Bluepay PCI Compliance FAQs And Myths

Bluepay PCI Compliance FAQs And Myths
PCI compliance (Payment Card Industry) is a group of practices that administer data security across a large chain of credit and debit card payments. Businesses need to comply with these requirements, created by the PCI Security Standards Council, in order for their merchant account to continue in good standing.

Every business that accepts debit or credit cards must comply with these PCI standards, regardless of what processing technique they use. BluePay has put together a guide answering some FAQs, as well as debunk some myths regarding PCI compliance.

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PCI Compliance supplied by BluePay

Online Casinos Is The New Trend

Online Casinos Is The New Trend

Some Tips & Info That All Should Know Before playing At An Online Casino

Got a dollar? Wanna double it? Or if you’re richer than you will definitely be craving for more in the blink of an eye. Well then, Gambling is your answer. And if you’re living in the 21st century I think it’s really not a hard thing to find a Casino to gamble. All you need is an internet connection and you can bet your ass off.

Just like online dating, online gambling has been a real in thing these days. Slots, Roulette or Black Jack, its there. All you have to do is synch up your Credit Card details and Walla you’re ready to play slot.

Now a days, online gaming is at its peak and there is an app for everything. Even the App stores have a sub category of Casino in Games category. Apps like Zynga Poker have over 10 Million downloads on the Google Play Store.

Many real world Casinos also own websites for online gambling and also is the best place for gambling as they all licensed and regulated. And those have become easy to found from websites like (which gives you Top Casinos in Ireland and UK)

Most of the websites for Online Casinos allow interaction with live dealers.

But beware as online gaming are full of frauds. Let us help you in by giving you some information about this trendy thing.

Online Gambling:

Online gambling is different from the one in a Casino. Here you have less interaction with the dealers. In fact there are no dealers, all games are running on softwares based on codes and graphics.
Online Casinos Is The New Trend
Games like Poker and Black jack end up fast as the players have no interaction with each other which slows up the game at a normal Casino.

Online Casinos are full of dozens of games with different rules which the player can go through before the start of the game. For example all sites use something different for their Slot game, some have licensed cartoon characters and some have a traditional effect.

Is Online Gambling Legal:

Gambling online is in the “Legal Grey Area”. This means that it is In between legal and illegal. Countries which allow this authority are: Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, and some provinces of Canada. In the USA its different, it may be legal in Las Vegas but in most of the USA its illegal also it’s illegal to make a gambling website, that’s why all offices and servers for this are from other countries not within the USA. But somehow it’s safe since the people are gambling at home which is not easy to convict. So stay safe by properly reading the terms and conditions before signing up as if the authorities come to know about your winnings than its trouble for you as they can forfeit it.

You Have To Pay to Play:

Online Casinos Is The New Trend
Since the legality is questionable for the players from some countries like USA. Using a credit card of a native bank will not be a great idea as they might just not allow the transaction if they know that it is intended for a Casino. But some clever people use off-shore banks for this reason but the services off-shore usually cost more than normal. The best way is to use low profile banks for this purpose for not sharing your transaction destinations.

Is Your Money Safe:

Online Casinos Is The New Trend
Each Casino Online differ on taking the steps of licensing and regulation. If the Casino is properly licensed by the state then it would be a safe place to transact your money too. That’s why always check the license and policy terms and conditions of the online casino for the point that they will not share any info of your account with any other party, and that there transaction channel is protected so your money stays out of the hands of any kind of fraud.


So, the conclusion is this that you should always be careful while playing from online Casinos at home, and refer to only licensed and registered online casinos and apps.

5 Best Places To Find New Android Apps

5 Best Places To Find New Android Apps
So, you downloaded a New app yesterday from a site or app store and it sucked hence you uninstalled it. The same scenario goes on and on and you waste the most precious thing i.e. your “TIME”.

Want to find the best android apps here’s what you should do:

Google Play Store:

5 Best Places To Find New Android Apps
Who doesn’t know about this place? Every Android device comes with the play store app installed. This is the best place to get any android apps including the new ones like app and you can find in google play store. app there is a verity of online slots games that you can play online. Well! It is the most intelligent app store, it shows you the best and also new apps based on your previous downloads and searches directly on its home page. Also it categorizes those apps ad also shows the updated versions of your previous installs.

