers of WordPress themes and plugins also update their stuff as per the latest version of the WordPress. So, it is very important for you to keep a close eye on the latest development of WordPress without any fail. It will help you to get acquainted with the new developments of WordPress and implement those things in web design and development assignments. If it happens, your clients get the websites they dream of and their web-based business multiples every day only with some little efforts.

6. Solve WordPress Errors

WordPress errors are the part and parcel of WordPress websites. Sometimes, a high performing WordPress website go offline all of a sudden due to cyber-attacks, disturbance in the hosting server, the sudden ending of resources, etc.

There are many WordPress issues and errors that give sleepless nights to entrepreneurs who run their websites with the WordPress CMS. If you want to become a WordPress expert in demand for a long period of time, you must know the skills to fix those problems. So, in consultation with expert WordPress developers, try to solve those issues and learn all important skills with which you are unfamiliar so far. If you are able to solve those problems, your WordPress skills will be improved a lot.

7. Use Social Media Channels To Know More About WordPress

Different social media channels are not just a source of entertainments and killing your free times. You can use them to learn more about WordPress and improve your skills up to a great extent.

8. Create And Sell WordPress Plugins And Themes

To create WordPress themes and Plugins, you need to have a sound technical knowledge. As a novice WordPress beginner, you can't claim to have mastery over the WordPress if you don't know the skills to create WordPress themes and plugins. So, make WordPress themes and sales and put them on sale. Get feedback from customers as to what can be done to make improvements in your stuff. You will learn a lot of WordPress skills and become an experienced WordPress expert sooner or later.

Final Words

Every WordPress developer is expected to have the knowledge of necessary WordPress skills. It is essential to create professional and appealing WordPress websites. By following the above-mentioned tips, you can improve your WordPress skills up to a great extent and become a person in demand in the WordPress world.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Evan Ross is a WordPress developer and a part time blogger. He works for, which is Best WordPress development Company in Seattle. He is an admirer of sharing his innovative ideas with others on the web development trends.

Why Online Marketers Love WordPress?

Why Online Marketers Love WordPress
WordPress is being the popular Content Management Platform is known by many, and all newbie bloggers start off their journey in the Content World through WordPress. Initially, it was launched off as a Blog tool for multiple blogger communities which later on transformed into a content management system. Being an online marketer, you can’t ignore its endless possibilities. Why?

Many high executives state if you use any other CMS within your corporation then you should consider and focus on WordPress as it’s a hub of evolving innovation. Imagine 500 websites being created on a daily basis on WordPress as it’s the driving force to market your content efficiently.

The blog will tell you why a digital marketer would want to include WordPress in your daily routine and benefit from it.
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WordPress Changing the Way Websites Function

For 13 years WordPress has catered to the way businesses are done and evolved to reach content marketing goals. Numbers show since March 2016 WordPress is the most used CMS catering to 26.4% of the web globally and it's still counting. If you’ve been around for some years in the Digital Market, then you would remember the venture you were involved in. Back in those days, the aim was on choosing the best technology which was supposed to direct the designer and developer at the planning stage of the marketing.

Thanks to WordPress, Online marketing has changed the way content creation is done. As a Digital online marketer, useful tools are a necessity to launch a website from scratch which WordPress provides.

Why Online Marketers Love WordPress?

Comprised of an Upgraded Platform:

Like all businesses or systems, WordPress also faced a backlash creating a very bad reputation when it led to potential security solutions for online marketers, complimenting it's not meant for professional projects. Then again, those were the bad days. Till now WordPress has evolved things to an extent even the famous Microsoft uses WordPress for its subsidiary parts of its website (The Enterprise Website).

Fascinating isn’t it? Go to the WordPress Showcase to see the number of brands which are currently using WordPress.

Support For WordPress Available From Established Tech Companies And Startups:

Speaking of a new analytic software being created, or a new social network app which comes to market making the fundamental design principles of the websites change. It will access you to adapt your WordPress website to the latest trendings. The platform is designed in a way you can do a lot in a matter of clicks.

Overall you don’t have to be a techno-geek to know how the spheres of WordPress works, but when it comes to managing a hosting account, you require hosting for WordPress. With WordPress Hosting you won't have to look out for technical work, while you focus entirely on other aspects.

Importing And Exporting Content Is Efficient:

Other Content Management Systems may seem challenging to operate or adapt to. With WordPress, it’s a walk in the park making migration easier from other platforms such as Joomla, Tumblr, and Drupal. On the other hand, you can receive guides on how to bring your content to WordPress.
Why Online Marketers Love WordPress

Search Engine Optimization And Social Web Incorporation:

Publishing more and more content on WordPress won’t lead to more traffic or your content being ranked higher. But it is the Google-optimized Con Content Management System which permits you to smoothly create categories of pages for multiple topics on which you hope to be ranked.

Posting Content on social media mediums is above par while allowing your beneficiary readers to share content on social media with side by side receiving analytics within the WordPress dashboard to make your marketing easier than ever before.

Supporting Community:

There’s more to WordPress on the blog but are you still having issues figuring the basics? OR Functions? Well, don’t strain yourself and type in The website contains the support Forum where you will come across multiple experienced professionals who will guide you with answers you seek not find. It's more for those who lack coding skills or are not familiar with it but are willing to customize WordPress.

Mobile Support:

While things have gotten mobile WordPress kept being available on different platforms to cater to the user's needs. However the users used WordPress, the creators provided that path. Among the traditional apps, Android and iOS apps of WordPress support content creation, checking of statistics and comment moderation while being on the move. Also, it integrates into your existing system to manage all your content. For example, you can connect with the Business Communication App Slack within WordPress.

In a Gist

WordPress is for everyone. It's free of cost making it available for anyone, whether a start-up or an experienced business. It facilitates online marketers to keep updated with the latest plugins and themes and allow them to swiftly change their feeds accordingly.

Due to the reasons mentioned above WordPress is loved and appreciated by many professionals and even amateurs who want to thrive in the digital world.

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