10 Incredibly Useful Android For Small Businesses

Useful Android For Small Businesses

What Is An App?

An app or an application (which is its full form) refers to any program or group of programs that facilitate the doing of an activity repeatedly. They are designed for the end user. For example, a hotel may create an app for its customers so that they can order food online from it, repeatedly. The main objective is to make ordering food easy so that the activity may be performed on a regular basis. Nowadays, we have apps for every small thing. If you are addicted to this app world, there is a caveat to this world. Apps downloaded on mobile phones may be able to access important data stored on the phone.

Not many people like such intrusion. Therefore, the app world is not for everyone. It is only for people who are tech-savvy and who know their technology well enough to distinguish between an app that seeks to intrude into their data and an app that merely tries to make things easier for them. Nowadays, there are a number of apps coming onto the market for doing various activities. A standing example of it is the bookmyshow app. This app was created to make the activity of booking entertainment tickets online, easier. By doing this the film industry has increased their revenue.

What Is Android?

Now let us tackle android. This is an operating system created by Google for mobile phones. This application software is designed especially for mobiles and it is based on the Linux kernel and other open source software programs, which are designed for touchscreen phones and tablets. Touchscreen phones are called smartphones. There is also an android operating system each for televisions, cars, and wristwatches. There is also an android for game consoles, digital cameras, and personal computers. Right from the time the first commercial Android device was launched in September 2008, to the current period, the Android operating system has changed in leaps and bounds. The current version is called 8.1 "Oreo". Suffice to say that Android is an all-encompassing operating system, which has brought about tremendous change.

Ten Best Android Apps For Small Business

Now that the meaning of apps and Android is clear, let's get down to listing the ten best android apps for small businesses. The ten best android apps are as under:


This is one business app that everyone should try to apply in his or her daily routines. It is a to-do manager that allows users to allow work to their subordinates. You can also add many sub-sections to it as per the need.


This application helps you scan documents. Everything from word files to excel spreadsheets can be scanned. It also enables users to quickly share the scanned documents with colleagues, the HR department or wherever else it is needed. This app gives editable pdf files, which can be modified if required.

Google Drive Suite

Google has come out with a number of office apps under the Google drive banner. Through this app, you can get support for pdf, images, notes, documents, spreadsheets and many other things. This app works both, on your mobile and the computer. Due to this, it enjoys tremendous patronage among small businesses.

Google My Business

This app helps your business to be visible on Google search and Google maps. These are huge business lead generators. This app also lets you update facts about your business namely hours of operation, name, and address. Multiple locations can be managed through this app Click Here.

Microsoft Office Suite

This is the ubiquitous Microsoft suite of apps namely Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Here, Word is the word processor, Excel, the spreadsheet maker and PowerPoint, the presentation maker. These have a presence both on the web as well as on the mobile.

Newton Mail

Newton mail is the support app for small business people. It supports most email accounts, be it Rediff, Gmail or even Yahoo. Additionally, it also supports other apps and services like LinkedIn, Ever note, Taoist, Zen desk, etc. This app includes a calendar and a two-step verification process for security.


This is one of the better apps for both small and medium-sized businesses. Many businesses use PayPal to manage transactions and invoices. At times, it is used to pay employees. A business account can be set up which can both send and receive money.


Slack is a business app that helps users do many things. It helps them manage multiple channels, document sharing, a simple interface, a chatbot, etc. It can be integrated with a number of third-party apps and websites like Google drive.

Square Register

This is a very useful business app for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and medium-sized businesses. It can also help manage mobile businesses. Essentially, it is a simple system of point-of-sale. It provides a basic magnetic strip reader free. Better alternatives to this reader may be available at a cost.

Any Authenticator App

A two-step verification process is necessary for any app. It helps prevent hackers from accessing your data easily. It also keeps your contacts, files, and information safe. Platforms like Google, Microsoft and Last Pass all have their own authenticator apps.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Sunny Chawla is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs – a Web design and Development Company. Helping global businesses with unique and engaging tools for their business. He would love to share thoughts on Ecm Services, Web Designing and Android App Development.

10 Apps To Manage Your Life Better

10 Apps To Manage Your Life Better
The amount of information the human brain is exposed every day is said to be equivalent of 34 GB of data. With this much information daily, you would overload your computer in a week or two. With that amount of data, we can’t remember everything or keep everything under control. It is just too overwhelming for anyone to hold that much data in his or her head.

