How To Create My Own Google Chrome Theme

How To Create My Own Google Chrome Theme
How To Create My Own Google Chrome Theme
One of the most used Browser in the World is Google Chrome. As of January 2015, StatCounter estimated that Google Chrome has a 51% worldwide usage share of web browsers, indicating that it is the most widely used web browser in the world. People choose Google Chrome for their computers as a default browser because of it's fully trusted features that are free from any malware and spam. It's also a most safer browser due to it's best security and privacy extensions. If you're a Chrome user and want to find it's best extension then you can visit this article of Best Privacy & Security Extensions For Chrome. So, this today's article covers a simple way to create your own Google Chrome theme.

I know, you have tired and bored from simple official theme of Chrome and hopefully you want some change in the style of it. Many and in different style of already created themes are available on Chrome Web Store. You can easily get and install in your Chrome. But, if you want to create your own theme that exactly according to your wish then it's not a difficult task now. You can easily create and install in your browser. A simple procedure is following below. You just have to need follow the steps.

How To Create Google Chrome Theme

First go to link, and install an extension 'My Chrome Theme' in your Chrome. It will be downloaded and installed automatically in your Chrome you'll click on 'Add To Chrome' button.

How To Create My Own Google Chrome Theme
When you installed, type in search chrome://apps/ and go. Here an icon of 'My Chrome Theme' will available, so click on it and open.

How To Create My Own Google Chrome Theme
Now click on 'Start Making Your Theme' button and it will direct you Step 1 of making your own Google chrome theme.

How To Create My Own Google Chrome Theme
First step is the selection of your theme background. Drag your file means Upload your image or use Webcame and choose your background image.

How To Create My Own Google Chrome Theme
When you selected your background, go to the second step. In second step, you can edit Toolbar Colour, Background Tab Colour and Frame Colour. So, edit both of them according to your wish.

How To Create My Own Google Chrome Theme
After this, continue to the third step. Here you can give a name to your theme and can also add a short description in additional description in it. Now your theme is ready you can install it in your Chrome and can also share it with your friends.

How To Create My Own Google Chrome Theme

How To Remove Your Created Theme

If you want to remove your created theme due to the any reason then don't panic. A simple procedure is here. To remove your created theme, go to chrome://settings/ and find Appearance. In Appearance you will find Reset To Default Theme button and Click on it. That's it now you again you will get your default theme of your Google Chrome browser.


Google Chrome is really a best among all. You can work on it and can have fun with it. The above procedure is simple and easy. It's basically a simple extension of chrome. If you're are a expert then you have no need to follow my above 6 steps. I shared them for beginners for their help. So, if know about anymore best extension that can help in creating Chrome theme so don't forget to share with our readers via comment below.

How To Uninstall Unnecessary Windows Updates

How To Uninstall Unnecessary Windows Updates
Uninstall Unnecessary Windows Updates
Windows updates are very important to maintain performance of windows and to solve every type of issues. Time to time, Microsoft releases updates to solve issues like display errors, DirectX, blue screen error etc. Windows updates also help in upgrading new widgets and features. So every user should get updates after a week. If not possible then at least should update Windows after a month.

Sometimes Windows OS automatically gets updates frequently, when it sets on ‘Install Updates Automatically (recommended)’. So, when this happens then lots of unnecessary updates install uselessly. This action becomes very effected, when your operating system starts. Because unnecessary updates after the installation, reserve a huge part of ram memory which causes for computer to run silently. Similarly, if you don’t change updates setting to manually as soon as possible then your hard drive gets to fill rapidly.

Unnecessary updates can also be harmful sometimes. So, if you didn’t uninstall them then your computer might be quite damaged. It’s not mean, all updates are useless. Mostly updates normally helpful and necessary. But if you’ve to need space in C-drive or wanna uninstall Windows updates that’s not important then read below. Below I shared a very simple way to uninstall updates in Windows operating system.

How To Uninstall Windows Update

For uninstall Windows updates, you need to go on Control Panel. Press 'Win+X' or direct go to the start menu and click on 'Control Panel'.

Uninstall Unnecessary Windows Updates
After that change your Control Panel view to 'Category' then click on 'System And Security' like below image.