Google just not only categorizes apps on the basis of trending and top downloads but also rates them on the basis of its own ratings. These apps can be found under the “Editor’s Choice” button. This is where you will find the best apps rated by Google’s Experts, this feature also saves your time of search the best app of a certain category.

Amazon App store:

5 Best Places To Find New Android Apps
The Amazon app store has a funny rumor about it, that if an app is a highly paid on Google Play store then there is a 50 % chance for getting it free on Amazon app store. Well, I don’t know about that but there is a free app of the day feature there which I’ll explain in the last.

For developers it’s a good place to release apps as they get 70% paid on the list price of app or in in-app purchases. This will also help us find new apps as developers will be publishing those app here more frequently. So getting the amazon app store should definitely be on your list, if you’re a newbie lover.

Also the “Free app of the Day” feature makes it more interesting. Every Day a paid app (most probably a new one) is made free for users of the store which will definitely have a good percentage of downloading, and also the app gets a promotion for the developers.

These features make it the 2nd best place to find new apps for android users.

Get Jar App Store:

5 Best Places To Find New Android Apps
The repository of apps here is huge. It is almost like Google’s play store as it has employment of user comments in User reviews and can also be connected to Facebook and show you likes as well as dislikes from there. Also it has a cross platform for apps for iOS, Blackberry and Windows.

It also has the Amazonian touch here of providing premium apps for free but in a different way. If you use its suggestions and download tailored apps you’ll get rewarded with premium apps. Again this feature attracts developers and you can discover new apps here very easily.

This app has over 50 Million Users so it’s a good place to search for new apps. Having these features we have rated it to be the 3rd best place to have new android apps.

Slide Me App Store:

5 Best Places To Find New Android Apps
Slide Me is also has a variety of apps and good filters to discover the best apps. The best thing here is that it has all tested apps which relieves our worry for malware.

Developers here have a greater revenue than other app stores i.e. more than 70%, which also proves that you’ll have a greater chance of finding new apps.


5 Best Places To Find New Android Apps
Besides being an android suite (PC to Mobile software). It also has an app market of its own. It has a so called intelligent recommendation system for suggestion of apps to users. This will definitely give you a better suggestion for newer apps.

Since, it’s also a suite it has a file manager to manage your downloaded apps.

The only downfall is that it comes with unwanted ads in your browsers i.e. if you install it you’ll have ads popping in your Internet browsers. And the fact that the best antiviruses have blocked it for good. The reason we haven’t included images.


Well, the thing is that whatever you app store you go to in the above mentioned you’ll have the opportunity to discover new apps the only thing is that the place where developers will find the more revenue will release their apps there and we have a greater chance of getting new apps.

Smart Video SEO Tricks For Improving Your Search Rankings

Smart Video SEO Tricks For Improving Your Search Rankings
Video content witnessed an unprecedented growth during the last few years. It is, therefore, a good idea to explore how SEO could be added to your videos to impact your rankings. The video seems to rule the online world. It is virtually everywhere and that serves to be both a blessing, as well as, a curse particularly if you are trying to occupy the top slot on SERP. Here are some smart tips to leave your competitors way behind.

Add Value To Your Content

Your content has to be relevant to your target audience otherwise; the entire exercise is a sheer waste of time and makes no sense. You should add value to your content so that viewers would be convinced and interested in devoting time to watch the video you have shared. You must try using high-quality video to build a relationship of trust with your audience. This way you could boost conversions.

Host The Video Content To Your Precise Domain

If you are generating video content for boosting your SERP ranking then remember hosting the video to precisely your own domain. This is necessary for ensuring that search engines do not divert traffic elsewhere. Furthermore, it could be a smart idea to create one new page every time you are sharing a new video content. This would make indexing much easier as per Google. Contact a reputable SEO agency Mumbai for all your SEO solutions.

Create Good & Interactive Content

You must consider adding some essential interactive features to your videos for activating the viewers. There are many effective ways of enhancing your videos to make them more engaging and interactive. You need to infuse an interactive element to your actual content, a caption or an annotation, whatever ways you think right. You may consider splitting the video into a number of shorter clips. This would allow viewers to choose whatever they wish to watch. This strategy has worked wonders for many successful campaigns.