Thankfully, with our personal digital assistants in our pockets, we don’t have to anymore. We can do much more with our phones than we can do without them. For each and every problem you might face in your life, you can find a good solution on your phone in form of mobile application.

As people tend to have different problems imposed on them, we have tried to give you a good overall list of apps that might help you manage your life better. Let’s dive right into this list of apps.


Evernote is the best note-taking app out there. It was released 3 years ago and since then it has helped millions of users with their notes. Use Evernote to create notes with pictures, handwriting or with your voice. The seamless syncing option allows you to make your documents available online, on PC, and your phone. Never forget important things with this app since you can write them down.

Download: iOS | Android

Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the best free options for cloud storage and document management. It enables you to store your files online, making your files available anywhere you are and saving your storage in the process. It has 15 GB of free storage, you can easily search for certain words in documents, and you can share files with other people from the app. If you need an app to create text documents, then just add Google Docs to the list.

Download: iOS | Android

Files Go

Files Go is a must-have app for the local files on your phone. It acts as storage and file manager at the same time. And with the new update, it acts as sharing service as well, enabling you to share files with friends near you. When you don’t have space on your phone, go to clean up screen and follow the steps to save your memory in a few taps. You can also look for your files based on the document type, no matter the folder they are stored.

Download: Android

PDF to Word Converter

PDF to Word Converter app can convert any PDF to Word document on your phone. Avoid retyping files when you can reuse them. You can convert any PDF on your device,on Cloud or by scanning the document directly. This app can be used to make quick fixes on PDF documents and in that way it help users with document management on the go.

Download: iOS | Android


Wallet is an app that is made for tracking your expenses. For those who don’t know where most of their budget is spend, this app is a must-have. You can connect it with your credit card, so it will automatically track your payments, but you can add them manually, too. You will get beautiful pie charts, with details, like how much of your budget goes on food, utilities, rent, shopping, etc. By tracking your spendings, you can learn about which areas of your life you can save more.

Download: iOS | Android

Habitica: Gamify Your Tasks

Habitica is a jewel in to-do list apps. This app aims to gamify organizing your tasks, and makes completing your choirs a fun thing to do. After you install it, you create your avatar that will grow stronger and gain levels as you cross out things from your to-do lists. When you fail to do things that you have set up to complete, your character will lose health. There are also tons of customization options, options to complete tasks with your friends and much more.

Download: iOS | Android


The Forest app cures phone addiction by setting up the counter for 30 - 120 minutes in which you are planting a tree and if you quit the app in that period to check notifications from your social media or any other distraction, your tree will die. You wouldn’t want a little cute tree to die, right? By holding up you accountable for the trees life, you are becoming more productive and focused on the task at hand. Focus more on what truly matters.

Download: iOS | Android

Stop, Breathe & Think

Stop, Breathe & Think app has a self-explaining name, it is one of the best mindfulness apps that puts you in the first place by asking: “How are you feeling today?”. According to your mood and intensity of your feelings, you will receive adequate meditation or breathing exercise to ease your mind. It offers sessions on multiple topics, like sleep better, tame anxiety, strengthen focus, cultivate kindness and manage depression. Whatever your troubles might be, this app tunes to your current state of mind.

Download: iOS | Android


We try to protect our online profiles behind passwords. The option to use “12345” everywhere as your password is not an option anymore. In order to help you with managing and creating strong passwords online, we introduce you to the LastPass password manager app. It will automatically fill in login information and create strong passwords. To access all your profiles you need only one master password or fingerprint recognition.

Download: iOS | Android


IFFT is a type of app that connects all the other apps and devices in one place. With IFFT you can automate any task on your smartphone to even work with apps which aren’t natively supported. The app uses applets, that are premade automation, that can allow your home lights to turn on when you arrive home, mute your phone when you are in the meeting, send you a message in the morning if it will rain later that day, etc. You can automate almost any task with this app.

Download: iOS | Android

Essential Tips For Designing Mobile UX/UI

Essential tips for Designing Mobile UX/UI
Since invention, the internet technology has developed a lot. There was a time when people have to stick to desktop computers or laptops to use the Internet. A person needs to move from one place to another to perform different works. Tech-savvy people are so addicted to the internet that they don't want to leave it for a long period of time.