Uninstall Unnecessary Windows Updates
Now click on 'View Installed Updates' which is available in Windows Update menu section where more other options are also available. Example is shown in below image.

Uninstall Unnecessary Windows Updates
Now a list of your installed updates are shown in this section. You can uninstall your unnecessary updates as according to your wish. For uninstall your updates, right click on your selective update and then click on 'Uninstall'. It takes few moments for the uninstallation which is dependent on your system configuration.

Uninstall Unnecessary Windows Updates
Now your updates are installed. But it is just not enough. In the future, to avoid from this you need to change your Update setting. If you don't change setting then unnecessary update will be installed again. To change your Windows Update setting go to the Control Panel < System And Security. Then go to the 'Turn automatic updating on or off' which is here in Windows Update section.

Uninstall Unnecessary Windows Updates
Now here a drop down options are available. Select third option of 'Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them' and click on 'OK'. That's it.

Uninstall Unnecessary Windows Updates


Windows Update is an important thing and you should check it after a one week. If you can't check then at least after a month you should check. Always keep your Windows Update setting on 'Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them'. From this way, you can install your update as a custom or according to your wish. If wanna help or have any question then show with me via comment below.

How To Remove Facebook Search Bar History

How To Remove Facebook Search Bar History
Remove Search History In Facebook
If you’re a Facebook user then you must know about the Facebook search bar where you can search everything about people, pages, groups, apps etc. Nowadays Facebook keeps trying to improve its features. So recently Facebook added a feature to save search history like Google. It’s mean, when you search anything else at once in search bar then next time whenever you’ll search again about it, so as you’ll write first word then it will give you the result of your input immediately and from this way, don’t have to face any problem while searching.

But if you want to clear your input history from facebook search bar then follow below steps. Below are some very easy steps are waiting for you. Simply follow them and do it that you want.

How To Remove Search History In Facebook

Now first you have to log in to your account. After that, go to the ‘Activity Log’ by clicking a drop down icon at the top of the right like below image.

Remove Search History In Facebook
Once you entered in Activity Log, then click on ‘More’ which may listed below at left options.

Remove Search History In Facebook
After this action. More options will be dropped down. Her find ‘Search’ option and then click on it.

Remove Search History In Facebook
When you’ll click on search option, you searching data will show. Here you can delete your search input as your wish. You can remove by clicking on provided option, which will be mentioned at right. An example is shown in below image.

Remove Search History In Facebook
But if you want to remove all history, so click on ‘Clear Searches’ which will be there at top of the right like an example image below. That's it!

Remove Search History In Facebook

Final Opinion

So guys, this was an official procedure to remove search history in Facebook. If anybody else knows about another to do this then must share with us and with our readers via comment below. If you think, this way to remove search history in Facebook is helpful for every facebook user then don't forget to share with them. Enjoy!

Benefits of PDF Unlocker over Manual Methods

Benefits of PDF Unlocker over Manual Methods
Benefits of PDF Unlocker over Manual Methods
PDF stands for Portable Document Format and is used to store information in the form of text, hyperlinks, images, etc. A PDF file can be opened on different platforms irrespective of the Operating System.

Some of the advantages of using PDF files are:
  • There are no hardware or software limitations for opening a PDF file.
  • It can be used to store large amount of data and can be easily managed.
  • PDF files are provided with document level security.
  • If the size of a PDF increases a specific value, then it can also be compressed.

Security Of PDF Files

The PDF files are secured with two different types of passwords. User Level passwords restrict the opening of PDF files while in case of Owner Level password; you are permitted to restrict the printing, copying or editing the document. If a file is secured with User Level password, the file gets encrypted and in order to open such files you need to provide the password. However, if you are unaware of the password or fail to remember it, you need to crack the password in order to view the file. The difficulty in cracking the password depends on the encryption method and strength of the password. On the other hand Owner Level password does not apply encryption to the file rather it restricts the users. Nevertheless, one can easily remove the Owner password, using “PDF Unlocker” software.

How To Unlock A PDF File?