Optimize With Appropriate Keywords

Do ample keyword research. You would soon be able to identify the most relevant and appropriate keywords that are just right for your target audience. You have the freedom to explore all possibilities and experiment using different keywords. Focus on creating intelligible and descriptive content to boost your SERP ranking and to help your audience. Use shareable content that would be appreciated by your audience. Your content should be creative and unique to reach a broader audience. Remember that your video would steal the show by the sheer high quality of content.
Smart Video SEO Tricks For Improving Your Search Rankings

Include A Video Transcript

A complete video transcript is nothing but your video’s written version and it could be pretty effective if it includes some of the appropriate keywords that would help search engines know more about your video content. You could consider including a transcript of your video’s audio portion or include it in your description box. Do not forget to add the page’s HTML. This would be helping search engines to locate your content.

Generate A Video Sitemap

A video sitemap is effective in providing all the essential data regarding your video content and all relevant details required by search engines for getting a vivid idea of its context. A video sitemap is a good way of presenting the video’s description, subject, title, duration and some specific information indicating facts such as platform restrictions, country restrictions, expiration dates or live streams.


There would be countless ways of applying search optimization for video content. However, quality is the key to success as always. Remember that content is most definitely supreme and would be grabbing the audience’s attention. Optimization would lead to appreciation by giving you a higher ranking on SERP. Start by generating a top quality and relevant content and then follow the above-mentioned tricks to win the show.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Evans walsh is a social media marketing expert who is well-known for developing brilliant SEO strategies for several establishments. Born and raised in Louisiana,Evans is a full-time freelance social media manager and an avid traveler. Devising tips on making the most out of Instagram and how to get Instagram likes and build a fan base is his forte.

New Trends That Have Changed The Very Idea Of A Mobile App

New Trends That Have Changed The Very Idea Of A Mobile App
Change is the only constant in the world of technology and mobile apps are no exception to this paradigm. The definition of a mobile app, what it can do and what it is meant for are changing every day what with instant apps, integration between various apps and delivery of mini services by means of notifications. Thus, the context of a mobile app is being redefined every now and then. Being leaders in mobile app development, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to provide an overview of what is changing, why change is imminent and how radical a change are we looking at.

Mobile Apps & What They Are Used For

Mobile applications are being increasingly used for anything and everything from conducting businesses, financial transactions to entertainment. Consumers are becoming increasingly dependent on apps for booking salon appointments, movie tickets, ordering food, personal shopping to transferring money. Almost every business is thinking of owing a mobile app that will help connect with their customers directly and innovations are happening all around. Mobile apps are so popular that mobile app marketing is in itself a lucrative industry today and there are billions of apps available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

There is also the integration of web applications and mobile apps that is happening. For instance, if a user happens to be checking something out about some locality, he/she can find restaurants nearby, user reviews and so on. Google Maps actually shows you how close your nearest Uber is and what restaurants are nearby or en route! The user gets these as mini notifications which we think are very cool! This is a trend setter in mobile app development and both Google and Apple are working towards this direction.

So, with such changes coming up, the whole idea of a mobile app is changed today. In such a scenario, what can one expect in the near future? Read on to learn what we think.

So, What Does All This Mean In Essence?

The app is being redefined and will no longer in its conventional form. Users will be able to do things without having to download the app, which is a major relief for many users! No longer does a user have to install an app from the App Store or Google Play Store to enjoy its features and functionalities. He/she may do so after they have sampled how it works and then go ahead and install it. This not only does away with the download, it also means the user needn’t have his/her phone to use the app. This is a dramatic change, isn’t it?

The app is basically being deconstructed and parts of it are available for sampling and though the native app as such will still remain, this idea is about to change the way apps are perceived and written across mobile application platforms. Thus, we could have bits of various apps embedded online and they will become part of the online experience.

Though this will take time to catch up and make way for further advanced systems, as of now companies working on various mobile application platforms should work on understanding user behaviour and how they can cater to the customer’s wants. Though we don’t think that native apps are going anywhere right away, changes to the perceived idea of a typical mobile app are imminent and we are progressing towards achieving a state where we get to enjoy the best of both the mobile application and a web application.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Lalji Patel is a marketing professional who love to blog about different marketing topics. He is graduated as a computer science engineer and currently working as an online marketing manager helping business with search and content marketing on various projects, currently he is brilliantly working on project - Mobile Applications Platform India. His passion for helping people in all aspects of online marketing flow through in expert industry coverage he provides.