That's why they use the internet on mobile devices. It facilities ease of mobility and hassle-free internet access 24*7.

Web designers and developers make a lot of mistakes while designing the UX/UI features of mobile websites. Even a single mistake in your mobile website can displease visitors and repel them away. So what are the main UX/UI factors that you should keep in mind while designing mobile websites? Let contemplate the following points.

1. Minimal Website Design

Always keep in mind that mobile devices have limited space for displaying all the elements of a website. If your website is full of unnecessary advertisements, design elements, pop-ups, lengthy content, it will not get displayed well on mobile devices. In such situations, visitors will flee away to your competitor's site for receiving the same products and services.

So, keep your website as simple as you can and make sure it is easily accessible on all mobile devices. Use only the necessary design elements for the creation of mobile websites. If you don't know how to do this, take the help of an expert designer.

2. Typography

Typography plays an important role in website usability, content consumption, traffic, user engagement. There are a number of website owners that use fancy fonts to impress the targeted audience. Always remember that even a little slice of business matters a lot when you struggle for your survival in the web-based business. A website is visited by people belonging to different age groups. The use of fancy fonts can repel old age people away from your website. So, always use professional and standard fonts on your website. It will make your website look professional and a large number of people will visit your website daily and read the available content.

3. Uniform Color Pattern

We all know that color combination plays an important role in how people perceive your website. A website made up of good color combinations are considered professional and people love to spend time on it. All those websites that are colorful, often considered as unprofessional sites. So, keep user's interest in mind & maintain a uniform color pattern all across your website.

4. Website Loading Speed

Would you like to browse a website that takes a considerable amount of time to load on your mobile device? Definitely not. Slow loading websites frustrate visitors. So, they quash such websites and look for its faster alternatives. Google, the most popular search engine of the world, hates slow loading websites and downgrade it's ranking in its SERP.
Essential tips for Designing Mobile UX/UI
So, try to make your website as fast as you can. Restrict the use of plugins and extensions, use clean code for website/page creation, use a CDN, etc, to make your website or its pages super fast. If it happens, it will rank in Google's top search results and you will be able to get more clicks on your website, which means the generation of sufficient leads.

5. Content Length

Content length matters a lot when you tend to target the business originating from the small screens. If your site's content length is big, visitors browsing it through mobile devices will not be able to view it in full. This causes disappointment and frustration among them and they decrease their engagement with your brand. Therefore, you should keep your content concise, to the point and straightforward. In this way, visitors can easily contemplate your statement by reading the fewer text content.

6. Easy Sign up Options

When your brand starts to gain popularity, people love to use your products and services and subscribe to new offers made by your company. So, they look for sign up options on your website. Therefore, based on your needs, use social sharing buttons, Email subscription facility, corporate Email addresses, etc.

7. Use Of Animation

Animation entertain people and help them to understand the subject matter easily and effortlessly. So, based on your needs, use animation images and make people feel delighted while visiting your website.

8. Straightforward Navigation Path

It is one of the most important factors that must be considered seriously while creating mobile websites. It allows visitors to browse websites easily and find the desired stuff quickly. You should take the help of an experienced web designer to determine the navigation path for your website.

Concluding Remarks

UX/UI design elements matter a lot in while designing websites with a mobile-first approach. Just keep the above described UX/UI design elements in mind to make your website a prime destination for the targeted audience.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Stephen Chong works as a writer for Fonbell Solution. Fonbell Solution is one of the best IT firm offer web design in Singapore. He loves to share information on latest technology, knowledge, and thoughts with others on the web. For more blogs, you can follow him on Pinterest, and Linkedin.

A Complete Guide To Become A Proficient Web Developer

Guide To Become A Proficient Web Developer
Since the inception of the internet, the web technology has taken leaps and bounds. Today, you can see a nearly infinite number of websites online. Custom Web Application Development is on its rise at this moment. Every business and organization want a visually appealing website at its disposal. Hence, due to an uphill trend and increasing demand, it can be rightly, said that there's a demand for web developers right now.