Copyright laws have been put into effect with characteristic features that stops distributing and duplicating the PDF files. The holder of a file limits the users to: print, copy, and edit the documents that are secured with Owner Level Password. However, if you require to copy, print or edit a file secured with user-level password, you need to follow these methods:

1. Using Google Drive

Google Drive is a file storage service that is created by Google. It allows you to store documents on the cloud and access them whenever required. In order to access the Drive, you need to have a free Google account. The following methods are followed to unlock a PDF file via Google Drive.
  • Click on the Gear icon that is provided on the top right corner in order to open the Setting Menu.
  • From the upload setting option, select “Convert Text from Uploaded PDF and Image Files”.
  • Benefits of PDF Unlocker over Manual Methods
  • Click on the red button provided next to create a button for adding files. A drop down menu will open containing the PDF files. Select the files that need to be unlocked.
  • Benefits of PDF Unlocker over Manual Methods
  • The file will be uploaded by the drive and a test document will be created in the folder of the drive.

Some of the restrictions of this method are:
  • Only owner level password will be removed.
  • Original formatting will not be preserved.
  • You can upload a file with a maximum size of 2 GB.

2. Using Online Solutions

There are a large number of online solutions using which you can remove the restrictions applied to the PDF files. One such solution is PDF Unlock. The basic steps to be followed for the above mention solution are:
  • Navigate to A screen will be opened as shown below.
  • Benefits of PDF Unlocker over Manual Methods
  • You can either drag a file or select it from the local machine using My Computer.
  • Benefits of PDF Unlocker over Manual Methods
  • Click on Unlock button for the initiation of the process.
  • After the completion of the process, the PDF file will be downloaded to the local machine.

Some of the limitations of the online solutions are:
  • The PDF files gets stored to the Server, hence, there can be outflow of the file.
  • It can unlock PDF files whose size is more than 5 GB.
  • Unlocking of PDF files depends on the speed of connection.

3. Using PDF Unlocker

One of the commercial solution to remove owner level restrictions from a PDF file is PDF Unlocker. It is a result oriented solution which can even work for the removal of password from the PDF files in batch. The main steps of the working of PDF Unlocker is described here:
  • Select the files whose security needs to be removed. You can also browse for the required file.
  • Benefits of PDF Unlocker over Manual Methods
  • Browse to provide the destinations path to save the resultant PDF file without restrictions. You can even create a new folder to save the resultant file from the panel of the software.
  • Benefits of PDF Unlocker over Manual Methods
  • Click on Unlock PDF to initiate the process.
  • Benefits of PDF Unlocker over Manual Methods

Some of the advantages of using PDF Unlocker are:
  • The steps followed are quite easy and simple.
  • The integrity of the file is maintained.
  • Advanced algorithm is used to handle data in a secure manner.

PDF Unlocker is a powerful application that removes Owner Level restrictions from a PDF file. It is equipped with distinguished features like; processing of files in batch (Business & Enterprise License), maintenance of hierarchy, and preview of security permissions. PDF Unlocker is prepared with the latest technology and concepts. Therefore, it handles the entire data in a secure manner. After removing the password, it allows users to select a desired location for saving the resultant file. Using the software, PDF files can be unlocked within a few clicks. Moreover, the software will save you from experiencing the long and tedious manual methods.

Top 5 Social Sites For Social Marketing [Infographic]

Top 5 Social Sites For Social Marketing [Infographic]
Social Sites For Social Marketing [Infographic]
As we know, every blogger wants organic traffic and in my views, nothing is better than social media sharing. Only Google is not enough to grow traffic. Because at start, no any blog SEO optimize. We have to work hard and try to grow traffic from different ways and Social media sharing is the first way that every blogger should follow.

But here’s a fact that to grow organic traffic, selection of right Social media for sharing is very very important. Every newbie when starts blogging then mostly don’t know that which social site is better for sharing? I remember, when I started my blogging career, then didn’t know seriously which is better or not?

My concept was that no know is better than Facebook and by sharing my contents on facebook and its groups, I can increase my traffic. So that was a biggest mistake. Because I shared lots and too much on facebook, but result nothing. So it’s very important to know about social media sharing and necessary to know which Social network is best for bloggers.

