Instagram Ads: 5 Steps To Money Making Ad Campaigns

Steps To Money Making Instagram Ad Campaigns
Instagram ads are an essential tool for every social media marketer with over 930 million potential people. Instagram ads are an excellent strategy that is simple to implement with parent company's (Facebook) targeting tools and options.

Here, you can get every point about Instagram advertising, including making your ad with just two steps.

Ads On Instagram

They are stories or posts that a brand pays to promote their products or services on Instagram user's feeds. Instagram ads look like a regular post, but it always acquires a "sponsored" label. They could have a CTA(Call To Action) option to get conversion or traffic.

Ads Cost On Instagram

Many factors control your Instagram ads cost, including:
  • Ad format
  • Targeting
  • Ad placement
  • Time, etc.

According to the study, the average CPC(Cost Per Click) for many ad placements is $1.30. A perfect way to bring this out is to fix how much you are willing to spend or how much you want to spend per result. You can try with even a tiny Instagram advertising with a small budget. You could control your budget limit by setting up a spending limit, bid strategy, and daily budget.

Instagram Ad Types

The platform provides multiple ad types:
  • Photo ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Video ads
  • Story ads
  • IGTV ads
  • Explore ads
  • Shopping ads
  • Collection ads

Every ad format works for various business objectives and is available with multiple CTA(Call To Action). Let's see a deep look.

Instagram Story Ads

It is a full-screen advertisement that occurs between Insta stories. You have a high potential to get a vast audience, with over 550 million users viewing stories each day. Brands or businesses could take full advantage of every story feature such as video effects, texts to make fun of, creative promotions, and face filters.

It brings you to create a story ad on Instagram that feels like a familiar story - bringing a wonderful experience to your audience. The CTA gives a swipe-up factor at the story base space.

Instagram Photo Ads

Photo ads make brands showcase services and products via magnificent images. You could make new content, particularly if you have top visual content and photo ads to share your splendid pictures with more people.

Pick up the proper CTA in every Instagram ads aspects to attain your objectives. Do you need to send viewers to your site? Your profile on Instagram? Or bring them to make a conversion? For example, "Install now" CTA directs viewers to the play store for downloading an app.

Instagram Video Ads

It can be a minute long, and it provides a quick look at your business, brand, or your services & products. Many experts say short-term video contents have a huge effect on social media, notably if you incorporate branding at the ad beginning.

Instagram Carousel Ads

It helps users swipe multiple images or video series with a perfect CTA option to land them on your site. You can use Carousel ads to share numerous segment stories, highlight product features, to explore a single service in various ways.

Instagram Collection Ads

It provides fascinating eCommerce features: Users acquire the choice to directly purchase the specific thing from the ad. People land on the storefront page when they tap the ad. Collection ads mix up the power of videos, photos in one dominant ad.

Instagram Explore Ads

It's an Instagram screen where the platform users get new accounts and content. Every month 50% of users use Explore. It does not show up in the topic channels or Explore grid. It appears when someone taps a video or image from Explore.

Instagram IGTV Ads

In a recent announcement, Instagram concluded that they are providing IGTV advertising. Details on how IGTV ads work are clear as this is a fresh brand development, but the video content creators acquire 60% revenue.

Instagram Shopping Ads

If you are steady up with shopping on Instagram, you could run Instagram ads of shoppable posts. It directs the users directly to the description page of a product within the platform. Then they could purchase products through your website.

How To Select Perfect Ad Type On Instagram

It is essential to select your Instagram ad type format for a successful campaign. To help this out, there is a huge question you want to answer to select the ad type:

What's My Objective?

Begin with reviewing your strategy on social media marketing. Then spend some time on creating smart objectives for your ads campaign on Instagram.

Know the business objectives that each ad format on Instagram supports. Analyze how you can use a specific ad format to achieve your objectives. Also, don't forget to know about the best content type in your Instagram feed.

Analyze your Instagram Insights to monitor your success once you run an Instagram ad. Then you can test and choose your ad types to develop your advertising strategy on Instagram.
Steps To Money Making Instagram Ad Campaigns

How To Do Instagram Advertisement

There are two effective ways to bring up your Instagram ads. The easiest way is to promote existing posts within the platform directly. The other method includes various customization processes to run Instagram ads using Ads Manager of Facebook.