Becoming a web developer is easy but becoming a proficient web developer isn't. You need to think unique, plan everything ahead of time. Web Development itself has several sections like Frontend dev, Backend dev, Mobile App Dev, Web Programming. Here's a step by step complete guide to become a proficient web developer.

Step 1 – Learn Basics Of HTML

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is a must for top web application development. It is used to create the skeleton for a website. You'll learn how the basic web code works. It gives you an opportunity to create an interactive user interface. All you need is a notepad and a browser.

You can learn about HTML tags, attributes, and elements as a stepping stone. Then proceed to titles, paragraphs, headings, lists, tables, forms, and hyperlink. Now, practice, practice, and practice.

Step 2 – Learn Basics Of JavaScript

Most web and web browsers are, based on JavaScript. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, Edge, all provide support for JavaScript. You must learn JS to add more interactivity to the website. The language is very popular nowadays it has spread to mobiles, servers, and desktops. So, learning JS will help you in various fields of tech.

You can learn JavaScript by learning about variables and data. Some operations are common to all languages. For example – Mathematical operations, logic, conditionals, looping, arrays, events & callbacks. You can then proceed to learn AJAX, JSON, Scope, to understand data requests. Again, practice, practice, and practice.

Step 3 – Learn About CSS

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) looks more like HTML but differs in functionalities. While HTML is used to design skeleton, CSS is the skin to it. It is used to aid the visual appeal of a webpage. CSS is easy, but it has a lot of hidden tricks. So, try to explore as much as possible. Study and again, practice, practice, and practice.

Step 4 – Exploring The Backend

Congratulations, you've got your hands on what is called the front-end web development. But, there's someone who does the ugly work behind the scenes. It is, referred to as back-end or server-side programming.
You can go for languages like Node JS, Express, Mongo DB for the back end. Node JS allows you to run JS on a server.

Express is a library which acts as an intermediator. It listens to request from web-browser and sends responses. Node JS does the processing.

Mongo DB is a database just like SQL. It also allows to retrieve, store, and manage info.

Step 5 – Choose The Correct Road

Now, you've already explored the front-end and the back-end part of custom web application development. It's your turn to choose, either you want to become a front-end developer, back-end developer or a full stack developer. Full stack developer means you're going to proceed with both back-end and front-end.
Guide To Become A Proficient Web Developer

Step 6 – Advanced Front-End (for Front-End and Full-Stack developers)

1. Attain Perfection In HTML

What you've learned are just the basics. Learn more about spans, abbreviations, meta tags. Go for Advanced HTML which gives you in-depth knowledge about specific applications of HTML5.

2. More About Front-End JavaScript

Learn more about client-side JavaScript. Read about Scope & Closures, Object Prototypes, Async, etc. JavaScript is vast and expanding, so there's always an opportunity to learn something new. Learn about JS frameworks.

3. jQuery Framework

jQuery may be declining, but it’s necessary. It’s a popular JS library which makes daunting tasks easy with a simple API.

4. Get Hands-On Some Popular JS Frameworks

React JS and Angular 1 & 2, are some JS frameworks you should learn. React JS by Facebook helps you to create interfaces. You can even create a cross-platform mobile app using React Native. Angular by Google is also very popular and worth a go.

5. Choose A CSS Framework

Bootstrap by Twitter and Material Design by Google are best CSS frameworks compatible with React and Angular. Bootstrap already holds market while Material is rising.

Step 6 – Advanced Back-End (Back-End And Full Stack Developers)

There's only one step, choose a language and proceed. There are many languages for back-end development, let's discuss some.

Java is most popular. It's everywhere, be it app development, web development or enterprise. It's the best option to go for.

C# is just java but with a lesser market base. So, if you want a contained ecosystem then go for C#.

Python is easy and gets the job done quickly. However, it's a bit on a slower side. If you like concise codes, then Python is for you.

Just textual learning won’t do any good in web development you need to get lots of real-world experience to become proficient. The best bet here is to contribute to open source software on GitHub. You can go freelancing but keep your rates low. In the end, in order to become proficient, practice, practice, and practice.

Logo Design Tips For Effective Communication

Logo Design Tips For Effective Communication
A logo is a visual representation of your business. The aim is to keep it simple and focused. A logo, rightly designed, can be a means of telling the crowd your story. This, in turn, should help the business attract potential customers.