I shared below top 5 social network. I know you’re aware about them. But it’s important to know deeply about them. So must read facts of them and get interesting informative stuff.
"The Power of Social Media is when it is built on top of real activity."

1. Facebook

Facebook is the best platform where you can easily promote and market your contents. It was launched on February 4, 2004, by Mark Zuckerberg with his college roommates and fellow Harvard University students Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. This is a number one social network because it has 890 million active users and they use it on regular basis. So you can promote your business by creating pages, groups etc and can easily increase organic traffic. You can share your posts on your timeline, page timeline and its groups. So your priorities should be to use facebook first and then think about to use any other network.

Here’s an important note that never market your contents exceedingly. I mean never share your posts more than 50 or 60 groups at a time. Similarly, share your contents on your created page maximum 10 or 15 in a day. Because spamming people share too much. So if you’ll do like this also, then you’ll consider as a faker or scammer that’s very effected for you and your blogging.

2. Twitter

Twitter is on second position in my list. It allows to users to send and read short 140 words or character messages that’s called ‘Tweets’. Twitter is really best for links sharing. Registered users can read and post tweets, but unregistered users can just read. If you’re using twitter for business then always try to connect with your category people. Increase your network or connections wide as possible. Never think about any spam. Because once you became scammer in views of other, then no one would like to connect with you and from this way your business will also be considered as a spam.

According to the Twitter, it has more than 500 million users, out of which more than 284 million are actives users. So, I think this fact is enough for attraction and you may understand, why Twitter is also best after the Facebook.

3. Google+

Google+ is a social networking service from Google. It's similar to the Facebook that is the best and advanced looking social networking site, it adds to all of Google's other services, including Gmail, YouTube, and Blogger. Google+ brings popular social-media features like comments, photo- and music-sharing, videochat, etc. to your social circles. So due to the connection from all the networks, it has a great advantage that million of people are connected. Million of users are active today and it's really another excellent way to share your blog posts. It has also a great advantage that your posts will also show in the result of Google, if you share on Google+. So you can think that if your post show on the Google search engine then you can increase your organic traffic quickly.

4. LinkedIn

It's one of the best too. LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking service which was founded in December 2002 and launched on May 5, 2003, it is mainly used for professional networking. Means it is basically designed for networking. Bloggers and online marketers should have a best choice. Million of people also active on LinkedIn who belongs to the Blogging, marketing etc. So the meaning is simple. If you're a blogger and want to grow your business then Linkedin is seriously a best way. I hope you got my point.

5. Pinterest

Pinterest is quite different from other. It  is a web and mobile application company that offers a visual discovery, collection, sharing, and storage tool. Users create and share the collections of visual bookmarks (boards). Boards are created through a user selecting an item, page, website, etc. and pinning it to an existing or newly created board. Users save and share pins from multiple resources onto boards based on a plethora of criteria, e.g. similar characteristics, a theme, birthday parties, planning a vacation, writing a book, interior decorating, holidays. Boards can develop projects, organize events, or save pictures and data together. The site was founded by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra and Evan Sharp. It is managed by Cold Brew Labs and funded by a small group of entrepreneurs and investors.

6 Awesome And Interesting Notepad Tricks

6 Awesome And Interesting Notepad Tricks
6 Awesome And Interesting Notepad Tricks
Notepad is generic text editor in Microsoft Windows operating systems which helps to users to write plain text or note something else. You can also open note formats files with Notepad to read them. But if any file contains other format then notepad won’t open it. To open special formatting files, you’ve to do another different or download software like third-party readers etc.

Normally, we don’t give any value to notepad. But there are lots of features that it has. You can do lots of interesting stuff, if you know about coding. Yes! If you know coding, then you can create your own Antivirus with notepad. Even, you can create matrix effect on front of your desktop. Similarly, there are other interesting stuff that you can do with notepad.

Below I shared 4 helpful and interesting tricks of notepad and shared few steps to apply them. So must try them and amaze your friends.

1. Create A Harmful Virus

As we know, virus is an harmful thing. Normally, viruses enter in every computer through the internet or when you connect any other device with it. Otherwise, it’s exacting hard that viruses entered in your computer. But sometimes, it may also be helpful. Yes! It’s true, viruses can also be helpful for you.