7 Lesser Known Things About Siri: Hidden Story Of The Tech Changer

7 Lesser Known Things About Siri
In the world today, technology is changing at really fast pace. Almost every single tech service is molding or turning in a new way. A lot of new features and services are being offered to make life easier. In fact, a lot has been changed with the innovations done in Voice Command Technology. This technology has helped people to complete their work in much innovative and instant way. In fact, it has made the life of a common man easy and comfortable.

Apples’ innovative voice command technology platform Siri is one amongst the tech services, which has made numerous changes in the tech world. This is one of the most impressive features provided by any service provider today. If we talk about the numbers almost 98% of iPhone users have admitted that they use Siri. Despite overwhelming use and awareness of Siri, there are certain facts and services which are unknown to most of the users. We can discuss few of these facts and services here.

Siri name:

It is the known fact that Siri name derives from Norwegian term, which means “beautiful woman who leads you to victory”. This name was suggested by former CEO of the company Dag Kittalaus, who wanted to name his daughter Siri. The lesser known fact about Siri is that it is used as shorthand for ‘Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface’, which describes its purpose.

It works hard to name you correctly: For those outlandish or unfamiliar names, you can instruct Siri to rightly pronounce your name. It understands your instructions and follows them to copy that same.

Morse Code:

have you ever wondered about ‘Morse Code’!! Well, Morse Code is an alphabet or code in which letters are represented by combinations of long and short light/sound signals. It generally transmits a signal of continuous dashes in Morse. You can learn new words in Morse code by asking Siri, “What’s Morse Code for ______?”

Offers better password: Do you feel worried about password security? Siri helps you to create a secure and strong password in an instant way. All you need to say is “Wolfram, password” and Siri will assist you to find 8-character strong password. Using this feature you can create an additional security wall to secure your important data.
7 Lesser Known Things About Siri

Post to Social Media accounts:

This feature helps you in your day to day life. It helps you to make a post on social media accounts. To make posts on your social media accounts like Twitter or Facebook say to Siri “Post to [Twitter or Facebook”]. Siri then asks you for your post comment. Dictate your post to Siri and it will confirm it from your before posting it on your account. This feature is available for Twitter and Facebook accounts only at present.

Keep a tab on calories intake:

Are you health conscious? Do you feel worried about calories intake all the time? Well, it’s time to take help from Siri. It can assist you to know calories count in the products you are eating. Simply ask Siri, “Siri, how many calories are in a ________?”. This way you can make your eating plan in a much better way to remain fit and active.

Search for Tweets:

Siri not only helps you to make a post on your Twitter account it also helps you to search for Tweets around. You can search for any Tweet related to any subject or person by instructing it to Siri. Simply ask “Search Twitter for [subject or person]”. Siri will immediately respond with a list of relevant Tweets, from users across the Twitter. This will help you to stay updated with the topics which are important to you. You can also get the information about recent changes and technology updates using this amazing feature.

Activate Siri instantly:

This is one amongst the features which is lesser to known to most of the users. In general, users activate Siri by pressing and holding the Home button on the iPhone. To make it simple you can toggle a feature called “Raise to Speak”. Once you activate this feature on your phone, Siri will be activated automatically once you put your iPhone to your ear. In case your phone is locked, you need to hit the button once to wake up the screen so that ‘Raise to Speak’ can work. To activate this feature on your iPhone visit Settings > general Settings > Siri > Raise to Speak. This feature will be deactivated when you are on a call.

When Siri is considered to be the life changing service, you can use these hidden features to make your life easy and comfortable. Above all, these features are related to your daily life thus making full use of these services makes complete sense.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Yogesh Sharma is working at, as an SEO analyst and technical Content Writer. His forte of writing is ransomware, virus, windows and mac and he is keen interested in writing other technical blogs.

Instagram Stories: All About The Latest Features Of Instagram

All About The Latest Features Of Instagram
Instagram is one of the most popular and SEO-driven social media platforms these days. With over 400 million daily active users, the platform has a lot to offer to individuals as well as brands. However, with the growth and advancement in various features and services provided by competitors, Instagram can’t stay behind in the race. This yearning for perfection and increase in popularity has led to the latest development in Instagram - ‘Instagram Stories’.