Most businesses fail at doing so because of the failed logo design services. Some logos fail to emotionally attach to the crowd’s feelings. They tend to remain a piece of image instead of actually being capable of deriving a meaning from it.

To ensure that your business succeeds ineffective logo designing, or in case you are a logo design service provider, your client’s business, go through the following tips and make the best out of them.

Know Your Target Audience

Do you know who your target audience is? The target audience is the potential customers of the business. Identifying them in order to know with whom you are communicating will give a clear idea of how your logo needs to be designed. Should it be simple or fancy? Should your color palette be subtle or loud? Answers to these questions and similar ones become easier once you know your target audience.

Know Your Business/Client’s Business

In order communicate your story to the crowd or target audience, it is first and foremost important thing that you know it well yourself. What is the story you want your potential customers to know?

In case you are a logo design service provider, make sure you go through the details of your client’s business. Make sure you go through their brief thoroughly and talk to your client about their business and find out the maximum.

Know Your Rivals

Look into who else is in the competition with you. Find out if your design already exists or is way too similar to an existing one. Find out about your competitors. Research on their weakness and strengths. Know about their failures. Take lessons from them. Inspire yourself from their story or design.

Know The Color Theory

Colors are an excellent way of evoking emotions. Learning about the color theory will help you incorporate the right color in your design to evoke the right feeling. For example, blue is the color of peace, red evokes feelings of bravery, love, energy and passion. Imagine the Coca-Cola logo to be orange or green, would it still evoke the same emotions once you saw it?

As a logo design service provider, go through your client’s website or business card. Focus on the bright colors and incorporate it in your logo design. This will not just cover the ‘evoking emotions’ part but also makes sure the client maintains a certain uniformity in his designs.

Know Your Design’s Flexibility

A brand’s logo will necessarily be used in various forms, sizes, and materials. Design a logo keeping in mind that it not just goes on the business’ website but also maybe on a business card, garment, or posters. Making sure that the logo is compatible with most and flexible will increase its productivity. It will, in turn, help the client to communicate to the maximum crowd and grow.

Know Typography

The font and its size will bring out the personality of the business. Using larger fonts will portray the bold character of the business. A handwritten text will evoke a feel of originality. An elegant font will make the logo look stylish. Study the character and personality of the business as a logo design service provider and choose the right typography style.

Keep It Simple

Make sure that the message that you want to convey is done through a simple and straightforward design. Complicating it too much might result in confusion in the minds of the potential consumers. Make sure you design your placement of text and image or symbol is a neat and clean way so as to avoid misunderstanding. The consumers can connect and remember your logo if it simple and clear and this will turn potential customers into loyal customers since the brand is edged in their mind.

Being Smart

As a logo design service provider, be sure to be smart and creative. Utilize your resources to create something a logo that speaks to the consumers emotionally. Utilize various method and techniques to make your logo stand out and different from the rest. This will help boost your client’s business.

If you’re wondering what makes logos like FedEx. McDonalds or Coca-Cola stand out, it’s how they communicate with the consumers. They not only acquire new consumers but also retain their existing consumers. They are attached to the logo rather emotionally and it is beyond just a small image. Incorporated some of the above tips might help you conquer this art too.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprak Design. He would love to share thoughts on Professional logo design.


Li-Fi Is A future Of INTERNET
Everyone of us heard about this phrase “Necessity is the mother of invention” but with the accidental invention of Wi-Fi as a “by product” signal of failed mini black hole detection research proves it otherwise. Today ‘John O'Sullivan’a scientist who invented this signal has never anticipated on what he did to help the mankind. Today, more than 60% of the internet traffic is transmitted through a Wi-Fi. Although it is not a secure form of communication, still it is considered as most accepted Wi-Fi Radio frequency signals.

In the age where we are not thinking that technology cannot go better any further, Professor Harald Haas introduced the term "Li-Fi" at 2011 TED Global Talk, where he assured the possibility to transmit high-speed internet signals with the every light built in our home. During his presentation, he even demonstrated it to the audience on how it works. He also said that these signal transmissions can be more secure, safer, cheaper and plenty full due to the availability of the light everywhere. Due to the high frequency of its signal, it can transfer data at more robust speed, more than it is known today. The possibilities are endless, in this article we will discuss about it in more details.