Suppose, if you wanna remove C drive of your computer, but due to any issue, drive is not removing then in this situation you can create your own virus that will help you to remove C drive completely. You can consider to this virus as a helpful and harmful too.

Here are the steps to create this virus. So try this trick only at that time, when you want to format C-drive. Otherwise, it might really be harmful.
  • First open the Notepad and paste below given code in it.
  • @Echo off
    Del C:\ *.* |y
  • Now save this notepad file with name of virus.bat (You can replace ‘virus’ or give any other name to this file. But extension, I mean .bat should be there at last in name)
  • Now your own created virus is ready. Open it, when you want to format Drive C.

2. Convert Written Text Into Voice

Already, lots of Softwares are there on the internet, which can help to convert your text into voice. But Notepad can also do this work, without any downloading and installation. So if you wanna convert your texts into voice with notepad then follow these steps.
  • Open your notepad first and paste following below code in it.
  • Dim msg, sapi
    msg=InputBox(“Enter your text for conversion– “,”By GUI Tricks”)
    Set sapi=CreateObject(“sapi.spvoice”)
    sapi.Speak msg
  • Save this notepad file as named Audio.vbs
  • Now open saved file and write any text in it. This will give you your input result easily.

3. Create A Personal Diary or Log-book

Some people have a hobby to write diary. Normally, people write diaries to note any important stuff or for any other purpose. In my views, there are two ways to use diary in computer. First is by using software and second is ‘Notepad’. Yes! Notepad also helps to create a diary yourself. Everybody can create diary easily. So if you’re in one of them who wanna create their diaries then just follow these steps.
  • Open your notepad first, and then type this code here.
  • Save this file as named txt. That's it!

4. Open Notepad Persistently Until Computer Doesn’t Get Hang

This notepad tricks isn’t helpful, but workable to make fool. Yes! After applying this trick, when anybody else open this file then Notepad will remain open continuously until your computer doesn’t get hang. Well! Here are the steps to apply this trick, just follow and don’t try with all those computers which are sensitive or important. Because it might be very harmful and cause of anxiety.
  • Open you notepad first and type below mentioned code in it.
  • @ECHO off
    START %SystemRoot%\system32\notepad.exe
    GOTO top
  • After that save this notepad with name of anyname.bat.
  • Now your file is ready. Simply open it and check it’s reaction.

5. Create An Antivirus

As my first trick that covers to create a virus, similarly here's a way to create your own antivirus. It's true! you can create your own antivirus by using notepad. You've to follow few simple steps like above tricks. Basically, this trick of creation of antivirus is for those users who never rely on other antiviruses or want to create themselves. So if you're also such user then you must try this. Here are the steps. Just follow them.
  • To create an anti-malware, open your notepad first and paste below code in it.
  • @echo off
    title Antivirus
    echo Antivirus
    echo created by your name
    if exist virus.bat goto infected
    if not exist virus.bat goto clean
    cd C:\Windows\system32
    echo warning virus detected
    del virus.bat
    goto start
    echo System secure!
  • Now save this notepad file with name of antivirus.bat.
  • Now you've almost done. Just open your saved file and press the Enter. After that action, you anti-virus will start to scan your computer. That's it!

6. Create Matrix Effect

If you want to create a falling matrix in notepad to impress your friends Or you want to record it and turn it into a sweet video intro, or a screensaver! The falling matrix code effect in notepad is extremely easy to do, and the resulting show is fantastic! So, here’s is simple steps are given below.
  • First open your notepad and paste below codes.
  • @echo off
    color 02
    echo %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random%
    goto start
  • After pasting the code save the file as matrix.bat
  • Then open the saved to see the matrix effect.

8 Best Sites To Download Free Fonts For Windows

8 Best Sites To Download Free Fonts For Windows
Sites To Download Free Fonts For Windows
Designable and uniqueness are the most important stuff to get attraction of people. As we know, Windows operating system has basic and plain fonts, which do not help to make pictures or videos more designable and attractive. You know what, mostly people get attraction from designable images. So if you’re a blogger and doesn’t use attractive images in your articles then simply you’re loosing your traffic. Because people get attraction from designable and quality images. They always rely on these types of articles in which interesting designable images are used.