Let's begin with the easiest option.

How To Do Instagram Advertisement Directly Within The Platform

Promoting your existing Instagram post is the easiest way to begin Instagram advertising. It is similar to Facebook's boost post feature.

If any of your Instagram posts perform well and gain more engagement than expected, promoting it directly within the platform is the quickest way to attain more new users.

To do this, you need to have an Instagram business account. So, create your Instagram business profile from your personal Instagram profile before starting an ads campaign.

Now, move to your well-performing post, and tap the "promote" option below the post. You want to connect your business page on Facebook to your Instagram profile. If not so, do it now.

At last, simply tick the several options to select where you need your ad, who wants to see them, how much you will spend, and how long you need your Instagram ad to run.

Lastly, click on the "Create Promotion."

Finished! You could analyze the results from your Instagram's profile Promotions tab.

How To Do Instagram Advertisement Using Ads Manager On Facebook

You could use the Ads Manager on Facebook to make Instagram ads since Facebook acquires Instagram. You could customize your audiences and many features and track how your Instagram ads are performing.

You want a Facebook page to do it, and it's time to create your first Instagram ad with Facebook Ads Manager.

Select Your Objective

Open Ads Manager on Facebook to begin and tap the "+Create" option. There are two ways to create an Instagram ad. Guided creation is the default one that takes you through every step to make an ad campaign. It is extremely useful for bud marketers. The quickest mode to create Instagram ads is Quick Creation. You could use this if you are experienced and have done Facebook ads previously.

Ads Manager on Facebook provides various objectives, and you want to select the right objective for your Instagram ad campaign.

Identify Your People

The second step is to fix the audience you need to target through your ad. You need to work with demographic information such as gender, location, and age. It makes you fix the specific audience you want to reach to get your ad.

Choose Ad Placement

Here, you can select your ad placement where you want to appear your ad on Instagram and Facebook. It consists of two options:

  • Manual Placement: You can manually select the area(story, or feeds, etc.) where you need to run your ad.
  • Automatic Placement: Your ad appears automatically where it receives high engagement.

Fix Your Schedule And Budget

Here, you can select your budget and scheduling option effectively. You can either select a daily budget or lifetime budget, and also, you can fix whether your ad needs to run continuously or only specific times a day.

Make Your Ad

Now it is the right time to make your ad. Select the ad format(single video content or an image, carousel image, collection type) you need to utilize for your Instagram ad.

Things are mostly narrowed after this:
  • Select your videos or images
  • Craft an ad copy
  • Choose a payment
  • Check your ad
  • Select Confirm

You could also select a CTA(Call To Action) and the landing URL that the audience will reach while clicking on it.

Instagram Ad Best Practices And Tips

Now you have acquired every technical skill to make an Instagram ad. But a perfect ad is an art, not a science. Here are the basic things to remember every time while creating ads that delights and engages users.

Get Your Audience

When you get your audience ideally, you can create messages that accurately connect them. Before starting to create Instagram ads, it is vital to get your audience well.

Keep your potential customer's values and objectives in your thought while crafting ads. It is not about you; it's about them.

Use Texts

You can't add so many words in your ads. You can utilize the space of 2200 characters in every ad. But also remember that only the two rows of texts display without cutting off. This clearly means it counts every character. Utilize your text section more wisely and decorate them to get your audience to click the Call To Action(CTA) button.


You want to acknowledge likes and comments on your Instagram ads just as you do in your regular posts.

And also need to keenly notice your ads engagements carefully, where you may get multiple questions and various comments relevant to the advertised product.

Your perfect response brings you more conversion. Not only from a person you replied to. But also from every person who has seen your response turns into customers.

Test, Track, And Optimize

You could get your Instagram ads performance in Ads Manager of Facebook. You need to track and confirm which of your ads are good performing. Monitoring your results is the best way to refine your marketing strategy. Analyze every stage you worked in your ad to bring your next ad more super.

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