How This Technology Work?

Unlike Wi-Fi uses radio waves, Li-Fi runs on visible light. It uses ultraviolet, infrared and visible light as a medium of communication. Basically, it can be even become by using the simple commercial light-emitting diodes (LED). Li-Fi works in very similar way like the Wi-Fi works. The technology is named as Visible light communications (VLC) which transforms the works by switching the current to the LEDs off and on at a very high rate. The rate at which it will turn on and off is so high that it is not noticeable to the human eye. The LED has to be kept continuously ‘ON’ in order to transmit the signal. But if there is a desire to transmit the while it is ‘OFF’, there is a way to do that.

All you have to do is to dim the LED below human visibility while still emitting invisible light to carry data, because this technology works with invisible light frequency. The light waves are not strong enough to penetrate walls, which make its signals to remain in a much shorter range, but making it more secure from hacking from remote area away from the source. In order to get a signal on receiving device, it doesn’t have to be in the line of sight (except if you are out of the spectrum of LED), because light’s reflective nature can make it travel from one place to another easily. Imagine one day you can direct the signals to the devices by using mirrors connected in your home. LED light reflected off walls still has the ability to carry signals 70 Mbps.

Li-Fi Advantages

An internet signal transmission is still an issue in Airplane cabins during flight or in the hospital where electromagnetic signals can interfere with the operation of other sensitive equipment. With the introduction of Li-Fi, this issue can be addressed. It can also become a safe way of communication in nuclear power plants, where electromagnetic interference is dangerous. The Li-Fi signals can easily be sent to places where there is difficult to send signals, for examples, deep underground tunnel networks, remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROV) in the deep sea (because light travel through water up to 1000 meters). The idea is also purposed for vehicles can communicate with one another through front and back headlights to increase road safety. Street lights and traffic signals could also provide information about current road situations.


Experiments and researches show that Li-Fi can achieve high-speed internet up to 224 Gbps in bi-directional connectivity just from your LED lightbulb. Theoretically, this speed is very high, but this speed is too high for our current technology to handle. The speed was achieved under lab conditions, but when it will come in the real life with will be much less, still in the real world, chances are that the standard speed will be in 1Gbps. However, this is still a very huge development of the current technology.


According to the pureLiFi (the company whose co-founder is Professor Harald Haas). This technology is more secure than other existing wireless technologies because, light can be confined in any small area. Let’s say Li-Fi is our room, where there are doors and windows that can be shut. Light cannot travel from out of the non-reflective or walls, so the signals will remain inside the confinements away from any unauthorized use. The existing security protocols can be merged inside of these signals and can make it secure ten folds.


Li-Fi Is A future Of INTERNET
So far we know that this Li-Fi is a light based VLC system. Which only need light for its medium. Light is available everywhere, the non-visible light can be used in the Li-Fi is also available in the dark. So the opportunities are endless. It will also not be a surprise that internet service provider companies like Charted Spectrum, AT&T, Verizon etc. will change their medium of internet and use Li-Fi in future. Sun is a mega source of light which can further become an object of study if this technology rollout now.


This technology is still in the stage of experimentations, but most of the experiments so far are successful. It will not be a surprise if suddenly, in just next few months it will be in our use. Several organizations are already researching and developing commercial applications of this technology.

PureLiFi company is co-founded by professor Harald Haas and Mostafa Afghani. World's first LiFi dongle at Mobile World Congress in 2016 is already introduced. US based company VLNComm has already developed Li-Fi products like LumiNex the world first lighting panel, VLNComm's Li-Fi USB adapter and LumiStick 2 is used to connect electronic devices to Li-Fi networks. Zero.1, in Dubai, uses urban LED street lighting for communications infrastructure and they are considering to add this technology. Other tech giants like Qualcomm, Panasonic, Philips lights, Samsung Electronics are among the larger corporations who are entertaining this technology and already working on this technology.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
I am working as senior editor & report's Analyst. Currently, I am working with Spectrum cable which is in ceiling business of cable, internet and phone. I have strong knowledge of business intelligence, management. I am active, appreciated on several forums, blogs. I can convince readers through the creative skills. If you want to know more about us, follow me on angelicadowson2.