But to make more designable, you’ve to need designing fonts and you can download them online. Maybe, some readers are there who don’t know about the installation of fonts. So for those users, before sharing my recommended sites to download fonts, I would like to share a simple procedure for the installation of fonts in Windows. So if you don’t know that how to install fonts then must read before, but if you know then you can skip and move on to the recommended sites.

How to Install Fonts In Windows?

Installation of fonts isn’t hard. Generally, people don’t use additional fonts, that’s why they don’t know about the installation procedure of them. Well! Here I shared a short tutorial to install fonts in Windows. Just follow the steps perfectly and use additional fonts.

To install fonts, first of all download any font from the internet. When you’ll download font, then you’ll get this in a .RAR file. So extract it and find ‘TrueTypeFontFile’ format file.

Sites To Download Free Fonts For Windows
After that, there are two ways to install. First is to copy this file and paste in the following navigation.
Computer - Local Disk (C:) - Windows - Fonts

Sites To Download Free Fonts For Windows
And second is, right click on this file and click on 'Install'. That's it!

Sites To Download Free Fonts For Windows

Best Sites To Download Fonts

So here are the best sites to download fonts. All sites are best for both the professional designers and normal users. Visit them and get your fonts in free.

1. is a free download fonts site for world wide users. The website allows you to download every type of font from here. The advantage of this website, it allows many languages like English, Deutsch, Français, Español, Português, Italiano, Polski, Česky, Slovensky, Pусский, Українська, 日本語, 中文 etc. It's mean users can feel easy on this site if they belong to any country. Many categories are also available like basic, bitmap, dingbats, fancy, foreign, gothic, holiday and script. So, every type of user can get all types of fonts from here easy and quickly.

2. is one of the best too.This site offers thousands of free fonts to enhance your own websites, documents, greeting cards, and more. You can browse popular fonts by themes, name or style. offers thousands of free fonts to enhance your own websites, documents, greeting cards, and more. You can browse popular fonts by themes, name or style. helps millions of designers across the globe expressing their creativity with much more diversity.


Font Cubes is a comprehensive resource of the best free fonts for download. Here, you'll find the best cool free Windows fonts. These cursive, calligraphy, handwriting, gothic, kids, script fonts and many more have been designed from the best font artists in the world for you. After you download free fonts here, you can also readily use them in creative software such as Photoshop. The fonts listed in our free font collection are their author's property. Please contact their authors for further consultation regarding the use of the listed fonts.

4. offers a plethora of free fonts for designers that will come in handy for all kinds of projects. You can easily find popular fonts by themes, name or style. The website also share some articles especially for designer. So this is the advantage of this website, you can also search tips and tricks to choose right and you can also learn basics of graphics designing and can make a successful designer, if you follow their articles.

5. is one of the oldest site that founded in 1998. There are in the huge amount of fonts are available. Over 3,000,000,000 free fonts have been downloaded since 1998. At start, 1001 Free Fonts first opened its doors in December 1998 and has since grown to become the most popular free fonts archive online. Now it receives more than 50,000 visitors daily and have received 150,000,000 visitors since 1998. So you can think how much fonts are available. You can get easily every type font from here according to your wish.


Fontfabric is an independent type foundry , which was launched at the close of 2008. It's to create high-quality fonts which stand in a unique class of their own, and which will serve as a good base for any designer project whether it be web, print, t-shirt design, logo etc. You can easily buy or download free fonts from here. It also have experience creating corporate and personal fonts. The website takes orders for brand design and creation, logos and corporate fonts.

7. is one of the best site too for download every type of fonts for windows. You can search and get easily from here. It have comprehensive list of fonts available to download, free for both the windows and Mac OS X.

8. is one of the best and my recommended resource for FREE, hand-picked, high-quality, commercial-use fonts. The website covers all latest fonts for blogging, designing etc free for Windows. You download any font reliability.

Find more 70+ Best Free Fonts for Designers from here.