Using Instagram Stories

‘Stories’ provides Instagrammers with a platform to share their photos and videos at a higher occurrence. While the usual posts require careful planning, editing, #hashtagging, in order to generate Instagram likes, ‘Stories’ allows users to capture little life moments and share with their friends and Instagram followers.

  • Tap on the plus button found on the top left-hand corner of your screen.
  • Take a picture by tapping the button or record a quick video by pressing and holding on to the round button for about 10 seconds.
  • Edit the post, add a text, doodle on your picture or swipe to the right for selecting a simple color filter. Use one of the three pens for editing (the third one is for adding a touch of neon to your post).
  • Tap ‘Done’ to save.
  • Tap the ‘Checkmark’ to share.

Instagram came up with this feature as a solution to over-posting. ‘Stories’ live in a distinct space, and users can post as much and as frequently as they want without distressing about over-flooding their friends’ and followers’ feeds or filling up their profile page.

Many have been debating over the fact that the ‘Story’ concept of Instagram is not new. It is, in fact, almost the same as ‘My Story’ feature offered by another social media platform ‘Snapchat.’ However, users who have experienced both, claim that Instagram may simply been inspired by the concept. They have definitely made it better and smarter. Here’s what you should know about the various features of ‘Stories’:

  • Users can upload photos, short videos, Hyperlapses, and Boomerangs, too.
  • There are seven filters to use from, though Instagram is more likely to increase them now that ‘Stories’ is a success.
  • Steering through stories is super convenient. While cruising through the stories of your friends, swipe right to go to former story, go left to get the following story and tap on the screen to skip a story.
  • You can choose who sees your story and who doesn’t by going to ‘Story Settings’ from the menu and then tapping on ‘Hide My Story From’.
  • Instead of commenting on a story, you can send a direct message to your friend from their story, telling them what you think.
  • You can also limit who you want to be able to comment on your story and who you don’t.
  • You can ‘Save’ your story by clicking on the three dots on the bottom right of the photo or video. This prevents it from disappearing forever once the 24 hours limit is up.

Each social network has its distinguishing factor, and Instagram has always been a platform to bring the most striking moments of your life. Thus, using Instagram ‘Stories’ smartly and wisely can be a lot fun for new and existing users of Instagram.

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Evans walsh is a social media marketing expert who is well-known for developing brilliant SEO strategies for several establishments. Born and raised in Louisiana,Evans is a full-time freelance social media manager and an avid traveler. Devising tips on making the most out of Instagram and how to get Instagram likes and build a fan base is his forte.

10 WordPress Tips To Defend Your Sites From Hackers

10 WordPress Tips To Defend Your Sites From Hackers
First and foremost, why do WordPress websites get hacked? Though it is too ridiculous to ask since no websites on the internet are secured enough let alone safe from those devious minds of hackers. But there are a lot of assumptions of why WordPress is a favorite target for hackers, such as because of its popularity as 74.6 Million sites are currently depending on WordPress as their content management system. Aside from this, WordPress is also known for its wide array of plugins to choose from since almost anyone can write tools for WordPress. And because of this, there is also a possibility that not all plugins followed the same code standards as the WordPress Core.

That said, a lot of hackers choose to hack WordPress not only to gain access to your data, but to use it to send out malicious emails, extract valuable data such as credit card information, and use it to download and install malicious programs on your audience’s computers.

Being aware of these threats is the precursor to taking necessary steps to defend your website. Basic course of actions like using a strong password and unique username and limiting login attempts to your WordPress admin area, for instance, will immensely secure your WordPress as you make it harder for anyone to access your website. Other actions such as hiding your WordPress version number and installing security plugins can further increase your site’s security without having to fiddle up with the complexities of WordPress. All in all, your website’s security is something that you must not take lightly.

To avoid the said risks, this visual guide from WP Shrug has provided us with 10 tips to make our website a difficult target for hackers. Following this tips will ensure that your WordPress is protected around the clock, providing you and your audience a peace of mind while browsing your website.
10 WordPress Tips To Defend Your Sites From Hackers
This infographic is shared here after a legal permission from