[Top 8 Tips] Educating Your Employees About Cyber-Security

Educating Your Employees About Cyber-Security
Cyber-attacks to your business are typically blamed on your computer hacker, that individual that writes malicious code that is designed to infiltrate your systems and steal confidential data, such as financial information. But there are those instances when such threats originate from within the company, due to ignorance on an employee’s part, as they unknowingly open the door to cyber criminals. In this article I will be presenting you with a number of tips you can use to educate your employees about cyber security. It’s very important that your employees are well versed in this area, in order to prevent any potential data breaches. So don’t get caught sitting down, make those policies, which should be geared towards protecting your employees and your company from infiltration.

1. Social Engineering Should Get The Attention It deserves

While at work in your corporate setting, you should be aware of the pitfalls tied to blogs, social media, unsolicited links and the like.

A lot of these cyber situations occur with an initial phone call, usually from someone pretending to be a co-worker asking you odd questions in their attempt to gather information about you and the company.

These cyber criminals are very difficult to point out, as rarely do they ever fit any sort of stereotype.

2. Recognising An Attack

Your employees should be trained in order to identify an attack. All organisations should have policies in place that assume that they will one day be infiltrated. You don’t want to be caught with your pants down. You want your remediation plan in hand, one that you can constantly review and update where applicable. You want to provide employees with step-by-step instructions on what they should do in the event that they are witness to an incident.

In the training you want to provide employees with the rules on proper browsing, emailing, utilisation of social networks and mobile devices. There are also the basics to include, such as unplugging machines from networks, and notifying the proper authorities about unsolicited emails, and loss of devices. All employees should have quick and easy access to an IT professional in the event of a mishap.

3. Test Your Employees Knowledge On Cyber Security

You want the test to be relevant to situations that may occur in real life.

You also want to make such tests engaging with the necessary incentives, so as to get the desired response.

4. Never Undermined Your Employees Who Raise A Red Flag

Even if the red flag is a false alarm, it’s important that you do not discourage your employees for attempting to highlight a potential issue.

If you’re frequently experiencing false alarms, then you may want to revise your approach to training.
Educating Your Employees About Cyber-Security

5. Notifications

If anything out of pocket occurs, then you want your employees to be up to speed, as soon as possible. If a cyber-incident is not properly handled or lacks transparency, this can have an adverse effect on the event. Your employees should be trained on how to properly speak to the press and the public about these kinds of incidents. A PR strategy and a communication plan should thus, be in place before anything like this ever happens. You should also consider insurance, for incidents just like this.

6. IT Staff And Top Management Are Also Employees

Top managers are typically the target of these cyber criminals; this is because they tend to have:
  • More information than anyone else.
  • Rules are typically created and/or altered to accommodate them.
  • The financial payoff tends to be much larger.
  • Their unlimited power on the company network puts everyone at risk.

7. Listen To Your Employees Complaints

If an employee finds a specific policy difficult to follow or just too restricting, then he or she will devise a way of circumventing it. If you implement a policy like, changing passwords every week, then you can expect employees to write these passwords down, and post on within their own personal workspace. If they find it difficult or complicated to access something that they require for their job, then they will go around it, and use less secure methods such as USB, email or other. You want to listen to all your employees to find out what they are dissatisfied with. You want to find alternative solutions for their problems, ones that ensure the security of both employee and company.

8. The Weakest Link

Within any network, it is only ever as strong as its weakest link. All employees should be aware that, although the organisation is doing their utmost to secure itself, it’s very important that employees are up to speed, and do their part in enforcing company procedure and policies. These policies should be extensive, covering all possible vulnerabilities.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Uchenna Ani-Okoye is a former IT Manager who now runs his own computer support website where he writes extensively on system security and other computer related issues and topics.

The No-Fail Secret to Creating an Instagram Account That Everyone Will Like

The No-Fail Secret to Creating an Instagram Account
Building an online presence on one of the most famous social media platforms today seems like a no-brainer for most people. After all, with so many daily users and comments, Instagram has become a leading force in content distribution and advertisement.

But how do you go about it the right way? Are there any rules that can help you achieve early success with your Instagram account? Which mistakes should you avoid at all costs and how can you manage to do all of it by yourself? Let’s take a look at some useful tips, guidelines and pointers for building your Instagram account from scratch properly.

