How To Create Your Own Antivirus Using Notepad

Create Your Own Antivirus Using Notepad
Do you want to create your own antivirus by using notepad? and looking for the way of creating it? if you want it, so this is the best place for you. This article basically covers a short tutorial to create an anti-virus by using notepad. Simply follow the steps below and create your own anti-malware. Even after doing all perfectly, if you face any issue so feel free leave your comment. You will be responded immediately.

Antivirus is now very important for every computer. If your computer is connected to the internet so you must have an antivirus for protection. Actually, it is all because of a huge growth in the number of internet users. As they are increasing.. scammers, hackers etc also becoming a part of the internet. So in this situation, now it’s necessary to have an anti-malware. Otherwise, you are wise and you can imagine the losses after being scammed.

Well, don’t panic. There are many golden awarded antiviruses available. You can easily download and use for your personal use. Almost, all antimalware companies provide both free and paid versions. So, if you can’t buy, simply use free version. Otherwise you can get paid versions in different packages for better protection. But still you wanna create your own antivirus so here we go.

How To Create Your Own Anti-Virus Using Notepad?

Before starting it, I would like to request you to follow all the steps perfectly.

First of all, open Notepad and paste the below code.
@echo off
title Antivirus
echo Antivirus
echo created by your name
if exist virus.bat goto infected
cd C:\Windows\system32
if not exist virus.bat goto clean
echo warning virus detected
del virus.bat
goto start
echo System secure!
Now save your file with the name of antivirus.bat. Also, “All Files” in Save as type column, as you can see it in the below image.
Create Your Own Antivirus Using Notepad
Now you are almost done. Open your saved file that will look like below image. Here press any key to continue. I will prefer to press the key “Enter”.
Create Your Own Antivirus Using Notepad
Your own created antivirus has now started to scan your computer.

Final Words

Above is an easy and simple way to create your own anti-virus. Hope, you can create easily. There is no any other secure, easy and simple way to create your own anti-virus. So don't waste your time in search more on Google, Bing etc about of creating your own Anti-virus. Just follow Above procedure and enjoy. If you find help in this article then share it with others and share your views also via comment below.
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  1. Great article thanks its very simple to use.
    Want to share with you one great website which helps you to find solution of problem with protecting your individual information and make your device safety.
    Try it and find solution that follow your requirements.

  2. Outside of that, the software will also download additional spyware and adware onto your computer without your consent.

  3. Replies
    1. Kindly follow all steps properly. I have tested myself, it's 100% working ;)

    2. copypaste.exe is not working

  4. Never would i believed if I wouldn't have tried myself. Works perfectly. Thanks for the post.

  5. Hey, I'm trying to make a fake virus it can remove, how do you do that? :)

    1. Hope this article will be helpful for you.

  6. Let me get started on it but thanks for the wonderful knowledge

  7. This is the fastest antivirus EVAR!!!
    It is so fast, I can even install a virus, and run the program and it cleans before it even runs.
    Im not sure why the gentleman "Hirman" sais "Not Work"
    It "Yes Work"

  8. thanks! now all i have to do is wait.... :) then make virus for others.... joke!!!! thanks again!