Final Words

Sometimes, it might be hard to find fonts for Windows. But my recommended list will definitely help you to find your best fonts as your wish. At the end of this article, if you wanna suggest us your recommended sites to download free fonts then leave your comment below. If you think, this article is helpful then don't forget to share it with others.

5 Basic Tips To Increase Gaming Performance On PC

5 Basic Tips To Increase Gaming Performance On PC
Tips To Increase Gaming Performance On PC
If you’re looking ways about to increase gaming performance in PC, so the time is over now. This article covers on a complete basic guide to improve performance of PC gaming. Generally, games run on computer finely. But as time passes, different issues begin while playing games like hanging, low fps rate etc. So, in this condition, it’s not necessary that you’ve to need to upgrade your GPU now. Different issues may have possible behind. So, if this condition is with you then before upgrading or changing your GPU, follow below listed tips. It may possible, that your problem will solve after following them.

1. Get Updates For GPU Driver

One of the most interesting thing is driver. Lots of users are there, have graphics card but never think about to update its drivers or utilities. That’s why, they have to face problem like hanging bugs etc. So this is first and important stuff for every graphics card. If you’re a gamer then you should update your driver, when it gives notification to update.

Basically, drivers play an important role to run Hardwares. Without them, no any hardware can’t work. So, it’s not enough that you updated your GPU driver only, so that’s it. No, you must have to update other drivers also for your computer. Simply, update your Windows once, it will give every type of update that you need and then install all of them.

So there are only two companies which make GPU. First is an Nvidia and second is AMD. I hope, you are also a user of in one them. If you’re an Nvidia user then get your driver from here, but if you’re an AMD user then get your own from here.

2. Use GPU Overclocking Softwares

Overclocking tools is the best option to increase GPU performance. These tools help to boost up GPU. Simply by using these tools, you can easily increase Core Clock Speed, Memory Speed, Memory Bus, Memory Type, Memory Bandwidth, L2 Cache, Texture Rate, Pixel Rate, Shader Processing Units and Actual Shade Performance of GPU. Once these stuff increased then everything will be upgraded and from this way, your GPU will also upgrade.

Overclocking tools also monitor your CPU, GPU and other processes. While gaming, you can record or take screenshots of game plays. So in short, every gamer should use overclocking tools. If you’ve any problem in finding best overclocker for you, so don’t panic. Recently, I wrote an article "Best GPU Overclocking Softwares". So read this and choose best tool for you.

3. Don’t Forget To Close Start Up & Background Programs

This is a major mistake by every user that they don’t close programs and applications when they start to play. You know what, every program must reserves memory so when you play games as well as programs and applications then it creates a problem like hanging etc. while gaming. So must close all processes before gaming and then start game.

To end processes, Task manager is best. Simply open it and close every program one by one which is useless for you. Here in this article, I shared 5 best ways to open task Manager in Windows. So you can also take help to open task manager, if you don’t know about it.

Tips To Increase Gaming Performance On PC

4. Remove Useless Softwares or Programs

If you've installed useless or incompatible Softwares then remove now. Because these types of installed applications takes a huge part of hard disk that may be effected on HDD or SSDs cache. So if HDD or Hard disk cache effect then your gaming will be affected. Must remove them and free your operating system from useless or unnecessary applications and then enjoy your gaming.

5. Customize Video & Display Settings

After applying all, if games are not running fine then this one tip will be helpful. It’s possible that which game that you are playing is on high setting and your graphics card isn’t supporting. So try to set display and video setting of game to low and then play. Change resolution, anti-aliasing, motion blur, shades etc to low and then check. Hope, your game will run finely and better than before.

After everything and all, if games aren’t running good then now you need to change your graphics card. Because my above-mentioned tips are basic and highlighted. Except them it’s exacting hard that any issue is behind slow running game. So change your graphics card and find your best and budget card in this article “Best Budget Graphics Cards/GPU's for 2015 Gaming”.

Final Words

So guys, these are some general and basic tips to maintain performance of GPU. So must try before gaming and try to apply them. I can hope, this article will be helpful. After all, if you also want to suggest or recommend any tip then must share with us via comment below. At the end of this article, if you think this is really a helpful article then don’t forget to share it.