Cover The Bio

Before you start posting original content and interacting with your followers, make sure that everyone knows who you are. Whether you are an independent blogger or a company representative, Instagram bio information matters quite a bit. Some of the essential information you should pay attention to includes:
  • Your profile picture – It plays a pivotal role in making sure that people identify your page in an instant.
  • A short summary – Write two sentences of who you are and why you are on Instagram. Be witty and clever about it.
  • Include links – Make sure to include outbound links to your website, blog, store or other internet locations.
  • Account type – Choose your Instagram account’s type early on. You can opt for a business account if you want to sell and advertise stuff from your store or simply use a regular one if you don’t intend to monetize it.

Target An Audience

Every Instagram account has to have a specific audience in mind. You need to know what group of people you are addressing with your content. If you are a blogger, this will naturally include people that read blogs or write, post art content, etc. Make sure to know who your main stakeholders are. This will allow you to easily decide on the type of content and topics you will cover later on.

It’s a good idea to lock down a translation service for your Instagram account while you set it up. Services such as IsAccurate can help you translate or localize content into different languages depending on your needs. This is a great way to approach new audiences that would otherwise be unable to enjoy in your original content.

Don’t Copy – Be Yourself

Instagram is a very public and popular social media platform. Getting caught red-handed with someone else’s content; hashtags or other information won’t bode well for your reputation. Once you settle into a routine of attracting new followers, make sure to create a unique content system for your account.

Set aside some time to define distinct hashtags that differentiate you from other accounts in the same niche. Create several topics that you will explore in your future content and don’t be afraid to mix things. While Instagram is popular due to its pictures and ensuing interactivity, it also supports live feeds, chats and other social media features.

Consistency In Content

No matter what type of content you choose to post on your account, make sure that you are consistent about it. Your content should identify you as a creator and make it instantly clear that it’s yours.
The No-Fail Secret to Creating an Instagram Account
You can do that in several ways – watermarking, using hashtags, and thumbnail design or by using a distinct content style. Developing your own content voice is what will really lift your account above the rest. Don’t be afraid to write and create in your own style without following any guidelines set by the competition.

If you need any help with content consistency, proofreading or editing, you can check out a professional writing service and ask for help. Platforms such as GetGoodGrade, SupremeDissertations, FlashEssay, RewardedEssaysand others recommended by RatedByStudents are a good choice for Instagram content curation. Make sure to clearly define your needs before reaching out to them and you will be set for quite some time.

Giveaways And Incentives

Instagram is the perfect platform for incentivizing people to get more followers as a result. For example, you can invest small amounts of money into personalized and branded items that your audience will receive eventually. In order to qualify for the giveaway, they would have to share, like and comment on your post. That way, you can increase your reach, exposure and conversion rates much more than you would through paid advertisement.

This is also the reason why so many large brands use Instagram as a means to promote new products and incentivize followers into sharing their content with others. Use the platform you chose to its fullest even if it costs you some money along the way. The return on your investment will be much more beneficial than the initial spending.

Listen To Fan Feedback

Lastly, an important factor in Instagram account growth is the communication between yourself and your followers. If you create content that is becoming stale and uninteresting to your audience, ask them what to change. Listen to their comments, suggestions and feedback because they are your Instagram lifeline. Without a healthy following, your page will be nothing more than a repository of content no one sees or shares.

You can easily craft user-made content plans by involving your audience in the upcoming content cycles. That way, you will show that you are open to their suggestions and are looking forward to interacting on a more personal level. This is what separates successful Instagram accounts from those that fall victim to trends and fierce competition.

Long-Term Thinking (Conclusion)

It’s important to look at your Instagram account as a house of cards. You should keep adding new layers of complexity, content and incentive for users to join you. However, you should also keep current trends and industry innovations in mind when doing so.

It sometimes takes a single day to lose all the good will you built up until that point. However, if you take things slow and do proper research before creating new content, your audience will have no reason not to promote you and enjoy your content.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Ethan Dunwill is an independent blogger and a social media aficionado who works at IsAccurate and HotEssayService as a content manager. He is an avid fan and user of Citatior tool for academic writing and research. Ethan enjoys writing, doing research about social media and using them to promote the brands he loves.